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>>131000898Is this a brown cunny thread?

>>131000898Why is Pocahontas being harassed by a monster from Lord of the Rings?

>>131000898why does this look so much like the 'zellig artstyle

>>131000898I thought a new flashgitz was up or something.


>>131000898post link OP


>>131001302>>131001920It is now.

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>>131001464In case you didn't know, they made a new channel. Just look up Pocahontas Historically Accurate.

>>131001417That's what I'm wonderingThat or 'zeling art style is basic enough to be replicated

>>131000898What the heck is this?

>>131002232Do you think she knows where the Taj Mahal is?

>>131002398Flashgtiz made a new channel by the guys who founded itSo it's going to be about them but it's still attached to flashgitzSo far they haven't made much to scoff at

>>131002394she fits right in the zellig classroom

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>>131000898>indian loli sexually harassed and propositioned by grotesque english caricaturesAlright, this was both funny and appealed to my fetishNow wheres the porn

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>>131000898is Jeffery Epstein getting a cartoon or is this some other jew?

>>131002377>Pocahontas> Historically Accurate.Coward probably won't even talk about the skinning.

>>131002724Did they at least show Ratcliffe did nothing wrong?

>>131002394>>131001417It's the round eyes.

>>131000898OMG is this another "Pocahontas is not an accurate movie" hitpiece?? Do leftists understand the concept of romanticised stories or do they also rage 24/7 that little Mermaid didn't turn into seaweed at the end of a movie??

>>131002804Its a joke you loon. Just enjoy the implication of that brown cunny getting colonized and calm the fuck down

>>131002628kekSaved and will be posted in very future Zellig thread.

>>131002628Native American Exchange Student.cute.

>>131002628She fits in effortlessly Makes me think that the art style is just easy to draw

>>131000898The English caricatures are funny because that's probably what they looked like to the average native american


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>>131002628She looks like average mexican girl

>>131001302>was taught to hate darks the way every slightly brown person who grows up around darker people is>managed to get rid of most of the conditioning and be better adjusted and happy to learn about people as individuals >never got over the subconscious hatred that was impressed into my young mind >feel guilty about it now but the guilt gets mixed up in the wiring into some bizzare sexual fantasy of buying dark little girls to be part of a harem

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>>131004629You know what I call that, user?Fucking based.

How are these guys consistently years behind the trends? No one has done "historically accurate" anything since 2016.

>>131002812Jokes are meant to be funny last time I checked.

>>131002677Bit of a niche Holla Forums girl, but maybe if you ask nicely someone will lewd her for you in an /aco/ draw thread. That or just pony up some cash.

she cute, would marry and wear as a pelt

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>>131004686Check again, this time bring some sense of humor.

She's got cute pinchable cheeks

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Post the video!



So, uh, where would one procure tasteful renditions of the girl in artistic mediums of carnal subject matter? Not for myself, of course.

>>131002439Why would you watch the second channel when the first is such garbage? It's almost like they put more effort into the ads instead of the actual cartoons nowadays.


>>131007939They do put more effort into the ads than their cartoonsThe ads make them more money

>>13100547410/10 user.Please do some more cute art of Pocahontas daughteru before the thread dies.


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>>131008574t. Johnathan Smith

>>131005474Hey, that’s some good stuff there user. Thanks for sharing.

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Look, I'm gonna level with you cheif wannafuccabuffalo:I wanna see your daughter's feet.

>>131009289What's this nazi shit she's wearing?

>>131009404But she's always bare foot

>>131000898This is deeply racist.


>>131009531I don't mean "see" as in visually observe in general, I mean "see" as in "within 3 feet of my face" "see"

>>131009665I know right. When will British hate end?

>>131009858Just get closer thenIf you get dirt in your eyes, it's on you

>>131010210But OP pic doesn't show her feet at all

>>131010313Well if you're jonesing for some feet then here

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>>131009404>chief wannafuccabuffalo

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>>131010376cute feet

>>131010376If she walks around barefoot all the time, that would more than likely mean her soles are fairly thick and durable. Possibly even a little leathery. If they were two soft, she would constantly be cutting herself walking around the wilderness.Is this a turn on or turn off for footfags?

>>131012447I'm pretty sure you could have only gotten away with that if you were moderately rich back thenNow a days you need to be obscenely rich to get away with that

>>131011617UhI've never really considered that before.I don't know.I like em soft but I guess if they're not ugly at the least

>>131004629Hey man thanks for sharing this insight. It's really interesting and you should talk about it on int/ sometime. As for the harem of women from a lower class then you. Well, that's just a traditional harem of paid young wives. I mean is it better that they are of low class? I can't tell because of a lack of cast system from my side. Is it because they are more likely to stay with you because you appreciate them and that's some kind of bond?Trying to get it.

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>>131013779Y E S

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>>131013779hmm, very good.

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>>131013779> both requests at onceExceptionally based, thank you fine sir

>>131013779This thread got good again

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>>131014548I'd prefer all of the above

>>131014548If that last one didn't happen I wouldn't exist rn.

How many crumpets could an Indian stomach before she got tired of sugary, carb-filled European food?

>>131014759You'd exist, you'd just not for very long because you'd be a human sacrifice to Quzaurczuqatazazatcachipulto.

>>131014786The answer is she'd never get tired

>>131014837The sun gods name cannot be spoken for it is pronounced Quetskkiskck-

But anyway, Flashgiitz isn't funny.

>>131015299Yes we know

>>131015299he isn't cute either

>>131002628Maya if she was Indian instead of Indo

>>131015299He has a huge cock, though.

>>131005347How the fuck did the Aztecs last as long as they did being this brutal? No surprise other natives joined the Spanish when the origin for the Aztecs was when they tricked another group to give their princess for "marriage" and skin her alive.

>>131016237>how did these people last as long as they did being brutal?these are the questions a mind fat in decadent civilization would ask. Why would brutal people not last?

>>131002232>loli>clearly isn't perflatDisgusting.

>>131016290>Why would brutal people not last?I would say ask the Aztecs but they're all gone

>>131016237>How the fuck did the Aztecs last as long as they did being this brutalthey were really good at fighting and I guess the ruthlessness kept everyone else in check. the other peoples were used to being subjugated too at this pointbut yeah, as soon as an outside force appeared, everyone else decided to rise up against them, usnurprisingly

>>131013779Muh heart


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>>131016237I do find it odd how some of them applied so of their religion to Christianity although I guess the jesus sacrifice stuff probably really appealed to them.

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>>131016237>How the fuck did the Aztecs last as long as they did being this brutal?All civilizations were this brutal...think about nowadays nordics, cucked to the bone...their ancestors were fucking vikings

>>131016765Did you know that the Vikings believed there was nothing MANLIER than two men having sex?

>>131001354That's just an average British man.

>>131005133They don't allow loli on /aco/.

>>131004686This short was hilarious.

>>131002724Pocahontas is pretty hard to make a movie about since her story has no "end" other than her going to England and dying of disease at a young age. Really, they should've just made a crazy pseudohistorical film adapting John Smith's writings with Pocahontas as a side character.

>>131016237>>131016374All the stories about extreme Aztec brutality were invented either by the Spanish to make their enemies look worse or by the Aztecs to make themselves look cooler. They weren't any bloodier than their neighbors, who all practiced the same religion and sacrificed war captives whenever they could. The reason everyone turned against them when the Spanish came is that all the other city-states in Central Mexico just hated paying tribute to Tenochtitlan all the time. Simple as that.

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>>131017057they should of just made a made up indian girl from a tribe who fell in love with a random white colonizer and they would of been able to give it a happy ending. They already changed so much to the point of why not just create your own kumbaya rainbow tail where a random colonizer soldier fell in love and ran away to be with the tribe. Maybe his family came looking for him as a way to cause conflict.

>>131002804>Schizo off his meds



>>131016237The brutality dissuaded resistance, part of why they sacrifice so many is because they cull the armies of other cities.>>131016290>>131016335People get angry when you are unnecessarily brutal. It's why practically all their client states switched to Cortez.>>131016765Not even close. Vikangz pillaged monasteries and raped peasants, Aztecs would torture kids before sacrificing them.

>>131017261>other states practiced sacrificedYes but not on the same scale and with such intricacy.>invented either by the SpanishMost records of it came from the Aztecs, Spanish mostly wrote stuff like "omg these guys are horrifying!">or by the Aztecs No proof of this, plus those are religious rites, you can't just enbellish them when it's not even available to the public you are supposedly trying to amaze>hated paying tribute True.

>>131002677good question user I wonder if OP is going to bring the sauce.

All this social studies talk.If you guys are going to take the thread in this direction, can you at least post colonizable brown girls while doing so?

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>>131019111Chel without hips, tits and lips feels fucking wrong.I just assumed she came out of the womb fully stacked.

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>>131017706Right that it's wrong or wrong because it's right?

>>131019610>out the womb fully stackedman, that makes me feel sorry for her mother's cooch.

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>>131019805Sacrifices must be made for the good of the people.

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suace if anybody is gonna ask. youtu.be/0bkJzpo-mNI

>>131016237>How the fuck did the Aztecs last as long as they did being this brutalCivilizations don't last if they can't defend themselves

>Holla Forums - advertising

>>131020402What are we not aloud to talk about when a video comes out from an animation channel?

>>131019111Loli Chel is pretty cute.

>>131019991Why doesn't she just tell them where the bloody Taj Mahal is!?

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>>131019610>>131019111I think we could split the difference and give her full lips and hips out the womb.

>>131014759There are Mexicans on Holla Forums?

>>131017261>t. Chenopotchitan

>>131019991>>131020908The Taj Mahal didn't exist when John Smith met Pocahontas. That was in 1608, while the Taj Mahal was commissioned in 1632 and completed in 1653.

>>131022036Yeah, pretty sure by then colonists didn't believe they were in India when going to the New World either. That idea ended with the actual child sex slaver Columbus.

>>131022239>That idea ended with the actual child sex slaver Columbus.Trusting an angry novel written by his political enemy with none existent stone temples for anything

>>131019111Honestly, loli Chel> thick booty Chel.

>>131021436Definitely on /a/ that's for sure

>>131019111Is there any more Loli Chel out there?

>>131019111That might just be the cutest Chel I've ever seen.

>>131024088Source has a nude version apparently. As far as I'm aware, this is the only artist to draw her like that though.pixiv.net/en/artworks/98591969

>>131016765Yeah but after raping and pillaging the viking establish governments and where decently progress.

>>131019111Random thought but what would El Dorado be like anyway, like if it actually existed.

>>131025418Eh she could still work as the guide on how to fake being gods. From what I remember the sexual relation that Chel had with Tulilo wasn't that big of a wedge for the guys, hell Miguel was the one who wanted to stay despite Tulilo having a sexy native to fuck in El Dorado.

>>131019805Absolutely destroyed as if a brood mare for ogres in Arcanum to make Half Ogres.

>>131025418Considering Miguel and Tulio were supposedly supposed to be gay (or at least pseudo-gay) for each other at some point, loli Chel would probably have more of an "adopted daughter" angle to her to go along with all the guide for the gods stuff.>>131013779Thought it would be fun to color this. I hope you don't mind.

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>>131000898Why was she drawn so attractive?

>>131025635Nice color work!


>>131002990Easy to draw does usually translate to easy to animate, so it makes sense.

>>131009508>nazi-shitfound the antifa-fag. kys

>>131022239>>131022348Even IF Columbus was a "child" "slaver", enslaving and fucking the daughters of locals is based and ensures that your descendants will rule the peasants for a long time.


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>>131026491>raccoonI don't get it

>>131026478He did know how to deal with some actual cannibals though.

>>131027421The movie had her have a raccoon companion

>>131027902What kind of pets would a indian even have? I know some of them had dogs but what else? Crows?

>>131029047>indianA cow? Or a snake?

>>131025679Well, the drawchads are embellishing just a bit

>>131016700Isn’t the reason they were really into the whole mother Mary thing was because she oddly fit in with a lot of their own symbolism coincidentally like how jesus sacrificing Himself fit perfectly with their whole human sacrifice stick?

>>131014786>>131015195>fattening up the Injuns to better colonize and make them complacentNow that's what I'm talking about.

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>>131029657Can't mount an effective resistance against European dicc if you're too out of shape to even waddle away from your colonizers.

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>>131029704Just imagine, funneling fattening foods into a Native community until their women are too lazy, complacent and dumbed-down to resist colonization when it comes. Hell, they might suck you off just for more burgers, the primitive savage sluts...

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>>131009404Sgt. Hatred posted this.

Must... Colonize

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>>131029794They're just so tiny!

>>131029657>>131029704>>131029768Thank you user, indeed I will enjoy those picture soon.

>>131030295>not into latinas at all>find the idea of impregnating native girls super hotHow does this work?

>>131025635Time well spent user. I was hoping someone would color this and you did a decent job.

>>131030370latinas are just discount white girls

>>131005347I regret googling thatFuck the Aztecs>>131005347

>>131030370Your genetics know that "exotic" women (women outside of your local gene pool, who look different) provide the broadest range of new genetics and traits to add to your bloodline. Therefore you lust for them, even while your conscious mind gets confused about why. Jungle fever, yellow fever etc. are just the expressions of our natural desire to conjoin with those who have different traits, for the eventual survival of the human species.After all, we once banged Neanderthal women to get their stronger muscles, larger size and other traits. Humankind is designed to Borg-absorb other hominids and ethnicities in order to improve itself. Tl;dr your dick lusts for brown pussy because your DNA wants to enhance and improve itself via having your offspring with her.

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>>131030354You're welcome ESL bro. Have one more. These are extra dark to me because obesity actually is a huge problem on Native reservations. Why does my dick get so hard for the oppression and fattening of minorities, it's kind of fucked.

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>>131030967I find your assessment as disturbing as it is accurate

>>131024652Thanks, hombre.

>>131015299Untrue, he makes furfags seethe and that is hilarious.

You have to watch Flashgitz or Meatcanyon for a whole day nonstop. Which do you pick.

>>131031447>look at le funny face and cultural phenomena it funnyOr>look at le ugly face and cultural phenomena it creepyTwo sides of the same coin, but meatcanyon because I could probably fall asleep easier.

>>131031447Flashgitz, he's got a lot of classic Newgrounds style edgelordery which is fun and nostalgic.

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>>131031447Console wars is great so Yeah

>>131031447Literally who? Either way, I pick the sweet embrace of death because they both sound like they're the kind of retards that spew shit on youtube for a living.

>>131013779Well done


>>131031584>tries to have his cake and eat it toolol

>>131014548>No Portuguese versionThank god everyone in the world doesn't know what my ancestors did.

>>131031447Flashgitz, they're not great but their not terrible like Meatcanyon.

>>131031040It is what it is, user.At your core you're just DNA. And that DNA sees the traits on brown women (exotic, fertile, protection from the sun, more efficient muscle fibers) and wants 'em. And for hundreds of years, colonialism was the tool of taking these genes. So it follows that colonialism would eventually become a sort of survival trait itself in white people. Ironically, now colonization of faraway lands to get these genes is no longer necessary--brown women are available worldwide, statistically the least dated by their own races, and universally eager for a white guy as a status symbol to carry on their arm and call their mate. It's now easy to peacefully take what our ancestors once took by violence... and as a result, multiracial couples are now booming in the West.

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>>131000898Why are people so racist against Anglos?

>>131032224In the end, colonialism won--now brown women are attainable by anyone, not just a gaggle of Conquistadors. And yet young white men complain and whine about the "multiracial agenda" when they could easily trad-wife a brown girl. Most of their cultures prepare them for that anyway. Today's youth are cowards for not embracing that prize, won so painfully for them, by their ancestors: the right to plow brown pussy anytime they want.

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Attached: 5d-diamond-painting-peter-pan-tiger-lily-kit-15296735805543__14697.1631393711.jpg (1036x1280, 130.38K)

so where the injun cuties?

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>>131032236Anon you're talking about a channel that has shit on all races and genders. Don't get salty when it's your turn, you just soind entitled.

>>131031611To each their own, user

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>>131032168Enslaving blacks and Japanese right?

>this entire thread

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>>131032323holy fucking basedit is every man's sacred duty to honor their ancestors and continue the bleaching

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>>131000898>people literally just watched that garbage for loli PocahontasFuck the internet is pathetic.


>>131000898>>131001417Maya was a maya along...

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>>131031008I think our brains process the same chemical for guilt as it does for horniess.

>>131021436Yeah, they come here to complain about Superman.

>>131029047Members of rivals tribes

>>131032900Here's one.

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zellig if it american

Attached: amerizellig.png (719x404, 215.98K)

>>131009508>nazi shitamerican education

>>131002628I swear someone else sat at her place, but it must've been an unimportant extra, because I can't remember.Oh well...


>>131033043>b-but we're racist and sexist towards everyone!That's just worse

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>>131035263maya has no deskmate

>>131030468Glad you like it!

>>131035226"education" you mean.But hey what they learn at school is using guns against each other, so they learned SOMETHING right?

>>131029531made me curious so I did 5 minute google search apparently there was actual a lot of symbolism the aztecs saw in her picture.>She stood with the sun at her back and the moon at her feet to the Aztecs, this symbolised her power over the blood-thirsty Sun god Huitzilopochtli and the lunar, feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. This showed a new path to cosmological harmony without human sacrifice, a radical new conception of the universe>Beneath her feet is an angel with jewel-coloured eagle wings. The eagle in Aztec culture was a herald of civilisation and the symbolic conveyor of the Aztec’s sacrificial offerings to the gods. This eagle-winged Angel is a herald of a new civilisation and the carrier of the new and ultimate sacrifice in Christ the redeemer. The eagle-winged angel shifted the religious orientation of the Aztecs, instead of striving to touch divinity, this eagle-winged angel brings God to them. This connects to Juan Diego’s indigenous name, Cuauhtlatoatzin which means ‘one who speaks like an eagle’, this humble man was the messenger and herald of this new civilisation.>She is pregnant. The black sash is normally worn at the waist by Aztec women is worn higher up during pregnancy>The blue-green colour was a special colour reserved for Aztec emperors and divinity. The rich pink of her tunic represents the earth. The meeting of the veil and tunic in the hands of the angel represent a cosmic harmony from which new-life will come forth>the Jasmine flower. This simple four-petal flower represented the highest, single divine being, Ometetol, who did not concern himself with the affairs of humanity. This flower is positioned over her womb, identifying her child as divine and more radically, this remote, omnipotent being is now reachable by any human being who delivers himself to humanity through his mother. Our Lady of Guadalupe speaks of her Son in the same titles attributed to OmetetolNot sure how much of this is fake but was interesting

>>131035215kekI want Lil' Hontas to be the 4th sister.

>>131035295If you can't handle the bants build a bridge and get over it you fucking loser or do a flip off it.

>>131003925Imagine being the first group of conquistadores qith infinite mexican pussie

>>131034573Why do they hate Superman?

>>131029047They had "pets" in the same way a medieval peasant had them i.e none unless you count farm animals. The Incas were the first people to domesticate guinea pigs, but they raised them for food.

>>131029657>>131029704>>131029768This is just what modern Native American women look like. All that damn frybread.

>>131035215Post 'zellig Americans>CocoEthnic British from Cape Town>MymyYankeeboo spic>Mayapicrel

>>131036958cause they love goku too much


>>131037672>cocowhite cuban or german argentine, complete with panama hat>mymyyankeeboo filipino

>>131038648What about a black Mymy who claims she's Mayflower descendant?

>>131000898They're aware of what they unleashed to the world with the accurate and cute loli Pocahontas design, surrounded by horrible monster humans... right?

Attached: 1633703051906.jpg (706x826, 96.36K)

>>131039095Calm down, doofus. It's just a standard native american cartoon girl design that's been in cartoons forever.

>>131039132Enjoy your faith in the world while it lasts, user.Honest advice.

>>131016900revisionist history by queers, no different from people claiming the ancient greeks where all a-okay with fucking little boys

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>>131039095So begins the end.

>>131013779>>131005474Keep the cute drawings comin user!Draw her learnin how to shoot a musket. Or maybe praisin the sun

>>131013779very based artist, and very nice feet

>>131040058Sure thing buddy. Whatever you say.

Attached: a woman is a duty.jpg (1200x1492, 205.59K)

>>131041649>pic So this is a boy?

>>131012625sigh, i miss gogo bomango...

>>131041677he's a pleasure as well

>>131039095They 100% know what they are doingIt'd hotdiggedydemon if he pushed content more

>>131016900The Sagas describe murderous blood feuds being started with one chieftain calling another a faggot in parliament

>>131032323They don't embrace it because they're so obsessed about getting mad at black people from said ancestors

>>131030647>white girls with attitude FTFY

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>>131032236Shut up you white honkey Nordic nigga that's my hammer

>>131041714Pretty sure it was moreso because he was called a bottom. As long as you top it's cool.

>>131019991>dude ugly faces lmao

>>131000898isnt this a pretty misandrist and racost depiction of an english man?

I would like some lewds plz

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>>131042047That'll be tree fiddy

Attached: images.jpg (259x194, 5.09K)

>>131041957If anything it's flattering.

>>131042047More cute, wholesome pics of Pocahontas earning about civilization, please.


Attached: colonialtimes.jpg (946x1273, 2.35M)

>>131042069>and that's when I noticed user was a three story monster from the Mesozoic era

>>131017261False, pinche chairo pendejo

>>131042323>>131014548The more things change, the more they stay the same.

>>131016307My attempt to remedy, my brother in flat supremacyfiles.catbox.moe/h4e2w8.png

>>131035295Then you don`t belong here, try mastodon and stay there

>>131042503not bad

>>131041649>more revisionism>h-hey pollux was the god of fags>watch pollux`s statuesugh, he was an average boy

>>131042551Sorry whitey, but not everything you don't like about history is revisionism. Now either post some cute injins or fuck off.

Attached: moyori.jpg (850x948, 84.66K)

>>131042551Fags see camaraderie and project their perversions.Always has been.

>>131042503Well done. You are credit to team.

holy I just watched this video a few minutes ago, come here to browse /fit/ but decided to do Holla Forums instead, and see this thread? The moment I saw her I thought she was cute. is this how cunnybros feel- genuine appreciation and not mindless lust over cute things?

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>>131042961No, most cunnybros just want to coom.

>>131016700It was a real eureka moment for them when the Spaniards told them "see you can sacrifice the flesh and blood of Christ but just use bread and wine, it's this thing called a met-a-phor""Oooooohh!"

>>131042961it's a bit of both, tho the cuteness tends to get mixed with lewd thoughts pretty quick it's what piques the intrigue and keeps it going.

>>13102143680% of Holla Forums are Hispanic you should know you just got one to respond to you

>>131014548here complete version

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>>131021436Make a El Chavo thread and watch the IP counter rise.También habemos españoles.

>>131042961As any true cunnyseur will say, the cute is 1/2 of it.

>>131035689Almost as if the Lord had a hand in this...

>>131044502Correlation does not equal causation, user

>>131044604Can you tell me the odds of that specific image containing the exact subjects that conveyed the exact message needed to convert the natives to Christianity?

>>131044633>the sun and moon>eagles>the color green>flowersNot exactly foreign concepts when it comes to mythological symbolism. Any street vendor with a tarot deck can pull similar parallels out of their ass.

>>131044604>Correlation does not equal causation, user

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>>131044675uh-huh. Begone, atheist.

>>131043809Well, the portuguese part is true. can confirm. I only see missing links in Angola and Mozambique.


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>>131035103>sampleStop being afraid of high resolution

>>131002628oh hey. youre right.

>>131011587Big if true

>>131004629you from Texas?

>>131042961>What a cute little girl>two English men come around>'How old are you- you're having- laws?'run, bitch, run!

>>131029047>>131037480Don't forget the Chihuahua. Guardian of the elderly and shivering bed-warmer to your granny. one of the oldest and noblest breeds of canine.

>>131000898Most handsome man from Liverpool.

>>131030967>>131032224Yeah 1 problem though: There exist several countries that irreversibly blew the fuck out of your faulty logic. I need to only name 1 of them to drive the point homeBrazil

>>131031040>>131030967It's not at all accurate. If humans were as lustful as you seem to think they are different races would never come into existence at all because of all the race-mixing that would naturally occur. In order for a recessive trait like blue eyes to become dominant you need to have a substantial population that does not intermix with non-blue-eyed neighbors. It's just that simple. Also, consider that at some point BEFORE humans even evolve animals in general are going to develop tribal preferences because this encourages genetic divergence and allows for 100s of different species of birds to come into existence. Nature is bigoted and only losers racemix.

>>131044633>the exact message needed to convert the natives to Christianity?The odds would be pretty high if it was the image alone that did it, but it was the wars of conquest, the firearms, the steel weapons and war dogs and European warfare tactics that did most of the job along the way. Some theological coincidences here and there made the pill easier to swallow.

>>131017261They were, by definition, more brutal than their neighbors because they ruled them with an iron fist. You don't rule people by being nicer than them.>They hated paying tributeYeah, because that tribute included tithes on crops, material and people, many of which were children who were tortured to death so their tears enticed the rain god.Sorry, but the Aztecs were one of the most grotesque civilizations in history

>>131000898That's a very unkind caricature of an american male of that period, they didn't have the el monstro thing going until the late 20th century

>>131048618>AmericanAnon, those are Brits. America didn’t exist yet.

>>131042961Yes. Take the daughteru pill.

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>>131050232>can never have nice threads about Hilda and enjoy the idea of rising Hilda as your own while giving her a baby brother/sister without Cunny lads telling everyone they want to fuck childrenSad.

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>>131048354>they ruled them with an iron fistNo, they didn't. The Aztecs never set laws or policy for other cities, didn't interfere with their culture, and didn't even make them pay taxes. Look up how the Aztec Empire was actually governed. Whenever the Aztecs conquered a city they left the old rulers in charge so long as they paid tribute (the conquered nobles didn't even have to pay themselves, just the commoners). If a city wouldn't comply, then they brought a new guy in who would obey the rules. Being in the Aztec Empire was like owning a business in a mafia controlled neighborhood. They're not gonna tell you what to sell or how to sell it, they just expect you to pay protection money or they burn the place down.>and people, many of which were children who were tortured to death so their tears enticed the rain god.The Aztecs got most of their sacrifices from war captives, which tributary cities obviously didn't have to provide. As for Tlaloc, he was the rain god for the Nahuas in general, meaning that if anything other cities were mad that their slave children were being sacrificed in Tenochtitlan instead of being sacrificed at home.

>>131048093>If humans were as lustful as you seem to think they are different races would never come into existence at all because of all the race-mixing that would naturally occur. In order for a recessive trait like blue eyes to become dominant you need to have a substantial population that does not intermix with non-blue-eyed neighborsWouldn't just mean a population became isolated over time? There's no culture in history that actively refused to mix with anonther just because they looked different. Southern slave owners had no trouble creampieing Black women even when they saw them as farm animals on two legs.

>>131050932This. The only reason people bred with their own kind was because their own kind is what was readily available after multiple generations of living in the same general area.If you didn't have the means to travel to a land full of brown people, you were just going to walk across your village to where some white bitch lived because that's all you could do. And vice-versa.It's like saying a certain group of people that only had the means to make cheddar cheese must have only liked cheddar cheese, despite never being given the opportunity to try other cheeses.

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>>131050825>Whenever the Aztecs conquered a city they left the old rulers in charge so long as they paid tribute (the conquered nobles didn't even have to pay themselves, just the commoners). If a city wouldn't comply, then they brought a new guy in who would obey the rules. Being in the Aztec Empire was like owning a business in a mafia controlled neighborhood. They're not gonna tell you what to sell or how to sell it, they just expect you to pay protection money or they burn the place down.reminds me of the 1st Persian empire.

>Pocahontas has a cute voice, I wonder who voiced her>it's a dude

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>>131044919oooooh the clunky chunkyit's just such a clunker ooooohhhhh

>>131048144Cortez had at most 500 conquistadors. He conquered via his native allies that numbered in the 10,000s and disease that wiped out the capital when a slave had smallpox.