What Holla Forums waitresses would work at Cluck Queen? How would they react when their bfs came in with other women?

What Holla Forums waitresses would work at Cluck Queen? How would they react when their bfs came in with other women?

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>>130970207kys and your shit fetish

>>130970207>MahmapuuShe still around here ?

>>130970207Nothing like posting hand drawn lewd loli art at eating establishments infested with normalfags


>>130970207This looks like fucking shit and unironically fucking end yourself!

>>130970207Original costume pic by MahmaPuu.

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stop worshipping an artist just because he's maybe femaleyou incels are insufferable

>>130970207Star, Tootie, Kim Possible, Mabel, and Red Action

>>130970266Yes, she

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>new wave of queaning Based.

>>130970266Anon... there are legit female artists that either draw lewd and obscene material or actually visit here. I know it's hard to believe but they exist. There's Hoshime and Glassfish, and we even had a nerd thristy fem drawfag.

>>130970243She comes down here once and while for ideas

>>130970207Why is she whitewashed


>>130970471Why tootie? She has the best ending of the possible characters to pair with timmy?

>>130971727In the end yeah but through out the show she is sidelined by other girls that Timmy liked

puu go to bed

>>130971778She won't rest until the entire internet is filled with Steven x Spinel art and cuckquean Connie art

>>130971601I was taking the piss, an associate of mine insisted MP was a dude in his 30s who flips his identity every 5 years. >>130970567 makes it clear at the very least the '30 year old dude' part isn't the case.

>>130971817I like her art, cuck stuff isnt my thing she seems cool but Im partial to spinelxsteven because of it

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>>130970207Sensible chuckle at the joke. Legitimately cute design otherwise. A thread died for this, though.

Forget the fetish, I want bored, dead inside qt wagies in those uniforms, taking my order with their indifferent monotone voice.

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>>130971856She inspired niggatoro and that hilarious Swain page of her reading Senpai's sketchbook with the fetish art in it

>>130971856She's just one of those artist with nice art who follows the trends while also having a personal favorite thing to drawDon't know how long she'll do Steven universe stuff because that train is pretty much out of steam at this point

>>130971895>>130971902>niggatoro > nice art who follows the trendsSee im so slow to jump on trends, more power to her, when ever theres a trend on nsfw twitter I cant be assed to join in.

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>>130971992It's alrightWe're all getting old and stop caring about what the cool kids are doing

>>130972015its the name of the game now on social media, sadly. I am getting too old, I just want to farm and draw titties for money with my friends

>>130972087That's kinda how it's been for over a decade nowPeople react to something recognizable than something original

>>130971881I know exactly what you mean

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>>130970207What would their signature item be? Maybe a promotional item they're making the employee's suggest when ordering>Okay... 2 Clucky meals with extra BF sauce, would you like to... *sigh* queen size that?"

>>130972115Anyone who can make original ideas/characters and get a shit ton of views is a sorcerer. Literal black magic in 2022


>>130970295That's fucking adorable and I hope Spinel fucking hugs and kisses Connie and thanks her for being such a good sport about their relationship dynamic, and lets her have sex with Steven when she's a good girl who obeys her.

>>130972204It's all about finding what appeals to people at the time

>Hatebit hasn't been on here for year

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>>130970207I want to fuck Mahmapuu

>>130972337We know SiR

>>130970207chicken is pedo code.

>>130972330I do not know if this is still the case. but I recall seeing on his social that he was unable to post, I believe he was ranged banned possibly, like I said I'm not sure.

>>130972168So their crushes go there with their own girlfriends?

>>130970207Cucked Stephen > Cucked Connie

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>>130972509I disagreeCuckqueaning should be the new standard of NTR of the current decade

>>130970295lmao what the fuck is that Spinel, looks like a Liefeld characters without the bimbo face.


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>>130970207We really need to bring back kink shaming


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>>130972842What do you think the trad wife fags have been doing?

>>130972809Poor Connie


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>>130973125She deserves it after that shit where she took lion because she was angry at him

>>130970207>El Pollo Loco/Dairy Queen mashupI'm sure they just mean a Mexican chicken restaurant with an ice cream machine, but my mind immediately tries to combine the two types of food. You wouldn't want the concoctions...

>>130973207>Diary queen employees turn the blizzards they make upside for the customer>Cluck queen does the same>"See ma'am nice and thick... like a creamy BF load should be. Thank you for choosing Cluck Queen"

>>130972842We need to start with the feetfags first though.


>>130973643Feets seems to still be considered weird, but in other hand ass eating is being more accepted than ever, i no longer have to hide my love for round butt

>>130970567>uglythat's sad

>>130972526Cuckqueaning only works if the male is likeable.

>>130973660>>130973701While true, feetfags are becoming increasingly brazen as of late. We need to quell the uprising before it even starts.

>>130973307In what way is that a reply?

>>130970207So, catgirls and bunnygirls are out, and the new fetish fuel is chickengirls? Not sure I'm buying it.

>>130973820It only works if the male is innocent

>>130970567I'm not sure if the fact that she really is a melanin enriched individual makes some of her specific kinks more worrying or enhances them.

>>130973964EhLet the gal have her weird fetishEven if it is cuckqueaning and bleaching

I want to cuck Sapphire

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>>130974093Wouldn't she see this future happening from a long ways away? Honestly, it would be kind of a trip.


>>130973964Definitely enhances.

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>>130974093We all do

>>130970207Wh-what's going on here? I feel like I've been in a coma for a month and you guys got so retarded in the interim that you're just posting complete nonsense. Why is she a chicken woman? Why is she white?

>>130974867It’s a cucking thing for Connie. Spinel cucks her, cuck sounds like cluck

>>130970207>came for the waitress part>most of thread is the cuck part and SU shitFuck it give me a waitress and I'll draw her in that badly

>>130970567fat bitch

>>130974987I don’t know any waitresses in cartoons. I’m just gonna say Sasha from Amphibia


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>>130974987What did you expect

>>130974987Star butterfly.

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>>130974987Ideally people would be drawing cuck characters in the chicken waitress getup (Star Butterfly, Pearl, Zahra, etc.). Preferrably serving the guy they like and 'the other woman'.

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>>130973978She also draws black girls femdomming whitebois

>>130973866No, catgirl and bunnygirls are hot, so they should be the vixens ('the other woman'). The chicken costume is cute but sort of pathetic, so perfect for the cuckquean.


Holla Forums: Bitches and moans that there aren't more stories where The Guy gets The Girl. "Whatever happened to wholesome shit?"also Holla Forums: Sees The Guy get The Girl and starts demanding cuck/cuckqueen content, because Fuck That Wholesome Shit.

>>130976786That's because Holla Forums isn't one person or group user

>>130976817Yes but it's more fun to mock things by generalizing.

>>130976899That just makes someone come off as a retard instead of funny

>>130976978>unironicDo you want, ironic women on this board?

>>130972671Every single facial expression here is golden. Especially Steven's

>>130973820...how could a man be likeable if he's cheating on his girlfriend?

>>130977037if the girlfriend is also into it I assume

>>130976786The guys are the ones who want the wholesome shit, the girls want the cucking.

>>130977896degenerate broads

>>130976786I mean, people want wholesome stuff in their series, but fan art is just fantasies so it makes sense people would want silly and sometimes extreme fan art content.

>>130976396Who is this artist and do they have any more funnies, if you kindly?

>>130976786It’s all about the girl herselfAnd Connie is a bitch


>>130970356>stop worshipping an artist just because he's maybe femaleYou have no power.


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>>130981195Now I feel a little silly. I remember seeing his earlier but I didn't get what the outfits were a reference too.

>>130981195So this is the original pic? Artist?

>>130981195Cute Jasper

>>130981195>Hatebit still has proportion issuesWe never grow do we? Also shouldn't Jasper be the cuck?


>>130970295>cucknie>bullnelHoly based mahmapuu

>>130981396Oh thanks. But Hatebit said here >>130970207 that MahmaPuu designed the outfit?

>>130981638YesIt's in the thread

>>130970314That is a very cute Connie.


>>130972509And then Stephen becomes a villain and I become interested in watching his show.

>>130971817Nor should she

>>130970207Get it it's funny because when you remove the L from Cluck Queen and you get-


>>130978738The majority of femanons would be happy with being doxxed, tracked down and raped into being slave gfs for anons. Nothing would be more satisfactory to a stinky femanon’s heart than wearing a dog leash, either some crusty spare from the closet when user was somehow given the oppurtunity to care for an animal, or maybe just some cheap horrible shit from walmart to wear, and then he just drags her around his shitty apartment or condo or his fucking parents house, to be so low as to be owned and abused by this micro-dicked incel and have him rape her and beat her and make her feel noticed and prepared for for once. It’s either that or becoming a dude for femanons.

Mahmapuu is plain and probably on the heavy side but I'd still pound her and say she was in Paris (she seems into that)

>>130986004>t. Femanon

>>130986098Why the paris thing?

>>130986943N word reference

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>>130987220>>130986943Puu seems like the kind of black girl that's into race play

>>130987234>Oshiokete, paisen>Parisu ni wa dare?

>>130970207>el pollo locoWho would be the Gus of this establishment, and what drug would he/she be the kingpin of?

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>>130987952I’m gonna say Pearl because I don’t know anyone older in age who got cucked a lot.I would say Kim but I Ike her as a teenager here working here:

>>130971881>Forget the fetishSounds like you have a fetish for girls turning into dumbed down wagies for life.Girls with bright shining futures reduced to fast food slingers. They could have gone anywhere, done anything, but they took this job as a means to get some extra cash to follow those dreams and only realized too late it was a trap they'd never escape from.Then the manager shows them the new skimpy uniforms corporate has sent out and she has to wear from now on, either she's too numb to the drudgery, become too much of a bimbo, or some combination of both to refuse. She'll keep standing at that counter repeating the same corporate slogans as her cleavage is put on full display and her ass hangs out the back of the wedgie inducing bottoms

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>>130987952Hilda's momSUPER birth control

>>130987329Post the shit where Niggatoro is beat up with a black eye and saying "thank you daddy" or something like that. This mahupu nigga is all sorts of fucked up.

>>130977008It's already ironic that most of Holla Forums is non-whites. Finding out a large percentage of posters actually are femoids would be doubly hilarious.

>>130988470/pol/ is more diverse than the Huffington Post!And more open to rational debate, as well.

The outfits are cute but boy does the subject matter turn my stomach.

>thread has been up for almost a day>puu hasn't appeared yetThis is so sadAlexa, play Nigga Nigga Nigga by Gangsta Rap

>>130987239Well she did draw pic of a slave girl saying masta She probably has a bleached fetish

>>130989615She doesn't always come to post in threadsShe usually is just lurking


>>130989954Why do I find the outfits cute or why am I turned off by cuckoldry?

>>130989988The latter

>>130990068That's a question with an answer that's bound to ruffle feathers. Put delicately as possible though, some fetishes rub people the wrong way. What's hot to some is totally gross to others. If that sounds like a non-answer it kinda is. It's a bit personal with these sorts of things you see and I'm not sure why you would want to hear more about my thoughts past how I already injected my hot take.

>>130988064>capitalist exploitation fetishPaging Murrlogic..

>>130990256Just wondering

>>130989988>cluckholdery Fixed

>>130981195So wait.. are the 'bulls' also employed by the restaraunt? Or do they just go there dressed like that with the cuckquean's bf to tease her?


>>130990313The Cluck Queen serves the food to her bf while the Dairy Cow gives the bf the complementary titjob/blowjob.

>>130989793Someone with a twitter acc page @NotMahmaPuu please.

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>>130990374She won’t come down even if we askShe was here a few days ago when someone shipped her with SiR

>>130990402It's cause you're all too racist. Or not racist enough?

>>130977806Considering this place is anonymous, literally anyone could be black. Even YOU could be black.

>>130990289Well as long as I gave you enough fair warning: Of all the explanations of cuckolding I have seen given - Particularly of those with the fetish, it's in no uncertain terms always been described as arousal of the emotional pain inflicted. People being turned on by hurting someone emotionally seems spurious with the concept of any kind of love or affection. With traditional BDSM, the pain is typically just physical, while a strong bond of love and trust is explicit in some fashion. Aftercare being critical to that. I just can't find it hot to be made to feel unloved or to try and make someone feel unloved do someone's gratification. The two ideas in my mind are simply diametrically opposed. Hope that helps.

>>130990333>>130990310That got a chuckle out of me.Or a cluckle.

>>130990423I don’t knowApparently she left before because someone called her a Jew

>>130990470There's different types. Some get off from the humiliation element. Some just like seeing their boyfriend being an alpha stud and fucking hot women.

>>130970207Dear God I hate Connie so much its unreal.Steven should come in on a "joke" date with Priyanka.

>>130990602Only if Priyanka soft bullies her

>>130990583I suppose. Though the latter almost seems closer to voyeurism or exhibitionism. Assuming I'm thinking of the right terms there.

>>130972757Wait, why is the plushie blue then suddenly yellow?

>>130990746Coloring error

>>130990618NahShe needs to be a Dommy mommy

>>130991067How much of a dommy mommy?

>>130991085The dommiest.

>>130991085If Steven is not holding her hand everywhere around town and getting whipped at home followed by cuddling, then it isn’t dommy enoughShe needs to have him wearing a collar with his name on it with her address on the back of the tag

>>130970207>Cluck QueenThe fuck is that?

>>130991192A restaurant where cuckqueans work

>>130991120What does his collar say?

>>130991297It says Steven - Property of Priyanka MaheswaranOn the back it says If lost return to here and it has the address

>>130991368Does he have to call her mommy in front of public during dates?

>>130991421Yes or he calls her ma’am

>>130991432Would she tell people he’s her son?

>>130991120>It’s a Steven gets breastfed in public episode

>>130991067How does Connie feel

>>130991586She hates and hates that her dad is into it

>>130991601Her dad is into Priyanka owning Steven?

>>130991465She say he’s her son when walking out in day but at night she tells people he’s her pet

>>130991622Does he get taken out on walks? How clothed is he?

>>130970567She seems pretty good at drawing, despite hehe racial handicap

>>130991669He is taken out on walks once a day for an hour and he’s only allowed to wear his underwear

>>130991815How does he deal with any women staring at him?

>>130991823He must endure it and Priyanka takes care of any women getting a little handstand with him without her permission

>>130991861Imagine if she stripped him nude for them to take photos

>>130991904She only makes him do that when it’s in her backyard

>>130987234black Otaku weeb girls at anime conventions when they see an Asian guy walk by

>>130991947How trainer is he in serving her?

>There are men in this thread who want women to tell them what to do.Priyanka belongs on a leash!

>>130992101No, she’s for breastfeeding Steven while Connie watches

>>130992008He does what she tells him to do and he calls her mommy or ma‘am

>>130992297I like to think she replaces Rose in his image of his mother.

>>130992345She has Vadalia redraw the painting and have Steven burn the rose painting in front of her

>>130992412Only Steven’s crotch isn’t covered. Does Priyanka peg him?

>>130992444She only does it when he’s been particularly brattyOther or that he begs for it when she’s teased him enough

>>130992494How bratty can he get? I’m assuming he chose to regress to classic Steven

>>130972509Cucked Steven doesn't even work because he has like 30 billion bitches waiting in the wings. My nigga could walk into little homeworld and come away with 50 kids, at least. How many gems do you think see Steven as a fucking messiah, he could clap beaucoup cheeks, but he chooses not to for he is a good lad. By virtue of there being Gems that still hate Steven, there must also be Gems who are in love with him, a few intergalactic Steven fanclubs. How many Gem simps would Steven have in a species of 4 trillion individuals.

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>>130992518When he gets too embarrassed he refuses to do what she asks but over time he’s learned to listen

>>130992603Public spankings in front of Gems?

>>130992626She brings her riding crop just for that reason

>>130992659Dose he get cuddles afterwards?

>>130972528She's a rubberhose character, it's like the one time those proportions are excusable.

>>130992682Only if he apologizes for the way he acted

>>130988064Not much for the idea of women who squandering their potential or future but you had me at their fat asses sticking out from the costume.>Conceptualize the jiggle of their cellulite rich butt cheeks as they turn to get your food.

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>>130992744He would probably do it while crying for mommy

>>130988020I just picture a very chipper and peppy Pearl moving quickly around the restaurant filling in various roles that need her. Reminding the employees to always repeat their slogans as they take orders, acting like a mother hen with the cooking, cleaning and taking orders from the customers.

>>130992822And she hug him and tell she’s here for him

>>130992863Loving it a lot especially if she wears a version of the outfit, who would be her employees

>>130992878All while petting him before heading home and climbing into bed

>>130992943Where he’ll oil her and a massage and they’ll whisper loving words into each others ears

>>130993020He worships her at this point. Like a horny little puppy

>>130993038And she’ll give her horny little puppy all the love he needs

>>130992863>>130992893Everytime they sell some special order or meet some promotional goal, the female cashier has to do chicken wing flaps with her arms saying "Cluck cluck cluck" or something like that and I can just see Pearl stopping whatever she's doing to make sure the cashier does the stupid little dance with pearl herself doing the little jig with the cashier, all the while with a big smile on her face.

>>130970356you're such a bitch user

>>130972842Die you scum

>>130993981I hope it’s the dance. Along with shaking of the ass

>>130970207How is that a waitress uniform? It doesn’t even have an apron. It’s terribly unsafe to have the skin in the apron area exposed when someone is going to be handling hot food. She doesn’t even have pockets for her pens or anything.

>>130994777Do you go to Hooters and>ACKSHUALLYthe waitresses?

>>130994843He probably does

>Soon Puu will be taking Sirs horsecock

>>130994843I am a health and safety inspector and I only harass the waitresses at Hooters because I am paid to do so. Not because I have a waitress fetish.

>>130995781>Puu will also be able to get to Bea’s they/them pussy


>>130994777I mean, some places do have ridiculous outfits.

>>130997132And they are terribly impractical, making it much more difficult for me to get off on them.

>>130997155Isn't the impractically of it supposed to be part of the appeal though? Like it only exists to cause arousal and is actually a detriment to them otherwise?

>>130990746I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never noticed that because I was too busy with the last panel.

>>130997888Way to fuck up the meme Puu

>>130979426This. Queaning works best when the girl has earned her suffering. If it's just bad stuff happening to a good person then it's sad and fucked. If the person getting queaned is either a piece of shit or kinda let/allowed it to happen (see Star Vs) then it's funny and excellent.Connie, like the rest of SU, is boring trash so I don't really care one way or the other.

I read a good fic about connie being cucked by her mom are there any more, like with spinel?

>>130998764Not sure, I would think those kind of fics are sort of rare. Which one did you read?

>>130998764post a link Holla Forumsmrade

Did OP mean to type 'cuck'?

>>130999101No he said it correctlyShut up Boco



>>130973137>>130972809>>130972784>>130972769>>130972757>>130972709>>130972693>>130972671>>130972655>>130972632>>130972530>>130972509Hey, dumb BITCH. The thread's about waitresses you malformed fetus.

>>130999281He can be about both waitress and cuckingI mean wagies are already getting cucked by their government

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>>130999384NiceNew OC

>>130970567She looks like a girl I've seen on pornhub a few times.

>>130999740She looks like Darkwetdreemz

>>130999384Did this just get posted?

>>130999842yeah seems like itShe hasn't posted it on her twitter yet

>>130999888checked and sad

>>130999888Well darn. Glad to see she still hangs around then.

>>130999912She did say she's in most of the Steven universe threads looking for ideas

>>130999384Based Puu>>130999281Don’t make it a cuck waitress thread then dumbass

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>>130970295i think her art is cute as fuck.

>>130999384Oh hey it is Memorial Day

>>131000210It is one of those days we forget we have

>>130997854I just don’t see why anyone would call themselves a self respecting waitress fetishist and then not appreciate any of the elements of a waitress uniform. If you like burlesque costumes that’s one thing, but wanting to see women delivering food in them is just silly. You wouldn’t say you think nurses are sexy and then expect art of girls wearing bikinis, but in a hospital.

>>131000296I would.

>>131000296>You wouldn’t say you think nurses are sexy and then expect art of girls wearing bikinis, but in a hospital.YesYes I do actually

>>131000296You do have a point. Though I don't think the waitress part of it is really what people are being drawn to in this thread. Honestly, I'm thinking it's more like themed costumes rather than an actual serving uniform. I suppose it is a bit of false advertising in a way if actual serving uniforms are your thing. Sorry user.

>>130990711Speaking from the male perspective, the appeal of cuckqueaning is very much the emotional aspect - not humiliating or breaking emotional trust or any of that side of the fetish, that shit's a major turn-off for me, but willing cuckqueaning - the scenario of a woman who is so attracted to you, so in love with you that she feels compelled to share what she sees in you with others has a certain appeal to it.Which makes it all the weirder to me that I've basically NEVER in my life heard anyone who's a cuckold fetish make the same kind of argument for why it appeals to them. The women and men I see talk about having a cuckolding fetish only ever talk about humiliation, degradation, etc. It's fucking weird that there's no other side to it like there is with cuckqueaning.

>>130999384Hello Puu

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>>131001071I assume because double standard of what's attractive in a male and attractive in a female. A man with many women knows how to please women, a woman with many men isn't being satisfied by one of them. There's a reason most cuckquean porn seems to just be "threesomes on delay" rather than "pathetic lady loser sits in the corner" and like half the time that second one is japanese featuring a yandere rapist who literally wants to steal the man. Though Moopy Poo here definitely seems to be into the humiliation man stealing bit.

>>131000194That it definitely is.

>>131001618>"threesomes on delay" rather than "pathetic lady loser sits in the corner"Por que no los dos?

>>131000161I started the thread, and yeah, it was supposed to be about cuckqueans. Although I was hoping the cuckquean restaraunt idea could take off, similar to how other fetish-themed restaurants did (Femboy Hooters, Raisins, etc.)If you want a thread just about waitresses, start your own.

Attached: 20220531_015643.jpg (1048x501, 55.01K)

>>131003226Is that a video

>>130987234this is funny

>>130970207This is a potential competitor to raisins.Someone needs to draw art with some girls leaving to Cluck Queen since it fits their character descriptionMaybe star getting rejected from raisins and they tell her to go apply to Cluck Queen

>>130973820It works if the female is submissive enough or we hate the female character but she is still attractive

>>131004380We need a comic of star saying "welcome to cluck queens" and then gets cut off by marco and a group of girls laughing at her

>>131004455Jackie: >Hey Star? Don't you have to do a special song and dance if it's my birthday?Star:>S..sure, but I thought your birthday was on..Pearl: >Star! Remember what I told you about the customer always being right?Jackie: *smug smile>Today's my birthday, Star.*Star does her silly little dance clucking like a chicken while Jackie rubs her foot against Marco's crotch under the table. Marco smiles nervously trying to maintain composure.

>>130973207Mexican, huh? Do you suppose they serve nachos?

Attached: 1482867917196.jpg (2550x3300, 3.8M)

>>130970207>What Holla Forums waitresses would work at Cluck Queen?

Attached: 1500480939602.png (1280x620, 678.7K)

What would Connie's reaction be if she walked in and saw this

Attached: 1572274603628.png (631x850, 153.15K)


>>131005748Devastation. But also probably extreme exhaustion.

>>131005748Stevonnie got cucked

>>130988064>>130992752Nah, I agree with user. Cute girls getting worn down into a hopeless dejected shell of themselves from constant wageslaving and objectification is a great concept. It's like a more mundane and lighthearted version of mindbreak.

Attached: 169864508.png (2743x2160, 3.37M)


>>130999281Piss off faggotquit simping for a darkie who only draws 4 characters

>>131007246This is a sort of surprisingly layered situation.

>>130973820It only works if you're a massive hypocrite


>>130971727Saw him doing it in the last thread too. I'm guessing he's salty over Tootie cucking Trixie in the valentine's episode or something.

>>130970567Can this thing be considered a she

>>131009658Well there isn't any pronouns in her bioSo she's a she for now

>>130970567She looks like one of the dyke techies from the Earth episodes of Amphibia

>>131009827I still would

>>131011377Most of us would user but no all of us would date herSeems pretty hit and quit it kind of deal

>>131005304>cuck of waterSensible chuckle

>>131009397By fapping to it but also feeling disgusted when it's a male being cucked.

>>131012593Men and women are different

>>131012781Cuckshit hurts both the same.

>>131012593You’re supposed to imagine yourself as the bull, dummy. Unless it’s interracial you should be able to step into the shoes of whoever is railing the chick easily.

>>131013039Not to me obviously


>>130973820Cuckqueaning works if the male is likable and neglected by the slightly stuck up but sweet female. The male is routinely seduced by the she-bull who appreciates him more and will do nastier shit. It’s very important that the female make an effort to win the male back but be thwarted by getting in her own way. She-Bulls are always a step ahead even if the male is making an effort to be faithful. If he’s going to meet the female at a party, he’s going to be late because the She-Bull arrived at his place before he could leave as the female chastised him over the phone for not dressing properly. The female shops for maternity clothes while the male gets blown in the next changing stall. Cuckolding is best done when the female is timid but overcome by the bull’s machismo. The male should always be sympathetic but just unlikeable enough that you take pleasure in seeing him cucked. He has to on some level take the female for granted so when she’s seduced away you also see the bull as a hero. For instance if the male doesn’t want to go to some party the female wants to because he thinks it’s stupid, that’s when the bull will strike. If the couple is on vacation, the male will leave to get ice cream, leaving the female to be sun tan oil massaged by the bull. The male returns to find the female gone, ice cream melting in his hands.

>>131012593You realize most of us into this are women, right?

>>130998764>connie being cucked by her momLmao, pathetic.

Attached: 2588475 - Connie_Maheswaran Priyanka_Maheswaran Steven_Quartz_Universe Steven_Universe blargsnarf.png (1156x1080, 451.56K)

>>130998764Oh! I read that one too. I played a soundtrack from death note over it. It was the best thing i've ever read.


Attached: sample-c8be09cd7f49e8e87434c3606360055c.jpg (1400x539, 147.74K)


Attached: sample-a504e16dcb780450ac3eaeefab82afec.jpg (708x589, 84.04K)


Attached: 4244594 - AmonZone Connie_Maheswaran Priyanka_Maheswaran Steven_Quartz_Universe Steven_Universe.png (463x600, 109.93K)


Attached: 3553135 - Connie_Maheswaran Dude-Doodle-Do Priyanka_Maheswaran Steven_Quartz_Universe Steven_Universe comic.jpg (2480x962, 281.73K)


Attached: 3219566 - Connie_Maheswaran Nyoronyan Priyanka_Maheswaran Steven_Quartz_Universe Steven_Universe comic.png (1950x853, 483.43K)


Attached: 2975971 - Connie_Maheswaran Priyanka_Maheswaran Steven_Quartz_Universe Steven_Universe Zsky.png (668x468, 190.11K)


Attached: 2151080 - Connie_Maheswaran Priyanka_Maheswaran Steven_Quartz_Universe Steven_Universe garabatoz.jpg (638x480, 43.07K)

>>131007246This discussion kinda makes me want to make some more. Who are some good wagie girls I could make up a bright past story for?This needs a name too. Perhaps as an antithesis of bad end (Yet still having a similar direction) We could call these "Good beginnings"Hortense already has one >>130988064, how about the other girl in >>130971881 never seen the show she is from, does she have an established back story in her show or is she just a cannon fodder wagie girl? I know there is also Gloria from BCG but I can't say she's terribly appealing to me.Any other suggestions for wagie girls?

Attached: 1345512506232.jpg (1280x720, 324.89K)

>>131007246i read that in his voice lmao.Also it is a real shame what happened to squidbillies. IS the last season at least watchable?

>>130971881>>130988064>>130992752 >The semen demon returns Well I know what I'm doing next.

Puu truly is a showcase of black excellence

>>131015244there's that super cute goth fast food girl from the Chickenfoot episode of Invader Zim I always remember. She's only onscreen a few times, but looks absolutely miserable every time we do see her.>>131015355ehhh the final season felt like it was made more out of spite imo, so I kinda dropped after 3 or 4 episodes after losing interestthe scenes with Tammi were cute at least, probably the only reason I'd go back and finish

Attached: maria the chicky licky girl.png (1000x3000, 3.14M)

>>131015244>Any other suggestions for wagie girls?

Attached: image_2022-05-31_152806009.png (2585x1754, 1.74M)


Has it been so long Holla Forums, have you really forgotten?

Attached: .jpg (480x480, 31.84K)

>>131014382stop saying she-bull. Bulls are all men. Cows are women. But don't use the word cow either because it's already taken for a type of woman. The established word is homewrecker. Been in use for over a century. She-bull sounds like a racial slur against a race I've never heard of.

>>131014382I honestly prefer it when the male is a bit of a scumbag with just enough smarts and compassion to be on the edge of antihero and villain, and he is the one driving the cuckqueaning while gaslighting/dominating the girls to forward his agenda of getting a submissive wife and 1 or more fiesty mistresses.The passive subby self insert protag bores me, and I honestly never feel like he deserves anything of what he gets in terms of plot actions. It was always the female she-bull moving the plot and doing everything for him.The villain male pseudoantagonist might not deserve a harem karma-wise, but he is the one actually pushing the plot forward, getting involved in conflicts and resolving them, so him reaping the rewards after each plot beat is resolved makes the narrative sense.

>>131017412Didn't even think she was a fotm

>>131015825She is giving us some good content

>>131017609Vixen is the best word I've heard for 'the other woman'. A vixen is a fox, so a fox costume would make more sense.

>>131017920Fox in the henhouseThough I guess it would be going for the cock

>>131005748Where are the Niggatoro lewds?

>>131005748Broken hearted and extremely horny, She'd hate Stevinel but also want to fuck him


>>131018249This is just a tease. I was hoping for something lewder

>>131018360Yeah all the images are just teasing Fits the series

>>130970207Why is Connie White?

>>131018441She got cucked out of her skin color

>>131016496I feel like for these to work I'd have to change a lot about their living situations, also most already have back story that negates some of this premise>>131017412I don't know who that is>>131016402Maybe... If she started out as an anti-corporations goth that by the end is memorizing all her customer greeting slogans in a desperate attempt to get a meager raise... It could work. Can't say I'm fully on board with it though, I'll keep her as a fall back option.Same goes for Connie herself, she'd fit this situation really well but then it's just normal bad end and not this good beginning idea I wanna try. She's also a solid back burner option here.Have a chubby Gaz wagie

Attached: gaz bloaty.jpg (1000x1714, 900.74K)

Sapphire loves to watch

Attached: 4867e88d7647c3568cfeebff5a658f9c93630632~2.jpg (1650x933, 197.16K)

>>131016496>>131016402>>131015244Katy from Sublo and Tangy Mustard. She went to college and majored in fine arts. She now works at a sub sandwich fast food restaurant

Attached: image_2022-05-31_173014247.png (1279x720, 668.34K)

>>131018441Steven's girlfriend needed to borrow her melanin and never gave it back after she was done with it

>>130970567She's cute. I'd put mixed babies in her.

Attached: 1637301395536.jpg (900x1200, 80.78K)


>>131018672Bad ends are fun. Especially for Connie

>>130970207Puu a based bitch and I want her to find happiness with a thick dick white boy

Attached: FUIeYTpWIAIBA9C.jpg (3508x2480, 608.67K)

>>131020896I can agree with the last part but her basedness has yet to be truely shown

>>131020976Finnceline is PRETTY based

>>131020991It is based but that doesn't show how based she is

>>131021030haha know what would be really based? Is if she fucked a white dude on her drawing stream haha as a joke haha

Attached: 753a5951865a55322ca992d9c4bef8a8.jpg (672x972, 104.55K)

>>131021107I think it'd be based if she opened an only fans where she only rides horse dildos and then @'s SiR every time she posts a new vid without context

>>131021163Bruh the fuck did I start? I just made a dumb shitpost about two drawfags and now anons are way too into it

Attached: terrio-vine.gif (480x480, 3.08M)

>>131021246Well those drawfags then made ship art between them and Bea as wellYou've started a fire and we're gonna make sure it keeps burning as long as the world keeps turning

>>130970295If we didn't get Spinel then would this cuck Connie joke even exist? Would it have been someone else to do it?

>>131022208It already was existing before Spinel existedBefore her, we used the other gems to cuck connie

>>131022265Right, I remember seeing a decent amount of Pearl and friends doing it. Some of her mom as well, who seemed to be the more common one I remember. I guess it's just that Spinel cucking Connie seems to be the loudest. Or at least the one that got the most fan art making fun of that.

>>131022832It's the loudest because Spinel has been the new hotness since 2019Even after introduction of other gems, people just loved Spinel the most For numerous reasons

>>131022208Spinel and Steven had the best connection

>>131017792You just want harem, not cuckquean or reverse not/netoriThe boy being the passive party is kind of the point, he's in a committed relationship and gets steamrolled by the woman through trickery/blackmail/lust, and is taken from the other girl.Just like how in ntr/cuckold stuff the woman is an object to be takenIt's almost like sex and power are intertwined

>>131022863That makes sense. It had the benefit of being the newest girl and one that made an enormous splash.

>>131023938And Spinel has that benfit that coems with both versions of herThe innocent side who doesn't understand what she's doing is wrong but still does it anyways and the scarred side who knows what she's doing and revels in it

>>131024210I didn't think about that. Seeing it spread out like that I can't help but feel she really does seem almost built for this kind of thing. It's starting to make a lot more sense as to why she's so good at this.

>>131023100I haven't seen the movie yet so I'll take your word for it. The fan art certainly seems to think so and honestly, it may not be too hard to find a better pairing for Steven than the girls in the show proper.

>>130971601>fem drawfagAstro?

>>130970567God, black women that are mad thirsty for white cock are one of my favorites.

>>130973978cringe nigga detected. Cuckquean and Bleaching are based fetishes.

>>130974987Rose Lalonde or Kanaya Maryam

>>131019989could be plenty but first guess would be Idlecum

>>130990551I mean, if someone called me a jew, I'd consider it fighting words, so I'm not surprised.

>>131026587Yeah but this is 4chanBeing called a jew doesn't mean much here

>>131025659Who crossover ships anymore

>>131026557Never said I was against those fetishes

>>131024655On top of being a gem, she's also very stretchy and can have her body contort into anything as wellLiterally built to be better than human women in every shape and form

>>131018441It’s the paper

>>131016496Does Gwen count

>>131029508She wageslaves

>>131023149Not really. Cuckquean is any woman who consents to her romantic partner having sex with other people. It doesnt have to be just genderflipped ntr. Hell, even ntr has more flavors than just the specific corruption fantasy you describe. The cuckquean can be part of a harem, or even be the one seeking out partners for her boyfriend. In fact, if you look at the term's modern history/usage, it was almost entirely resurrected by the community of vouyeristic/masochistic/sub women that fetishize their partners' infidelity in a very western cuckold kind of way, around 2013 or so.And you can have a story about a proactive male making a cuckquean rather than a harem if the guy is effectively neglecting his wife sexually or emotionally in any way to have sex with other women, or even to pursue unrelated objectives like gaining money/power or getting revenge, so it is not like the proactive male character is tied to specifically harem building.

>>131015244>star works full time waiting tables>a week later Marco and family come in.>star lights up because she sees her children again.>"Dad, the weird lady keeps looking at us.">"Yeah, i don't like her."Janna orders very specific food and always calls star whenever she's busy.>creates layers of silverware and plates so star has trouble taking them back.she stops by so often she's friends with the clerk.star has gotten used to hearing about "compliments" on Marco her manager won't leave her alone about it.>being a month late on the rent makes her rush up to her apartment door.>her fridge was full of leftovers, it didn't matter though, the darkness usually took her before hunger settled in.>she sits on her floor mattress, lights a cigarette and pours glass after glass of wine. Where did it go so wrong

Attached: 1630612689529.png (491x491, 237.42K)

>>131030913That's more cucking than girl turning into a wagie

>>131017412who is this dog

>>130970237silence, cuckquean is are forever will be a kino fetishor maybe i've just developed it as a coping mechanism. who knows. YOU try growin up with an older sister that's hotter than you

Attached: 1647889023098.jpg (178x187, 4.17K)

>>131018672>she started out as an anti-corporations goth that by the end is memorizing all her customer greeting slogans in a desperate attempt to get a meager raise...Incredibly depressing I need stories like this. A betrayal of ones principles for such a petty reason. She can only commit petty actions because she lives a petty life

Attached: 1628858437147.png (998x882, 803.89K)

>>130970207>>130970295p. cute

>>130988064J'ai besoin

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (460x345, 30.46K)

>>131030488>who consents to her romantic partner having sex with other people.That's kind of an antiquated definition at this point, as netorare and r-netorare have supplanted the original definitions of cuckold/cuckqueanAn aggressive guy cheating on a girl that is ok with it falls more easily into swinging/hothusband

>>130970567Why is it always space puffs?

Attached: Whale.png (985x811, 254.49K)

>>131034290Because she's a reese's puff

>>131032874You're coping mechanism has made me like this fetish now.Greentext your jealousy story please.

>>131034290At least she doesn't have an onlyfans or do camshows. I can respect a girl that draws smut and faps to fetish porn, but I'd never be into a virtual prostitute. Despite what woke women will try and convince you of, they don't deserve your respect.

>>131034417Weird tangent but ok

>>131021107>being cared for from a young age by a vampire who's centuries old and never ages you meet again years later as a ripped, giant adult man who now towers over her feminine form and then proceeds to rail the woman who once cared for you when you were small and delicate.What would you call this fetish?


Attached: Lewd.jpg (620x916, 74.2K)

>>131035073Mommy fetish.

>>131035073Reverse genji hikari planHusband husbandry

>>131017609You caught me, I’m not up to date on my cuck terminology. I’m sorry, I’ve just been so busy slamming your mom.

>>130970237FPBP, cuckfags are for the rope.

>>131035221What a Stacy

>>130970207Star, obviouslyJoan of Arc too>>130970237I'm participating because I find the concept funny more than arousing>Have an attention whore character>Can charm boys but always gets one-upped on accident by other naive coworker>Water spills on her shirt, slips and catches herself close to customers face, leaning forward so breasts show, etc>Doesn't get why she has a bull uniform>Makes first coworker eternally seethI know there are Holla Forums girls which have this dynamic in their respective works.


>>131034361it's not so much as story as a sequence of stolen crushes and boyfriends throughout middle and high schoolshe's a little over a year older than me. could never bring a guy over without her eventually taking them and quickly disposing of them afterwards. for years it made me hate guys in general, but i eventually ended up getting over it as i got older and a bit more matureafter we moved out she said she did it to "protect" me but i think she just got pleasure out of it

Attached: 1647858709077.jpg (428x428, 19.64K)

>>131036223Nice, just like my H-doujins.Thanks user my imagination can take it from here.

Attached: knee slapper.gif (279x200, 94.91K)

>>131035146I hate that shit cuz it's always weird having the whole doting "who's a good little boy" shit. I wanna be the chad still.>>131035221Yea this is is, thanks. Reminds me of that one Manga about some kid being cared for by some older woman taking place in nomadic Kazakhstan centuries ago that was being shilled on /his/ for a while.>captcha VGHTS

>>131035221Any examples of this? Google isn't giving me much

>>131036344A Bride's Story?

>>131036385Yea that one. Kino artstyle and GIWTWM put together.

Attached: ABride'sStory.jpg (1000x600, 183.79K)

>>131021246I'm fairly certain they both knew each other for a while, as they ran in the somewhat same circles. Puu just likes to draw shitposts and your shitposts inspires her.

>>131035292Cucquean is different

>>131036223Was your sister's behavior seen in your mother's or father's side of the family?

Where do I get a cuckqueen gf? Serious question

>>131038388Learn to gaslight a normal girl.

>>130972757sauce user

>>131038388Find a chick who's friend is hotter than her and she knows it


>>131038388fetlife or find a really kinky girl, like a real whores whore. i feel like youd be super hardpressed to find a cuckqueen still but look for girls who are into threesomes

>>131038531>>131038588Aren't cuckqueens proud of their kink? Male cucks are constantly speaking about their fetish at every chance they get

>>131038687Women are but they're more secretive about it

>>131038163no, not as far as i'm aware. i mean, it's possible that it happened but neither of my parents are the type that would tell us about such a thing>>131038687i'm not *proud* of it, i just see it as natural and hot

>>131039313That's sad. I hope your sister remembers what "The Wall" is when she is 40.

>>131036409It was a fun ride and a surprisingly sweet manga. Though I'm surprised to see it's apparently on going.

I think today is her birthday, so Happy birthday PuuHope you get you a quirked up white boy with a little bit of swag able to bust it down sexual style and is goated with the sauceAlso make another animation of your persona twerking

>>131039313Would you like to be my cuckqueen gf? I'll even buy you a superman outfit. Or do you prefer powergirl?

>>131036385Always mean to read this - is it actually any good?

>>131041455i would unironically be down with something like that, if you didn't probably live thousands of miles4chan bull bf into comics and cartoonswhat kind of dom are you?also, power girl any day of the week

Attached: 1577444183277.png (400x246, 180.2K)

>>130970314i prefer this design.

>>131036363closest I can think of is lolibaba, which is a based tag if it's done right

Attached: 009.jpg (1280x1808, 268.43K)

>>131041928It's a very cute manga. The art is probably one of it's main draws but the characters are also enjoyable. Not just the main couple but we eventually see other pairings that are fun in their own ways. It's available in most manga sites.

>>131042294I'm usually the grunty type. Not many words. I just toss the girl into the position I want

>>131042400They do tend to fall into that category now that you mention it. I never noticed that before.

>>131042305It is cuter. Though I kind of wish Connie would put on her glasses again.

>>130970207Not into the cuckquean thing but the chicken theme is kinda cute maybe I guess? Like not that cute but it could grow on me

>>130988064Oh shit nevermind someone later in the thread came up with a significantly better version of the thread, kys OP, jk

>>131044084I imagine this whole scenario is an acquired taste.

How do you prefer your wagie girls to dress?Typical uniforms >>131015244 Explotive but social accepted >>131007246Over the top sexy, putting the girls on display >>130970295

Attached: Final.Fantasy.VII.600.215112.jpg (600x463, 94.92K)


>>131045883If we're going for a wagie look? Go standard; as with many fetishes (cough, cough, schoolgirl) it's pointless to oversexualize it and thereby lose verisimilitude. The fetish is already an exaggerated thing, a symbol made into a sex object; exaggerate it further and the signifier has eaten the signified, the symbol has eaten the symbolism, and nothing of value is left.The skirt can be a bit short and the shirt can be cut a bit low, but nothing ridiculous; this isn't a fantasy of a Hooters. (To sidetrack for a moment, while it was an amusing premise at first, the inherently oversexed nature of a Hooters was the inherent flaw of the Raisins meme; it worked perfectly as a loli-centric South Park plot device, but quickly becomes asinine as fetish scaffolding.) There's so much dark side to the wagie existence, and that should be a fascinating thing to explore, but the aesthetic baseline on which that analysis is built is a picture of normalcy; a cheaper and more mass-produced imitation of a half-remembered-half-codified '50s-by-way-of-'80s aesthetic nostalgia thing.It's a teen's first job in any sitcom, Americana turned hell as the economy goes down the shitter and it becomes potentially permanent. There's so much thematic ground to harvest there; I can hardly even begin to outline scenarios. Why just throw it all in the garbage and go "hee hee what if they did it in slutwear that no one would perform that job in in real life, I have been watching too much porn and this is now the extent of my creative output"?

>>131046469So is yuffie's outfit in >>131045883 a good balance? What if the shirt is short enough to frequently show midriff but long enough it still covers mostly so it's not blatantly a half tee?

>>131045883That Tifa is probably a good balance. About as far as you can go while still being reasonable.

>>131044654It takes a bit yeah

>>131042400>>131035221Everything that shows up when I look for this is the young one being the girl. Seems pretty niche or I'm just shit at finding this kinda thing. With it be worth making an >>>/h/ thread?

>>131036223>>131039313My condolences, your sister sounds like an awful person.

>>131046469That's a pretty good break down. I guess it's just not well thought of normally. I imagine for most it's just lewd outfit in a serving job and stop there. Which admittedly I don't entirely blame them for. I imagine it get's the job done for most one shot pictures but it may have been interesting to see what would have come from more artists digging deeper into this kind of thing.

>>131042820hm... kinda boring but there are worse types