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Smug Daisy edition

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I think this is the second time the website crashed right after the new page went up

>>129117505may I saybased of her

>>129117505>actually, I think Sandy did more than just making out with Francis>would you help me get even?

>>129117505>Now you're certainly even with Sandy, huh?"Actually Sandy let Francis put it in her popper so bend over and prepare your anus"

>it's fucking nothing>againgreat

>>129117505> "I know what i'm doing. I'm fine."I can't help but think that she put Daisy saying that because of the discord fans saying Mike was "Manipulating" her.

>>129117582>>129117600I mean we know from the WIP Taeshi posted that Sandy is gonna brag to Mike about how far she went with Francis sooooo...

>>129117505> "Now you're certainly even with Sandy, huh?"He made out with Lucy like two chapters ago, so technically he's more than even

>>129117707He made out with Lucy during the 2 hours or so they were broken up, so its technically not cheating

>>129117697Dude the dream is dead, neither of them are interested in taking this further

>>129117697What WIP? Can you post it?

Will this solve all of Daisy's self esteem issues?

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>>129117505Daisy is definitely gonna steal Mike away for herself now.

>>129117722He should have fucked Lucy right there in the snow while she was still in a horny daze from Mike's scarf comment.

>>129117752I don't have it but she's not bragging about how far they went, she's saying something like "my mom always hated him" or something similar. The uncomfortable factor is that she's talking about Francis at all.

>>129117786She says "if my mom knew the things we got up to..."So it's indirect bragging, probably meant to show she's a vapid airhead

>sinnerOh, Mike has sinned plenty already, at least he's still saving himself for marriage unlike these whites around him

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>>129117760So is there a chance this becomes something that is not more fuel for Mike's self defeating spiel?

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What if this just gives Mike the courage to actually pursue Lucy for real lol

>>129117845No, MikexDaisy isn't happening, you have to let it go

>>129117707>He's more than evenI'm sure two kisses is enough for the months of actually purposed neglection and ghosting

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>>129117846That would be such a bad move in and out of universe. Lucy has too much shit Mike would need to resolve and jump through to even attempt it.

Sandy sisters... not like this...


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>>129117823Mike isn't as much of a sinner as Suit.Anyways what's with the fucking religious bullshit with Taeshi?

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Do not read this comic

Cheating is le bad xd

>>129117945If you had read His Wife you would have good insight into Taeshi's relationship with religion.

>>129117865I'm gonna MAKE it happen.Not because I like that ship, but rather because it sinks two other garbage ones at the same time.

>>129117945>Anyways what's with the fucking religious bullshit with Taeshi?She's from deep South America.If you think some Texan retard is mindnumbingly religious, then those SA's makes those bible bangers looks like agnostics

>>129117969Do you think she is still haunted by the Catholic guilt? She talked about it more when she was younger.

>>129117945Who is Maverick? Is he Taeshi's Paulo?

I ship Rachel x me and everyone else can die

>>129117995Not to mention Mike x Daisy happening would completely destroy that farce called a friend group

So how many wanted MikexDaisy because they thought it was a cute ship that could actually work, and how many wanted it just for the pure chaos it could cause and at minimum sinking MikexLucy and DaisyxPaulo

>>129117945>Anyways what's with the fucking religious bullshit with Taeshi?Probably got fucked up by religion during her childhood. (South) Americans go hard on Christianity and that whole guilt-tripped-by-God thing probably doesn't go down well with taeshi's BPD.

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I've got no fucking idea what's supposed to be going on here unless it's just a soap-opera thing where it's deliberately shocking but doesn't make much sense.


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>>129118081Is it bad that I want Mike x Daisy because it could be a cute healthy relationship, and because it sinks a bunch of other ships?

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Why is she so pleased with herself?

>>129117505Mike needs to keep the frazzled fur. It looks good on his otherwise featureless blank-bcb-template head. Kudos to spoileranon from last thread, they were on-point.>>129117691That, and perhaps to shut down all the fawning about how Daisy is supposedly so grown up and mature now after letting Lucy rewrite her personality. Taeshi probably never meant to portray Daisy like that, as usual>>129117760For a while it really did look like Lucy had magically fixed Daisy's long-term issues but this looks like a back track so hopefully not>>129117846I fail to see Lucy's appeal at this point. Sure Mike feels the nostalgia and the guilt but frankly she herself brings nothing to the table but physical temptation followed by emotional punishment.>>129118061BCB could use an injection of organic drama instead of these ridiculous curveballs Taeshi keeps spamming

>>129118020Bullshit, I live in south America and while everyone is raised Christian no one gives a shit. So much we have the term non practicing Christians to describe the population

>>129118152well she got to kiss mike and on top of that it was used to get back at Sandy who called her 'fat' in a roundabout way in her mind.So while it's not dating Mike it still counts as a win to her.

>>129118148>Daisy>healthy relationshipThat bitch just wants someone to tell her she's hot. She'll gladly lie and pretend to get that comfortable "I have a boyfriend" feeling but who knows if she ever actually loved anyone.She just used Mike for her own perverted desires. She knows damn well that Mike isn't thinking straight, that he's back in a relationship and that she doesn't stand a chance to get him, but she still dove onto him the second he lowered his defenses.

>>129118152Because Sandy is a bitch who drops people as soon as they're no longer useful to her. Daisy used to be Sandy's best friend, got abandoned once Mike came into the picture, crushed on Mike hard once Sandy was gone, any shot she had with Mike when he got together with Sandy, then when Sandy finally came back for a visit she didn't remember Daisy and called her fat. Now add the fact that Daisy has a spiteful side, that Mike just wished he'd dated her instead, and that at long last kissed Mike without him pulling away out of disgust. Daisy has been remarkably in-character these last five pages.

>getting evenThat's a terrible idea and means Mike's relationship with Sandy is fucked up; I get that's supposed to be true but why is Daisy saying it like it's cute?

Is Daisy pleased with herself because she cucked Sandy? What a petty bitch.

>>129118243Because she's getting one over on Sandy and maybe Lucy as far as she's concerned.

>>129118243Because Daisy is acting refreshingly imperfect in stark contrast to the last five years of pandering to twitter's stilted inflexible view of character development

>>129118025That Catholic guilt probably stopped her from speaking up about what her cousin was doing to her.


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>>129118255Daisy is in fact a petty bitch and I love it. This is far less boring than the lobotomized Paulo simp we've endured

>>129118343In a way this is probably setting up for a bolder Daisy that asks Paulo out.

Even if they don't date, I just want Daisy to be and stay a legitimate friend to Mike. Have her be a someone he can talk to when he needs to. Even when all the shit goes down where he's "supposed" to lose everyone.Let her surprise everyone by staying in his corner.

>>129118343Fair enough but she's also a shitty friend and the other shoe never drops about that kind of the thing and we end up with a bunch of assholes sticking around each other for no appreciable reason.

>>129118412Daisy would only be staying in Mike's corner so she could ride his barb, and you know it. Though I for one do not object to a future were Mike becomes Daisy's boy toy

>>129118243Daisy has always been a petty bitch

>>129118362So Good Girl Daisy and Carnival Slut Daisy merge to create Sweetie Pie Slam Pig Daisy?

Daisy better watch out.

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>>129118412That would be too genuinely wholesome for BCB and I fear >>129118462 is correct. We only get the most artificial of character dynamics now, like Augustus getting instantly accepted into Lucy's household and Daisy wanting Paulo because he got her a milkshake that one time. The best middle-road approach is for Daisy to indulge herself with Mike, realize what she's doing to herself and to him, break things off, but make up for it with actual love as a friend

>>129118580What would be a good plotline is Daisy indulging way to much in a lonely despondent Mike. So much so she crosses a line, which destroys Mike's mental state and either makes him afraid or warry of Daisy. And Daisy realizes she destroyed one of her closest relationships out of lust, and falls into despair.

What if Jasmine was the one Mike ran into at the Library instead of Daisy?

>>129118815She'd have given Mike a stern but helpful talking to.

>>129118706I do want that too, but considering how Taeshi keeps turning despairing characters into black holes of plot, it's probably not the best direction for this particular comic to take.

>>129118815A friendship that's too healthy for BCB and, more importantly, another transparently more compatible girl that isn't Lucy

>>129118815Nothing. They share no interests except for maybe Haley. Besides, Jasmine is destined to marry Abbey.

>>129118851Yea but the best way for Mike to lose all his friends is for him to be scared or warry of them. Make him afraid of the mental anguish and drama, so he just doesn't go near them and tries to stay far away from. Mike being afraid of mental anguish could also lead to him sitting at a different table, specifically the one Abbey and his sister Haley sit at.

>>129119039that would be a good way to actually have him leave the group and his fears wouldn't be unreasonable considering who makes up the group.But we all know it'll happen by things blowing up and making it look like Mike is the worst person in the world.

It's a surprise to see how many page comments acknowledge the reality of what's happening. Some of them even seem happy with it. But of course there's always at least one pic related

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It's so fucking booooooring

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Is Daisy hornier when she's drunk?

>>129119120they really want her to physically hurt mike. Despite the fact it wouldn't put things in her favor at all.

>>129117582God I wish.

>>129119276She was practically dry humping Mike in Happy Hour so I'll say yes

>>129119276She's always horny, she just has a harder time hiding it when she's drunk

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>>129119276>>129119344Mike and Daisy would do many things they would regret later, if they were put in a room together alone and drunk

>>129119380Whose the slut in this situation, Mike or Sandy? Or are they both sluts taking advantage of eachother at the same time?

>>129119429They're both sluts. And terrible people.

>>129119429I mean Mike or Daisy* not Sandy

>>129119392You say that like it's a bad thing

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>>129119452Eh it would be a good way to push the story forward and cause drama. Especially if it results in a unwanted pregnancy. Actually how would Daisy react to accidentally being the carrier of Mike's child? And how would the other characters react?

>>129119633everyone would collectively freak out but Paulo would for sure try to fight Mike. Maybe Augustus too.Lucy inwardly plotting how to make Daisy and her kid have an "Accident"

>>129119706I could see Augustus and Paulo planning to fuck up Mike over getting Daisy pregnant. But then stopping once they see Daisy genuinely happy around Mike.Mike would be shocked and stunned in this situation, and likely very upset with himself. But he'd be the kind of person to fully support Daisy after knocking her up. But him explaining the situation to Sandy would be rather interesting.

>>129117505Is Daisy mouth the equivalent of schizophrenic analogic horror or am I only noticing it because I bothered to look at the panels instead of just the bubble for the first time in months?

>>129119633Lucy would be outwardly pissed at both Mike and Daisy while inwardly heartbroken and pissed at herself for caring and for letting Mike get away. Paulo would be infuriated and try to hurt Mike. Augustus would be upset and angry at Mike but probably busy dealing with Lucy's emotional fallout. Sue would give unwanted biased advice, and Abbey wouldn't know what to think.

>>129119944Meow meow

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>>129118020It varies a lot but despite the fact Taeshi managed to immigrate to the US and not paint walls for a living always made me think she was from some urbanized part of Equador that was by extension less religious, then again I talk from my experience on another edge of the continent so I might just be miusnderstanding how religious those people are.

Does this comic even have a single page without drama? Whenever it is posted on here I honestly see nothing but a cat pissing off some other cat. Even sweet slice of life moments often have the last panel having a cat saying this will piss someone else off later. Like do a page exist even out of context where they are just fucking happy? Soap operas already exist, why wait so long for a furry edition of it?

>>129120084Pages involving the B Team are usually fine and drama-free. They're just not relevant for the plot.

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>>129120084Believe it or not but this comic used to be better by a considerable degree, with characters being happy out of context. But as the years went by this comic slowly morphed into the soap opera schlock you see today. And we're just along for the ride

>>129120105Jordie needs to fucking pound that pooch.

>>129120233He really should

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>>129120105>I can't believe you stole my bacon

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>>129120233>>129120347Though he has to balance out the gene pool first if Mike and Lucy don't get together

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>>129120084Yes but then the comic gets really fucking boring. See the two previous chapters before the weeb bullshit storm hits

>>129120233he's still hung up on the girl he got cucked by isn't he?

>>129120542Sadly, yes

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>>129118081Oh, I'm definitely genuine in my shipping. Yes sir.

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why was this ever okay

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Name one GOOD ship

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>>129120720There isn't one.

>>129120720Rachel x Me.

>>129118081Why not both?>>129120678Taeshi is on record saying she finds asshole characters to be delightful. Shocker, I know

>>129120720the titanicat least that one sank quickly

>>129120678>You owe me!Famous last words before she forces Augustus to knock her up.


>>129120720Mike x Haley

>>129120720MikexHaley and LucyxJordan

>>129120720Only one correct answer>>129120751>>129120759Based

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>>129120678Under other circumstances it'd be cute but I can never shake the feeling that Augustus is just her Mike replacement now and it's only "Working" so well because he lives with her and the family instantly took to him without suspicion

>>129120820Worst ship

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>>129120820Molly belongs to Paulo.

So, who should I play this with?

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>>129121099If you actually bought it: scan the art on the cards and post here

Is that supposed to be UNO or some shit

>>129121099Is the banished discord autistic enough to play it?

>>129118534What the fuck is that panel order?

>>129121058Worst ship>>129121125No

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>>129121125Discord's not an option>>129121119pic related

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>>129121142(then they fucked)

>>129121152Holy shit you actually bought it lol

>>129120105Just because it is irrelevant doesn't mean it's drama-free, it's just really bad drama also known as petty drama, shit like that one fag whose name I keep forgetting struggling to be a fag for the sake of Paulo's development, or Jordan being a metaphorical fag for the sake of Paulo development, or Rachel having sex with Paulo to get back at Tess for the sake of Paulo's development, or Jessica who despite being a lesbian whored herself to get back at Tess TWICE, although props to Taeshi because that time it wasn't entirely to further Paulo's development but also to I don't know make her and Lucy fight just to mention she used to be have a subtle crush on Lucy? Madison on the other hand is one whose reputation makes unnecessary the need for an explanation.

>>129121152Is that just a worse version of that one cyanide and happiness card game?

>>129121152This looks like it might be a pain in the ass to get people to play.

>>129121204There are more rules, they don't seem to be that similar bittersweetcandybowl.com/img/store/upstage_instructions.pdf>>129121207Where do you even find multiple people who enjoy BCB


>>129121416Good OTP

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>>129121222>Where do you even find multiple people who enjoy BCBThat's the thing you don't

>>129121099>>129121152First you should scan the card images

God imagine the social lynching you'd get for whipping that out in a gathering

>>129121575People who were previously arguing with each other would come together just to roast you. You can't even say you bought it Ironically because you still wasted money on it.

>>129121152I'm getting ahead of myself, I should probably figure out on how to open the box without breaking it first.

>>129121575>>129121631Realistically they wouldn't know what the fuck you're on about and wonder out loud why the art on these cards is so shit

>>129121650This is from the late-furry era of the comic. I think it's the best art style BCB has had. The art is probably fine, though you will be outed as a furry.

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>>129121643Just show me the Rachel cards.

>>129121643Found a way to open the box, Paulo X Lucy confirmed.

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>>129121787I knew these cards had decent art

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>>129117505Why are these people still friends?

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>>129121687Objectively the art in BCB has almost always been sub-par when it comes to long-running webcomics. For a while the coloring got good with the watercolors but the anatomy, perspective, and so on have always been noticeably off. "Good" BCB styles are always relative to the comic itself

>>129122056Taeshi writes what she knows and frankly I am not sure how she maintains any IRL friendships at all.

>>129122056McCain hasn't been in the comic for years.

>>129122104Probably because Taeshi values quantity over quality. She'd rather shit out 3 melodramatic napkin doodle comics a week then a singular well thought out comic once a week. Even when the comic went to 1 comic a week for a year or two when she was doing the retcons for Webtoons, the comic is such a no-nothing story that it drug on.There is no real stakes, the characters are bland and flat and even worse, the plot subsists off of recycled drama. So it's always Mike and Lucy REEing at one another over Sandy, or someone being horny for Mike and/or Lucy. Or a side character doing nothing of value or interest.It's so stagnant that it relies on copious amounts of melodrama to try to stay relevant to it's cult-audience. Even though the drama of Lucy being pissed of Mike making a mistake has been done to death. So we gotta make Lucy spill her ketchup OR threaten to. Or Lucy has to try and make out with Augustus. Or Mike HAS to make out with Daisy in desperation.Simply because everything else is tapped dry and there is nothing left to do or say with these cardboard cut-outs.

Shades of freshman year Daisy aka closest thing to a remotely interesting Daisy

>>129118081I just wanted SOMETHING to happen and Mike & Daisy making out was certainly something

>>129118042No fucking clue. I wouldn't be surprised if she fucked him out of spite to get back at Suitcase for lusting after a 16 year old "real life tsundere loli" from their fanbase.Totally a great guy.

>>129121787show us more, this is literally the most interesting thing to happen this thread.

>>129120678It's Taeshi turning the whole "they're both terrible people who have nothing better to do than confide in each other" thing and trying to make it cute rather than mostly pathetic like before

>>129122124I was talking about the main cast. Pic unrelated.

>>129122198This business with Daisy is the first remotely interesting bit of plot that doesn't depend on incomprehensible nonsense we've seen in a long time

>>129122300Jumped the gun and assumed this was yet another panel where they treat Augustus trying to force himself on Daisy as their personal tee-hee moment, but my point still stands


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>>129120720i don't know i guess Paulo and Jasmine. fleetingly.

>>129122056they've been together since they were basically toddlers and they're all too maladjusted to break away and find new friends

>>129120838That's because objectively your scenario makes the most sense, given Lucy's history. It's that or she's suddenly this wonderful noble generous person because lol offscreen development...despite still being a huge bitch who is incredibly selfish, gets mad at people whenever they don't roll over to let her win, and refuses to understand anyone else's perspective. The family's need to have another Mike in Lucy's life for her own good would explain a lot of their instant goodwill, but Taeshi ruined it by making Augustus a genuine part of the family. If they admitted he's just a means to an end, it would be jarring as fuck.

>>129122056They've known each other since elementary so at minimum it's familiarity. A lot of the drama would disappear if any of them found a less toxic group to hang around with but I'm not sure Paulo or Lucy could pull that off. Paulo is more likely to get told to fuck off for being an ass that can't stop messing with people and Lucy is a fucking mess and lucky anyone even bothers putting up with her.

>>129122351>shilling the fucking discord of all things>on this website of all places>knowing that bag boy lightspeed bans anyone from Holla Forums once his microbrain connects the dots

>>129122358Very fleetingly.

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>>129122461>>129122458The sooner this user gets banned the sooner they stop wasting money on the comic.

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>>129122461Jasmine was being a bitch here and the comic never showed her coming back around and changing her mind about Paulo. She just suddenly starts defending him to Abbey because the plot required it.

>>129122431>The family's need to have another Mike in Lucy's life for her own good would explain a lot of their instant goodwill, but Taeshi ruined it by making Augustus a genuine part of the family. If they admitted he's just a means to an end, it would be jarring as fuck.Lucy's family deciding to do this "Slap a band-aid on it" Solution for her own sanity instead of getting her legit help, despite making them all shitty for a few reasons, would still be more interesting than what's happening now.

>>129121222>>129121540To be fair webcomics in general have somewhat died down since the early 2010s and before, I'd say they were replaced by other forms of medias, mostly because there isn't the factor of everyone having shitty internet and thus being able only to read webcomics or watch videos at 480p anymore.

>>129122517she seemed to come around in the chapter where abbey and daisy break up for the first time (paulo came to her with his idea for the flowers)


>>129122461This was all David's fault

>>129122774What did he have to do with it?God, what IS david's purpose as a character at this point?

>>129122483Too late for me user. >>129121728All the Rachel cards in the main deck.

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>>129122838Go hornets!

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>>129122860Two more in the second deck.

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>>129122805I was joking, but Paulo and Jasmine dated in the first place because David pushed him to go for younger girls after Paulo got his ass handed to him when he fucked Jess and Rachel, which David also pushed him to do in spite of Paulo's relationship with Lucy being in a good place.

>>129122943Based pup.

>>129122943Is Jess the most visually unappealing character in the comic?

>>129123207Ever since ((their)) deaths, yes

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>>129122943Slutpup best character

>>129123207I’m sure there’s worse.

>>129123315Slutpup, now with added bonus makeup.

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>>129118081I don't think it's particularly good, but the bar for ships in this comic is whether or not it inspires the characters involved to contemplate suicide, so hey, by default it's great.But yeah, I mostly just want Mike and Lucy to fuck off. And as much as I like Paulo, his ships are really fucking boring, since he lacks the spergy issues that are the only form of chemistry allowed in this comic.>>129120720None involving the main characters. Mike and Lucy are unsalvageable assholes, and Daisy or Paulo are both just super boring for the most part.The only way I'd be interested in the comic's ships as anything other than trainwrecks is if it suddenly shifted focus to the B-Teams of Sue and the nerds vs Rachel and the cool kids, with Mike and Lucy being the scary unstable weirdos who show up sometimes.It'd involve tension between the nerds and the jocks, WITHOUT either having to be OOC spergs for drama, and plenty of shipping opportunities. You could even have a subplot of Abbey integrating with the nerds, and Paulo integrating with the cool kids. They'd gradually tell the groups more about just how fucked their former friend group was, leaving Mike and Lucy more and more pariah'd by both their own behavior and the rumors around them and what happened.

>>129124054>They'd gradually tell the groups more about just how fucked their former friend group was, leaving Mike and Lucy more and more pariah'd by both their own behavior and the rumors around them and what happened.I think in that scenario Lucy would get hit harder than Mike. At most you can say he's a sperg but other than that he's a sad sack. Plus Paulo was one of the main reasons the friend group was so shit in the first place.Abbey's pretty clear though.

>>129123988Brown Lucy would be kinda cute if she wasn't a literal raging homosexual

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>>129124179If the "friend group" dissolved and everyone went to join different groups, Lucy would probably just be stuck alone with Augustus. As Mike, Paulo, and even Daisy have different groups they could all reasonably go to.

>>129121810Are there any Molly cards?

>>129124855Ask >>129121787, I just ripped these off of an old Instagram post



>>129124873What about Abbey cards?

>>129124909Nvm found one.>>129124995There's 3 in total.

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>>129125158Bring us some more Sue! Bring us locations!

>>129125158>BackstoryYep that's all Abbey and Molley really have huh

>>129125299Here you go, will post some locations next.

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Broad Sue and Boy Amaya confirmed

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>>129125443Some locations.

Attached: upstage8.png (4032x3024, 2.62M)

>>129125551I think that's Daisy's bedroom, but whose living room would that be?

>>129122517She was just being right.And she says she likes him don't really need development for her to defend him even if she didn't like his immaturity.

>>129122517Eh she was right and it doesn't mean she hates him. It just means she was blinded to his flaws because she was dazzled by an upperclassman dating her.


>>129126209Link seems brokeyoutu.be/9bxfbLkSVY8

>>129125953How was she right?It also did seem to mean she hated him as she refused to even be in his presence until he begged her to listen to him about a favor for someone else.

>>129117505>Mikie Wait when was the last time Daisy used that nickname for Mike? Hell when was the last time she used that nickname in front of him?

Did Mike really have to get evenWhat was the takeaway, without any sense of this, whatever it is, continuing, what does it matterSandy cheated for months.Mike doesnt seemed to have learned a single god damn thing no wonder people hate him.'Sandy cheated on me and I hated it so let me do it back.'At least have the guts to continue to push forward with it like wtf.Go all in or dont do it.

>>129126302Paulo is immature

>>129126365She says it all the time. It's just been a while since she last had a conversation with him.

Attached: file.png (761x238, 415.24K)

>>129126387I think this is supposed to be a stepping stone to Mike being the one who breaks up with Sandy, not to him cheating on her with every girl at school.

>>129126423Ah okay then. But still Daisy using that nickname, and her facial expressions in the top right corner are probably meant to indicate something. Like her being proud of smooching Mike and helping him cheat on Sandy

>>129126470She also probably still wants him

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>>129126486Daisy probably still definitely wants Mike, difference now is she has a chance and she knows it. So I bet by the end of the chapter, Daisy will take intiative and smooch Mike again or do something like hug him tightly. Just doing something so Mike thinks more about her, and less about the other girls in his life.

Wow thread is gonna die after only 200 replies?

Ok guysWith this new interaction with Mike and Daisy, what would you do with the inevitable Paulo and Lucy talk?

>>129117505No way this bitch isn't open for more after this

>>129127547Lucy already apologized to him, so if I were writing it Paulo would probe more about the Augustus thing and it would open into Lucy implying by silence that she tried to kill herself

I'm surprised how cunny-free this comic is. Especially since the easiest way to piss off progressive women like the creator is sexualising her young charactersDon't these characters have younger sisters?

>>129128112There's two younger sisters and I'm pretty sure Tae has done porn of both of them in the past. In fact she's sexualized pretty much everyone in the cast at some point.

>>129128112there were multiple nsfw threads in the old forums, but they were nuked circa 2013-2014 iirc because advertisers or some shit

>>129118148I will ____ that little cat

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>>129128340You could probably find those old threads on the internet archive if you looked hard enough.


Is Daisy trying to jumpstart the punished Mike arc?

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>>129126406What behavior of his re: Jasmine is being referred to?

>>129128112Molly is good.

>>129129981Alternatively, the based as fucking DONE Mike arc.

>>129130024I guess getting into a relationship with her when he's interested in another girl romantically.

>>129126406Talk about throwing stones in glass houses

>>129126406>>129126302>>129122517>>129130024What Paulo did "wrong is almost immediately fucking Rachel and (from her perspective) showing it off in front of her like right after they break it off, and after he broke up with her because he "loved someone else and had to be true to his heart". Jasmine looks bad in those pages because she doesn't get the full context of what's going on with Paulo, but from her perspective I can't blame her for getting upset desu