Let's be honest. What is your favorite "sexy" comics or cartoon outfit...

Let's be honest. What is your favorite "sexy" comics or cartoon outfit? The one that you love despite knowing it's just coomerbait

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Black Canary's outfit always makes me diamonds

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>Wonder Woman.The classic low cut swimsuit is perfect, especially if she looks like she is spilling out of it.>Black CanaryIt is essentially the Wonder Woman costume but with a cool jacket and fishnets.

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Savage land rouge

This gave me a boner as a kid

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This completely nonsensical one.

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i would raze a thousand worlds for her and a thousand more just for her to call me a good boy

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>>129115796What the fuck are those proportions and how the fuck is she not only sitting on the edge of a barbell that's rested on the equipment but also has her left foot on the floor?0/10 too non-Euclidean would not bang

>>129115956Speed force

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>>129115716>coomerbaitYou need to get out of your basement and see people, see the world

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>>129116468regular bait/10you'll get a few for that one

>>129115716Fug, you already posted the best one.But thanks to this thread I remembered Poison, how could I forget about her all these years. Oh god, definitely one of my first boners.

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mommy milkies

>>129118059I'm guessing you were formula fed as a baby

Completely shameless, I love it

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>>129115915It's the right combo of tacticool and sexy.

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Zee Magician costume, effectively potraying her characterizations and somewhat logical for her character. Magician tuxedo could store lot of items that can help Zee magic battles

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>>129119782Now if only Lizzie wore this for the show...


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>>129119800If only indeed.

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>>129115915I'm not usually too fond of bathing suit designs coombrain designs but for some reason this just looks cool to me.

>>129115716Power Girl Ms. Marvel (Carol)Huntress


>>129119800She has no tits anymore and a pancake ass and her face has really gone downhill too. That's probably why they're writing Wanda out.


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Tarot's armor is just perfection.

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You rang?

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people already posted most of my favorates

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>>129115716It's not the most revealing, but it will always be the sexiest costume to me.

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Magik's sexy tummy.

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Midriff is the best for plucky teenage blondes.

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>>129115915>>129119298Cover the belly and this would be just as acceptable as Wonder Woman's suit.

This costume can only exist in fanart.

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>>129115716>coomerLeotards are gymnastics outfits, the same way older male superheroes were dressed like power lifters and athletes from the 40s and 50s, the female heroes were just the same, dressed like acrobats and the sort.Just tune in the Olympics from time to time


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>>129115716Savage Land Rogue.

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I've always liked the classic catsuit best.

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My favorite character, Elektra.

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>>129115915Doesn't show the most skin by far, but I just love how tasteful it is in terms of sexiness.

Emma Frost had a pretty steady stream of good costumes. The one on the left of pic related might be my favorite.

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OG Harley Quinn

>>129127072Her best look, and I challenge anyone to top this for her.

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>>129127369Surprised it took so long.Absurdly sexy but also a good design all its own....atleast in my opinion

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>>129128118One of my favorites.

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>>129122391Leather gloves, leather leotard, leather thigh high boots, all tight, all mostly black. LITERALLY the diamond dick outfit.

>>129129309Topped off with that blonde hair. Carol was a golden goddess.

>>129129309>>129129899Can't agree more. I shall forever mourn the death of that costume.

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>>129125956Emma is one of my fav characters, but her wardrobe selection sucks balls. Most of them make her look like a cheap whore.The one I like more is this one.

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>>129123725High cut leotard is cheating.

Meggan's costume is highly underrated.

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