Who and how many characters in this show or confirmed canon homosexual? Considering watching but if I can't get off to it there's no point. Both leads are confirmed lesbian?

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AdoraCatraNetossaSpinerellaBow's dadsmaybe some background characters?

>>129127053BIG WOMEN

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>>129127083>Adora>CatraDo you have a source for this? I won't watch if I can't masturbate to either one of them. At least Korra and Asami are technically bisexual.

>>129127110>Do you have a source for this?The show

>>129127053Scorpia and Perfuma, though the latter also liked Bow for a bit.

>>129127122I didn't list those because they're implied at most, not strictly canon

>this whole thread

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Would Huntara count? She was flirting with a chick at the bar before Adora and co. interrupted her.

>>129127131Scorpia is pretty clear though, she was going to fucking ask the retarded nazi cat out on a date, the problem is that she's autistic as well

>>129127189yeah, I suppose Scorpia is like 90% confirmed

>>129127117They're confirmed as explicitly lesbian in the series? They say they're only interested in other women?

>>129127220If you watch the series, they explicitly manifest romantic interest in women only

>>129127220This is retarded, they kiss and have no implications that they like or dislike men if thats what you're asking, but its like a cartoon couple? except they're two chicks

>>129127255>manifestYou mean express?>>129127258>they kiss and have no implications that they like or dislike men if thats what you're askingThat's what I'm asking. If either the show or Noelle has confirmed for them to be explicitly monosexual or if their actual sexuality is up for interpretation.

>>129127305If you want to split hairs, you could say that they never explicitly deny the possibility of also being attracted to men. But that's almost like assuming that everyone is bisexual until specifically proven otherwise

>>129127354Alright. Has Noelle said anything? Cause if not that's good enough for me.

>>129127305Besides if they are lesbians and you just wanna see porn why would you care about canon anyway?

>>129127083Weren't the blond kid and lizard dude gay too? Or so I heard

>>129127379Why would I not care about canon if I watch the series?

Basically, the universe they are in treats homosexuality as the norm, with hetero couples being in the minority (really, there's only two confirmed). Pretty much everyone else expresses themselves as elsewhere on the spectrum.

>>129127401Sort of? The lizard dude had some hand-drawn pictures of reptilian tadpoles that looked like a mix of him and the blond kid. The author has stated that she sees the three of them as a family unit, though.

>>129127446What is the name of the cuck who keeps lying about his adventures and gets tossed around by his girlfriend 99% of the time?

>>129127417>Do you have a source for this? I won't watch if I can't masturbate to either one of them. At least Korra and Asami are technically bisexual.because you want to jerk of to the characters isnt it?

>>129127499I don't understand, what are you asking me?

>>129127446>on the spectrum.

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>>129127446So is nobody confirmed then?

>>129127173Too bloody right user.OP, why does 'confirmed' lesbian matter so badly? What 50 shades of autism is this?Just watch the show because it's enjoyable bruh. It's a slow start but the last season's actually pretty great.

Anyone else felt really bad about the scorpio chick? i've started to hate on Catra after that, she's so sweet but the fucking cat just uses her

>>129127774>OP, why does 'confirmed' lesbian matter so badly?I try my best not to jerk off to or sexualize lesbians. Real or fictional.


Why are feminist dykes like noelle stevenson or sabrina cotungo so insufferable Holla Forums? What made our generation of women into a bunch of man hating harpies in the first place?

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>>129127827Ask and ye shall receive my fiend

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>>129127827>>129127870Bonus krumm pic

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>>129127861It was you, anonIt's all your fault

>>129127053Based. Same reason I'm gonna watch it

>>129127936>will only watch media with a large amount of the cast infected with the gayDo faggots really?

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>>129127936Well I'm not gonna watch it if both leads are confirmed lesbian. I do like girly shows to be honest, but SPOP doesn't seem particularly girly, are there even any musical numbers?


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>>129127131They're 100% canon, just not so much in the show.

>>129128198Based law.

>>129127220You just want bad faith argumentShop troll, shoo

>>129128491Your thread is dead. Stip bumping.

>>129128491What are you even talking about? I just want to know if the series or the creator confirmed any of the characters to be lesbian. I have no idea what a "bad faith argument" even is.

what's wrong with you people


>>129129251Youre fucking desperate eh, tranny?

>>129127110Not that user. If you really care that much for confirmed sexualities of cartoon characters there's a list on the wiki with the sexual orientations. It exists probably to police what people write on their fanfics and fanarts. You know, to avoid stepping out of the party line.And a lot of these such as (Bow, Seahawk, Mara, Glimmer) just come off as having "U mAd str8 Boii???" energy coming from Noelle and the crew. Being straight is jusy not cool for them.



>>129129305This page was the first place I looked but there's not an actual confirmation for some of the characters that are claimed to be lesbian. The "source" is just that they're in a canon relationship with a women, as if bi women don't also date women.

>>129127053>confirmed canon homosexual?that dont matterjust watch the showwhats next ? you ask who many GODs there are so you can choose whitch religion to bellieve in ?(i recommend the one where Thor Loki + Zeus exist) they seem cool

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>>129129503>w-what if it has shit? j-just watch it anyway!

>>129129403(Me?)>>129129428As far as a remember neither Catra or Adora ever show attraction to a guy duiring the series. At most, Adora likes the very masculine Huntara.But if you want to stick it to the transman then just say you'll view Adora, Catra or both as bisexual. And if it pisses the authoritarian crazy fans that police shit, then that's their problem and not yours.

>>129127053>I can't get off to lesbiansI weep for what Holla Forums has done to a generation of Western men. Your elders had no such problems. Quite the contrary.

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>>129129699Homosexuality were punished with brutal beating on the past, you fucking kike

>>129129707You didn't contradict me.

>>129129717His eldars probably hated homosexuality even more. There's nothing wrong with feeling disdain for lesbians. Homosexuality is a social and a mental disease and only coomers who are too lost on their addiction and degenerate thinks of it as erotic, going to the same patch as trannies in terms of porn addiction.

>>129129743>But fapping to hetero cartoons is fineThe mental gymnastics on display should win a gold medal.

>>129129699I'm not Holla Forums, it's just a moral/ethics thing.

>>129129761It is. Pornographic drawings exists for centuries you illiterate zoomer.

>>129129584>But if you want to stick it to the transman then just say you'll view Adora, Catra or both as bisexual. And if it pisses the authoritarian crazy fans that police shit, then that's their problem and not yours.Thanks. I'll just skip the show then and enjoy the porn. Knowing the show neither confirms or denies their lesbianism is enough for me, watching the characters exclusively lust over women would probably just turn me off. I'm able to ignore it with Pearl from SU but I think Sucrose has actually confirmed her as bi.

>>129130018Based. Also if you can, produce or commission a lot of straight porn from the characters. Catra, specially.

>>129130064I won't, but feel free to!

>>129130096I will.

>>129130143Comm some more bimbofication stuff if you can


>>129130018To be fair it's mostly Catra that obsessively harps on Adora the most throughout the series. Adora seems more into the whole becoming She-Ra journey for most of the show. Until S5 subverts it at the end. As far as I remember.I just find it bizarre that somehow people with a background for writing fanfics turn into the most authoritative, controlling shits in regards to what other fans are allowed to draw or think of the characters as. Once a show is done, it's up to the fandom. At least that's how it used to be.

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Everyone, watch the behavior of this desperate tranny that is OP:Every single time his GARBAGE thread is approving page 10, he comes and bumps with some irrelevant shit that nobody will read or he samefag. Then the thread resumes to dive down and the faggot does it again to force this dogshit at all costs.Just keep an eye on and you will see.


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>>129130223I've seen several people, including an actual lesbian I follow on Twitter, say that Catra and Adora feel more like siblings than lovers. I'm curious to see for myself but I think it's better not to risk it, at least not yet.