Would Owl House have been better if Luz was a boy?

Would Owl House have been better if Luz was a boy?

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>>129120255/co/ won't discuss the show at all.

>>129120255Only if he walked around bottomless and his uncensored dick was constantly on-screen.

>>129120255Would it had delivered on the promise of hijinks with a hustling witch woman? If not, then it would have been the same.

>>129120255You're reqally getting on my nerves!!!Get out of my head man!!

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It would be a lot more successful

would he still have a fat ass

>>129120432Bigger than Luz's even.

>>129120255Lesbian wasn't the problem, it was that shipping completely swallowed the series up in every facet, and hetero ships tend to do that more often

>>129120255No. It would be just as shitty as it is. Rule 34 however would be worse because gay.

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>>129120255Not really.

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>>129120592la luz extinguido...

>>129120329it was discussed to the ground, is a shit show

>>129120628Shit translation aside, what do you mean exactly?

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>>129120255Didn't this exact topic cause a shitstorm on twitter because boy Luz was still shipped with Amity?

Why would a guy want to become a witch?

>>129120750El Abominacion...

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>>129120255I'd be better if it was written by one.

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>>129120329>Implying Holla Forums doesn't love cute boyAre you stupid?

I'm waiting for the episodes where Amity kills her mom.

>>129120255Only if Amity was a boy as well.

>>129120510But the show would be about a cute boy who's surround by girls of a verity of ages, the porn would be great.

>>129120592>>129120750Aside from Luz, neat.

>>129120255Male Luz wouldn't be basically Tenchi Masaki?

>>129120255Nope, she would be just as bland.


>>129121980What charcater outside of Luz is actually sexy? Amity and that's about it.

>>129123770Eda, Lilith, Emira, Odalia, Willow (depending on how you draw her), Bria and Kikimora

>>129123876If you like old hags

>>129124074>t. A homosexual

>>129120255wait is luz supposed to be a girlwtf i thought he was a boy this whole timebut wait doesn't that mean if luz is a girl that her and amity are gay? wtf

>>129124714Don't worry Luz is a boy and this thread is just larping.

>>129124679sorry I don't DIG necrophilia faggot.


>>129120255/ss/ with Eda

>>129120255This thread would be better if OP had any taste.

>>129122894See >>129121980

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>>129120255That Boy Luz is just Purple Marco

>>129123770Amity's sister.

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It would've been better if it was about friends turned enemies that eventually learn to let go and forgive each other and explore the romantic feelings they've had for each other that neither acknowledged until now.

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>>129127784both of the twins are pretty hot

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>>129120255No, but it would be if Luz dressed like that.

>>129127828Agreed. Is it bad that I want to see them fuck?

>>129121328Not as much as cute girls.

>>129127901you and me both

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>>129127926We have cute boy threads way more often then cute girl threads user.

>>129120255Not as sexy. The gratuitous crotch and ass shots are what keep me coming back to this shitheap.

>>129128452What if boyLuz had short shorts and a very noticeable bulg.


>>129128495>>129128452>>129120342If this were in the show I'd actually watch it.Where's the screencap edit anons?

>>129128495Boy Luz with a fat bulge sounds 10/10

>>129120255What would he look like in a dress?

>>129128722Like Luz in a dress

>>129123770Their moms

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>>129120255Basically Marco?


>>129120255Dude if you wanna self-insert as Luz, then self-insert as Luz. Trying to make her a boy just for that is gay

>>129127553Marco end up bring a human curiosity and stud fought over by a harem of elf witch girls...and maybe a few elf witch boys.

>>129127823Imagine if Owl Houses's shit writing and direction was replaced with Arcanes' epic writing and direction.

>>129127823No. I wanna watch a show about two people being happy in a relationship, not another boring angsty romance drama.


Straighten her with my dick

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