Why does Katie Rice not draw cute characters anymore?

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>>129123947Because she sold her soul to the puritan animation industry

>>129123947is the skadi comic website still down? I know Dumm comics is still up but it runs like molasses.

>>129123976Dumm comics is the only one I could find, some of the pics of Skadi I found were from Archived Threads.

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>Read for big booty>get big booty and a decent storySkadi was very satisfying, shame we're not getting any more.

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>>129124046It's a DAMN shame that Katie sold out to the woke mob.

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>>129123947>>129124027>>129124046this shit looks like benthelooney drew it

Anyone got that skadi comic where she shit talks religion?

>>129124046>That ass>That teeny weeny loincloth.I know Skadi was originally a joint comic with Katie and her then BF at the time but I miss how well Katie could mix cute with sexy when it came to Skadi.

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>>129123963>Because she sold her soul to the puritan animation industryis this nigga for real? animators are the biggest pervs there are.

>>129124249Katie was a 2nd wave feminist (the ones who actually give a shit about women's rights, and didn't use their power to push woke bullshit into media)

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Another Skadi

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>>129124246>>129124287>>129124450The last arc of skadi really shows how much cuter/softer Katie's art got, I think she was in the middle Camp Weedontwantcha at this point and it really shows how much the 2 look similar when compared to the beginning of Skadi back in the late 00's.

>>129124287you know it's funnyandrea dworkin's published fantasies about a male castration day remind me of Stephen King(Bachman under a pen name's) short story "The Long Walk" yeah that wonderful second wave feminist. she wrote in detail about a day when men and boys would be castrated while women looked on and picnic'd. it's kinda weird that the story which horrified me in middle school ended up being academic high-brow stuff when put under a different name and done for the purpose of spiting an entire gender

>>129124509Why do women write and act this way and act surprised when some dude shoots up a gender studies classroom or rams a pickup truck into a womans marchGod i want to inflict pain onto women so badly

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>>129124509There were a few bad apples in the second wave feminists, a majority of them actually wanted equality (my Mom being one of them), like getting payed the same as men, and wanting to be treated the same, and not being coddled.ALSO WHAT THE FUCK.

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>>129123947Wasn’t she one of John K.’s close lady friends in the 2000’s?

Holy shit, shut the fuck up and post skadi you faggots.

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>>129124699Sorry, got caught up in bullshit.

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Does anyone have the comic where I think she crushes some gnomes or whatever to death with her giant butt?

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>>129124079But the art style is much better.>>129123963Fucking sad

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>>129124757>>129124774Thanks a ton

>>129124787Still fucking pissed over Dead Meat.

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Reminder Skadi is fucking TALL!

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>>129124942The guy on the right looks he's wearing a Chris Chan shirt

>>129124981I'm guessing that's ex-bf Luke Cormican


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>>129124942>6'5'' Even better

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>>129123947are these comics collected somewhere?

>>129125245I like it

>>129125402Dumm Comics. Skadi used to have it's own website but it died at some point and everything got lost.

She's hhoott

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>>129125402Use to be a website featuring the whole collection from beginning to end.>skadicomic.comHowever it's down, guessing katie didn't wanna bother keeping it up, maybe costs were too much for her, dunno.You could always plug the url in the way back machine and see if it works. Otherwise dumm comics would be your best bet. but it's slower than a snail for some reason now, probably the sites been completely abandoned for some time now.

>>129123947from Katie Rice's old comic pages and blog posts she seemed to have used to interpret John K's presence in her life as being rescued from her bad upbringing. she probably fears being attacked for working on animaniacs 2020 for reupholstering the old show that John K's haters were so attached to. if you've ever seen the pitiful trolls in John K threads you know that women would never want to be alone with them. Katie rice is probably afraid of these people since it was her job to refurbish the series according to John K's principles to some extent. anybody who's interacted with them would know their bizarre aggression

>>129125468finally an actual good response from you Anthony.Rare W

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>>129123947because sometimes people change, and (sometimes) those changes suck ass(although seeing some of the new drawings on Katie's Twitter left me more with mixed feelings rather than a "this is shit" feeling but meh, maybe i'm just used to the old designs of Skadi and CW)

>>129125467I hope someone would archive all of her comics

>>129125516I still think Katie's Raunchier side is still there, but she is too scared of getting called out, and losing her job. I think she has ADHD too, so thats probably another factor

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>>129125607Well no expected the website to suddenly go down. I'm sure someone must have archived it.

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>>129124942>tfw tall as Katie Rice

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>>129125786I'm 6'3" so someone like Katie would be perfect for me.

What did Katie mean by this?

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>>129125887Clues: Check the top left corner

>>129124509Absolutely based


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>>129125887>>129125900is it bad that i almost laughed when i saw the spumco parts

>>129124079Maybe you would confuse it if you're blind and stupid.

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>>129125939Based womanlet dabbing on even smaller manlet ayys

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>>129125044>puts the thermometer back in his mouth Nice.

>>129125939Babe wake up! A new Jerma clone was just made!

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>>129123947her work now is to keep animaniacs as boring and mediocre as possible.

>>129124249>animation industryI'll give him the benefit of the doubt and make a distinction between animators and their industry. The industry is run by execs who run focus groups and only want to do what's safe and tested.

>>129125467>>129125437Thank you blessed anons for giving me a real answer and not some obnoxious smart-ass reply. I wrote a python script that is scraping Dumm Comics for all the Skadi posts, and will put up a .cbz shortly.

Here you go!aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvd3pCeENhWVojY1VObXNHSmdYNVp5OWdvZ25iRm0zSmxUaVFtZmNTc3RzY3B6dXJDU2VYZw==There's at least one gif in that cbz which I'm not sure will actually animate on comic readers...I haven't tried to view this yet. It's like 2 frames of Skadi kind of dancing (just a slight bob down then up). If you want access to the individual images, just change the extension to .zip.

>>129126494>>129126770Thanks buddy, you're a hero. Any idea if this is every comic? I don't know how Dumm comics works.

>>129126960I just found out about this comic so no idea. I haven't read through all of them yet, but it's over 300mb of 400+ images. If you actually dig through the individual files, they're all dated in the filename so maybe that will help if there's a specific comic you're looking for.

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>>129123947What does she draw now?

>>129123976>>129124027Wtf happened to the Skadi website? I never finished reading it

>>129127201Dumm comics is the only website that has up official , but it's jank as fuck

>>129127201>>129127477> aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvd3pCeENhWVojY1VObXNHSmdYNVp5OWdvZ25iRm0zSmxUaVFtZmNTc3RzY3B6dXJDU2VYZw==

Here's Camp Weedonwantcha > aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZpbGUvRnJKejBhUWEjV0ZPUFUwcEROdmlQOVNWTjEtN1lUV2hTVFBmWGsxWWVkdVRRUnZ5c2h6RQ==

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>>129124835Oh shit, that wouldn't fly nowadays

>>129123947It might be seen as hypocritical if she continued over-sexualizing women while speaking out against sexual assault in the industry. I personally think she could do both without conflict, but people are crazy.

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>>129127890One of my favorite comics, definitely one of the more silly comics. I wish I still had the one she goes hunting fleas through diseasoid's fur.

>>129127532Thank you! This is the whole thing? Do you have it any other format?

>>129127477Dumm comics has the entire series, start to finish?

>>129127123Yup, I can fap to this.

>>129128552It should, It started on Dumm, and then they moved to their website but Katie decided it would be a good idea to continue updating the comic on Dumm so it goes all the way to the last strip including the last guest strip drawn by Brianne Drouhard, author of Harpy Gee as well as tried pitching a really cute short for a series About DC comic's Amethyst.

>>1291250446"5'216 poundsThat's a lot of woman.

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>>129124835Holy shit.

>>129123947Did John actually do shit to her?Or was this publicity stunt to get her more work and become a bigger name in the industry.

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>>1291286586'5" 216LBSSKADI HAS A POSSE

>>129124616>someone wrote some stuff so now I wanna kill I wanna kill I wanna kill KILL KILL KILL AAAAAAAAAA>*Masturbates furiously* Psychopath.

>>129128866>someone wrote some stuffCalm down, Ilhan

>>129128602Okay, thank you!

>>129124616>someone said words and hurt my feelingscompletely fucking chimp brained

>>129127850>drawing goofy cartoony proportions>over-sexualizingOh please.And I think even the PC crowd has moved past this "seeing a cute character triggers rapes across the world" belief

>>129128539As far as I can tell, this is everything. If you change the cbz to zip you can get the individual images and make it whatever format you want. What format did you want?


>>129128576Of course you can.

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>>129125450How did she gain so much weight and then lost it?