Usagi Yojimbo #26

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>>129119794Last time the cousin was gonna die extra hard!

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>>129119812looks like he doesn't amount to much on jei's evil-o-meter. kinda disappointing desu

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Jesus, Keiko

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familiar faces

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>"You're just one guy!"

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>>129119950How do you fucking walk away from Jei?

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>>129120039to be fair, he was running

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that guy's ham

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>>129119882>My murder is flacid! I hate this!

and that's it. I'm a bit annoyed with this guy's plot armor, he should've at least be wounded, maybe lose a hand or something. jei didn't even follow him to find usagiit must be the power of netflix. how is the show coming along too?

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>>129120260And the two noped the hell out of there

>>129119882I feel a strange disturbance in the evil…

>>129119915now i imagine keiko just going all surivorman and eating a snake raw.

>>129120301Jei is generally pretty chill when he doesn’t have someone to actively pursue, isn’t he? As long as he keeps walking Shitty Medieval Japan evil will come to him after all.

>>129119882You know you're weird when it is JEI who is the one who's weirded out.

>>129119992When I first read this in physical I was driving and reading a couple of panels every red light.And I got stuck with a bunch of greens after seeing the top panel just legit worried they killed off the woodgang!

>>129120156>"I am a genius">"Oh no!"

>>129120008>ExhaustedDid he have a fight last issue or is it just all that walking?

>>129120035>>129120022They're deluxe yojimbos!

>>129120781nah they're the cheap ones you can get at your local saké den >>129120680don't read and drive!

>>129120301I'm still wondering if this will be some holodeck thing and its yuichi learning about Usagi and training with him by a computer simulation. I wouldn't really like that but I could see the story going that way.

>>129120301Yeah, overall it was fine but it also kind of felt like "hey kids! remember Jei? Well that's it until next time!"Also, love the colors of that cover.

>>129120260Wait is this the first time or Usagi finding out about the return of Jei since the exorcism?

>>129119794what a concidence. I just was accidentaly shipped a gigantic catering pack sized bag of mattcha tea.>>129119812he was going to get JEI'ED OFF. TO DEATH.

>>129119882Jei feels blueballed.

>>129119915Keiko has become corrupted.

>>129120989>>129120940>>129120639That whole bit was disjointed. Like, it's clearly headed into them fighting but Jei is like nah and Yukichi decides he shouldn't care about Jei talking about how he murders people and walks off.

>>129121051If Yukichi fought Jei, he would die. I'm pretty certain this is just an excuse to not let Yukichi be fucking murdered by the invincible wandering abomination.

>>129119915>>129121002Havent we seen her eating bugs and worms? I suppose Jei is feeding her like they do in Enma's hell or whatever its it's called.

>>129120008How many times will they keep doing this to themselves.

>>129120039He was polite and didn't do anything to ping off Jei's evil radar. Then he booked it.

>>129121051anon its japan in the 1800s. Those who aren't murderers are already dead

>>129121051More like Yukichi knew to just gtfo between what was going on and how fast/deadly the guy showed to be.


Why the fuck hasn't Sasuke goddess told Sasuke to kill the immortal psychopath yet

>>129119915that keiko>>129120189he's dead>>129120260>oh shit....

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>>129120213Even if he's a thieving murdering ass, nobody deserves to get Jei'd.

>>129120260>Usagi is terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought

>>129121847... how long till jei crosses paths with kitsune

>>129119915twisting keiko into evil was too tragic huh stanHUH STAN

>>129119882>>129119915I love how creepy Jei and Keiko are together AND on their own. Now we only need Keiko to comb her hair all over her face and start giving strangers mysterious scrolls with "My uncle will visit you in a week" written on them.

>>129120260fill in the blanks

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>>129120039As fast as possible.

>>129120035god that look on his face.he's so fucking sick of bushido.

>>129121953Kitsune wouldnt be dumb enough. ...Would she?

So what is this sin jei smells. Is it sex? Is yoichi a virgin and thats why he was spared

>>129120008>I am making it my concernMeddle Man strikes again.>>129120213>ki ki ki, ma ma ma>>129120260>Oh, if you see him coming, get away if you can>Just keep on running, run as fast as you can>He's a dangerous, dangerous man>And he's after your soul>>129120954Yup. Usagi just got the news and apparently had to use all of his OP plz nerf bushido powers to not shit himself.

>>129121815has she always been this bug eyed before ?

>>129122442No, this is new.


>>129122485Yes. Look at him. He isn't a chad like his cousin

>>129122057I mean I imagine jei and keiko don't really carry anything on them worth stealing unless she stupid enough to try and take the spear

>>129120054I read Usagi's line in Lo Wang's voice.

>>129121726Could be that some other mission is always closer, or maybe on a macro-scale, Jei isn't *that* bad of a problem. He may kill everywhere he goes but generally not more than the ''evil-doers'' he senses nor does he seem liable to grow into a bigger threat. That could keep Jei under the radar what with the monsters that eat entire villages and wizards using dark magic to conquer Japan.

>>129122008You gave me too much power, user.

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>>129120260"So, cousin, I'm feeling much much less exhausted. How do you feel about sprinting to Hokkaido?""That's an island""I'm up for a swim."

>>129121726Because uncle Jei is guided by the gods, silly!

>>129122766I could go for some Hokkaido shenanigans after pokemon legends was so disappointing

>>129120022>professional escortsWell, a guy does what he can to get by

>>129122878Unlike some girls I won't name, whose morality would actually improve if they became escorts.


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>>129122678Could also be that directly targeting another god's agent breaks some kind of a rule, and invites retaliation in kind. This isn't such a problem for the evil gods, because of how hard to kill Jei actually is, but Sasuke gets murked, it's probably going to be a real problem finding a replacement.

>>129120594Well, it's not like there's any shortage of that.>>129121726Jei is probably powered by some OTHER god.>>129122008Trying to think about something on whether traps are gay, or feminine penisies or something like that.>>129122076Does the word Eromenos mean anything to you?>>129122057WOULD SHE?


>>129123373yeah if only there was a replacement, someone who's both a skilled warrior and used to wandering about, and has some experience with the supernatural... then sasuke could just do one final job of dealing with jei and then finally get to rest a bit. too bad there's no one around who fits the bill...

>>129123514No sane God wants the meddler in their employ. Too much of a hassle.

>>129123514You would need someone who likes to meddle to do the job so I'm not sure who can do it. Someone who lukes to wander and loves to get involved in everyone's business so he can hurt you if you are doing bad?

>>129119992Wood beats swords

>>129123554>usagis God employer keeps contacting him to tell him he keeps pissing off the other gods including whole other pantheons

>>129120054Its only one guy!

>>129123705we can take him

>>129121815All catgirls in Usagi are cute in different ways.

Where the fuck is the pineapple?Somewhere among the trees?

>>129124591I don't think there is a pineapple

>>129121815That poor girl. I wonder if it's possible for her to ever process her trauma and move towards a more stable frame of mind, or if she's lost to madness?

>>129125150shes fine just a little mindbroken that all


>>129121726Iirc, some other threat came up that Sasuke prioritizes over Jei. I dont know if new thing threats keep popping up keeping Sasuke busy or if Sasuke is just very slow in getting the jobs done since he hasn't figured out how horses or rickshaws work.

>>129122658>>I am sitting here, getting stiff!>aAAAAAAAAAAAUUGHHHHH

>>129125150Forget moving past this trauma, shes gonna die and still be dealing with this shit as a ghost.Like, it's going to be 2020 in the middle of the night at a convenience store in Hokaido and she is going to be telling this story to a clerk before vomiting up a pile of bugs in their restroom.

>>129119861>>129119882>>129119898This is the most chatty Jei has been since he met Jotaro. Almost refreshing in a way.

>>129119915Huh, you know I never really thought about them eating those tokage he kept killing.

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>>129119882It really bothers me that Jei didn't find anything wrong with him, it almost makes you think he might be evil inside.

>>129123514>>129123566Usagi knows what the job is though. Suppose someone offered you a job that was "Like your life now, but worse in every conceivable way, you're not allowed to rest, and it will never stop". Oh, and you get paid in "Shut the fuck up and fight another demon". >>129126478Am I the only one thinking she's going to be the next Jei? And maybe an even worse one? Like AFAIK all the other Jeis have been otherwise good people that got possessed. There's never been a long term Jei apprentice.

>>129121962Wasn't Tomoe the one he backtracked on? I'm pretty sure Inazuma only existed because of that. >>129126782Yukichi is pretty childish; that's probably what is throwing off Jei.>>129126867An eventual Jei vessel maybe but he's got some other options first. He keeps leaving Gen alive for a reason after all. Plus Keiko is one of two people I could see Jei's spirit hesitating on.

>>129126867imagine her becoming more messed up than current Jei without becoming the next vessel

>>129126867>>129127066>>129127331Maybe not a vessel per se but someone that finds the perfect one in case Jei's body gets destroyed.

>>129125150Pretty certain she's gone. The only way to save her would have been to have caught her WAY at the beginning before she started following Jei around.


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>>129126782Yukichi is young and kid-like, which is what's probably messing with Jei. Outside of Keiko (who is totally crazy and corrupted by exposure to Jei), we've never seen someone that Jei truly considers "innocent." >Am I the only one thinking she's going to be the next Jei? Jei has a number of potential vessels waiting in the wings. Reminder that he's stabbed and infected both Usagi and Gen, so it's really only a matter of his current vessel getting destroyed for him to decide to pay their souls a visit.

>>129128107>it's really only a matter of his current vessel getting destroyedeasier said than done

>>129126103Sounds like you got the plot for an ep of the that cartoon that is being worked on!

>>129127632>>129127331I suppose that begs the question of what skills transition with Jei when he goes from host to host. All his previous hosts have actually been samurai and been good with either the sword or spear. Keiko doesn't have any combat skills and Jei doesn't seem interested in training her.

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>>129128342Keiko's dressed really formally there relative to her normal outfit; I guess he just takes clothes for her from people he's killed.


>>129119861That pause and facial expression with "He was... evil" is interesting. Is it because he's trying to remember why the man was evil and Yukichi asking about it put any doubt of his mind or is Jei a bit distracted because he's trying to assess Yukichi?


>>129128122>>129128107How about instead of releasing his spirit to possess another person, we simply trap Jei in a jar?

>>129128984Possibly a bit of both, but I'm leaning closer to the latter. Jei doesn't seem like he's capable of the necessary amount of self-awareness and reflection to have doubts as to his purpose.

On what day does the annual storytime usually start?

>>129129585he might break the jar. Better mostly fill it with some highly viscous liquid to limit his movement

>>129129662>Usagi uses everything he has learned about traditional Japanese craft to construct a trap which could contain Jei forever>A kite with a very confusing haiku about a frog written on it distracts Jei and he walks onto a seaweed tatami, which breaks under pressure and makes him fall into a cleverly dug in giant taiko shell which is filled with extra thick shoyu with an addition of fugu extract, so Jei becomes both immobilized and paralyzed. The drum is then covered with 200 jizo for safety and everyone have a victory tea.

the numbers keep rising

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>>129129634march 16th

>>129128074how many years has it been since we last saw tomoe again?

>>129130550Chanoyu came out in april 2006.

>>129130691>>129130550Oh, and there was that Jeisagi dream sequence in march 2007. Since then we haven't seen Tomoe in the main run at all.

>>129128065Yeah she's gone from being in denial to actively helping him get targets, now. She gone. She part of the gang.