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I've been writing the story and the characters for my webcomic for a while but I'm afraid my art is trash and won't be able to convey what I truly want to. Sucks to be shit at arts but I still wanna go through with it.

Reminder my new comic is out!Soon on webtoons too.tapas.io/episode/2544898

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>>131005494>Thread drawing challenge: Draw your characters original concept design.I'm busy with a request but I have an old drawing I did of them.

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>>131005555>Sucks to be shit at arts but I still wanna go through with it.dont let that stop you. you will get better at comics as you make comics, so the best way to learn is to make comics.

>>131005494>Thread question: Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of.I don't know. I am not much of a reader, although I read some manga and comics sometimes.>Thread drawing challenge: Draw your characters original concept design.here is a concept design of 2 of my main characters

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> hows your webcomic?I'm starting with chapter 5 of Genru here

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>>131006365Yes! I won't give up. I really want to make my silly comics and I'll go through with it. Thank u user.

>>131005560When will they fuck?>>131006381When will they fuck?

A look at some panels from Terriverse #1>What is Terriverse It's a soft reboot to Terriful. You won't have had to read Terriful to understand Terriverse. There's a brand new issue #1, brand new introduction to the world and characters, and even a slightly reconned timeline of events so that it's not confusing to new readers. Sorry Crisis fans. >Is Terriful #1-9 canon? No. The broad strokes of the story are but the issues themselves are not. Terriverse #1 will clarify please wait for that. >What does this mean for Terriful #10? I'm debating finishing it or moving onto Terriverse and just giving it a fresh start. I think most people here dropped off Terriful anyways.>Who not just continue Terriful? Terriful has had some concerns raised about the clarity of the story and timeline. Terriverse serves as a fresh start where it's not tied down to the confusion of what came before.

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Forgot my name for>>131007553

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My current chapter has just cleared 90 pages. I'm in the final stretch. I should be able to wrap it up within the next 10-12 pages. I cant believe how long this arc was alone.tapas.io/series/Tad-Danger-Substitute-Ranger/infohttps://nukeronomicon.com/I've also commissioned a little side comic that is looking to be fantastic.pic related.

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>>131007697newest page.

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>>131007593>Forgot my name

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>>131007553You often post in this thread without your nametag?

>>131007858probably only when he shitposts about Renata

>>131008106or when he pretends to be seetheanon

yo if anyone is interested in makin their own site for their comics but doesnt want to use tumblr or wordpress, I made a free open-source webcomic template in HTML and JavaScriptrarebit.neocities.orgi tried to make it easy enough to use/understand even for ppl who dont code. give it a try if you like

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ruthanddianne.com/?pg=18Ruth & Dianne Have a Great Idea

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>>131008744ruthanddianne.com/?pg=19Ruth & Dianne Are Being Parodied by Weird Al (PART 1)

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>>131008760ruthanddianne.com/?pg=20Ruth & Dianne Are Being Parodied by Weird Al (PART 2)

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>>131005494Obligatory The Things We Protect post: webtoons.com/en/challenge/cacoethes/cacoethes-part-1/viewer?title_no=768942&episode_no=1 tapas.io/episode/2523978Fuck I posted in the wrong thread god damn it.

>>131007858No, I often post around 4chan in other threads. Particularly on Holla Forums because I'm getting stuff for my Holla Forums3 expo ready

>>131006680>6680▶>>>131005560>When will they fuck?>>>131006381 (You)>When will they fuck?ah the return of coomer user. I dont want to spoil it but there will be some romantic entanglements. there will be a love triangle between gref, rinren and the girl here

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>>131005494Uploaded the first episode of my web series on the youtube. Which do you prefer?Youtube Shorts Version:youtube.com/shorts/a18198UywhYRegular Video Version:youtu.be/eKb96Twoue4

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>>131005494Go on and check on the funsies of the 1st Anniversary of Rooted Togethertapas.io/episode/2538243>Thread drawing challenge: Draw your characters original concept design.Not too long ago I've made a redraw of original Justin and Vivian, only originally Vivian was male and Justin was much older.

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>>131009630Is a romantic relationship between Justin and Vi still a possibility?

I'm starting a weekend comic. Basically, a comic jam with randomly generated topics. I'm not sure where I should promote it. It would be cool to have participants. twitter.com/9ineto9ine

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>>131005494>How's Your WebcomicDrop will be in June, the question is if it will be all three chapters like I planned or just a really polished version of 1. I also have to finish that cover. >Thread question: Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of.David Lynch.

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This week on Lioness and Cub.

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>>131005560>>131009630>>131010358We're approaching the golden age of ss toons


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>>131005494>Thread question: Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of.My writing style tends to be more on the melodramatic side. Maybe that lessens my work overall, but I think it highlights the few comedic aspects. My writing style takes a lot of influence from Yasuhiro Imagawa, who directed G Gundam, who tends to be overdramatic and crazy where possible.>Thread drawing challenge: Draw your characters original concept design.This was fun.>>131005560>>131005568Asha and Fiadh are an older idea than I thought. >>131006381Rinren remains cute after all this time.>>131007553>Sorry Crisis fansIts fine, you gotta do what you need to do to tell a clearer story.>>131007697>>131007708I don’t think Tori can out-edge Edge. Also looking forward to that prequel.>>131008730Still need to make a website out of this template for my comic.>>131008896Added this to my subscribed stories, the artist you got for this did a great job.>>131009597Creepy. Good going with the Quest format too. >>131009630One year already? Where does the time go? From the outset of the Rooted Together I didn’t think it would last long but I’m glad I was mistaken.>>131010087Maybe try other art-oriented Discords.>>131010309Its good to take your time and just drop one chapter. Release too many all at once and you have to play catch-up fast.>>131010358This smug weeb.

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I'm bad about drawing characters shoes as triangles so I decided to give them all proper footwear while working on a height chart.

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>>131005494Told my friend about this thread and he said it was a place he’d revisit for the lolcows…. What did he mean by this?

>>131011638Your friend thinks you're a lolcow and mocks you behind your back. You are too autistic to realize it.

>writing style I write things that make me laff Admiral pizza the comic is wrapping up its current arc in the next few pages. In this page, the war orphans adopt snergaville as their home. Young Admiral sees a girl he likes, he's gonna go talk to her. m.tapas.io/episode/2546474Admiral pizza LIVE- our last weeks guest canceled. However a previously lost episode has come into light and will be released when I feel like it. Heres last weeks broadcast, rooted together. youtu.be/3rsjWoEDfdoLooking for future guests, hit me up.if you wanna Rap pizza and comics. Don't let your pizza dreams be dreams!

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>>131010625Thanks.Have the second fox girl draft. I also need to convert a bunch of pdfs into pngs.

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Is crisis still goin or is it done.

>>131010586Wonder if any of these couples will actually end up together.

>>131014502What hyw couples are endgame?

>>131010625Thanks for giving it a view. Very much appreciated.>>131005494Thread question:I quess am trying to imitate Inscryption. I played heck out of that game.Thread Challange:Can't really do that. My Character was first try going straight into the game.Instead, here is behind the scenes photo of the layout of the first episode.

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>>131010625>One year already? Where does the time go?You tell me! I still can't believe it has been a year and I'm still working on it.>From the outset of the Rooted Together I didn’t think it would last long but I’m glad I was mistaken.To be honest, Bon. I didn't think this little beast would actually last that long. Still kinda feared I would lose motivation and wouldn't be able to right the wrong of fucking up my first comic. But I managed to do it. Now off to an even better second year!>Thread question: Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of.Initially, it was based on the writing styles of shows like Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls - very short, comedic, like a 7-minute-format where the comic was worked out through a simple outline rather than a script.As time went on, I decided to work more with a script and downscale the more "cartoony-ness" of the comic.Also, an artwork of Proto-Vivians I made not long ago.

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>>131014652Erin x Eva

>>131009597don't use that font for a title logo.

>>131014652Tad x EdgeDaniel x RhiannonJustin x Vivian

Does anyone remember the webcomic Hate Song? I can't find an archive for it anywhere.

>Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of.I write stuff that I would like to read.Anyone else working on the 'Call To Action' contest on WT? Just posted the color test for my mc in the donut steel thread. Any suggestions?

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>>131017018nevermind wayback machine has it disregard i suck cocks

>>131014652Rex x Sandwich

>>131010625>Its good to take your time and just drop one chapter. Release too many all at once and you have to play catch-up fast.That's a good point. The only reason I had set on 3 chapters from the beginning is because of the suggestion webtoons made, something about people more likely to sub on the 3rd chapter so I just wrote them together as a set. but it's a good thing my hook is in ch1 anyways. >>131017198yea I'm entering. That design looks boss! the colors look great, they would still stand out if the character is moving around a lot. are you just starting to work on it or you have some of it done?

>>131006680>When will they fuck?When the sun, is dark and the land is nanana and the mountains are the only thing we'll seeeeee no I won't be afraid oh I woooon't be afraid just as long as you stand stand by me, and user anon stand by me, oh stand, by me, stand by me, oh stand, stand by me dununun.>>131010625>Asha and Fiadh are an older idea than I thought.Oh yeah. I actually had the basic gist of this plot at the same time that I was doing A Story Of Fire. Current Soren is far more defined as a character, but nice.>>131016956If Tad ends with Edge I'll accuse Smacky of making Tad his self insert. Never have your mc end with your favorite girl, I'm judging you.Daniel x Rhiannon is... odd. It's hard for me to read into Oi ships really. Like I seriously think Servius might just end up with Morgan.Justin x Vivian is canon, thanks after dark.I ship Robin and Fitz.

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>>131017736Judge me bitch.

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>>131016956>>131017736>Daniel x Rhiannon the bard's name is Bryan

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>>131017736>that spoilerNow let's not get too wild, partner.

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>>131017736>I ship Robin and Fitz.So does Robin.

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Put up the first part of the Anniversary Q&A, so go and read it if you wanna get inside on what I think and saytapas.io/episode/2547293

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>>131019112>>131019047>>131018770>>131018450I use my art to express myself. (that sounds pretty boring)

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>>131019647TOP KEK

>>131019720Fuck You!

>>131019647who are these people

>>131019647>fiadh's feather-bonerkek

>>131019647Your question is probably rhetorical but>Top-Left CornerAsha’s views on Tad x Edge>Top-Right CornerJustin and Fiadh talking about Viv>Bottom-Left CornerAsha and Robin talking about Fitz>Bottom-Right CornerDana and Bryan, then Rhiannon and maybe Servius

>>131020268It was Daniel because we mixed up Bryan's name.

>>131019647>20kgs of-20KG OF WHAT ??

>>131005494>Thread question: Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of.Never thought about it. When I write the "script" I just write what my ocs would say or act and then draw the page. I don't use scripts at all.

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>>131005494>Do you have a writing style? Who is it based off of?I was part of a few screenwriting groups growing up and developed my own voice studying the scripts from Michael Mann's Heat and Collateral along with the first Die Hard movie. I think the closest I get to a voice in my script is probably TWD Season one's writer Frank Darabont.Thread drawing challenge: Draw your characters original concept design.>pic related when I paid Nela for a few character samplesI got a few more of these from last year if anyone is interested.

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>>131021679Tanneritethe feds go crazy when it’s all concentrated in one place, it’s their weakness and they can’t resist

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>>131005494>Thread drawing challenge: Draw your characters original concept design.Why do you want to see Francesco with fox's ears and tail again?>captcha DTYJS

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>>131022017Willis? Is that you?

>>131022017You know too much.

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POV: you are Assaultfox filling out a captcha

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Uploaded the LOST episode of Admiral pizza LIVE- ! "Let's read slowpoke!" youtu.be/nKX-K60JXhk

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>>131021679Of tiddy.

>>131022425Glowies are getting too cocky, watch out!

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Swords guy, if you're lurking, how do I buy upvotes?


>>131008760This pleased my eyes, how can i made perfect 45 degrees line tone ?? i can't into Photoshop bitmap...i'm using 300 DPI A4

>>131005494Hey guys, the ending of Cacoethes releases next week. The part after this titled the "MSR Houston Incident" will have a lot going on in it but I promise that it's going to make a lot more sense as things progress.

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>>131030368*next few weeksWe're almost there. Small steps. Sorry for the double post. Have some more concept art for my stupidity.

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>>131030368Really love how it looks man! Great job!

I’ve heard this is a good thread to come to if you want to be discouraged from making a webcomic. Why are you people such fucking retards that you’d maintain a thread like this?

>>131017665>are you just starting to work on it or you have some of it done?I'm still doing the breakdowns on regular paper and adjusting them for a more print-friendly version by trying to fit them properly on a page. Are you planning on releasing multiple chapters and how many do you have in mind? I'm not sure if I'll manage to post more of the story during the contest, mainly because I already have an up and running title and the workload is too much and I wouldn't want to rush things.

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>>131031523>a good thread to come to if you want to be discouraged from making a webcomicWE DID IT, MOM!

>>131031523Attention seeking behaviors derived from mental illness. Ironic that they don't get any attention here. Just goes to show how desparate they are for it I guess. This is the bad kind of art "community".

>>131031939Oh damn I can't imagine working on more than one project at the same time, best of luck and take it easy when you can. Jury's still out on whether I upload 1 or 3 chapters like I originally planned, but either way the contest only accepts one chapter anyway, so do your best at making the chapter you enter with the best version of itself it can be.

page 10 bump3rd update of my web series is up:youtu.be/E7CHpmScSUoReply to me with your web comic please, I want to check it out.

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>>131034956Check out the adventures of your new favorite pizza powered superhero, Admiral pizza! m.tapas.io/series/Admiral-pizza-/info

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Am I wrong in kinda being excited for Terriverse?

>>131034956If you like fantasy, read my comic Oi! It's about bards, ancient idols and cult leader druids..tapastapas.io/series/Oiwebtoonhttps://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/oi-tales-of-bardic-fury/list?title_no=303092mangadexhttps://mangadex.org/title/77f67cab-3624-4e81-8663-bddfe7723282/oi-tales-of-bardic-fury

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>>131033812>Jury's still out on whether I upload 1 or 3 chapters like I originally planned, but either way the contest only accepts one chapter anyway, so do your best at making the chapter you enter with the best version of itself it can be.That's the plan. Wishing you the best and most importantly - to have fun!

>>131034956Www.ringsofarmageddon.comTell me what you think

Last thread I posted the first pages of the current Cosmic Dash story. For now, I'll post the first half of the anthology story that dips into the past of one of the characters. Taking a break after this one to post a comic spinoff my friend did, then I'll be wrapping up this story in the weeks after.

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>>131037913We've been seeing little glimpses of Kracker's drinking problem in the comics for a while, as well as several mentions of his inability to fly under the strength of his own wings. We'll explore why in the storyline.Previous page features references to a hack he did in the novella, exposing a coverup by the jump-gate authority surrounding a hyperspace incident that likely destroyed a ship.

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>>131037938The dull coloration of his current feathers indicates a circulatory injury that ties into his inability to fly in the present. He was more colorful as a child.

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>>131037948Kracker comes from a wealthier family that operates a winery. They occupy at least one peak of the mountain ranges where most of his species live.

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>>131034956Give Rooted Together a look. If you like folksy, small-town human boy/monster girl adventurestapas.io/series/Rooted-Together/info

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>>131037972Kind of less-than-nurturing home life, it seems. Apparently, there are plans for an expansion of the winery. Culturally, the Parrack are drawn from a lot of Peruvian aesthetics and their homes tend to be among massive trees and mountain peaks like the andes.

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>>131038003Stunt racing carries a few forms and variations which I talk about a bit in the corresponding update on the website. But in general it is like a national sport that pushes aviators to their limits.Also, dopey dads are fun.

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Happy Pride MonthHow do you represent LGBT in your comic?

>>131038024So, we establish a young Kracker's idolization of a stunt flier, ready access to alcohol, and the high-up locations.Makes a person wonder where this is heading.

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>>131038045I'm working on a pride image for some of the characters and my friend has a comic he wrote in the setting that thematically works for the month which I am running. Kind of lucky that worked out the way it did.

Really bothers me that people are collaborating with artists for this contest. I don't mind at all in any other case, but for some reason in this instance it does.

>>131038384Why does it bother you, user?

>>131038384which contest is this

>>131038526Just seems weird for a skill based contest. I just imagine looking at the winners roster and see "writer" up there it just looks like they stuck their nose somewhere they don't belong. It's not cheating but sure feels like it. But I don't mind collabs at all in any other case. >>131038674webtoon call to action.

>>131038742>Just seems weird for a skill based contest. I just imagine looking at the winners roster and see "writer" up there it just looks like they stuck their nose somewhere they don't belong. It's not cheating but sure feels like it. But I don't mind collabs at all in any other case.I see. Well, I can understand it from your perspective, yes.

>>131038752Shit didn't mean to come off as an ass if you're collabing, I'm just venting.

>>131038769No, I'm not joining in on it. Don't have time to work on that. But I can see from your standpoint why that can irk you a bit. While there is quite a bit of pre-preparing with story in it, as like they said - there has to be a bit of story involved in why or how they fight - it feels like the artist is probably gonna carry the workload compared to what the writer does. Especially if the artist also has to storyboard the scenes beforehand.

new page. >>131038742>webtoon call to action.who here is entering that contest?

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This is an irrelevant girl from Wings of Daera.I'm working on some comms I owed before I begin with chapter 2.>>131038045On an Ashaless world Fiadh would be bi.I have some gay characters and whatever.>>131021679originally it was 20kg of whale blubber.a girl must be able to show she can provide.

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I'm re- writing and editing my script tonight frens. Are you working on your comic?

>>131038864>who here is entering that contest?Me>>131038917>originally it was 20kg of whale blubber. a girl must be able to show she can provide.Makes sense, but Robin being protective of animals might get in the way of that. Would Asha be the breadwinner in a relationship?

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>>131038045My characters make gay jokes to each other but then no one actually knows if anyone is actually gay.

Posting for a friend that has difficulty posting on 4Chan, they're open to questions about it :)

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>>131035635Gonna be honest, most of the time reading your comic, I have no idea what is going on. I liked the bit where the hero fed the enemies so they could realize they are the baddies, I was wondering how would the pizza power come to use.>>131036043I like the art, and the bit where the slave tells the bard that in his line of work, he has to earn the name is very good.>>131037817Nice setup with the mom having the ring of power herself. Interesting spin on that "young hero leaves home" trope.>>131037992I liked the bit with taxonomic rank, very funny.

>>131042117what the fuck is even going on here?

>>131041685>Would Asha be the breadwinner in a relationship?Everyone has to be the breadwinner where she lives. Women can get a break when caring for children and certain roles might not need it but you are expected to know how to survive and help others survive.

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>>131043451Greetings friend, this is the launch of our unofficial continuation of the Spider-Man newspaper strip. it picks up wheere the original strip last left off in 2019 with Peter and MJ arriving in Australia, only to find a couple of old flames and foes are there too. Peter reminisces about his life with Felicia after catching Mary Jane reading about her in the paper. If you guys want to letter it with your own words (even if it's for parody) I don't object to that"

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>>131044650is he looking at something else in the last panel, or is that just a very tiny vulture? or i guess it's just his Spidey sense and he hasn't noticed yet? either way it looks weird

>>131046308He's looking at Felicia's fat ass.

>>131044650>If you guys want to letter it with your own words (even if it's for parody) I don't object to that"okay

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>>131046547Pride means sticking dicks in asses.

>>131043006>I liked the bit with taxonomic rank, very funny.Thank you! A bit of "edutainment" for funsies.

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>>131029407you can thank clip studio for that, it has a pretty decent system for different kinds of toner

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>>131048039Damn, that's awesome! Thanks for the tip!

>>131043006thanks for checking it out

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where do you guys write your script?

>>131049571You don't need anything more than Notepad. Advanced programs just get in the way.

>>131049571I write my scripts on the walls of public toilets with my own shit. It helps me be more creative.

>>131049571WriterDuet. Been using that since 2014 and regret not buying the lifetime membership back then. Think Google docs for screenplays.

>>131049571I write best to thumbnails and other sketches on 8.5 × 11 sheets of paper