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>Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't bump or "second", "third", etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:rentry DOT co SLASH txf8tNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in:>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/666517Previous thread: >>130926454

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Requesting something fluffy with Happy Time Harry from Aqua Teen & Trindle from Metalocalypse. (Reason: both their VAs are married.)

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>>130988363What's Gadget looking up at?

Requesting this athletic, aged-up version of Dora scooping her ass with her shorts.

Attached: Dora.jpg (2472x1024, 2.12M)

>>130988390She’s looking down on you

Requesting Anne, Sasha and Marcy (Amphibia) joining these 3 girls from Fairly OddParents in a huge bed.

Attached: AnneSashaMarcy X FOPGirls.png (2201x3451, 3.73M)

>>130988400Her eyes aren't looking down, though.

Requesting a drawing of this with Morbius: "Paramorb - Still into Morb"

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draw me and my dad at the beach

Requesting Katella going AWOOGA over Robotnik.

Attached: Turning Flaming Red Cuntress.jpg (2170x2203, 723.28K)

Requesting Wasp, growing into a giantess, due to her powers malfunctioning.

Attached: wasp.jpg (1200x675, 120.73K)

Please help me be a general irritant and nuisance by drawing a transformation sequence of 12 oz Mouse turning into Among Us.>Stage One: "Anger Mouse">Stage Two: "Angamus">Stage Three: "Amogus"

Attached: 12 oz Mouse.jpg (214x380, 9.42K)

>>130988363Requesting Pacifica doing the "face it tiger you hit the jackpot" for Dipper.Bonus* of Dipper not getting the reference and Pacifica unloading her power level for Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

Attached: sketch-1651006043231~3.png (865x2323, 2.97M)

>>130988363Requesting someone to redraw this with Lila Draper.

Attached: 25C6979B-9B2E-4D89-97BF-420650BDCAB5.png (1023x1742, 1.8M)

Requesting Gogo Bomango with several cuts and bruises after a fight, grinning and giving a thumbs up.

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>>130988441are you and your dad Holla Forums characters?

>>130988383>Reason: both their VAs are married.Them being a couple genuinely sounds hilarious. I can imagine breakfast between them, where's she's being emotionally clingy and him just being pissed about coffee.

Requesting Stacy wearing Lindana's clothes and asking Candace if she likes how she looks.

Attached: req.png (654x403, 453.27K)

Requesting Agustin and Felix supporting Abuela's massive tatas

Attached: Madrigals.png (3405x1981, 3.96M)

Requesting Finn and Garnet making out.

Attached: finngarnet.png (1764x1252, 1.2M)

>>130988363Requesting Gadget eating some apple pie in her room while watching TV.

Attached: 1626913132548.jpg (720x540, 75.01K)

Requesting Spectacular Gwen as a magical girl please Put in a few references do costume can be whatever design you want as long as it’s magical girly

Attached: 3F9218E0-C2C9-480D-862B-F688C48CA7C4.jpg (1200x1200, 264.1K)

Requesting Karai with big bewbs

Attached: karai bewbs request.jpg (517x349, 56.14K)

Requesting Luz's mom laying in bed and overhearing / reacting to recently-returned Amity & Luz getting into weird kinky shenanigans.

Attached: luzmom.png (459x582, 312.44K)

Requesting Susan Test, as a giantess, crushing her annoying, little brother with her feet.

Attached: susan.jpg (900x1280, 208.42K)

Requesting Popeye fighting Pony Head.

Attached: popeye princess pony head.jpg (1433x849, 413.46K)

the-collection.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=109894Whoever made this, thank you.

Requesting a modern take on Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan. My concept is Queen La as a CEO or entertainment star, with her Leopard Men acting as her bodyguards.

Attached: Queen La - Reference.jpg (1692x1556, 3.14M)

>>130988363Lmao good OP

Requesting Jiangshi Buffalo Wing showing her huge ass like this

Attached: Buffalo Wing.jpg (1622x1080, 276.62K)

>>130988390(You) literally that's the joke

Requesting this take on Velma getting levitated next to the "GET OUT BEWARE" message, going "Jinkies!"

Attached: velma get out beware.png (480x480, 297.8K)

Requesting these two making out.

Attached: tiff tid pau.jpg (256x194, 39.01K)

Requesting Miko having a hangover after eating too many snacks

Attached: Kubota.jpg (1363x699, 111.73K)

Requesting April and Karai in a sauna.

Attached: karai april sauna.jpg (947x1033, 372.99K)

>>130988899Dude your references get more and more compressed with each repost.

Requesting some gloomy fanart of Mania from Marvel Comics in any of these situations on the left.

Attached: Mania.jpg (3254x1490, 1.12M)

Requesting Professor Chaos vs President Connie.

Attached: professor chaos vs president connie.jpg (834x1146, 356.73K)

>>130988394May I ask for source of the middle reference? That's a certified toptier butt

Requesting Jetix sunbathing at the beach like on the bottom pic

Attached: cs2.jpg (3131x4156, 1.41M)

>>130988932>>130988914>>130988899Stop asking nonsensical stuff

Requesting Duo Damsel being cute using her powers to take a selfie with herself

Attached: Duo Damsel.png (2111x808, 2.27M)

Requesting the Rescue Rangers facing off against a time-traveling steampunk Rattigan.

Attached: rescue rangers crossover.png (1822x1800, 3.82M)

Requesting Elise(Marceline's mom) groping her Marceline's rear behind, like the image on top.

Attached: VampReq.jpg (4802x3410, 1.19M)

>>130988439Finally, the new drawthread is up

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Requesting an user taking a photo of Penny Desiree booty while she smiles and gladly strikes a pose.

Attached: spooky genie.png (3179x1286, 2M)

Requesting Lisa growing up to become like her father.

Attached: lisa to homer.png (2568x2010, 3.79M)

Requesting Huey Dewey Louie and Webby as the Fantastic Four.

Attached: huey dewey louie and webby.png (2798x1508, 1.24M)

Requesting Wendy as a Duelist

Attached: wendy the duelist.jpg (670x534, 201.05K)

Requesting the LowTierGod KYS meme but with Mister Sinister instead

Attached: Sinister.jpg (6537x2800, 1.54M)

Requesting Star dressed like Shumira.

Attached: shumira star.jpg (1401x841, 592.88K)

>>130988932>>130988914>>130988899God, please someone end this bunch of crap forever being reposted.

Requesting a Mermaid Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan for Mermay.

Attached: Mermay.jpg (3314x1502, 1.13M)

>>130988991Fucking beautifulJust beautiful>>130989020>>130989038I swear to GodStop spamming you fucking asshole

Requesting Sasha dressed like Ashei.

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>>130989068>>130989038>>130989020>>130988932>>130988914>>130988899Literally stop flooding

Requesting Butt Witch in a sling bikini using her arms to air her tits and hold a popsicle on her mouth in a very suggestive fashion

Attached: ButtWitch.jpg (2699x2165, 504.22K)

>>130988991Based and Morbinpilled

Requesting Sari and Miko kissing.

Attached: sari and miko lick request.png (1832x1632, 1.53M)

Requesting Miko doing an ancient meme.

Attached: all your base are belong to miko.jpg (678x1407, 472.47K)

Requesting "Experiment" Lilo, doing Nani's old waitress job.

Attached: lilo waitress.png (2000x2000, 3.12M)

>>130988991Good shit bro

Requesting Andrea Benton aka Mania, using her symbiote to make her breasts and hips grow bigger while in costume. A bit similar to this reference: files.catbox.moe/dbo1kh.mp4

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>>130989117I hate you so much

Requesting Sasha becoming a nerd.

Attached: nerdy sasha.jpg (1943x981, 1.01M)

Requesting Queen of the Shadowkhan Jade Chan in a workout outfit doing squats while lifting weights.

Attached: q3s.png (1022x1392, 897.87K)

Requesting "Shadowkhan" Jade, lounging and just looking Evil.

Attached: Shadowkhan Jade Lounging.png (1977x1978, 3.31M)

Requesting Anne Sasha and Marcy controlled by the mushroom spore and using a dress (like in the anne reference), holding hands and running in circles.

Attached: Spore girls.jpg (1080x1920, 865.12K)

Requesting Connie as a gunslinger.

Attached: connie gun.jpg (1188x2484, 980.85K)

>>130988991OR here, this is Morbin' good, thank you so much Morbfriend :DD

requesting werewolf Robyn and Mebh howling at the moon.

Attached: wolfwalkers werewolves.png (1222x1292, 1.52M)

Requesting Elsa fighting Donkey Kong.

Attached: elsa donkey kong.jpg (834x657, 278.22K)

Saw this little clip of Link wanting to taste rocks to see if any of them are like salt and immediately thought that Sokka would join him in this endeavor.So could I get a pic or comic of Link and Sokka having a muckbang style tasting/sampling of various rocks, minerals, plants, bugs, and/or fungus?Sokka - OH GOD! Taste this one, it's horrible!>Link - What? Why would I want to taste it if it tastes horrible?Sokka - Dude we need concensious.>Link - Fine give it here. (retches after tasting) Blegh that is horrible!Sokka - Right! So into the maybe edible pile?>Link - Sounds about right.

Attached: linkandsokkamukbang.jpg (2680x1687, 958.82K)

>>130988390It's a failed attempt to draw the asuka face

Requesting Luz dressed like Loona.

Attached: hobo luz loona.jpg (972x1920, 709.22K)

Requesting Tille Tiger, if possible could you make her have a soft looking effect like this but if you can't it's completely fine!

Attached: Tillie Tiger-cleaned.jpg (3264x1721, 709.37K)

>>130989145It would be funnier if she was just stealing Marcy’s clothes


Requesting Chip as Agent K and Gadget as the giant hologram girl pointing at him

Attached: 4554657678.png (800x450, 354.67K)

Requesting Nergal modeling a sport bikini enjoying a popsicle in a hot summer day. Thank you.

Attached: fnr.jpg (2974x2079, 838K)

Requesting Karai resting on the beach

Attached: karai beach.jpg (732x476, 240.43K)

>>130989327When would she have time to do that?

Requesting Mia from Baskup using the hem of the shirt to wipe away her sweat

Attached: sweat.jpg (1196x956, 314.2K)

>>130974703There's plenty of stuff that doesn't make it to the booru. Blarg, et al. has to sift through the other threads manually so they're bound to miss stuff. Like the pic of a naked Callie jumping out of birthday cake that was drawn for a swat kats thread ~1 week ago.>>130989054Surely you're not suggesting someone should reward cancer by throwing the spammer some fuck-off doodles? That would just encourage him to keep spamming.>>130988390It's supposed to be the Pathetic reaction pic, but she looks more sad than disapproving.

Requesting Luna Tikka from Rocky Kwaterner dressed like Hu Tao from Genshin Impact

Attached: a_20220517115142.png (1920x1080, 940.08K)

>>130989362Sasha is very fast

Requesting Barbara as Meggan and Leggy as Cardi B

Attached: leggy and barbara rq.png (1304x1441, 1.28M)

Requesting a two-panel comic.First panel with Darla Dimple, Baby Dahl, and Aquamarine having a knock-down, drag-out fight. They could be fighting about anything - who's the cutest, who has the best fanart, who is a ripoff of whom, whatever.Second panel with Killer Croc, Max, and Topaz having tea around a table together while Killer Croc talks to the other two about the importance of respect in the workplace and the need to stand up for oneself. Have him wearing half-moon spectacles like a psychiatrist.

Attached: BigAndSmolUltimateBrawl.png (1959x1421, 1.08M)

Requesting Marion kissing Orbit with kiss marks all over his face.

Attached: Marion kissing Orbit.jpg (800x1824, 1.08M)

Requesting Eddy (top-left) pantsing Edd (top-right), like in the bottom image.

Attached: eddypantsingrequest.png (671x1033, 470.88K)

requesting a color pic of Harley & Punchline in bed with Krusty the Clown, with the Joker (whichever Joker you prefer) standing in disbelief at the end of the bed, with Krusty asking the Joker, "What the hell are you lookin at?"

Attached: what the hell are you lookin at.jpg (1024x768, 447.4K)

Requesting fusion.

Attached: frog fusion.png (1818x2000, 932.41K)

Requesting harpy Eda posed lifting her dress and gesturing like on the right.

Attached: harpy eda has a question.png (2632x2632, 3.7M)

Requesting Lake and Tulip sitting like and dressed like these guys.

Attached: Infinity Watch Out Were Mad.png (917x917, 513.12K)

Requesting a remake of the scene on the right from The Princess Bride with Alan Scott and Solomon Grundy

Attached: 311D9EBF-9AE5-4F3E-9841-F41FBCDB6EDC.jpg (5686x4091, 3.35M)

Requesting Smiley and Bartleby laughing at the viewer.

Attached: smiley bartleby request.png (1404x1312, 2.15M)

Requesting Dana Tan doing a pose by covering up with sheets. Please.

Attached: 74B67A2F-F9C2-45C7-9B0C-8A5774730068.jpg (638x955, 118.79K)

>>130988363Requesting Moon Knight having his own duel disk.

Attached: MoonKnightDisk.png (986x346, 331.42K)

Requesting Homer Simpson as Professor Laventon.

Attached: HokkaidoEh?.png (1712x884, 804.04K)

Requesting the Amphibia girls as anthro lambs

Attached: dumb req amphibia.jpg (1750x2048, 732K)

Requesting a swimwear pin-up with Amanda Waller.

Attached: why not.png (1348x988, 1.81M)

requesting Polly Pocket relaxing in sensory deprivation like Lisa Simpson, oh, and requesting Norman from Mighty Max in the deprivation tank with Polly, wearing a speedo

Attached: request17.png (1920x1080, 1.32M)

Requesting Maggie in Mako's goku uniform

Attached: 1653834169118.png (2088x1332, 1.12M)

Requesting Kitty Pryde in a tiny Kimono.

Attached: kitty pryde kimono request.jpg (1216x800, 260.11K)

Requesting Joss Possible as a HS Senior in Catwoaman's Gotham costume.- just a sneaking pose or doing a Catherine Zeta-Jones laser field slink.

Attached: Joss catwoman.jpg (1896x1608, 784.43K)

Requesting Tack and Zigzag (The Thief and the Cobbler doing this meme

Attached: D76F6BF8-7364-44F7-9D1B-6DDF1ED66840.jpg (3464x3464, 1.6M)

Requesting Anne Boonchuy battling Princess Star Butterfly

Attached: FullWeeb.png (1040x1448, 1.32M)

Requesting thicc Gwen Tennyson with a 6900xt or 3090 gpu

Attached: Gwen Tennyson gpu.jpg (2836x1517, 623.85K)

>>130988363In the movie they should've given Gadget's fly-hybrid children more insectoid traitsLike compound eyes and vomiting enzymes on their food to digest it

Requesting Lisa riding an elephant.

Attached: 20497bae4487548e01e8d950fc61e5e5.jpg (1026x1677, 129.81K)

Requesting April as an oil tycoon.

Attached: 1651789584163.jpg (1280x1707, 294.91K)

Requesting Tangle X Surge

Attached: 1653680169893.png (1756x1048, 94.43K)

Requesting 20 years old Gabi Hernandez (Vivo).

Attached: GabiHernandez.png (2156x2620, 3.6M)

Requesting Jenny holding a dead QuailmanOther Nickelodeon superheroes (Cartoon Network/Netfix/DreamWorks/Disney ones are OK too) in the background are entirely optional (if included at all)

Attached: thedeathofquailman.jpg (753x625, 208.08K)

Requesting a buff Miko Kubota cosplaying as a female shao khan.

Attached: miko khan.jpg (1218x651, 518.58K)

Requesting Rodney Copperbottom and the red dancing robot from the movie Robots both doing a robot dance to some robotic music.

Attached: Robots Rodney and Red Robot request.png (1578x1176, 2.73M)

Requesting Steven hitting on Sharon

Attached: 58508B3C-E33F-4FE9-B188-B20CE14A8A29.jpg (2749x1600, 421.45K)

Requesting a bunch of Sapphires entranced playing Meat Beat Mania

Attached: Sapphires request.jpg (1280x895, 850.23K)

>>130989323Oh boy we should do something else with her.

Requesting Ava Ire in 70s sunglasses and a tie dyed shirt looking cute

Attached: 1608843004022.jpg (447x457, 94.78K)

Requesting DC's Big Three being roommates at the renovated Aqua Teen house as their new base of operations. Bonus points if Krypto has a Doghouse in the front yard.

Attached: DCRoomies.png (1411x589, 1.25M)

Requesting this as a pic with Gadget and her mutant kids instead, also drunk and sad.You can write "Thanks, Disney" over it.

Attached: 5zXP.gif (400x300, 513.55K)

>>130990330Fuck yes, but also MAN Disney sure is out of ideas.

>>130991168Who is we?

>>130991290Oh right there are no artists in drawthreads.

>>130988363Requesting The Mighty Endowed in DCAU style.

Attached: ME_DCAU.jpg (500x800, 169.12K)

>>130991359Well >>130991168 was suggest that "we" draw her so you should assume that he is an artist as well. And if he isn't then what does he mean by "we" since he is not going to draw her?

Requesting, 30-30 from Bravestar aggressively offering a bouquet of flowers to a blushing and recoiling Judge McBride.He's brandishing his bouquet, thrusting it forward and saying "Your resistance only makes my penis harder."

Attached: 30-30 resistance 1 .jpg (1378x1498, 593.52K)

>>130991443>>130991290I'm talking about that we should draw fucking porn of her but I can't do it myself right now because I'm fucking busy.Christ!

Requesting Disney's Recess reimagined as Disney's Rehab. All six of the kids are struggling adults who have problems with drugs and alcohol.

Attached: Disney's Recess.jpg (593x832, 70.48K)

>>130988363requesting the goodfeathers doing this.

Attached: goodfellas.png (220x326, 76.34K)

Requesting Balst in a Tenga suit.

Attached: Balst Tenga.png (942x768, 953.97K)

>>130988363Requesting her to be busted or attacked by Amphibots (you can choose how many), but she 'flashing' them and they had a short circuit in a silly/wacky way.

Attached: 2022_05_12_040_Kleki.png (1271x814, 1.15M)

Requesting Goldie Gold redesigned with an updated late 90s/early 2000s aesthetic. Ideally, please make her pants lowrise and top cropped. Give her an edgy haircut and combat boots too since that seems like something that would have been done in that era.

Attached: Goldie Gold.jpg (234x474, 24.83K)

>>130991876Damn user why you gotta be like that?

Gawr Gura and Jellystone's Jabberjaw fighting over who gets to be King Shark's girlfriend

Attached: 1653705619351.jpg (500x888, 129.1K)

>>130991876Don't worry. Disney will do that soon. As a side joke in a Goof Troop reboot. Where Roxanne is also a hooker.

>>130991168OR here, like? And will it have the soft effect? Will draw deliveries for whoever completes my request

Requesting Firestar (Marvel) flying with Solar Flare (PvZHeroes) in a cityscape

Attached: c98vd.png (1678x1366, 2.26M)

>>130992382Why not? Disney's going to shit on it eventually. We may as well laugh about it!>>130992521Exactly. They'll find some way to ruin Recess.

Requesting Bonnie Rockwaller wearing a shirt/hoodie with her own ahegao face on it.

Attached: 1457272715_giphy.gif (960x932, 204.11K)

Requesting Ruby and Sapphire grinding on user

Attached: 1652228354814.png (2660x3001, 3.7M)

>>130988363Requesting the Illuminati as members of the Pentaverate.

Attached: IlluminatiPentaverate.png (1167x377, 976.74K)

Requesting Sheena playing in a mutant roller derby.

Attached: mutant derby.jpg (1024x768, 119.56K)

Requesting mermaid parsley from high guardian spice eating handfuls of bait out of a tacklebox

Attached: parsley.png (2521x1633, 3.25M)

Requesting these two fist bumping or doing the Predator arm grip/clasp.Also, can you not crush Kit's fist?Just jolly cooperation.

Attached: bro-fisto.jpg (755x755, 323.78K)

Requesting 80s Supergirl in 80s aerobics leotard

Attached: supergirl 80s aerobic.jpg (740x1031, 852.47K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: KHAN FUSION.jpg (618x499, 40.88K)

Requesting a drawing of BW from Long Gone Gulch wearing the white crop top and denim short shorts from the references from the left.

Attached: BW outfit request.jpg (1117x1023, 359.85K)

Requesting the Anaconda cover but with Zaza Royale from Battle Kitty

Attached: Collage_20220527_223323.jpg (1440x1920, 1.02M)

Requesting a monster version of Miss Cuddles stalking Raph.

Attached: mrs cuddles.jpg (1024x768, 102.69K)

Requesting Frida carefully bitting user's ear playfully

Attached: Frida ear bite request.jpg (4032x3380, 3.36M)

Requesting Wanda dressed as Slave Jasmine.

Attached: Witch.jpg (2100x1500, 944.12K)

>>130988363Since she's been paired up with Taz in the Multiversus trailer, requesting TAS/TNBA Harley Quinn watching Looney Tunes cartoons while wearing an oversized Taz t-shirt

Attached: 543354354.jpg (2574x2438, 1.14M)

The Dee Dee Twins accidently discovering/watching a sex tape of their Nana Harley and The Joker

Attached: 1653698412587.jpg (500x500, 78.98K)

>>130994223>>130995010Evading again, mr abusefag?

Requesting Pyrrha, Winter and Cinder performing an erotic bellydance in matching outfits.

Attached: 2Untitled.jpg (1200x857, 432.06K)

Requesting this random schoolgirl, from Ben 10, with a huge badonkadonk which her skirt can barely containuniform ref de.catbox.moe/0ppbnn.jpg

Attached: Beatrice.png (475x1075, 529.27K)

Requesting Zipper as a spokesman for Allstate Insurance.

Attached: 1653734876674.jpg (173x337, 12.1K)

Requesting this link files.catbox.moe/s2abne.jpg reinterpreted with Princess Bubblegum and her aunt Lolly.>Aunt Lolly as Sally Acorn>Princess Bubblegum as Amy Rose

Attached: PeebLollys.jpg (2767x1303, 549.86K)

Requesting a Winnie the Pooh / Kablamus fusion

Attached: Need a Kablamus Winnie fusion.jpg (957x609, 134.28K)

Requesting psychic/telepath fusion

Attached: Psychic Fusion.jpg (3000x2361, 348.07K)

Requesting Yang Xiao Long dressed as Princess Jasmine (normal eyes with normal outfit, red eyes with slave outfit)

Attached: d7ppwwa-c9aaa50c-7a1c-4602-8944-047b6d86bb6e copy.jpg (795x731, 237.95K)

>>130988991Allow me to throw this in the pile

Attached: It's Morbin time.jpg (1265x821, 160.46K)

Requesting BW meeting Wendy Corduroy for the first time.

Attached: BW X WendyCorduroy.png (2449x1848, 3.09M)

>>130992988>>130992382>>130991876A bit dark considering Mikeys voice actor openly struggled with drug addiction up until he died.

>>130988390>What's Gadget looking up at?>>130988400>She’s looking down on you>>130988431>Her eyes aren't looking down, though.This bares repeating.

>>130988363thread's pic is funny

Reggie from Twelve Forever in a hospital gown on a wheelchair with her very own Hilda chikita plushie

Attached: file.png (2506x1300, 3.46M)

>>130996411See? The reference makes sense!

requesting Gadget kissing Daledrawing title: rescue rangers the final tracktext somewhere: last kiss before tragedy ensuesbackground: >at night, ranger plane on sight, moondressing: >Dale without shirt, wearing double 0chipmunk episode sleeves>Gadget with her night gownboth crying if artist likes itsimilar pose and feeling as picrel

Attached: tammykiss.png (1192x670, 764K)


Attached: 716.jpg (850x850, 140.13K)

>>130926833Sorry, I basically ignored your request in the end and just drew what I wanted

Attached: 300522 - eltigre.png (540x591, 92.95K)

Requesting SSJ4 Gaz

Attached: SSJ4 Gazline.jpg (1616x2127, 485.22K)

Requesting Goldstar adorably holding a plushie of Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle

Attached: 0F71F399-E369-4393-9C60-0FD95028883D.jpg (2960x2385, 1.19M)

>>130996807How much is good for that commission?

Requesting a Freddy vs Jason style poster with serial killer dressed like Winne the Pooh vs serial killer dressed like Paddington bear

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7ThxgOtS7r.jpg (2756x2480, 1.25M)

Requesting Gaz Digzy from Ballmastrz 9009 in Saiyan Armor from Dragon Ball Z with the Leptons color scheme posing like Vegeta pictured

Attached: DragonBallmastrz9009.jpg (3092x1793, 597.09K)

Requesting the bottom comic ref but a bound Jessica Rabbit turning into a Dahlia (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) lookalike

Attached: Jessica becomes a Wererabbit.jpg (1920x3236, 1.34M)

Requesting Andi Benton (whether as Mania or Silence) playfully headlock Dylan Brock

Attached: dylan and andi.jpg (1602x695, 771.69K)

Requesting Libby getting a big hug from her turtle.

Attached: hugs.png (1999x750, 1.22M)

Requesting Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman singing Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins in honor of the new Top Gun movie out.

Attached: ab9e474763006f6dca7e3c6072df03ad.jpg (1500x1415, 294.79K)

Requesting Judge Dredd and He-man in a boxing match.

Attached: crossover match.jpg (768x1024, 113.74K)

>>130988363Can I get some more references of Miriam from Turning Red? I really want to try making a 3d model of her, but I don't want to watch the movie just for screencaps of one character.

Attached: 3758_MiriamWexler_DPTR_28_71924.1646316744.png (250x422, 71.15K)

>>130997613Go to California and ask Disney.

Requesting a giant queen marge, either gold or silver instead, with jewels.

Attached: queen marge.png (1124x1153, 1.41M)

Requesting this with Monty as Walter and Dale as Donny, with Monty saying '42 kids and counting Chip.'

Attached: monty-1280x720-merged.jpg (1280x1678, 275.62K)


Requesting this scene from metal gear rising but with Martha replacing senator armstrong

Attached: helluva_realize.png (1440x1705, 1.53M)

Requesting Gabi from Vivo re-enacting hotline miami while dressed up as Jacket with the chicken mask and wielding a baseball bat

Attached: Hotline_M-I-A-M-I.png (1725x1328, 2.27M)

requesting Nut in a Sailor Scout outfit

Attached: 269BB024-6782-4ACB-BD36-4DDA254C5808.jpg (1242x1230, 1.09M)

Requesting Miko from Transformers Prime, in a playboy bunny suit.

Attached: miko bun.png (1606x1610, 1.85M)

Requesting a deceased Marcy lying in a coffin at her funeral in an AU where she doesn't survive the series. The other two girls look at her sadly.

Attached: Marcy_Earth.png (2100x3200, 919.1K)


Attached: Home video.png (1200x1002, 798.16K)

Requesting Giulia and Luca doing a Lady-and-the-Tramp style spaghetti-kiss.

Attached: luca spaghetti.png (974x882, 1.18M)

>>130998844that lower Dee Dee is a reaction image waiting to be used.

Requesting the right image but with Diane Foxington

Attached: CC29DA75-76FE-4233-9C4C-A6C9A776623E.jpg (2048x684, 300.4K)

Requesting Supergirl trying assemble this surgical instrument

Attached: Supergirl.png (960x1244, 1M)

Requesting the right pic with goth Mrs. Boonchuy getting her belly button licked by Sasha Waybright.

Attached: 716C1B8E-77EB-4BEC-B8AB-7EFF16739015.png (4026x2443, 3.73M)

Requesting the Gotham City Sirens wearing the female Slifer Red uniform, with both Harley and Catwoman unmasked. Though Catwoman would wear a pair of red shades to go with her uniform.

Attached: SirensSliferRed.jpg (4000x3000, 1.16M)


Attached: She taxes on good deeds.png (1850x2000, 1.33M)



Respectfully requesting Miko Kubota wearing whatever it is you’re wearing.

Attached: 0F764F44-C589-4EB3-8D88-9FFF01158544.png (728x410, 178.66K)

>>130999221Why did you throw my request in here


>>130998844This was inspired by the professor pyg mission in arkham knight wasn't it?

Since summer is right around the corner, I request fusions of these campers

Attached: (Un)HappyCampers.jpg (1024x806, 59.78K)

>>130999889This is the best thing I've seen in some time.

>>130999889pretty good.

Requesting Odalia standing in front of some burning warzone looking all stoic with the caption "Genocide is the only option"

Attached: Odalia_Blight_render.png (676x1067, 183.32K)

Requesting Maxine Gibson from Batman Beyond wearing original Robin costume

Attached: maxine robin.jpg (1104x928, 493.13K)

Requesting Elinor and Avi in makeshift Star Wars outfits- Elinor with vest and toy blaster, Avi dressed as Chewie with bandoleer and NERF crossbow.Possibly in a cardboard box falcon like the examples on bottom right.

Attached: best pilot in the sector.jpg (1740x1391, 555.65K)

>>131001389This is honestly the most stupidest thing I've ever seen, & she's part Chinese so her as a Vietcong makes no sense. The weather girl maybe


Attached: 103.png (800x765, 171.52K)

Requesting Mayday Parker if Valeria Richards is her mother

Attached: 1653452423499.jpg (376x834, 87.36K)

Requesting the Female Furies giving Granny Goodness a goodbye hug in dedication of Ed Asner.

Attached: GoodbyeGranny.png (1617x666, 1.95M)

>>131002299oh my god who the hell cares? i just want Marinette as a vietcong, and this has nothing to do with "cultural appropriation"

Requesting Starla from Regular Show violently fighting with Misaki Matsuya from Excel Saga.

Attached: Starla vs Misaki Matsuya.png (1757x984, 1.78M)


Requesting Slappy groping an user

Attached: 4aade0eb65cd5d1b29ab33118f1b9050a2e1ec79.png (1406x1842, 472.39K)

>>131001389>Marinette taking him as prisioner and doing incel stuff with himWat

Requesting Spider-Woman Jessica Drew as a gladiator fighting a monster in an arena on an alien world. Have her costume/armor torn and cut up from the fight. Think of it as what If she had escaped the skrulls but been trapped on Sakaar during the Planet Hulk/Secret Invasion storyline.

Attached: spider_woman_gladiator_woman.jpg (2604x1184, 1.19M)

>>130994223>>130995010>>130996470>>130997347>>130998855>>130999374>>131001389Gee, I wonder who could possibly have made all these...

>>130917823Mayday delivery: Psylocke as her mother! She has Psyder stingers, get it?

Attached: psyder mayday.png (1101x1015, 1.47M)

>>131003453Fantastic work as always. You keep making the best designs, and the way you adapt the shooters is always interesting.Suggesting Squirrel Girl.

>>130988363When the thread is over and autosaging can we add the link to the new thread to the old thread's OP post to make it easier to browse between the old and new threads in archives?

>>130999889OR. Wasn't thinking it quite that lewd but definitely no complaints haha. Nice work :)

>>131003600Not if the old thread falls off page 10 before the new thread gets created, no. Which is what happened with the last thread.

Requesting Wonder Woman joyfully blowing bubbles in a style like George Perez - or the artist's own.You could do a during/after pic like the Linda Carter shots or just the bubble blowing.

Attached: bubbles 2.jpg (1847x1388, 813.76K)

>>131003587On one hand I want to see that. On the other hand i'm horrified at the visual of Mayday with hideous buck teeth.

>>131003600>to make it easier to browse between the old and new threads in archives?Literally all you've gotta do is put "drawthread" in the subject line and hit "search"

>>131003600Most of the time someone will put a link to the new thread after we've hit page 10 with the 500 post bump limit, but in the previous threads case, it archived before hitting bump limit. It happens (admittedly a preferable fate than being bumped endlessly for 1-2 days)

>>131003453>>131003453OR here. The purple hair and eyecolor is on point. Love the spider-stinger psyblades and psychic image spider-eyes. Love the thigh-high boots, appropriate for a femme-fatale character. Not how I would have colored her torso outfit though. But that's a nitpick with how good everything else is.

Requesting this pic of Wonder Gal/Trixie Tang redrawn in the show's artstyle.Reference: files.catbox.moe/1i5o3x.png

Attached: WonderGalTrixieTang.png (2256x4000, 1.78M)

>>131003669You would be amazed at how often OPs fuck up something as simple as "say drawthread in the post."

requesting kanye west engaging in a kanye west-type situation(yes that is kanye west in that pic, i heard him sing one of his songs)

Attached: 4AB52F13-00AF-4D7B-9E82-9BD8E813AEBA.jpg (493x699, 101.84K)

>>131003762It pops up for me the moment I click subject which make things much easier. I should just save the opening rules and links at this point and leave a space for the new thread number.


>>131003587>>131003662Why not just have her wearing braces without the teeth to imply it was a past issue

>>131003701I waffled on the leotard colors myself. The red was actually last minute. Initially It was purple, then the blue of the rest of her costume, then red. I might switch it back to purple because it evokes the red enough.

Requesting Scorpion strangling Sailor Moon for stealing his cue to grab Daffy Duck and have him say "Get over here Bitch!" or "Get the Fuck Over here!"

Attached: GetOverHereBitch.png (1249x388, 750.66K)

>>131003453I have a request based on a previous mayday delivery. Carol!Mayday (Marie) is about to go out to fight crime in an outfit like her moms original outfit, but carol or peter put the boot down and say "Young lady! You are not fighting crime wearing that!"

Attached: classic miss marvel .png (396x927, 657.46K)

>>131004071That could work. Yeah. Squirrel girl mayday with braces.

>>131004071>Why not just remove the notable design traitsi.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/731/143/3e3.jpg

>>131004145Scorpion is v/ sailor moon is a/. sorry. You gotta have at least one co/ character in a request for it to be considered.


Attached: warmapplepie.jpg (649x1049, 382.43K)

Requesting Morbius as Dr Manhattan

Attached: drmorbatthan.jpg (612x957, 459.18K)

Requesting Linda and user playing twister

Attached: 1652895398035.jpg (2048x2048, 540.17K)

Requesting the Foots Natsu getting mutated into a hippo.

Attached: Natsu Hippo.jpg (1024x768, 164.9K)

Requesting Thor lisa and Clobber girl sharing an epic handshake

Attached: Lisa and Lisa handshake.jpg (1080x1920, 748.78K)

Requesting Black Bolt grabbing Spider-Woman's boob

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-t1cu8pFgKPiCvi.jpg (3429x1334, 809.01K)

>>131005036How in the year of our King of Town 2022 do some people not to know how to properly rescale images?

Requesting Nuke asking what the fuck is a kilometer like pic on the left

Attached: Nuke kilometer request.jpg (3347x2182, 1.39M)

Requesting Eris (middle) holding hands with Dipper (left) and Mabel (right) and walking together.

Attached: DipperErisMabel.png (3326x1758, 3.01M)

>>131002339>delivering for swirlyeyesfag

Requesting Mrs. McClellan gardening like in the ref.

Attached: mmcc.jpg (2092x1112, 698.98K)

>>130989084he's on this board too???

>>131006279All the big spammers are in every drawthread on every board.

Requesting David asking Hilda how she would deal with trolls.

Attached: David gets Trolled.jpg (1637x743, 170.26K)

Requesting the grey hedgehog from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, 'Blackbot the Pirate' as the Gigachad.

Attached: Gigahog.png (2100x1560, 2.96M)

Requesting the comic panel on the right, but with Goth Velma involuntarily becoming a sexy version of She-Hunk (pictured on bottom left)

Attached: She Hunk Velma II.jpg (2780x2520, 915.51K)

>>131005856Actual jealousy

Requesting Catra and Double Trouble wearing playboy bunny outfits with their arms with each other with Catra blushing and covering her cleavage with her other arm and Double Trouble winking and blowing a kiss, loving the attention he is getting.

Attached: Horde Bunnies.jpg (2517x1080, 373.57K)

>>130997315Wait a few years and you'll get an official one

>>131004553Doctor Morbhattan


Requesting a picture of Princess Star Butterfly taking a selfie with Emperor Belos

Attached: ThouShaltNotSufferAWitchToLive.png (1200x1250, 1.36M)

>>131008550I don't doubt it, I just want to see how close somebody can get to it.

Requesting teen Ginger Hirano dressed as a Firestar Girl like in the right pic.

Attached: Teen Ginger Firestar Girl.png (3932x3344, 3.87M)

>>131004229Can Daffy Duck be in it and he's running away in glee?

Requesting Neighbor lady shaking her booty next to a boombox.

Attached: Nlady bb.jpg (2905x2001, 732.16K)

>>131009722Worst fetish

>>130999889Damn, that's hot as fuck.

>>130999889I don't see the hype

>>131004311whoo that was close. My eyes almost cringed

Requesting Elastigirl holding the mask near her face.

Attached: elitigjc.png (962x1046, 1M)

>>130999889I want to see a full body shot of this Marge.

>>131003453Hope you do this please: >>131002346

Requesting Gazpacho as a Police Officer.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 121.02K)

Requesting Savage Land April.Tree-swinging News-Cavegirl April also good.

Attached: Savage April 1 (1).jpg (1230x1227, 505.25K)

>>131009928I don't get it.

>>131004311Wow user, thanks a lot for delivering!I like your style, is there a place where I can follow you?


Attached: 310522 - mclellan.png (757x777, 159.04K)

>>131011014Bumping yourself to beg is as cringe as it gets.

Requesting Athena rocking out.

Attached: athena rocking out.jpg (1024x768, 107.84K)

>>131007387I refuse to accept that a sonic version of this hasn't already been done - but here ya go

Attached: 310522 - gigahog.png (584x679, 67.03K)

Requesting outfit swap.

Attached: odalia Helen.png (1049x1103, 947.25K)


Attached: Arequest13.jpg (1012x1092, 361.93K)

>>130983285Not sure where I was going with this one

Attached: 310522 - gadgetbaby.png (650x578, 114.31K)

>>130989117not happy with this one but oh well

Attached: 310522 - AYB MIKO.png (831x607, 114.81K)


>>131014836Not the OR, but it's nice knowing Chip got his revenge, nicely done user!

>>131015678Someone drew that already, it's on e621.

>>131015294Nice, as a reward, have a cover of the Zero Wing music.youtube.com/watch?v=QmSCCenjhSk&ab_channel=CarboHydroMusic

>>131015294Edit it to say "All your cock are belong to us".

Requesting Andrea Davenport as a sexy lifeguard.

Attached: Andrea Davenport.png (3000x4400, 2.89M)

>>131016079I remember misreading this request as "Sexy Lizard" before, so I request that.

>>131013283Terrifying, thanks drawfriend.

Requesting Shezap pressing Shezow Noir against a wall and putting his hand up his skirt telling him that he likes the new look

Attached: like the new look.jpg (3071x1200, 461.71K)

Requesting a Buddy Cop style movie poster featuring Elongated Man and Plastic Man

Attached: 57C106C7-4DE3-407B-90B6-3D3BB3AAF815.jpg (3614x3000, 3.08M)

>>131014635I like it, but you just need to add the scar and beauty mark. Then its eggcelllent.

Requesting Jay playing Frogger and for a little inspiration youtube.com/watch?v=K4_N4D7e6r4&t=7s

Attached: frogger pro.jpg (1024x768, 149.79K)

>>131014836Nicely done user. What do you use to draw? What programs? What settings?

>>131017069Can't believe I forgot those details. Fixed.

Attached: Arequest13.jpg (1012x1092, 362.48K)

Requesting femboy Double Trouble wearing the outfit on the left

Attached: cum gutter.jpg (3201x1215, 328.59K)

Requesting Marie Kanker wearing the outfit from the bottom left image and posing like the bottom right image with a bra dangling from her finger.

Attached: Help with washing the unmentionables.jpg (1349x1854, 531.56K)

Requesting Joseph Joestar attempting to disguise himself as Billy in an attempt to fool Mandy. Because they have the same ENG VAs and it'd be funny. Or you could have him dressed up as Mandy if you wanna be dumb

>>131018870>forgot imageI'm retarded

Attached: Joseph BM request.png (1024x768, 1007.94K)

>>131003587Not the artist. But would Squirrel Girl Mayday have a tail?


Attached: GAbi 20.png (1333x1333, 409.66K)

>>131019104Thanks! Seems like you should improve on your shading.

>>131019223no problemenjoy it

>>131018870*Nigel Uno in an attempt to fool Sector V>they have the same ENG VAsBenjamin Diskin=/= Richard Horvitz

>>131019303Well I was going for Joseph doing something that a character he shares VAs with was doing, which was disguising as Billy, but that also sounds good

>>131019104>off to /aco/ I go!

Requesting a drawing of the right image with a older Peppermint Patty at the beach with Snoopy dressed like the ref of him shown at the beach (Sunglasses, swim trunks) smiling and giving a thumbs up.

Attached: Patty Snoopy Request.jpg (2778x1080, 659.22K)


>>131018961>Not the artistIt's the artist's call.

>>131019491Sorry about not being clear, I was trying to say Billy has the same voice actor as Zim and Daggett, not Joseph.You're not looking for this guyimdb.com/name/nm0395777/You are looking at this guy for Josephimdb.com/name/nm0228356/

>>131003453Requesting She-Hulk Mayday. I've got her on the brain with the new show coming out.

Attached: She hulk and spidey.jpg (1821x2800, 912K)

Requesting these Dana Snyder voiced characters cosplaying the Justice League, though with Scratch from the Ghost and Molly McGee as Superman.

Attached: EwzSE1VVEAMc1Cz.jpg (421x632, 42.51K)


Requesting America Chavez dresses as a sidekick to the Scarlet Witch. Basically just teen version of her costume with maybe a couple stars

Attached: 235EFD55-5B87-4756-B6BF-43CEEA108E12.jpg (1200x1124, 373.76K)

>>131003453Not OR. Fantastic work as always. If you have any free time can you please try to draw this other request?: Oxblood's nice wearing this soldier, I will be happy with line art only. Thanks in advance.

Attached: 000293992301.jpg (2232x2944, 723.86K)

Requesting Giganta and Circe wear the female Ra Yellow uniform as they are both parts of Cheetah's clique.

Attached: RaYellowRogues.jpg (3024x2260, 686.59K)

>>131025091I thought you said you would stop requesting and focus on writing, lying cunt

>>131025063Fuck off abusefag. Your previous spam has been deleted already

>>131025228That drawfag gave them two, give a mouse a cookie and see what happens, give them two and you're fucked.

>>131018035Hey AnonI use Clip Studio Paint with a cheap Chinese screen tabletAs for the pen settings it's the standard G-pen with anti-aliasing switched off - during the final outline I ramp stabilisation up to get smoother lines

Requesting Penelope Pitstop with breasts as huge as Mizuki Tachibana (Pictured below)

Attached: Penelope Gravion.jpg (2184x1437, 531.6K)

>>131025228Different user at /aco/ dude.

Requesting a smug-looking Adora wearing a rainbow choker and a Snap My Choker tank top.

Attached: adora_choker.jpg (1575x1110, 1.17M)

>>131025063>>131025091>>131025405>>131025711Why's Holla Forums gotta be like this

>>130913639So this idea has been kicking around in my head for a bit. Basically, she's the Flamebird to Dick's Nightwing on alternating weekends when he has custody

Attached: flamebird .jpg (4860x5954, 2.71M)

Requesting OV Albedo dressed as gen 3 scientist or him shitposting on 4chan..idk I just wanna some funny pics with him

>>131025907dang that's a costume worthy of the era it's inspired by


>>131025907This could easily have come right out of a comic book of the era.

>>131025907Cute. Another great work, sketch thanks a bunch

Requesting Red She-Hulk Holli Would similar to the Jessica Rabbit She-Hulks on the right

Attached: Red Holli.jpg (2362x700, 397.72K)

>>131025907Nice. Could you draw Mavis wearing this outfit?

Attached: 1651963268420.png (2304x1796, 2.59M)

>>131025248I was your uber driver like 3 months ago. Leave me the fuck out.

Requesting kaiju Poison Ivy firing a massive sun-powered laser from her mouth, similarly to the image on the right

Attached: Poison Ivy used Solarbeam!.jpg (2522x1486, 834.52K)


Requesting this Tank Girl cover with Panda Delgado.

Attached: Pandas missiles.jpg (1205x930, 239.88K)


>>131025412Same user, dude.>>131025286It's pathetic. Especially that guy who responds to a delivery with more begging

>>131025412>Different user at /aco/ dude.And /a/ and /d/ and /h/ and /e/ and /u/ and...


Attached: 569.png (752x816, 169.37K)

>>131029764Good shit my man

Requesting Snowflame talking to kids about the effects of cocaine

Attached: 65DC1268-270F-460D-8071-3287EEC09DEB.jpg (579x1477, 396.11K)

>>130989388>Like the pic of a naked Callie jumping out of birthday cake that was drawn for a swat kats thread ~1 week ago.I think the artist for those might be one some DNP list for the Holla Forums booru because that was on the booru yesterday, and now it's removed.

>>131030332Isn't there an ongoing vandalization problem on the booru that none of the admins can fix because Crisis left without appointing a successor?

>>131030447I dunnoNot too worried about those in particular since they're on e6 already anyway

>>131030476Well now I know, I guess

Requesting Gwen meeting Neko-arc and thinking she's a weird little alien

Attached: gweneko-arc.jpg (1008x950, 225.36K)


>>131029764Cute boyAt a glance I thought it said GYM CUTIE, what a fool I was

>>130990022Nice digits

>>131029216>>131029365You guys need to chill. Dont see any /d/ activity from him in a while.

>>131031800>He's not spamming one specific board but he is spamming all the othersWell, that's okay then.

Requesting Mighty Thor donning a redesigned outfit mostly inspired by Angewomon

Attached: _JaneThot.jpg (1934x1200, 920.31K)

Requesting a Kryptonian octo-bird wrapping around an arm

Attached: 55322725-BACF-4737-B414-129F0959267D.jpg (1200x647, 227.42K)

Requesting Sasuke and Yang recreating the upside-down kiss.

Attached: kiss.jpg (2100x1500, 890.86K)

Requesting Anne replacing the Waitress on the Breakfast in America cover.

Attached: supertramp annie.jpg (1583x775, 280.9K)

Requesting Scooby and Shaggy getting their own show on Food Network.

Attached: happy-halloween-scooby-doo.jpg (582x327, 30.69K)

Requesting Barbara Blacksheep hanging clothing out to dry somewhere inappropriate and dangerous ala' Mr. Magoo, with Leggy and/or Peggy Lamb watching in concern.

Attached: barberashaiegetsintheway.png (1301x1385, 938K)

Requesting Goliath from Gargoyles dressed in a comfy tweed outfit/suit. Like something a librarian or language professor would wear.

Attached: goliathsuit-min.png (2328x1428, 1.15M)

Requesting Marcy and Sasha measuring Anne's bust.

Attached: measurements.jpg (2713x1119, 360.78K)

>>131003453What about Elektra?

>>131034764Seconding, if Sasha is jealous

Requesting Creepy Susie arriving at the beach/pool wearing her dress with her friends asking how is she going to swim in that with her saying that she is not, then taking it off revealing that see is wearing only skull pasties and a bikini bottom underneath. Or just the last part if you don't want to do the set up.

Attached: Susie summer.jpg (3724x1710, 663.82K)

Requesting geekification of Pacifica.

Attached: Pacifica the geek.png (1268x1524, 2.77M)

Requesting the Rescue Rangers as ghostbusters.

Attached: rescue rangers 2018.png (1200x675, 659.02K)

Requesting a "less" Chronenberg version of Raven and Starfire as mutant turtles.

Attached: teen titan turtles.jpg (1024x768, 149.63K)

>>131019104>The evil is defeated!

>>131014836Nicely done user. You still taking requests?Any chance you draw Batoria removing her panties like on the left pic? I would be happy with line art only. I really like your art style.

Attached: Susie summer.png (696x1496, 830.49K)

>>131035763Tiny little kitbashed proton packs .. seems legit.

Requesting the gif on the left with Marco and Shezow dancing on an user.

Attached: My fragile sexuallity.gif (985x375, 876.38K)

Requesting this magazine cover on the left but with Marco and Shezow.

Attached: Mujercitos_Portada_Anal_Magazine.jpg (1584x1504, 631.24K)

>>131035763I thought about making a request like that years ago. Then I realized I just wanted Gadget as Egon, so I requested that and I got it: the-collection.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=13252The lesson here is to always be honest with yourself.

Requesting Moon Knight saying this line at his own Jewish wedding.

Attached: BigMoon.png (1474x409, 1.1M)

>>131012549Nice! Great job man thank you.

requesting vanellope making an ahegao face. tongue out & everything

Attached: 4k-wreckitralph-animationscreencaps.com-5071.jpg (1075x1320, 204.84K)

>>131039481Zipper canonically FUCKS but Dale seems like he'd be a gentle lover type. Chip is boring but thinks he's a sex god.

>>131038355Cool, but I was looking more for something like >>131037496

Requesting fish April interviewing Abe Sapien.

Attached: fish interview.jpg (1024x768, 70.56K)

I'm sure there was fanart of this paring that existed but.Requesting Soriank Natu meeting with the Pokemon Natu.

Attached: SoriankNatus.png (1180x884, 1M)

Requesting Anne, Sasha, and Marcy being sold at a slave auction by some newts or toads.

Attached: amphibia auction.png (1725x2488, 3.78M)

>>131035733Seconding if it’s an ugly nerd

Requesting Karai finding Leonardo's stash of lewd ninja-cutie magazines, with Leo failing to stop her (like on the lower right).

Attached: Karai Finding Leos Porn.png (1600x1296, 2.78M)

Requesting Kikimora doing the curtain call challenge.

Attached: kikimora curtaincall.png (2000x2455, 2.22M)

Requesting Ming and Mei Lee both wearing a meme outfit, with Ming happily exclaiming "We could be sisters!" as Mei cringes.

Attached: Ming Mei Request.png (2000x1871, 3.38M)



Requesting Nerris wearing a "20-sided dice" bikini top, telling the viewer "roll for initiative."

Attached: Nerris Dice.png (2000x2000, 2.26M)

Requesting the calamity trio as the girls from Neo Ranga Also sharing the opening because it kick ass. youtube.com/watch?v=hXT29Fs8meQ

Attached: neo ranga.jpg (1580x1240, 712.96K)

Requesting Sasha pulling up her shirt and revealing her battle scars

Attached: Sasha_Earth.png (1800x3200, 954.73K)

Requesting Miriam lifting her shirt like this.

Attached: miriam shirt lift.png (1202x982, 1.71M)

Requesting an "heroes transformed into supervillains" take on Elastigirl and Violet.

Attached: helen violet evil supervillains.png (1032x908, 1.19M)

Requesting classic April and Irma like this.

Attached: AprilIrmaSqueeze.png (1206x990, 1.68M)

Requesting the Rescue Rangers vs. cat Yzma.

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Requesting Kamek working with Shredder as his personal Sorcerer.

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>>131036748Going for the record amount of deleted post in a thread, abusefag?

Requesting Harley Quinn, Supergirl or Emmylou Brown wearing this outfit.

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Requesting picture of sexy shirtless Lord Kobane

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Requesting a remake of the Fighting Irish Logo with Red Tornado

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Requesting an older (mid 20s), evil Miko dressed similarly to Phantom Lady (pictured in middle and bottom-left ref) drinking a strange serum, then turning into a kaiju-esque version of her glitch form, similar looking to the image on the bottom right.

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Requesting Alopex and Mona as saloon girls.

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>>131045857If you drew that, that’s amazing



>>131045857technically, it's still following the request. Look, there's the tongues out face, vanellope, and everything

>>131045857dangerously based

>>131045857this fucking rips, i love it

Requesting Black Bolt groping Spider Woman and Mary Marvel in a similar way of the reference

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Requesting a bashful/shy but still buff Scorpia in a harem outfit.

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Requesting Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica) as a Star Sapphire, bitching that she should be a Green Lantern.

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Requesting Miko "snazzily" dressed in a bow tie, cropped long-sleeve jacket, cropped Zelda shirt, and shorts.

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Requesting a comic panel of Principal Pixiefrog asking Anne to hold a presentation at Charles Darwin Middleschool while offering her some bug stew, while Anne looks confused at meeting a talking frog on Earth as an optional bonus, a second "MEANWHILE ON AMPHIBIA" panel, of Sprig being arrested by Rambamboo, trying to explain that he's not an illegal emigrant and that he just wishes to explore their continent.

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Requesting Bleedman/Fusionfall-style Powerpuffs as pirates.

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Requesting Five, Miko, and Zahra recreating this bit of Pokemon cosplay. Up to you who is who.

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Requesting a recreation of this old pulp cover with Amity and Luz.>>130988363

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>>131045857>>131047398This rips and tears dude, nice

>>130988363Requesting outfit swap.

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Requesting Finn carrying Garnet bridal style.

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