Just got back from The Batman. Check out the Batman popcorn vessel I got at the cinema

Just got back from The Batman. Check out the Batman popcorn vessel I got at the cinema

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>>129125340looks kinky

27 bucks is a pretty good deal for a high quality popcorn vessel

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>>129125340The fuck so the bottom really is empty? What is the point

>>129125340>bottom half of cowl is hollow>it has no bottom so you can't even hold some candy bars or something in thereWhat a fucking misstep.

>>129125378For $27 it better include a ticket to the damn movie.

>too small to be reused as a cosplay maskIt's over

>>129125381You wear that part on your head

>mrw I will never have a vaguely-Edward-Cullen's-face-shaped popcorn vessel

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>>129125340You’re a fucking loser.

>>129125454Says the schmuck eating popcorn out of his pockets like a bum

>>129125340Looks like he's screaming

>>129125381you put the tenga in there.

>>129125340so does it fit a large popcorn amount of popcorn?

>empty theaterYeah that sounds about right.

>>129125340>not as cool as Ant-Man tumbler head

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>>129125340>>129125378I love that they call it a "vessel." It's so unabashedly corny and dramatic.

>>129125818The advantage here of course is that the Batman cowl is attached to a good movie.

>>129125852>an anonymous image board is a major part of the movieI dunno user, It might bet better than Wasp, but it already seems worse than the first Antman.

>>129125340How much popcorn does can it contain? Doesn't seem like it could hold any larger than a small.

>>129125381i guess so it can also function as a cowl you can put on your shelf.

>>129125852Ant-Man 1 is one of the best MCU movies and better than at least half of DCEU movies. Try again.

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>>129125378>Sorry babe, I cant Netflix and chill without my popcorn vessel

>>129125917I don't think it's possible to be worse than a movie so ashamed of itself it won't even use the titular character, but instead a legacy who pulls the ol' "can we change le name?" quip.>>129126069>Ant-Man 1 is one of the best MCU moviesAnd yet it's still not good.

>>129125852>not liking based comfy Ant-ManShit taste

>>129126357>And yet it's still not good.It has a hotter supporting actress than The Batman and doesn't try to be preachy about "white privilege" on top of being legitimately entertaining and funny, so it's far better in my book.

>>129126480>it has le Didney™ Brand™ so I like itWell obviously.

>>129125340I wanted to get the liter cup but my local Cinema didn't get them

>>129126511No, it's just actually good. I like Paul Rudd and I don't care who knows.

>>129126357>pulls the ol' "can we change le name?" quip.That joke isn’t even in the movie you fucking idiot

>>129125507I keked

>>129125340I need this rightj now

>>129125818Nah those actually look worse

>>129126357Really, this is the hill you want to die on?Trying to convince people that Antman 1 wasn't good? A few years too late for that one.

>>129127078Not him and I wouldn't call Ant-Man bad but it's one of the most "ok" movies ever made. I have no strong feeling on it either way

>>129127078It was a movie that existed. Great cast but not really that good in action.

>the vessel is emptyWhat horrors was it meant to contain? What have you unleashed upon us?

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>>129125378It's a piece of shitty plastic. How is hat a good deal for almost 30 bucks!?

>>129125340Cool gonna get one and make some pissy shitties

>>129128094>insulting the vesselSilence you fool, it can hear you...

>>129128096Considering the movie is 3 hours long seems like a good use for it desu

>>129125378That's two dollars more then the popcorn buckets they sell at Disney World.


Will he happen in the sequels, anons who watched the movie?

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>>129128301batman will begin but then the dark knight rises

>>129125340the fuck did you buy that for, you can't even wear it unless your an infant and have a power saw

>>129128301Pattison barely talked about it in an interview, but in terms of in movie, your just going to have to wait and see with sequels, because that wasn't the guy who was getting set up in the film sadly

>>129128400It fits my hand like a puppet

>>129125340>>129125818Fucking KNEELyoutube.com/watch?v=JhJ6iWhdMxo

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>>129128301>downtown Gotham is flooded, creating a No Man's Land scenario>Selina leaves for Bludhaven, her and Bruce love each other but chose different path>Batman is dedicated to be a heroic protector of the city operating in the open, reintegrating into society and (presumably, the film's themes clearly lead there) reclaim control of the Wayne renewal fund for the city's benefit>heavy Batfamily foreshadowing ("no man is an island" is a big theme, which goes with>united rogues gallery instead of lone wolf villains (the Riddler is locked up in Arkham Asylum and befriends the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan, in his final scene)>there's a power vacuum in the mob after Falcone died, the Penguin is taking over, a war is brewing>the new mayor wants to clean up the city from institutional corruptionThe whole movie felt like a set up in so many ways.


>>129128755Yes, unironically. I genuinely enjoyed Ant-Man.

>>129128301He won't. They're introducing him in DCEU.

>>129128650>Godzilla vs Evangelion The fuq? When? HOW?

>>129128650>popcorn bucket that needs an 18 minute long reviewKIRYU-SAMA, I KNEEL

>>129125340How many tears can the The Batman (2022) Popcorn Vessel hold

>>129128776DC doesn't care about this sort of stuff, Reeves can do whatever he wants. There already are two/three Batmen, two Gordons, three Jokers.

>>129125852Elements of this film are alrightbut a lot of other elements are just shit

>>129128741That's too much shit, what the fuck? That's enough setup for like five or six movies, you can't dump all that on an audience at once.


>>129125340>>129125378Can you wear it like a mask and have someone eat popcorns out of your head?

>>129128973v e s s e l

>>129128990Depends how big your head is

>>129128990Answer this one question: Are you a house cat?

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>>129128855>There already are two/three Batmen, two Gordons, three Jokers.what a clown show

I've already whipped 3 of these at cars on my way home.


I liked some things, but there was a lot I just didn't like.I liked Pattisons performance, I liked he was Batman for most of the film, I liked Batman finally being a detective and scientist for once. I liked the production design. I liked the basic concept of the story as a detective story.But the execution of it just left a lot to be desired, too often being cliched or repeating previous films.The Riddlers plan makes no sense, first he is going after people involved in the Maroni arrest and he is looking for a rat in the case. But then shifts to Thomas Wayne and some dirty dealings of his. What? What is the connection? The Maroni case and rat are then dropped.Tarnishing Thomas Wayne is such a grimdark cliche, imagine if someone wanted to do a story saying Peter Parkers inspiration Uncle Ben had a shady background and wasn't all he was cracked up to be we'd all say why would you do a thing like that. And giving a twist to his death, maybe Maroni or Falcone ordered it, is a repeat of Joker doing it in Burtons film and Ra's taking credit in Batman Begins. Why do people keep trying to make this a thing and cant leave them alone as decent people and an unsolved tragedy with a random anonymous assailant.Flooding the city and having a gang shoot up the Mayors election celebration/people fleeing to higher ground is a complete repeat of Batman Begins and Dark Knight. It is also yet another third act battle to save the city/world that has become standard in comicbook movies. Cant things be a little simpler? Look at Year Ones ending.

>>129128929You could say a movie with Riddler and Penguin and Falcone is enough for two and yet.

>>129129198I am not a fan of the Batman/Catwoman will they/wont they Moonlighting mini-moves. Again repeating Batman Returns and Dark Knight Rises and countless cartoons and comics. Just cut to the chase. They run into one another breaking into a mob house to get something from a safe, have a fight with some goons, he gets her away, they kiss, dissolve to Wayne Manor and Alfred finding a trail of bat armor and cat leather to Bruces room. Voila, together. That doesn't necessarily have to mean they stay together.The attempt at political relevance was just lame. Warners is a multi-billion dollar corporation and owned by shareholders, they cannot say anything of any political substance that is going to challenge themselves or their owners or their interests. What is the Mayors campaign? Progressive taxation? Public healthcare/education/transportation/housing? Student debt relief? Financial/OHS/environmental regulation? Police accountability? No. It's #RealChange! Just badly trying to appeal to liberal sentiment, and the irony is the only ones who will really respond to it will be rightwingers who'll holler about another example of 'great replacement'.


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>>129128741Damn I hope Battinson gets a little buddy next film.

>>129125378>Batman Popcorn Vesselthe perfect counterpoint for my Superman Beverage Cannikin

>>129128776That Dick will be a grown ass man. Reeves seems open to a Robin who is actually appropriately aged.

wtf was with the drug "drop" in the film?was this something to get around the PG-13 rating?if they had coke or meth that would get an R rating?

>>129128741If Reeves gives us a young teenage Dick I personally eat his ass and suck his dick right off his body.>>129128929It's a 3 hr long movie that WB wants to make spinoffs from, what were you expecting?

>>129129302yes, you can't have drugs in PG-13 stuffFarrell's Penguin wasn't allowed to have a cigar either because of that

>>129125340Jesus Christ, he's the damn gimp!>popcorn vesselLove that term, using it from now on

>>129125340>>129125378It doesn't look like it hold very much popcorn.

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>>129129330A kid Dick Grayson is pretty simple to do>he is in the circus>he witnesses his parents death>Bruce Wayne is presumably there too for whatever reason>Batman begins to investigate>nets been sabotaged, Circus owner owes money to loan sharks, you know the drill>as Batman follows leads he discovers Dick in a fight with some goons>intervenes>learns Grayson saw who did it>you help me>I help youAnd how is he Robin? Simple, that is his _circus_ act, like in Cirque du Soleil where they are perform as characters. By the end he is Nightwing.Hollywood give me your shekels now.

>>129129366it is too bad Selina doesn't stick around because of course you could then get her outraged he is training a child soldier

>>129129372Selina in this movie would be more likely to have sex with Robin. She’s a deviant

>>129129366>they keep Dick's lust for murdering Zucco in the movie>Batman casuals lambasting at the happy Robin wanting to kill a guy and saying Jason would've fit better

>>129129375what deviancy did she engage in?

>>129129406No Jason Todd in a film, everIf you put Jason in a film it will be expected he be killed and then returnIts lame

>>129129407Scene where she whips a guys ass, another with her licking the linoleum floor to tempt Batman

>>129129366Batman Returns got close to this, Robin was supposed to be among the Red Triangle Circus gang and turn on the Penguin and join Batmanand Marlon Wayans was supposed to play him too

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Just saw the movie, I liked but still thought it was funny that the Riddler's followers are 4chaners, like, there were comments in his website that read as something anons wrote here and in other boards.>>129125818 >>129126069 Based Ant-Man enjoyers>>129126357Ant-Man is probably one of the most unashamed and sincere comic book movies from the last decade and Scott Lang is one legacy character that has as much right to the hero mantle as Hank Pym

>>129129434>Scene where she whips a guys assbased

>>1291294524chans been getting mentioned for years in film and tv

>>129125340What kind of popcorn?

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>>129129466Yeah I know. It wasn't an explicit reference but there were some comments in the "Not 4chan website" that I swear I read the exact same post word for word here, or the small glances at how the posters express themselves felt accurate. Because of that I couldn't get the funny idea of "Batman is beating up Holla Forumsirgins, Holla Forumstards and Holla Forumscksuckers" out of my head kek.

>>129129434>another with her licking the linoleum floor to tempt BatmanWhat the fuck

>>129129434The guy was probably a dirty boy who deserved it though.


>>129126069>than at least half of DCEU moviesI would say better than all the DCEU movies

>>129128782It was just a merchandise campaign for Shin Godzilla, mostly figures and statues. Stuff like Mecha Godzilla with the EVA color scheme, some kaiju Eva hybrids, statues of the Eva girls dressed like Xillians, and a tie-in album. It all culminated in a short lived 4D ride at Universal Studios Japan. With Anno now also doing Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider they're doing it again with all four series involved.

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>>129129366desu I really don't think most of the audience will accept a young Robin or a Robin at all unless CoO is involved

I love that some guy is just lying about the content of the film and yall eat that shit up. No, catwoman does engage in any "deviant" whipping or licking, stop being so gullible

>>129125381You put it on your lap and you can get head from batman while you eat popcorn and watch the movie

>>129129886>I love it>so I will destroy itWhy must you lie

>>129129922but it didn't happen

>>129129936>he didn’t see the extended edition where she locks Batman in a chastity cage

>>129129951in the the 3D imax version she pegs him

>>129125378Crucible of Popped Corn

>>129129962buying my ticket rn, i wanna see that

>>129130056He has flashbacks to his parents getting shot as he cums in his chastity cage while getting peggedNot surprised Reeves said this Batman was fucked up

>>129130066he orgasms at the moment he remembers his mother being shot

>>129130101I hear he gives himself a pearl necklace upon remembering his mother's pearls scattering across the ground.

>>129130114she snowballed him

>>129130126Penguin jerks off, watching through a hole in the wall

>>129125340Can you wear it?