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>LAST WEEK IN CAROLAvengers #56>THIS WEEK IN CAROLCaptain Marvel #38Last week's thread: >>130859944

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I can't believe we're still on 38.

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>>131007136Look on the bright side, maybe we'll get doubled up months whenever supply issues resolve

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>>131007187Really hope the Binary stuff is at a minimum. I just wanna see what’s up with Carol really

This looks cool.

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>>131007136Feels like The Last of the Marvels happened ages ago, yeah.

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>>131007287So is Binary the one that’s going to get with Rhodey and give birth to his future daughter?

Ya think they told her to read that as homework?

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>>131008454Absolutely not. Disney isn't going to make their actors read comics.

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We're only a week away I think

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>>131008467I mean even Taika admit he doesn't want to read them himself.

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>>131007169Nice ass



>12 posters

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>>131010543>12 posters>it's still 12 postersWow you must be really bored.

>>131010679IPAnon is old school Carol Holla Forumsrps he's been posting in these threads for years.

>>131008416Was it ever explained who the mother was?We just know it’s not Carol, right?

>>131007136We'll be at 50 in 2024

>>131010801It'll be funny if KT kept writing until 100 lol.

>>131010983Kelly would hit 100 years old before this book hit issue 100.

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>>131011800Takeda Carol so perfect for wearing.

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>>131012247I wonder if they’ll do this team still with T’Challa dead. Like no offense to Kamala but I’m not a huge fan of Kamala hanging around Carol. She should just do her own stuff instead of going into space.

Kamala's big MCU debut is next weekWill she cameo in E1 or just in the last episode?

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>>131008927Was this #5 or #6?

>>131013218We’ll there’s posters of her in Kamala’s room if you count that. I dunno if she’ll ever actually appear tho.


>>131007068>Avengers #56

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>>131013667I think it's #7

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>>131011221me when I put Carol on

>>131012247It will be genius Shuri instead T’Challa.

>>131012638They’ve already cast as Shamier Anderson Blue Marvel

>>131014696feel like that one might end up being like a random kree or some shit. i hope he's blue marvel tho.

>>131014031>they stopped ripping after #4

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>>131008416It'll be rape by deception.

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>>131013617>>131015060She better watch out, Mystique might get mad she's muscling in our her territory

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>>131008784>literally GIWTWM

I wish they switched BP and CM instead of with Ant -Man.

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>>131015004I wonder why

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I never read the comics, I never watched the movie but I do know Carol gets overpowered by a weak teenaged Rogue and put into a coma for two decades. Some superwoman

>>131017468No, she was knocked out for about an hour or so.Then later she punched Rogue halfway to the moon.

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>>131017804>>131017503Look at that cow

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>>131018407>metal-encased Latverian hands typed this post

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>>131018666If Carol can change her clothes using her powers, does that mean she can materialize stuff like weapons?

>no power girl thread this weekit's over.

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>>131019473One would assume, but that's never happened, unless you count Binary, I guess.

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>>131019666The one universe where it's canon.For now.

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>>131019666That's why we need a more creative writers to do cool stuff. Like you can have an entire arc where she's just toying around with that.

>>131020046She's been using eye beams lately.

>>131020046She learns if she concentrates real hard and in the right way she can shapeshift and accidentally turns into Kamala.

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>>131007155Some nice asses in this book


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More Midnight Suns info at Summer Games Fest the 9th or so.

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>>131014603Love when you get home from work after a long day and you can put your best Carol on.

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>>131020871They gotta stop using that shit ass short hair. Even the comics and movies have ditched it.

>>131020871Needs a bigger bulge.

>>131021191>>131021207The duality of Carolthread

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It's Jeff got nominated for an Eisner

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>>131021302That's nice, though I don't care about awards and think they hold no actual merit. When is It's Jeff coming back? Hopefully Gwen actually shows up when it returns. I know Kelly hates Gwen, but not letting her actually appear in the comic about her pet seems a bit rude.

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>>131021385No mention of a return in Kelly's newsletter this week, just the nomination.

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>>131021863I guess Gurihiru might be too busy for it, so It's Jeff might not return until the Fall. Probably around the same time it started last year.

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Just remembered I forgot to continue classic storytime.Maybe after regular storytime tomorrow.

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it's very late but I can still fap to carol

>>131023956Go to bed, user.

>>131023956Good night hornyanon

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>>131023756This was Garbett on pencils right?

How long until they reveal Carol used Mar-Vell's essence to slowly transition into a man?

>>131019881Happy June.

>>131015598It probably ties in to Secret Invasion

>>131025518never ever

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I'll probably story time later if nobody has done it yet

Preview for Kamala's show is up on D+>>131028163Thanks

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>>131028026Still would.

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Finally we get some content.

FOC week for Hellfire Gala Carol.

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>>131029882cool jacket

Captain Marvel (2019-) #38OK here we go.

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>>131030799And here she is.

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>>131030708Looks like Godzilla.


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I take it she lost her powers.


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>>131030954Hey look it's Wanda.

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>>131030974And that's it.

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>>131030974>Agatha all along

>>131030974Score one for anons who predicted Wanda as her defence

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Enough with Kelly Thompson.

I was hoping she was actually physically stuck somewhere. This sucks now.

Carol/Peterbros!!!There is still hope for the most kino Marvel's pairing

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>>131031838>>131031962>not being hyped for more Carol and Wanda team-upI don't understand.

>>131032057Grats Magi

>>131032057Could’ve sworn it’s a different suit in endgame.

>>131032388VFXed it.

>>131032064Who cares, it’s not like they’re friends anymore


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>>131032831Pretty unrelated to anything Carol will be in HOWEVER it’s weird they don’t seem to be doing anything with Jess. Could it be…

>>131032869All we know about Jess's movie is that Olivia Wilde is directing itUnrelated: Phyla is being played by Daniela Melchior apparently

>>131033395I doubt it, it sounds pretty minor, not like Adam Warlock.

>>131030779That card must be pretty rare I think she only came back once during her Binary time.


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Can you believe that marvel/Disney has been paying someone to spam their failed middle aged resting bitch face stronk loser cunt failure for multiple years?

>>131034089Her first appearance as Captain Marvel, ten years soon. (Already?)

>>131030954>I don't relish killing anythingNot Muh Carol

>>131034230>I don't relish killing anything but [I relish killing things]Muh Carol

>>131030779>sixteen hotdogsImagine.

>>131034602Unfortunately she eats them like >>131030748

>>131033793Anya just has bad timing

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Speaking of Carol and Wanda.> ANT-MAN AND THE WASP #3: Into the Microverse of Lewdness>Wanda Maximoff has succumbed to the Darkhold. While the multiverse is full of possibilities for retrieving her children back, Wanda realizes that the Quantum Realm and its time traveling possibilities may also present a good chance of undoing Vision's death and get him to conceive her two sons into reality again. But to get the help of Ant-Man and the Wasp, she'll first need to go through Captain Marvel and Spider-Man, who are standing in her way.>artwork by MAMA DJABBA

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Is there any buzz whether Brie will appear in Disney+'s Ms. M series? SHE SHOULD! After all Ruffalo was cool to do it for Shulkie/

>>131036330Most assume she’ll show up as a cameo like the comics

>>131030748Pet peeve crap use of MODOK as matter of fact punching bag. ARRGH.

>>131030817This looks like it WAS going to be like when Iron Man was stuck on Ultron's planet... until Carol did a Bobby Ewing on Dallas revealing it all a dream!

>>131035554>another ‘lesbian Carol but spidey is there’ Scops comicNeat

>>131036330Brie wasn't cool to do What If. Who knows if she'd do anything for the show besides having her image used on posters.

>>131037219Brie is a huge fan of Kamala she'd be down for it for sure.

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>>131037477She also likes Carol and still didn't do it. I mean not all the actors did, but still. If she shows up, neat, but I'm not expecting anything until she randomly shows up like in a movie like Shang-Chi.

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>Captain Marvel now has 38 issues and will get 39, displacing Runaways as the second longest Marvel comic of the last 10 years next to Immortal HulkCarolfags, I kneel

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>>131038759But you got your ship canon so who really won.

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>>131038759>next to Immortal Hulk

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>>131038822Jen's been there before.

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>>131036330>Is there any buzz whether Brie will appear in Disney+'s Ms. M series?Toy/ Merch list leaks suggest that she will make an appearance.


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>>131032057if magi is here draw a pic of carol giving peter a birthday present

>>131030974>Wanda crotch I'm down bad guys. And I don't think I can get up

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They should do a storyline where Carol stops drinking, only to do hard drugs. Like Demon in a Bottle but it gets worse instead of better.

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>>131025518'Give Carol a dick' crew grows ever more creative.

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>>131041188What would she give him?

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this honestly looks more like the comics than the one in the mcu

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>>131041853The very first one she made herself yeah.Not Bruno's one though not really.

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Good night

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now is it time to cum to carol?

>>131030748>not againThey remember!

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>>131042135Working late this summer hornyanon?

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>>131042176no just fapping late

>>131042181Well good luck

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>>131042197thanks user I need it

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can barely hold back

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Attached: civil war.jpg (864x1149, 536.37K)

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I should really finish

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that one always drives me wild

This one for me.

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>>131042421that one is fantastic too all of that artists stuff is

Both Fred & Mariah Benes have top tier cheesecake Carols.

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it's time

Good night again

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well not exactly yet

What a tease

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Attached: ms_marvel_by_michaeldooney_d6ntsfm.jpg (642x862, 273.09K)

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all right now I'll go to bed goodnight

Good night.

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>>131042520See you next week


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>>131030954That's too bad the Dragonslayer outfit is cool.

Jess ass

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>>131048186Carol's a lucky woman

>>131042361me defending myself from those who want to strip me from my Carolsuit

>>131048186>Binary has a tramp stamp Hala starAmazing.

I wonder how many times Carol shaved her bush per week when she was wearing her leotard?

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>>131049378she waxed.

>>131048582You're lucky they only ripped the first layer I guess.


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Only 11 more issues and Thompson will leave the book?Put your bets when she's going to leave the book


>>13105123352, to beat Hulk

youtube.com/watch?v=VMzMSi4Adxo>She's got the Dodson poster

Why do you think the writers forgot that Carol is best friends with Wanda? This started after her change to Captain Marvel in 2012 like it seems since KSD forgot or didn't know about that friendship all the other writers continued on this path. Wanda was Carol's first friend in the Avengers.

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>>131052629DisassembledIt was Bendis who forgot Carol wasn't friends with her anymore

>>131052638>It was Bendis who forgot Carol wasn't friends with her anymoreRefresh my memory Why Carol wasn't friends with Wanda?

>>131052711She killed Hawkeye & Vision

>>131052727Oooh thatBut during AvsX Carol wasn't mad at her anymore