Phoebe and Her Unicorn

>On June 18, 2020, it was announced that Phoebe and Her Unicorn had been optioned for a possible animated television and/or movie series adaptation, which could potentially air on NickelodeonWhere is it?!Where?!

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>>131010550cancelled after every episode had a weird shaving fetish subplot

>>131010550That unicorn looks like a dr Seuss character

All I need is that nakid goblin queen that I love so much.Reminds me of Midna.

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>>131010550Don't you know how long it took Big Nate to come out?

>>131011262You mean Holla Forums wants to fuck the grinch?

>>131011295>Don't you know how long it took Big Nate to come out?Not very long?

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>>131012727I wanna see her nakid.

>>131012748please go and stay gothis is a unicorn-fucker board

>>131012748In public without anyone batting an eye?

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>where is it?Honestly, I don't care. I don't want animated adaptations of comics. Not that you cannot make a good one, but if I like a comic, I LIKE THE COMIC, not a potential cartoon you can make out of it.

>>131012759You're right. You're right!I was foolish. Say, it's okay if I want to fuck the nakid troll creature, and also the horse?

Look what I found at the local dump.

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>>131013236An ugly vinyl tablecloth?

>>131013236probably has cum on it. and in it.

>>131013190eminently acceptable godspeed

>>131010550You think she'll ever try riding the horn when she's older?

>>131011196I don't think Millie is invited.

>>131013663The unicorn got shaved a few times as well.

groomer comic

>>131011295Let me guess. He's a trans lesbian.


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>>131011266I want to FUCK the goblin

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>>131013746>>131013948This only happened once in its first year. That's like calling the comic woke shit because of this.

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>>131014404"It eats money" isn't logical enough for this pinkie?

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>>131013997MY DICK!

>>131014404>No one is "too young" to transitionThe logic of groomers

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_ ____ __ ____ ____ _______

>>131014404Any irreversible medical procedure like medical transition should be allowed only to adults. If a person is trans, fine. Let them transition, but only after a certain age.

>>131014404>kids don't know what they want>they experiment with their identities all the time>going through "phases" is incredibly common for kids, teens and young adults>phases can include sexuality, style, even gender identity >logical people don't want kids to make permanent changes to their bodies that they might regret later>"wow you hate trans people"lol shut the fuck up

>>131014649>irreversibleCan't they just sew it back on when they're done?

>>131014404Off-topic. Simpsons is actually sane.

>>131014727You know it don't work like that. Also, hormones cause irreversible change.

>>131010550Nowhere. Trans people were always seen as clowns like the drag queen Divine, and Simpson made a huge mistake ending Ozy & Millie for that garbage.Nickelodeon went extremely liberal, now they get to feel Dan Schneider's dick and all.

>>131014404>You're just against the existence of trans people.Yes.

>>131014624I have officially been here too long.

>>131014624I hate that I get it...

>>131014908>>131014922>they think they can leave this placeDon't forget, Anons.

drawfags get in


>>131015008Paintdrawfag hereHow'd I do bros?

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>>131014727>>131014772They don't cut it off, they basically turn it inside out. Digging a hole is easier than building a pole though.

>>131015084>by user>age 4

>>131014404What in the actual cock twisting, retard shit drawing, black lines matter, Holy Jeebus hell, is that line art??)

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>>131013997I don't see much difference honestly.

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>>131010550I really like the unicorn style, it reminds me of those paintings/books in the show that cant be named.

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>>131016096Not naughty

A Calvin & Hobbes rip-off, but a pretty good one

What's the unicorn's name so I can get monosodium glutamate-y

>>131016401Heavenly Nostrils


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>>131016472>>131016490Thank you bros

>>131014404>progressives push age for legal use of tobacco to 21, talking about pushing legal ages of gun ownership and sexual consent to 21 as well on the basis that teenagers aren't mature enough for those kinds of responsibilities>but deciding you're a girl in a boy's body at age 4 and need to have your penis sliced off is perfectly reasonable

>>131016632>progressivesThey're marxists, and marxism is a cult.Get your foot in the door, separate them from their friends and family, craft a new identity, have them commit an irreversible orientation, and you have the perfect disposable mindless revolutionary.The guy who writes this book also makes tranny propaganda aimed at children.

_ ____ __ ____ ____ _______

>>131016819>U WIIIIIL NVR BEEEE AAAAA WOOMAANNwhat do I win?

>>131016802Don't you have a disney thread to spam?

>>131016632>sexual consent to 21I'd be fine with thatIt'd get rid of the "Teen" category on porn sites, which screams "barely legal"

>>131016909You win meds!

>>131013948Is she Freaky Fred’s daughter?

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>>131014934At least Simpson is not militant about it and the art’s nice.

Sex. Sex with children.


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>>131017669Why did you post this? You know now it must be edited, edited and edited again, right?Fuck, I have thibgs6to do, and now I'll have to edit it! Starting with replacing Phoebe's four paneles of amusing pickles with "loss", and then she explaining to the horse why loss is funny.

>>131017803Too bad I'm beating you to the punch.

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>>131017669Comic should have been Loss

>>131017803I'll right click it once you're finished

>>131017933Too many speech bubbles

>>131017982How about now?

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>>131018075Oh, you...

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>>131010550Don't Forget

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>>131019673Don't forget what? I ain't even trans and I also wanna be a little girl.

>>131019727We all do user,we all do.

So how did this not get exiled to /mlp/? Anything even remotely pony-like gets consigned there, I thought.

>>131020126Unicorns ain't pone.

>>131020126Only in relation to Hasbro's toy series.

>>131020152Fun fact, Unicorns are misinterpretation of Rhinos.

>>131020126The mods are affected by the Shield of Boringness

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>>131020126it doesn't look /mlp/ enough, they only banish shit if it's too similar


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>>131012727Why is she so sexy?Say what you want about Simpson, she knows what she's doing.

>>131021707>Why is she so sexy?The tight jeans and the gap between the shirt and the jeans.

>>131010550What the fuck Holla Forums?

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>>131011196>cancelled after every episode had a weird shaving fetish subplotgonna need a red pill on whatever youre talking about.

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>>131013236Uh ohDont tell me the horse was already put out to pasture. Or sent to a glue factory...Onlyfans?Whatever washed ups do.

>>131022052The comic author has a shaving fetish and has been sliding it into everything they've made for decades.

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>>131012543>>131014020I guess I'm into beastiality now

>>131022698if it can talk it's not bestiality, that's just a person with a weird vagina


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Am I the only one that thinks the comic about the dog was kinda awesome with the art and choice of color?

>>131024254agreed, Jeff was Danas best work by far

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>>131021918What is it?

>>131019741The world would be a better place

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>>131010550Simpsons has literally never written a comic about anything other than herself.


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I like the feel of sunshine on my faceIf you know what I mean

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>>131010550>optionedDoesn't mean shit, just means "we now have the rights to do so if we ever want to make it"Also isn't this the "kid-friendly" comic drawn by some creepy fetishist tranny or some shit?

>>131025654imagine how easily she could poke one of her huge eye out when she turns back to talk like that

>>131026595No. You're thinking of the assigned male bloke.

>>131027016No, Dana Simpson is one too.

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>>131027016No, they both create tranny propaganda targeted at children while drawing themselves as little girls.

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>>131027126Supporting trans rights doesn't make someone a creepy fetishist.

>>131016819>IWTCIMHell yeah, she'd be a wild lay>IWTCIPUUOHHHHH

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>>131028919Yes, it does.

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>>131029086No, >>131028919 is right.Trans rights are one thing, and what you posted is another.

>>131029471No, you're wrong.

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>>131012543>unzipsWell, it looks like it's that time again

>>131027126>qt unicorn>instantly sullied with political shitEvery fucking time, can't one of these asshats ever just not be political, is it so hard to ask for someone to just not apply politics, and write good, fun characters?

>>131028919the support iteself is a fetish, the flag is worshipped, and the basic rule is to believe and obey at all cost.

>>131029777Its just a picture, not like the entire comic is like that

>>131029853Anon, everything is a fetish.

>>131025673lee is gone

>>131020186Try making a Filly Funtasia thread.

>>131030142>Filly FuntasiaFuck, I forgot that existed!Did it even come out?

>>131028919Even if you don't count cross-dressing or transsexuality as a fetish, he's a well-known shaving fetishist. It's not any kind of a secret.

>>131010550Those two are sexy.

>>131031653>Those two are sexy>twoDude, one is an unicorn. What the fuck is wrong with you?Sick fuckin' furry.

>>131024342What kept you so long?

Does the unicorn have a cunt, or magical creatures have no such organs?Does she poop?

>>131032301Bad questions.

>>131030855Bringing that up makes as much sense as calling Rebecca Sugar a shotacon for her lewd Eds. They're too successful for you, chud.

>>131032301Yes but she uses magic to make it invisible

>>131032665Good for him for being successful. The shaving fetish isn't some old forgotten shame though, he still inserts it into his works.I suppose it's at least a fairly innocent fetish. Usually trans people turn out to be either pedos, diaperfurs, or pedo diaperfurs. I don't think Simpson's been proven to be any of those.

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>>131032788That's hot, in a weird way.

>>131033359>Punks shaving themselves is a fetishWay to reach

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>>131032301>Does she poop?No, her butthole is entirely for ingesting liquid protein

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>>131026595Yes, It's LGBTQ propaganda.

>>131029086>>131029471>>131029853>>131029903>>131030855>>131032665>>131029777>>131028711>>131029890It's made by the LGBTQ; of course it'll lean towards the promotion of the sexual lifestyle of humanity; especially children with gender dysphoria.

>>131010550Yeah, I think I'm sexually attracted to that unicorn.

>>131024342I wish there were a zip of all the old stuff.

>>131036100HELP ME!!!!Phoebe and her unicorn is turning me trans!!!!

>>131036100I wanna fuck the tranny unicorn in its tranny hole

I miss Ozy and Millie.

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>>131036323It's head and shoulders above the competition

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>>131037408>itIs there any reason to think Marigold is not a she?

>>131037635Ok but really, is this a >technically Marigold is never referred to as femalekind of thing?

>>131029853Why do Christcucks and rightys constantly project their own fetishes and mentalities onto every group opposed to themselves? No trans person is bowing to a flag 5 times a day and going 'allah transakbar'

>>131029086Every one of these kids photographed here is safer than in any church or boyscouts regimen and that's objectively a fact.

>>131037934I’d prefer that to what they actually are doing

>>131037944Or public school

>>131037934Because the LGBTQ expose their virgin children to the concept of premarital sex and the defiance of responsible reproduction and Bloodlines.

>> in North or South Dakota?

>>131039086Dakota is a name, albeit uncommon.

>>131037123Is this one about religion? And why does it look unfinished?

>>131039335must be an unreleased comic at the very least, she didn't outwardly bash religious belief like a certain Pony Converter

Say, if this gets animated, will it be the first animated series ever to be created by a transsexual person?

>>131039086Probably South, but cute either way

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>>131040051>still remembers the nude edit of these stripsFuck me

>>131040111The last two panels here could work for one

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>>131040111You wouldn't happen to know where those ran off to, would you?


>>131040847Oh, wow!

>>131037635Go back to Holla Forums Anthony J Maida

>>131010550Requesting these two kissing with each other.


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>>131042505JEFF OH MY GOD

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>>131016632If they wanted to raise to AOC to 21 progressives would have to also raise the minimum voting age to that and we know that progressives are trying to lower that.>>131017143I should be allowed to marry a 12yo preferably your sister/daughter

>>131042925>>131042940>>131042982>>131043272>>131043282>>131043290Learn to rip from gocomics

>>131014020That thing gets sweaty.

>>131044394imagine the smell

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>>131045137>Musky unicorn girl

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>>131014624Have good blowjob?

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>>131037944You are in for a shock once you find the people molesting little boys are faggots

>>131044303Unfortunately, my ripfromgocomics inator selfdestructed. It was the strangest thing, I tell you. I set it up all according to instructions and got ready for the loot when I pressed the button. I know it was the right button, because it was the ONLY button, so anyways, I press the button and ... nothing. And just when I want to press it again, it starts shaking and smoking and explodes!

>>131012543>Also known as the "Come hither and fuck my horse-pussy, human!"

>>131045876Yeah, priests have to be male.

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>>131040847Better edited than I expected. Bravo!Very tasty-looking little slits.

>>131048703And then they fuck?


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>>131039396Well, that's mighty considerate

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>>131050935I don't think she's going to appreciate The Last Unicorn very much.


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>>131052122It's a good book, though.

>>131052797Yeah, but the unicorn becomes sad.

>>131021707Because a tranny pedophile drew it