SpongeBob Movie Leak

Leaked art of the upcoming Sandy Cheeks spinoff moviemega.nz/folder/OngwGAjR#MJZpnNwvtztMXN5ND3PUWQ

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Looking forward to all the very nice and amazing fan art

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I'm in awe of the size of this lad

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Some of these designs make me wanna act up fr fr no cap

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>>129120817ma cheeks got that dumptruck ass

>>129120765Always surprises me that for every fake leaker, there's a real insider lurking these threads.I wonder if we will get more given the industry's state right now. A lot of people feeling spiteful.

The more I look at this art, the more I seriously wonder, who the fuck asked for this movie to be made? Who sat down in their office and thought to themselves, "egad! a movie based on Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob! That would make us quite a sum of cash!"? Also how is so much shit getting leaked lately?Where'd you get this?

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>>129120863>Who sat down in their office and thought to themselves, "egad! a movie based on Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob! That would make us quite a sum of cash!"?Spongebob is a money maker. So naturally, Nickelodeon being greedy, decides to make multiple Spongebob shows and movies. It's not hard to figure out, they don't care about quality, just making money. And kids do buy Spongebob shit just because it's spongebob. I did when I was a child.

This is gonna be sheit.

>>129120765>upcoming Sandy Cheeks spinoff moviewtf why

>>129120765when flying dutchman origins movie?

Hrm. Well that certainly is something

What the fuck am I looking at?

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>Stephen dies>Spongebob as a franchise dies along with him from Nick forcing out all these soulless cashgrabs and spinoffs

>>129120849I'm not a fan. If they don't like it enough to leak it why would we? What are we, your personal anger mob?

>>129120765So they aren’t doing 2D for SpongeBob movies anymore?Sucks I liked the art in the movies.R.I.P. I guess.

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>>129120765Are Kamp Koral and Rugrats doing well enough to justify doubling/tripling down on these 3D reboots?

>>129120817>Muh Cheeks

>>129120765IT'S SUCKS MONKEY BUTTS LIKE ALL THE FUCKING REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>129121017No but, Nick will make a thousand spin offs before they let a new cartoon get a 3rd season. If even one of the spinoffs is successful they can claim victory and produce merch that won't sell.

Just get a bunch of furries to make a 50 minute long porn flick. Sandy is cute on her own already, we don't care about her horribly designed, uncharismatic, literally-who-the-fuck family members.Fuck right off, Nickelodeon.

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>>129120934Sue Nahmee, a fictional character from the upcoming Sandy Cheeks spinoff movie

>>129120972The first one was the only really good one anyway. Everything now will just be for pure greed.

>>129120934Jesus this is awful

>>129120934The exact opposite of Sandy Cheeks. See the fish in the middle? That's Sue. The robot is what she uses to walk around on land.

>>129121784did Sue kill a human being and place their head ontop of a robot body?

>>129120934Damn, thats so goddamn ugly

I love how that literally the only franchise on this entire planet that should have never become an expanded franchise is SpongeBob. No one complains when Avatar does it, when Dora does it, even when The Loud House does it. Hell, if The Simpsons got a spin off (those shorts don’t count) I guarantee it would give more people interest in the franchise that hasn’t been had in a while. But anytime SpongeBob gets another show or movie, Nickelodeon are greedy assholes who need to go out of business. What makes SpongeBob so different that it only should have been three seasons, one movie, and practically no merchandise? Even the sheer amount of merchandise the show has gotten is seen as problematic because of a New York Times article from 18 fucking years ago. Let’s stop treating Stephen Hillenburg like Bill Watterson, please.

>>129122115hi Viacom exec

>>129120934They should have just stuck with the cartoony human style of the show if they wanted to do something like that.They are going too far now.


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>>129120765Visuals looking good so far. But I have to admit I was disappointed with Sponge on the Run.

>>129120912>MUH FEMALE REP!

I wanna fuck Sandy desu.

>>129122163If I was a Viacom executive I wouldn’t be stupid enough to go on this website. I doubt most of them know of the article I was talking about.

>>129122115in a world where something like pic related exists maybe they should’ve listened to him

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>Randy CheeksIf this is real, whoever came up with that name in a random SpongeBob ep will surely have a laugh

>>129122527Nickelodeon is business. Rugrats and Blue’s Clues were already big cash cow franchises before SpongeBob. SpongeBob has been a big success for more than 20 years. Why would they be stupid enough NOT to make SpongeBob products?

>>129122282And she's not marketable enough to get a series like Patrick


>>129120765I would totally F her up the A


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>stealth horseposting

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>>129123209>this is supposed to be a spongebob character

>>129123314It is chud

>>129123314this legitimately looks like the dog from jimmy neutron

>>129122165But hasn't every human in Spongebob been a real person?

>>129120934this is the future leftists want

>>129120934This looks like some crazy shit you'd find hidden in the files of a spongebob game like yummer or the sketch of him and patrick having sex

>>129123757>or the sketch of him and patrick having sexwhat


>>129120817Brb drawing r34

>>129123209>hooves are coconutsWow the only good joke in this movie has been leaked

>>129120765Garbage designs.

>>129120765Its crazy how far people will go to make you unknowingly download a bitcoin miner

>>129120912>The Sandy Cheeks show>The Squidward show>The Mr.Krabs show>The Plankton show

>>129122527Whats wrong with a thermometer?

>>129123418>jimmy neutron has multiple episodes with squrrels acting intelligent and even interacting with main characters>horse looks like goddardDude they are bringing back Jimmy Neutron

I kinda like how funny ugly they made the designs

>>129122837>randy cheeksoh be-have


>>129125247>The Mrs. Puff Show>The Pearl Show>The Larry Show

>>129125294it's a rectal thermometer.

>>129125865it says oral, underarm, or rectal on the product box


>>129125247I would watch the squidward show


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>>129120934A character whose name is a tsunami pun because freak wave would be too on the nose.

>>129120934>sue nah mean?

>>129121784>The exact opposite of Sandy Cheeks.Sandy doesn't ride around in a metal fish with a the news anchor's head on the top.

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>>129120934So this thing is supposed to be on the surface, right?

the recent blow up of Burbank style shit is really starting to make my eyes bleed

>>129120817>>129122837>>129120826doesn't her family having weird hair like this imply that sandy is bald?

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>>129126170We are Devo.

>>129122837he looks like randy marsh

dunno why but for some reason I want to see ma take a huge doo doo diarrhea dump with all the appropriate sounds from both her ass and mouth


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>>129127355Ma sides

>>129120934Yet another ham-fisted black female character


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>>129127820Shit, Holla Forums works fast as fuck even for unconfirmed characters

>>129120765>now that Hillenburg's dead we can finally work on spongebob project #1978761you can't even deny it.

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>>129120934Wow the enemies for the system shock remake look amazing!

>>129127820Someone make her fart

>>129127769Go back to Holla Forums.


>>129120934Black Women that rule the future are now coming to the past to take over earlier

>>129120817this honestly reminds me of aardman for some reason.

>>129128393Seethe. He approved all of this.