Are you excited for when that episode finally comes out?

Are you excited for when that episode finally comes out?

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I just want more Marthaand more Bird Mommybut ESPECIALLY more Martha

Which episodeI'm looking forward to the next episode with mild interest in general

The one where Loona fucks the sheep? Hell yeah!

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>>129112651do not molest the blue baby

Posting AI Hazbin/Helluva characters

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I didn't like how episode 7 felt like it reversed a lot of the character development in 6 to go back to the old dynamics, I hope episode 8 fixes that a little bit.

>>129112790HE'S SO PRETTY

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>>129112667He looks more purple than blue, except for his shirt.>>129112790>>129112946Who's this?

>>129113198Andrealphus, he's a real demon.

>>129112636yeah, im not counting everyd ay since we havent had it ainc ei realIed the last one was split ontot wo to he rushed but yeah im interested like >>129112648 said

>>129112670yoinkin some of these AIs as my own ocs now thank u

>>129113260After a quick google search, the wiki said he is Stella's brother and he is going to appear in season 2. Was this just announced recently or something with art trending?


Octavia as a grown woman would be cool.

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>>129112670Too late buddy.I already worked on it.

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>>129114289>>129114339He looks like a girl at first glance.

>>129114386>an ai and Holla Forums are better designers than viv and her servants

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>>129114524This again?

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>>129114732I fucking love him.

>>129114803He is bae.

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>>129115317Oh that was cold.

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Yes , more fucking furries

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gay peacock gay peacock


>>129112651They'll come back, r-right?

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>>129115212I really do hope it's like the bottom but I know it won't. And for some reason he'll want to fuck Stolas too.

>>129112636In the thread yesterday about his reveal, everyone was talking about how feminine he looks and how he's going to be another gay character in a cast that's like 90% gay already. Now in this thread, everybody likes him and wants to fuck him. Did Holla Forums change their minds about this guy that fast?

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Sexy demon.

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>>129116883When there's new info about HB/HH usually the first big chunk of the thread is people who don't like it

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Okay but I want them back too.

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>>129115436He’s not gay. He only sucks cocks.


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>>129114442And second, and third. He's gonna be a swishy twink, like every other male character Viv makes.

>>129112670Posted this in the last thread but I may as well post again

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>>129119862>we all think hes going to be a twink faggot>turns out he's a happy family man with a wife and kids and spends all of his time rubbing it in his brother in laws face

>>129116883It'd be the greatest gag of all time if he turns out to be the only 100% straight character in Viv's godforsaken universe


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>>129120793>>129122010Please viv I'm begging you do this>>129122270sweet

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>>129123042The only right answer

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>>129123148POST MORE M&M

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>All this art of Andrealphus with different conceptsDamn, these artists work fast

>>129112636No. Helluva boss sucks and isn't animated well and all the designs are meh at this point. Not interested in the story at all either.Hazbin Hotel is gonna be shit too. It was already nerfed when Vivzie bent the knee and pandered to her tumblr bullies by changing the characters from heterosexuals to almost all homosexuals, transexuals, and asexuals.

>>129122010Aren't all the main girls straight too? Millie, Loona, and Stella aren't lesbians, or did Viv say they were actually bi like she did with Moxxie?

>>129123714It's implied that Millie is bi because she was curious of how sex with Verosika was like.

>>129114386She looks like she has the same voice as Glendale

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>>129120100Good job user, looks like an actual character.

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>>129112670Link to that plz

>>129112651>wants to help goth hellhound chick into becoming a better person and "uncorrupt" her>ends up being corrupted by her

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>>129127570He needs a bodygaurd down in these parts.

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>>129127570such is the life of collin

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Bad women get cucked

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>>129112636yes, actually

>>129127570>He wanted to be a good boy until he met a bad girl

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>>129115436Who ses I am ge?

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>>129115212Top is good writingBottom is tumblr shit

>>129120793You know that's not going to happen.>>129129429Bottom is more interesting. Top is played out. Imagine Stolas actually having to confront the fact that he's a piece of shit who embarrassed their family name. And treats his wife like shit.

>>129129859>Bottom is more interesWhatever you say landwhale >Top is played out.We never have that in cartoons schizo>And treats his wife like shit.She neglected her family all her life. Who's the real piece of shit?

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>>129130231That is so him...

>>129123089Loona is such a writer's pet that I hope she gets shat on in season 2 (I hope at that new season 2 episode everyone at the party is annoyed Vortex brought Loona who they deem as a boring dipshit simp)


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>>129130231I think Millie and Moxxie would beat Blitzo's ass if that happened

>>129120100Felt like exploring this guy some more, the design's really growing on me.

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>>129130435I would love to see a scenario of Moxxie having enough of Blitzo's shit and they get into a fight.

>>129130652>>129130435>Moxxie>Ever doing shitHe's gonna eat Blitzo's cum straight from his wife's pussy and you're gonna love it

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>>129112651what's the deal with this ship anyway? i've seen it pop up and i have no idea why