This was the faggiest shit I've ever seen and yes I'm still mad about it shut up

this was the faggiest shit I've ever seen and yes I'm still mad about it shut up

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>>129111422It’s a bunch of girls hugging a guy, wdym OP?

>>129111422I think it's fitting. The whole show was just back to back disappointment and wasted potential.

the fact that you watched the entire show and thought that was unfitting is entirely on you

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>>129111438I mean how the entire season was trying to say all your complex problems and trauma cant be neatly wrapped in a song ending with crying and hugging and then solves the big bad by doing exactly that.

lmao gigantic penis monster

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>>129111480Not really, he went to therapy and still has his issues and is still gonna leave

I want to grow 20 feet tall and rape Monster Steven with my human cock.

>>129111422I wish girls hugged me like that

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>>129111463>>129111473I know I know. rebecca sugar should do a class on how to blueball your audience and make them crawl back each time because im like wounded puppy running back to their abuser

>>129111480All his problems aren't solved, the climax of the story is him accepting that he HAS problems and that he's worthy of help from other people. It's the start of removing toxic habits from his life and discovering who he is outside of being gem Jesus.

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>>129111525not what i meant but you do you bro

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>>129111480I thought that was the point of the whole series. Fighting doesn't solve problems, and in the end Steven cries and whines about feelings and then the bad guys turn out to be good guys and everyone sings a song with a ukulele.

>>129111422what do you mean faggy?

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>>129111422Where's the version where they take out Rose's cannon and fire it into his monster dick? I wanted to see that fucker explode.

>>129111463At least we have Peridot.

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You should be mad about it. They literally solved a complex problem, something they spent the entire season building towards, with a hug. I'm shocked that any SJWs are still on Sugar's side after this>Oh you're having a mental health crisis?>Just have friends broLike what the fuck?

>>129111422>shut upYou're the one talking about it.

>>129112137>I'm shocked that any SJWs are still on Sugar's side after thisNah. They literally believe that's how you solve mental illness. These people are fucking idiots and Rebecca Sugar was their unhinged ringleader.

>>129112137That's based just get over it that's what I do

>>129111422so they low-keyed rubbed him off?

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>>129111422Steven universe has always been faggot bullshit.

>>129111550and i thought that Shinji was melodramatic.a better way to end it all was if someone just slaps steven and say: "stop bitching"

>>129111422?IIt's Cartoon Network. It was designed to be the faggiest shit you've ever seen on purpose. That's the audience they're aiming for. Since they gave up on trying to lure in every other audience, and even young kids have become too savvy to put up with subpar, low budget trash, they figured they might as well go for the most undiscerning audience of all.

>>129113589And the worse thing is, that the crewniverse never had any opinion at all or at least some argument about how Future sucks dino-balls.for just one time, i want to hear at least rebecca to have a "Kayaba" moment and scream "fuck y'all" at us.

>>129111422>>129111480>>129112137You know, you can tell this show was written by an ugly woman by the fact Steven is never allowed to have real friends of his age. Literally most of his mental illness could have been prevented if he coould have had a regular group of boys to talk with, but of course a deranged femcel like Sugar could never understand this. This show is an unironical redpill, showing the danger of being raised by dykes, faggots and mentally unstable w*men

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>>129113637Any real life examples of a dykes raising up male children?

>>129113575>Earth military finally shows up>immediately launches payload into monster Steven's crystal cock>it cracks off and smashes into Dewey's office>monster Steven falls back cry-roaring like a bitch and exposes its knees>snap those in half with missiles to make sure he doesn't get back up>attack his face until it's a gaping crater with no sign of facial features ever being thereI wish someone did a fan animation of this. Would fap to it.

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>>129111422was hoping for more Steven Monster bara porn on the internet

>>129113637>toxic masculinity could have prevented his mental illnesses!You are a prime example why this show was made in the first place. im pretty sure this is bait

>>129111422I know they had problems with inconsistent heights, but that Garnet is ridiculous

>>129113701Anon, what the upper user said was basically what children with two parents (either the same sex, trans or queer) on the real life gets through.When the kids questions where's daddy in a marriage of lesbians, the kid has some raising questions until the point everything gets harder to control, that's why a male role model is needed. otherwise the kid might end up fucked up as steven..or worse..

>>129113701Toxic masculinity is preferable to to the psychological damage sexologists like the Rebecca Sugar and John Money of the world inflict on children.

>>129113701Imagine thinking boys hanging out with boys their age and developing healthy friendships is """toxic masculinity"""""You are either a woman or a mentally ill troon. YWNBAW+ dilate+ keep seething because you will never be able to experience a normal human relationships

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>>129113794>that's why a male role model is neededA male figure or any figure with power is needed. Doesn't need to be a role model. The reason why boys raised by only females don't work is because as they grow older they have no reason to fear their authority figure. It's easy to circumvent this. When the kid is old enough to win against his mother in arm wrestling, make pistol whipping the main form of punishment. When he is strong enough to actually hurt her, switch to using bullets. He can learn fapping from his friends. That's what they're there for.

>>129111422Faggy as it makes you turn faggy? Absolutely, and you should all be happy with it

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Yeah yeah, faggy show, male friends prevent, whatever>>129113911Can this turn into a Stevenfuckers thread?

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>>129112137>>129111480Do people not watch what they complain about? It's a hug that temporarily solves the issue. It's one of the most explicit parts of the last, like 5 minutes. It's why he leaves, and has a therapist on the road, to help him with his martyr issue.>>129113637You think you look a bit too much into it? There're dozens of shows where they have a kid in a team of adults, usually implying they hang out with their friends off screen. Like, steven hangs out with generally everyone. One, seemingly his age(frybo), several teenagers(he's 14, so it makes sense) and others.When Holla Forums hates something, they get really petty about it, .

>>129112137People with mental illnesses should have a support group yeah

>>129113637I'm not going to talk about "le toxic masculinity", but how would a group of guys helped him?It's true, women can't understand male issues, and likewise men can't understand female issues, but most of Steven's problems aren't related to his sex, but rather to how he was raised by circumstances which didn't let him be human and functional. Wouldn’t boys just tell him to man up and laugh at him fir being a weirdo? If anything that would enanche his insecurities, while what he needs is to just do human stuff and be connected to society (being a little flamboyant isn't part of this problem)>>129113858Pearl and Garnet were pretty much this in the earlier season, then they got too liberal. Even Steven admits that Greg should've given him more structure.>He can learn fapping from his friendsHe's got toilet paper in his room. He already learned that

>>129114009Anon complained about the show not giving solutions to whoever doesn't have it, and that's unfortunately incredibly common

>>129113794No one needs male role models Frankly I find more people need female role models, no matter how good a dad is, if the mother fucks up it is all over. Like, end of discussion, no going back.

>>129113687This may do for you

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>>129114028Yeah here’s the deal, you can’t get better without some kind of external support by friends/family. That’s just facts. You could maybe do it by some kind of miracle but miracles and outliers aren’t really good to teach people, you ultimately kind of need a support group in your life, not even just mentally ill people. It’s sort of like air that way.

>>129111498Me too bruddah, me too

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>>129114051And that's kinda true, but then, how do you find a support group? Someone mentally ill, depressed or not fitting in society due to an issue probably lost most people around them

>>129111422Who knows? Maybe in a decade or so someone will come along and do a reboot that doesn't suck shit so much.

why didnt he get corrupted

>>129114103I just wanted scars

>>129111422>I don't like this kid's cartoon I will stay mad about that foreverAnd that's the faggiest thing I've ever read OP

>>129113964Only if you fuck this hole >>129113681

>>129114050He looks like a dinosaur scalie. Gross.

>>129114090This shit show doesn't deserve a reboot. No spinoffs. No more shitty poorly written comic books with even worse art. Nothing. It's done and I want to see Sugar move onto something new.

>>129113977>Steven hangs out with generally everyone. One, seemingly his age(frybo), several teenagers(he's 14, so it makes sense) and othersAre you male? Do you know how groups of friends work?>>129114014>but how would a group of guys helped him?>Wouldn’t boys just tell him to man up and laugh at him fir being a weirdo?You just keep proving you had no healthy friendships when you were young. I should have expected this from Holla Forumsmblr, though

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>>129114169Belly hole? That's all? Sure why not, it would just be a couple of minutes with protection. Everything to fuck Chad's giant smelly ass

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>>129113701>boys being friends with other boys their age is toxic masculinity

>>129113681I prefer him conquering earth and fucking the Diamonds as a kaiju It’s hotter

>>129111480What is it about this show that makes people miss obvious things and deliberately misinterpret it? It's like how people say the Diamonds were forgiven when they weren't. The hug only solved the immediate problem, not everything. It's why he's going to therapy and leaving at the end.

>>129114014>It's true, women can't understand male issues, and likewise men can't understand female issues, but most of Steven's problems aren't related to his sex, but rather to how he was raised by circumstances which didn't let him be human and functional.There was a character who was pressured into doing something because of his parent and because of that didn't really have a normal childhood either. A character who was more like Steven's peer, a character who had family members he found exasperating, and a character who unlike Connie wasn't enamored with gems and their bullshit and could have through a closer friendship with Steven helped him work out his issues with his family and responsibilities with someone who shared facets of the same situation but on a more human scale.But I guess that was too much and we needed more Lars and the Cool Kids or fucking Onion instead.

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>>129114644Didn't Peedee's voice actor have health issues? I thought that's why they didn't use him much.

>>129114644These were/are exactly my toughts about Peedee (almost forgot about him)! Peedee would've been a perfect secondary character to alternate Connie a bit with. Some sort of bromance with Steven would've been lovely, and it's incredible how similiar their stories were ... really a shame they stopped using him

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>>129111422I liked the movie cuz it had my favorite FOTM

>>129113637It doesn't even have to be dykes and faggots specifically. This show is almost predatory with how all of these adults treat Steven. He has 1 friend that is his age and his primary caretakers are nutbags who try to keep him away from normal people.

>>129113681Earth never developed a military because they were conquered by diamonds early in their evolution. Earthlings developed hospitals, politicians, and open-border multiculturalism. Yet after thousands of years of free-love intermixing there are still different races. Don't ask me how, I have no fucking idea how there could be different races when everyone is just mixed together but somehow they do it.

>>129114644>>129114877Yeah, Peedee was the man!>muh use for comparisonAbsolutely stupid take some fans had on why they didn't use him more>muh ConnieStopped being a captivating character right from season 3, not that she was that much interesting before. Peedee would've been a far interesting dynamic than perfect girl Connie.The truth is that the crew was incompetent into managing their characters and were too stucked on their ideas of the perfect character, while making no good use of all the stories that were around. The cool kids were lame af, Garnet stopped being cool soon, Connie, already said what I said>>129114673That's what people told. Truth, however, may be another ... [pic rel]

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>>129114965>Peedee would've been a far interesting dynamic than perfect girl ConniePeedee fit in with being a skeptic or more grounded character who wasn't really enamored with all the mysticism of Steven's life which is something he desperately needed. 'Fixing' Peedee is really just getting him to stand up to his brother and his dad but emotionally Peedee is surprisingly solid.If they were allowed to interact more Peedee could have had the cathartic 'quitting a crappy unfair job scene' (that for some reason Sadie got, even though Lars isn't her boss) and be the example of standing up to his parent to exert his own agency as a person to similarly put a fire into Steven to stand more against the Crystal Gems and actively learn about the war and his mom.With his addition the writers could have even confronted the whole concept of Connie throwing her all into Pearl's cultlike mentality and overall likely would pay anything to have the life Steven has with Peedee seeing this happen and being the one to question if she's really in it for Steven or if it's because she wants to LARP as a magical girl. That honestly feels like something Connie is never actually confronted on though watching the show myself I couldn't help but wonder if Steven wasn't a magical kid if Connie would have gone anywhere with him or just let him fade into the background of her life.

>>129115130Never cared about himIt’s why he’s gonna end up with Spinel

Steven X Peedee

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>>129111422>women of all shapes and sizes clamoring for a gargantuan penis with legs>this was the faggiest shit I've ever seenWhat did OP mean by this?

>>129111422S'wats you get fer watching a stupid show.

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>>129111422>And at the end, even the villains hug him and cry and beg for his forgiveness because he's so special>And his friends and family also cry and apologize because they bothered him too much and took him for granted>No accountability whatsoever for the protagonist being an idiotThe ending of this reads like some weird power fantasy

>>129115628Tbh the Gems kind of suckedAmethyst has straight up attacked him and Pearl before

>>129113837Are you blind YAWNFAG?

>>129115727Are you?

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>>129115628Rebecca Sugar never grew out of her edgy deviantArt phase. While she cries about executive meddling in the SU Artbooks she also shows she's been spoiled rotten since birth by her parents. Ironically it was her uncle IRL (the one she made with Carl's VA) who told her parents to stop babying her and get her to move out. Otherwise she would've become Chris-Chan 2.0 and even now she's halfway there already.

>>129114546Because they're outragefags that want to be mad and offended to further fuel their view of the world.

>>129111422They should have made Amethyst a giantess in this scene too haha

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>>129116359That’s gay

>>129116914No u

>>129115372I love how this thread unironically transitioned from "I'm mad Steven Universe is so faggy" to "Steven needed a boyfriend".Never change, Holla Forums.

>>129111422I accepted the fact that gem lore would always take the backseat to the townie crap, but it feels like they stopped caring after the Zoo arc. Homeworld looked like a jumbled mess of crap, aside from White Diamond the gem designs got worse and worse, Pink Diamond looked straight up ridiculous and nothing like her mural, and those "less human" gems they were alluding to were just sentient objects. I think what gets me most is Lars of the Stars where Emerald goes through a list of all the awesome stuff Lars did with the off-colors that we completely missed because Connie was being a bitch.It's a shame that the video games were more satisfying than the entire show itself.

>>129117021I prefer Steven dating a trapIt’s hotter

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>>129117056Shezow is so jealous

Garnet outright said that as long as Steven saw himself as a monster he would stay one. If they fought him then they would be reinforcing his belief that he's a monster.

>>129114891Spinel is so cute

>>129114965Peedee was never interestingOnly gay people like him

>>129111422I just want more art of the Diamonds all making Monster Steven cum.>captcha: ANY HJ

>>129121206Have you played GEM Domination?

>>129121371Never heard of it. Does that happen in it?

>>129111422go watch leiji matsumoto's works. steven faggotverse stole all his most interesting points from there

>>129121394I think it's still in development, but there are beta versions floating around 4ch. You play steven and you fuck various characters.

>>129121759Nice, nice.


>>129113637Dangerously based, and this is something I can attest to. Please take note of my warning if you're a young zoomer reading this. Many of my friends went through "toxic masculinity is bad" stages and surround themselves with soft gays and dykey women who believe emotional vulnerability is the path to happiness—it isn't. They're some of the saddest sacks I've ever known. All of my "bro" pals who have remained in predominantly "bro" settings, on the other hand, are the happiest and most enjoyable to be around. Be wary of emotionally unstable "empaths" who wear depression and anxiety like fashion accessories. Go find some buddies and say slurs with them.

>>129114009>People with mental illnesses should have a support group yeahBut he fucks off by himself to who knows where at the end

>>129113977>>129114207>Are you male?Probably not

>>129121914It honestly depends on the people and toxic masculinity does have emotional consequences, but the important thing is not all masculinity is toxic (which has been lost in the waves), and>Be wary of emotionally unstable "empaths" who wear depression and anxiety like fashion accessoriesis a crucial piece of information.

>>129114009The best "support groups" aren't called "support groups", they're called just having a group of guys to hang out and have fun with. What good does whole group full of other mentally ill people do for a mentally ill person? NOTHING. Forget "mental illness" and just do shit that you like, not shit that perpetuates self-misery.

>>129111422>I'm still mad about it shut upso am I

It boggles my mind pic rel wasn't used here. Not only was she the first gem steven fought, she was the first one he tried to cure. The first one he went to when he had the diamonds on his side. Her whole arc was steven trying to get her back from being a monster.Would it not have made sense to close the story on her being the one to help steven realize he isn't a monster?Dude seriously I know being in the industry must be hard and i'm just some jackass on the internet but come the fuck on.

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>>129111625>give me a hug, man

>>129114207He hangs out with males his age is the point. You ignored almost the entire rest of the point. Do we need MORE townie episodes to show it? You're looking too deep, to be a pretentious faggot about it.


>>129122473>What good does whole group full of other mentally ill people do for a mentally ill person? NOTHING. Forget "mental illness" and just do shit that you like, not shit that perpetuates self-misery.user, that is incredibly reductive. It’s not about them being mentally ill, it’s about them being people who support you. Just because they have problems of their own doesn’t mean they can’t love and care about you

>>129111422Would this have been treated differently if all the gems were male?

>>129114014>he was raised by circumstances which didn't let him be human and functionalBut that's not fucking true at all. Look at how many episodes of SU we have where it's just Steven hanging out in town with normie Humans not doing any gemshit. It was literally one of the biggest complaints people had about the show, but then Future rolls around and says "Steven never had a chance to be Human" and we're supposed to just forget all that? Pretend like it never existed? The go to defense SUfags had for those episodes was "Steven's half human, so we need episodes of him hanging out in town doing nothing!" and yet now we're supposed to pretend those episodes never happened?

>>129116359On that note, why DID they make Garnet a giant? What was the point of it? None of the other gems needed to be sized up for the group hug, and the Diamonds were already there, so it's not like Garnet needed to be made big to restrain him or anything.

Found a better version

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>>129112137>>129112149>>129114060Maybe it's my way to know mental illness that's wrong but when you see someone going in an autistic chimp out the prefered solution is to hug him and block him from hurting others and himself.Like when a man is drunk.Them he went with therapist himself, I think it's strange that this therapist let him go in a voyage alone but in this country therapists do worse>>129113676Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni perhaps

>>129116344I wonder if they realize they're on a horseshoe with the same jackasses they 'despise'

>>129124879>What was the point of it? None of the other gems needed to be sized up for the group hug,They needed another brawl, 4 is better than 3 for an hug

>>129113637Nobody can refute you.

What was her problem

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>>129111422>10 women hugging a giant penis>faggyQue?

>>129113637I'm sorry your mom abandoned you user. Not your fault.

>>129113637I still think it’s tragic that the real reason PD the french fry kid didn’t get more development or screentime as Steven’s one same age male friend was because his voice actor got cancer or whatever, and the showmakers didn’t have the heart to recast him, and just reduced his appearances instead.

>>129117056I don't like this picture because it doesn't only look 101 anime it looks like a kid made it

>>129125657OP and anons are retarded.However, Future is the equivalent of those Japanese hentai where the mom lets her son blow her back out in his father's absence in order to keep him from snatching children of the street and shattering their tiny little gems.

>>129111473It was super unfitting and rushed. It's crazy that "My Little Reason Why" is the final song in the series, as much as I love it.


>>129121394>>129121791>>129121853> GEM like there was just another update, so I'll have to replay it and ruin my dick all over again

>>129127931I was wrong, no update yet. Still, a decent amount of gameplay as is.

>>129113637Honestly I kinda agreed with the fact that he isn’t really friends with anyone else his ageEverything else just kinda sounds like you snorted too much bath salts


>>129125640getting dickrf

Steven should receive homelessness.

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>>129113637Rebecca... I kneel.

>>129114035Daddy issues.

>>129125793But that's not what happened. Shaffer literally dubbed other roles, like in the Lion guard, and so on. He even has his YT channelAlso see >>129114965

>>129114936Forget Earth. Thousands of years of inbreeding in the human zoo with less of a hundred humans at best and they still have different races on there. Like HOW?!

>>129129846The perfect health condition and food makes them live 100 years each.So if they have just one son and daughter every 1 human they would manage to survive some racial differences.The only thing is that if it wasn't for Greg they would have going incest.

>>129111422why is garner so big?

>>129129960Yellow can grow people

>>129129846>Like HOW?!Selective breeding to preserve diversity. Literally shown in the episode.

>>129124581Bro shut the fuck up you after-school-special ass faggot.

>>129111422this was the faggiest shit I've ever seen and yes I'm still mad about it shut up

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