What does Brian see in her?

What does Brian see in her?

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Himself. Quagmire calls him out.

>>131012396She is a white woman, he is a dog. What else needs to be explained?

>>131012587>He was a dog>She was a girl>Can I make it anymore obvious

She was an average attractive and ideal housewife, which appeals to most sane men, but moreso she was off limits, taboo, something that he couldn't have, which makes it even more enticing

>>131012396Some contrived reason like first woman who treated him like a person and not a dog I'm guessing


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>>131012396In the old episodes? A vibrant and nurturing partner with a sweet personality and an empathetic intellect to match his own. In the current show she’s just hot and he’s egotistical.

>>131012587>She is a white womanShe's not, she's a Jew.

>>131012617Do dogs and girls have serious interrelationship?

>>131012396What DON'T you see in her?

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>>131012587Don't you have some gutter oil to eat?

>>131015150Wrong country, I'm in Burgerlandyoutube.com/watch?v=_JgedoGXyQkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrv78nG9R04>>131013180Yeah. You tell things were going downhill when Brian kept trying to cuck Peter S5 and onwards.>>131013300Oh yeah she is like half right?

>>131015094fucking triangle nose

>>131015405I know, that's the best part!

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I require all the Lois in lingerie pics you can findGO


Lois is so hot, wish they did more fan service of her and meg

>>131012396>What does Brian see in her?I don't know. Probably, his penis.


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>>131012396Despite Lois looking like a pretty normal woman, the show always says she's suppose to be a extremely hot milf, i mean i get from Francine, but Lois design is not that special

>>131017254>Lois is supposed to be hot>Meg has the same face but she's treated like a Nurgle demon

>>131017254Lois is fucking adorable wife material, especially in early Family Guy. And that VOICE: youtube.com/watch?v=8BzWot-T1jI

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>>131017298Exactly this, the whole smoking hot mom like Lois, but you look like Peter is bullshit, Chris yes, but Meg is just chubbier Lois

>>131017254she has sexual energy, that's the reason>>131017298>>131017318Meg is ugly though, chubby, dresses ugly

>>131017356Smart user

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>>131012396I'm still trying to find what lois sees in peter. How are these fat idiots getting these hot wives and family supporting jobs?

>>131012396violence in movies and sex on tv


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>>131012617He had a knotShe wants RisquéWhat more can I say?

>>131013019FG hasn't been the same since they stopped showing Lois fully nude…

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>>131018205Lois was a whore who probably became the town bicycle to piss off daddy. Peter “manned up” and gave her the option to settle down and she took it.

>>131022177I'd say that's depressing, but it's true to life. "Meet the Quagmires" is still a 10/10 episode, though.

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>>131015150found the dog fucker

>>131013019>Mega never got naked in that episodeI'm still pissed off 21 years later

>>131013300which is a white ethnicity

>>131012617>He was writer boy>She said read you later boy>He wasn't good enough for her

>>131024157I kek'd

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He didn't until that Psychiatrist told him he did. Being a Dog, he simply instinctively did what he was told.

>>131024740>Being a Dog, he simply instinctively did what he was told.This. Brian isn't a scumbag. He's got the priorities of a dog and the intelligence of a human. He can't really be judged by human moral standards, because he isn't human.

I don't know why Brian never being able to fuck Lois is the one thing the show insists on staying consistent about. We've already reached the point where Lois hates being married to Peter and cheats on him regularly. She might as well just take the knot

>>131025325>I don't know why Brian never being able to fuck Lois is the one thing the show insists on staying consistent about. 'Cause it's funny, plus it gives more excuses to throw us more Lois fan service which is always nice. Not sure why you're treating the main cast as anything more than gag characters whose motivations and personalities can change on a whim from episode to episode. They're glorified Looney Tunes characters at this point.

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>>131025325Brian did get to fuck Lois once, but he was body-swapped with Peter at the time.

>>131025325There was an episode of American Dad where Hayley is turned into a goldfish and has hundreds of kids with Klaus, so it's not like they're above getting that weird, it seems

>>131013300Ashkenazi jews are just white people larping as chosen folk.

Isn't Brian Seth's self-insert.

>>131017450That went from cartoonish to hot really fast.

I have partial scans of the 2007 Cleveland show pitch, I don't believe it was made public and to my knowledge I'm the only one to save a copy. Should I dump what I have?

>>131026759If you feel like it I guess.

>>131026774Good enough, I can't upload the whole pdf so I'll cap it

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>>131012396his dick

>>131026792>had I been born african ameri-Man, what the fuck? This is so insane to read.

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>>131026122whatever the case, they act in a certain way that makes them shitty

>>131013019>Everyone saw Lois' gigabush.

>>131012396His dog penis.

>>131024128We got this

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>>131029500Also how much of Meg grossness is canon. I remember specific things said about her breast.>Today I saw a magazine where most a girl's areola covered her breast, suddenly I didn't feel so alone>One's an innie and ones an outie

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>>131013300Jews are white, dumbass. If you have light skin, you are white. Saying jews aren't white is like saying only Africans can be black, even though many other ethnicities can have skin just as dark.


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>>131026792>Joe being wheelchair-bound means he'd unsuited for his own show COWARDS

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>>131026792Any more?

>>131029788The only episode I remember was an art contest to draw a horse. Perlswick draws the handicap sign but a horse instead of a person. Everyone gets pissed at the drawing calling it offensive. When they find out it was Pelswick they then shrug the whole thing off, and the drawing becomes okay.

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>>131025325>cheats on him regularlyEPISODE TITLE PLEASE


>>131030010Exhibit A

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>>131030303Exhibit B

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>>131030317Exhibit C. Wouldn't be surprised if there are more examples I might've forgotten about.

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>>131029532Imaging being this retarded

>>131030334>>131030010she slept with clinton

>>131012454>Serial rapist and known child molester calling someone out over lusting over a housewife.

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>>131025325And Peter has constantly cheated on her/have gay lovers, is a child predator, a killer, and has been raped on numerous occasions. What's your point

>>131030333youtube.com/watch?v=pDpTvv-_wjc When did S&P get so soft?

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>>131030486>Serial rapist and known child molesterI stopped watching a decade ago. How many times has he actually done these things? All I remember seen is allusions to improper behavior.

>>131030649He once implied he was going to fuck his own infant daughter when she turned 18

>>131030427so did Peter

>>131030556My point is their marriage is a piece of shit so they might as well just let Brian fuck her already

>>131029530She also has three nipples


>>131030573When Disney bought Fox. They're also laying off gay jokes, and Quagmire has stopped being a rapist.

>>131030427One of my favorite jokes.>You up for a little NAFTANAFTA>Nother'afternoon'Fucking'That'ass!

>>131029826Yep, here's the rest

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>>131012396His little doggy dick.

>>131030334Lois looks so cute when she's blushing

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>>131031055>Cleveland was supposed to be the original Family Guy

>>131012396How is it that Lois somehow looks even hotter with that thick sweater on?

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>>131032922Well, people do tend to overheat when wearing thicker items of clothing.

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>>131025325Because part of the joke is that Brian is never gonna get Lois, at this point is more possible that Chris banf Lois in some fucked cutaway gag than Brian doing it

>>131015094>Nasally annoying voice>Nose>White woman attitude, like in that customer of the month episodeNo thanks

>>131029900Seem like the Jimmy and Principal PC jokeyoutube.com/watch?v=K_x7yTqod0I

>>131012396Over 4K pics on paheal. Why?

>>131033829>Nasally annoying voice The accent is still good enough for me to appreciate even now, but Lois's was legit sexier earlier on: youtube.com/watch?v=TMFjzjw95YU >Nose 10/10 >White woman attitude, like in that customer of the month episode I could fix her…

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>>131034042*but Lois's voice was legit sexier earlier on

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>>131033772I'm kinda surprise despite all the incest jokes on American Dad and Cleveland show, Family guy never went into that route

>>131034156What incest jokes did The Cleveland Show ever have? Also I'm pretty sure Chris has admitted to his mom being hot several times over the course of Family Guy's run. Not to mention that one episode where he dated a girl at his school who looked like Lois's exact clone.

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>>131034198Mostly about Cleveland Jr being a creep to Donna or Roberta, pretty similar to Chris, but mostly that, American Dad is really the one that makes the most incest jokes

>>131034415They aren't blood related so its fine.

>>131030486His whole point is Brian pretends to be some holier than though intellectual who's better than him while Quag pretty adamantly acknowledges he's a piece of shit and doesn't care.

>>131034611It definitely isn't. Family is family. Cleveland Jr. should stick to the girls at school. >>131034415The Roberta attraction was only when she wore a disguise, no?

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This was season 2. Lois was a caring and intelligent woman. Brian was a depressed alcholic failed artist but he was also the voice of reasonThen she became nympho bitch and grocereis and Brian became Lisa Simpsons 2.0 and then Brian became a total scum bag. Now htey are both mouth pieces for the writers, not even characters

>>131029788Is that kid on the left not wearing pants and just has a really huge ballsack?

>>131030573>those nasal cavity ridges

>>131031055>you know Beter, Cleveland really is a Family Guy

>>131032922Because sweatermeat is kino. Don't understand it myself but know it's true.

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I don't care what you think butLois>Francine

>>131034970It's about time I found someone who shares my same opinion. Francine is still god-tier in her own right tho

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>>131035202sure, but Lois just does it for me

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>>131033928Why not?

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>>131030649There was a celebration of all the women he had sex with and when the thai ones showed u it was implied they were still preteens.

>>131035548What’s her appeal anyway? I really don’t think she’s meant for faps.

Seth interview: youtu.be/JVl4hq9DyHs

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>>131035919Anything's fappaple if your lusty enough

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>>131036262Oh shit, didn’t realize that artist did another Lois drawing…

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>>131036047>left in 2011Was he involved with Seahorse Seashell Party? This is the important question.

>>131036348Lol I dunno

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>>131034042More Lois feet pls

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>>131034948Couldn't've said it better myself.

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one episode should be about brian finally having sex with lois. but brian losing all interest in lois afterwards and the last line of the episode can be peter saying "eh south park and american dad did this already"

>>131038064>losing all interest in lois afterwards Unrealistic.

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>>131012396He covets

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>>131035202>Francine is still god-tier in her own right thoThat's like comparing a TV show to "The Wire" nothing good as the wire.

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>>131038116Dude, there's something wrong with your TV. Let me adjust that.

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>>131026792>Gleen>Half whiteWhat?


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>>131030573I am not attracted to cartoon characters getting horrifically maimed.

>>131012396>>131017195Wait, wasn't there an episode where Lois admitted she was ready to fuck Brian?I could swear there was one where she said something among the lines of being all ready to let him go loose on her or something like that.

>>131017195>Brian we can't do this, the last time we got Chris!

>>131040664Yeah, when Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland got shipwrecked. Peter made it home, and Lois was like "I tell ya, Brian, it's a good thing Peter got home when he did cuz tonight I was gonna push the beds together and take you on a ride around the friggin' WORLD!"

>>131038116I want her to stab me with her nose

>>131030793two of them are moles.


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>>131034829God DAMN!


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>>131041419>>131043062>"Where are going Brian?">"Where do you think?">*Laugh tracks*

>>131042966I'm real glad MacFarlane-Mania happened toward the latter half of the 2000s. Only the realest love ass.

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Redhead with big tits.What's not to like?

>>131043325She's got Cs at BEST.

Best song? youtube.com/watch?v=aa22MBGkl9o

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>>131030649He raped Marge Simpson

>>131045304Kys Sethfag, you bumped shitty thread.


>>131012587>She is a white woman, he is a dog

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>>131046629This meme is shitty

>>131038064Better a gag of Lois implied getting ducked by a dog, but is not Brian

>>131043416Now don’t you feel silly

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>>131012396>this episode happens>it resolves any tension between them since Lois is able to let him down easy and Brian accepts that it's not a logical scenario>stays this way until the show is cancelled>when the show comes back, the character development from this episode is thrown out the window and Brian is even worse when it comes to his infatuation for Lois

Reminder when meg was blonde for an episode everyone thought she was hot

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>>131034156What are you talking about there’s a lot of incest jokes in FG too, I’ve honestly never seen anything in CS.Majority of it is Chris x Meg, but Chris and Lois get paired up quite often. They do Meg x Peter now and then, and if you want to include Brian in the equation there’s a lot of Stewie x Brian and Brian x Meg. Plus Chris and Stewie have kissed at least once.

>>131036047How come we never had any Johnny Bravo references in FG?

>>131046945I didn't.

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>>131047222Lois used to look and sound better in the early days, she sucks in the modern era. Meanwhile Francine for me has always been a blast since she sang in Arabia, but I do hate it when the writers can only make her hate Hayley when they want to do mother daughter focused plots.

>>131047222It was in universe

>>131046700There was a Dobsin edit of this and I haven't seen it in ages, hopes it's not lost

>>131030649>How many times has he actually done these things?m.youtube.com/watch?v=UN9OojsdLV8

>>131030649He had Asians in his trunk and garage. The fact they run away and are tagged probably in sex trafficking.youtu.be/awRhB270znA

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>>131012396It's funny that Family Guy only had three good seasons while the rest were hit and miss and then became mostly garbage. Even the Simpsons had 8 great to solid season before plunging into mediocrity.

>>131047597Family Guy never tried having as much heart as classic Simpsons. It's always been a subversive, non-sequitur gag cartoon first and foremost, with that aspect ramped up even higher once it came back from the dead. Outlandish gags and pop culture references are FG's bread & butter. People come to see wacky characters do wacky shit, and they've gotten tons of laughs over the course of all 20 seasons. Even these latest episodes still get talked about because the show knows that it needn't be more than a gag-driven show. Season 4-present is what most people recognize as 'Family Guy.' There was a brief period where they overdid it on the edgy humor and graphic violence, but that never was enough to make the show lose its following or relevance. Family Guy's actually maintained better staying power than The Simpsons had by the time it reached 20 years. How many times do you hear some variation of "HEY LOIS," and what other show gets as many random video clips, GIFs, or reaction images spammed across the internet other than SpongeBob?

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>>131047729>Season 4-present is what most people recognize as 'Family Guy.'Which is sad because they just don't compare to the first three.>look up imdb episode rankings >every season 1-3 episode are outside the top 50>Even quintessential episodes like Da Boom and E. Peterbus Unum are ranked lower than tripe like Brian and StewieYou're right that FG has managed to remain relevant and retain its image moreso than the Simpsons but that's more or less because zoomers can't respond to anything that's not meta or ironic anymore for humor which is right up FG alley.

>>131048050>but that's more or less because zoomers can't respond to anything that's not meta or ironic anymore for humor Exactly. Subversive humour and fourth-wall breaks have become the new normal. Sincerity in media is very underrated these days. And it's way more than just zoomers who only ever gawk & clap at pop culture references

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Sex with Lois.

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>>131049386what episode?

>>131049631The one where Peter makes us laugh and cry

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>>131030427So did Peter, so they’re even on that one.She did fuck Gene Simmons, though that’s before she married Peter. But I do recall a scene where he’s showing off how long his tongue is by having it go in another room and we can hear him doing something lewd with Lois before Peter stops it.

>>131047247>Lois used to look and sound better in the early days You can say that again: archive.org/details/family-guy-lois-griffin-nightgown-scene-lethal-weapons

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>>131046657>t. wh*te w*man

>>131049631Really wish I knew, but I don't have a photographic memory of Family Guy episodes. Maybe someone else might recognize it?

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When will we get an episode of Brian impregnating a Lois?

>>131015094My penis

>>131017195I fucking hate Watchmojo

Do you guys prefer caring mother Lois or funny sociopath Lois?

>>131017195Didn't Family Guy get cancelled twice? Or am I remembering wrong?

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>>131034156youtube.com/watch?v=aes7ZqPOdfkIf this canon? Because then Chris and Lois have done something

>>131017298>>131017318Family Guy writers don’t know how to do teens properly

>>131052500I would love to hear from someone who prefers present-day Lois. I'm only still into her these days for her looks. It's the more loving, maternal vibe she had at the start of the series that sticks with me.

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>>131052742I fucking hate this genre of fan art

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Real question is, what do Stewie see?

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