What’s her appeal?

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Brown, dumb, athletic, probably gets railed by a white shota along with Asami

>>129119061Thanks, now I want art of this and it doesn't exist. You tease.

>>129119092I'm just saying, they probably needed a sperm donor, Asami's rich and can do whatever

>>129119061>Delicious brown tomboy /ss/I see we have a man of taste here with us today.

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>>129119025savage super hairy water tribe pussy


Do brown females with blue eyes exist irl or are they just fiction?

>>129120095Rare but they do

>>129119025She's a fit bisexual tomboy who's an arrogant jerk with a heart of gold. It's not that complicated, mate.

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>>129119061>>129119092>>129119109Imagine Korra and Asami walking around with him, all three wearing wedding rings

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>>129119025The fan art. Shit show, shit character otherwise.


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>>129119025she super mary-sue until she got her shit pushed in and they showed her defeated and crying.

>>129120852Her personality is terrible but she's good as a subject for pornographic fanart

>>129119061>>129119092>"Don't worry, the ag- I mean height difference isn't a problem for the three of us!"

>>129119025Dunno, Asami is way prettier

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>>129119025Why does Korea always get her ass kicked?

>>129122054Because their nukes suck

>>129122054Humiliation fetish.

>>129122054Damsel in distress syndrome.

>>129120801>>129122040They need babies in those bellies.

She's the best character in both shows. She's beautiful and strong and always willing to learn more about the world around her.

>>129123684but who will take up this noble crusade?

>>129123847Probably the lucky bastard here >>129119061

>>129119025Abs.Tits.The mystery of how thicc her thighs are because there wasn't any episode in the entire series that had her wearing anything then those stupid arctic pants.Seriously. Couldn't have put her in a dress ONCE?! HOW ABOUT A GOD DAMN SWIMSUIT EPISODE?!

>>129122040Bitch wears too much makeup.She would leave wonderful lipstick smears.Then waking up with her would be a horror show.

>>129123896Those are to keep her pussy and ass nice and sweaty for when you get down to business.

>>129119109SOURCE MOTHER FUCKER!!!...please?...

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>>129124029Chotto Bijin de Mune ga Dekakute Eroi dake no Baka Nee by TakatsuIt's currently into 4 chapters translated.

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>>129119025>pure of heart>strong, muscular>dumb as a brick, gullibleIs Korra a himbo?

>>129124089Much thanks user, you are a true gentleman and a scholar

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>>129124236No, a herbo

>>129120161bisexual, lol, still in denial i see.

>>129120161>heart of gold

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>>129119025She's hot. That's it. She's not a good character, she's not even just a likable character, but hey she has boobs and a little bit of muscles.

>>129119025Brown, muscular, she's essentially designed to be every Tomboy GF you'e ever wanted.,

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She looks like a man and you're gay.

>>129125306That would explain why (You) came in here

>>129125306>She looks like a man>*has gigantic tits and a sizable hip-waist ratio*If that looks like a man to you then I'll like to see what you think a woman looks like

>>129119025I liked her because she was the opposite of aang. for physical instead of spiritual. plus she was hot

>>129119061>Brown, dumb, athletic, probably gets railed by a white shota along with Asami>whiteWhere would they find one of those? Whites don't exist in Avatar.

I used to have like 200 images of Korra porn saved on my PC, but I deleted everything out of shame and I now realize how much I miss my porn

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>>129125875You have to let go, Mako.

>>129125878don't be ashamed user. Just keep a healthy balance of looking at porn and not looking at porn

>>129125936You're probably right

>>129122054Because seeing a strong girl (the AVATAR no less) get beat up turns me on


>>129125259Imagine it.

>>129127127It’s honesty humiliating how many times korra gets completely destroyed in the series. You can bend all four elements but still get the shit kicked out of you in front of an earth bender and her army, as well as your friends. Honesty I think the writers has a ryona fetish you’d never see sang go through something like this m.youtube.com/watch?v=97tch4Fo8ys&t=1s

>>129127236They must've gotten off on it like we did.


>>129127276one of the few good things about Korra

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>>129122054Because women are naturally weaker than men. The first series made women too strong and i'm gladh they corrected that mistake on Korra.


>>129127402>Joan d'Arc face>mike tyson bodyWhat were they thinking?

>>129127877Anything wrong with it? She’s still really hot

Post korrasami please

>>129125306I bet you're really cute if you think she looks like a man.

>>129127236It's the best because I thought she was a bottom when the series started but her porn/fanfic smut were around 40/60 top/bottom but now she's always depicted as Asami's plaything. It's great.

>>129120161heart of slut you mean

>>129128803Wish korra ryona was as easy to find as yuri

>>129119061She is obviously into fat old men.

>>129124444>canonically dated men and a woman>denial

how many times you faggots will post the same pic?

>>129129185There's this weird idea floating around that bisexual women don't exist and they're just lesbians pressured into taking dick

>>129122054Because the writers realized you can't play the inexperienced kid angle with an adult woman. Aang not being able to solve everything from the start was believable but Korra should have been able to mow down any opposition effortlessly. However that makes a show boring so she needed to be nerfed to make her enemies look scary.I think this ultimately made the show bad but it is great for the porn angle. It seems the general consensus is that Korra enjoys being dominated and I like that angle very much.

>>129129200If this was the case maybe the public would know about it.

>>129129230Did they ever explain why it took them a whole fucking decade to start her learning airbending?When she was a young kid she could do everything but airbending and when she's a teenager she...still can do everything but airbending?

>>129129259She just couldn't do it because she couldn't.The actual reason was of course to avoid the problem of the avatar state beating everything.


>>129129323nta but can't she go into the avatar state without learning all 4 like aang did


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>>129129560>>129129563>>129129576great stuff user... this thread kind of makes me want to


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>>129129596korra in general gives me unreasonable urges


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>>129129606yes...>>129129615bimbo korra looks hot also


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>>129129654korra is making me really horny


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>>129129664I think I might have to do that to her as well


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>>129129679I'm close


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>>129129691please finish me off


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>>129129723thanks user that felt good


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>>129119025She sure has a lotta fucking porn where she's gotta big rinky dinky doodle

>>129129869and thats basedwimg.rule34.xxx//images/1529/ba0f7d3862acd21e78b285b8c21e6ccd.gif?1634141https://wwebm.rule34.xxx//images/1935/3476dfc986f21e7a39d0cfe3f53095f7.mp4?2097507https://wimg.rule34.xxx//images/4935/2b91d33e147294f3ecd421d0f0b5802b.png?5616867https://wimg.rule34.xxx//images/3470/2ca15d08150c99067c78cf8e83214da6.jpeg?3912200https://wwebm.rule34.xxx//images/4977/e035acb655fa919e03fbeefd8f83f23b.mp4?5669212https://wimg.rule34.xxx//samples/3635/sample_485775dff276adcfcd4f3906884a12f0.jpg?4109314

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>>129129747>>129129723Porn addiction

>As people shuffled across the street in front of you, your mind wandered to how you were led here.>Korra seemed incredibly worried last time she spoke with you, desperate even.>Looking around, you do your best to ignore the agonizing wait.>You feel almost like you may have misheard where and when she wanted to meet up.>Finally, a voice from behind beckons to you.>"user!" Korra calls, jogging down the street to catch up with you.>She pants gently and gives you a hug>"Thanks, I don't know who else to ask about this.">You explain that as her friend you'd do anything.>Korra and you step inside, and are led to a table.>"Sorry, I just - this is really awkward.">She places a hand on yours and squeezes gently.>Your heart is beating now, you try to compose yourself.>Is this it? Is she going to confess?>"user, I....">You lean in slightly.>"I need you to fuck my mother.">What>"She wants another baby, and she's having a hard time meeting men. She said the other day that you were really cute, and I figu->Your mind goes blank. You hear every word, but you're stuck in disbelief.>-and I mean REALLY fuck the shit out of her, I want to watch and make sure you cum inside at least a couple dozen times over the next few days, so whenever you're ready, we-