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okay, but she has to keep the voice

>>129115147She does.

>>129115135I would totally F her up the A

Buttermilk does a body good

>>129115135Imagine rearranging her tight little squirrel hole of course I mean old Slappy not the young one

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Attached: Slappy05.jpg (720x480, 214.19K)

>>129117304I want to fuck her eyes.


>>129116314>old Slappy>tight

Do you think she was the Minerva Mink of her time?

>>129115135You into Age Progression bro?

>crunchy wizard sleeve

>>129117319She's still got it and she can still get it.

>>129115135What if the reboot brought her back like this and Skippy as a hulking chad?

>>129118471Actually do to a drop in estrogen the vagina does shrink a little making it in fact tighter

>>129118564From what we saw of her old cartoons, she seemed more in the line of Bugs, dispensing chaos and slapstick upon those who meet with her disfavor.

>>129117260Link to uncensored?

>>129121909This is the only version

>ywn marry cute gilfly squirrel and make her feel young and beautiful

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>>129121861I'd definitely watch her cartoons then.

I can't believe Walter is fucking dead

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>>129122717Did we see what Walter looked like in the olden days?

Imagine her trying to become your sugar momma with her less than impressive residual checks to get in your pants

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>>129115135Skippy is one lucky boy

>>129122928Bugs kept his figure too.

>>129122802we need a drawfag to draw slappy like this pic

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Attached: 3a1c597a0bbe42f716e74e0e83424c1af6b47876.png (920x1050, 280.33K)

As much as I enjoy human Slappy the real Slappy needs more good art

Attached: e63f658b1743bd3c2cba84b4c01c1a561075fd31.png (1552x1710, 695.04K)

>>129123390This. Where the yiffy pics at bros?

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She looks like she fuck young human men

>>129116119what did he mean by this?

>>129123669Slappy probably did when she was younger herself.

>>129123688slappy absolutely fucked human men for decades. i bet she had an easy time picking them up, her confidence and fearlessness probably outweighed the fact that she was a squirrel.give him the ol' slappy sloppy

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>>129123793I wanna see the Tiny Toons kids drink that milk now.

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I bet she loves giving head to get buttermilk straight from the source

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>>129123746She was an actor in classic Hollywood. Casting coaches was a huge thing back in the day. So I'm pretty sure she has.

>>129123860Too bad he's not hot like Werewolf Wilford.

>>129123975his reboot replacement isn't half bad

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>>129124026When was that comic made? Snappy is basically Lola Bunny with a squirrel tail.

>>12912405690s it looks like

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Holla Forums: ï can't believe they said "turning red" is about teenage hormonesalso Holla Forums: animaniacs was better when it was horny

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>>129124212I could impregnate her if I try hard enough

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>>129124026He doesn't have a beautiful silver mane like Wilford but he's pretty hot.

Attached: MoonWilford.jpg (250x271, 11.05K)

>>129124528>pokes her tummy

>>129115135>>Slappymore like Slapper

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>>129124026Imagine if the 2020 reboot reintroduced the other other skits like this.

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>>129124528*sucks on her toes*

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>>129115135Is possible to recolor this into an adult Fifi La Fume?

>>129124528cute pawswould rub

>>129123009I'm on that...

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>>129126697Great work I'd fill her stomach with my cum

>>129122967The term "SPEW!" would never be the same for him again.


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>>129126744You're aim is a bit off there, sonny. That's not where it goes....I didn't say stop...

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>>129126896The hat should be pink to match fifi's bow


>>129116168>Buttermilk: It makes a body bitterFixed.

>>129126988Slappy lay off the nutter butter


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>>129126896The gilf behind the slaughter


>>129123829The best part of that skit was that it was based on something that actually happened to the VA, so she decided to dedicate the entire skit to shitting on the busybody who got offended someone threw an empty can in her recycling bin.

Dumping a load in Slappy's butt then cuddling afterwards

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>>129123793If only there was someone who animate slappy here getting bigger and even curver instead of returning to her normal self.

>>129127646But her normal self is the best I'd ruin her old cunt

>>129127530that's sweet user I bet she would share her heart if you share your nuts

Variant 1

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Variant 2

Attached: dee3.jpg (2480x2880, 1.79M)

>>129126896>>129127217Nicely done, but the tail is wrong. The white fur should be on top, with the purple below.

>>129125134Personality Swap?

Comfy titfuck

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Remember the talk about Slappy doing Toon CBT?

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>>129115135Its weird that she doesn't have proper breasts still has the same pec muscle line that smaller male characters have