Reign of X Storytime Thread: Devil's Reign: X-Men #2, X-Men #9, X-Men Unlimited #24

Where XLOW/DOW gets hit with a sudden one week delay.

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Bump if you're reading.Question of the week: should I even bother asking questions?

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>>129119261>should I even bother asking questions?yes but only if you can think of good questions to ask poeple

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>>129119252>peter gets depicted as an idiot who gets disrespected by women to push some feminist message about "wyman strong"no thanks imagine the out cry if the genders where reversed and captain vagina was depicted as stupid and weak to make a white male hero look good.

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>129119331Please try a bit harder if (You) want my (You)

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>>129119345didn't Electra stop being Kingpin assassin in 1982 but Peter did not get the black suit for another 2 years?

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>>129119261I like the questions

>>129119261yes my mugga

So does Emma know that Peter is Spider-Man (okay, "did" because of OMD)?

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>>129119422I would image after doing that mind-check just now she does know, but I would imagine her reaction is "The guy who takes pictures of Spider-man for the DB is Spider-man?!" since I can't think of reason she would know/care who Peter Parker is

Oh hi Union Jack

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>>129119422>>129119437is Duggan going to retcon the fact that Emma did not in fact kill Firestar horse?

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>NEXT>STAND TRIALAnd now for X-Men.

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>>129119261Oh hell yeah I love your talking points X-user.

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>>129119252>Where XLOW/DOW gets hit with a sudden one week delay.Source?

>>129119474>>129119483if I had a Penny a marvel book used Union Jack to arrest someone for then to stand trial in America, I would have two pence but it is weird that it happened twice.

Brand what are you doing therego away

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>>129119478Probably, maybe she made Angelica think she kill Butterum. Still doesn't excuse the grooming and other shit she did to Angelica.But ugh maybe this confirms he'll have Angel in X-Men.

And here's the chart from S.W.O.R.D. #3 and Way of X #1 again, updated (again).I told you to go away Brand what the fuck

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>>129119537what the fuck brand

>>129119261Yes, they're free bumps

>>129119483why would the US government make her go to court when she has diplomatic immunity in the states?

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>>129119422So, people found dead bodies with Spider-Man's web around them?asking for a friendwhich first, second and last name begins wit a J

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>>129119252I think Noto's women are really hot despite being samefacey.

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>Redroot has been stuck with Jim for over a year nowoof

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>>129119520That's how you get ecoli Eric.

>>129119284>>129119291Obligatory "fuck telepaths".

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>>129119291>>129119284I give it two years before emmafag writers retcon that she was mind controlled or forced to do this.

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>>129119642Seriously fuck Cates for the Knowhere into a black hole thing, what what the point of that?

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>>129119687keki'll say it for remy, irene stop being a bitch

>>129119703Honestly, what was even the point of his GOTG run really?

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>Redroot rescue mission finally happeningfuck yes

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>NEXT>WOLVERINEAnd now for Unlimited.

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>>129119759so Shiro's leaving x-men & heading over to red?

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>>129119252>Where XLOW/DOW gets hit with a sudden one week delay.oh okay

>>129119719Honestly? I'm convinced Marvel just pushed the title on him and he thought he could make it work but then realized he just wasn't into it and bailed after 12 issues. That whole run was just a big hot mess of nothing and the only thing of consequence that happened was that the Nova corps died (which I am sure got Duggan upset because Cates said he called him to make sure he didn't kill Adsit and Cates wrote a sigh when he wrote that) and he took Knowhere, one of the most interesting locations DnA contributed to Cosmic, out of the equation.

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>>129119450>Emma cosplaying at KateHuh?

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>>129119261>should I even bother asking questions?Do whatever you want. Who cares. What would probably be smarter is to stop responding when people dare post images during a storytime. Is it rude? Yeah, I guess, though I don't think people are likely to get confused or anything. The kicker is if they're actually doing it with malicious intent you're just telling them how to cheese you off.Just be glad we still don't have that guy who would post storytimes out of order because he had a righteous hateboner against Hickman.

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>>129119405...had she met him when she was younger, she would have developed a crush on him like in Marvel Adventures, isn't it?

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>>129119422> ponythis triggers the Firestar

Next week: Sabretooth #2, X Lives of Wolverine #4, X Deaths of Wolverine #4 and X-Men Legends #12 but we don't care about thatAnd that's it! If you liked these, support your LCS or whatever.

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>>129119607>>129119621>>129119634Why the hell is Storm doing here?She's already in two different series

>>129119912she runs arakko and t'challa was there to visit her and get his dick wet


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>>129119570>>129119537didn't you lot read SWORD?She took Gyrich's position and plans to use Orchis to deal with the Krakoa problem, then either take control or sabotage them so they don't become a threat to Sol as a whole.She might or might not planning to become the Real Power controlling Sol.

>>129119699lads, can you think of a better way to go...

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>>129119483I like this book, its not the best thing in the world but its different. Fun seeing people who dont usually interact together interact.

>>129119711...Irene turning into a stereotypical mother-in-law is more funny than I thought it would be.

>>129119252I fucking hate that because of x cunts of wolverine, x-books had to wait until it's done.

>>129120006no i did i just didn't think she'd join them with such relish

>>129120116just like mystiquegambit is a true chad, pissing off both his mother-in-laws kek

>>129120006she will fail miserably like usual

>>129119545>>129119555Kinda like this. Now give me Ultron / Nimrod team-up

>>129119711this is the shit that made x-men popular in the first place

>>129119897>Sabretooth #2this will be GOOD

>>129120203>it's just ultron trying but failing to assimilate nimrod

>>129120116Probably for the non-obvious obvious reason: she knows her daughter will side with Remi every time over her two moms, because she's seen it already.

>>129120265>Nimrod and Ultron have sax & sex

>>129119483How is Kingpin still functioning when he's annoying the x-men and his superpower that he's an slender american man?

>>129119284Uhm, banks usually have security cams and those arent fooled by telepathy. Wouldnt someone at the back look at the recordings when dealing with celebrities?

Noto’s art is so boring

>>129119356>>129119345How can anybody fuck this bad Spider-Man's black costume? Looks awful here

>>129120259First one wasn’t though

>>129119261Absolutely, they give SOUL to the thread.

>>129119367Nice rack

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>>129120643three lettersnoto

>>129119450>I want to not attract unwanted attention.>I know! Instead of dressing like a whore I'll dress like a retarded pirate!Also, why send people without psi-defenses to watxh for a telepath?

>>129119273well where's the sex tapes...>>129119284You didn't even need Glamour for that one; white females rook the same.>>129119431Why even bother, just kidnap some homeless nigress off the street and brainwash her into believing she's this Isabelle character. Not like there's a dna test involved with the foster parents, kaching. If the "victim" could remember her past life she would probably be thankful.>>129119656I didn't know Twi'leks were muggas???

>>129119520Nobody cares about your diarrhea, Magnus

>>129119671>no subtletysays the lady that organized an assassination attempt of a US senator in front of dozens of people

>>129121263using a crossbow

>>129120116It's very funny that Irene can't see that her daughter married a non sociopathic version of Mystique

>>129121330cuz she blind

>>129119273>never an abuser of childrenof all the bullshit they do with Emma turning her to be some mother figure that would never harm a child is the dumbest. Did the Emma funded sentinels just ignore muties kids. Everyone with a gripe was just making that shit up.


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>>129119795Perhaps it’ll be a Knights of X crossover, perhaps it’ll be contained the main book.

>>129119883Makes sense. Marvel Adventures Emma had Chat and Peter in her life so she never joined the Hellfire Club

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>>129119730I like seeing Mutants fighters actually fit into the Arakki social structure instead of more stuff about the demon hybrids assuming they are weaklings.

>>129119566Fun fact, If you have the physical book you can see underneath censor bars.

>>129119291You’d think Fury would have some sort of anti telepathy thing, though what is she making him ignore?



>>129120028>You will never get piledrived into the ceiling between Rogues thighs.Why even live?

>>129119912In how many series is Logan in again?

>>129119711So wait if his love dont come with no strings attached that means it does come with strings attached?

>>129119881>>129119873That's Paige then.

>>129119261>Bump if you're reading.


>>129121493Nice.I went with the singlepanel.

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>>129119711Damn Irene, you can see the future but you couldn't see that burn?

>>129119832I spoke to Cates about this a little on Twitter, when that run was more recent; he agrees that it's his worst work, mostly because his particular skills as a writer don't particularly lend themselves to telling a story with a big cast. I think that's totally fair; he's at his best when he has a book with a very narrow focus on like three or less characters.

>>129121464Not even that didn't she head a school for evil mutants that were made to help create disposable terrorists to drum up sales of Sentinels and other merchandise for the Hellfire Club? I get that the writers are whitewashing Emma but this shows these idiots really don't read comics.

>>129122574Gambit don't think gud

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>>129119628>>129121147Most meat aside from poultry is safe rare

let duggan ghost write a couple of wolverine please

threadly reminder to the ~20 of you that actually like this run, its bad and you have bad taste.

>>129119520>Driving a wedge between Mutants and HumanityI am honestly surpised that the Marvel government hasn't handed any of the super scientists Blank Checks to develop tools to help humanity and just build the overall civilization of the Marvel Universe. Wakanda got their vibranium tech bullshit, Doom got his keikaku tier bullshit, Tony literally was selling Extremis back in the day, etc. It's like Krakoa becomes the only superpower with advanced tech in the X-books

>>129120265>Ultron>failing to assimilate NimrodHe took over a Phalanx node and nearly got Adam Warlock. You don't really beat Ultron, he's got that Pym crazy.

>>129120265>Comparing Ultron to NimrodDude there is a reason why the X-books ignore the actual history of the Phalanx and the other robotic characters of the Marvel universe

>>129124707for more yass kween moments? fuck off faggot


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>>129125344i meant the logan solo issues, deadpool is showing up

>>129125209>Pym crazyHas he done bullshit with ants?

>>129119897Immortal xmen is taking a huge timeI wanna see what crimes people like Jeffries or Oya have commited. I guess for Jeffries it has to be sex with robots or something like that, being in favor of AI

>>129119730Are the Arakkii part of the resurrection protocols?

>>129121704Could be when Fisk deployed Nuke into hell's kitchen during Daredevil Born Again

>>129120006She killed Gyrich but it wasn't clear that that meant joining up with Orchis

>>129125002It is canon that businesses pay Reed Richards exorbitant sums to make sure he doesn't use any of his technology to improve the world.


>>129120165Mystique's been like this since long before Rogue got married. But Irene is a surprise, she never used to be catty.

>>129119859Nah he's right to tell them to fuck offIf the mods did shit they would rangeban those fags from posting more images>Just be glad we still don't have that guy who would post storytimes out of order because he had a righteous hateboner against Hickman.Who


>>129119291Words can not describe my disgust.

>>129119273>>129119291>>129119300speaking of emma's past. generation x issue negative 1 is her meeting dark beast when she was young. marvel never did anything with it after that. you'd think her knowledge of an alternate timeline might be super important, or if dark beast's mind influenced her worldview>>129119345wow i've never actually seen the black costume look bad at all, let alone bad as anything that can be referenced. why is that costume being worn? is that even peter parker? the fuck am i looking at?

>>129119520>colossus suggests the less we know the better and leave it to x-forceyeah guys, we gotta keep blaming beast for shit! he hasn't been scapegoated enough!

>>129119520nightcrawler is fucking pissed. last time i saw him drawn that unhappy, it was just AoA nightcrawler. he probably didn't like what colossus said

>>129129039The shit beast got blamed for1. He deserved blame for.and2. He was doing behind the backs of x-force, so he god damn knew it was shitty bullshit nobody would approve of.

>>129119537>>129119570>>129120006>>129120162>beast's exmarvel fucking hates beast

>>129129066>nobody would approve of itif you're talking about the south america thing for plant drugs, it was explicitly for krakoa and the krakoan economy, and krakoa had plausible deniability. now colossus thinks it might be something to consider, and you know damn well the "former" villains say nothing about it because they dont' want to admit they'd do the same shit if not worse. this is marvel's writing

>>129119537>>129129087Speaking of Beast and Brand...

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>>129129278>brand is with fucking nimrod>goes to see beasti'll say it again. marvel fucking hates beast.


Story bump

>>129125002Beyond it being canon that Reed is paid massive amounts of money to hold back on patenting his actual revolutionary shit and how disastrous it is when the super scientists actually try to improve society, it would be narratively inconvenient if humanity had reasons to legitimately compete with or even have a leg up over mutants, since more than one element of ORCHIS is composed of seething elon musk wannabes pissed that muties did something before they could.

>>129119711Haha, BTFO

>>129126742it was quite explicit.She flat out told him.>>129120280the ultimate SALT>>129120582Sure. Which is why the F4 most likely didn't get any hassle for it.>>129121493...Remy totally implied he was going to have kinky bondage sex with Rogue and thus forcing Irene to precog it, isn't it?>>129121583MA Emma would be utterly disgusted by 616 Emma.And 616 Emma got A LOT better as a person over the years

>>129125002US Gov did buy the G.I.Ant-man suit from (skrull)PymMandroid and Vault's Sentries tech was based on Stark design as well, IIRC

>>129128253she's like this ONLY toward Remy, because mother-in-law

>>129129087>>129129278>>129129296and Abigail even thinks Hank is too much of a nice person to be an effective Necessary Evilwhich could be a great character element, Beast actively trying his best to be as evil as possible for the good of mutantkind but ending up failing because he's just not evil enough.

>>129125002This is thegalling thing about this run. Remember Iron Man's moon adventure with Shockworker? Status quo was reasserted at the end, because status quo. But status quo has been suspended purely for the benefit of Krakoa, and now they've got their noses in the air and we all know it's because the almighty hand of the creator gave them a boost, not because they did anything special. Not to mention the retcon of Mars mining operations- Roxxon had one.