What's some of your favorite Holla Forums related religious entertainment?

What's some of your favorite Holla Forums related religious entertainment?

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I remember those Angel Wars cartoons being weirdly enjoyable.

>>129112400What important lesson is this about?

>>129112400>A Christian movie with EDM>Didn't get a single song by Justice in

>>129112400Veggietales, though thats a no brainer.I remember this 2D animated bible show that took place across various points in the bible. Greatest Heroes?The Superbook reboot is pretty good. It uses Canadian VAs, so I recognize a lot of anime VAs.

>>129112400>CHRIST VHS>They threw beans at him>featuring three new edm songs from DALDOthis is like an elaborate shitpost gone too far

>>129112400>They threw beans on himThat's oddly specific.

>>129112480>I remember this 2D animated bible show that took place across various points in the bible. Greatest Heroes?The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible.I remember it mainly for how unexpectedly gory the Goliath and Jesus episodes were.

>>129112400Based DALDO

>>129112486I think it's a joke, user.

>>129112495Yeah, across all the stories, the only consistance thing was a boy and a Camel acting as a Narrator

i remember watching this weird christian anime and i can't remember the name of it


>>129112486>>129112490are the beans a reference to the bible?

>>129112514Figs or olives would have been better.

>>129112495Also, I find it REALLY sad that CBN is the only channel I know of that still does Saturday morning cartoon blocks that aren't preschool or edutainment showsStupid regulations and Litton exploting loopholes, no one wants to watch an educational show about rocks

>>129112480Forgot to mention, the offical Superbook youtube channel has the first 2 seasons available AND the original anime.The original Gizmo even makes cameos in the show

>>129112400Not Holla Forums but…

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>>129112500Its that truewagner guy i think.

>>129112710>For your consideration....If only it were that simple

>>129112710looks kino

>>129112400When I was a kid I saw a skit on a local christian channel. It was live action and had a bunch of clowns working on a rail road (They showed footage of trains, and they talked about trains, but I think the clowns were just in a misty void the whole time.) An older clown gave a younger clown a book on how to be a good clown train operator, but the way he described it it was clearly just the bible, but like for clown trains. Please tell me that I'm not the only one that saw this. The channel it aired on had a lion as part of its logo. This would have been in Houston Texas in the early 2000s.

>>129112442do your research

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Where my adventures in odyssey heads at?

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>>129112514its a japanese religion thing, you throw beans to scare oni

>>129112400they forgot to put on the obvious plant logo

>>129112400Superbook because it wasn't trying to be preachy, it was just some bible stories.

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>>129113481If it was in the early 00's in Houston it'd had to have been TBN. It wasn't until the late 00's when we got digital TV did we get more than just a handful of channels. then again all I had was shitty rabbit ears that didn't even get CBS most of the time, or was that ABC? I remember one of those stations had shit ass service.

>>129115800Is this that anime where the kids dog gets sucked into the Bible and the kids have to go after it? And then there was some song that called it the magic book or something? I saw something like that when I was like 6 or so and couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me


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>>129115800Is there porn of this?>>129115918Who?

Testament: The Bible in Animation is absolutely top-tier

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>>129112400The Living Scriptures Book of Mormon series.I never got the chance to see all of it.

>>129115952>People don't know Serenity anymoreWhat has happened to this board

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>>129112470Where do you think their logo came from retard?

>>129112400First one to come to mind is Prince of Egypt, the soundtrack still makes me incredibly emotional and its story deeply touches me. Now, about OBSCURE Christian media, I remember an animated show about angels, I specifically remember being like 10 and watching a fight between a blind fallen angel and the MC, who had to avoid making sound with his wings. Pretty neat but it was edgy. Can't remember its name tho

>>129116859Well Easter is coming up soon

>>129115952>>129115918the best Christian manga in the world

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the best Christian cartoon of all time is Little Dogs on The Prairieno contestyoutube.com/watch?v=_IqIwMZIRuA

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>>129112400I remember hat Hanna-Barbera cartoon where 3 teens went to biblical times by an ancient travel or something.

i thought these were okay

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>>129115952No, you need to commission it

>>129116028>Satan depicted as an Eyes-Wide-Shut masquerade ghoulPretty fitting, actually.

>>129115688>That episode where Dylan is trapped inside a video game on life support competing against Death itself for his very soul.Kino.

Not a cartoon but Last Chance Detectives was straight-to-video kino.

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Nuns. Also today is Ash Wednesday. I hope you are fasting!

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>>129119202Already got some tuna fish in preparation for Friday.

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3 2 1 Penguins

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>>129115688>>129119089these and mcgee and me were the holy trinity of 90s christiankino

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>>129115952Yeah, JCM2 did a great gangbang one with the two girls.


>>129112400a vhs when EDM music is a thing? how?

>>129120192Night on the Galactic Railroad. It is way more philosophical than religious, however.

This one is probably cheating and isn't Holla Forums, but it did air on Smile of a Child in the late 2000s. The rabbit girl was hot>>129119559The cheating episode was the best one. I remember trying to follow the how to draw tutorials on the DVD trying to draw the villains and failing spectacularly at the lizard.

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>>129117326please tell me there is porn of the thick cat lady

>>129112400Wtf this isn't EDMsoundcloud.com/daldo

>>129120908>It is way more philosophical than religiousThere is literally no difference between these things. Philosophy is a function of religion.

>>129121254What's this one?

>>129121666yes >tfw this comment about porn in a Christian cartoon thread gets devil trips

>>129121696There is an important lesson to learn...


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>>129121860Going Wild Going Green, aka Patta Potta MontaI've never, ever seen it ever discussed before anywhere, like not even the Japanese DVDs have been ripped and uploaded anywhere. I kind of get why, because at face value on its own it's not really worth writing home about. I think for me, the terrible English voice acting is what really sells it; it's so poorly recorded and hammy that it almost becomes charming. It's a really comfy kind of terrible. Which, desu, can probably be said for a lot of stuff in this thread. Except for Adventures in Odyssey, that shit was kino.Here's another kinda obscure one. Anyone remember The Story Keepers? I remember thinking the animation was really good as a kid and being really surprised by how janky it was when I rewatched an episode a few years ago.

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>>129119595I thought Christians hates furries?

>>129120018I barely remember this what happens in the film?

>>129123451Storykeepers was a pretty decent Christian cartoon.The animation was definitely shoddy in the first three episodes, but gets much better from the 4th episode and onwards. The characters and dialogue are on point.

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>>129112400I like the Animated Stories from the New Testament, especially The Good Samaritan.youtube.com/watch?v=SskNZ4UAy4Q

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>>129123473*isMost philosophy is just abstract metaphysical speculation that is arbitrarily distinguished from religion to sound more sophisticated than it is. For example, how is Spinoza's pantheistic nonsense not religious?

>>129119089last chad detectives.

>>129112400Canada had 3-2-1 penguins which worked so well it was on Qubo their version of cartoon network

>>129125309Metaphysics are kind of dead now, the new status quo is radical materialism. I'm under the belief that the personal god is dead, not the impersonal unfeeling god/tao/force/will/what have you

>>129125641>Metaphysics are kind of dead nowThomism is more popular now than at any other time since the 18th century. Atheism is dissolving into a witchcraft.

>>129125309Not even, that's a very minor aspect to much wider philosophical ideas most people have."Yreat people as you would like to be treated."That's a philosophy and it guides a lot of modern people, it's such a common philosophy that people are kind of shocked when it isn't treated as the default..

>>129126701>That's a philosophy and it guides a lot of modern people, it's such a common philosophy that people are kind of shocked when it isn't treated as the default..>Possibly the earliest affirmation of the maxim of reciprocity, reflecting the ancient Egyptian goddess Ma'at, appears in the story of "The Eloquent Peasant", which dates to the Middle KingdomAll ethics fundamentally come from religious notions.

>>129126803If you don't believe in where those notions came from, the next logical step is that they came from the philosophies of those people.

>>129115800There's a western-made 3D animated reboot if you interested >>129112530Also there was a Bible anime done by Osamu Tesuka, not Holla Forums but still

>>129126816And those philosophies were rooted in religion.

>>129116967>Prince of EgyptHow did I forget about that one?!

>>129123881Shit, really? Huh. I must've watched one of the early episodes. Did they do it all in-house at first or what?

>>129125591Kind of a cheat since 3-2-1 Penguins was made by the same people as VeggieTales, which everybody seems to agree is the gold standard of Christian kids media.

>>129119034He's also depicted as a snake with a human face and a guy with a receding hairline>possessor, shapeshifter, I know you... hunt, and be hunted. Crawl forever, dragged in dust! Breaker of brightness!Seriously, this thing has way more quality than a direct to DVD anything has any right to have.youtube.com/watch?v=L1a0hV7OVIg

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>>129120908Great show.

>>129116028>>129127144"The Miracle Maker" by the same people is also great.The clips are out of order.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMFemJd2S0x80cd8M0Ilj5xKTAh0sRlFT

>>129112400Strawinsky and the mysterious houseyoutu.be/hLljd8pfiFg

>>129127777>The creators were so cool with this becoming a meme they fucking uploaded the acapella to youtubeChecked btw

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>>129115811Thanks user, that's the first lead I've gotten in years

shockingly good thread