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Hohoho, poop in the mouth.

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>>129121573>people actually stick a probe in a baby's assNo wonder all the new generations are queers and whores. They were sodomized form the beginning.

>>129121747Boy wait to you hear what doctors use to do to baby bottom when they were born. It's a surprise the human race manage to keep going.

>>129121747You know you don't get out much when......Try and hold a thermometer in an infants mouth and tell me how that goes.

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>>129121911Also circumcision

>>129121747>No wonder all the new generations>Medical literature shows the practice dating back to at least the 18th century, and it is probable that rectal thermometry was thought to be a safer alternative to oral temperature-taking, due to the use of mercury and other toxic chemicals in early thermometers

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>>129121747I thought you just pointed a gunlike thing at a baby's head and it would give you it's temperature. Or give the baby cancer, one of those things.

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>>129121955>not just feeling their skin instead and comparing to the range of values you have acquired as normal of themNormal parents: "He feels a bit warm" Thermometerfags: "Source?!?"

>>129121747>people actually get pulled out of their mom's vaginasNo wonder all the new generations are incest and /ss/fags. They were molested from the beginning.

>>129121956>implyingAmericans, jews and muslims are the manliest around. If anything you euros should start circumcising to make the amount of fags you have go down.

>>129121747you have to fucking relax.

>>129122042>"I'm just a little feverish, fuck thermometers, I'll be fine!">slips into a coma because his temperature went over 103 degrees Fahrenheit


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>>129122158Gypsies are the gayest speciest on earth.

>>129121573All the thermometers I had I had to hold them under my arm pits -_- some I had to stick in my ear.What is this generic stereotypical shit of holding it in your mouth?

>>129122116Actually, I was born with a C-Sectionbottomtext

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>>129121573>rectal thermometers are never washedNah, the joke does not really work.

>>129122312There are literal multiple types of thermometers user, using them in the armpit has a margin of error that shouldn't be tolerable.

>>129121956If the Desert Trilogy got wiped out today, the world would become unironically a better place.

>>129122425guess you'll eventually die the same way you were bornhaving never ever touched a vagina

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>>129121747>>129122016When I was a baby it was just a thermometer in the armpit if absolutely necessary, but mostly people just knew how to tell an elevated temperature by touch and didn't obsess over specific numbers like current data addicts do.

>>129122042>puts hand that's the same heat on own forehead>"What are you talking about, I don't have a fever!"

>>129122016They’re used to help unleash the baby’s persona

>>129121747You're one of weirdos on Twitter claiming cancer can be cured with sound frwquencies aren't you?

>>129122825>puts hand that's the same heat on own forehead>on own forehead>ownNot good enough, user.

Here's something that's gonna blow thermometerfags' minds: Not all people have the exact same body temperature. There can be variations up or down of up to 1-2 entire degrees in someone's normal body temperature, and beyond that your body temperature can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. The best way to spot a fever in a baby is to touch their head often and become familiar with a rough average/range of how warm it tends to feel so that you can recognized sustained deviation from the norm. If you only take a baby's temperature when it's sick and only compare it to the generalized baseline of 98 degrees then you might just not recognize a serious fever when their temperature is 99 but their normal average temperature is around 96. So if you MUST use a thermometer, take the baby's temperature regularly to establish baseline expectations for your own baby's temperature.

>>129123126Why do you act smart about something that every doctor and each at least mediocre parent knows?

>>129122489Who needs thermometers with burns like these?

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>>129123191You would be shocked just how many people are oblivious to these simple facts.


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Where's the brap comic?

>>129122489damn user that was brutal

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>>129122016Typical americans. Have to turn everything into a weapon-look alike!

>>129122016Those are more expensive than your average household thermometer, anonIt is not rocket science

>>129125798>not pulling off 360 no-scope headshots to diagnose your sick infant childDo non-Americans really???

>>129125349She actually made an updated version of it a little over a month ago.

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>>129126395There's a lot of scatological humor in this comic.

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>>129126477Like it or not, when you have children your life is pretty much revolved around shit and piss and piss and shit Not just for cleaning up and hygiene but also to gauge their heath

>>129121573so which one is for the rectal , which one is for the mouth .

>>129126990The one she's holding is for rectal, the joke is that neither knows which one is which

>>129126990>>129127036She's holding the oral one. You fill in the blank.

>>129122489Fucking annihilated

>>129126520Then they become a Holla Forums posterNever have kids, guys

>>129126477>>129126490Yes women actually shit themselves during childbirth and its hilarious.

>>129128395>its hilariousGo away scatfag


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>>129128406Not him but I find the idea of women going through pain and humiliation such as pushing a baby out of a hole too small, and shitting themselves to be quite amusing. Because isn't that the root of most humor, to laugh at someone else's (or even your own) discomfort and humiliation?

I want to do things to the dad cat

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>>129129344Is this new?


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Holy shit you are a bunch of uneducated faggot retardsTemperature measuring per rectum is the most accurate measurement, especally for an infant. Shoving it in your mouth as an adult is retarded, for an adult it is better to either place it under the armpit.Gun thermometers are dogshit, have way less precision and usually used in some offices where you have to take measures from a bunch of people.

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>>129129426That's a useless info most of us won't even need

>>129129426Okay, son, can you point on the doll who asked?

>>129122489Damn dude you didn't have to kill him.

>>129122489This was vicious user.

>>129121573I feel like this is a good reaction shot, but I don't know what I'd use it for.

>>129121956uncut and proudalso, fuck this gay-ass soccer mom shit comic

>>129122489nice samefagging

>>129128395>>129128406Thats for imprinting the child with the mothers imune and digestive system!