Post ships you don't understand

I think Molly with Libby makes more sense

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This is now an Andrea thread

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Molly and Hitler. Who ships them? That's sick.

Molly a shit

>>130980041Heckin’ valid

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>>130980041Andrea is the kinda girl who would call the guy fucking her "Daddy" isn't she?

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>2,795 viewershigh or low numbers?

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>>130980041>>130980142>>130980163>>130980182>>130980196>>130980209>>130980234>>130980257She's so hot, bros. I wish she was real

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>>130979760What's there to not understand? People love some good psychological manipulation and psychotic domination

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>>130979760At least Andrea could dick her down.

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>>130980452>>130980257Wtf is with this "Andrea has a cock" meme I've been seeing

>>130980603meme because of her color scheme

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>>130980603>First screenshots appear>Someone noticed she looks like the trans flag>People start getting preemptively outrage>Some decided to instead draw her as a cute trap. >Becomes more popular.

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>>130980641family guy death pose

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>this thread( ToT)

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>>130980651Wait did she actually make that pose in the show? I must have missed that. Also that's risky

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>>130980376no, it's an edit >>130980883

>>130980897Oh I see

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>>130979760I think the potential of conflict is why people like some ships and while Molly and Libby is cute, there really isn't much conflict there. Andrea and Molly have shown to butt heads over things so I can kind of see why some would want to see that conflict play out and potentially end in a relationship. Personally, I'm interested in seeing Libby and Andrea butt heads over something. Admittedly I'm not much for shipping. I just want to see fun interactions.

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>>130980758I really enjoy these fantasy classes Molly girls. Were there more of them?

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>>130981216Oh shoot. I never saw this one before. Who's the artist for this one?

>>130981262don't know

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>>130981364Why does she have an boner? Was it because of the Shake Boo-Berry ghost?


>>130981175>>130981182>>130981203>>130981216Damn these are really good

>>130981089>not having Molly dress as Ben 10one job

Hey remind me how old these characters are


Sweet, a sneak molly thread

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>>130982136I don't think its really that sneaky.

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>>130980603>makes putrid facial expressions when angered>pallor from non-existent skin care>overcompensation of feminine styles and habits>no sense of colors in fashion>shitty self-given snowflake nameGee, I wonder.

>>130980234for a weekday stream in the middle of the afternoon that's actually okay numbers, especially for a literally who in some nowhere town. >>130981076Based non shipper, desu I feel Andrea would at least remember Libby peeing the bed during a sleep over so unless Libby is really good at hiding it (which I doubt) she surprisingly doesn't break her balls over it too much despite supposedly holding a grudge for saying her name wrong once.

>Andrea being so popularKinda surprises me, there's an Andrea in nearly every cartoon with a school setting and she's pretty cookie-cutter with that archetype. Only thing that differentiates her is the blue hair.

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>>130983026Yeah, that's the one thing I'm surprsied hasn't come up yet. According to Libby Andrea had caused her to be an outcast since the first grade yet they're pretty cool after that. Even with Libby pissing all over her sleepover in the third grade when Andrea seemingly gave her a second chance.

>>130983097there aren’t many streamer girls in other shows.

post more /ll/

>>130981076And I just want to see the inside of all three of their b*ttholes

Molly x Scratch will always be the best ship.


>>130983565Well yes, I wan that as well. But that went without saying.

>>130980495>>130980321>>130980758How does (s)he tuck in her penis with all these tight clothes? there's no bulge

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>>130979760People simply love to ship an antagonist/rival with the protagonist together. It has been done to death in every single fandom ever. It's also why people have shipped Amity and Luz long before they were even hinted at in canon.

>>130984343She's got practice doing it for her photo shoots. It's also reasonably easy to hide something so small.

>>130983700Well yeah, that's true. But I kind of doubt they'll even hint it in the series. Or in most fan art really. Shame.

>>130979760>I think Molly with Libby makes more sensebut Libby is fucking ugly, why would you ship her with Molly?

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>>130984656I don't know, she's kind of cute. The contrast of Libby with Andrea could be entertaining.

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This cartoon is going to be another Child Grooming mechanism about under-aged little Girls making out, isn't it?

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>>130980041Andrea a cute

>>130984797The creators are middle aged journeyman cartoon veterans making something for children, not fresh art school grads making a show for themselves.




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>>130980889Concept hair style Andrea had a pretty cool look. Would be nice to see it revived in the show at some point. Maybe for a summer episode or something.



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>>130980285>Dat hips difference

>>130990943Andrea really is surprisingly shapely. Poor stick Molly.

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>>130980285>>130991019>>130990943Do you think Andrea has a personal trainer o thats just her snow queen gene kicking in early?


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>>130991101I can't really see her being the kind to regularly exercise yet. I'm thinking it's all natural gene luck.


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oh my god this girl is so cute and perfect i love her

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>>130979760>mollytransdrea wants the libby monster futa cock

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>>130979760What if I don't understand shipping at all?I mean I understand if it's some Betty and Veronica shit where the point of the series is the romance, but trying to force it in everything and even getting mad about it is quite creepy imo

>>130992786Don't worry about it user. Shipping is inherently sort of weird. Just enjoy the cute girls.

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>>130992786It’s cute and fun!

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>>130992218someone gotta move the sport line.

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>>130993745Well, she can certainly rock the look either way. Good stuff user.

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>>130994973That would make sense. But after checking their twitter, which seems to have been made for Molly stuff only, they don't have it there.

>>130981262I think it's the same artist

>>130993816all for HNG-drea

>>130994989Either the artist lost interest on the account OR lost the the accounts password

>>130995052Yeah, that makes sense. Oh well I guess. These things happen. They were very good so I can only assume that account was an alt account for Molly things. Their OC was cute and I remember them posting it a few times on these threads.

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>>130995130Theres' also the chance that twitter asked for a verification cellphone number. Adn i think it's illegal on some countries to have several of those

>>130995159Oh right, I forget these things work a little differently in some regions. Damn. That would really suck to lose an account and potentially an audience over something like that. Now I'm a little sad over that. Losing interest is one thing but losing your ability to post to an account you made for a series, especially when you care enough to make your own OC for it, would really suck. I hope they're doing well.

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>>130995015Only the best is suitable for her.

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>>130995450At least the Andrea trap meme is over

>>130995512Yeah, it had it's run but there are much fewer posts about it. A part of me still feels like it would have been received better had it been established as a joke trap thing from the start instead of how they did it. Like Shimakaze-kun. The approach was what I think turned some off from it.

>>130980286If you look hard enough you can probably find an irl counterpart

>>130995450other andrea outfit ideas?

>>130995993Shimakaze outfit

>>130995993Teacher outfit?

>>130993717This dude never posted a larger version of this one, did he?

>>130995993Playboy bunny outfit

>>130979760>ships you don't understandI don't get it. He's a loser. She's a slut. What's the appeal?

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>>130979760>Post ships you don't understandIt just doesn't make reasonable sense, it would never work.

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>>130995993Andrea as an elf

>>130997557Yeah, a lot of these larger ships just seem so strange really.

>>130992703I didn't think Libby would be the one packing the monster.

But what if the tables turned?

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>>130997557Spaceball One?

>>130996405I'm seconding this one.

>>130999542Now I kind of want to know what the hell Libby did to cause that.

>>130991772I know what you did there user.

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>>130991772Well damn. It's subtle but effective. Not bad user.

>>130999771>Now I kind of want to know what the hell Libby did to cause thatAlways read before drinking.

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>>131000159She really needs to learn to read the labels before drinking things. She's going to end up in some very awkward situations if she keeps drinking whatever is offered her.

>>130992576She is quite the adorable cotton candy haired girl.

Pretty cute.

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>>131001346Exceptionally so. Every inch of her.


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>>130991772More like this

>>131001846>Freckled cheeksI love it when she has that detail. Yep, that's some absolutely fine Andrea.

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>>130982136>Andrea as Karin>Molly as Sagat/Bison>Libby as MakotoGod, i'm so hard

>>130995993Tron Bonne

>>131002113>Molly as Sagat/BisonI don't know how you landed on this one but I like this idea.

>>131001846An absolute based drawing if I do say so myself

>>130993745>>131001846Never saw these before

>>130993745>>131001846the butt is nice and all but those are some wonderful Andrea facial expressions


>>131001914How do freckles improve everything? I'm genuinely curious as to why it boosts boner fuel by 50%?

>>130995993A ghost inspired outfit

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>>131003342what is it with the raw power of drawfags?good fucking shit indeed

>>131003342Freckled streamer boat girl butt. A combination I didn't think I'd see but am damn glad for it.


>>130995993Thotty hip hop outfit with Andrea on the mic.Bonus points for including a couple of those dancers from her talent show in equally skimpy outfits twerking on each side of Andrea

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>>131003342OP did say to post ships

>>131003213They are cute


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Not even a pedo, but I would totally molest that little gerl. One of the above statements is a lie!

>>130980746Mr. Davenport should have been the Burger king dude

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>>130983700Its canon when they turn him human at the end of the series and make his binding curse into a marriage

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>>131004106Ships are weird sometimes

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>>130996991I think he did but dunno if anyone saved it.

>>130995993her wearing the costume of the only other cartoon she voiced

>>130987494look up bill motz and bob roth

>>131004123sorry user not too many people tried to make a human scratch so I went for it.I was my first time making something from scratch (no pun intended)

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>>130979760for me, its the molly/dog ship.

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>>131004114They have to be doing it on purpose right?

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>>131006247They already said that none of the main cast is a queer, and that the fag character will be a one-off, but the guy frrom Amphibia also said the same thing, and Sasha ended up being bi

>>130979760Molly with Libby is at least more original.I never understood the people shipping Louise from Bob's Burgers with her stalker, but someone on the crew must have as well since they’re friends now. Pretty shitty.

>>131002643They're thai, aren't they? I think she's more of a Bison, given how much of a shit she can be sometimes

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>>131007787I did not know that. That's actually kind of a good point then. The Bison does also sound like fun for the sheer lunacy of it


>>131006937Sasha being bi is the most blink and you miss it coward reveal I've seen in a while. Even Ok KO had Enid show she is bi.

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>>131009714Some of these background girls really are damn cute.


Attached: another talent show successfully MOGGED.png (564x526, 203.19K)

>>131010986Dude, you are really knocking it out of the park with these. Fantastic stuff. Always glad to see more of the clones and giving Andrea her talent show outfit lipstick was a nice touch.

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>>131008857I don’t know user

>>130995993skintight bodysuit

Attached: 1612418936114.png (1385x1200, 526.66K)

>>130980041Is this actually a tranny, or is it just an unfortunate colour scheme?

>>131010986Lord, have mercy...

>>13101132The latter. It’s just the color scheme that led to a bunch of meme drawings. She was originally supposed to be blonde.


>>131010986You absolute madman you actually did it!Bless you dude for drawing this. It's absolutely magnificent! Thank you!

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>>131012320Hey Libby do you want to see a dead body?

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>>131012320Molly is making the best of a bad situation.

>>131013378look away for a second libby and you'll see it soon

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>>131012687Don't do it Molly. The McGee's can't afford to move again because of Molly's weird sense of humor.

Attached: 6390AB37-E766-426F-B84F-E47711CCF4BD.png (582x1080, 942.84K)

>>131014780What upset her this time?

>>131014794She couldn’t think of a song to sing

>>130996481Here you go.

Attached: andrea_teacher.png (700x1100, 1.41M)

>>131015612Really digging how this Andrea turned out. Her outfit and glasses are cool. Glad to see you again user.

Attached: Smug smiling Dress Andrea.png (310x1080, 395.78K)

>>131015612VERY COOL>>131012155npthey were good downtime doods.

>>131015612Cool, its like an adult version of her stage outfit

>>131003342As the person that seconded the request, that is amazing. Thanks!

>>131015612Exceptional work user. Do you have a page where you post your stuff?

>>131010986>"Golly Molly! Andrea really put on a show!">"That sure was smart of Andrea to hide the rest of the sisters under the judge's table"

Attached: Anywhere.png (1920x1080, 1.22M)

>>131016464It really was a genius idea. But what else can be expected from Andrea? She knows how to get what she wants. Sort of surprising she did that for just a small school talent show though.

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Attached: B239E344-0529-4020-A222-3454533C09BA.jpg (896x1163, 575.26K)

actually sad I somehow missed this thread until just now

Attached: FANART.png (800x550, 47.27K)

>>131017028There definitely has been some great new content made in this thread. At least you found it now.

Attached: Happy Libby a turtle and a slightly uncomfortable Molly.png (1920x1080, 2.5M)

>>131004593What other cartoon did she voice?

>>131015284Poor thing.

>>131014794She got a boner

>>131017028Context of pic?

>>131008990Between the censorship-friendly flag at the literal last minute of the series, Matt shutting down shippers within his own crew, congratulating Hannah Ayoubi's return and disabling comments, and ignoring any and all questions about the girl's sexualities, its clear that Matt did not give a flying fuck about the Alphabet Soup Brigade and only threw them a bone to hush them.

Attached: B1F80ACC-511E-48CA-B3F8-9BD3D42FD814.png (829x1023, 699.1K)

>>131018612Thus ruining his whole series by making one of his main characters LGBTIAM+

>>131018612Ive never seen amphibia but i remember /u/ being really angry about that

>>131018943They were utterly seething the moment that only Sasha was revealed to be attracted to women, while the other two were left straight. Plus, they separated for years and nothing fun happened during that time, shutting down any post-Amphibia dating between the trio. >>131018828On one hand, Sasha will never make it to Ms. Holla Forums and will always be "the dyke". On the other hand, we have /ss/ & /ll/ Sasha now. I'd say it was an equal trade

>>131018468Fanart for a fanfic>>131017224Glad I made it, figners crossed there'll be some more

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Attached: 9E9F8659-0A4B-481F-A2D2-9AFA2AAB0286.jpg (183x350, 18.72K)

>>131019151>fanart for a fanficLink to the fanfic?

New stuffThe Ghost and Molly McGee - June

>>131019474I've had bad experiences in the past with linking fics, warnings and post deletions ect (also it's on pastebin anyways, not Ao3 yet) but iffen your interested check the /trash/ in a day or two and it'll be there or the past few archieves

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>>131020092Which Andrea are you today?

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Attached: 1633639868422.jpg (1086x1086, 403.09K)

>>131018612Nah, it’s clear he enjoys the fans shipping his characters, he just wanted his show to stay focused on it’s themes and not get muddled in shipping nonsense like too many other shows before it.



>>131019731That day can't come soon enough.


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>>130979760shit artstyle

>>131016464>>131016587I was the judge.

Attached: libby gets flashed.png (1920x1080, 3.68M)

>>130979760All ships are bad. Romance kills every single piece of media it touches

>>131022169*Except for Amphibia and Owl House

>>131001346Wait!, there some thing funny here

>>130979760>Libby>in a lesbian relationship>implying she isn't honor-bound to uphold her Jewish bloodlineWell, unless you're one of those sane people who agree that the Thai girl having the cock makes a lot more sense.

>>131022123Three clones for one judge? Sounds like a little much really.

>>130995993>they literally call it the "Lil' hooker" lineRemember when Simpsons' social commentary had bite? Draw Andrea in whichever of the two you like better, although I hope you use both. (Pretty sure this was some artificial outrage meme invented by the conservatives though. The closes real life kids came to this kind of clothes is the midriff fad).>>130984680>I'll jump on your dick and then throat it while I lick your ballsLibby is a nasty girl.>>131006937A crosdressing boy isn't queer as long as he's straight.>>131003342She's a streamer. This is probably canon.>>131010986I absolutely love stuff like this. There's so little art out there that's simultaneously cute and naughty without being too farfetched or out of character.

Attached: lil hooker line s15e16.jpg (960x720, 118.57K)

>>131022123>>131022628need extra two for both of lobby feet

>>131023006Oh of course. You can't forget them. Nothing else will win her over as assuredly.

Attached: Molly and feet.png (1020x555, 645.21K)

Attached: 1634535447135.png (602x771, 193.23K)

>>131022150Even Sharon's? I applaud your dedication, user.

>>131016587sometimes you gotta focus on the little things to make the big things matter

>>131023240>>131023240Sharon's dick is just really big okay.

Attached: 1635629348330.png (719x388, 300.35K)

>>130985463This is pretty fucking cool.


Attached: 1637686507421.png (828x928, 185.08K)

Attached: 1636407235464.jpg (800x491, 127.26K)

>>131022473I'm sure Molly will be up to the task.

>>131023280Yeah, I thought so as well. That's why I'm surprised you'd go for it. She'd be sure to have a monster. She'd probably be a monster with it as well.

>>>/trash/48174621Looks like some stills/backgrounds from the shows got leaked?

>>131023926Are they going to do the same outfits/costumes they used for the Chiba shorts?

>>131023926officially posted =/= leakedPlease don't use misleading hype-speak. But still interesting. As a spooky show, the Halloween episode has to be pretty high quality, their reputation depends on it.


Attached: 1539887760181.png (261x200, 20.77K)

>>131024048Where were they posted officially?

>>131024048I don't know if I'd call anything posted on this site officially posted.

>>131024048It's nowhere near Halloween. Why not post it in spooktober?

>>131024048>>131024066I'm looking through the show and creator's twitters and I ain't seeing shit about it. If it was posted here first, it's a leak.

Attached: 1644850024776.png (1083x834, 1.27M)

>>131024021I sort of doubt it. I would be really surprised if we got cat girl Libby officially in the show. Witch Andrea is more reasonable but I wouldn't be surprised if she went wild for her Halloween outfit. I'd also really hope some of the other girls get their own costume as well.

>>130985463Does anyone actually ship Libby and Scratch? if anything a threesome with them tolerating each other to make Molly happy would make more sense, great drawing tho

>>131024184Yeah, it's pretty bizarre right now. We don't know where it may have come from so I don't really know what else to call it. Some nice looking backgrounds though.

Attached: Libby theories.png (1920x1080, 1.9M)

>>131024339I wouldn't say I ship them but I would really like to see another episode with the two of them as the leads. I'd want to see what kind of dynamic they'd have after agreeing Molly needs the two of them. I also don't blame anyone for thinking it would be funny if they ditched Molly. Molly having to third wheel because Scratch and Libby hit it off oddly well could be kind of funny. If a little sad.

Attached: Libby and Scratch ditching Molly.png (1920x1080, 2.13M)

Any ideas what they'll homage or parody for the Halloween episode? The christmas one was just a lame version of the christmas carol so I guess they won't try to do anything besides surface-level references.

Attached: 1641840188103.png (687x484, 461.14K)

>>131024382Kek, they love Molly but she did almost get herself killed in one of her convoluted schemes so I think it's fair they kind of debrief without Molly after. Lord knows she won't learn her lesson. >>131024387desu now they're more established a genuinely unsettling episode would be nice, not too scary but something like the Hash Slinging Slasher ep. levels of spooky but funny.

>>131024387Eh, I thought it was kind of cute how Molly's scheme was to badly recreate The Christmas Carol. But I can see it not being entertaining for everyone. Either way, I'd hope they dig in deep with some of the supernatural stuff. Really push what they can get away with in the scare department if possible. Though I would think a story about ghosts usually using Halloween as a good excuse to really get some scare bonuses and be more obvious with their scaring would be more reasonable expectation. Probably involving Scratch trying to really get that big scare bonus and maybe constantly failing. If we at least get some fun jokes and cute costumes I'll be happy. But I do hope they push the creepiness they can get away with.

Attached: Scheeming behind a pillar Molly winter edition.png (1920x1080, 1.8M)

>>131024387I know it'll never happen but I'd love a treehouse of horror like episode where Molly goes full psycho. Maybe a friday the 13th parody.

>>131017331she did the voice of the son of bigfoot I don't remember the name but its on netflix and he is dressed kinda like marty from back to the future

Attached: 1637284779604.jpg (1280x720, 850.48K)

>>131024048>misleading hype-speakNigga, what do you call unreleased show material anonymously posted on an imageboard in a completely unofficial capacity?

Attached: fix_the_pup.jpg (480x360, 13.78K)

>>131024520Yeah I hope they try to do more than just one Halloween episode. Scratch trying to get a scare bonus is the most obvious thing that could happen besides a spooky song.

>>131020449God you are like the bbc spammer on Holla Forums>>131022473jew girls are told they have free reign to be lesbian, date non jews do whatever they want as long as they settle down and marry a jewish man

>>131024815Yeah, and just because it's the most obvious doesn't mean I wouldn't want something else more out there.. If we get lucky and they plan out a few episodes to release in October then its possible we could get more than one this year.

>>130980603Her Vaporware hair and clothes color vaguely looks like trans flag, and the autistic wordplay of her name...Andrew transitioned into Ardria

>>130980758Molly girls cosplay the Amphibia girls eould be epic from school uniform, to adventure wear to goddess powers.

>>130980603modern cartoons are about haveing a place for adults to project their mental illnesses onto

>>131013580Not using a luger.

>>131016953Looks like she geniunely liked to be ste star child of the family.

>>131020425No depressed face.

>>130979760>>130980041>>130980142>>130980163>>130980182>>130980196Her cock is longer than average

>>131024520Oh shit, I just Got "Until Dawn" vibes from that pic.Better hold the controller still or...

>>131025867>Better hold the controller still or...I can't help but feel Molly would fail this immediately.

>>131025814Like this?

Attached: Screenshot_20220601-022729~2.png (1433x1440, 1.6M)

>>131023634Thanks>>131024339It's not so much that I ship them as much as I think they're a funny looking duo

Attached: tumblr_f9e18f6adbdf5549ecb8d307c84043c6_260bc70a_540.gif (600x337, 3.54M)

>>131026599Not him, but that's more of a "someone texted me a gif of a waterfall while I need to pee" face

>>131026783Well damn, I can't believe how appropriate of a description that is for that face.

Attached: Screenshot_20220601-022759~2.png (2442x1440, 2.57M)

>>130985463This is some darn good stuff. Extra impressed to see it's traditional. I'm glad to see this duo get some attention. They could be fun.

>>131027023Much appreciation. I think Libby and Scratch make a cool duo too

There are new festival booths.

Attached: Halloween TGAMM scene.png (720x279, 357.47K)

>>131025843and yet so feminine... How does she do it?

>>131027371Will Andrea have a kissing booth?


>>131025774If I draw a luger I have to draw a armband if I draw the armband I have to draw the whole uniform if I draw the uniform I have to draw Auschwitz and side charactersDrawing a luger would take too much time and only make a few people happy

>>131027371does anyone have a rull resoltion of this I saw the 2000x 570ish version but I don't think thats full size either

>>131028900Ass kissing booth

Holding Andrea's hand

>>131028900She also has a diaper changing booth. Libby gets hers for free

>>131030351Thems my hands, get off!

>>131030572>get offOh, I will!

>>130979760>getting into 'ships at allwhat are you 16?

Attached: 1637824658031.png (1440x1422, 1.04M)

>>131016248nta but i do know it's Slavyan behind that artstyle


Attached: pits.png (732x888, 333.55K)

>>130980777god i love this alt design>>130993263UOOHHHHHHHH

>>131026941>Andrea loses the battle while Molly looks on in embarrassed sympathy

Attached: 1634541396525.jpg (432x498, 20.74K)

What did Andrea ask?

Attached: 1638687367930.png (1074x1572, 276.58K)

>>131031786something something foot fetish

>>130979760>I think Molly with Libby makes more senseits more obvious but idk. molldrea is just more fun to me

>>131031786To have hapa children

>>131031786>"C'mon, I know you do it with Libby, plus the bathrooms are disgusting and SOMEONE keeps sending pictures of---">Andrea gets interrupted by a text notification>it's another waterfall gif>"Hnng! Please, I don't have a lot of time left!"

Attached: The.Ghost.And.Molly.Mcgee.S01E23E24.Game.Night.The.Dont.Gooder.Mp4_Snapshot_22.08_[2022.02.16_22.03.58].png (1920x1080, 2.77M)

>>131031822You beat me to it

Attached: The.Ghost.And.Molly.Mcgee.S01E23E24.Game.Night.The.Dont.Gooder.Mp4_Snapshot_21.23_[2022.02.16_22.02.33].png (1920x1080, 2.67M)

>>131032789>"... Molly? You forgot to put my skirt back on!">"Oh my gosh, Andrea! What are you wearing?!">all of the other students laugh uproariously

>>131031187Yeah, I had figured that much but it seems like they never post their other Molly stuff on that account. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place or something.

>>131031914Ok, you made me jiggle

Attached: 1637207912677.png (130x286, 34.12K)

>>131031914Well, now she knows the dark side to texting. Will she make it in time?

>>131031786"My moms not in town and daddy needs a comfort girl for tonight...he said he thought you looked cute and I know that you need money after what happened to your dad. What do you say? Some for your time and the rest for your silence. You want to help your family don't you?"

Attached: 1646270127347.jpg (1920x1080, 241.74K)

Attached: The.Ghost.And.Molly.Mcgee.S01E23E24.Game.Night.The.Dont.Gooder.Mp4_Snapshot_16.07_[2022.02.16_21.52.54].png (1920x1080, 3.12M)

>>131031222The classic shot of Andrea's pits.


>>131035036quick save it, we can still taste her mouth on the rim if we lick it

>>131025843And stronger too. You see since she is so feminine all the testosterone goes down there, making it a super cock.

Attached: 1654061193138[1].png (619x520, 105.63K)

>>131035327Is that how this stuff works? Would explain why some are packing massive monsters down there some times. How does Andrea hide it so well?

>>131035327that's hot

>>131031786She's going to flip a sale sign outside her family store.

>>131035632>How does Andrea hide it so well?She doesn't she is just so charismatic and fashionable nobody ever notices, its a borderline super power.

>>130979760Better, Libby x Andrea

Attached: 10AE8377-2A2C-4ABC-89CE-0051A8121F9D.png (1246x1333, 457.85K)

>>131036524sounds problematic

Attached: 1628049382910.png (500x493, 335.24K)

>>131036524I'm up for this one. Sounds like it could be fun.

Attached: Excited Andrea and a tired and confused Libby.png (1090x1080, 1.49M)


>>131036869It's always back to the feet. Can't help but wonder if Libby rubbed of on her or if Libby picked it up from Andrea.

Attached: The.Ghost.And.Molly.Mcgee.S01E23E24.Game.Night.The.Dont.Gooder.Mp4_Snapshot_13.35_[2022.02.16_21.49.34].png (1920x1080, 2.75M)

>>131033049From what I can tell, they don't post on their main socials immediately and show it firsthand here or on discord

>>131037467That's what I had thought but I remember them doing some great Tammy stuff a while ago that never seems to have made it to their socials. I had thought that maybe I was checking the wrong account but it doesn't look like it. I guess they just don't post that stuff there.

>>131037212What a perfect girl.

Attached: 1633355352329.jpg (836x840, 64.06K)

Attached: 1634958132875.jpg (1470x1050, 105.84K)

>>131038547Is Libby a cat there? I would have thought wolf would be more her style.


>>131038547wtf is this from?

>>131036596>neo-nazi reformed by khazar milkersThe comforting content we need in this trying times

>>131038693It is a wolf

>>131036703Molly trying to get her friends to fuck. Alright.

>>131039868Awww a Jew in wolf’s clothing, that’s really sweet

>>131039793One of the Chibi Tiny Tales Molly has gotten over the

Attached: Tiny Tales Scratch Robs chibi Andrea and Libby.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)

>>131039892Makes sense. Andrea and Libby could be fun together and it would probably be a good way to enhappify both. It's a win win really for everyone involved. Well, except for Molly if they end up ditching her.

>>131039868Really? I would have thought the little whiskers would mean cat. That and that she's hanging with Andrea who is dressed like a witch which are usually paired with black cats. But I may have just read it wrong. Maybe the little fang peeking through is supposed to mean wolf.

>>131040467she is the bloodhound of truth

Attached: 1653822632399[1].webm (1920x1080, 561.62K)

Would Andrea make a good witch?

>>131040866She'd probably make a good bad witch. A great and powerful one even.

>>131040854Goodbye thread

>>131041493What do ya mean, user?

>>131040854>Jewish girl smells a dollar bill without the characteristic odors of a hand, wallet or pocket around it

>>131040854>Hey, you're pretty good! I'm putting together a pack. Interested?

Attached: 1497210286333.jpg (768x1224, 731.15K)

>>130979760at least some of it is the awkwardness in your pic op. its very endearing

>>131041841I'd be concerned she'd break Libby in half. But I'd still want to see what would come of them forming a pack.

>>130991019Her hand is backwards topkek

>>131042282She has two right hands. I'm a little concerned about that.

>>131041841>>131042130How would Lynn Vs Tammy play out?

Attached: image_2022-06-02_000328216.png (720x1024, 259.11K)

>>131043214Huh. It didn't occur to me how similar the two of them could be. I'd imagine they'd probably play a never ending game of one upmanship. Constantly competing in everything they can. Honestly, it could be fun to see and they may both end up enjoying having someone equally as sporty and competitive. Might honestly be a fun dynamic.

>>131043526Ya know everyone loves making fanart of characters in Loud House's artstyle, but I'm sure some of the loud's would look amazing in TGAMMs artstyle.

Attached: image_2022-06-02_004335247.png (3186x1920, 630.87K)

>>131043549Oh absolutely. If JCM2 has taught me anything is that a lot of the Louds would look great in different styles. Molly's style is very nice and appealing and I'm sure some of the Louds would transfer over very well. I'd be personally hoping to see Luan in this style. Not just because she's my favorite but I'd want to see how they would handle braces in this style. I don't think we've seen anyone with them yet. But that aside, I do think there could be some potential in mixing things there.

>>131043214the whole episode would be Lynn losing her mind waiting for Tammy because she is a one-off character who will never be seen again

>>131043700Dude, what the heck. Even if it is true, that's not cool. I'm still confused by that one crew member's weird dislike of Tammy.

Attached: 1649574630209.jpg (1200x1200, 100.99K)

>>131043727sorry user you need to rip off that bandaid now before it gets worse.Tammy died in a car crash on the way home from the gameThats why you see the other girls but not herSpend your time on the "living" girls

Attached: 1648091634411.png (540x742, 523.27K)

>>131043549Why? Loud House style is fucking ugly

>>131043928No, I don't want to let go just yet. She's still out there and I won't forget her till I see her again. Even if the only place I see her is in fan art.

Attached: Screenshot_20220424-142251~2.png (2446x1440, 2.21M)

>>131044061I can help you see her again anonJust give me the word

Attached: 1644349431268.jpg (497x571, 52.63K)

>>131044000I wouldn't call it ugly, at least not for the Louds, but there are some weird bits to it. I didn't even know it was a thing for people to draw characters in The Loud House style.

>>131044262How? You going to win over that one crew member that hates her? If so, then godspeed there user. I'll be here trying to manifest more Tammy.


>>131044000>Loud House style is fucking uglyTrips confirmed

Attached: chadcheck.jpg (622x615, 108.82K)

>>130980041>>130979760Her blue gradient hair and those eyes are really pleasant to stare at.


>>131042535Ze hang man!

>>130995993I like this one>>131044620I meant I was going to kill you so that you could be with dead tammy

Attached: 1654094802093m.jpg (537x1024, 64.86K)



>>131047845It is a very nice look.

Attached: Screenshot_20211004-011712~2.png (1733x1366, 1.27M)

>>131049085Yes, I know. I was just trying to ignore obvious signs like I do when I try to believe we'll see her again.

>>131049946Baseball uniforms aren’t that cute

Mu favorite archetype of the yuri genre is the villian x hero or bully x mc.

Attached: IMG_20220518_115244.jpg (1024x1516, 185.65K)

>>131050667Andrea still pulls it off.

Attached: Screenshot_20211004-010641~2.png (2404x1350, 1.91M)

Attached: 4625032 - Andrea_Davenport The_Ghost_and_Molly_McGee cammicatbug.jpg (981x1377, 628.55K)

>>131050717My guy, that is the best shit, not limited just to yuri, but all types. Hero/villain is just nice. The more angry and venous they are towards each other, the cuter


>>131048434This show can't escape the Jojo but with cute girls and ghosts thing. Which I'm actually kind of glad for and actually kind of want to see more of personally. I'm just surprised that no one has read Shaman King.

>>131052446This is the power of Andrea