Nite Owl didn’t even like Rorschach, did he?Sad that in the end rorschachs only friend didn’t even see him as a friend

Nite Owl didn’t even like Rorschach, did he?Sad that in the end rorschachs only friend didn’t even see him as a friend

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>>129121760Well yeah, Rorschach was an asshole to literally everyone.

>>129121760I think this is him realizing just how bad Rorsch's had it.

>>129121898>how bad Rorsch's had it>AAAAHHHH, MY MOTHER WAS A WHORE!He was just an autistic with too much time on his hands

>>129121925Yeah but he broke. Being alone and doing the job without any support killed that man dead and Dan is seeing a flash of the friend he used to know in this moment and realizing that he could've helped the man if he tried a little harder.It's not disgust, though Moore'd probably call it that now, it's guilt.

>>129121760Wait till you realize that that page directly parallels the one with Laurie where Dan doesn't let go of her hand because he's an absolute sperg.

>>129121760>TFW i act like rorschach on this page sometimesI wish i wasnt terminally autistic

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>>129122090i knew the colour seemed off


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>>129121993Goes to show you Dan and Kovacs are two sides of the same sperg

>>129121942It was specifically the incident he describes to the prison psychiatrist that broke him; he was kind of normal before that, even with his terrible childhood. Rorschach's speech bubbles are squiggly, but they're not like that in flashbacks from before this happens.

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>>129121760>Nite Owl didn’t even like Rorschach, did he?He broke into Dan's apartment and stole the man's beans!

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>>129122130is dan high functioning and walter low functioning?

>>129122596Never noticed the change in speech bubbles.

>>129121760Every have a coworker you talk to alot? But one day they leave you do and you keep contact and eventually you stop thinking about them?

>>129122807>stole his beansHE DID WHAT

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>>129121760This is Daniel trying and reaching out, and Rorschach being too autistic (or afraid because he knows what's coming) to know when to stop holding hands. Imagine how rare actual human contact is for him. He doesn't touch people unless he's being violent. A handshake is the most human contact Rorschach gets in the series now I think about it.

>>129122979His mind and speech isn't fractured in the early flashbacks. I thought most knew this.

>>129122807Between this and the dr manhatten GITD condom how much does alan moore wanna kill himself

>>129122807>stole his beansI think I’m gonna be sick

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>>129122905High functioning is low IQ and sometimes just barely making it.High compensating is high IQ and teaching oneself rules and techniques for behaving "normal".

>>129122807>stealing beans

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>>129121760not even when Rorschach sucked him off

>>129121993The parallel there is love not autism

>>129122979The storytelling of Watchmen is better than the story itself and that's not a jab at the story.

Dan legit thought he was his best friend after Hollis Mason, who was his literal father figure Think he realised that later on, after Jon leaves and Ozymandias attempted assassination makes Rorschachs theory seem less crazy, as soon as he wears the suit again and bangs Laurie he immediately says they should break Rorschach out of prison. Which Laurie thinks is crazy but goes along because doing crazy shit makes Dans dick hard

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>>129123729I think a lot of people forget that it’s not just Rorschach who has the whole mask persona thing. If anything Rorschach has less of one considering he stays as Rorschach even when they take his costume away and put him in prison.Dan is a completely different person as nite owl. He’s a meek mild impotent Clark Kent as Dan and a thrill seeking daredevil as Nite Owl. Comedian was comedian full time to cope with the world and himself. Hence why he ALWAYS wore that smiley face pin even when on his own.

>>129123729Also telling that Dan is the first person he warns about mask killer theory. Because he’s the one he’s most worried about

Fun note here, when Rorschach goes to talk to Manhattan and Laurie in issue 1 he calls her Miss Jupiter, and she gets pissed off because that’s what her mother renamed herself to hide the fact she was polish. Laurie renamed herself back to the polish name Juspeczyk.Rorschach actually calls her Miss Juspeczyk instead when he sees her again when they break him out, I actually think he had some measure of respect for her seeing her fighting the conspiracy even if she dressed like a tramp to do it

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>>129123763>Hence why he ALWAYS wore that smiley face pin even when on his own.Even when it was time to shit?

>>129123729This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Rorschach, but could simply be about him being high on endorphins and wanting to get the kick of doing something crazy. I think it was deliberately left ambitious whether he actually liked him or not, which is also why we don't see his reactions to his death.

>>129122090A true classic

>>129123869Especially when it was time to shit.

>>129123729>the last panel has both the doomsday clock and smiling face it even matches the little clock in the text boxi swear everytime i read this i notices small things

>>129124057I dont see it

>>129124083i copuld be seeing things

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>>129124126I dont know if I'm dumb but I just noticed it, wow, you're right

>>129124126>>129124057good catch user, that's absolutely the smiley face and the way the smoke goes over it diagonally makes it look like the blood splatter, plus it makes the 11 'o clock minute hand. I wonder if the hidden smilies and stuff are easier to notice in the digitally inked versions?

>>129123852Yeah, Rorschach may be an absolute asshole and gone off the deep end but he still has his moments.

>>129121760Man, I really like how awkward the handshake is. I remember this being a minor meme back in the day. I really only now thought about how awkward it would be to shake someones hand with both of yours instead of just one like normal. And then it seems like Rorshach totally misreads that Nite Owl is ready to let go and he has to pry himself out of there.

>>129123852Did we ever actually use blimps with search lights like that? Something about that always seemed so spooky.

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This is either really, really well hidden or I'm reaching but the scar on Comedian's face and the shape of his mouth make the smiley face. He's not smiling in the panel but the imagery is technically there.

>>129124684americans had them around ww2 so maybe forsearch/spotlightsimagine them with foghorns for extra creepiness


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the body can take over the mind the way people in thier traits cant controll maybe, without the groundeness of thier sphere of comfort, its possible that its a foreboding handshake that both characters our aware and unaware of new things to come...the way a tribesman can read an outsiders intentions through a cerimonial greeting.

>>129121760Dan's my least favorite of all the charactersHayter version would have redeemed him in my eyes though

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>>129123852Rorschach is Polish too (Kovacs is the Slavic equivalent to Smith), so that might have something to do with it.


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>>129125123He doesn’t identify as Walter Kovacs at all though. He wouldn’t even respond to that name in the court hearing

>>129125142This misses the point of the whole thing but i would lie if it wouldnt be satisfying to see Ozymandias get wrecked

>>129121760Oh hey Alan.

>>129125142Feels out of character for Nite Owl

Question.Would Ozy have been able to fight Comedian if Comedian was on his A game and hadn't been ambushed?

>>129126031yeah, Ozy is peak human, closest thing to a superhero if you discount Jon

>>129121760Rorschach's :3 face in the last panel always gets me.

>>129126031Nah Comedian would've shot him with a grenade.

>>129125142Talk shit about owls, get hit

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>>129126031Wasn't Ozy salty because this exact thing happened and Comedian beat him?


>>129123139different user here. i didn't notice it

>>129124758>what is a Glasgow SmileWhy do serious?

>>129122807he stole his fuckin beAAAns that's pretty neat

>>129122596>Rorschach's speech bubbles are squiggly, but they're not like that in flashbacks from before this happens.In the film, Rorschach talks in a normal voice in this scene as well.

>>129121760they had worked together originally before Rorschach killed the dude and his dog

>>129122807It's honestly kinda funny how Rorschach broke into his place and raided his cupboards but all he really stole was a can of beans. I'm sure Dan had better food around, but no, Rorschach only went for the beans.