What the fuck happened to this comic?

What the fuck happened to this comic?

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>>130983487Reality resets got em bad.

>>130983487Cunny destroy his mind

>>130983487The creator had no idea what to do with it.

>>130983487I wish the creator would return because I miss his work

>>130983736He didn't last long enough to add that word to his comic, sad

>>130983736A good way to go

Why'd he have to do it, bros? I wish he continued this comic so much. I wish he wasn't a lolicon because this really could have been big.

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>>130983736literally this

>>130984119He had really bad imposter syndrome


I will never not be disappointed.But towdi is a treasure.

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What comic is this? Who's the artist?

>>130984317Hoo boy

>>130984317voihonvoifontit has a booru, it makes the most sense when you browse the comic in chronological order (back to front in the booru) as every successive iteration got nuked from the website.



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>>130984418Bluers are delusional shitheads,greeners are based in comparison

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Surprisingly, a lot of its fan were muslims.Or at least, those in his discord.

>>130984674>there was a discordit must have been SO full of antinatalist schizos

>>130984741Nah it wasn't based

>>130984748would you say they were closer to greeners, bluers, or pinkers?

>>130984753I don't actually know, I never joined. Personally I think him interacting with the community started poisoning the comic

>>130984768You are most likely correct.

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>>130983487What country is this artist from?

>>130984674There's a weird number of groomer traditionalist Muslim guys on Discord. I've heard about underage girls running into them trying to groom them and date them in DMs and redpill them with their traditionalist ideology. Wouldn't be surprised if these specific Discord Muslims are drawn to Voifon's work.

>>130983840You missed it, then. Second iteration.

>>130984870>Second iteration. Soulless, no thanks


Didn't expect a voihon thread. Here's a custom, re-created font of the all-caps 'Logo' font (ex. The Voihon and Mein Teff logo, Blue talking to Teff in the Demo version etc etc) files.catbox.moe/fzzeb1.ttfas well as the pixel font used more sparingly throughout the comic files.catbox.moe/9umuod.ttfSome stuff was missing so custom characters had to be made here and there, and both could use some more work later- the Logo one is rather rough around the edges. Hope you guys get a kick out of these either way.

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>>130983736Cunny too strong

>>130983736Explain user.I took a brake reading and he went full shad on us? Is he still posting somewhere?

>>130986876>>130986962Seriously, I need an explanation.

>>130983487It was a victim of a insecure retard of a author who couldn't stop shooting himself in the foot fifty times over by making one bad decision after another. I hope Voifont is getting fucked over sideways to sunday by the shambling corpse of his country's economy. Dumb asshole.>>130986962>>130986989Long story short it's more that VF just completely gave up. He couldn't even bother with keeping up with his wet fart of a comic 'Emeri' which hasn't been touched since December of last year. For more ""recent"" stuff he announced doing a collaborative version of Voihon back in January, but the art team recruitment tweet has been deleted. Take that as you will.

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>>130983487Literally the first iteration of the comic was the best. Best pacing, designs were cool, and there was a lot of mystery to it. Literally probably could have finished the comic for all the time spent on reboots.

>>130987162You could at least post something official, like this pic where she's obviously wearing a thong which means it's not nsfw :^)

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>>130987464Damn adding that to my FUCKING GREENERS folder

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Sheep got anally raped and committed suicide by shotgun to the head in the last issue.Shit was hilarious.

>>130987527There's 2 more. I'm fairly certain the first one was drawn by the voihin dude himself, and this one is an edit. At least she's still obviously wearing a thong.

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>>130987563need to see this

>>130986784thanks a bunch for these

>>130984119Loliniggers/pedocons are a cancerous disease to anything and ruin everything, its simply in their nature.

>>130987527Pretty sure this one was an user edit as well.There might have been a few more in the thread, that I didn't deem save worthy. You can use View Same on desu to find the first time these pics were posted.

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>>130987162Promise me you won't go full retard and break my will by deleting shit repeatedly and disappearing and I'll support you wholeheartedly in your ventures.

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>>130987726My biggest fears is that 1) my art is not as gud as VOIFONT THE ARTFAG and 2) i may not have as big a schizo punch...But i AM trying to figure out a way for me to do nofap but for art and try and assemble them into a comprehensible whole without cumming early because its the biggest i've ever taken before.

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>>130988227Do it anyway. Art doesn't make a good story good but just the icing that makes it better.

>>130988227Pretty neat stuff. I'm curious on how this will turn out, so very much looking forward to it.

>>130988333tripcheckalso thanks user, im going to WORK as HARD AS I CAN (not as hard as i can) to bring back COMFY VOIHON THREADS under the guise of "Hey little man I know you may not think im your real dad but i love you like a real son" step dad ZODYAK vibes

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>>130984882Second was far superior to the first. The first one was like a rough draft that just introduced the characters in a stiff manner. You may like it more because it explained what the Greeners are right away, but that information wasn't necessary at that point in the story. Tobio's introduction and story was handled much better in the second version.


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>>130986989He started making references to real 4chan shit before killing off his comic. Mentioned "cunny," and some quote from Daisy's Destruction. People started calling him out causing him to edit his comic and then one day, he deleted everything again.Those pages were funny. I need to reread the series.>>130988813Truly was a wild ride we had.

>>130988813posting the voihon mega because thee art foolsmega.nz/folder/RmYlHCpT#sBm4xB1AgIfWmFLvRfmjnA

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>>130988227>>130988447>>130989004Around when will you have something ready? Is that not-Teff? Why is Voifont so mentally WEAK

>>130990243I make *no* promises as to timescale, this is the first time im doing this kind of thing, not gud enough for a consistent schedulethis bitch not-teff difficulising with her PUFFY HAIR, either its not puffy enough or its too tall with a fuckin YAKUB brain. i suppose i just have to KEEP IT LOOSE and just go with the flowson... voifont isnt mentally weak... he's just a faggot...

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>>130990666The fact you're being realistic about how long it'll take is already a good sign, just make sure if you decide to make it a long running thing to have a backlog so you aren't working back to back like a certain ahem FAGGOT.Like that other user said, doesn't matter if the art is perfect or not and honest I like the art you're putting out so far. Just draw that not-Teff a million different ways and her brain mass will eventually hit that sweet spot. I believe in you bro

okVoihonVoifontWhat do either of those words mean? Why can't the artist decide which one to call themself?

>>130984444Holy based

>>130991296>What do either of those words mean?Voihon is the comic, Voifont is the author. It isn't that hard.

>>130988813my understanding>makes one comic with vauge implications of deeper meaning>wants to continue it>never actually had deeper meaning, just the symbology of it>reboots comic>reboot confuses people at the same time it becomes more popular, having 2 versions actually makes it more intriguing but it still actually doesn't have anything deep to it>artist gives up and just does simple lamb stuff

I've noticed that smaller artists are very easy to dislodge, upset upon merely noticing them. Whereas Disney brats keep digging deeper no matter how many times you punch them in the face.

>>130988227like the other user said. As long as you put your heart in it and don't reset everything to zero at the first sign of trouble, anons here will be behind you 100%you better make your own continuation of Yosho's dinner with his parents. I'm still buttmad

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You assholes better keep this thread up for another 4-5 hours so I can discuss green v blue philosophy later. If some user actually picks it up with the serial numbers filed off we might as well expand upon the ideas behind the divide.

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>>130984851Either Eastern Slavic or Southern Slavic. Implied Bulgarian. Guess me wrong but he was also supposed to be 19 when he wrote this comic, but should be around 21 nowadays.

shitpostig was great in those threads btw

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>>130994557I unironically miss the new chapter drops and the shitposting that came with it. I was there when it was fucking aired and got hooked on it... Until it fell and ate shit.

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Does anyone know any comics/media similar to Voihon? Preferably something currently being made and not already finished. I know there has to be something out there

>>130988447>>130989004>>130990666Who is this cutie you keep posting?

>>130988998>QuoteWhat the actual fuck.

>>130995077obviously its not-teff, star and co-director of not-voihon, the not-teily of the not-bluevoi

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>>130995619not even my favourite design, but its the not-teff so you'll see her first. actual favourite design is pic related which might change, face wont because thats the first thing I ever fuckin do, some of these designs are 3 years old i just *hold onto them* because i can

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I wonder where the doujin user has gone, I was really excited for their fan comic but they seemed to have evaporated into the nether. I hope he’s okay because the last I heard of it was from the defunct discord and that he had health issues. I’ll break voifonts legs with a brick if his stupid stunts demoralized him.

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Funny that this thread should come up. Just yesterday I was seriously giving some thought to taking Voihon and just re-making it myself without permission.Pic related.In the end, I talked myself out of it.I'm not sure if I could really pull it off, whether I could keep with it any better than Voifont could, and whether I could really do such a schizophrenic story, world, and art-syle justice. I don't think I have the same kind of "sovl" that he had.That, and I don't really care for loli. I just loved the series because I love schizo/autist media.

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Okay, let's talk green versus blue. Superficially we have the mind (blue) - body (green) dualism thing going, of course. Green is deeply into the naturalistic fallacy. Blue is not much better with its contrived understanding of purity and its ideal of self-containedness however. The story is rather unquestioning of the whole antinatalist angle. The only one we have seen straddling the line is of course the pink one. In some sense the green v blue dynamic mirrors the conflict of Nurgle versus Tzeench in Warhammer, but the resemblance does not hold any water beyond the surface and color schemes.

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>>130997611 Gosh that is absolutely stellar art, gorgeous work!I don’t blame you for not going through, comics are already a heavy undertaking, and with how little we know of the world and story of Voihon trying to chisel out your own interpretation of it would be pretty difficult.I think it’s safe to say that a majority of fans those that still care anyways similarity loved it for its unique package as a whole.

>>130996231what would orange be like?

Nothing can top the early parts of Iteration 2, its so soulful and memeable. Also, Yoso,

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Yoso is literally me.

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I sit around all day while living an imaginary life with my imaginary sheep wife.

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>>130983487creator was 15

One day I'll get in that blue box for real.

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>>130999368But user, that is against the natural order.

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>>130999435It maybe so but its better than living life as a filthy greener.

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>>130999379that explains a lot actually

>>130999537He was actually 12. do not listen to that faggot

>>130999435I've never read this comic, but this green dude makes me want to. He looks cool

>>130999537he really showed all the signs>insecure>pays to much attention to what others say>takes concepts that are not OK to speak in public and gives them serious consideration>gots edgy when challenged>does not recognize the negative associations of lingo that's older than him>the kind of photoshop skills that would teach you in an art classHopefully when he's 25 he has not lot that spark, and we'll see voihon in full glory.

>>130999475"Filthy" doesn't mean much coming from a germophobe that is literally afraid of TOUCHING GRASS>>130999667He's great, but sadly the only based greener. Most other greeners are brainlets.

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>>130998587Yeah I agree. It was more than the sum of its parts.His work just had that special "something" that you just can't copy superficially.

>>130999710>"Filthy" doesn't mean much coming from a germophobe that is literally afraid of TOUCHING GRASSIf adding to the never-ending cycle of sin, pain and suffering that greeners purposely instigate through needless copulation means "TOUCHING GRASS", then I'd gladly take your "insult" instead.

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>>130986962Cunny was too much for him.

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>>130999929>YOU MADE ME WAAAHThe zoomeriest of zoomer comics

>>130997611I think I've seen your art around the net and I really like your work. You do a really great job of mimicing Voifont's style, but I think it would be a better use of your time to work on your own personal story. Still, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing short Voihon fancomics from you.

>>131000077The first chapters were about anti sex propaganda & protect little girls from sexual lust.Lately it turned into a ecchi loli comic

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>>131000106>I MADE YOU, I OWN YOU, OBEY ME!!!Ok boomer.

>>130999929Yet it is exclusively from this cycle of admixture of bodies, minds, and DNA that the bluers derive their sad little simulacra from. If copulation is defilement, and even calling your partner's true name is breaking your understanding of purity, then even langauge itself is green. Bluers cannot even defend themselves without sinning by their own standards.

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>>131000132sounds like some weird sexual issues the author is working out. i remember being really weird about sex as a virgin but once i actually had it, all the mysticism was gone.

>>131000132At this point the author went full lolicon.

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>>131000160This kills the bluecel.

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Sometimes I wonder how much have we corrupted him.

>>131000244Personally I think loli characters are cute, but I can't imagine cunny literally destroying your mind causing you to have a psychotic meltdown. It's like, just jack off and move on


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>>131000289Its more like he outed himself and can't owe up to it.

>>131000132>The first chapters were about anti sex propaganda & protect little girls from sexual lust.Yeah Emeri was always so eager to be protected from her lust straight from the beginning. And I get that it's a meme but there was barely any explicit loli shit in the actual comic especially near the end.

I still don't understand, was the author a pedo or not?

>>131000289It was like he turned into everything he hated though.

>>131000352the author was based, and that's all that matters user

>>130990666Take it at your own pace, and if you ever want to stop then that’s perfectly fine too. I suggest you study the comics art if you want to better replicate the aesthetic and overall design philosophy of the series. Stuff like how men and women have different styled hands, how the eyes are really low on the face, the way lines are done, how characters shapes are constructed and other stuff like that. If you do heed my advice I strongly encourage you to take it slow and steady to get a better understanding of what makes the comics art style tick.

>>131000361I'd tell him to join the club

>>131000361he was unironically groomed by 4chan into being a pedo

>>131000352He was antiloli & slowly turned into a lolicon thanks to Holla Forums.

>>131000352He was a idiot

>>131000385When was he ever "antiloli"?

>>131000446Read the first chapters.

>>131000385>He uses discordWhat are the chances he's talking to minors in DMs right now?

>>131000461I don't need to because I witnessed him not giving a fuck about loli if not advocating for it publicly on twitter very early on. You may also want to read a few chapters after that too when the other main female protagonist lusts after her teenage boy.


>>131000489>even the author is team greencan't stopwinning

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>>131000568What´s wrong about being a greener?You continue with the life´s cycle.

>>130988998>quoting Daisy's Destruction

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>>131000568All greeners should hangIt's that simple.

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>>131000640I envy you for not knowing

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"It´s time to put my pepe into your cunny"

>>131000640Are you new or just don't get out of Holla Forums that much?Simply curious.

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>>131000722I think it was more along the lines of "all the cunny my pepe desires"

>>131000615Well if you ask a bluer all you will get is meme answers.>>131000641Greeners are hung already. Bend over if you wish to check for yourself.

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>>131000160All people are born through physical copulation, that much is obvious but bluers are not born bluers. A greener's narrow-mind cannot seem to comprehend that there's more to existence than physical manifestation, greeners themselves are mental/spiritual demons urging people to conform to what is "normal". The cycle of reproduction is a status-quo mandated violently for the sole purpose of upholding a sick chain-of-command, greeners want humanity to adhere to the cycle to satisfy their self-righteous authority and keeping enlightenment for themselves. To to be blue is to break that cycle, greeners prevent freedom from the confines of physical "reality" and deny the transcendence and peace that being blue brings, denying them the paradise that is Voihon.

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>>131000841All this logic is flawed when the author is a greener too.

>>131000615Your urge to breed is your sin to bear for being born. Reject the uninvited impulses to carry on with life's demonic plan and rise above this affliction. Choose to be cleansed in the "purifying light" of the lord Pashusta.

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>>131000968Is being gay fair game?

>>131001042No skin on skin. Only kuklofucking allowed.

>>131000841While greeners over-emphasize the physical, bluers over-emphasize the aesthetic of the conceptual without a true appreciation for it. The only ever subtract from things that exist, as they refuse to create even on a conceptual level. That nobody is "born" bluer is not a matter of greener oppression, but of bluer unwillingness. To be green is to bring new concepts into reality, while to be blue is to refine existing ideas. It is ironic that you speak of status quoe as it is bluers who are inherently stagnant and unchanging. To be green is to be volatile, to be blue is to be immutable and "pure". To actually transcend greeners and achieve paradise would require to purify the essence of what it means to be green, not to be content with the leftovers.

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>arguing about ‘Blue vs Green’ when the best characters are greenCome on now

Is it possible to be a blue-greener

>>>130995549>>131000621This page. Bottom panels directly quote the infamous Daisy Destruction's opening text before the footage starts.

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>>131000461>the art represents the artist's views>this surrealistic, openly exaggerated take on art represents the artists's viewsretard

>>131001140That would be a pinker, with Emeri being the only example I can think of.

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if he really was underage voihon probably got drafted for the russian-ukraine warfucking bizarre

What about voihon tulpa waifus?

Holy shit a active Voihon thread, maybe good things do happen sometimes. Might as well liven it up a bit like old times. aggie.io/cbr7mtovwi

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Who was your favorite character?Mine was Megaloschemos

>that Queen of Green thigh tat

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>>130988998>>131001141what a fucking idiot

>>130997611You could simply try making something similar

>>131002099It's just a quote you can easily find.

>>131002054What an amazing new concept the greeners have brought into reality. Sure showing those FILTHY DEGENERATE BLUERS, AMIRITE?

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>>131002612And we don't even expect something from bluers in return (not that you could expect anything from a bluer). Greeners are truly creatures of boundless generosity.

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>>131001890The green Übermensch himself

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>>130997463I'm still alive, but the fancomic is in hiatus due to the comic dying and voifont just giving up on every iteration of his work, which is a bummer and made me lose interest. The fan project got too long, but I still hope to finish it someday. It's very Bluevoi centric/AU Teff origin story, so I'm not sure if that's everyone's cup of tea. In the meantime I'll drop some pages for you guys.

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Story time?

>>131002955I wouldn't worry about people liking it, you clearly poured a lot of love and effort into this. I just saw that page the other user posted earlier and it was love at first sight.

damn so glad someone asked about this, it had been fucking me up days not remembering the name of this. sucks that it imploded


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>>131002955I'm not that user. I'm losing my marbles, I'm really glad you're still around. I've been looking forward to seeing this ever since you first announced it in the original thread and since I wasn't part of that discord, I didn't have a clue what had happened to you. Will you be posting updates again in future threads? This is right up my alley, I doubt you'll have many people not want to see more, especially with the clear amount of effort you've put into this. It makes me hopeful seeing you back and knowing that there all these other Anons talking about how they want to make their own spin-offs/AUs regardless of how much of a faggot Voifont is. It's nice to see so many familiar anons in this thread in general, I can hardly believe it

>>131003055>>131003131>>131003413Looks neat

>>131003421Thanks man, I appreciate it. I was hoping to dump the finished project once I was done in the weekly Voihon threads, but after the constant rebooting/deleting I lost interest. I'll probably finish it and make a Voihon thread just to dump it. I'm glad people are still interested in the story. Hoping voifont eventually does something with it, it's a shame to just let it die.

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>>131002289its still retarded to include it into your comic, trashy attempt at shock value

>>131002955>>131003042>>131003055>>131003131>>131003413>>131003700This just made my week, I’m overjoyed to see your work again. These full pages are phenomenal, and seeing the comparison between the original Uberteily Teff page and the updated one in particular is just stunning. You should be proud of yourself.While I understand that the authors shortcomings would be discouraging, I very much believe that you completing this project that has so much love for the source material and care put into it would be far more exciting and investing than whatever drivel the author has resorted to now or decides to resort to next. Also, if you think if it became too long, I suggest looking over and cutting out parts that may not be essential to the story you’re trying to tell (if this is the case.)Sorry for being so sappy, I’m very much looking forward to reading your comic- whenever that may be.

Greeners are canonically jobbers though...

>>131003997most greeners are retards, which makes sense because normies are also greeners


>>131003700Glad to hear it. I love that you seem to be incorporating elements from the original run.

>>131003700I'm pleased as punch to see this cipher again. I remember working on that font in same very thread where you dropped yours. Whether or not you used it, it’s amazing what a big pain working on a font is. I had originally planned to iron out the kinks, but I never got around to it -- and with how everything ended up, I didn’t really ever feel the need. So, that is to say, I understand what you mean. I actually worked on the main font on and off before you had dropped yours, and while I still need to iron it out more as well, I might as well drop it and the cipher for old times’ sake. I’ll be posting finalized versions eventually in a future thread, maybe it’ll even be yours. I’ll be looking forwards seeing you either way.I hope this helps anyone who wants it. It includes both the main comic font and the cipher font that’s shown in the comic. Be aware these are NOT the final version of any of these fonts and they will have problems present. www79.zippyshare.com/v/JYGdEUry/file.html

Attached: cipher.png (397x297, 14.46K)

>>131004253Nice work!

>>130983487Author is literally mentally insane and cancelled himself along with his webcomic

>>130997202What part of it are these angel guys from again? I don't remember them being in the comic.

>>131004668Cipher! Nice. I have to ask, how do you make fonts like that? I've chased up multiple online (and free because of course, I'm a cheapskate) possibilities however I never find a good way to make my fontsqepades become real.(Captcha: JY4NY. Lol)

>>131004867Ha, nice captcha. I’m about to faceplant into bed so I’ll have to keep this a bit brief. If the thread is up tomorrow I can answer any other questions you might have for me though.I’ve found it really tough to work with those online editors, I’m not sure, but I believe I heard a decent one is calligraphr.com if you want to give it another shot.Personally, I ended up having to install and use different programs until I found something that was easy enough for me to work with, especially since I had no experience prior to this. There’s three that I know about: two are paid programs, both of which are available as trials (FontLab, FontCreator) and a FOSS program called FontForge. I thought they all had their ups and downs, some are way easier than others, but I think largely just tinkering with it is the best way to learn. You can easily jump between each one, but I thought that FontLab really offered the best out of them, it’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s nothing that you’ll pull your hair out over. They're all really decent though, it's just a matter of preference, honestly, they all do the same thing as far as I remember. I hope this helps. Good luck!

>>131001141Why the fuck did he do that?

Attached: 1605439320672.png (1000x4000, 1.7M)

>>131003413wtf. These are so good. Mega.nz? What's the dedicated link to follow the progress and unapologetically download current progress? I'm so excited that I'm asking these questions before reading your posts completely so sorry if you arleady answered

>>131007481Ah okay so you're just going to post anonymous dumps on Holla Forums threads? I browse Holla Forums every day so I *should* be able to catch it. Okay. Thank you!

>>131005216Many thanks, Right now im just alternating between Gill Sans and Palatino Linotype whilst copy pasting the funni code symbols in when applicable, here's one i whipped up for an example earlier. The code shit was my favourite part of Voihon, personally I'm pretty thick-skulled when it comes to all the plot stuff so i doubt I'll be able to go "lol golds vs reds lets re-enact what voihon SHOULD'VE been" but I can sure try and cook up some EPIC NEW CODES for youse to sink your teeth in (this is literally just russian with some funkny symbols, they mean nothing B^[ )(Captcha: WW000)

Attached: sinsofthefather.png (444x204, 1.43K)


>>131007531shit, replace Фapaнявaгoв with Фapaнявaгa, i declined the imaginary noun incorrectly

So bluers are voluntary celibates while greeners are just delusion bluers?

damn who knew it was so easy to get fanart by shitposting in a voihon thread full of fellow thirsty-for-content voibros

Attached: im fucking cumming.png (617x330, 68.98K)

>>130988813I really like mein Teff's first design even though I prefer the 2nd version of her story.

Attached: IMG_20220531_173835~2.jpg (2197x2234, 1022K)

>>131004253so you run with the theory that megakosmeisos and bluvoi were a weirdo larper cult in their earthly life?

>>131000134A lot of Tobio's stuff reads more like>I'm sickly and I resent my parents for it>Obviously God is punishing me for THEIR sins>Sex is how i got here, so having sex is evil and gross>They don't REALLY care about me; they're just dumb animals trying to reproduce and force me to live long enough to reproduce.

>>130997149My favorite part of this image is Tobio greening himself just for the xbox

>>131003413Purity is a meme, perpetuated by Gold Companies. Innocence is a meme, perpetuated by the Catholic Church.


>>131007531Ooh this is neat looking, I’m a fan of the color combination you went for.>>131009362Really nice art!

>page 10Oh no you don’t

Back up to page 1 you go!and quoting the post where i linked the mega so people can read voihon>>130989004

Attached: i need a pic.png (438x439, 61.15K)

>>130983487miss it lads

Attached: bluevoice.png (800x671, 545.22K)

So, is this comic any good?

>>131013924While I think it’s objectively good, it mostly comes down to personal preference since it’s so surreal and unconventional. You’d have to read it for yourself to get a good idea of how you feel about it honestly since it either clicks with you or not.

>>131013924It's alright, the creator is a bit (a lot) of a faggot and kept nuking it. I found it really immersive by simply getting lost in the cryptic words and grand art, simply content to accept wherever I would be turned onto next on the voihoncoaster.So if you appreciate cryptic anti-natalism you'll probably enjoy Voihon

>>131013681I’m a fan of the knock-off voihon logo, it’s unique in its own way while still maintaining a strong connection to the source in aesthetic/design.

>>131013924Which one

>>131014711Obviously Version 1. It's those full page panels.

Attached: 5.png (940x1320, 1.16M)

Man what is this hipster garbage

>>131010932t. green demon

>>131014983That one was always exceptionally good

please yamete i cant take all these not-owens. I'll have to wrench myself away from the computer to stop my heart from exploding, which is bad news if Zodyak becomes cool and a thread making webcomic because I couldn't hang out.

Attached: okudasai.png (568x545, 73.54K)

>>131014983Alright so I finished the only 3 chapters of Version 1 and I read a bit of Version 2. My consensus is that Voifont is indeed a faggot and the first version was more entertaining.

That's me heading to the BEDZONE, lads. nice trip down Voihon memory lane with this decently sized voihon thread.Approval from strangers really gets the gears going! idk check back in like 5 years maybe i'll post a zodyak thread HAH.

Attached: gnight.png (320x190, 3.54K)

>>131016791Good night, Little Angel

>>130984768As someone who did and lurked it it was pretty inactive overall. The author didn’t even bother to announce his own comics updates or anything. On the off chance there was some buzz it was usually a gaggle of twitter tweens spewing out their weird in-jokes, not a lot of discussion of the comic in general was had aside some . It was too bad because I thought it would be a hub of other enthusiasts but alas it was not meant to be, I imagine a unofficial one would have been much more productive without the author lurching in the corner.Looking back I recall someone saying he was collaborating with Voifont for music videos- I can’t help but laugh at the thought that it probably fell through like with everything other project VF has mentioned, probably the same thing happened with the Saiba dude since I haven’t seen that project mentioned again.


>>131017034This seems to be a discord thing in general, the one time I tried to join a discord about [interest] it was just wagies asking dumb questions and all discussions dying down in under 24 hours, while retard spoonfeeding could continue as a topic over weeks (at a rate of a few posts a week ofc)


>>131015679Isn't this supposed to be not-Towdi/not-Meika? Not-Owen and not-Towdi/not-Meika should all be the same species though

>>131016791Good night little angel

>>131017034>*aside some short, one-off conversations/questions here and thereI really need to slow down when I type.>>131018437Well shit, how about that. I guess some places are better than others when it comes to discussing certain things. In my experience discussing things by drawing with others is surprisingly effective, I guess because it’s innately collaborative.

>>131016791Good night, Little Angel!


Attached: file.png (651x308, 48.76K)

>>131021733>t. owen

so from what I understood from this threadthe author wanted to make a deep comic but he was an OBVIOUS pedophile so he had no fucking idea what point he wanted to make since the comic he was making would end up with him going to jail for basically being his own full evidence case?


>>131022536if you're gonna read the whole thread you might as well read the comic too

>>131022536no he's underage himself.

How would you have ended the comic?

>>131022984A huge brap.

>>131022984probably would have introduced a color or two more on the way, as one was already clearly implied. Bluers and greeners would have been stuck in a perpetual stalemate as at least one character from another color moves on to something more peaceful, potentially taking some of the cast with them.

>>130997611I really think you should give it a shot, maybe not a remake of the entire comic itself, but maybe a small alternate universe that you can make a little story with. Doing a full scale project takes a ton of time and if you're having doubts it's not worth dedicating lots of time into it if you're not into it, but I really think that a short story or something would be something that anyone here would be able to handle. Like you saw, Step-Dadanon is making a full on spin-off, DoujinAnon already is doing something like this as seen in this very thread and I remember seeing a fan comic that was posted in one of the threads that was great too. I personally would love to see your interpretation along side with everyone else. There's no way that you wouldn't have readers considering how many people here still love Voihon despite its creator. We even have people recreating the fonts, it says a lot about this fan base that despite the creator people are still in these threads

>>131022327Owen is the coolest guy

Attached: file.png (477x361, 52.46K)

>>131025132in the sense that his IQ is below room temp yes

Attached: 0fe295a0951ab9c9faaff3adefb5c6b6df60aa6d.jpg (1152x1920, 474.33K)

>>131025142Shut up Emeri.

>>131025254What self respecting greener gets cucked into inceldom by some Untermensch bluer? If he had spent the time he invested chasing a lost cause on finding other mates he would be a father five times over by now! Instead he seethes and malds over some tail that prefers the only balls bluer than his.

Attached: 8c3c5757f09e17d4444e140bf23753f23a1b0aab.png (1020x852, 384.32K)

I SEE YOU FUCKOAND I respect that art.

Attached: Screenshot from 2022-06-01 00-24-58.png (282x306, 62.71K)

Here are some of the iterations in no particular order

Attached: Voihon.png (2027x1234, 431K)

Haven't checked how much they differ yet but I export once every half day or so

Attached: Voihon(3).png (2027x1234, 523.27K)

Attached: Voihon(1).png (2027x1234, 481.95K)

>>131025587So many creative people in these threads. It's a shame the creator himself floundered something that could have been great.

>>131016791Good night, little angel!

>>131025747In the end, Voihons core and most supportive audience truly was artists of all kinds. It's really something to see such a small series garner plenty of enthusiastic and talented fans.

Attached: 1600076005007.png (291x429, 140.26K)

>>131025747>>131025823Honestly, maybe the fans themselves should take over the project. Work on it openly as a group or something.

>>131025747and it seems like I accidentally deleted the oldest iteration I had, so some art may be lost. I did archive the individual layers so far in case

>>131025334He can fix her

Attached: 1620957972659.png (373x467, 241.6K)

>>131020026To be honest I have *no idea* how not-owen is going to look like. In the aggie someone made the bug connection so im looking at pictures of wasps and beetles to epic steal the idea

>>131026324Good going, you should look at alot of the sources for ideas, I especially recommended trying to dig into the inspirations that seem to have inspired Voihon or atleast reminds you of it. Old school manga such as Tetsujin and vintage shoujo are pretty fundamental to the style, but you should also try looking at Soviet/Slavic cartoon and visuals in general too- hopes this helps, good luck and have fun with your project.

Attached: Eqh2zsjVkAEEWsI.jpg (1178x1828, 723.69K)

>>131014373It is literally an anchor

>>131026591Mad cuz ur landlocked huh? Sailorgang.

Attached: 20220601_124318.jpg (4032x2268, 3.39M)

>>130983487I don't know who this sheep is and im not going to read the thread to find outBut GOD i want to fuck this cute sheep girl's asshole

so the original ch2's lost huha shame

>>131027764I'm pretty sure all the original chapters are in the mega that was posted earlier

>>131022984the inevitable collapse as the extent of bluevoi's hubris is finally known

>>131026384I have Astroboy and Urusei Yatsura in my personal collection. But bigman artism is one of the things that get me consistently frustrated, just cant seem to crack it, a small artfag I have to be, with canvasses not exceeding 500px^2...m.youtube.com/watch?v=YdFiB-QMviAThis is good, nice sunloli. Can't crack the code (because its 6 million years of practice) so I'll just osmosise the vibe or some shit

>>131027569>>131027569Nah, just jealous I didn't nab it first for my wip semi-nautical esoteric not!-voihon. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

shameless bump

>>130983487Voihon animated series, when?

>>131031778as soon as paranatural gets one for the first 4 chapters

Attached: file.png (546x245, 40.13K)

>>131028650>a small artfag I have to be, with canvasses not exceeding 500px^2Have you tried other programs? I think you should really try bigger canvases for your comic, it may be off-putting at first but it really helps having more room even if you still draw small. If you want to rip-off Voihon as best as possible having the pages be the same size could be a big help. Medibang, Firealpaca, Sai/Sai2 are good freeware programs that I'm aware of. FYI 300 DPI is what you would put for printing, but I think around ~250 is fine for just webstuff.

Attached: Inches-to-Pixels-min.png (500x1000, 22.58K)

>>131031778a man can dream.

>>131032750I use Paint.net and to an extent MS Paint if i really need something instantaneous like a shitpost reaction image. I do have a scanner and pens and I'll grind that skill in the background, possibly scanning a panel im having trouble with. I've been drawing with a mouse 4 too long...Currently pages of Zodyak are 600 wide and 840 tall. Should I deem these unfit and constricting I will change to new dimensions. Perhaps I should double the page once i'm done with a page to 1200 and whatever 840*2 is with a nearest neighbour so i retain that pixel jank so it doesnt look like a greener just came in your eye. But that's neither here nor there yet without a proper backlog.

that shit is more convoluted than x-books

>>131033972>I've been drawing with a mouseGet a tablet, hell a cheap one is fine, just about anything would be better for your drawings and wrists. It may feel strange at first but you'll get used to it in no time, it's way better for translating the way you normally draw on paper to the screen.

Attached: 2022-06-01_01-1355.png (368x264, 39.97K)

Here's the recreated "lower case" version of the logo font, pic rel. It's the second line of text as well as his name.files.catbox.moe/2rrj1v.ttfLooking at it now, aside from the Russian text, it looks like the whole set has been recreated. I'll definitely continue to clean up stuff to make it look more accurate and post updates to them, but until then feel free to go wild.

Attached: deviantart_880428879_font display.png (510x380, 68.28K)

>>131033972Comparing the comic and your size makes me think that the resolution may not work best for more detailed stuff or possibly cramp your paneling. It's fine when you're just starting out though, I'm sure you'll figure out a better workflow for these sort of things over time.

Attached: sizecomparison.png (940x1320, 9.85K)

>>131036924It's quite the literal definition of "growing pains". My primary short/long term goal is to persevere and fill the backlog. If I can do that then no matter what tools or form I have I can stick my head in the art-grinder and GRIND. I had the width 500 same ratio but that *really* cramped me, no way I was doing that. The mouse just has this small bias that I'm now considering getting a cheap art tablet for those SMOOTH HANDIBLES and BIGGER CANVI, the endless problem...

Attached: sigma grindiset.png (250x190, 2.32K)

>>131037238I'll go into Currys when im in town tomorrow, scout around for a good one, possibly look up stuff on amazon. My biggest worry is: Am I throwing money at a skill issue? Whilst the anti-aliased pen infuriates me to no end, it is the step towards gitting gud rather than being ensnared with the mouse, however the aliased mouse, as tiny as it produces, has the comfort of the japegous MS Paint clown tossing around shitposts from the paint bucket tool (Only the truly chadly draw with a trackpad.). The salsa of the deconstruction and reconstruction of squares and circles dancing around my unawakened mind is a troublesome, long-term but fixable problem. One I completely avoid dealing with by being a MouseChad, but progress is progress, omegathink moment......


>>131037460Consider looking at used tablets on Ebay too, using a mouse/mousepad is fine but your hand will get majorly tired once you're drawing a lot. It should be okay as long as you pace yourself but if you can pick up a $20-30 tablet you might as well. Look up wacom bamboo or wacom intuos and you'll see what I mean. You won't get better at drawing, but it should speed you up once you get the hang of it

>>131004836They're from Mein Teff, I don't know if they're in the mega or not but it should be

What's the creator up to, these days?

>>131038920I don't know, absolutely nothing? Sitting in the corner of his 'Voihon Team' Discord that he'll probably delete or already has? Maybe planning to very very slowly delete Emeri out of existence after barely putting any effort into maintaining it in the first place? Whatever it is, its not worth worrying about nor investing in unless he fixes his obnoxious attitude.

Attached: 1652473808682.jpg (282x285, 29.4K)


>>131000134>defending zoomzoom droolmode philosphyair fry about it, Millennial


Attached: a0744c49c1.png (510x246, 31.56K)

>>131040521double twist: fat AND pregnant!

>>131040521voihon inflation chapter here we go

>>131026291>lamb girl robot the rapistAll I remember about this character is that she handholds the unconscious protagonist. Is this still canon?

>>131038920Could be regretting fucking up with Voihon, or just sitting back back and doing nothing, who knows really. He's completely disappeared from of the presence of the internet and hasn't said anything for months. I don't think most people are aware but Voihon literally sprung up from his even older webcomic, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a completely newer not-Voihon comic in the future if he ever decides to come back.

Attached: 1630622075796.png (415x640, 116.27K)

>>131041165full image for you.

Attached: 2700ff33bbc5d3bed13154924274c65b4fcd16b2r1-1450-1800_hq.gif (516x640, 52.6K)

>>131031778Speaking of that. >>130983487 How would you make an animated series based on Voihon webcomic?

>>131042147Group effort, I guess.

Attached: freshly squeezed voijuice.png (186x204, 3.08K)

>>131042850AAAAAA did I miss that one?

Attached: Voihon(4).png (2027x1234, 391.2K)

Red pill: Bluers and Greeners are both massive footfags, but bluers are creepy about it.

Attached: 2022-06-02_02-0950.png (434x366, 22.56K)

>>131040988Yes, at least it is in Voihon. In Mein Teff she's a widow and in Emeri she's a skank

>>130997129oh hey I drew thatanyway to me voifont lost the magic as soon as the author started pandering to the 4chan audience. when memes started appearing etc it stopped feeling like this weird esoteric thing he was making out of his own interest, and I lost interest myself.

>>131038285You'll find this amusing. I went around to currys to look for an art tablet and I did find one, a wacom intuo. However I had forgotten my PIN number and had my card blocked, on a bank holiday no less! so I can't get it fixed in person until Saturday. Oh what a world, what a world. God really was like "Not today m80"

>>131042914Is this canvas open to anyone to add to?

>>131046991what a clutch fucking bump anonyeah its the aggie.io link in >>131001419also since voifont mcpurged the voihon discord im going to make my own one with blackjack and hookers discord.gg/44rCTYfP5Wthe only roles are cosmetic and everyones an administrator

>>130987527>WIP Of lamb upskirtWhy tho

>>130987162>My popular art gets repostedNice>My obscure art gets repostedNo shit?

Been a while since I read this. Didn't blue voice fuck over his nephew?>Talks him into blue religion>Gives him a robot body to keep him alive>Turns him into a slave to keep his waifu's garden nice and neat>Nephew now a shambling abomination, bluevoice won't even share the tech to let nephew have a waifu bot of his own

>>131001102mmm hips


>>131048064Don't forget that Blue also burned his eyes too as a baby by giving him the voifruit. And now he's all alone in the Meipark harvesting the fruit for who knows how long, and if things were going the way they did in the demo then his family might've been killed as well.

Attached: deviantart_848090120_Voihon ep11_ PureBoy.png (300x300, 119.11K)

>>130994095>You assholes better keep this thread up for another 4-5 hours You got it boss


Attached: ANON PLEASE.png (210x190, 2.05K)

>>131052406Now that I think about it, how ARE you going about with, not exactly the story itself per-say, but the beats of the story? Like another user >>130994022 mentioned making a 'continuation" of dinner scene for example, are you going to copy the stuff that already happened in the comic with just implementing your own expy characters, and then elaborating further?

>>131052610shits constantly in flux like a goddamn bathtub sometimes i have the rubber ducky redfags in one corner then they swim on to the other side of the pool fucking up my gestation period. I dont even know how to come close to replicating the pedoshit and these people giving me kindness fueled heart attacks with their SUPERIOR VOIHON PERSPECTIVE is like "shit that is actually a good idea what the fuck" and they're MOVING my FUCKING BATHTUB TOYS.if zodyak ever gets enough backlog to be cool then i have no idea if it'll be the spitting image of voihon (probably wont) or radically different (which im deathly afraid of) so im going to FIGURE IT OUT AS I GO ALONG and you motherfuckers will be CHAINED TO MY WILD RIDE to WHEREVER IT GOES. NO WHINING OR IM SENDING YOU TO DOUJIN-ANONS HOUSE

>>131052691damn visual art and story beats is a touchy ass for me pashusta in voihon. better to be innoculated against public opinion now than to do it through serialisation

Attached: just jesting.png (586x537, 58.52K)