Jellystone! Season 3 & Season 4 Order At HBO Max

HBO Max has ordered 40 episodes of Jellystone! consisting of S3 & S4 >WarnerMedia Kids & Family will pick up extra episodes of “Jellystone!,” the animated series that presents a modern lens on the company’s vast store of characters from its Hanna-Barbera library.>The series’ second season, which consists of 19 new episodes, is set to debut Thursday, March 17, on HBO Max. All episodes will be made available at a later date on the company’s Cartoon Network. >The company has ordered 40 more “Jellystone” cartoons to add to its library.Season 2 Trailer>

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>>129116050C.H. Greenblatt finally got his lucky break SHIT IT'S REAL

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>>129116139He would have, had he not quit to move out to another project. Watch that pet store project getting fucked instead.

>“This was definitely the biggest challenge I have had,” he told Variety in July. “We were basically making ‘The Simpsons,’ season five, right out of the gate.”>40 episodes ordered ahead of release and premiere>Disney show greenlighted on November-December>Probably worked on other 40 episodes of Jellystone! before the Disney greenlightFinally Greenblatt got the luck that he needed


>>129116251Did he quit? I thought he was still working on this show

>>129116050>Jellystone! Season 3 and 4 confirmedand you faggots thought this show is already dead from the start!

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Jellystone? More like JellySTUPID!

>>129116050More Top Cat gang episodes pls

>>129116251We know next to nothing about that project except the fact it exists, its too early in development

>This means they'll have enough episodes to sneak in canon gay Snag in one of themWorks for me

>>129116050Awesome, I'm glad this show isn't just a one and done season like so many others.

>>129116050>Chowder lasted 3 seasons>Fish Hooks lasted 3 seasons>Harvey Beaks lasted 2 seasonsThis canonically makes Jellystone Carl Greenblatt's longest running show. IDK if that's a good thing or not

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>>129116773It would have been, BUUUUUUUUT he already moved to another show, so it doesn’t count

>>129116773He realized all he had to do is do what he usually does but slap on some IP skin

>>129117023What, really?

>>129117140He's confirmed to have a project in the works at Disney that's about a pet resort, but that is literally all we know about it. That it exists. It could be in the earliest stages of production that's just concepting.

Jellybros... We won

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>>129117184>He's confirmed to have a project in the works at Disney that's about a pet resort, but that is literally all we know about it. That it exists. It could be in the earliest stages of production that's just concepting.well if he hasn't said he left Jellystone, then he's still working on it.


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>>129117023>>129117184>>129117306According to this production on Unnamed Pet Resort Project started awhile ago but who knows if it's true however the last person who posted something like this was right about the Big City Greens Film and Fourth Season>

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pretty sure Unnamed Pet Resort Project has been dead for awhile now. Disney copyrighted the pilot in August 2019 (see the date of execution) and HBO Max greenlit Jellystone in October 2019. either Greenblatt has been working on two shows at two different studios for three years now (unlikely) or he pulled a Lauren Faust and ditched Jellystone months ago with someone else showrunning the new season announced today (also unlikely)

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>>129116700he’s already gay, we don’t need pandering

>>129118293I doubt he ditched Jellystone, i think people forget he also voices like 5 characters in the show itself and he's obviously gonna come back and voice them again

Will Hokey finally get to speak? I wonder how they'll make him different from Top Cat.

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>>129116700Do they need to sneak it in? They were pretty open about Mildew and his love for Shazzan.

>>129118449They'll give him the Phil Silvers voice since Top Cat now sounds completely different.

How popular is this show to warrant another two-season pickup? Its CN ratings are abysmal. Even the Looney Tunes reboot only got one order, with the original crew disbanded.

>>129118332Seth McFarlane diched both Family Guy and American Dad a full decade ago but he still comes on and does the voices.

>>129118777>Its CN ratings are abysmal.all cable ratings are abysmal these days

>>129118777Marketing reasons. Warner Media is pushing the Hanna Barbera Properties hard and even bringing back HB Studios so they probably want to keep this show around to help the new generation familiarize themselves with the HB characters. Most of whom have been so inactive that the CN generation of the 00's and 2010's don't know most of them.

>>129116050Is this shit any good?

>>129116251That pisses me off so much, it won't be the same without his direction

>>129116050Will watch only for Top Cat episodes in latino dub

New Key Art just dropped

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>>129118896It has its moments

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>>129118449I like designs overall(even the genderswaps) but they kinda hit Hokey with the ugly stick in this show didn't they?

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Qui, qui, fromage.

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>>129118056>however the last person who posted something like this was right about the Big City Greens Film and Fourth SeasonI saw people assuming this for a while though, it was an easy prediction. That doesn't mean it's reliable.

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>>129118826but Greenblatt isn't Seth. Seth can afford this type of crap since he's a millionare, while CH has been adamant of wanting people to notice his work on the past

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>>129119578Carl doesn't want his shows canned after only 2 seasons>Chowder was canned because it was the wrong place at the wrong time with their CN Real bullshit>Harvey Beaks was canned because it wasn't SpongebobJellystone fills a niche

>>129118499I hope they get Bernardo De Paula to voice him; I really liked his voice for the King as well as for El Kabong, Mildew, and Blabber Mouse (he voiced him in Spell Book)

>>129116050this is nice , grats to chowder dad

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>>129119783Another Halloween episode? Is it gonna be like a part 2 to Spell Book that focuses on the adults?

>>129119837Bernardo's voice for King sounds like Cool Jimmy from Jimmy Neutron.

>>129118499I wish Hokey was one of the genderbends. That way Holla Forums would talk about her and there would be another wolf waifu.

>>129119569>"see the fire in your eyes... see the fire in your eyes"

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>>129120071>>WarnerMedia Kids & Family will pick up extra episodes of “Jellystone!,” the animated series that presents a modern lens on the company’s vast store of characters from its Hanna-Barbera library.>>The series’ second season, which consists of 19 new episodes, is set to debut Thursday, March 17, on HBO Max. All episodes will be made available at a later date on the company’s Cartoon Network.>>The company has ordered 40 more “Jellystone” cartoons to add to its library.Who in real life talks about this show at all?

>>129117906>>129119694I wonder how they’ll do his seizure animations in this one.

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>>129120806My kid and her schoolmates like it so its somewhat doing its job.

>>129118777>Its CN ratings are abysmal.Last I saw after they made a big deal of bringing it to the network they immediately gave it literally one fucking half hour a week and the rest was wall to wall rerun marathons of TTGO and Gumball like usual.You can't expect a new show to pick up a following if you never fucking air the thing. It probably has good streaming numbers though.

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>>129118777I thought it was fairly popular on HBO Max. At Least Holla Forums talked about it a bunch.

>>129116773He didn't create Fish Hooks, that was Noah Z. Jones, who later made Almost Naked Animals and Pickle & Peanut.

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Uhh Jellybros >

>>129119569All: my eyes! (They look at a bald)

>>129123233>Giving a shit about roasties not getting paid their dues

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>>129123338No faggot this means those 40 episodes ordered are still part of Season 1

>>129118777They watched it on the streaming service more.

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>>129123467No, s1 and s2 were the one order of 20 episodes.Now we’re getting a new order

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>>129123233Doesn't matter when they were made or if it's really 2 seasons split into 3/4, we're getting 40 more episodes (most being 2 segments) after these 19


>>129123233We already knew that. It's on the HB wiki.

Just got home to this newsMy waifu lives on, my favorite show renewed, the Unnamed Pet Resort posters were wrong, Guy will probably be sadBut I’m glad I want Jabber to steal all of my milk heh heh

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>>129118777Its popular on HBO max

>>129123233Is Disney the only streaming who dosn't pull this thing of splitting seasons and calling them another season?All their Disney+ Originals who aren't Marvel or Star Wars related haven't confirmed second seasons?>Monsters At Work>Chip N Dale Park Life

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I mean I'm pretty hype for this, if only for more Top Cat episodes 'cause those are easily the best ones.

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How come they haven't put more of the old HB shows on HBO Max? There is enough content to fill its own hub like the Looney Tunes has

>>129124987I think they're all on the Boomerang app...?

When BooBoo commits mur—I mean malpractice

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>>129116050Why does every studio think that characters from my childhood now need to be in shows with fart jokes? They didn't have fart jokes before. They didn't need fart jokes. They worked fine without fart jokes. Yet they keep adding fucking fart jokes because they don't know how to do humor without resulting to lowest common denominator.

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>>129125065This. I still can't believe they ended the first batch on a prolonged fart gag.

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>>129123233>>129123467At least Greenblatt will get a third full season with his Disney show based on Big City Greens and obviously Molly McGees sucess unlike HBO Max which it's season and episode orders are so weird like American Dad's orders

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>>129125065It's fetishists. Every 'joke' when you see shit like this is because it's someone's fetish.

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Most underrated characterMost underrated episodes

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>>129125196gives me AnimatedJames vibes

>>129125317I really wish Quick Draw McGraw still existed and that El Kabong would only come out from not being able to hold his tequila. Quick Draw's voice is funny. Also, have this amazing remix someone did as their only video uploaded eight years

>>129125317Is Quick Draw McGraw dead?

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So when are we getting an appearance from the greatest show HB ever made?

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>>129125065Somehow, I'm not surprised that Huck would be the one they try on him.

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Just seeing if I have it right. Season 2 on march 17th has 19 episodes and seasons 3 and 4 are the 40 episodes ordered, likely 20 each?

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>>129125385Not necessaryIn Jellystone he doesn't exist or has went Kabong full time, sure. But in media and merch recently he's still around as QuickMain reason they likely made the switch is because Warner probably told them no guns, and what's the point of having a cowboy character as a prominent main without that

>>129125317Banana Splits

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>>129117906That mean we get Busty?

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>>129120071If we don’t get another wolf waifu, a wolf daughter (or in Loopy’s case, a niece) will suffice

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>>129126670What are the chances of someone as obscure as Loopy's girlfriend Wanda showing up?

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Braxton Bear and his girlfriend Emmy Lou showing up is pretty unlikely, but it’d be fun to see Loopy try and deal with them again

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>>129125146>>with his Disney show based on Big City GreensWTF does that got something to with it. Stop trying to insert your BCG bullshit theory when it got nothing to do with this and his upcoming project for Disney. You're pretty much the reason that nobody here Holla Forums gives a fuck about that shit

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>>129126670Anyone else remember that greentext of Loopy’s nephew being a jerk to Auggie? I’ll have to find it later

This is garbage and you should be ashamed to like it.

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>>129128170why did he do that to Klunk :(

>>129126670>>129127461>>129127624Would love for them to reach that deep and use these characters so much fun potential there

>>129127953Vaguely remember that Has fun potential miss all the little green ideas

>>129125919But fucking lassos.


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>>129128355Ahh yes this is lt

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Discovery takes over WarnerMedia in a couple of months. What are the odds this new order is one of the casualties?Hell, what if THAT's the reason they made this new order out of nowhere?

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>>129116458It wasn't

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