What do you think of pic relatedso I watched a few episodes because I'm learning french and the main girl a qt and I...

what do you think of pic relatedso I watched a few episodes because I'm learning french and the main girl a qt and I must say so far it's unironically lighthearted funthey could have made the cat a bit less of a faggot but it's french after all

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I bought an action figure of her recently so I can coom on it. She's so sexy.Check out my xvids channel: dollfuckerHD

>>130988231Cristina Vee does a good job of voicing her. It's weird how she has the voice of a sex kitten but IRL looks like a ghoul from the Carlsbad Caverns.

Season 2 is an improvement over season 1, season 3 is crap, season 4 is good.

>>130988231It's fun. It certainly has it's problems but overall I feel it's a good ride. This guy has easily been the most entertaining part of it for me. I can't stand how dumb this show's release schedule has been though.

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>>130988490children dont care theyll happily watch rerun after rerun so adding a random new episode every now and again wont change much

>>130988231>not being gay for adriansounds like you're the faggot

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>>130989143Looks too unmasculine, this isn't accurate to the show.

>>130989197Well yes. But it's rare to find accurate fan works in general for this show.

>>130988231Cute on the surface,lewd below the surface.

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>>130988231I've never watched it but I'm tempted because the girl has made me cum many times.

When's the movie coming out? Or rather, when will it be uploaded to the internet?

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>>130989197art is about how he artist see or wish to see things. not necessarly a 1:1 acurate reproduction

>>130990257It was supposed to come out this summer. Though not much word of it for a while. Though considering it seems like we're only just now getting word that season five may be starting very soon, it makes me think they will probably hold the release date close to their chest till the last possible minute.

Animation and writing's shit, but Marinette herself is cute. Wish there was more quality r34

>>130990257There is a live action movie and an animation movie, both should have been out by now. Instead we have not heard anything, not even a teaser about either.

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>>130990975there's some nice edits

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>>130988231be prepared for a lot of frustrating relationship drama bullshit


>>130991724I know what you mean.

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It's a soap opera and with cape shit grafted on to it...If you like drama and love triangles within love triangles then it's you bag

>>130992645we don't watch it for the story bro

>>130992678I can't blame you...it's shit

>>130992678 >>130992717The cosplay is also good.

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>>130993128i've only seen one that was latex


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>>130993161I know. And she was 14 so those are no go here, unless you plan on an extended time off 4ch. Still, it is strange that nobody else did a Ladybug latex costume.

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>>130988231Weighed down by its creator

>>130993161Which one was that?

>>130994654the one the other user said. the young'n.

>>130988231>they could have made the cat a bit more of a faggotFTFY

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>>130994940You know, it may have been interesting if they did make the cat boy a little more of a fag. Just a bit. Maybe enough to get him to occasionally look somewhere other than at Ladybug. Though I guess he wouldn't be the same character if he ever did look else where. It's sort of the whole driving force of the story that him and his dad both can't let go of their one love.

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gee I wonder why this show is so popular

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>>130995603Uhh, isn't she like 13?

>>130995758tell that to the animators. one of them even got fired for making her boobs jiggle in a scene.

>>130988231It's true some people from the animation studio started making porn of her out of the original models?

>>130996718It's a rumor. Though I don't buy it. I can't really imagine it would be possible that it wouldn't have leaked somewhere online if someone did make some.

Figure this place is as good as any to reveal Gabriel's newest look.

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>>130997053Aw hell. This is real, isn't it? He's wearing at least the Dog, Horse, Monkey, Goat, Turtle, Rabbit, and Butterfly Miraculous all at once, minimum. Is that prediction that kept coming up of him exploding immediately after putting them all on going to turn out real? Where did you get this, user? Did Gloob decide they had enough of waiting?

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>>130997115Instagram, I think. Odds are he's losing at least the Rabbit in the first episode since that's literally the "I Win" button, but it seems like they're instead going to make Gabriel so stupid that he can't do anything to win for a whole season in spite of all his power.

>>130997183>going to make Gabriel so stupid that he can't do anything to win for a whole season in spite of all his power.I really hope not. The dude is our main villain and while he has already won at least three times already it would make him look very silly if he got to hold on to those Miraculous and couldn't win with all those Miraculous. Unless the idea is that Ladybug gets the Rabbit Miraculous from him very early on and the rest of the season is her constantly resetting to beat out his plans. May even be fun if all this resetting messes up the time line or something for the next season.

>>130997260>it would make him look very silly if he got to hold on to those Miraculous and couldn't win with all those MiraculousThink of which show you're talking about. You know Ladybug ALWAYS bullshits a win somehow.

>>130997053Wait, i though it was impossible for anyone to use more than three miraculous at the same time. Are they goin pg to retcon that?

>>130997817All that was said was that using too many Miraculous at once is dangerous to the wearer.

>>130997817It wasn't impossible, just a bad idea. It was supposed to cause you to lose your mind. Marinette just putting on several cussed her to get woozy but we've seen that Gabriel has an impossible will power before. I'm guessing the idea is that he's going to brute force and single mindedly force his way through it for at least a little bit.

>>130988256I checked and there were only 3 videos and I didn't like the figures, post here when you cum on the marianette.

>>130997053>umbrella>rabbit miraculouslets just hope gabe does the smart thing and goes back in time to save his wife.

>>130997978Apparently, "The Monarch" doling out some of his Miraculous to make minions, and Ladybug's already warning her pals to keep an eye on Chloe and Lila since they're predictably at the top on his list of candidates.

>>130997978he doesn't have the rabbit miraculous, that's the turtle shell on his back

>>130998020I hope he succeeds . Chloe and Lila would make an interesting villain henchmen dynamic.>>130998043He has an umbrella handle right above his head, tho.

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>>130988231For a show that my nieces watch, it's above watchable, but nothing I'd go out of my way to watch.

>>130997053this looks is more stupid too keep his identityatleast in the other ones he had a mask now trhis is just him with purple paint on his face and sunglasses

>>130988231This could be a nice "western anime" like france usually does but naaah 3D SHIT.

>>130998213Yeah I think that's what's getting me about this. Why the heck is he purple anyway and why'd he lose the mask?

>>130998486That would be because the show’s design team just stopped trying after season 2


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>>130998583I mean, some of them were ok. I kind of liked most of Ladybug's fusions at least. But I sort of have a hard time imagining them just making Gabriel purple for his Unlimited Power form. Seems kind of weak really.

I only just noticed that technically Gabriel does still have his mask. It's just now become a black marking over the top half of his face. What a weird choice. I think the idea is sound, like the mask literally becomes his face, but the execution seems awkward. Maybe it'll look better in motion. Or after he's lost a Miraculous or two.

>>130998913The only half ok ladybug fusion design in season 3-4 was the ladybug-bee one. The finalle one with bug-horse-bunny was specially hideous.The last season was a mess, the only salvageable design was maybe Vesperia, Catwalker also had good points but got ruined due to that shitty green anime hair

>>130999603You didn't like Dragonbug? Either way, I can agree on Catwalker. The green hair really was weird.

>>130988231Enjoy the disappointment.

Nice to know my single post of Gabriel has gotten things moving in the thread again. First S5 episode is June 13th, by the way.

Note how in the last episode Gabriel just dropped his phone and it was lying there right next to him and Felix as they were having their discussion.Nathalie didn't hang up either, so if Lila picked up her phone after she collapsed she would have heard everything.

>>130999715Jesus Christ, already? Thats what being a wage slave animator gets you, i guess. Id be willing to wait for another month if it meant having a consistent schedule and in-order episode.

>>130999762>Felix stole Adrien’s sentiring>Lila overheard the conversationGod, nathalie really fucked up this time, hasnt she?

>>130999762I had thought that would be possible but it sounded almost too extreme even for Lila. I mean, did she really walk to Nathalie as she was dying just to pick up her phone and eavesdrop? I didn't think she'd be so far gone as to just ignore Nathalie and further her schemes instead.

>>130999893Dude she was literally smiling as she saw nathalie colapse. Lila doesnt give a shit.

>>130999893She probably already suspected Gabriel was Hawk Moth and stealing Nathalie's phone was a perfect opportunity to look for proof.

>>130999924I mean, smiling as a potential roadblock in her path dies is one thing. But walking up to her and robbing her is quite another. I'm thinking it won't be that extreme. Maybe we eventually see that after the smile she walked over to "help" and conveniently happened to pick up the phone and listen in. Though it would be fun if she just smugly walk over and listened in as Nathalie was falling apart. It would pretty much end any discussion if she was entirely evil. I'm kind of looking forward to it now. I kind of like her like that.

>>130999863She's really not on her A game after becoming a cyborg.

>>130995758>Uhh, isn't she like 13?

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>>131000142Peh. Lila would probably have snapped Nathalie's neck herself if she could and if this show wasn't totally for kids.

>>130999797>Id be willing to wait for another month if it meant having a consistent schedule and in-order episode.Same. Considering this season seems like it could be more serialized that any before it I really hope they get the release order correct this time.

>>131000299Yeah, and I kind of like how unashamedly evil she is. She's pretty much the most unsympathetic villain character in the show and I kind of enjoy that.

>>131000512>Lila becomes Sphynx in the video game and Season 6 onwardCould easily happen at this point.

>>131000576I guess it is a possibility. I would wonder what they're plan is with her though. Right now she's pretty much just evil for the sake of it. How do you deal with that? Or rather, how would this show deal with that?

>>130997053Ah, yes, purple duke nukem

For those curious, apparently that Gabriel came from this "trailer" Gloob dropped.youtube.com/watch?v=e1iTWaW-13M

>>131001040Pretty much make her like Season 1 Hawk Moth where he had no goals beyond capturing the two Miraculous and was just causing misery because he could.

I didn’t see this posted on here so why not.

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>>131000282I thought we hate groomers here

>>130998156At least from me, I like that there's a cartoon that children can watch. It's sad that modern cartoons are only followed by manchildren

Oh boy these girls again! Also more Zag shilling. Wasn’t Rio supposed to come out this year?

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>>131001812Looks like another view of their marketing meeting preview. This one seems to have some new details the other one missed. That Bandai partnership has me very interested, even if an S.H Figuarts is probably a pipedream it could mean something interesting. October of this year is sort of soon for a game announcement as well. I would have thought we'd have seen news or previews by now.

>>131001957The game is likely gonna be quick and dirty shovelware they'll churn out in a month or two.

>>130997053what in the goddamn

Caught a random episode, thought it was alrightHeard a lot about the order of the series being a mess, is that fixed on places where the show is hosted?

>>131002140The fan sites usually have it in the correct order. But from what I can gather the official streaming sites have it in a sort of jumbled mess. It's not entirely unwatchable as it is a mostly episodic show, but some episodes will be a bit awkward out of order.

>>130998020They foreshadowed some of them in the Gabriel Agreste episode.>Bob Roth had a pig mask>Tomoe had a dragon mask>Amelie had a rabbit mask>Audrey had a dog mask

>>131002273I've also seen Audrey as the tiger but this looks more like a chihuahua to me.

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>>131002293I guess I can see it. But I don't know if giving her the dog would really make her all that threatening.

>>131002551Felix was the cutest corgi but he made Marinette lose her shit the hardestAlso Gabriel not so subtly calling Audrey a bitch by giving her the dog would be hilarious

Oh hey one more of these. >>131001957Was this the other preview you meant user?

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>>131001951And the miracoulus movie? cant believe their priority are tv crossover movies

And here’s Ghostforces’ since we’re getting a crossover in two years.

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>>131002584Yeah, that was the one. Showed up on a thread a few days ago.

>>131002611Apparently it’s been moved to Q3 of this year, so sometime around Fall. The shity TV movies are easier to pump out.

>>131002630Damn, missed that thread. Got a link?

>>131000312>>131000512>>131000576Dunno i feel like they just dont want to use lila anymore and theyre putting all his conflicts on chloe

>>131002666That makes sense Satan

>>131002666I don't know Satan. If you rewatch the ending bit of the season finale we see Chloe with Zoe and both of them are looking on scared of what Gabriel is doing. I can't help but feel like they're setting her up to help. Maybe even have her betray him at most.

>>131002653There is also a Ladybug wiki that will have more information.

Hawky looks so ugly

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>>130988231I think the show is hot garbage. I have seen every episode.

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>>131001921We do, but it's fine if the character is fictional, not PD3D.

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>>131003601Honestly, I can only hope his jacket and coat can help balance whatever he's got going on upstairs. Gabriel is really not giving this look his all as a fashion designer.

Remember what Master Fu said about merging too many miraculous making the person lose their mind back in Kwamibuster?F for Gabriel.

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>>130996655What episode?

>>130996655>>131004415This happened in several episodes. I never heard anyone got fired over it, though.Then again one animation studio made lewds for their own amusement but was found out and the entire studio was kicked out.

I haven't seen a single episode, I just want to know if they fucked already.

>>131005107Not ... yet.

>>130988231boring "action" and resolves of fights. also the show is really mean spirited and sexist. shows with male protaognist always take extra effort to make female supporting cast seem important and competent, often at the cost of the male protagonist, but shows with female leads only depict male characters as weaklings and losers. A show like that would never allowed to be made if the genders were reversed. Sad that all of western media is "fuck white men, women > men" 24/7 since 2014


>>131005583I mostly agree but tbf in the last season finale the female protag just got her ass handed to her by a white male. It was really satisfying.

>>131003645>Thinks show is hot garbage>watched every episodeWhy? Are you a glutton for punishment? Do you like that? Does that get you off? Or are you just trying to impress us with your edgy take?

>>131006165not that user but i watch young justice stillit was shit like 3 seasons ago but here i am waiting for a new ep every week i think most people jsut like something about it and keep coming back because its something to enjoy for 25 minutes

>>131005969And then she bounced back when the entire city rallied around her. Ladybug's literally not allowed to lose even when she loses.

>>131006165Because I am a grown man old enough that I could have kids old enough to be in the target age demographic for the show. I know the show is pretty bad objectively speaking, but I still enjoy it despite that.

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>>131004375I'm holding out hope my boy keeps it together long enough to do something cool.

>>131005668We have great hopes for season 5. Nearly all the titles are highly suggestive and inappropriate.Also: it is French.

>>130991664 >>130991778Just a reminder more stuff can be found in >>>/aco/ladybug Those guys never stop.

>>130988231Started watching it because of Pan Pizza, then, coincidentally, when i entered highschool, i took french classes, and also coincidentally, a girl i was knto was also into Ladybug, but then she ditched me and i stopped caring about the series, which was about season 1 ending

>>130997817>Are they goin pg to retcon that?Ass Truck literally said that he can change rules anytime if they block his writing.

>>131007956Does he still control the scripts and stories?

>>131008424Not as absolute as he used to, but yes.

>>131008514Why did he say he left after season three then? The heck did he leave if he is still in control of stuff?

>>131008633He lies a lot.

>>130991664>>131007506The edits are how I discovered the show.

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>>131007206Seen Hawkmoth's Theme? Quite cool.

>>131009219You know, if he just started singing halfway through an episode it could be fun. Maybe to show he really did just freaking lose it.

>>131009266At least the voice actor had a fantastic time by the sound of it.

I know you guys have some jiggle gifs out there, please share

>>131002627How many ep of this are out so far? Is it good?

Another look at Monarch Gabe from Gloob.

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>>131009398Wtf is that, are the miraculous transformed into rings now?If gabe manages to control all of them with no consequences whatsoever it will be really disappointing.

>>131009452Yeah, I don't know what's going on either. I had thought he had turned them into blocks but they may be rings. It would make it easier to wear I think. I do kind of like the lights in his jacket. Seems kind of like they'd glow to show what power he's using. It's silly but it kind of amuses me a bit.

Also, he's looking a lot like he just stepped out of The Wonderful 101.

>>131009076Some of the official ones are also rather hot.

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>>131010664now there's two of them?!

>>131009964Its a nice touch indeed. Though the thing that triggers me the most besides the purple skin is all the weapons he is backpacking like an edgy anime protag. For fucks sake they are magical weapons, just make him summon them at will when needed.

is the french version better? last i heard the english one cuts out some of the hotter parts

>>131010772>they are magical weapons, just make him summon them at will when needed.Yeah, that is a strange decision. I mean, I can kind of understand Gabriel having them all as a visual that he's desperate for more power and is trying to weird more power than he can handle. But it just looks kind of silly. I would have much preferred them all fusing with his cane instead.

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>>131010887Best girl Juleka is especially cute in the French dub because she mumbles. Astruc was angry when he found out Juleka speaks normal in the English dub

>>131010664Bless the french.

>>130993411Ah yes, that is the cosplayers that made /aco/ freak out in salty rage.

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>>131011272They definitely go all the way.

>>131009327Sorry user, all I got is this one. I had thought for sure Alya had some bounce but apparently I don't have any saved.

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>>131012198Nice. I seem to recall the animators also giving her cameltoe in one scene.

>>131011320Huh, why is that? Is that a trap or something?

>>131012240Skin tight suits really do leave little to the imagination.

>>131012308There have been enough camels for a caravan. Officially this is just a minor mesh problem. Yeah.

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anyone got good 1080p torrents of the seasons?


>>131013767No, unfortunately it seems like no one has any torrents or downloads for this show. Most just watch it from any of the usual fan sites.

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>>130988231I shoulders Japanese from 90s VHS hentai

>>130990257>>130990901Supposedly by the end of the year

>>131014513I guess that makes sense. Strange that they haven't even mentioned anything about it but I suppose we didn't din out season five was starting two weeks from now till yesterday so I shouldn't be surprised.

>>130988231cute and fun show, i somehow find its flaws very easy to ignore. it also makes me wanna pick fencing back up.

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>>131015317>pick fencing back upIs this in France? I didn't know this was a thing in our times.

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>>131016059Not that user but I've seen one fencing studio not far from me and I'm not in France. I think they closed down eventually but they were in the area for at least fifteen years.

>>130995603>gee I wonder why this show is so popularEspecially with all age groups.

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>>131008633He loves the attention just look the episode where he appears he gets akumatized because he was so mad that nobody was paying attention to him and that no one acknowledge him

>>131016903That does make sense. Though I didn't think he would make it so darn obvious.

>>131016369>>130995603B-but that's demeaning to women. Calarts told me that little girls want to watch fat lesbians and ftm trannies

>>130993128>grandma dresses like her 10 year old's favorite character"eat your kale honey."

>>130997817>>130997115>>130997053Looks like he's turning into a deity, like Raijin or Fujin type shit.

>>131017094Yeah, I think that may be what they are trying to go for. I just hope the full look can pull it off. Maybe even be a look that can change depending on the Miraculous he loses.

>>131016980Set up that straw man again and punch him harder this time.

>>131012198Thanks anyway!

They completely wasted the macaron transformations

>roasties cosplaying as Ladybug

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>>131018008none can compete with the real thing

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>>130988231It's alright but the retards in the writing room undercut a lot of the tension and buildup by ending their seasons with the two revealing their identities only to backpedal and take it all back afterI know they're doing this because it's the main plot development that everyone watching is waiting for, but instead of getting a real honest payoff they just want to have their cake and eat it too. This is a problem because it ruins much of the impact that the actual reveal will eventually have.

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>>130997053why is he always ugly

>>131017832Oh absolutely. They added almost nothing. Add the fact that only Ladybug and Cat Noir had them and we get a wonderfully useless power up. Not unlike Ladybug's new suit actually.

>>131019123>>131017832Only the outer space one makes any damn sense but honestly, Ladybug should have already had wings.

>>131019271Maybe, but even then it seems like they really didn't need it. Whatever plot event that the space and flight suits dealt with could have probably been done with a different Miraculous. Like a mix of the Horse and Turtle or something. Honestly, if they were going to introduce them I would have thought they'd be a much more reoccurring transformation. Really, the water forms seemed to be the most consistently useful ones.

>>131009327I might but my filing is shit, I can't tell.

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>>131017832I think they were just made to sell toys

>>131019762They were a leftover concept that they felt obligated to use. Originally, they were supposed to be jewels.

Luka’s English VA is doing an AMA on Reddit. Go ask him stuff if you want.

>>131019123>>131019271>>131021125>>131021221I wanted to see how they reacted with unifications.Give Tikki the Water Macaron and give Trixx the Ice Macaron and unify them together to see what happens.We never even got to see what the other three macarons did

>>130988284lol what is even that >>130988286this is absolutely correct 2>4>1>>>>>>>3

>>131002572I need Audrey to get the dog and chase cat noir around. Why hasn't this been done? They missed a tom and jerry gag with multi-mouse and cat noir already.

>>131021882After Sabrina didn't get to do it I'd take Audrey. Though I was still really hoping Sabrina would get to be the one to playfully mess around with Cat Noir. Girl needs a break.

>>131021397Somebody post this, even if it's going to be erased instantly

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>>131021397>>131011034Are Juleka and Luka supposed to be Asian? They look more Asian than Marinette and Juleka has the blue hairstreak. Maybe they have an Asian grandpa or something

>>131021803Can you unify after the power ups?

>>131022663We have no idea. They never tried it. But I would image you could. Seems sort of silly if they couldn't.

>>131021397This guy really has nothing else besides this show. Honestly admirable how much thought he put into some of these answers. This seems like the only role he's really known for and may end up being the only role he's ever known for. Not sure where the seasons take his character but this may be the last. sad cause dude seems to have built his reputation off of the lukanette ship.

>>131023029Really? Was this his first role as a reoccurring character? Doing a quick dig shows that he played a villain in the fourth season of Jojo so that was something I guess. What kind of answers did he give?

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>>131002666>>131002737Just now Miraculous was trending on Twitter because Chloe Stans and Mari Stans went at it tearing each other apart. We are a little less than two weeks away. we are not gunna survive this

>>131023193nothing substantial just his thoughts on the show and other things regarding his streaming and VO work. VO work he can't comment on but the dude isn't in much, a lot of stuff Vos record never sees the light of day.

>>131023245Well that's fun to see. I was wondering why it was trending before any of this Gloob stuff started. But that's to be expected isn't it? Part of the reason I can't bring myself to ever checkout the fandom outside of this site. Most of you anons here are alright but the fans outside of here seem like total loons half the time.

>>131023308it's nice here because a thread comes by every so often and we pop in and spam shit and then it closes down until a trailer or episode comes out. it's comfy.

>>130988231Can never get enough of these crazy whores.

Attached: 2699B972-37FA-45E9-B887-8B031D2CA214.jpg (374x597, 68.63K)

>>131001273can anyone translate what they are saying?

>>131023593Well, my French is somewhere between "sucks donkey dick" and..Oh, it's not French.Well there's a cc auto-translate you can turn on if you're curiout.

>>131023333Yeah, that probably has a lot to do with it. We kind of pop out of the wood works, have our fun then split. I'm just surprised to see how bitter some of the fans on other sites seem to be.

>>131023374I hope we get some more edits like this one day. This is a good balance of ridiculous and still reasonable.

>>131024241There is norhing reasonable about this. Internet has ruined you lol

>>131023333I like it here because it seems to be the only place of discussion that doesnt end up in a marifagging jerk-off cycle.

>>131024513Well obviously it's still ridiculous that they have such huge asses and vacuumed sealed pants but I mean in comparison to some of the other even more ridiculous edits. It's all relative.

>>130988286>>131021841Sorry, but how is season 2 better than season 1?I get that season 2 we had new heroes and stuff but s1 episodes were by far better written and animated.

>>131024633Season 1 was a basic monster of the week formula with a live square mixed in to entice the fans. Season 2 dropped new hero’s, lore, growth in different characters, actual arcs. It’s just an upgrade from the previous season that ends in a nice avengers style battle. It really felt like things were progressing and things improved. The animation wasn’t as consistently good but I disagree with you on the writing. Season 1 had its charm but it was to basic.

>>131022663Who knows since Asstruck can literally change the rules when it doesnt fit the narrative he wants to construct.He said so himself on Twitter

>>131018285>and take it all back afterNo, not entirely. One person now knows them both.

>>130988284>Christina Vee voices Shantae and Marinette>...and also Hestu, the jolly korok from Zelda: Breath of the WildSo weird once you hear it.

Attached: 1653520028017.jpg (616x597, 38.76K)

>>131018285It's not in the season finale's where they get their fake out reveals but your point still stands. A part of me kind of enjoys those silly fake outs but I understand how they can sort of take the wind out of the sails of any sense of tension.

>>131025476youtu.be/Ytd6XzeNZRgImagine Marinette saying YAHAHA in the show, lol

Attached: 2021-03-06_10-13-24.jpg (133x151, 19.06K)

>>131025761Now that's a bit of a trip. Didn't expect that from Marinette.

>>131025121>Season 1 was a basic monster of the week formula with a live square mixed in to entice the fans.Yeah, so what? nothing wrong with that. Monster of the week formula can be good too if done well. You dont need an edgy plot or extensive lore to make a fun show. There is a reason why people think season 1 is the best one in many other shows, like Avatar, AT... Id rather have a simple but well written and visually entertaining show than a show whose writing is clearly trying too hard with half baked visuals.

>>131025588The fake outs are retarded and will forever trigger me. If you want to write fake what-ifs episodes go to AO3. In canon you have a fixed budget and time limit and should make the most of it to build the story and develop your characters better. Having dead-end story routes are just a waste.

>>131026616I agree with you in a way but I kind of think that in a show like this with dumb time travel powers, having bad end episodes where the writers can explore endings that they'd never actually go with is a fun bonus. I do feel like the show would have been much better off without these time travel powers but if they've for some reason have to have them they may as well have some fun with it.

>>131026717>bad end episodes where the writers can explore endings that they'd never actually go with is a fun bonusNo. Thats literally what fanfics exist for. I get that Chat Blanc may have been important to the plot since it helped develop Ladybug in a sense but Ephemeral was literally useless. Noone remembers it, noone will ever heard from it again. It was a fucking waste of budget and time in a show that can barely keep up with the developent of its characters and introduced three heroes ina single episode in a plot that was a complete mess.

>>131018008Also cute ones.

Attached: LB_Mero.jpg (1836x2048, 354.37K)

>>131026788While I did sort of enjoy Ephemeral, I do admit it is probably the episode that had the smallest impact on the series. It pretty much wrote itself out of the series with it's time travel shenanigans. Which really is a bizarre choice. I'll admit it was definitely one of the episodes we'd probably miss the least this season. That and Qilin.

>>131026788>Noone remembers itNot even Luca?

For me, it's Aurore/Stormy Weather.

Attached: Aurore legs.jpg (998x998, 174.23K)

>>131027449>NotNo, not even him. The only one who remembers the other timeline is Sass, and I really doubt he had any idea what was going on before the wish was made.

2 hours and 72.1gb later i'm ready to watch your kino

Attached: filename.png (303x66, 3.16K)


>>131027940What language is this?

>>131028151english but it seems the episodes are in a different order

Attached: screenshot.jpg (1920x1080, 588.12K)

>>131027496>Never gets any attempt at sympathy or resolution from Ladybug; only exists to be a pure-evil Akuma she can fight with no moral obligations

>>131026580Yea but season 1 was just fine and some occasions good. Season 2 isn’t even edgy it just evolves what season 1 brought to the table which is what your suppose to do in a show. Avatar got better as it went in lol are you taking the piss or are you talking about Korra. As for your last paragraph I guess you should just watch pj masks that should be simple enough for ya, my 4 year old cousin can follow along so can you.

>>131027940pls share king

Attached: 1647208376987.jpg (500x333, 31.62K)

>>131028305There is a LOT of collateral damage for what alleges to be a children's show. Then again there is also rather a lot of latex for a children's show.

Attached: 1625379199937.webm (1069x717, 2.08M)

>>131029021totally spies did it first

>>130995603Where are the Chat Noir ass shots?


Attached: 1642509321628.gif (450x253, 1.92M)

>>131029204post. cat noir's transition out of this fucking smooth as fuck.

>>131028978Who said anything about Korra, are you retarded?If you are really unable to see the value of simple but well constructed forms of entertainement then there is nothing western cartoons can do for you. I suggest watching anime.

>>131029509Back To plebbit with you

Attached: DpQ9YJl.jpg (800x450, 41.22K)

>>131029034The collateral damage or the latex?I see the cosplayers were equally excited, pic. related, though also they used spandex rather than latex.

Attached: Spies.jpg (1200x1800, 1.7M)

>>131029719isn't a new season of this being made?

>>131016059not french but it was over ten years ago

Attached: ladybug 1.webm (1920x1080, 2.46M)

Attached: ladybug 2.webm (1920x1080, 2.87M)

>>130988231Is learning French to watch this show worth it?


>>131030227Ah yes, the art of strutting.

Attached: Strut.webm (1920x1080, 2.85M)

>>131030238English version is fine

Attached: ladybug 3.webm (1920x1080, 1.35M)

>>131029204fucking lick>captcha X2RAW hhehe

>Well, I'm more of a dog personwhat did he mean by this

Attached: 1652292885771.jpg (795x900, 771.16K)

Attached: ladybug 4.webm (1920x1080, 2.92M)

Attached: ladybug 5.webm (1920x1080, 2.98M)

Hot mom


Attached: 1653565040888.jpg (624x674, 32.01K)

>>131030541that's a line that the English team put in, not the original french. Though it's funny considering what happened with Felix having the dog miraculous later. The original french was "I hope to meet your expectations"

>>131031209This show is such fetish fuel like season 1 is just full of good shit like this.

few more to go; only watched 6 episodes today.

Attached: ladybug 6.webm (1920x1080, 2.49M)

>>131030344holy shit, he's got thicker thighs than her... bueno

Attached: 1646702982454.jpg (564x621, 34.66K)

Attached: ladybug 7.webm (1920x1080, 2.43M)

a cute

Attached: ladybug 8.webm (1920x1080, 2.46M)

>>131031262>fetish fuel

Attached: Ladybug17.jpg (1920x1080, 129.74K)

Attached: ladybug 9.webm (1920x1080, 2.89M)

>>131016059>>131015317You could find fencing club even in minor french cities during the 2010s.Not the most popular thing around but not that unusual either. Quite the bourgeois sport though.

>>131031563Thanks user. Did you just start the show?

>>131033174i was around for the original french release but i gave up watching sometime in season 1

Attached: ladybug 10.webm (1920x1080, 2.51M)

>>131033287Well damn. Nice to see you gave it another shot. Where did you find the show in such high quality?

>>131033497>>131033515>>131033535tf is this shit stop

>>131033836no links for you then

>>131033497>>131033535>>131033515Thanks user.

Attached: Really cute Alix.png (1920x1080, 3.74M)

>>131031244How many of those little line changes have we gotten over the course of the show? I know the other one about Miraculous being indestructible was also one of their changes.

>>131010664You know what you have to do Mari

>>131033867anon they just me to disney plus tf you trying to pull here

>>131034463I know the English voice of Adrien/CN adds stuff like saying weeee when he jumps around as CN.

>>131010753>now there's two of them?!There can never be too many of them.

Attached: Lift.webm (1280x720, 2.06M)

>>131035133god I want marinette to manhandle me like that

>>130988231Any cartoon in French you guys would recommend?

>>131012455No. The model is Susu jpg, a non-trap. There is little reason or logic over at the salty marshes of /cgl/ so it might have been just plain envy.

Attached: 1092104-C_ns7asVoAA6JBK_1.jpg (1280x1709, 191.24K)

just remembered my dream where chat convinces ladybug to pretend he's adrien so she'd kiss him what does this mean

Attached: 1646734448350.jpg (1489x1865, 281.47K)

>>131029092ZAG has something for everyone.

Attached: Cat_and_Ladybug08.jpg (1920x1080, 134.19K)


Attached: 1612654841138.gif (540x300, 1.99M)

>>131035867I will always appreciate their effort to making sure everyone has something to enjoy. Intentional or otherwise.

>>131037068im not reading all that

>>131035815Maybe you were really into Glaciator 2? Though I'm not sure why Cat Noir would think Ladybug would be into Adrien.

>>131037401>Glaciator 2have yet to see that episode funnily enough. is it good?>I'm not sure why Cat Noir would think Ladybug would be into Adrien.think they ran into each other earlier where ladybug spilled her spaghetti and adrien actually took the hint that she's into him. dreams are weird man

>>131037613>Adrien actually took the hintWow, that really is a wild dream. I can't imagine any character in this show ever being able to pick up on a hint. Either way, Glaciator 2 is a fun episode. It has Cat Noir help Marinette with a confession she was working on and it becomes a surprisingly fun hang out between the two of them. It's about mid way through season four.

>>131037778>>Adrien actually took the hint>Wow, that really is a wild dreamkek that's what i was thinking. and thanks, that does sound like a fun episode, looking forward to it

>>131003601>>131009398"Excuse me, who the heck is this?" We're getting a glimpse at final boss Gabriel already?

>>131037986Yeah, Gloob, the company that shows this show in Brazil, is known for doing spoilers and posting previews early and they dropped a look at some ultimate Gabriel a few days ago. No one knows what's going to happen with it exactly, but it's definitely got some wild stuff going on.

>>131038055>>131037986>>131003601>>131009398You can see the Bunny Miraculous Umbrella on Gabes back and the first episode is Evolution, the concept of the Bunny Miraculous. This is likely going to be from the first episode of season five.

>>131038337Yeah, I know. I just didn't want to out right say it since it seems like there was an user new to the show in the thread.

kind of irks me how they pronounce miraculous in the title song.

Attached: ladybug 11.webm (1920x1080, 2.73M)

he is having the time of his life

Attached: ladybug 12.webm (1920x1080, 2.5M)

>>131039779Roger really is just having a ball while Andre seems to have no idea where the hell he is.

>>131031705Cat Noir isn't going to let himself get shown up.

>>131035133Why the yo-yo anyway? Is it a Sukeban Deka reference? Because that would be pretty based

Attached: sukeban-deka-sukebanxing-shi_t210805.jpg (290x478, 116.3K)

Seems like we very well may be getting some Lila teaming up with Gabriel this season. If this translation of the thing Gloob dropped recently is anything to go by.twitter.com/MLNewsWorld/status/1532138769142382592?t=wOqgMCzctoRfFsjRV9VMMA&s=19

>>131041421that's be nice to have her around for more than one fucking episode

>>131041967>have her around for more than one fucking episodeThat still baffles me. She barely shows up but is supposed to be a potential new villain? What the heck kind of nonsense is that? Felix gets a small pass because he didn't show up till season three but Lila has been here since season one and has no excuse.

>>131038891Yeah, it's a bit awkward.

>>131025215Yes but he's maybe the most doormat character in the entire show. Far too doormat to actually do anything about it and move the plot forward.

>>131022270What is that from?

>>131042872That really is my biggest annoyance with Luka. The dude is just such a damn doormat. Like he has no will to do anything. Had any other character found out Ladybug and Cat Noir's identities it's a guarantee they would have done something about it and effected the story at least a little bit but Luka is just so damn passive that it may as well have never happened.

>>131025476She also voices Killua in the HxH dub

>>131043743Really? Is it noticeable? I would have thought I'd have seen some out of context lines or same voice actor jokes by now.

>>131034823Really? I didn't know that was an English dub thing. I had thought that had some equivalent in every dub.

>>131041258I don't think any explanation has been given.

>>131018008Also Russian cosplayers, quite degenerate.

Attached: JHCw-p1VIwY.jpg (1440x2160, 650.51K)

>>131041258>yo-yo>>131045345Maybe it was in an early sketch by Astruc: picrel is incomplete but I recall seeing more.

Attached: The_Mini_Menace_Ladybug comic.jpg (1954x1726, 2.28M)

I like the pv version of cat noir because in that version at least one character wouldn't have been retarded

>>131047516as bad as asstruck is, I'd like to see his early concept for Ladybug being more of a traditional vigilante instead of a completely trusted hero no matter whatsadly because he's asstruck, he'll never release them or say anything about them

>>131042028tl;dr Asstruck doesn't know how to do character progression.

>>131021841A place in New Mexico.

>>131041258Astruc seems to have a surface knowledge on anime & manga so I would be surprised if he referenced Sukeban Deka. It's more plausible it was inspired by Hyper Blossom from PPGZ, which it's ironic because Hyper Blossom's yo-yo was probably inspired by Sukeban Deka.>>131047516Isn't Ladybug a French-Japanese co-production? I wonder how much participation Toei had in the final product. All the references seem to be to Toei's products, except for Gabriel being a Gendo's expy but everybody has been ripping-off NGE since the late 90s

>>131048734It would be interesting if we had gotten a better look at this original idea. I can't imagine it being much better but I sort of want to know how things would have been had he been allowed entire control.

>>131047792We don't know that. I'd like to think it would, but I kind of doubt it. A PV could imply anything but deliver something else entirely. Though The Mime being so threatening and a regular villain Hawk Moth used would have probably been cool at least. That thing they were doing with the shadows showing what he was miming was a cool detail.

>>131041258Ladybug never uses the Yo-Yo as a yo-yo but rather as a glorified whip, so I doubt it.

>>131049987i re-call her walking and yoyoing her yoyo as a yoyo

>>131050106Only when idle or walking, otherwise, all she does is toss it and pull it back, or swinging it in circles, at most she barely uses the cord to make a blockage.But 2/3 of those things are the basic uses of a chained morning star.Yo-Yo’s as weapons have other usages, much more versatile usages than just flings and “not-spiderwebs”

>>131050234>>131049987American parents would complain about violence if Marinette use her yo-yo as a weapon. As usual, Americans ruin the fun for everybody else

...does the little red bug thing become her suit ? is she wearing the bug ?

>>131050234What would you have liked her to do with it then?

>>131050258The show’s French.Ass Truck is just a hack

I want to like this show, but the episodes are too fast-paced for me. I enjoy the meta humor around the tropes but it all moves too quick for me to feel like they're trying to fit 44 minutes of content into 22 minutes

>>131050410For starters, recognize that a spinning yo-yo is a multi hit weapon instead of a rock with a cord.How about the basic yo-yo tricks?>Villain is blocking by holding a shield.>Walk the dog>Yo-yo rolls underneath the shield.>Tug to make it jump and hit the villain from behind.->Surrounded by a horde.>Around the world loop.>Hit everyone around you.->Hit constantly an enemy.>Pull back the yo-yo. >Prepare the Slingshot for a combo finisher.An average yo-yo already has an outstanding revolution rate, so a super-powered one can have enough revolutions to produce wind waves.>Hold “Walk the dog”>Launch discs in front of the yo-yo.>Have one of the never used alt powers grant a magnetic yo-yo. >Use magnetic yo-yo as a wheel to travel quickly on floors, walls and ceilings.

ladyfu time

Attached: ladybug 13.webm (1920x1080, 1.52M)

>>131050699Also the most important thing. When someone grabs the yo-yo’s string, the yo-yo DOESN’T stop spinning, like a ACTUAL yo-yo. I’ve seen this fucking show pull this shit so much to counter Ladybug, when she could tug the string to try making the spinning yo-yo make spinning damage on the hand holding the cord.

>>131050329More or less yes. the red bug merges with her miraculous. Just a second into the henshin, you can tell she is really, really enjoying it.

Attached: Enter.jpg (600x1339, 122.37K)

>>131050258>American parents would complain about violence if Marinette use her yo-yo as a weaponvillainbug's lucky charm literally gives her a huge-ass monster hunter-style greatsword

Attached: ladybug.jpg (1920x1080, 876.7K)

>>131050975So Kwamis are essentially akin to Marvel's Symbiotes.

>>131051147That happened like 3-4 times and it pisses me off.Only Sabrina got a random object lucky charm, while villains got that exact weapon.

>>131051383Ladybug literally got a BFG and threw it away just to take the laser pointer.

>>131051333Which makes sense with how it's now canon that Kwamis can influence their hosts with strong emotions like hunger.

>>131050258>American parents would complain about violence if Marinette use her yo-yo as a weapon.A handheld cannon, on the other hand, would be fine.

Attached: Enough.png (1920x1080, 2.39M)

>>131051820If there's no realistic chance of kids finding their own BFG, it's perfectly OK with parents.

Attached: ladybug 14.webm (1920x1080, 2.88M)

>>131051820if i ever want someone to watch mlb, this is now the picture i'll show them

>>131052104I wonder why he never did this more often. Did it cost him too many moths to raise to try again? Did he have a whole moth farm just to do this stuff more often?

>>131052192All those butterflies were created because Ladybug failed to catch the original and it replicated, leading to Akuma clones popping up everywhere.

Attached: ladybug 15.webm (1920x1080, 1.74M)

>>131052241That's true. I'm kind of surprised no one tried to game that system.

Attached: ladybug 16.webm (1920x1080, 2.45M)