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>How does this work?>It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)>There's no guarantee that what you post will catch on either.>If the OC you are posting is YOURS for something you are personally doing, then it would go to the "How is your webcomic?" threads.>If you just want feedback on an OC of yours, then it would go in the "donut steel" threads or drawthreads.If the thread dies suddenly or you still want to discuss something when there's no thread:boards.plus4chan.org/coc/Last time:-Bronze Buster design tweaks-Bullion script writing-I Know a Guy: Mr. A - 14 page comic draft posted and more IKAG talk in general-Progress on the Highway Robbery comic-New pics-Revisiting character concept designs for Lovely Ladybug script writer-More of that blonde prince and redhead warrior girl-Other stuff I didn't mention

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I do like drawing this cute male

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>>130967674Do they have names?

>>130967704I can't think of any good ones that I like

>>130967728What about fictional countries?

>>130967785I haven't planned out any countries, the world is made for whatever scenarios I want


>>130967539Has there been any space adventure stories been done?

>>130969575A couple. There's Kid Cookie as an adult with his own spaceship and crew.There's the Blang Dynasty, a pirate empire transitioning into a legitimate government.And there are the Galactic Peace Keepers.Plus whatever aliens that show up in other stuff.

Slow day.

Rocker Billy doesn't change up his fashion much going into Bullion does he?Not sure how much the fashion at the time would work with him.

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>>130970707Based digits

>>130970707I assume his look would update with the times to look like what cool bad boys wore at the time

>>130970707A rebel without a cause, but also losing his edge with how society shifts away from calling Rock 'n' Roll devil music.

>>130970707I've always kinda seen him as sticking mostly to the same look even as music evolves, similar to how the Joker still wears a zoot suit.

>>130970838Rebels at that time would be more hippie-ishnot sure how well that would work for himThough curious if he'd be able to harness psychedelia into his powers

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>>130971231Wouldn't that just be Angar the Screamer?

>>130971307I have no idea who that isIf I'm honest I was thinking of the boss Mariska from lollipop chainsaw

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>>130971427>I have no idea who that isMarvel hippie villain with a sonic scream that induced hallucinations.marvel.fandom.com/wiki/David_Angar_(Earth-616)

>>130971231I think doo-wop would have an influence on him.

I really haven't had much time to focus on Bullion scripts. I'm re-thinking maybe the last panel of this page should be the first panel of the next page.>>130895833Page 13Panel 1Lucia is down at the bottom of the panel, above her is a stylized flashback of Silver Queen completely blacked out aside from her eyes and the magic bracers. She's surrounded by fire and her body language indicates she's looking for a way through.Lucia: "After the war, Ms. Sterling came back... tempered. More serious than she was when we first met."Olympian: "I understand the feeling."Panel 2Stylized flash back continues of Silver Queen beating up criminals with a pile of them at her feet. Her eyes are noticeably open.Lucia: "She became... almost obsessed with fighting crime. I could see it taking a toll on her."Panel 3Silver Queen is still blacked out, but now her eyes are closed. She has her hands on her hips doing the classic Wonder Woman pose.Lucia: "Then one day, it was as if her sense of humor finally returned to her. It was quite the dramatic shift. Truthfully, I was somewhat relieved."Panel 4Blacked out stylized flashback continues. Silver Queen is laughing and jesting with some other members of the SoS.Lucia: "It was as if she had rediscovered her old self, albeit a tad exaggerated."Panel 5Backed out flashback Lucia has a speech bubbled with a question mark in it and Silver Queen just has a confused look on her face with even more question marks above her head.Lucia: "Whenever I asked her about it, she acted as if she had forgotten something, like her memories had become hazy. But she was happier, so I tried not to think much of it."Panel 6Lucia is setting down her tea cup, looking remorseful.Lucia: "What a fool I've been to have ignored this."

>>130967674As an exuse for that crudely drawn waifu and showing her some love as well

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>>130973884Knew something was missing

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>>130973884>>130974174I'm glad you're still drawing these kids, I like their designs


>>130974174Pretty cute. She doesn't look like a mean girl or distant girl.

>>130975302She isn't mean, just a bit sneaky and tricky if she wants her way, guy does get upset with her sometimes due to this

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>>130975771 comes after the first misc page, with the guy asking for a skateboard>>130975790 and this come after the shopping/police officer page, so it's like an 8-page intro for The Guy overallimgur.com/a/04ax9Bn

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>>130975844Neat.>>130975790Feels like Conner would pick up on the early workings of augment tech from here and then springboard into making his own based off of an old outdated method.Like Victor Frankenstein reading all those alchemy books, thinking they were real, and then being mocked by that guy at some party for taking them at face value without knowing it was all old and disproven... and then making the monster.

>>130976197>and then springboard into making his own based off of an old outdated method.A fork from a deprecated build that seems super-impressive on the surface for accomplishing something though unthinkable, but someone inspects it and goes "yeah no, this the equivalent of improving trepanation instead of just using modern medicine"?>Like Victor Frankenstein reading all those alchemy books, thinking they were real, and then being mocked by that guy at some party for taking them at face value without knowing it was all old and disproven... and then making the monster.Oh, maybe not like that then. More like someone inspects it and goes "this worked through pure luck", sour grapes.Regarding Frankenstein, someone in a previous thread mentioned their idea of a character conceptually fusing the doctor and the monster together, like they're a medical professional [either originally or by necessity] who has to keep replacing body parts over time. And I thought that was a cool idea that seemed a shame to die out in a single thread

>>130975771I'm not very good at punchlines so if there's a better response for what Conner's reading here, I'll take it>What are we reading today, Conner?>The Adventures of Fuck Off, PleaseMight be too mean-spirited off the bat but it got a laugh out of me

>>130970707>Rocker Billy doesn't change up his fashion much going into Bullion does he?>Not sure how much the fashion at the time would work with him.This is an American do-wop group called Sha Na Na. They showed up practically out of nowhere and performed at Woodstock after Jimi Hendrix invited them.They exclusively perform 50's style rock classics and do-wop and practically stole the show. Hippies love them. They had their own TV series from late 70's to 1980s.Rock and Roll is Here to Stay.

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>>130976372I don't remember that idea. It sounds familiar though. Like a tech priest from 40k who keeps doing horrible things and then cutting the corruption off of their body and replacing it with machine parts.>>130976425There's a "turn the page, wash your hands" joke to be made, I'm sure of it.>>130976632Oh good, I was on the mark with doo-wop then.

>>130976719Billy would need a group to be a proper do-wop guy but he'd still rock the style, probably.

Anyone want a cool new character?

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>>130976810He gets a group of demon hunter buddies then maybe.>>130976811Raggle fraggle?

>>130976839>Raggle fraggle?No it's a new cool character. His name is Saggle Baggel

>>130976894Terror of the deep woods.

Man, I really just can't find time to be around it seems.

>>130973884Weapon of choice?

The Amelia arc begins

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>>130979421Is she having middle-schooler-syndrome dreams or did her mom actually say that?

I had an idea of a comic where it’s a normal world until a group starts selling super powers to people. I have no drawing experience tho so it’d be OPM levels of art

>>130979653It's going to be presented as the former [backed up with Amelia's own monologuing] with people expecting a mom-daughter drama reconciliation, and then revealed to be the latter>>130979756>I have no drawing experience tho so it’d be OPM levels of artI mean I'm going through the drafts of IKAG with the idea it'll pass by on writing, so if your comic can get by on writing and timing then you should be alright

>>130979756>>130979756>I have no drawing experience tho so it’d be OPM levels of artLove itGive it to me now

>>130976839>Raggle fraggle?Please pass the egg salad

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>>130980301Does the mom have the same "get super good at everything with just a little effort" talent as her?And goodnight everyone. We'll see how long the thread can last this week.

Nighty night guys

>>130982849fuck you


>>130978656Axe or a hammer


>>130981890>Does the mom have the same "get super good at everything with just a little effort" talent as her?Not initially. Here's the rough idea of how it'll go. After Queen's employees pioneer the 'invasion-free augment' and she starts climbing the social ladder, she gathers tissue samples from several different power-carriers including the descendants of some of the original astronauts, and tries to co-opt that data into her own body so as to forcibly awaken those powers for her own. But it doesn't take, it's junk data swimming around her system. It's theorised sperm and egg are necessary to pass on the powers to awaken in a new host [in which case the data co-opt is the equivalent of copying over program icons and file folders to a new computer, it doesn't copy how they're fully installed in the registry of the old machine]. For good measure Queen has several employees paid to have their data overwritten with her own, with all of them inseminated by some of the descendants and the resulting children placed in artificial wombs. However the cocktail of imported data [including the DNA passed on through sperm and egg] is literally overkill as the clashing Newmans dissolve the babies from the inside; one survives but doesn't display signs of powers at all. With the data-import process irreversible and Queen having throwing away her chances of having 'regular' children [for a shot at a super-successor], Queen elects to adopt a child to raise as her protege and pass off the survivor as another adoptee.

>>130985293Wow, what a callous bitch.It gives off KLK vibes.

>>130981766But no help came.

revising an old vignette for seasons girls, this is actually a page 2. page 1 was previously revised but hasn't been inked yet.

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Been playing around with 80s GGu designs. thoughts?

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>>130987267What if you could see the slight abs through the suit?

>>130985998It's callous but it makes sense. Think of Delita from Final Fantasy Tactics, a commoner who becomes personally motivated to manipulate different factions including church and state, so as to rise through the ranks and become the new king. Queen attempts the same in the IKAG world, wanting to be politicially and cosmically the strongest around, but falls into the classic 'office lady/Christmas cake' trap of neglecting her social life until her mid-life crisis kicks in hard. Most everyone IRL becomes desperate to be validated, loved, and to start a family, the same way most everyone faces death anxiety. The damage a desperate person [who happens to be a supervillain] can do to preserve their genes is enormous; when it backfires Queen becomes numb, not helped by the emotional shield she's already had to maintain for her career

>>130987388sure. Its just a sloppy sketch.

>>130987490Then factor in that the kid actually was a success and she doesn't even really see it and is unintentionally stifling her potential.

One of my newer ocs, the angel inquisitor Jude. stoic, ethereal and quiet, cast out of heaven for being too dogmatic until he can truly understands what it means to be human and have love for his fellow humans.

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>>130987546It depends on how you want to look at it. Queen is guilt-stricken over her wasted life and the dissolvings, and still harbors a grudge against mankind as a self-made business magnate.She could be trying not to get her own hopes up, and just focuses on modelling Daughter as the 'controllable' protege to take over the business. Amelia is just a rowdy kid but she carries the family name and needs to understand the stakes [e.g. stop being a child associating with the 'commoners' because your actions will have enormous consequences].Or she's actually delighted at the idea of Amelia coming into her own, but frames it in such a psychotic way because she's torn between wanting that successor and trying to make up for her sins by giving Amelia the freedom to do as she chooses, whether it's altruistic or malevolent.

>>130987770Those sorts always end up falling hard in the opposite direction with the same levels of fevered devotion.>>130987820Is she even aware of what Amelia's power is or does she not see it as a power at all?

>>130988732>Is she even aware of what Amelia's power is or does she not see it as a power at all?Would you prefer she sees it as general rowdiness at first, or jumps the gun? If it's the former, then Queen will get a better idea of the power as Amelia opens up during high-school. Either way, Queen assumes Amelia's power is the result of the cocktail of powers she tried to inject into herself, and subsequently got mixed with her suitors' DNA and latent abilities. Having a host of all different abilities to pick and choose would indeed let Amelia do all sorts of crazy things. I'm torn between two ideas. First, Amelia actually does have all these different powers and they essentially carry her to mastery in whatever field she takes to. Amelia calling it a 'monster' form is on the money. Alternatively Queen underestimated Amelia to begin with - she survived because her own Newman-granted power was a kind of 'super-observation' or 'super-imitation' that assimilated or nullified or even just overrode the cocktail fed into her DNA.

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>>130989130It could be that the cocktail did grant her this singular mastery ability which wouldn't have done anything at all if her body wasn't immediately assaulted by Newmans triggering it into mastering "being alive".

>>130989130I've noticed a lot of copypaste in these drafts and that makes sense since it's a single person drawing all these, but it's really funny with this page and the last Mr A page where entire panels get recycled. It's very efficient

>>130987536I do like the silver highlights on the legs and collar.

What's the busiest thread /coc/'s ever had from your recollection

>>130990846A number of threads from maybe August - November of 2012 where they hit bump limit so fast we were having two threads a week.In more recent memory though, probably last year when Bronze Buster was being designed.

>>130990988>A number of threads from maybe August - November of 2012 where they hit bump limit so fast we were having two threads a week.Huh. What was the impetus for that?

>>130991237General organization of ideas, Morgan's beginning years pumping out art of whatever ideas she saw in the threads (though that might've been 2013), lots of excitement over Amazing Holla Forumsventures and The Lovely Ladybug.

That'll do it for Bullion #8's script. I really don't think I'll have much time to do /coc/ stuff this week though.>>130972856Page 14Panel 1Lucia is setting down her tea cup, looking remorseful.Lucia: "What a fool I've been to have ignored this."Panel 2Audrey has grabbed Lucia's hands, like in a prayer, to comfort her.Audrey: "We can still remember, Lucia. We can- we have been fighting whatever is doing this."Panel 3Close up of Lucia wiping a tear from her eye.Lucia: "Yes, yes you are absolutely right."Panel 4Small panel of Lucia standing, picking up some of the empty dishes from the table.Lucia: "You've become a fine hero, my dear Audrey."Panel 5Lucia is in the forefront with the rest behind her. Billy is leaning back, smiling. Iris has her arms crossed, but doesn't look sour. Audrey is smiling with her arms up, elbows bent to show she's excited. Olympian is still sitting like a king on his chair.Lucia: "I believe it is high time I pitch in. Let's start with these so called 'false alarms'."TO BE CONTINUED

I don't know if this will be just 9's plot or also spill into 10. With Lucia not grabbed from the get go, she needs to be put to use in the story.Lucia is mission control, directs them to the "false alarms". This gets them attention, Iris calls herself Foresight to avoid attention, Billy is spotted with them, suspicions are raised.They decide to go to the newspaper printing press since that's the main place where people would come into contact from ink. Just a hunch.The Pastor Bot is there already, he figured this is where they'd end up, but tells them their perspective is wrong, that they need to think of the ghosts as "editors" with an outside perspective of reality.They get ambushed by the SoS.they think they're under Billy's control and try to "save" them, but this is just the specters manipulating the narrative.I'm not sure how much of that will actually get into the next script, but feedback would be appreciated or just thoughts on where it's going so I have more ideas than just my own to work with.Just finding time to think this week is a chore.

>>130992798To know the gang is ready for action!

Mondays are so slow. I hope things pick up sometime this week.

>>130992895Sounds like the cliff hanger leading to the next episode would be the SoS's arrival, but that does seem like there wouldn't be any actual action in the issue if that is pushed to the next one.Does the pastor bot have any mind controlled minions at the press?Are there any false leads that they check out before going to the press?Are there any near misses of silver queen or other members of the SoS nearly coming into contact with our crew?Silver Queen finding Lucia down in the main base relaying information after SQ had been calling for her for some time to no avail.Our crew racing down the street passed a black limousine which rolls down it's window to show Black Rose and the twins.

>>130995131So what I was thinking is they'd go to some of the "false alarms" that the SoS had been responding to and not remembering. They're able to deal with them (or it flees), then the SoS who are there will turn around be all like "oh, Bullion, you beat us here. So what happened?" even if they were involved in the fight.Something like that. Black Rose and The Twins could work for that. We never actually see their eyes in any of the pics, so they could be open or closed for all I know.This is all stuff that came about because Lucia is still around and not retgonned off the bat like how it was two weeks ago, so she directs them to these instances.Otherwise, the printing press would've been their next stop where the pastor bot would be waiting for them, figuring that is where they'd go and start reveling more about the nature of the enemy.I still need a way to get them to the press despite all the code attacks. Maybe some censor bar eye'd people wander in and they head there? But I'm concerned about them just stumbling into the presses, I want then to go there because they discovered the censor gunk is made of ink.It's all very jumbled right now and I doubt I'll have any real time to unjumble it this week. More like raw ideas at the moment.I'm not sure how involved the rest of the SoS will be, but I do want a team of them to arrive together assuming Billy is controlling Bullion. Some members should be missing I think.

>>130994943So do I.

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>>130995430Do you think they could discover some headlines in the paper lining up word for word what people now remember and think there may be a connection that lead them to the press?Or maybe Lucia finds information that a sudden massive increase in ink shipments to the press despite them still only having the same amount of papers made?

>>130997803Maybe.Could be they feel like they've been getting nowhere fighting off the code ghosts since it just keeps showing up somewhere else. Lucia would have had time by then to cross reference whatever with ink purchases through BIGRAC and send them to the presses.Something still feels not right about it though.

>>130998523More boob humor?

Random filler scenarios for the top row. One of those cases where you think of a comic book cover and then realise that reading/writing that story would really just dilute the magic behind it

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>>130998565I try to get at least one of those in an issue, but sometimes I forget.I still can't figure out how to make that cushioning pun work in #2 when she jumps the motorcycle off of the freeway down into the park.>>130998875She's in high school, but she has middle-schooler-syndrome.She must be behind by a few years.>>130998898Yes, she's behind a few years. Invested too many point into INT and not enough into WIS.Conner can retort "Who the hell is Bruce Wayne?"Her suffering will be legendary as she falls down the Batman rabbit hole of trying to figure out where to start since it's not like her Japanese mangas.

>>130999091>Yes, she's behind a few years. Invested too many point into INT and not enough into WIS.>Someone with high intelligence and low wisdom may suffer from poor impulse control or an intellectual curiosity that gets them into trouble. This is the scientist who figures out how to create life from dead bodies, but who doesn’t necessarily ponder if this is a good idea. Think of your classic absent-minded professor who needs to be reminded to eat but who can unlock the mysteries of the universe. These are extreme examples, but they illustrate the idea.Oh no, they're BOTH idiots

>>130999091>Her suffering will be legendary as she falls down the Batman rabbit hole of trying to figure out where to start since it's not like her Japanese mangas.Judging from >>130989130 she's probably already experienced grief with Batman. Maybe she waves Batmanga or the 'Joker babysitting baby Batman' manga in Conner's face and pretends they're the superior versions

>>130999308Imagine the kids they'd make.>>130999372Yes, very superior... for wiping one's ass with.

>>130999460>Imagine the kids they'd make.Two 'high WIS low INT's, hopefullythen they can face off against the kids of >>130967674

>>130998875Poor Ella is low INT *and* low WIS. Presumably she has a high CHA

>>130999999Congrats on the six 9s

>>130999999Holy fucking nines 999999

>>130999999noooooo I wasted the fucking sextuplet post


>>130999999Ella confirmed for having 999999 CHA.

>>130999091>>130999372Amelia's plan to get revenge

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>>131001127If you measure your worth with the amount of times you've made people cum anyway.Well, goodnight everyone.

>>131001877Good night!

This is Agent FARTzelschmitt. Ignore the file title. I debuted him somewhere else, but ya'll can play with his. His backstory is he's a villain who wants to steal all the farts from Pee Pee Town, and he uses a magic bag to do it.

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>>130999999congrats on the /coc/ get

>>130999999Holy digits live

>>130999999Check em and


Finishing a few things, I added an extra Panel on the first page too because I felt it was incomplete, hope that's alright. Later it will be posted.

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>>130970707Crenenillating sevens?


>>131004772And now that I'm more awake...The file name says working hard, but my mind just thinks she's trying to deal with Olympian's sass.

>>130999999'mirin your digits.

>>130987096this is actually a previous page, revised.

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>>131008814Is she the type to get mad for other people though?I feel if she and Conner ever become amicable the level of violence in the comic will increase by several fold.>>131008670Neat.

>>131008929>Is she the type to get mad for other people though?Amelia will see Conner getting bullied out of a club, then thrash the leader at their sport and force them to apologise to Conner, before Conner strongarms Amelia back into the club to apologise to the leader

>>131009171Then they fight in the club room with whatever the thing the club is about.It's the circle of nerds or something.


>>130999999Almost had those 9s

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Fast board today.

>>131000008At nine 9s, does the whole board just roll over?

>>131012709No, then another digit is added.You don't see any posts as 0000001 or such, it's always just 1, then when it gets to 10 another digit is added, so on and so forth.

>>131012310And jannies seem to be lazy today as well

>>131012709The board does a flip


>>131011502Really cool drawing.

The latest doodle session from bugland, featuring morb jokes and lots of outfits for Blueblood.

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>>131015168thenk u

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>>131015570He pitches the ball, she hits it, it hits him right in the cloaca.He doesn't fall over, he doesn't even move. He says if he moves it's gonna pop out of his pants.

>>131016089Oh I was just gonna have her hit it into space, maybe the cloaca gag might be better? It sounds like a bowling ball going down a flight of stairs. Or they count it as a misfire and have someone else pitch and then she knocks it out

>>131016986>>131016089Also this is a different club leader from the one in the actual Baseball story because this guy obviously isn't going to stick around after being dunked on by a secretary

>>131016986I'm just making up dirty jokes using animal biology.>>131017008He becomes a stand-in mascot.

>>131015570I like the Gator/Croc dude and you're welcome.

>>131011502Who is Daughter?

>>130967539Any abandoned /coc/ projects that we should resume?

>>131019045I have my hands full with the active ones.I've always wanted to revisit the "20 years into the future" space stories with Cookie and Kay-2 though.>>131018913The adopted daughter of the principle of the high school.


>>131019280They've gotten a fair amount of new content over the past year and a half.

>>131019163Weren't there a couple villains set up to be like stooges in the Conrad/Colette/general /coc/ setting, like Dr Light and Strawman? I miss those guys a little

>>131019045Breast quest

>>131019521The art style looks familiar.

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>>131019921>>131019903god what a bunch of motherfuckersI can already see the cartoon where they're trawling around the city initiating some half-baked plan before accidentally releasing the lock on an imprisoned 'serious time' villain

>>131019999They upset the Time Tiger or free him from the future that is a zoo.

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Time Tiger.I had an idea for him in the 90s GGu thing, but I didn't know if it would work, and then I forgot the idea.

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>>131020191is he like the Clock King but he mauls you for missing a meeting, or does he have a different take on it like rewinding/pausing/fast-forwarding like Blinx, or something else

>>131019903>water-powered>gradually turns more red as he fills up on peoples' bloodthat's metal af

>>131020208Could be. He's just a design right now.>Malevolent anthropomorphic temporally-displaced chrono-technician>The fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is... a Zoo!>or something like that, I dunno I didn't really think this through.He didn't go any further than that.I kept thinking about him for 90s GGu because I was thinking about Rescue Rangers (no correlation to recent events, this was a year ago) and the type of plots 90s Saturday morning cartoons had, then my thoughts shifted to TaleSpin and I remembered Time Tiger existed.

>>131019045I still kind of want to do that idea of the low-fantasy world of mobile house-tanks, with the young effeminate boy MC needing to learn to team up to engage in house battles, but people weren't mad interested in the pitch. Ditto the hero contest idea

>>131020301It's tough selling pitches here.Feels like even the guys drawing comics in these threads aren't getting a lot of feedback these days.

>>131020393They're not particularly bad or great enough to catch peoples' attention, I think. Even when other webcomic threads pop up and we post our work, it gets like 'hey nice art' or 'where can I read this' [link gets posted] and that's about the extent of it. It feels like we'd have to do something like make another teenage big-titty OC and have trolls latch onto it, or just copy websites in general and aggressively push our projects so people hate them but still know they exist

>>131020484Big titties aren't even mandatory these days after what we saw last year with BB. They just need to have a big titty associate and it rolls from there.But from what I've found, you need to have some sort of drive for your ideas and then pour some energy into them making up stories. Making up a lot of stories. Flooding the threads with your stories until you hit one that someone else likes enough to start some back-and-forth with. Just something to make everyone aware that you are not fishing to have someone else do the work for you.Or just doing it for your own amusement like what I've been doing with Bullion scripts.

Here it is, I know its not the best comic page ever but I did all I could at least for the first page. And the extra panel was added because it felt too empty. I Promise the next page will have more panels, thanks! I'm moving.

Attached: GG The case of the kidnapped Crusaders Pg. 1 (coc).png (2811x4304, 2.98M)

Big tiddy donut steels resonated with people when Disney-Marvel hadn't gobbled up every brand and made it fashionable to put out giant IP-festivals. When nerd audiences can just have fanfiction crossover dopamine funnelled into their brain, why would they need imitation OCs or cobbled-together characters like Holla Forumslette? The best thing you can do now is either make something trying to ignore the fiasco hanging over your head like the redhead girl and blonde guy, or lean into with super cynical/pessimist OCs like Holla Forumsdie

I'm trawling through the /coc/ wiki and seeing some names like Hazel, Lilah and Gavin, Cynthia von Doom, thinking "these are neat, maybe they'd work as part of a larger ensemble or side-characters elsewhere". Just trying to decide how best to use em

>>131020789Hey, you've started it. Nice. I'm looking forward to seeing your vision on this.I still think those boobs are way too big, but I won't knock you for drawing what you like.>>131020830I actually prefer our OCs over current cape comics.How do I put this? Feels like everyone is either hyper focusing on realism or it's all too safe and squeaky clean. Like they're terrified to actually commit to a story and they'd rather have check boxes.Even our half-assed ideas I find more appealing than that.

>>131020967It's kind of shitty but I feel like I can only describe what I want to see in comics/cartoons by pointing at other media and going "not like that", and in the end it feels like I'm just saying "everything is bad unless I make it myself." Some of it is just due to burnout, and some of it, like you said, is seeing people going through a checkbox or being insecure about wanting to be funny and be taken serious

>>131021063As long as you're not saying "I can do it better" I think you're on the right track to making something.I've said this before, but when I'm writing a story I have to think of it as something I would want to read if I weren't the one writing it. I'll get it wrong a lot and need to change things as I go, but at least the threads can nudge me back in the right direction when I'm getting really lost.

Ok fuck it, how's this for an idea. Let's do a pastiche/homage to the Mickey, Donald and Goofy trio>Donald in a mixture of his cartoon and Carl Barks iterations - prankster hot-head, fragile mastery of different talents, working-class, occasional treasure-hunting, treats his nephews with tough love>Goofy in his Goof Troop/Goofy Movie iteration - strong clumsy touch but means well, everyman figure, middle-class, has a more loving/overbearing parenting style>Mickey I feel would need a new personality from whole cloth, and something that doesn't make Donald or Goofy redundant. There's nothing wrong with being the straightman to other people to emphasise their qualities, but his earlier cartoons show that he kind of always had those qualities, and they just got passed off to other people>Mickey as a character who’s always struggling to make ends meet and achieve any of his goals, similar to Depression-era cartoons - near-vagrant millenial Mickey>fans have their headcanon about Donald having military PTSD, maybe Mickey is manic-depressive [judging from the Rudish cartoons] and everyone else is aware/wary of it

>>131021574>Mickey as the manic-depressive>Donald and Goofy both as family men (Donald trying different jobs to make money and keep his nephews healthy and stop misbehaving, Goofy clumsy but generally well-to-do) having their own perspectives based on their own life experience, both trying to keep Mickey in checkThere's nothing with him being the foil to Donald and Goofy, I just want him to have something that gives Donald and Goofy more to work with in being the foil to him. Not quite "Put the gun down Mickey" but>he tries to keep up a happy go lucky facade but underneath he has worries and mortgage payments and taxes and chronic depression>more moments when Donald or Goofy clues in on how Mickey is papering over the cracks, to counteract the moments where Goofy and Mickey try to stop Donald falling victim to hubris or his temper>what compels mickey to always hang around them? are they his only male companionship?>does he have any other friends besides them and minnie?in a lot of the shorts they're bound together by employmentit's implied that Donald's temper and Goofy's clumsiness is what necessitates they change jobs on the regular, Mickey just seems to follow suit because they need a third wheel>Mickey trying to hit up Donald and Goofy after work but they both don't want to hang out with him>"gawrsh Mick I'd love to but uh I got a bit of a headache tonight, talk to yuh later"

>>131021574Mic is the schemer. The guy who lies through his teeth to get himself and his buddies hired and then stresses himself out trying not to get found out and fired before the first pay check.The guy with the get rich quick plan whom the others try to rein in.

>>131021661>maybe donald and goofy only know mickey from being at work and wonder what his private life is like but he keeps quiet>mickey's like in a flat or homeless shelter and he's trying to make enough money to move to Hollywood and be a big shot>he shows donald and goofy pictures of "minnie mouse" and when they ask for details he remains evasive, like she's out of town so they can't see herdoes he start as a has-been or a deluded never-was?regaling his friends with wild stories real or fake?>his stories are convincing in their vivid specificity but he can never offer tangible proof>you could even have donald and goofy slowly grow half- convinced but ultimately leave it up in the air>his days working with the police force to outwit the Phantom Blot and Donald calls him out, "you couldn't outwit a blot on the carpet">Donald convinces himself he's a master detective, his nephews are skeptical, Mickey feeds him the stories about the Blot and inadvertently they get into a deduce-off that Goofy has to mediateit's ideal that they're aware of each other's quirks but not their ownor they have moments of frustration where they become self-aware but either can't actualise it or struggle to overcome it>if Mickey has wild stories of working with the police or hobnobbing with famous stars, would Donald have stories of being in 'the war'>Goofy is scared of guns because he's a whitebread family man who doesn't want to leave his son and wife behind, Donald is scared of loud bangs that set off his PTSD>Mickey may have killed a man>It's not clearDonald monologuing about how he's not going to be jerked around while Mickey casually loads the bullets into the clip

>>131021737poor don, maybe he didn’t even get his ptsd from the war

Fuck!I don't know what I'm doing with GGu anymore.

Attached: 21213213231.jpg (1213x1326, 559.24K)

>>131022271What do you want to do with her?

>>131022332I was thinking about seperating the existing 90s GGu concept into an earlier design and a later design. Something that matches BB's transition.but I dunno. Maybe I don't have to. Maybe a hairstyle change is all that's needed.

Attached: GGu 80-90.jpg (4381x5760, 2.94M)

>>131022462Yeah I think a hair style change is all you need

>>131022462Yeah, the hair style change is enough. You don't need to over complicate things for yourself.Going back to the ponytail is kind of like harkening back to her sidekick days.

>>131022462The bandana is rad as fuck, definitely keep that.

>>131021737>story about Goofy and Donald swapping children, Goofy calling out Donald on his spanking his nephews or having panic attacks, Donald calling Goofy a liberal>Donald going on a treasure hunt, maybe adapting the Andes comic or Pirate Gold but with Goofy and Mickey instead of the kids>Goofy a single dad but with Clarabelle trying to homewreck on occasion>Pete as a neighbor, occasional employer and occasional steamboat captain who's more low-rent on his shenanigans [like in Goof Troop]>Mickey on bad terms with Pete but almost always successful in getting himself and his friends hired on whatever new job Pete has, Pete believes the wild stories the most of anyone [probably also has the same Hollywood big-shot dreams]>Pete sometimes does favours for "Minnie Mouse">Mickey always hanging out with Donald and Goofy at restaurants or bars or hotels well outside his own means and finagling ways to keep up appearances, never giving out his actual address>Everybody hates Gladstone

Well goodnight everyone.No late nights for me this week. Too much stuff happening.

On second thought maybe the new /coc/ idea shouldn't be just naked fanfic. Even Cynthia von Doom had the conceit of a crossover of Doom and Avatar and even Hazel was a what-if already steeped in Arthurian fable


well good night

>>130987770Anatomy sure is hard

>>131020967Thanks really happy I finally did the first page! Sorry, I kinda like over exaggerating like Terrible and Van with the boobs. It just seems cuter for some reason and I'm more of a butt guy anyways. Do you think I could make Glory Girl a little thicker in stronger muscular legs? If not I'm cool with it. As anyways good night! I'll work on the next page this week I finish it before the month ends.

Woke up too early, need a couple more hours. I want to get two more pages drafted today, then get started on a different story.I've also been thinking about putting IKAG on Webtoon, if the anons who collabed on Dragonsword, Trade-Off, Mr A et al are still in these threads and alright with that idea

Good morning

>>131027281Time for a new day of creativity

>>131025184Yeah, you can tweak Glory Girl's design to work for you.Just don't go too overboard since Golden Girl is the only one meant to have an hyper exaggerated feature.>>131026800>anons who collabed on ... Trade-Off, Mr AI'm cool with it.You can always post a link back to the wiki somewhere if you're worried about crediting.Might want to weigh the pros and cons of webtoon vs comicfury or other hosting sites.

>>131027962>You can always post a link back to the wiki somewhere if you're worried about crediting.Well it's also whether anons want to be credited themselves with a specific handle they use online, or just go by Writer/Editor user for their input. If I do try a webcomic host I would still like to upload here first for feedback>Might want to weigh the pros and cons of webtoon vs comicfury or other hosting sites.It seems like Webtoon and Tapas both have a strong userbase, Webtoon being larger but less feedback/interaction between uploaders and readers. The big issue is people expect your comic to be readable on monitors and phone screens, so I need to reformat each page to be a vertical slideshow. If they ask you to be a featured creator and you accept, then you're uploading to their site exclusively rather than being able to mirror the comic. Comicfury has a smaller userbase but it defaults to traditional page format uploading and it's had an American demographic for longer; the site userface, forums etc reflect that old-school internet atmosphere.The How's Your Webcomic threads recommend all three and a couple other sites besides, but they seem to use/push for Webtoon the most.

>>131028128Depends on if you want to grow an audience vs just having a place to show it off at.If getting more eyes on it is what you want, then go for webtoon. If you just want a place we can refer anons to for reading it, then comicfury.Though I don't really like webtoon or tapas because of the formatting. The pages get shrunk down too small to read if they were drawn for a more traditional comic format first, which is something The Lovely Ladybug has run into issues with.As for crediting, I feel some anons might end up becoming very annoyed with me if they knew just how involved I am in a lot of the things happening in these threads. It's one of those hang ups I have because I don't want to become the focus, I want the stories to be the focus. But I can provide a handle if you want.

>>131023040A three stooges motif would still be good though.

>>131029603I think I just jumped the gun on throwing all my notes out there on how the 'third wheel' could operate, but I wanted to throw stuff out to see if anyone would bite

Rewatching Ducktales was a good idea. The episode where Scrooge gets harassed by the super salesman and the episode with Launchpad thinking he's a hero while robbing banks, are good springboards for IKAG ideas

>>131030392Saturday morning/afternoon cartoons are a wellspring of ideas for plots.I know I've done the same before.

>>131031137I used to feel it was a problem borrowing from cartoons/anime because of the inherent lack of originality, though said cartoons/anime were also born from people recycling their own scripts and each others', to be economical. The bigger issue is falling into the trap of making your version a glorified commentary where characters discuss tropes or attempt to subvert/deconstruct [pointing out flaws] to be clever. You see it in a few modern cartoons and even stuff from the 90's all the way back to the 40's, characters essentially acting tired of 'this old gag again', and they very rarely made up for it in a way that the audience didn't also go 'this old nod-and-wink again'. Tex Avery did pretty well for satirising conventions and getting extremely meta but I've always held that his stuff shouldn't be consumed by a cartoon casual until they've tried Looney Tunes, Disney, other MGM etc so they have that foundational knowledge that Avery builds off of with his more insular or 'inside baseball' gags. It's very easy to aim for that level and come off as conceited or irony-poisoned.

>>131031210While tropes can be useful for discerning where you might take a story next, a story should not be defined by them. If something in the story fits a trope then so be it, but I try not to aim for any "I should use this trope in this story here" type of thinking.

>>131031402Yes, especially if your new story is neglecting aspects of the series that would be relevant to, or even outright break, the story

are we bumping or are we out of gas

>>131032481I don't have the juice in me this week for it, but I also don't want to let it go just yet if Artist user, Seltzr or the user working on the Clownapped Crusaders still want to make use of it for their comics.

Gonna draw Audrey cheesecakeAny ideas for next week?

>>131032613Have her boxing

>>131032555Seltzr here.I've been pretty busy lately. I was going to take a break this week.so. yeah.

>>131032613Beach pin up

>>131032613GGu Audrey lifting weights.

>>131032613Dressed as Santa alongside Holla Forumsle, Iris, Conner, Conrad


>>131029879archived but also a thread with ideas/inspiration

>>130999999Based digits

THEFAPV update:>Three Heroes Even Fight Against Plant Villains aka THEFAPV is a comic project that started in November of 2020 about three heroes (Holi, Lustbane, and Death Nellie) in an adventure fighting against three plant villains (Venus Fly Trap, Pussy Willow, and Faggot Tree) and is taking as comically long time to finish and progress is counted in the number of panels inked (currently 198/270), not colored or shaded or with text, just inked(digitally) from the thumbnail doodlesI finally got back into drawing today and made progress on three more panels. I feel bad that it's taken me this long to go this far but I know it won't take me this long to do the remaining steps

Attached: THEFAPV.gif (220x164, 71.83K)

>>131037304It's good you're making progress.

>>131037304that's the good shit

>>131037416>>131037612Thank you, I just have way too many ideas of "the next project" and what it could be that I stalled so hard but I'm glad I kept at it

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I might come back to this page tomorrow or another day, to sort out the bottom row some more

Attached: 2022_misc_015.png (800x1131, 703.45K)

>>131038638It's nice.


>>131027962Don't worry it's not what you think. But yeah I'll probably just make her a little curvier and make her look a little toner or something. It's just to show she's got kicking power in those cowgirl boots lol.

>>131041183Alright.You know, I just realized I don't think @$$ ever drew her with her eyes open. You were the first to do that.A neat detail might be her irises turn yellow when her aiming power activates.

Attached: 1520440600214.png (506x974, 123.19K)

>>131041410I Actually Knew and forgot I did a wrong detail on her eyes. I just failed to notice it because I'm just used to drawing every girl with feminim eyes. Good thing it was all concept art. Maybe later I'll draw her shooting something like at a practice range with GG in the background covering hear ears from the sound of bullets blasting. That might be fWTRVSun.

Attached: Glory Girl and RadLad .png (4247x2219, 1.25M)

>>131042179>fWTRVSun.Lol! that was suppose to say fun!

Night guys, If this thread doesn't survive the night I'll see you Sunday.

>>131043395I won't let it die.

>>131043395It usually survives till Friday

>>131041410So is the joke that she fires while with her eyes closed?

It would be cool if Blues and Billy had some sort of pact that forces Billy into hell every once in a while. Billy has to fulfill his end of the bargain or something. Its implied that he has a lot of adventures in the demon world.

>>131046062Who’s blues again?

>>131046088Rocker Billy's guitar demon

>>131042179It's fine if you draw her with her eyes open.She's not a member of the SoS yet anyhow.

>>131046117Oh yeahI imagine Billy would have to preform some shows in hell or go amp to amp against other famous musicians Maybe some that inspired him

>>131046062He's not named Blues anymore after being defeated in a music battle.Billy names him something else, something that forces him to become more and more guitar like.I'm still waiting on the thread to tell me the name Billy forced upon him to forever bind him to his service.

>>131046178Johnny B Goode

>>131046188Would a name like that make the demon suffer?The idea behind this is, in Good Omens, the anti-Christ got mixed up at birth and was named Adam, making him a man and thus with the same capacity for both good and evil.He then named the hell hound, sent to him for his birthday, "Dog" forcing the hound into being a little scamper and ever more dog-like.So would a name like that force the demon to be good?


>>131046178What about Fender or Martin?

>>131046384Tomson was also suggest.

>>131046240>Would a name like that make the demon suffer?Probably not but in the context of 'forces him to conform to the user's control' it seems fitting

>>131046614It's a strong contender then.

last page of the Amelia arc

Attached: 2022_misc_016.png (800x1131, 666.53K)

>>131048255Having trouble balancing how people view her at high-school versus her being a bit of a shitter, want to push both without her coming off as incompetent or her competence being mostly informed

>>131048255What did she make?>>131048326How much of a shitter do you want her to be? Like just a sore winner with overbearing smugness? Or a "rotten" yaoi addict?I know she's aware of her shitter status and tries to hide it as much as her talent.

>>131049003>What did she make?Chocolate lollipops>>131049003>How much of a shitter do you want her to be?As much as can be funny without making her look outright incompetent, since she is the secretary who everyone delegates work to

>>131049706I think I have a solution.She's able to get work done very quickly when she decides to do it, so since she can get it done in no time at all, she waits until it piles up and is spilling off of the desk, or she figures she can waste time doing other things.The work still gets done on time despite hardly anyone seeing her do it. This can lead to some students questioning if she actually does the work at all while others who know better punch them in the shoulder.

>>131049793Or if that doesn't float your boat, her desk could always be clear because she finishes everything so quickly, that way most of the students still don't see her doing any work and think she's just twiddling her thumbs most of the time in a cushy no-work job.

>>131049793>>131050026I was thinking more that she could be a shitter in non-work ways [dunking on kids, reading porn, getting into arguments online, playing FPS games etc] in a way most of the students don't/can't realise it's her, so they have little reason to put 2 and 2 together unless she blows her own cover like in baseball, in which case her own reputation saves her. I want to push the in-school competence to keep it believeable, while not having her be boring to watch

Also>>131028490>As for crediting, I feel some anons might end up becoming very annoyed with me if they knew just how involved I am in a lot of the things happening in these threads. It's one of those hang ups I have because I don't want to become the focus, I want the stories to be the focus. But I can provide a handle if you want.Yes please

>>131050113Well she's not the main focal character, Conner is. I think.Her interactions with Conner are what would keep her from being boring since he's always able to get under her skin.So what if she's the ace at everything? She thinks that isolates her on a floating island high above or far away from everyone else. That makes Conner the boozed up 19th century hot air balloon aviator crashing into her safe space. Horrifying in a way she can't look away, she has to leap aboard and steer his basket as he drunkenly fights her the whole time, sending them off to parts neither expected to go.That's how you discover robot pirate island.>>131050191I used the name refinder for a long time, it's the name I use on the wiki and pastebin, but then I found out some sort of insurance company or something took the name many years after I had already been using it, so I decided to start using refsworth.

Ah, and something else I think is worth bringing up.I think Amelia should have some background appearances before her deal is revealed to the sequential reader (the ones not involved with the discussion).Like her showing up in the Pepper story or the Hero Contest as just someone Conner has to deal with or tolerate. Just a minor role at first before choosing to make Conner her one true rival.

>>131050841Some kind of release order like this then>First bunch of pages about Conner going shopping, picking leaves, visiting the retirement home etc etc - 8 pages long so it doesn't need adjusting>Stories like the watch comic, teddy-bear trade etc where she's silent or not around, focus still on Conner>Anything that isn't a multiple of 4 pages [for printing] can have more miscellaneous gag/one-off-story pages added to bulk it out>Hall monitor story, spoofer story, Mr A story, beach clean-up - where she and/or other councillors take an active role, as the council get more involved with the subject at hand>Amelia 8-pager can either go here directly, or be split up into chunks to go between other stories [the three baseball pages being kept together to still make sense]>middle-schoolers story, hero contest story, Pepper story- where the grudge hits its peak>cards/board games story>rival stories like badminton>any shit after all that that delves further into her family backstory or even Conner's backstory

>>131046178>I'm still waiting on the thread to tell me the name Billy forced upon him to forever bind him to his service.It's a secret that he only knows

>>131051271Right in the scripts it's still [TBA]. He does name it on stage in front of Bullion and Olympian at the end of #4.Thinking about it, I still need to add Bullion scripts #7 and #8 to the wiki page.>>131051107Looks good. Does it really hit peak grudge in the Pepper story? Or is that the point where her blue hair will finally be noticed and called out by someone?

>>131051553>Looks good. Does it really hit peak grudge in the Pepper story? Or is that the point where her blue hair will finally be noticed and called out by someone?It's either the hero contest or the Pepper story, I think, mostly because the board games story got written shortly after both of them. But also it makes sense following up either story>A lot of the school's business makes headlines anyway because of Queen Mother's involvement, but the hero contest is the biggest stunt Conner's been involved with that undermines the school completely - the governor is mad, the students are mad, Queen is having her patience tested, the press is having a field day - so Amelia goes "no, the buck stops here, we can't let this escalate any further">The Pepper story goes to show that it's no longer a problem that can be contained to just Conner, now he's being a bad influence to other students, whether he's doing it on purpose or not; after everything else like the hero contest and the Mr A business all settling down and there being a quiet period for a change, it's this Pepper-shaped straw that breaks the camel's back

>>131051738When you put it like that, it makes much more sense.It also makes more sense now why random students would be so openly dismissive of him (like the scuba diving girl). They were already dismissive and somewhat fearful of him before the Hero Contest, then afterwards they'd be annoyed with him... except the guy who actually got the successor-ship. I can see that guy actually doing some stuff from behind the scenes, keeping the worst of the harassment from happening to Conner from the shadows. Like a twisted guardian angel Batman.

>>131051950>I can see that guy actually doing some stuff from behind the scenes, keeping the worst of the harassment from happening to Conner from the shadows. Like a twisted guardian angel Batman.Or since he's a jock from the start of the hero contest story even up to the end, he's now even more butthurt that he feels [and other people imply] that he didn't get the successorship fair and square, he got it as a handout [like Conner almost did]. Conner himself passes it off and essentially goes, "if you don't like it or feel I'm as bad as the governor and the hero, then be the change you want to see and prove us all wrong", but he's still mad and wants the runback in some way. Maybe he was in Conner's previous class and there's bad blood to begin with?The 'twisted guardian angel' is a good idea for a story though, I like the idea of Conner getting his shit ruined by a client and then someone stepping in to try and intimidate the bully, but Conner steps in himself out of a mixture of pride and "I can't pay you and I won't let myself owe a debt to someone who won't take payment". Maybe he had enough of that guardian-angel stuff from his classmates when he first started out bartering, like they were curious what he was up to and started trying to pitch in unsolicited

>>131052261I think the jock should become a better person after Conner gave him the win. His pride can rationalize it that Conner recognized he (the jock) was the one putting in the most work for that win and would've won if not for all the rampant nepotism.I don't know how dumb this jock is supposed to be, but if he does realize that then he'd come to the conclusion that even a guy like Conner can see how great he (the jock) is and start to like him in a "this dude gets me" kind of way.