Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Hedgehogged #2

Previous Thread: >>129108881 Pastebin: Password: zCXhuqLwAv Eggman makes a robot combining the power of chaos emeralds and saiyan DNA. Saiyans have been summoned to Mobius in the bodies of mobians. Each chaos emerald is inhabited with a deity. And the craziest thing? The council is cooperative and helpful. Wild. Tonight we’re finishing Hedgehogged (until it stops) and after that I have special mini comic that will keep in the spirit of Sonic and Dragon Ball mixing. Also, last thread had an update for Ruptured Existence. Check the OP of the last thread for posts replying to it.

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>>129125053Last time on Hedgehogged, everyone's fighting Eggman's saiyan mech and Rage is inside it and collecting the chaos emeralds from all the deities that live in them. Finitevus is the deity of control.

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>>129125053>The Council being helpful. It still feels like bullshit.

>>129125095Fini being a pain in the ass as usual.

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>>129125109Boof!>>129125100Not one outburst from Hamlin even.

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>>129125130And what trick would that be?

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>>129125109>>129125095Deity of Control? What nonsense. Finitevus should be murdered and thrown off the Island. Fuck him.

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>>129125144Bullshit. It makes sense but it's still bullshit.

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>>129125164Brute force is the best way to deal with him.

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I both love and hate how well Sonic and Dragon Ball Z mix. Both are so aggressively 90s in different ways. Not to mention the former takes shameless inspiration from the latter.

>>129125177This will be addressed (sort of) later but yeah, a Metal Sonic is the deity of science. Just roll with it.>>129125157Oh hey, Locke. Sorry about what you'll see later on in this comic. You'll see.

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>>129125109>I can give you any shape I wantDare you enter Finitevus's magical realm?

>>129125191Another easy one.>>129125180They kind of work if you deal with the wildly different power levels. This comic kind of has problems with that but it's not too bad.

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>>129125164>Dr. Gero: What the hell is a Namek? Actually, I guess Dr. Fini would be Sonic's equivalent of Dr. Gero. ... Would that make Lien-Da the Android 19?

>>129125208What's Mephiles doing here? He can do whatever he wants, that's what.

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>>129125225Playing mind games, I see.>>129125221I see Eggman as a Gero and Frieza fusion in that he does none of the fighting and just leaves it to his creations to do all the damage but having Frieza's nasty habit of always coming back and being the long term antagonist.

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>>129125251Mission complete!

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>>129125265And Rage exploded and died. The end. So sad.

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>>129125053Ah yes, time for more dimensional issues and Zone Cops NOT DOING THEIR JOBS>>129125100That's what happens when they're not surrounded by the usual idiots like Naugus and Max.

>>129125053Let’s go

>>129125321EGGMAN IS DEAD (this is a fan comic and he lasted quite a while)BUT THAT'S NOT THE END OF THIS FIGHT

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>>129125333Awooga!>>129125323They took one look at this and was like "fuck that" and went to get some zonuts.

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>>129125350Inb4 too hot for Holla Forums

>>129125350Frieza would approve of this design.

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>>129125369Oh my!

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>>129125386Even the saiyan OCs are struggling against this new form!>>129125363Noooooooo!

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>>129125407Oh right, they can go super whenever they want.

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>>129125423>the black hedgehog who was inside mePhrasing!

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>>129125440Even in death, Eggman cannot escape the fat shaming.

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>>129125177Finitevus got wrecked.

>>129125455Yes, keep beating it up. I'm sure it won't come back from this stronger than before.

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>>129125474Or it could be repairing itself while everyone is waiting around.

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>>129125251Why have three of the seven big Chaos deities been evil dicks? Where are the Ancient/Neo Walkers To deal with this shit?

>>129125484>over 9000 referenceIt was inevitable.

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>>129125499Good idea, Sally. They need to kill the bad thing now.>>129125485The artist has made some changes to the characters and what their roles are. Wait until you see Sonic's parents and Knuckles' father.

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>>129125304Fucking Saiyans man.

>>129125517That's what I keep saying! Destroy it now!

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>>129125333>Eggman fucking diedWell, he was the big bad for 9 whole chapters so I'm cool with it.

>>129125530>saiyans letting sonic and the gang to finish thingsAwfully sporting of them.

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>>129125544Bunnie getting an upgrade.>>129125541Yeah, he had a good run.

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>>129125559It's time for the Sonic and Shadow Show.

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>>129125407Finally, somebody strong enough to fight these Saiyans.


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>>129125423>I have made a miscalculation

>>129125455Eggman gets no respect, not even after being killed.

>>129125484These Saiyans are way too genre-savvy.

>>129125590One arc ends and another begins. Also, we have four chapters left. So you know what that means.>>129125667>me and my bots get no respect>what did frieza do that we neglect

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>>129125559Been playing KOFXV recently and I can't help but think of Bunnie as Maxima


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>>129125740Oof!>>129125725She gets two lasers... on her chest.

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>>129125499Took 10 chapters, but it happened.

>>129125754Missing something?

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>>129125667>Zone-1982>Ivo Dangerfield: I tells ya, I get no respect! No respect! I went out one night, asked a cabbie "to take me where the action is"! He takes me to MY house!!

>>129125530Tails is really fucking casual about the threat of impending planetary destruction here.

>>129125767Must be nice to go super and just casually disassemble stuff.

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>>129125777As many times he's been involved with Zones getting blasted, he's probably used to it.

>>129125795Bad robot hand! Leggo!

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>>129125544It's also oddly nice that they were willing to just outright destroy it instead of fucking around and finding out. These Saiyans have pretty strong morals.


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>>129125828Is this the trigger for Antoine to go super?!>>129125827Such nice saiyans when they're not trying to kill each other.

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>>129125854I will always appreciate thicc Sally.

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>>129125868Time to learn more about the saiyans.

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>>129125868Sally of course got thick by sitting on her ass all comic

>>129125095Best boy!>>129125207That only makes it hotter and you know it.>>129125369A Frieza gizoid, or a friezoid if you will. It is pretty cool though.

>>129125888Man, nobody likes magic. It's not all bad!

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>>129125868Sally really should cover that up. But also:>a Saiyan interested and knowledgeable about techWhat is even happening

>>129125904Uh oh! What's the very anime-y darkness coming from Rage?>>129125892>Best boy!And he'll have some more appearances as well!

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>>129125925I don't like the sound of this!

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>>129125945Gotta trick out Bunnie's new arm!>>129125889Yeah buddy!>>129125920>What is even happeningSaiyans do need to branch out from being hobo fight autists.

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>>129125945So the monkey has SpaiceAids, who could've guessed?

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>>129125964Woah, new OCs!Three chapters left!

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>>129125982That skirt makes it look like Nicole has thicc, wide hips. I approve.

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>>129125904Conductor, most of the magic users in Sonic tend to be evil.

>>129125999WITNESS METhese saiyans all being weird. Also cute of Knuckles wanting to bond with a fellow echidna. And no, Knuckles isn't the only echidna, not including Enerjak or Finitevus.

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>>129126035Gotta put that belt on. Feeling extra naked without it.>>129126010Those magic abusers give honest magic users a bad name. Remember Merlyn or Athair?

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>>129126054Amy wants to go shopping with her new tomboy girlfriend.

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>>129125999Witnessed.>>129126035>Bartin is a military autist>Zuki questions the lack of clothing when nobody else is wearing anySaiyans are autistic confirmed.

>>129126067>tower was replaced by a dbz looking ocTowerbros...

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>>129126085Suddenly a spirit OC!

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>>129126067>Also Brolix is cripplingly autistic, like me, so we should get along fine

>>129126104So there's a bunch of evil energy that needs to be dealt with. Super wants to have the mortals deal with it.

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>>129126116So of course the deities are going to go with that. Also, ENTER LUPE!

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>>129126085I… think Towers is going through a severe midlife crisis, and rather than buying a sports car like the rest of us he’s opted to go for an… extreme makeover.

>>129126067You just want another boy on the team, Shadow. Don't lie. I'll allow it, but only because I like these Saiyans and think they've been a good influence on you lately.

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>>129126149The wolves, including the OC wolves, are pretty close to the deities of past (Chaos) and future (Enerjak).

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>>129126162Enerjak with the good news.

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>>129126174Someone wants revenge!

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>>129126174Keep it succinct, Jackie

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>>129126191Everyone's getting an upgrade! Even Nicole!

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>>129126104>Antoine removed all his fancy clothing to go full nude>>129126116Super is a dick, as usual. Even Finitevus is nicer as a god.

>>129126207ENTER SONIC'S MOM NOT-BERNADETTE>>129126199tl;dr You all fucked

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>>129126174Why does that one wolf look like Zero?Nice of Enerjak to give such a short doomsday prophecy though.

>>129126191>that bitch AmyWhat do you have against Amy, Fiona?

>>129126287This comic came out before Forces. Looks like Sonic Team's got some 'splainin' to do!

>>129126233The final stretch! Two more chapters!>>129126300They kind of clashed in the comics before Fiona got with Scourge.

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>>129126362Getting that new arm!

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>>129126374Reminder that Daft Punk is still dead

>>129126374Everyone's starting to gather to see how this works out.

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>>129126412Rouge already generating friction with the newbie.

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>>129126412>speak of the devilWell Nicole IS a demon. A semen demon

>>129126425Enough arguing, Omega demands violence!>>129126391RIP

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>>129126445Sonic didn't dodge her this time.>>129126434A digital dick draining demon.

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>>129126434Closer to an actual demon in GOTF But still a semen demon as well.

>>129126468FEEEEEEEET>>129126452He looks like he gets into bar fights and hits on women until his wife hits him on the head and drags him away.

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>>129126483Fini with the hookup.

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>>129126425Rouge, he could literally break you in half. Rouge what are you doing

>>129126497Haha, good luck mortals. Hope you don't all die.

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>>129126512Here's the new big bad!>>129126506>Rouge, he could literally break you in halfYou're just promising her a good time.

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Finitevus working to save Möbius feels weird and wrong


>>129126529EEEEEEEVIL!>>129126524Bunnie and her naturally barefoot self has made it happen a few times already.

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>>129126546In fairness, he believed he was saving the planet in Archie. He was just...very enthusiastic about "purging" it first.

>>129126562LOL later losers!>>129126546He's not interested in the planet getting nuked so it's a step back from his usual "kill everyone" goal but he isn't being too nice since he's helping Scourge.

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>>129126581So Super draws out an evil version of Momack and leaves with him, leaving the original Momack behind. So there's two of him.

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>>129126623Look at all those silhouettes! And we have one chapter left!

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>>129126604Super really is the most evil out of the deities. Completely amoral. Makes you wonder why they even let him stick around.

>>129126623He looks like a weak cuck

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>>129126636Those are some interesting shoes, Lupe.

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>>129126656Even more EEEEEEEEEVIL!>>129126638Because he's held in check by Finitevus. That doesn't sound much better.

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>>129126668Two Rages?! Nani?!>>129126643Says the divorced guy.

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>>129126684What an interesting costume.

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>>129126700You're all saiyans, this should be heaven for you. Goku would be so pumped for another world ending threat.

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>>129126717ENTER MAMMOTH MOG--- oh...

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>>129126739>be immortal villain>after losing a bunch of times, just retire and run a casino knowing you'll outlive almost everyone>some evil oc barges in and starts beating on youShits rough yo

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>>129126739>this is for touching all those kids!

>>129126759Meanwhile, Not-Metal is just... sitting somewhere...

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>>129126636Naugus, Snively and what I assume are the Hooligans are the most easily identifiable. Don't know about the rest.

>>129126773He's dissociating

>>129126773Why does he look like Metal Sonic? Don't worry about it.>>129126762Poor Mammoth. He said he was sorry. I think.

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>>129126787Just sitting around and eating and gods just appear like it's nothing.

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>>129126795ENTER NAUGUSNot off to a good start.

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>>129126811Oh no, he's fast!

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>>129126823>not a giant feral hedgehog or human saiyanBOOOOOOOOO

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>>129126836Thanks for the explanation but we only got a couple pages after this.

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>>129126717That's because Goku (and Vegeta) are retards, Conductor.

>>129126849Poor Rotor!

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>>129126739Deserved for all the child mind rape, you creepy pedophile.

>>129126866And that's it! This series hasn't updated since 2016. But I have one more mini story to post.>>129126853Sometimes being a little retarded is necessary.

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>>129126884This scene looks familiar but I don't remember it having Sonic characters. This is The End of Chris Thorndyke by

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>>129126773>tainted beyond what I have ever seenFunny joke given your history, Mogul.

>>129126898I know there's a lot of Chris haters and some defenders so it's funny to see the comments for this. The artist definitely had to deal with complaints over

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>>129126811Hey, at least he's responding to you more than Geoffrey ever did Naugus!

>>129126914Sonic Adventure 2 Dark Team replacing the heroes is a fun touch.

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>>129126930>die, chrisNo, no, that's German for "The, Chris".

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>>129126950I'm sure Chris is fiiiiiiine!

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>>129126971Just a flesh wound.

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>>129126971we finally got a happy ending this time

>>129126984That's it for Chris as well as the thread for tonight! Tomorrow at 9pm EST we'll do another night of various comics.

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>>129126914>>129126898>>129126950>>129126971>>129126930>>129126984>>129127004best part of the storytime

>>129126836At least we can kind of extrapolate what their human forms look like based off the Oozaru.

>>129126950It's been years since I've seen this.Shadows face cracks me up everytime

>>129126898>>129126914From heroic Saiyans to feet to violent child abuse, this ride has it all!

>>129126898>>129126914>>129126930>>129126950>>129126971>>129126984>>129127004BASED BASED BASED

>>129127004The list is manageable and we're going to knock off quite a bit tomorrow. I will also say that finding some good and ironically good comics is getting harder and harder.

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>>129127004>>129127090Hedgehogged was an enjoyable romp which was unexpected and Chris being brutalized is seemingly something that unites the entire fandom. Overall, a pretty good two-day comic and a much shorter closing story.>The list is manageable and we're going to knock off quite a bit tomorrow. We'll just have to add more before then.

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>>129126914I'm indifferent to Chris.

>>129127125Glad you enjoyed it. I know this story wasn't to everyone's liking but I think there were some good ideas and the art was pretty good. I just wish the writing was better and certain character choices were different or not changed from the Archie comics.

>>129127192That's probably the nicest I've seen anyone treat him.>>129127226Yeah, it was clear Hedgehogged wasn't as engaging for some like a couple of the other stories, but it was still pretty good. The only complaints I really have is that the writing is a bit weird in places and like you said, a bunch of Archie characters get changed in various wsys.But it has the best version of the Council so far, so I'm willing to let it slide.

>>129127090>The list is manageableHa! I suppose it's at least stabilized since it's just growing at the same rate we finish comics off.Really enjoyed Hedgehogged, despite the weird name and less engaging plot. It was refreshing to see the council actually work together, and the oc's weren't on the nose, especially since they were DBZ characters who are inherently more powerful than Sonic characters.The Chris comic was pretty funny, I might not hate him, but I certainly understand why others do. I'm still convinced he's a past version of Eggman though (same hair and eyes, genius scientist grandfather, similar clothes style, absolute obsession with Sonic). It would've been cool if the portal Chris made in season 3 to get back to Sonic instead sent him back in time and scrambled his brains so he only remembered his obsession with Sonic.

Chris Thorndyke > Sally Acorn

>never watched Sonic X>ask youtube to give me a rundown on Chris>Chris Thorndyke is the most useless sidekick ever>Chris being the worst sonic x character for 4 minutesIs Chris just a cursed name for Sonic?

Attached: what did you do.png (209x211, 53.29K)

>>129127279I'm going to chalk it up to the artist probably being young and way into the idea of putting their saiyan OC's in Sonic, meshing all three of their interests into some epic story that seemed better in their head. This is why I get hesitant when I see too many OC's. These aren't bad but they're not as good as Stripes and Jolt.

>>129127333>I'm still convinced he's a past version of Eggman though (same hair and eyes, genius scientist grandfather, similar clothes style, absolute obsession with Sonic).That was probably something during production. Maybe Sonic X originally had something like Sonic going back in time and meeting Eggman as a kid unknowingly and becoming friends with him.

>>129127371It's too bad they never had the guts to put it in the final show. It really recontextualizes Chris from needy kid the producers added to chase trends, to a Sonic fan so obsessed he ends up becoming a villain. Not sure how they'd handle the SA2 adaption, since Gerald would be the grandfather of both of them.It really is a shame that they always shy away from Sonic and Eggman's origins (except bizarrely, in the movie). I know Iizuka wasn't happy with the implication that Sonic was the real ultimate lifeform raised on the ARC with Maria, but at least give him something! I'd even be happy with them making a Green Hill village in IDW that serves as a home base. He doesn't even need an explicit house, but surely his fanmail gets delivered somewhere.

>>129127693Yuji Naka once said Sonic and Eggman's first conflict occurred on Sonic's home Christmas Island. That's the closest thing you'll get to an "origin" of those two.

>>129127362Yeah, I can see what you mean. Personally, I'm fine with them since for all that there are a lot of them, they don't totally take away from the Sonic characters and cast and still LOOK like they fit into the universe. For most of Hedgehogged, it's really Archie (and one Fleetway) Sonic characters + some OC's and it stays like that up until the end. Its even Sonic characters who ultimately end Eggman's final legacy, so its not as though the OC's totally steal their win either. It's just that there's a lot of them and they're not quite as developed as some of the others we've seen on the Ride. Still better than Bleak though.Ironically, this story is probably better than the OTHER Dragonball crossover which more or less uses purely Sonic and Dragonball characters. Mostly because there, the Dragonball elements totally overshadow any of the Sonic ones, basically just making it into the Goku Show: But Furry.

>>129127350Chris in Sonic X really gets recontextualized when you consider he was most likely going to be made into a past version of Eggman but it got scrapped before the final production. I seriously think giving him more development than just "lonely rich kid who desperately wants to be Sonic's friend" would have salvaged Chris as a character.

On the note of the Saiyan-Mobians though, I'm claiming Bartin for the twink collection and personal use

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>>129127818Chris should've just been a regular kid. Not a rich boy. Chris was supposed to be the self-insert kid for the viewers, but I don't think Sonic fans are considered rich.

>>129127942I'm pretty certain the real reason Chris was made rich was so they could conveniently handmade him not going to school some days to good off with Sonic or explain away numerous crazy situations and conveniences by use of his family being absolutely loaded.

>>129127693Honestly, it's surprising that the movie is the only piece of Sonic media right now that's actually TRYING to do any worldbuilding.


Someone was talking about Chris being a younger Eggman. What about an AU where he's Eggman's son?

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>>129128603Honestly? I can dig it. Sonic befriending the son of his archenemy? It could work. Helps that Sonic X Eggman is probably the nicest version of the character next to Boom.

>>129128015Naaah cartoons don't have to explain any of that with money. They probably just picked one of the default appealing settings.

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>>129128909Fair, but we've already established that Sega has a very weird thought-process.

>>129128603How the fuck did Robotnik score?

>>129126898>>129126914>>129126930>>129126950>>129126971>>129126984>>129127004THAT MENACE SOMEONE ARREST HIM NOW

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>>129128603>>129128826>Eggman: "I forbid you from being best friends with that hedgehog!">Chris: "But dad, Sonic said he was going to take my on an adventure today!">Eggman: "No, buts! Go to your room! You're not coming out until you come up with an evil scheme! And it better involve Sonic being defeated!"


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>>129129433... you have a point there.

>>129129510Whoops Mr Jonas, I didn't take the cap off. We don't have a single incriminating photograph for the Bugle.

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>>129129442Katella got into his pants.