South Park is good tonight!

South Park is good tonight!

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>>129127775so this is the comfy thread?

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so whats the consensus on this ep? does Trey get to cum?


>>129128219pp dead/10

i awaken broshows the ep?

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>>129127775I guess I'm into bestiality now...

>>129128219Yeah I think he does just for admitting his dick doesn't always work and also the slide whistle horse erection. Time to let the poor old man orgasm, he's been good.

>>129128626I haven't watched the episode and at this point I'm so disappointed in the show I can't even bothered to or care abt spoilersJust show me the bit where he mentions that

>>129128626did Trey touch up on the ol Treyfuckery this ep? did he finally come here and admit he masturbates to it?

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>>129127775I miss whent the animals used go look more cartoony

>>129128669i miss when the whole style of the show was more simpleit was comfy, attractive, delivered ideas across amazingly and was pure soulthis new style is like an artist who doesnt understand a single thing about art aside from 'illustrate good'its overly detailed, overly shiny, clashes horribly with everything around it and just looks like absolute toss

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>new Russian shota>didn’t have any lines

>>129128637It's the entire ending gag and resolution to the episode actually. Mr Mackeys obsession with Russia is because he's not young anymore, and specifically that nearing 55 means your dick doesn't work so good anymore. That makes him aggressive and lash out. He extends this dick confession to Putin who solemnly agrees with it, suggesting a resolution to Russia's bad behavior.>>129128655It sure seems like a coincidence don't it? Very specific. And for some reason I found it hot

>>129128784Trey is just using South Park as his own Personal diary, isn't he.

>>129128784what is it with Trey writing "dudes angey because peepee no very good"? is it just him and his female humor, or some kinda confession? maybe both?

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>tfw ywn suck on Trey's limp little cock

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>>129128793>>129128819It's pretty much a confession, he's poking fun at himself for sure. He's nearing 55, and I wonder if the shitty tegridy plots were his way of lashing out. Around 45 your dick starts malfunctioning especially if you're overweight or unhealthy.

>>129128863>>129128829>tfw ywn lay on him, just playing with his cock in your mouth, rolling it on your tongue like candy not even trying to get him off, just getting him all nice and frustrated until he's whiny and half chub and squishing his soft fuzzy tummy

>>129128863I shouldn't find this hot, but here I am. Oh well.

>>129128913broTreyfags fucked me up

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>>129128829I want to. I can't understand why I do, but I want to.>>129128883Thanks a lot for the instant boner. Let the dick be soft, he doesn't need to be hard for a brain breaking prostate orgasm. The kind that makes his whole body contort without any control. I wanna ruin that cute fatty.

>>129128234Silly user, that's not Derpy. Derpy is GRAY with a BLOND mane and tail. Also bubbles for her cutie mark.

>>129128946g god user you know whats goodbut frankly i just wanna break his mind more than anythingi dont wanna let him cum ever, just be eternally horny and frustrated as i play with his cock everyday, its so small he can just go to work with that hard on in his pants no one will be able to tell its practically a clit the damn thing, cause he's gonna be havin boners all the damn time from how i treat him

>>129128819Because it’s true. You think Putin is genuinely afraid of NATO? He’s not, he’s just too deep in USSR nostalgia when his pp still worked.To men their pp is everything. It’s the reason to live.

>>129128970>t. woman

>>129128976Trey is a man in his 50s, he knows what it’s like and he’s not afraid to laugh at it.

>>129128993Trey is also woman (male)

>>129128993>>129128998tbf trey HAS shown to have a more feminine brain than say, mattits always been evident, his way of thinking is a lot more traditionally female orientated idk if its related to him being a massive homofag or what, but its there regardless

>>129128968I fucking love you perverts so much. How much better would South Park writing become if he had someone to bully his dick extra good all day? I wanna grab him by that chubby chin and make him look at me while I command him to go to work with the vibrator in him. He cannot remove it. He'll work harder alright.

>>129127775>accurate detailed horsecockbased

wow these threads are fucking garbage.



>>129129057I am horny almost 24/7. Can you comprehend my power? Even when I'm hiding among the regular posters, talking to you normally, making insightful conversation, I'm horny. For trey. This is my life now. This isn't even a quarter of my sheer arousal.

unironic treyfags and cripplefuck, please kys

goddamit i gotta go beat my meat now

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>>129129093Hey now, cripplefuck is behaving so far.

I thought this episode would be a cute one for Betty but the horse cock makes me think she won't be watching this one. This leads me to assume the episodes are just being written in a way that she can do a few lines without knowing much about the content.

>>129129091what made you this way?

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>>129129150No idea. I find an object of affection and my brain turns to goo when they come up. But when thinking about anything else I'm completely lucid so I function just fine. I control myself extremely well I just can't help myself in these threads, though I swear I try. I'm doing it right now. But the episode was about treys dick, asking me not to coom just a little after seeing it is cruelty.

>>129129145She’s 9 years old and she has probably seen horse cocks in real life

>>129129215More than seen probably.

>>129129215as someone who worked with horses lemme tell ya, those cocks r something elseon one hand its so normal, its right there and ur bound to see it but at the same time.... those things are POWERFULever seen a horse piss? you suddenly understand both people who fear horses, and those who wanna fuck em, at the same timethat's sheer power right there that no other animals dick exhibitssure some are bigger.... but none are quite so powerful

>>129129215>>129129229Realistically she's an innocent and cute little girl and she was too bashful to even swear when she was recording voice lines for Ike years ago. There's no way her dad is letting her see this episode about horse rape.

>>129128695Personally I was never a fan of the cartoony eyes you see in UPA cartoons.

>>129129364I know you probably instantly thought about Butters getting raped by horse cock but it was supposed to be funny, and kids laugh at penis jokes. Horse girls take care of horses and seeing horses piss, poop and fuck is part of the experience.

>>129127775>that>goodSouth Park fans should be euthanized

>>129127775Anyone got a link?

well there ya go boys, there will be shift on discussion from wanting to fuck Trey to horsecock(btw do Holla Forums welcome /mlp/ fags? )

What are the odds of getting horse lewds in the next week?

>>129129394It’s not like he doesn’t have experience

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>>129129430its free on there site

>>129129102im back from beating my meat what did i miss

>>129127775>TFW horse cock

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>>129129495It's not there anymore or maybe I'm blind.

>>129129565anon is talking shit, it only goes up on the website in a few daysit should be on kisscartoon today

>>129129565>>129129568its still up there

my nigga randy is become kot

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>>129129530I dunno I just got back too. Something about horse cocks? This whole episode was about dicks. Maybe trey really has been getting off on these threads.


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>>129129627sill plays for me you in usa?

>>129129530Took you an hour to beat your meat.

>>129129652No. Where are you from?

>>129129674i am in the US so that could be your problem

>>129129684when are you USfags gonna realize only you guys get episodes on the website on the same daywe go thru this like every week

>>129129689well fuck i did not know just trying to be helpful you should have been able to piece it together beforehand with the given info if you knew that..... so heres a torrent

>>129129668i like to cum hard

So is Cartman still living in an abandoned hot dog restuarant, or was that a one-off gag?

>>129129668>he doesn't edge himself just right for the best coomNgmi

>>129129729he wasn't in this episode it was butters centric

>>129129736this guy gets itno point in pumping one out just to do it, the best nut is when you take it slow

i genuinely cannot be bothered to watch this season anymoreevery episode so far has disappointed me and has been sleep inducingly bkringi think im gonna start sitting episodes out unless they really entice mecall me up when it starts getting funny or if nathan says a line

>>129129776We'll probably never see you again nathanfag. It just won't be the same without you

>>129129788nah ill still be on these threads, fuhrer, i just wont be bothering with every new episodemy autism wont let up THAT easily

>>129129793Thats a relief, I genuinely enjoy your presence itt

>>129129798wow.... m8...

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>>129129652Can someone explain something to me? Why do all insomniac Americans refuse to use capitals and punctuation? is it a gen-Z thing? I only know of FPS players who don't use capitals and punctuation because in the in-game chat it gets removed.

>>129129806who the hell cares

>>129129793Just fuck off if you're only here to shit up the threads and attention whore

>>129129826nooi love you guys

>>129129804You're alright you funky little autist


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>>129129806I assume it's not necessary. Technically it's more efficient. I use it because I like how neat and orderly it looks but I'm not a pretentious asshole about it.

>>129129806your on a mongolian basket weaving forum this is not school

>>129129847>The South Park Timmy Special>featuring Timmy>1 full hour of Timmy>"Timmay!"

>>129129898holy shit i would love this imagine if one of the specials is just a nonverbal comedy startting timmy going on a lil adventure, with purely absurdis, visual and situational humor and no one talks except timmyi know they would never, but id like to believe

>>129129916It would be a bold new direction to take things. If I had a show this big and a career as unkillable as m&t's, I'd be doing all kinds of experimental weird shit with it just because I can. It's a waste and a crime that they aren't doing more. They could always go back to status quo if they wanted. What a damn shame.

>>129129976they seem to be under the assumption now that they gotta work with logic and things have to make sense and nothing is reversible

>>129129976>If I had a show this big and a career as unkillable as m&t's, I'd be doing all kinds of experimental weird shit with it just because I canThey do that all the time though with things like the serialisation seasons, the post COVID specials, Tegridy Farms, etc.

>>129129989It's probably because it stopped being the thing they always bonded over as bros. Now it's just a project they both do once a year, like it's a tradition. Doesn't have the same explosive energy. The constant partying became a yearly fishing retreat.

>>129130017I meant stylistically, format, etc. They were more eccentric and weird back in the day. I hope to Christ alive that I never lose my love of being a fucking weirdo. And not the normie kind, but the kind kids tell stories about in the neighborhood.

>Orchestral promos made everyone believe this is gonna be a kids/main 4 focused season>4 episodes in and both Kyle and Kenny are basically non-charactersAt this point, the only way we can get kids content is through specials or the games.

>>129130037>we were talking abt everything we wanna get this season before it started>no craigs gang ep>no goths ep>no sped ep>no gorls ep>its just trey characters being boring for 20 minutes

>These two fucked.What was it like?

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>>129130058No one fucking cares

>>129130083Surely you must be curious.

>>129130058Loud I imagine



I just watched the episode. Same complaint as I had with the other episodes. It feels too short.

>>129130105thatd because nothing happens anymorethe episodes are bland, comedy is little to none and the events arent absurdist or quick paced enough for a sp episodelike a boring day, they feel like a pain to slog thru but then very short after they ended

>>129130105It honestly feels like the Xbox Vs PS/Black Friday/Game Of Thrones 3parter. All that build up and nothing actually happens.I wonder how the fuck do live-action TV Show watchers stomach this shit. Imagine if every single media, every movie, every cartoon was like this. 98% filler and 2% content.

>>129130047Why are M&T so allergic to kids characters lately? Is it because it's getting harder through years for them to relate? Is this why adults are more proeminent lately?

>>129130135too much soulyou cant use them to make political points, talk about le current trend or teach unironic morals with none absurdism or irony whatsoever.... least not without aging them into mini adutls

>>129130058>ywn be a part of that

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>>129130135>>129130140Just do a spin off about the adult characters ffs, with randy and towelie and whoever tf else. Keep og South Park about the kids.


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>>129130047I think that especially makes it difficult. My mind has been occupied with false hopes for these things and imagining plot for it, but it's like I've been severely blueballed by the dressage episode and now I'm just sad about it. Like wtf is the point of talking about anything anymore, it's never gonna happen.

>>129130321>we can have a girls episode without matt, albiet the comedy is gonna be shit>we can have a speds episode without matt, trey voices all of them>we can have a craig's gang episode minus tweek and craig which would actually be hilarious. token, jimmy and clyde r just sick of their shit and leave em to their lovey dovey faggotry as they go on their own adventurewhat about the goths? who voices those?

list of obvious Trey self-inserts >Stan >Cartman >Randy >Mr Mackey Have I forgotten anyone.

>>129130437can we count every single character in the small-pp support group? i believe there was kim, michael and a buncha other randos including a dyke probably representing his more masculine side

>>129130437I think Garrison is a bigger self-insert than Mackey.

>>129130473I almost wrote Garrison, but then I didn't because I don't exactly why I'm getting these vibes.

post best ship

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How do i watch the episode without using a vpn