Who is best Avatar girl?

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Ah yes, avater coomer thread.

>>129117405>can't post claire_(the_summoning) in heels or in swimsuit >this thread will stay up for hoursjannies clean it the fuck up

>>129117405toph, but then they made her into an absolute slut and absentee mother.


>>129117433Would you rather have another twitter thread? Or any of the other same ten threads that get incessantly spammed on this board?


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>>129117481Stay in the /trash/ where you belong furry, lol

>>129117523my manthose lips can control the course of empires

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>Feet so devine>Tickle those toes>With Crinkled, wrinkle skin>Smell drifts into my nose>Little loli feet come marching home>Smelly loli feet, come marching home

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>>129119114Easy there, Shel Silverstein

>>129118785Indeed they do. They control the fire nation pretty well.

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>>129117531Isn’t this considered one of the spammer threads

>>129118734there's nothing sexual about a cat in heels or a bikini >>129119335what a terrible spam from a disorganized bunch of tardos get the real rock hard men in here

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>>129117405Azula by far.

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>>129117405Ty Lee.

How come so many artists never draw Toph with her goblin proportions?

not even a contest

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Toph. Easily.>>129119704Because they're cowards.

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>>129119758>>129117405katara. little brown slut looking for correction

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I want to inject water tribe girls with my dick and sperm


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>>129118654Can you imagine that she grew up to become a beautiful and arrogant prostitute?

>>129119583Ty Lee deserves better

>>129120104Risk of hypothermia is too great for prolonged disrobing for sexThey just yank the jizz out ya balls with waterbending

Toph is looking good.

>>129122259they can bend your prostate to prolong your orgasm

>>129117481Based mods. Kill yourself and yiff in hell, dogfucker.

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Korra's my queen but if I've learned anything from my rewatches, it's that Avatar world is full of 10/10s. Even the ugly ones still get my balls hot.

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>>129117405>aged up

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I haven't even watched any episode of this stuff, but this girl struck me right in the kokoro

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>>129123164I'm currently on s3 and I can tell u you arent missing anything.

>>129117481>>this thread will stay up for hours>he was right

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>>129117481Janies are busy cleaning the cum rags.

>>129123013Lord god I just want to absolutely ravage Korra's teenage pussy

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>>129117405Ty Lee.

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>>129125113I remember watching this episode the night it aired and being amazed they could get away with it at the time. Imagine the outrage today...

>>129117405June with Azula at number 2. I wish they interacted.

>>129119583I don’t get this ship

>>129125584Yuri femdom

>>129120968She was a prostitute when she met aang and wanted him to save herHer hair is like that because it is used for handles during doggystyle

why do disabled women get my dick hard

>>1291255842 girls talked to each otherThat's all yuritroons need

>>129125959Did the Korrasami shit atract yuritroons to ATLA or it was lawyas like this?

>>129123164You got it right. Asami is by far best girl.

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needs fillin'

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>>129125527The creators said they came up with even lewder swimsuits made to be rejected so they could get the ones they wanted to air. Has anyone ever leaked the original sacrificial designs?

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>>129126050The avatar girl is better.Bone state YIP YIP

>>129126094Where did they say that?

>>129126108The Aang actress is built good. Looks tight like a tiger.

>>129126094That sounds like a 4chan rumor if I've ever heard one.

>>129126225>>129126289Yeah, all I can find in a quick search is this old article reporting Bryan Konietzko saying the original designs were rejected for being too sexy for Nick. But nothing on them being intentionally too sexy.web.archive.org/web/20071022031137/http://dongbufeng.net/site1/content/view/770/188/

All of them are great, but...

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>>129125527>Umm, like, wtf she's literally 13 years old!?!???And that sort of shit would be rife fo sure.


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>>129126363Legal in the Fire Nation

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>>129126330Somewhere in a filing cabinet in Bryan Konietzko's house is sexier a Mai and I need it. I wonder if she showed a little bun.

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>>129126384Some of those curves have to be edits.

>>129126398That´s why they´re the best nation?

>>129126094You'd honestly see worse at just about any *beach outside of the Middle East*sandy one, you fucking pedant I know you're there)

>>129126330And it's retarded creativity stifling practices like this why Nick to this day still clings to the corpse of Spongebob desperately looking for their next big hit. Unless you think Paw Patrol or Loud House are it.

>>129126543No, just very carefully selected frames.


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>>129126330What the hell? Were they originally wearing micro bikinis or something?


>>129126802No, translucent cloth clinging to erect nipples.

>>129126003ty lee/azula has always been their most popular ships, ahead of azula/zuko and azula/sokka though after the netflix thing there was an uptick in azula/katara fanfiction and shipping, guessing a bunch of people wanted to read some fanfiction after being reminded of the show/watching it for the first time and read Measure each step to infinity. Hence the prevalence of Ursa acting more lady like and hating Azula being more tomboyish which is normally in those fanfictions.


>>129126330Using bait designs that instantly get flagged as unacceptable by S&P just so you can submit something else as a "compromise" is a pretty common industry tactic. If you just start with your original intention, there's a good chance it'll get rejected just for the sake of making a change.Of course this occasionally results in getting away with a lot more than originally intended. Seems like that's how Chokey Chicken make it into Rocko's Modern Life.

>>129122988>he takes SomethingAwful memes seriouslyembarrassing

>>129126802Regular bikinis but Mai's was too loose and gave a peek inside when she bent over.Tylee's was too tight and had juuuuuust the edge of her areola showing.And of course Azula had a wild bush that was visible, even from behind.

>>129127246>And of course Azula had a wild bush that was visible, even from behind.

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>>129127231Animaniacs have a bunch of stuff like that, the finger prince joke got in because they intentionally wrote it to piss the censors off so they could keep other jokes in the resubmission, trouble was it somehow passed lmao

>>129127246>Tylee's was too tight and had juuuuuust the edge of her areola showing.welp now i have to brainstorm this look

>>129126438>>129127246>>129127504I wonder if Bryan knows what their nipples look like

>>129127516Ty Lee's are small and perky, Azula's are regular size and Mai has pepperoni nipples

>>129127537Mai is very pale, so I think her areola is also a lighter shade

Never any love for Joo Dee in these threads. Too much of a grown woman?

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>>129127636Not enough people with a mind control fetish, also June should get more love.

>>129127636I didn't care for Joo Dee in the series, but the mind control content in FET with Joo Dee is fantastic.


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>>129127636Jo Dee suck my Dee Dee.

Do you think Ty Lee's tits would actually be really saggy?Big sure, but without support they'd be touching her belly.And I think Azula's would splay out to the sides.Mai's are probably even smaller than they seem. She always has more fabric covering them than the other girls. I picture them like Kim Possible tits.

>>129119114I can no longer enjoy these poses due to knowing its made for feet fags.

>>129127898okay but what about their vulva

>>129127636She's pretty but I feel way more sad for her than wanting to fug her.

Do Water Tribe girls have cute nipples?

>>129128212They're small, dark brown and constantly hard from living in the cold.

Nothing for that beast of a woman Kuvira, SAD!

>>129128490maybe Korra and her mom have big areola

>>129117405Toph, as proven repeatedly by how much higher she scores compared to the others on polls. Including, but not limited to, Ms. Holla Forums.


>>129127636>>129127657>>129127681Even without the mind control, the idea of being a Royal/Executive handler/assistant in a high stress prestige environment where you can be replaced easily/fired is something I sympathize with her and having the Gaang screw with her seemed a bit unfair, especially when in medieval Chinese society, if you do your job well, you keep your job, if you do your job poorly, you lose your head.

>>129126006hell yeah

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