Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

New episode dropped today>It All Started with an Orange BasketballMichael is a gay Steph Curry

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I dont care what anyone in these threads thinks. Michael has the strongest dialogue out of all the main characters.Maya's dialogue is fucking AWFUL and they're doing that fucking bit again where Lacienga is just reverted backwards to how she was in the original series. This doesn't feel like a continuation at all it feels like a remake.Not only that when Wizard Kelly dropped that check off at the Proud's house that check meant that technically...Penny was now RICHER then Lacieniga.

Magical Homo

Was he right?

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can a kinda user drop a MEGA before the thread gets weird

>>129122768Michael has been pretty funny so far. He's been good as the Sticky replacement

Funny episode. Nice to see Michael still likes basketball. Don't know how I feel about Maya being a perpetual shit stirer yet.>>129122797Literally who?

>>129122890>He's been good as the Sticky replacementSad, considering sticky was a far better character.

>>129122726>Michael is a gay Steph Curryat least they kept that

>dude space jam lmao

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>>129122797Always was

>>129122797Always ways

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>>129122797White men have always lusted after black men's assholes. That's why they started the slave trade.

>>129122797what did he even say?

>>129123517Homosexuality is a ploy by the white man to put black men down

>>129123586yeah but that sounds kinda funny

>>129123693It is funny

>>129122768Lacienega always was a cunt despite being helped, I don’t see what’s the whole issue.There is a change with Dijonay though, this episode she backed up Penny and confronted Laciniega about trying to steal Penny’s date.The original one wouldn’t say a word about it and even tell Penny to get over it.

>Uncle Ruckus is canon in the

>>129124492With Maya being the new cunt #2, they had to make Dijonay nicer

>>129122768>Not only that when Wizard Kelly dropped that check off atI got Aries back?

>>129123586......I legitimately want to see the notes on the mental math he used to reach that conclusion

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>>129124862He surmises that in the antebellum south slave masters would 'break' black 'bucks' by anally sodomizing them.As a result, he claims this 'forced' them to be homosexual and it was created as a form of keeping black men subservient.He made a documentary about this.He formerly wrote a book on how to be a pickup artist.

>>129122726>New episode dropped todayWait its a show?! I thought it was just going to be a 1 off movie? What the hell!

>>129122726>Huh, you though Stacy's pussy felt good? wait until you try a piece of this chocobussy!

>>129122726Well at least he looks normal now. I know the design won't stay but it was nice to see.

>>129123182What makes you say that?He was a tertiary character at best



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>having gay sex with black men to own the libsWhat's after that?

>>129125683>He surmises that in the antebellum south slave masters would 'break' black 'bucks' by anally sodomizing them.>As a result, he claims this 'forced' them to be homosexual and it was created as a form of keeping black men subservient.Isn't that just how the US prison system works?


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>>129123182How so? Not saying Micheal is anything amazing besides being fairly funny, but Sticky was nothing special himself from what I remember, especially with how connected to the hip his dynamic was with Djonay who was the worst of the bunch originally.

>>129123515Can confirm I buck broke 1 million blacks just yesterday.

>>129125721It's a whole series on D+. Up to 3 episodes so far

>>129126552In prison it's not considered part of your punishment, isn't intentional or institutional.On plantations it was kind of all of the above.

>>129126807>>129126552Allegedly, I mean. How much actual sodomy took place on those plantations I am entirely unsure of.

>>129123586I wish that was more pushed, the libs imploding faster would be hilarious

>>129126920>libs implodingThat dude isn't a lib

>>129122797He's right about needing to get out of the fucking closet

>>129125683Slaves historically getting castrated happened in enough places that we don't bat an eye at it, and physical abuse is part and parcel of slavery, so I don't know why 4chan is making such a big deal about this concept when it seems to be in the same vein.I lied. I know why. It's because you guys are gay for black dicks and can't stop obsessing over them.

>>129127396>You guysHold up, what do you mean, "you guys"?

>>129127412The hoi poloi. The zeitgeist. The vox populi.The seething mass of ambiguity that is user makes, on this board, on average, at least 4 threads a day about black cocks, and where they're going, and who the cocks are being put in.And then when you complain about it they say the REAL problem is all the coomer threads.

>>129127443Do you mean here on Holla Forums, or other boards?Because maybe I'm not paying close enough attention, but I don't see a lot of it here on Holla Forums.

>>129127479>Do you mean here on Holla Forums, or other boards?Yes>Because maybe I'm not paying close enough attention, but I don't see a lot of it here on Holla Forums.They account for like half the Miles Morales threads.

>>129127467This will get another season. You're forgetting that Disney is 100% over its Gravity Falls phase and why shows like Ducktales, Amphibia and Owl House are aggressively being phased out for more Slice of Life comedy driven showsHowever I feel like they fucked up with Molly McGee because unironically enough that show is the MOST like Gravity Falls but its confirmed to get multiple seasons so unless they tone down the "arcs" which are popping up every now and then that show doesn't even qualify as a Slice of Life show anymoreProud Family is 100% a slice of life show unless the "arc" is Wizard Kelly wanting to become the Mayor but that barely feels like a storyline. Proud Family never had "arcs" every episode was "problem of the week" and these are the kinds of shows Disney wants now.

>>129122726i can't believe this character alone has the power to make a bunch of niggas here seethe uncontrollably without fail, it's hilarious

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>>129127540Its incredible how the people in these threads keep mixing up Michael's personality with Maya's personalityBro. Michael is flamboyantly gay but he's not the one talking about Gay Rights Groups and They/Them pronouns. Again, that's Maya. That's the only reason Maya is even in the show and she contributes NOTHINGMichael is remarkably enough very down to earth. I enjoyed the scene of him helping Penny pick out a wardrobe despite her Oscar being his usual overprotective self and then the following scene later where he helps Lacienga wax her nastiness off her face.

>>129127494>They account for like half the Miles Morales threads.That would explain why I haven't seen them, then. I don't browse those threads.

>>129122768>when Wizard Kelly dropped that check off at the Proud's house that check meant that technically...Penny was now RICHER then

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>>129127582Yeah no shit. Despite what Amphibia fans will tell you at most Amphibia is mostly just "a little boring" when the plot slows itself to a grinding halt which thank fucking god that stops come March 19th.Owl House is a fucking mess. Its fucking shameless the people who defend that show thinking its a victim fighting an impossible war even tho it does everything wrong ON PURPOSE and yet DEMANDS to be put on the same pedestal as Steven Universe which also ironically enough does the same shit and expects the same level of praise.Dont even fucking get me started on Molly. The creator of that show is slowly starting to realize he easily could have made a show that is just about Molly and Andrea very slowly becoming friends. Its completely unreal how unnecessary Scratch feels in his own show because this is now the "Andrea" show.

>>129122797Apparently so.

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>>129127467Star S1 and S2 were fun, but the series as a whole died shortly after Toffee did.

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>>129122726Does Wizard Kelly have AIDS?

What I like most about this series is when it suddenly and out of nowhere becomes exaggeratingly cartoony like when Kareem first stood up, or they played hoops with the aliens.

>>129127700Infinity Train's biggest problem is that it wants to be the Cartoon equivalent to "lost" where instead of continuously expanding on the characters that matter it introduces new characters every season.Season 1 ends not one fucking person in those threads other then coomers gave a shit we never saw Tulip ever again. Season 2 and Season 3 everyone cared WAY MORE about the developments of those characters then they did during the developments of Season 1 and Season 4Its the forced redemption arcs that are demoralizing me. Giving people suddenly completely out of character tone shifts that the writers think the characters NEED because it makes them betterDana unironically wants to sit my ass down and explain to me "'ll LOVE Odalia once she becomes an UNDERSTANDING mother and is just FORCED to comply with Luz who claims her daughter is now her lesbian property now."Its even worse in Molly. Andrea's shit with her father is such a blatant retelling of Pacifica's storyline and if you bring this up AT ALL in the threads you're ridiculed both for thinking this is bad writing and thinking its anything like Pacifica's arcITS THE FUCKING SAME. Spoiled Rich Girl is given completely fake DEPTH because "DADDY DIDNT HUG ME THAT ONE TIME AND NOW IM SAD."

Original designs of the day dads. Gosh, why did they change them?

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>>129123586Wtf i love gays now

>>129122768God, the writers don't know what to do with Maya. She went from cunt, to Penny's bestie in the group, to being a cunt helping Lacianiga cuck Penny.

>>129128267Fucking hell we could have had an actual bara couple in a cartoon for once.

>Moral is "bee yourself" even if that means abandoning a obligation you agreed too and making your daddy face humiliation and literal bankrupcy for the amusement of a billionarieFucking zoomer morals.

Fuck sake, did Penny ever refer to her dad by "Oscar" in the original show? I get it's supposed to be disrespectful but personally I think that goes too far, to the point I'm more sympathetic too Oscar.

What are the chances we get an Uncle Ruckus appearance in Proud Family?

>>129129172They did this same shit in the original series with Lacianiga and then the following episode its not even addressed until a later point. It was hardly a redemption arc its like they fucking put it on the backburner and then brought it backNow they're bringing this aspect of her character back like its a reboot instead of a continuation you'd think her parents would be smartening her up by now that she cant keep treating Penny like this no matter how spoiled her father treats her.And Felix is a nice dude he's not at all like say Pacifica or Andrea's father.

>>129129217Get ready to see more of this. Its gonna happen in Owl House and it will absolutely happen in Molly McGee.I am as sick of it as you're. I dont know why Tumblr never gets tired of this one repetitive story.

>>129122797Tariq is deeper in the closet than any man I can think of at the moment.

>>129127697I want to cum inside Star

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I like how new woke girl is painted as a hypocrite and a mean girl these episodes. Siding with Lacienega this episode really paints her as a bitch to her core.

>>129123586You mean like through AIDS?

>>129129773'woke' girls are like 'I am not like other girls- I read books' but are just like them in the end

>>129128267What do they look like now? Bert and Ernie here are solid so I want to know how bad the downgrade was

>>129128267>cop>black manyou know why

>>129129900no i don't say it

Is it wrong to think that this show is better animated than most these days? Sure it's got toonboom tweening but they don't stick to 3/4 profiles and they throw in a lot of smears and squash and stretch. Still feels like it has some expressiveness

>>129129217Her dad would only lose a 7 year old who shouldn’t be working for him anyway

>>129130720not at all, the proud family style always looked good imo

>>129127794>Infinity Train's biggest problem is that it wants to be the Cartoon equivalent to "lost" where instead of continuously expanding on the characters that matter it introduces new characters every season.Anthological is the way to go with Infinity Train's concept, doesn't really make sense to bring Tulip back after she just had an entire season dedicated to her that ended with her confronting her personal issues and escaping from the train. Plus new characters allows the show to explore unique perspectives and really make the most out of the setting and its concepts.

>>129126602I understand that reference.jpeg

>>129126552>Isn't that just how the US prison system works?That’s genuinely part of his argument. It’s in the documentary, I distinctly remember him using stock footage of a white guy who’s about to get sodomized by a black guy in prison.