Roasties are mad that Jason Aaron made a sexy Pocahontas

Roasties are mad that Jason Aaron made a sexy

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>>129126354Wat, the Hyborian Age and the Age of Discovery are separated by millenia of millenia

>>129126354>roastiesThis implies they have sex. These are femcel poos larping as American Indians. Sorry, I’m not really sorry.Sincerely,Jason AaronBut seriously if this shit smear hasn’t spent every month since the Whor reveal angering people who actually pay for comics in the hopes of pandering to these types this wouldn’t have been the end of his story. But thanks to having no fans because of what he did to thor/whor and then she-hulk on avengers he has nobody left in his corner. And he deserves that pariah status.

>>129126354Is he cancelled

>>129126551No, just fat, balding and unemployable.

>>129126572Go tell these heathens on Twitter that

>>129126513Isn’t Conan set like 40,000 years ago because there are still snake people and there is an ic age or am I thinking of kull and the Atlanteans

>>129126551He should be. Hopefully Donny Cates is next.

>>129126577Shit, sounds like we should welcome him over here.

>>129126354>sexy women in a Conan bookImagine that.

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>>129126354>sexualizing Indig women>Implying indigenous women can't be sexyWhy do they do this to themselves?

>>129126681That's not why they're mad you fucking idiot, is because it's supposed to be Pocahontas, you know, the one whose real story entails a little girl who was raped and paraded around Europe like a sideshow.

>>129126732Based I wish I was a colonizer its not fair bros take me back

>>129126732That sounds like a terrible idea for a Conan story, so I'm glad they left it out.

>>129126732IT'S NOT EVEN THE HISTORICAL POCAHONTAS!!! Next you'll be upset that Conan is a barbarian and not a late night talk show host.

>Jason AaronI'd be mad to learn that this faggot is still writing comics too.


>>129126732Pocahontas consented at the time

>>129126354Anyone else getting really sick of comic books taking pre existing mythology or historical figures pretending like they're original characters?Thor is annoying enough, but now fucking Pocahontas is a marvel character too? What's next? Marvel's Jesus Christ™?

>>129126788>IT'S NOT EVEN THE HISTORICAL POCAHONTASWhat do you mean?

>>129126854Not that user but I think Aaron said it was some entity that took the same name as Pocy's native name or some shit, but not like her, the actual child bride historical figure

>>129126732>a little girl who was rapedWhat are you babbling about ? Is this your HRT acting up again ?

>>129126732The character in Conan has absolutely nothing to do with the real Pochahontas, her backstory is nothing like that of the real Pochahontas, and Aaron is making no claims that she's supposed to be related to the real Pochahontas.


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>>129126608No. I’m not balding.

>>129126788>Next you'll be upset that Conan is a barbarian and not a late night talk show host.Can't he be both? It would be pretty funny.

>>129126952Pocahontas was a nickname for the historical figure, not her actual name.Still doesn't make a lick of sense though, and he clearly wanted to connect this character to the real 'Pocahontas'

Deep down they're mostly mad that most men would prefer to rape children than have sex with consenting grown women

>>129126963But why even go there ? It makes no sense in the context of Conan and its world-building, and it will obviously be directly linked by people reading about it.It's like putting a character in your fantasy called 'Hitler', and then be like, 'well, the character has nothing to do with the actual Hitler'Like why ?

>>129127042I can almost guarantee that he just heard the name Matoaka somewhere and thought it sounded cool.

>>129126998Isn't Pocahontas the Powhatan word for slut?

moar like poke a hot ass amirite

>>129126354Jason Aaron did my boy Starbrand dirty. I don't have a single ounce of sympathy for him.

>>129126354I am so conflicted right now. On one hand, fuck Jason Aaron. He's a shitty hack writer who shouldn't be allowed to write comics. On the other hand, Sexy Pocahontas in current year.And on yet the other hand, hearing that Aaron is writing Conan is taking all of my effort to not have a seizure out of pure anger.

>>129127257>Jason Aaron did my boy Starbrand dirtyDude, name a single character that asshole HASN'T done dirty.

>>129126601>Howard described the Hyborian Age taking place sometime after the sinking of Atlantis and before the beginning of recorded ancient history. Most later editors and adaptors such as L. Sprague de Camp and Roy Thomas placed the Hyborian Age around 10,000 BC. More recently, Dale Rippke proposed that the Hyborian Age should be placed further in the past, around 32,500 BC, prior to the beginning of the Last Glacial Maximum.

>>129126601You're thinking of Kull and Atlantis, which is set in the same universe and forms part of Hyboria's backstory, although that was 20,000 years ago. Conan came way later than that, like 10,000 years ago.The serpent-men in Conan's time were introduced by later writers, and are usually relict populations living in hiding. I think REH himself intended for them to be extinct by the Hyborian Age.

>>129127182Can confirm. My uncle was named Hitler at birth. Ironically, he's a philantropust.

>>129126354>Jason Aaron madeHe didn't drew her, but I'd be grateful if this cancels Aaron

How is a woman from 1600 in the Hyborian Age I ask you

>>129127422She's not, she just has the same name as the historical figure. she's not even "Pocahontas".

>>129126834>What's next? Marvel's Jesus Christ™?Jim Shooter stopped them from doing exactly that decades ago.

>ITT: Chuds pretending the writer of Scalped was totally innocent when he gave his sexy savage cheesecake the name of an Indian child brideCope harder. I fucking love Conan but this shit is just in poor taste.

>>129126834Why do people not read the thread before replying>>129126974

>>129127753Nobody is defending him. He’s a faggot and pandering to faggots like you who say “in poor taste” and probably defended Whor is why he even needs to deal with this. Like Gail simone when she made the plastic man tranny joke and the people she spent years pandering to turned on her in a second.

>>129127753Seems more like they're soaking in the shaedenfraude.

>>129127804Like you? Look at the time stamps newfag. Matter of fact just look at the numbers.

>>129126974I still want him to get ragged on. Whatever kicks this jackass out of writing comics.

>>129127824That's what I get for following a reply chain

>>129126354People like this should have citizenship revoked and turned into a subclass akin to slaves.

>>129127032Women don't want to fuck pedos, cope.

>>129126732You will never be a real woman.

>>129127809I'm open to debate. Please explain to me how this and Jane Foster Thor are comparable choices beyond it being the same writer.Also:>Nobody is defending it>>129126669>>129126681>>129126788>>129127182

>>129127894Just say >yes I did like Whor Next time faggot. There’s no debate. I was right.

>>129127910Nice debate, moron. You sure made your point well.I've never read Aaron's Thor run. Read his Doctor Strange in 2016 and it sucked ass.

>>129127921I never said they were the same autismo

>>129127934You drew the comparison, schizo, not me.Stay mad.

>>129127972Quote me comparing the two.

This thread seems to have gone insane somehow.Since we’re doing it I’m the one user who didn’t like his Thor until Jane got the hammer lmao

>>129127985>>129127809>He’s a faggot and pandering to faggots like you who say “in poor taste” and probably defended WhorYou drew an immediate comparison between reaction to this and to Whor. The two aren't comparable, and you made a completely baseless assumption by conflating current Aaron news with something you're still mad about from six years ago.You know... like a schizo would?

>>129128016Like I said, I never said they were the same, nor compared them in any capacity. you being ESL doesn’t change what I actually wrote lol.

I honestly completely blanked in my head that Marvel were making Conan comics these days. How the fuck can you have sword and sorcery, tits and all the good stuff when people complain about everything?

>>129128104There's been some fun cheesecake stories, like the one where Conan has to escort five courtesans but he's just lost Belit so he's not into fucking them, or the "Conan the Gambler" story.But honestly the best Conan comics being made right now are the French stuff, The Cimmerian.

>>129126975But you do suck a mean cock.

>>129128054You compared the reactions and projected an opinion onto me that I didn't have simply because you're still butthurt about a temporary character change that was undone years ago.Take your fucking meds, dude.

>>129126354>Jason Aaron finally gets cancelled and gets off Avengers for thisThat'd be kekky

>>129126732>>129126952>>129127753A seventeen year old woman from 400 years ago is not a little girl, you pathetic retards

>>129128243>In A True Relation of Virginia (1608), Smith described meeting Pocahontas in the spring of 1608 when she was "a child of ten years old."[8] In a 1616 letter, he again described her as she was in 1608, but this time as "a child of twelve or thirteen years of age."[9]So she could've been as young as 14. In any case, legally a child you SICK FUCK.

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>>129126732>is because it's supposed to be Pocahontas, you know, the one whose real story entails a little girl who was raped and paraded around Europe like a sideshow.Best postSadly coomers can't handle the truth

>>129127835whywhat do you get out of some dude prostrating himself for drawing a sexy woman that has the same name as someone in historywould you get mad if a comic book had a president named richard nixon that was a muscular white guy in a loincloth? why

>>129128544He didn't draw the comic, moron.

>>129128577do we know if Asrar has had to apologize for this?

>>129128159Undone? That remains to be seen.

>>129128159Until Aaron's off Marvel for good, that remains to be seen.

>>129128601The problem isn't that there's a sexy woman in a Conan comic. There's always sexy women in Conan comics.The problem is that this one has the name of a historic child-bride. Which was a deliberate choice on Aaron's part.

>>129128609Jane hasn't been Thor for years, schizo. The six foot bunny rabbit telling you to burn down your school isn't real either. Touch grass.>>129128615Now this is a take I can get behind.

>libs on twitter are saying dumb shit>better make yet another thread about itJust keep it on twitter you perpetually online freaks

>Aaron apologizes>not for his actual bad comics, character and continuity ruining dogshit, but because brown teens on Twitter don’t wanna admit their ancestors were slutsClown world

>>129126732So? How does that affect them?


>>129127865Who the fuck would ever want to fuck pedos?


>>129126354>racism is bad!>being sexually attracted to different races is badidpol liberal capitalists are at it again

>>129128673How? The bottom take isn't that different from the top one. It's just saying that his work will not be undone until Aaron is no longer working in Marvel.

>>129128544Mostly I just want him to lose his job so I won’t have to endure shit writing that some people for some reason actually like with whatever brain cells they have left.

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>>129128898It doesn't. They're just looking for an excuse to get mad.Which makes them no better than 4chan desu.

>>129128940>help! I can't read!

>>129128943One is angry at the quality of the writing, one is angry because muh sjw white genocide erasure.

>>129126354I put half of the blame on anyone dumb enough to even have a twatter account. By now they should know better. At the minimum they should just block the asshole brigade and move on when they show up, but not being on that rancid anus of a social media site at all is still best option.

>>129129021They're both the same posts. They're both saying Aaron's work will never be undone as long as he's there.

>>129129040That's not an option anymore since it is MANDATORY to have social media these days if you want to work.

>>129129042Are you missing the entire conversation I've been having with the schizo of the first post or are you being deliberately obtuse?

>>129129061>it is MANDATORY to get social media cancerThen fuck getting in the wage cage for some corporation, better to rise or fall as an independent. But even so, I would at least block the assholes when they showed up or does massa not allow that either?

>>129129061Yes, and every paycheck you get they take your fingerprints. It's literally 1984, not that you've ever read it. Why is this thread so full of schizos?

>>129129006We know sjw tranny

>>129129295Employers literally scan your social media to determine whether they want to hire you or not.

>>129126732Ngl that sounds pretty fucking based

>>129126354The fact that he learned NOTHING from Disney's own shitshow from even going near the historical figure means that he deserves all the shit he gets from this. What a fucking moron.

>>129128648who genuinely cares. honestly. tell me why a fictional characters name in a piece of fiction you don't have to read actually harms someone and is worthy of our full attention.

>>129126974>people freely use biblical and historical names for random caracters, use them to name anime girls and shit and nobody cares>NOOO, NOT POCAHONTAS, THAT'S NOT APPROPIATE, YOU DEVIL RACIST MAN!!When will this end?

>>129128444Dilate faggot

>>129128673>two people post exact same response>user agrees with one of them, and disagrees with the othertruly, a schizo that 4chan deserves

>>129126354>American comic books in 2022

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>>129126354Will DC and Marvel continue to listen to literal whos on Twitter on how they should run their company?

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>>129126788>>129126963Dude why is she named Princess Matoaka? Like why use a historical Powhatan name mixed with europoor princess memes?

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>>129129938>>people freely use biblical and historical names for random caracters, use them to name anime girls and shit and nobody caresChristians do that shit because only Christians think it's deep and interesting to have abrahamic shit all over their anime (eg. Evangelion).

>>129126354wait until they see Conan builds harems every other issue.

>>129126732Wait but I thought real historical people were free game for reinterpretation in fiction?

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