Post-Unofficial Sonic Storytime thread

Last thread archived in mere hours and we're only a week or so away from it ending, so I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and spend our time among us for as best as we can.Post favorite Sonic fancomics, storytime one or two if you wanna, condone Konductor for cursing us with the Ride, share homosexual stuff, and keep it comfy.

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Fuck, I forgot these too.Previous Thread: >>130956145Pastebin: zCXhuqLwAv


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>>130986335That was a nice comic, we don't get to see Fleetway Sonic do much sol stuff.

>>130987139Yeah, I wish there was more like this.

>>130987292At least we have Okida pumping out Bri'ish Sonic fancomics.

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>>130986184Sonic is a menace

>>130986184>among us

>>130987423I think one of the issues he explained how he uses the bathroom in that suit.

>>130988021>but almost everyone is a psycho killer

>>130988123Really? I've read through Fleetway a few times and don't remember that. I don't suppose you remember the issue? I must solve this mystery!

>>130989112It was during that one issue where Shorty was in space and tekno and amy met him there I think.

>>130989155Thanks! I'll have to read through them again.

>>130986184Combined Setting ramblings Freedom Fighters >Sonic, Amy(Field Commander), Tails, Rotor, Ant, Bunnie, Tekno, Johnny, Shortfuse, Sally(Overall Leader/Restoration Director), Nicole Secret FF>Elias, Larry, Whisper, Leeta, Lyco & ShardThe Chaotix >Knux, Julie-Su, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Ray & PokerTeam Dark>Shadow, Omega, Rouge,,Hope(Tech Expert) & Topaz

>>130986184Someone other than me started a thread? Cool! Anyway, looks like ICS was in an Eggman-ette kind of mood. Apparently he's been reading through IDW and likes Belle and Mr. Tinker.

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>>130989292Grandmasters and Sub-Bosses >Maw w/ Wendy Wallis>Baron w/Cassia & Clove>Thunderbolt w/ Drago & Razorclaw >Abyss w/Croctobot>Axel>Tundra>Conquering Storm >Lien-Da >Wendy Witchcart w/Modered >Akhlut >Iron Queen w/The Iron King


>>130989484GOOD END

>>130989499>>130989292Eggman Empire Heads>Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik >Mecha "M" Robotnik >Metal Sonic & The Metallix Corps>Snivley >Grimer>Commander Brutus >Heavy King & the HBHs>Agent Stone

>>130989155>>130989204Decided to look it up and it was issue 113, mystery solved. Shortfuse does in fact shit inside the suit, but it has an inbuilt filtration system.>>130989484And now I want to fug Eggman. Can we please get back to our regularly scheduled twinks, they're less embarrassing to lust after.

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>>130989648I love Tekno. Such a cute brit bird.

>>130989577Independent VillainsThe Hooligans >Nack, Bean & BarkThe Destructix>Scourge, Fiona, Sgt. Siman,, Flying Frog, Predator Hawk & Lightning Lynx >Walter "Ixis" Nagus >Mammoth Mogul >Katella The Huntress >Rough and Tumble>Sleet and Dingo>Dr. Finitevus >Dr. Zachary>Dr. Starline, Kit & Surge

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>>130989687Oh and the Battle Birds

>>130989678Someone's about to get crossbow'd.>>130989687>Sleet and DingoBest boys!

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>>130986306Sonic is losing it. Again.

>>130989484Cursed but also blessed

>>130989484Starline probably hung himself in this timeline.

>All those Sonic fancomics, art and animations that I used to look at all the time on Disney Create back in 2011 that are lost forever because of Gisnep's poor preservation (was all flash based and didn't give the users an option to download their art)I used to think Manic from SU was an OC because of some fancomic series where he was shipped with the creator's self insert character

>>130989829Starline probably signed up for conversion therapy. Eggman being a girl won't get in the way of his simping.>>130989859Yeah, that's why I archive everything I like on the internet, who knows when it'll go down. If you're a fan of Manic, then you're in for a treat with the next ~after dark~

>>130986184Weird thread.

>>130989999Holy Fuckin' Quads

>>130989999At least we're not arguing about mongooses this time. Nice digits!

>>130989999Nice quads

>>130989999>quadsSonicbros… it’s over

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>>130989484Where's he posting these days

>>130990110>Shadow after a long night of drinking at Club Rouge.

>>130990165Deviantart but I think he also posts on twitter.


thanks for finishing the request i asked a while ago on the other thread when i was still storytiming the Where was my hero comic i do wonder does AmyRoseDiamonds still have a twitter up or was that also deleted along with youtube Devian art and Tumblr account ?

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>>130989484>Eggman turns into a young girl.Living every weeb's dream.

>>130989687Kit & Surge either stay as independent villains or they turn into anti-villains. Like a grumpier, more abrasive Shadow or a less murderous Omega.

What was the comic where Rouge makes Shadow promise something when he comes back, but then when the time comes Rouge and everyone else in the club is petrified?

>>130991550ghosts of the future

>>130991580Thank you.

>>130991179I think she just nuked everything and ran

Has the webrip for the new movie been uploaded to Mega yet?

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>>130992598Im pretty sure her twitter is still alive somewhere because she had like 81k fans on her devian art account

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>>130991550Ghosts of the Future.

>>130986335sonic the fucking manlet

>>130989484>Fem Eggman is just Maria

>>130986319God I love me some super schizo kinoHope conductor blesses us with more


>>130994982>>130995033Calm down, you spaggot (spaz + faggot)


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I didn't say anything at the time, but thanks for posting SatAM DX - I remember reading that back when I was getting into Sonic fancomics back in the web 1.0 days, and it was fun to see Sally's OCister and weirdly verbose Metal Sonic again although it was kinda depressing to see that it never updated after I stopped reading it.

Are you the guy that cries about Archie Sonic on Holla Forums?

Holy shit man

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>>130995098It was a bittersweet ending since it's Tails leaving everyone to go off on his own. I assume he would've had adventures on his own and come back a fully realized tech genius and save everyone from some threat.

>>130988021we already know the imposter

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Who cares about what's going on above, the real question is, you rike?

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>>130995303N-no Izuka, I don't like sterilized Sonic.


>>130995303>all the other reps looks 10/10 in smash>all except sonic who looks the worse>has the worst rep moveset>has the worst rep stages>has the shittiest selection of music with no new remixes>shadow relegated to a fucking trophy when he could have been a clonedamn sega really hate sonic

I hope you like echidnas.

>>130995532No I like hedgehogs

>>130995532I like eggs

I like hedgehogs laying eggs because I have an egg laying fetish

>>130992643Found her last post on instagram, it seems that she is gone for good. Pretty sad.

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>>130995191He obviously is. /sthg/-schizos feel the need to spam their nonsense on every fucking Sonic thread on this site.>>130995303No. Fuck you Iizuka.


>>130996350Damn. We've seen quite a few good artists quit the Sonic community entirely and move away from it.

>>130995532I like Echidna women

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What do we think about this?


>>130996805This.We really need to only make these new threads when there's another Sonic-focused thread up. That or use Movie Sonic as the thread image. The schizos and obsessed retards gravitate towards us instead otherwise.

>>130989577I forgot, why did Eggman and Robotnik keep Snively around?


>>130996918Initially because Snively was a human that did his bidding and was also family. Robotnik always valued having a lackey around. Over time Snively got more and more impatient and resentful of his uncle. Eggman kept him around to amuse him and for the sake of The Game. Snively constantly scheming pushes Eggman and Eggman's successes in turn can help Snively. The only one who really bought into The Game was Lien-Da. Everyone at best just went with it.

>>130989484>strong feelings about hedgehogsI feel real fucked up cuz I want to see Sonic x Tinker.

>>130997036Knowing ICS, there might be more to this. He did a lot of femFrieza and Yamcha.

>>130996918Robotnik kept him around because he found value in having a flunky and because no matter how he acted, Robotnik on some level cared about family even if Snively hated his guts. Eggman gave no shits about Snively outside of having a minor source of entertainment who existed solely to keep THE GAME more interesting.

>>130995301It makes all to much sense.>>130995532I do, especially if it's gay cowboy Knuckles.>>130996794As a faggot-mosexual, I'm not even gonna watch it. Sonic may have good chemistry with Shadow but let's not pretend he's ever been written as anything other than straight/non-sexual.

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>>130989999Fucking hell


>>130996975>Lien-DaTell me about her



>>130989999Nice digits


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>>130986184As someone who followed the storytimes off and on, what's the story with some of those Tails?...besides the one next to the original Tails.

>>131002559Should've cross-posted in the other thread, but here's the listEmo Tails, from either Chauvels or Drawloverlala; Darkness is not all Black Tails; Diario de Tails; DESTINY Tails, from Archie; Druggie Tails, can't remember the name of the comic.Where was my Hero/Village Outcast Tails; Silver's fuck up-Tails; Sonic the Hedgehog (not actually a Tails); Miles 'Tails' Prower; 2B1F Tails/Bench Tails.Secret Histories Tails; NIN Tails/ Miles "Kitsune" Prower by J Axer; Blue Murder Tails; Staff Tails/Darth Maul Tails from Archie; Miles from Archie.

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>>130989999dem digits though

>>130989648Jesus Christ, even in this brief appearance he's explaining his backstory

>>130989999It's a celebration of THE RIDE. We've been doing it so long it's become a little sub-community.

>>131003725He does this literally every appearance, but this is one of the few times he does it more than once in a single issue.>>131003746It's pretty comfy, I'm glad to have experienced it.

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>>131003064Remove a tail and he can be his own character. Or just run with the overall look and do an edgy Hot Topic version for all characters. Punks, emos, and goths.

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>>131004893I really do like him, he's pretty much his own thing. Yeah, Goth/Emo versions of the characters are always much hotter. Thanks for posting that image, I was trying to remember what comic had those cool outfits. I've now submitted Green Hill Zine for the best 2000's aesthetic award!

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>>130986335While I am annoyed at how the writer took one of the most unique takes on Sonic and literally forced it to be a mish-mash of everything else (to the point where he made his own SA1 adaptation to make it more "accurate") I do like his take on Porker Lewis.

>>130986184>no lazerbot tailsTrash

>>130997491where is the collection of all the day images?

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>>131005982We haven't done TGT yet!>>>>131006013Cute!

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>>131006013Pay for the jacket Shadow

The Motherfucking Big W

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Everyone gets a super form. Don't tell Iizuka.

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>>131007962Lol at Silver's flirting.

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silver looks like a bitch

>>131007962I don't understand Iizuka's stance on only Sonic going Super these days, plus acting like Hyper Sonic never existed. Why close off shit like that, would it "muddle the brand" or some shit?>>131008076He's a bitch, but he's our bitch.

>>131006082thank you

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>>131008087No worries!

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>I don't understand Iizuka's autismIzuka has been trying to sabotage sonic for years, pic related>>130995303

>>131008479Is Iizuka your guys' Miyamoto, in that you blame everything on him?

>>131008526He's been the head of Sonic Team for a very long time now and is the reason Sonic has so many weird mandates these days.

>>131008526We are right to blame everything on him.

>>130989577I take it stone has left enough of a positive impression that he’ll be sticking around in the future versions of sonic media.

>>131008720Funny coffee man is amusing enough.

Anyone else excited for frontiers?

>>131008840moi am excited but i dont hope much

>>130986184Obligatory The Things We Protect post:


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>>131008872This doesn't look very Sonic-related.

>>131008897It's some war comic with humans in it. Not only are there no mobians, but there aren't even any twinks!>>131008960You're right, let's increase our degeneracy levels and make our own Sonic fancharacters. Pic related is mine. They didn't have the right shade of purple so this'll have to do. He's modeled after Femboy Rouge from that lewd comic..

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>>131008840So-so. The trailer hasn't ignited any fires in my mind (it just looks like Sonic being plopped into a Unity map with BOTW-esque ruins everywhere) but who knows. It being written by Ian Flynn has me a bit more excited because at least the Happy Tree Friends writers aren't writing it this time like they have been for years. Looking forward to an actual gameplay trailer.

>>131007962Better than fucking bubbles

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>>131009142Yeah, that was such a fucking cop-out. Actually, they really should try having lighting like that for the superforms, they should look like they're glowing hot with power, not sparkling.

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>>131008720>Big meeting at Metropolis Zone>Fight breaks out>Cut to Lien-Da trying to throttle Stone with Snivley cheering her on to kill him>Thunderbolt, Metamophia, Katella and Wendy catfighting>Akhlut and Tundra brawling in the hangar. Again. For the 3rd time.>Drago tries to jump in, gets wasted>Maw and Razorclaw take side bets for the hell of it>Beauregard and Nephthys just sigh in embarrassment >Eggman walks past, takes a look>"Meh, the meeting is over. Let 'em get it out of their systems."


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>>131009291El Mocos

Jim carrey eggman made me gay

>>131009469He's definitely made an impression on the fandom.

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>>131009469I mean it's Jim Carrey doing Eggman. Perfect casting really.I'd think it's also really good for Jim anyway because it's bringing him back to his comedy roots.

>>131009024Also made one for my husbando Sleet from Sonic Underground. Unfortunately, you can't add clothes or a wolf snout. It's based on that one of him at the beach where Dingo spills a can of beans on him.>>131009469There's a good chance his earlier films actually did make me realize I liked dudes. He's just so energetic and fun!>>131009505GIWTWM>>131009558You could really tell he was enjoying himself, which probably hadn't been the case in a while. Perfect casting choice.

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>>131009619Well yeah that's it. All his recent roles have been for heady depressing films and it was pretty obvious it was boring into him over time. Going back to his roots as an elastic comedy man must be doing wonders for his mental health.

best jim carrey movie expect sonic ze hedgehog go!

>>131009655Yeah, he was basically retired for around 4 years and most of his recent ones had been pretty broody. He's actually a fantastic all-round actor, but almost no one can match his comedic style so that's what he ends up being known for. I'm glad he's back to having fun making movies again.>>131009709The Grinch is my favorite, but Earth Girls are Easy has the sexiest Jim Carrey. Not that I wouldn't a Grinch.

Let's have a little fun.Fuck, Marry, Kill.

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>>131009958Fleetway, IDW, Archie, in that order

>>131009958Fuck fleetway Marry fleetway Kill ArchieAlso that new sonic frontiers teaser is legit just PSO2NGS LMAO

>>131009958IDW, Fleetway, Archie. I like them all, but Fleetway's the most relatable. Archie's a bit of a dick, and not in the way I like.

>>131009958Well If I fuck fleetway there's the added bonus of schizonic

>>131009958Fleetway, Archie, IDW

>>131009958fuck archiemarry fleetkill IDW

>>131009958I always find it amusing how IDW and Archie are 'modern sonic' but StC is still stuck on classic mode. btw would fuck and marry StC, that chubby adorable hedgehog with a wild side.

I wanna fuck sonic

>go on Holla Forums>doomposting>go on /sthg/>doompostingI know it looks like NGS but come the fuck on

>>131010327So does the lewdposter

>>131010460you think hes gay?

>>131010470I think it's a fujo

>>131010446What's going on? Some new Sonic thing just drop?

>>131010446Your new sonic

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>>131010519So the leaks were trueStill looking forward to this.

>>131010519Man, it really does look/sound PSO-esque.

>>131010519I can't even sarcastically say that it sure is a Sonic game.


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>>131010460>So do the lewdpostersFTFY. There are several of us, several!>>131010470I can't speak for the fast lewdposter, but as the ~after dark~ poster, mostly gay, but still like grills.>>131010495Could be, either way, they've got great taste!>>131010519Nice Phantasy Star Online trailer, not sure why they included Sonic though hew hew hew!

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>>131010519Ahahahhaha FUCK Is this actually running on NGS engine?

>>131010519>>131010575Okay, I actually only looked at your image thumbnail, I seriously thought that was a screenshot from the trailer. Fucking hell.

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>>131010519just put my husbando in and I am satisfied

>>131010519YOU RIKE?Still excited btw

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>>131010519Looks too floaty and un-Sonic. It's like they just plopped him into a Xenoblade Chronicles map with PSO music.

>>131010519This looks like shit

So what comics are we doing today bros?

>>131011339Sonic Pulse, Tales from the Emerald Coast, and probably some other comics. Need to cut down the list.

>>131011397>Need to cut down the list.Impossible, the ride never ends.

>sonic future is still uploading multiple pages a day>176 pages so far and there's likely going to be more before the day is overI might as well have it as the last two days before Tails Gets Trolled.>>131011570Of course not! Because IDW is coming.

>>131011648>uploading multiple pages a dayimpressive I wonder what other comics are actually updating and not>last updated 1 month ago

>>131011397Do you have the full list , including the denied comics so one of the anons could try to continue storytiming it ?

So what happens after IDW? do we all simply die? I vote we storytime updating comigs

>>131011807Quite a few which is why we usually get a 1-3 updates a thread. Sonic Freedom has been putting out new comics every week, The Heart of a Monster has been somewhat consistent, Scourge Eternal Blackout seems to be taking a break after finishing issue 5. Other comics don't seem to be as consistent or just stopped.

>>131011862>ther comics don't seem to be as consistent or just stopped.FIt's always a shame when this happens

>>131011820You can see the full list in the last thread but here's the ones we haven't done, including ones I don't plan on doing. At least not now.

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>>131011911>I don't plan on doingAre they really boring? shit? or both

>>131011957Various reasons. It's mostly if I think most anons will like it or not. If I don't think it's entertaining in anyway then I don't do them.

>>131007962>Tails just has a bunch of super flickies behind himI like to imagine that they just popped out of his fur when he went Super.

>>131009498That comic managed to do both comedy and some splashes of horror really well, despite not taking itself very seriously at all. The mere idea that Eggman damned countless people to being consumed by Solaris is horrifying.

>>131009958Fuck IDW, Marry Archie, kill Fleetway.

>>131010519Profound Darkness better be the big bad

>>131012153>another hedgehog wearing a mask shows up>kill amy>huh?>kill amylmao

>>131012053That's exactly what happened in one of the storytimed comics.

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Attached: 0E5A366B-00DF-43FF-AD88-0D27FBEC294B.png (1817x2048, 412.6K)


Attached: nfr_42_comic.jpg (980x2392, 575.05K)

>>131012365Can't wait for this shit waifu of the month to fuck off

>>130989577I still feel that having both Brutus and Heavy King is redundant. Pick one or the other.


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>>131010519Oof, when's the full trailer?

>>131010519>Everyone talk about how it looks like PSO>But not about the melancholic piano music, quite literally the most un-Sonic thing posible

Attached: 1526502558542.png (320x279, 119.58K)

>>131012430I don't think Surge and Kit are gonna be leaving the IDW-verse anytime soon.

>>131012585The music is very "tender song from Xenoblade Chronicles."

>>131012595Im saying just like tangle and shitsper no one will give a fuck about them


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>>131012626>tender songReally? Becouse it sounded like someone was writing his suicide note, i don't know how tender can that be

>>131012690>Sonic as the DemifiendHAHA, YES

>>131012690Why did you have to show me that? I was a happier man without knowing that existed, hopefully that's the only page of that crossover

>>131012690well, sonic is a demonlol

>>131012585>But not about the melancholic piano music, quite literally the most un-Sonic thing posibleSonic has done melancholy themes or more somber music before.

>>131012863Yeah this comes to


>>131012959One of the best things about the Wii/PS2 version of Unleashed was that you heard this for more then 15 seconds. Such a lovely song.

>>131012987and ect

>>131012959>>131012987wtf? Neither of those is melancholic

>>131013001Oh yeah its a great song, Sonic unleashed OST is honestly one of my favourites

>>131012429Is there even an explanation for why Tails gets flickies when he goes super? I always found that curious

>>131011911>love and life>sonamy comicewww

>>131013197You can run, but you cannot escape from Sonamy

Attached: average Sonamy comic.jpg (662x701, 165.71K)

>>131013197On the bright side I don't think anything will surpass 'an unexpected baby'

>>131013049We have very different definitons of melancholy then. Either way, the point is that not all Sonic themes are upbeat and bombastic.

>>131010519Damn this really is just NGS

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Attached: 5542-2.png (850x850, 248.69K)


Attached: 5542-3.png (874x833, 152.16K)


Attached: 5542-4.png (892x849, 220.19K)


Attached: 5542-5.jpg (892x892, 181.54K)


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>>131013669I do like that we're going back to eldritch abominations being the primary enemies after the shitty display that was Infinite.

>>131013816>>131013833Why is he like this?

>>131013795>>131013816>>131013833>>131013853Who was in the wrong here?

>>131014007>the shitty display that was Infinite.

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>>130989999At least it doesn't have female Tails.

>>131014161Always Locke.

>>131014199They should have just stuck with eldritch infinite instead of giving him a background.

>>131013669>>131014007Something that's easy to miss (especially in the Holla Forums threads which are like 99% shitposting and spam): the enemy initiating stab against Sonic looks like it has multiple eyes lining the sides of its body, which seems to confirm that something supernatural rather than technological is going on, paired with the fact that they disintegrate like magic after death. I thought they were ventilation ports or something like that originally, but they twitch and move after Sonic launches it up into the air.

We now have actual confirmation that Sonic Frontiers is legitimately just reusing PSO2 NGS Sonic Team

>>131014733so is it the same engine or not?

haven't been here in like 2 months, when does the idw ride start?

Attached: borger.jpg (160x210, 57.05K)

>>131014842Hopefully never

>>131014842It start at day 29 of june i believe


>>131014842June 10

>>131014733Not really confirmation of asset usage. If anything, it's just proof that they're using the same engine. Which I can't blame them for: say what you want about NGS, but the game looks beautiful and it's better to reuse the engine than let it go to waste.

>>131015062that the Tails get trolled date not the IDW storytimed run date

>>131015113TGT is June 4-9.

>>131014007>I do like that we're going back to eldritch abominationsAnything to keep Robotnik from being relevant, or Japanese Sonic from regaining even the slightest sliver of soul.

>>131014859>>131015015Just don't enter the threads lul

>>131015219>if I'll add an adjective it makes it non-canonHoly magical thinking

Attached: Westernisation.jpg (500x500, 115.75K)

>>131013743>Guardian Lara-Le>Actually wants to help Knothole Holy shit, she's already better than Locke at this job.

>>131010670I get hyped up for every new Sonic game, even if it's going to be shit. t. had Sonic 06 as my desktop for months before (and after!) the game released. I actually did genuinely enjoy the game.>>131011397Oh boy, really clearing through those Emerald Coast Comics! Hopefully it inspires them to fix their website.>>131012690I've not played any of those games, but that does look cool.>>131013147Flickies come from another dimension, so it's likely he just summons them.>>131014032Canonically, he experimented on himself so Knuckles would be conceived stronger. He's been driven crazy by the microwave.>>131011911If you don't feel like continuing after IDW, I (and several others probably) could storytime these on a weekly/monthly/etc basis.

>>131015890>Oh boy, really clearing through those Emerald Coast Comics! Hopefully it inspires them to fix their website.We're in the last full week. Need to pick up the pace now.>If you don't feel like continuing after IDW, I (and several others probably) could storytime these on a weekly/monthly/etc basis.I was thinking of having a thread on plus4chan since any thread on there won't die for at least four years. But feel free to post any comics I don't do.

>>131016104>plus4chanThat's a great idea!

>>131015219Meds, Iizuka.

damn /sthg/ has gone from doomposting to lewdposting

>>130986184Just a reminder to the man children here constantly at each others throats

Attached: jlk.png (500x500, 120.48K)


>>131017302Schizos is spelt wrong, StC was already niche and StC has an online continuation backed by the OG writers and artists.

>>131017302>the fleetway threads where anons randomly brought up how the comic is better than archie>the absolute travesty that was the sonic the continuation threads where fleetwayfags shit all over okida for including archie charactersI've seen threads for all three comics and Fleetway was like IDW-lite at times. Or the threads just died a couple hours later.

>>131017411it was an error.thanks for the heads up user

>>131017289It's honestly an improvement. I wish I could post boys kissing boys here.

Attached: EPuCI-VXkAA5L3Z.jpg (895x759, 65.77K)

Frontiers is lookin' good boys!

Attached: 1654028801766.webm (554x400, 2.99M)

>>131018082What mod is this.

>>131017302Fleetwayfags were/are just as retarded, given I was in the Ride threads for StC. You are just as cancerous as the IDW threads when you get started, make no fucking mistake.

>>131017302All the same breed of cancer

>>131011911Conductor, I know you would have liked more comic translations but sadly my work has gone into overdrive leaving me without much free time and energy, sorry guys.

Attached: me irl.jpg (660x605, 62.11K)

>>131012585reminds me of sonic and the black knight

>>131018371That's fine user.

>>131018371That's no problem. I appreciate the work you've already done.

>>131018377That's the same feeling I've been getting too.

>>131018347Yeah, ultimately there's something to enjoy in all of the official comic. Arguing which is best is pointless, especially since they were made for different audiences. Even the comics themselves changed to accommodate their audiences' changing tastes. Early Archie was very AoStH, before becoming more SatAM, and then more dramatic and relationship-focused. It even had an anime phase!>>131018371>Implying we won't be bullying you into doing more translations post-IDW ride.Not the conductor, but thanks for all your hard work, I really enjoyed that comic!>>131018377The writing's going to have to be top notch to match the Black Knight, that was peak Maekawa. Flynn can easily outwrite Pontac and Graff, but it'll be interesting to see if he can write at that level.

More comics! This way!>>131019358

>>131018082It has a menacing "sonic modded into Skyrim" energy.

>>131020070They truly hired that man.

Because the other thread is close to bump limit.

>>131023087True dat

>>131005982I thought it was the one with a bloody bag as a reference to the neutrals

>>131026200It's Blue Murder/Blue Prisoner Tails. He goes nuts after Sonic goes missing and ends up dragging around a corpse in a bag. Great comic if you're fine with body-horror and gore.

Attached: deviantart_727548662_Blue Prisoner page 46.jpg (2270x3112, 1.82M)

>>131009619Decided to also make one for my waifu Aleena from Sonic Underground. I think it turned out alright.

Attached: download20220603092246.png (600x600, 98.17K)


>>131026579Had another go, this one I think looks more like her.I also storytimed some "Sonic and Shadow standing next to each other" comics in the other thread here: >>131027812>>131028277Two hours to go, I can't wait for the disappointment to wash over me like pic related.

Attached: cef1ee469930a91833ca6702f4bf8da6.gif (350x440, 2.88M)

>>131028355>The great Emerald's power allows me to chill

>>131028277>50 mins left50 mins left>50 mins left50 mins leftHopes? Dreams? Expectations?

>>131029774>Hopes?Bat tats

>>131029845BIG fat bat tats

>>131029774Things I want that won't happen:>Sonic's friends are playable>Maekawa writing credit>Forces-style outfit customization>Functional parkour system>Slope-based physics, not automated>Anything Team Dark or Knuckles and Rouge>SonadowThings I want that might happen:>Decent gameplay>Flynn writes a decent story>Lore>Character development>Ambition

Attached: Finally, freedom.png (1200x837, 42.36K)

>>131029774Knuckles and Rouge

>>131029774Just decent gameplay and story.

>>131029774Sonic whips his dick out and starts masturbating

I love how this thread has been the lifeboat for The Ride the past couple nights after the current thread archives. Very cozy.

Attached: 1616557364068.jpg (366x356, 48.74K)

>>131030043as long as the autists stay out then yeah its comfy

>>131029774I just want the game to be decent. That's it.At least better then Forces overall.

5 mins left

>>131030300It's over...


>>131030340Starting in 30 seconds!

Attached: deviantart_513808707_A SINGLE SPECIFIC SHADE OF GRAY.png (1002x702, 42.05K)

where the fuck are the enemiesthis is empty as fuck

haha wow that wasfucking nothing

>>131028277Was that it? This looks ungodly tepid.Just a giant test map with Sonic plopped in it.

>>131030480Empty and blandly colored. It's more like a tcch demo than a game at this point.>>131030503Yeah, it's pretty much what half the unfinished 3d Sonic fangames look like.

Hopefully it's just a beta or at least a hub area

>>131030549Apparently it's just the hub, but the amount of boostpads and automation was Forces-tier, and they had the interns do the level design for that one.

>>131030549Why show us just the hub? fuck sake

>>131030607>Implying they've finished the levels yet

>gameplaywhere was the gameplay?

>>131030622>Implying they've finished the levels yetThe game comes out this year and they still haven't done even that?Not even a demo area?yikes

>>131030607They had to show something

>>131030659It's the modern Sonic Team way!

Attached: Five_minutes_Should_be_plenty.png (930x752, 754.33K)

>>131028277Wait, that can't be it right? all they did was run around an unreal engine map.


Attached: E3.webm (576x432, 722.17K)

>>131018873I was the guy who created this meme >>131017302And I just want to say I egree with you.

So what lovely comics are we doing today?

>>131028277open world was a mistake


>>131031343Sonamy canceraka skip

>>131028277Is this pre alpha footage?

>>131031544Lol this game is releasing this year, get ready for another shitshow.


>>131031343Whatever it is it'll have more soul then Frontiers has so far.

Attached: 1652521061851m.jpg (1024x1024, 79.49K)

>>131032812Surge talks like a very brash New Yorker in my head so clothes like this feel weird.

I just want a good sonic game

At least the comics are safe, even if they are boring as hell.

>>131033457I think the IDW comics are more then serviceable. The issues are just too short for the amount of time between them.Love how Frontiers is now just making people thankful for shit that actually feels like Sonic.

>>131033457I don't read IDW and I never will, only thing im looking forward to is the netflix shit and the 3rd movie.

>>131033150Surge and Kit go on a vacation?

Conductor please save us with some sonic comics

>>131033978Nothing is stopping you from storytiming one of the denied comics in this thread. >>131011911

>>131033978Here's your typical Sonamy comic.

Attached: sonic_the_hedgehog_s_dilemma___comic_strip_by_turbotails06_d5urgwj.jpg (672x1753, 164.03K)

>>131034043Amysisters...>Captcha: NTR8Gbruh

>>131034043>Sonamy comic.on second thoughts

>>131034043Does sonic even have a house?I know he has one in boom but does game sonic ever live in a house?

>>131034118You know tonights comics are sonamy right?

>>131034118>>131034170One has Shadow and the other is a complete Sonic Boom comic by the artist that did The Cursed Amulet. Tonight should be fine.

>>131034043AmyTails femdom...

>>131034138idk, I like the headcanon that Tails is as much as a hermit as Sonic and he has a bunch of workshops around the world so that Sonic can always have a place to crash if he needs to while Tails just lives in the workshop that's closest to the zone where Sonic is currently running around.

I played 12 hours of sonic heroes I feel like throwing up

>>131035366I'm really sorry user

>>131036055its my fault I didnt eat anything and just drank energy drinks

>>131035366Go take a break Corey

Oh god this one comic is fucking weird.

>>131037155how weird?

Attached: Sonadow (2).jpg (920x720, 227.91K)

>>131037165Eggman is in the comic but I had to read the artist's comments to realize it.


>>131037223You'll find out in a couple hours.

>>131031343Hangin' Out and a MinaxSonic comic

>>131034043>He didn't even try to save TailsWew Sonic

>>131037306he be fiiiiiiiine

>>131037306>They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother

Attached: 1634779321309.jpg (964x828, 69.03K)

>>131037311His skull will probably end up with a hammer shaped crater. Nothing too serious.

>>131037464He be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, dont worry Chili Dog time!

Wedding for Amy. Funeral for the cake.

Attached: wedding cake by wondyworld.jpg (1200x1200, 314.06K)

Now with 10% less gaslighting!>>131038863

>>130989484ciosuii opened a pandora's box on the net, ngl

>>130987423...also "sonic the comic online"it's less angsty, but it goes thru things faster and the 275th issue has to be seen to be believed

>>131038880Only 10%?

>>131039214I've still not checked it out, despite reading Fleetway a few times. I'll have to fix that!

Attached: Bri'ish_Sonic.png (1099x802, 34.89K)

>>131038066Are you happy for these two?

>>131042138Is she marrying Shadow? She should be marrying Sonic too. I did like that Cream and Cheese are wedding security.

>comics with sally just lead to porn>comics with shadow just lead to sonadow>comics with amy just lead to sonamy or shadamyNo wonder most of the comics we cover is shipping. Can't post the porn or much of anything featuring Sally.

>>131034043Does Amy know how to make Chili dogs?

>>131044032Amy's always been shown to be a good cook which would make you think she'd use that more often to get Sonic's attention. At least she's not a princess. Seems those can't cook.

Attached: sally's cooking 1 by chauvel.jpg (1938x2972, 2.55M)

>>131044422Luckily for Sonic, that was all she made.

Attached: sally's cooking 2 by chauvel.jpg (1928x2995, 2.56M)

>>131044422>>131044429>ChauvelDo they post Sonic often?

>>131044479Not since 2019, no. They're still active in other fandoms though

>>131044479She's active on twitter. Mostly working on animation but occasionally draws images. IF she ever finishes those animations she has a comic she wants to do.

Attached: flesh and metal by chauvel.jpg (1479x2251, 2.26M)

>>131044510>sheIs it Glassfish/FunsexyDB?


Attached: 1F03B0D0-92D2-4E40-8B36-29F3331D8B80.png (1085x875, 933.17K)

>>131044489>>131044510Where can I find their Sonic stuff?

>>131044567Would this work on Tails?


>>131044599Yes, every time. Maybe he'll get a little resistant after the first dozen or so bonding sessions, but Rouge will make sure to drain that resistance out nice and empty before it becomes a problem.

Attached: 765432187.jpg (1024x1296, 168.74K)

>>130989484I really wish ICS would get back to making full-time comics. Hero City (or whatever it was called) was one of my favourite webcomics.

>>131044803But Tinker is cute

>>131044567>>131044791>loves archie and /ss/And they say the perfect woman doesn't exist.

>>131045492She's a Sonally fan

>>131045704Even better.

>>131045766She likes Toonami

>>131045786BRB going to propose to her now.

>>131045766It's Moebius Sally though

>>131045924Speaking of Moebius (the artist), I've been having fun with Dalle Mini.

Attached: Sonic the Hedgehog by Moebius.jpg (1440x1548, 519.76K)

>>131046221Unfortunately the AI hasn't been fed enough data from e621 so it can't make anything lewd.

Attached: Sonic and Shadow having sex.jpg (1414x1532, 590.18K)

>>131046304They're holding hands though

>>131046317Shhh! Since none of the fanartists want to make a Sonic and Law and Order crossover, I'll have the AI do it! I actually really like how this one turned out.

Attached: Sonic the Hedgehog guest stars on Law and Order.jpg (1426x1528, 387.61K)

>>131046385Here's everyone's favorite edgy hedgy guest performing with his favorite band.Also, got Sonic Heardle #49 in 2

Attached: Shadow the Hedgehog on stage with the band Linkin Park.jpg (1420x1524, 477.87K)

>>131047223Some of these turned out not too bad.

Attached: Sonic and Shadow wedding.jpg (1416x1528, 603.59K)

>>131046385That first one is fucking amazing.

Choose your

>>131048667Okay but who would actually pick Tom or Maddie.

>>131048684They can be moral support.

>>131048585Sometimes it just really works well. It's actually fantastic at inserting xenomorphs into any situation. I can't wait until it's good enough to insert Sonic into every tv show.

Attached: Sonic the Hedgehog guest stars in the tv show Frasier.jpg (1382x1482, 398.01K)

>>131048861could you do house md?

>>131048953Took a few goes but specifying medical drama worked. You can have a go here:

Attached: Sonic the Hedgehog guest stars in the medical drama House.jpg (1420x1504, 402.93K)

>>131049043hahaha thank you

>>131049071No worries!

Attached: Sonic the Hedgehog guest stars in Xena.jpg (1414x1506, 524.73K)

>>131049115It's disturbing how well this kinda fits

>>131048861>>131049043>>131049115Sonic will soon claim everything in this world and beyond.

Attached: Sonic in Supernatural.jpg (2048x1686, 167.55K)

New comic

Attached: FUQoXKWUEAAm9iq.jpg (1451x2048, 677.47K)


Attached: FUQoYVaUYA4UIsC.jpg (1451x2048, 801.61K)

>>131049778Vector you big lug not around the babby please. Still love you tho.


Attached: FUQoZdSUEAA8vZo.jpg (1451x2048, 729.41K)


Attached: FUQoam1UEAAU7uh.jpg (1451x2048, 728.92K)

>>131049778Charmy looks like he'd rather be anywhere else.>>131049801But he's perfectly fine with the baby swearing. Vector has corrupted him.


>>131049778>>131049801Vector being the cool uncle

>>131049827I dont care about this AU but this artist does some 10/10 sonic porn

>>131049778>Ken penders still hasnt released his lara su comickek

What comics are we doing tonight boys?


>>131049879Go to horny jail.

>>131049827Tails put so much effort into that presentation and it sll went down the drain. Relatable.

>>131049827>Tails: I'm surrounded by dumb motherfuckers.

>>131050164A shit ton of comics.>>131050285Not really.

>>131051083Guessing they're all really short then

Attached: new_home_for_sonic_by_zengel_d2gczo3-fullview.jpg (900x635, 123.14K)

Found this short IDW comic with Kit and

>>131051462Also an attempt to lend some emotional gravitas to that one scene in Lost

Shadow & Jolt artist has been doing a bunch of short comics

>>131050670>>131050749If he wants to raise a kid so badly then maybe he should try to have his own child.

Attached: FS01zaIVEAAdGPT.jpg (1638x1005, 147.31K)

Anyone know when the netflix shit comes out

Attached: 1654196855697.png (942x530, 349.32K)

>>131051109140+ pages tonight, we're doing Eclipse and Sonic Frenzy tomorrow, and then we do all of Sonic Future on Saturday. Then we do TGT and that's it.>>131051462>>131051490At this point I'm just going to bookmark and look at it later. No plans to post anything else. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Let's see how far we can go with this>>131052339July at the earliest.>>131052764Sad to hear that you aren't taking any more suggestions, but still. It was fun throwing them out!

Attached: Sonic by Tsutomu Nihei.jpg (2048x1806, 234.3K)


Attached: Sonic in a Junji Ito manga.jpg (2048x1796, 299.29K)