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>>131010681made for corruption

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Electric toothbrush

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lapis is based, fuck peridot

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>>131011983Peridot and Lapis fuck

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>>131011983>>131012029>>131012037You think Lapis would try and cuck Peridot if she got a boyfriend?


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>>131012120I think Peridot has way better choices

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>>131010681needs to be spanked

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>>131010681Peri likes cock

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>>131012641She looks a little nervous.

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>>131010681>Peridot thread>Not a single Bigdad picture postedAre you even trying?

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>>131010763Peridot would work as a trap

>>131013160>Peridot thread>Not a single Blushmallet picture posteddelete your post and no one will know your shame.pic unrelated

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>>131014130bet you don't have 500 different images of this

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>>131014216I love this image, it's just so perfect.

Peridot is best gem and Zuke can kill herself with her stupid Lapidot shit.

>>131014466Agreed, peridot is for steven only

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>>131014466Lapidot would have been the greatest thing about Steven Universe if Zuke didn't fuck it up and the crew didn't neglect them out of spite.

>>131014725lapis treats Peridot like shit and betrays Steven. Even Jasper is shipped more with Peridot because of lapis' behavior

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>>131014578Peridot is for ME

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>>131010681Great character with good writing stuck in a horrible show with horrible writing.

>>131014466>>131014725>>131014877Lapidot sucks shit because lapis suck and is overrated

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Lapiss Spazuli, Bizmutt and Peridirt.Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst are based trio.

>>131015016same based trio that fought the mighty diamonds couldn't defeat Peridot until kidnapping Steven doomed her and she literally spared their lives by calling her god the gem equivalent of nigger

>>131015103Seriously, pre redemption Peridot probably could have taken any of the CG's in a one on one fight with her limb enhancers. We already saw how badly they got their asses kicked by Aquamarine. Basically the only reason they could win at all was because Peridot wasn't nearly so cutthroat.

>>131015016Peridot is better then all of the other gems, though i will admit pearl and amethyst are top tier

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>>131014725Lapidot sucks because even at the start before they ever interacted people were shipping them hard and when one of those retards tried forcing it into canon it was just the nails in the coffin for it. It's like saying chris chan could have been the greatest artist of all time, only maybe in some bizaro universe.

Rubies are designed to wear cute frilly dresses

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>>131015193>We already saw how badly they got their asses kicked by AquamarineAquamarine had retardedly OP powers

>>131015655DUDE they're both fish out of water trying to adjust to Earth OF COURSE they want to fuck each other man it's natural you just don't GET IT it was obvious in the first episode where they both hated each other's guts and Peridot was some clingy retard and Lapis hated her hard which made Peridot try even harder to win her approval man that's just how sex works lol

Why is peridot's ass so BIG

>>131015879She even has a tasty bust in Steven's Dream, meaning her imagines her with big tits lmao


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>>131015879Just plain built that way.

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>>131010681I've never watched this show in my life. I never will watch it because I looks like trash.But that animation where Peridot wants a job has made me a lifelong fan of her and her alone.

>>131016057>I WANNA DO A GOOD JOB

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>>131015836She had a wand.

>>131016115VA absolutely killed it

>>131010763Aww, that's cute. Why isn't there more Spinel/Peridot art?


>>131010681She’s cute

I don't usually contribute to Peridot threads but I lurk them and save the pics every time so, thank you to whoever has such good taste

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Peridot's socks

As you can see here...

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>>131013735Would worship this gremlin's feet

here's an old one

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>>131016053Also built for human cock.

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I regret watching this awful show

>>131021637Except for the Peridot scenes of course

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>>131021781You left out the rest of it.

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>>131010681very cute

>>131012141Power bottom


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>>131024460I bet peridot fucks that alien plushie

>>131025119Peridot has no genitals

>>131025179No all gems have genitals fuck you

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>>131025179She is made of light. There will be a pussybility there

>>131025179She has an ass. That's good enough for me.

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>>131013005i fucking love that artist



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>>131013735>Not a single Blushmallet picture postedI gotcha pal

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>>131010763Who the fuck is this artist? They draw a fucking amazing Peridot.

>>131034723MahmaPuu, unfortunately they dont actually have any more Peridot pics as good as this one

My favorite Peridot picture is this one. Absolutely flawless proportions and body type

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>>131010681>"How do you feel?">"Big."What did she mean by this?

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Was Peridot autistic

>>131035087probably not but you can always imagine that she was

>>131035067She wishes she was tall.


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>>131035087>>131036148Not any more than any other Gem.

>>131025179Gems can shape shift user

>>131036352Peridot can't


>>131036400Poofing and reforming. Why do people always forget this.

>>131025179Asexuals are programmed to be fully accepting of forced labor and sweatshop factory conditions

>>131036679Because they want to claim Peridots are some kind of single-purpose drone class that can be disposed of and replaced easily

>>131034930I miss sketchabee

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>>131036971All gems are like that on Homeworld though.

>>131037017>Homeworld has finite resources and most other planets are gutted>DURR GEMS CAN BE MADE INFINITELY OUT OF THIN AIR

>>131036973where can I find more?

>>131037061damned if I know, I think you can find some smut they made on the rule 34 sites, but as far as I know there's no longer a tumblr, the ones I have I picked up over the years

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>>131037032Yea the show's retarded. Gems as a race just don't make any sense .Their very existence defies the laws of thermodynamics.

>>131037061WAITI went digging for her tumblr on the wayback machine and I found a pixiv account, mostly intact and with lots of

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>>131037290>>131037085Tumblr porn ban was such a shitshow. Seems like a lot of stuff is still scattered

>>131037461The porn ban has completely killed Tumblr as a platform. It's an absolute shadow of it's former self.

>>131037461a fucking tragedy, I'm looking through the wayback machine some more and I found another blog with some more art, sketchabeedraws.tumblr.comwhile the images are broken their tumblr counterparts still (some-fucking-how) work, so I could snatch a few more pieces of art from her that I've never seen before, pic related being one of themI even managed to grab a sniggysmut drawing, does this mean that while the blogs themselves went kaput tumblr /still/ hosts the files? what the fuck even

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>>131037461>>131037512Why does tumblr still refuse to allow NSFW on their site since the banning of it killed said site?

>>131037561I am going to shit myself, the images are still being hosted by tumblr, they're just effectively unreachable since there's no way to know what each file's URL isI found another one

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>>131037705>>131037512You can't really go back now, even if they allowed porn again the damage is already done as there are thousands of drawings that were lost with no intent to reupload. I went through the same thing when Fanart-Central split off into Hentai Foundry, all the NSFW art on FC was deleted and only a small fraction of the users were interested in reuploading to the new site. I'm still pissed I lost some of that stuff.

>>131037705If I recall correctly, I think the ban was some knee jerk response to some CP controversy that happened back in the day. Even if they did life the ban though, it's too late now. Like>>131037765 said, the user base has already split, even if they did lift the ban, people have already gotten used to using other platforms, they aren't going to go back to Tumblr even if the ban was lifted. Tumblr irreversibly shot itself after the NSFW ban, there is no going back now.

>>131037742I found a lot of her stuff on KnowYourMeme of all places

>>131037765I'd never even heard of Fanart-Central until just now, and after checking it out, it just looks like a super outdated HF lol. Guess we all know which site people prefered to use after the split.

>>131037742and anotherI hate that these images are available and out there but there's no way to retrieve them>>131037818how'd you find them?

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>>131037889Google image search has some hosted there, so I went there and searched Sketchabee in the keywords

>>131037032>HURR RESOURCES HAVE TO BE INFINITE TO BE SQUANDERABLEsomeone tell that to the americans

>>131038063How do you squander infinite resources?

>>131038128However you want to.

>>131038164But you never run out.

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>>131038128>>131038164You do so by creating the illusion of a lack of resources while hoarding a majority of the resources to yourself and developing weapons of war


does anyone have good peridot stories?

>> one is pretty good.


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fucking obsessed tranny janny won't let me post lapis getting railed

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>>131014578>>131014885false, Peridot is for __me__

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I have resisted the call of lustful rocks for so long, but multiversus started the urges againI am better than this

>>131045596It's against the rules, user. You're still perfectly free to post all kinds of sexy gem pics, you just can't go over the line.

>>131047763no penises, no vaginas, no tits and no semen were in the image

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>>131047852No dick No balls

>>131047852Is it wrong to like peri with the limb enhancers? Her hands are so cool and sexy

>>131047738I never stopped sexing the rocks

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>>131047738>Come back to bed dude~

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>>131047996neither was in it fag

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>>131048272Ahhh she's just so cute. And those lips!

Remember when we thought Peridot would be a lanky teenager under her limb enhancer instead of the meme gremlin she turn into?

>>131010681I want Steven to breed her When he was all like "I love you, Peridot" and she was all "wow, thanks" I was hoping they'd fuck But Rebecca never delivered

>>131048593>When he was all like "I love you, Peridot" and she was all "wow, thanks" I was hoping they'd fuckSame, stevedot is OTP in my book

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>>131048893He really did love her too Pains me so much that she wasn't endgame

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>>131048964In my headcanon steven regularly fucks peridot among other characters so it all turned out for the best>>131048988Pouty meme dorito gremlin cum depository

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What does Peridot's vagina feel like? Asking for a friend

>>131049782warm and wet

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>>131010763I'm ashamed I know what you're talking about

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>>131013735I want to suck on her toes so fucking bad

I am Peridot.

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>>131050953send nudes

>>131051344ugh, fine

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>>131051389I said nudes


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>>131050953please kiss me!

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>>131050953Anybody have the 9/11 edit of this screenshot?