Why did Cuphead Show fail?

Why did Cuphead Show fail?

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>>129109880no matter how good an effort it's impossible to do classic cel animation on a modern streaming budget also the writing isn't really in tune with what Cuphead was paying homage to.

Cupheadbros, you told me this was going to dethrone Mickey...

Its so generic and safe. There's nothing noteworthy about it in the slightest. Old comedies could rely on their animation for the laughs. With more stilted tweening animation these days its more reliant on the writing, which Cuphead just doesn't have

Didn't the show come out recently?

>>129109909the Cuphead game doesn't use cel animation, it's hand-drawn animation on paper, digitally coloured

>>129109880As a video game the rubber hose aesthetic is unique and interestingAs a standalone cartoon it just comes off as nostalgia bait for an audience that is long gone

The episode ideas are just too boring, bland and don't actually try to do anything new. It doesn't even try to be like the game.

>>129109880Sounds about right. It every other modern cartoon you've seen a million times before but with a cheap, thin coat of 1930's paint on it.

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>>129109909>the writing isn't really in tune with what Cuphead was paying homage to.Why is this so hard for people?We still have access to it, it's not forgotten knowledge except to the audiences who will be paying for it

>>129109949I was more talking about the style they're both inspired by. A game like Cuphead can get much closer to emulating classic cartoon aesthetic probably since it was a labor of love that was being developed for 7 years and had a more direct revenue stream. A show made by Netflix is going to have a shorter and more rushed development with less tangible profit so it's not completely unexpected for them to cut corners

>>129109880i thought it was alrightcould have used more slapstick

Let’s do a guessing game with the fags who shit on this showHow much money did it cost to produce Tangled the Series?

>>129109880>Average looking show can't capture the hollow visual feast's magic

>>129109992no no, that's not entirely right.The Cuphead show isn't one of those episodic shows that try to have drama and lore, it goes back to the traditional comedic everything is self contained episodes

>>129109880It's kind of one of those shows that did nothing wrong but still loses.It's not supposed to be exactly like the game, and most of the compromises it takes are more than fair. The stop motion backgrounds are fantastic, some of which remind me of that pop-eye cartoon. They fill in the half blank slates that are Cuphead and Mugman and give them personalities, even if the Red Oni / Blue Oni trope is kind of played out. It has the marks of Mickey Mouse shorts and some takes here and there from Spongebob or other older shows. It's just not breaking any new ground, and it's competent but not wowing. I'd put it in the same vein as the 3DCG He-man, Kid Cosmic, or Elliot of Earth.

>>129109880Boring, overall shitty voice acting, literally screams 'design by committee'No wonder Netflix is shutting down their internal animation projects

just go buy the roger rabbit anniversary bluray

>>129110296I didn't need lore, but they really never go out and deal with other bosses from the game.

>>129110709He was fucking amazing, and I wish more episodes focused on him. My biggest problem was how hard they played up Cuphead and Mugman being stupid. The "Roll the dice" episode was FUCKING grating to watch.

>>129109880Not funded by the CCP so libshits won't shill it for free, ie the Riot show

>>129110872It's almost like there's 48 episodes in their contract and they don't want to blow through the entire roster right away.

>>129109880no yuri

>>129110081>could have used more slapstickThis, I expected more slapstick

>>129109880I think because it's a cartoon based on a game that's based on cartoons. The animations in the game enhance the experience and seeing a new one is like a reward for getting better at the game. With the show it's not really a reward it's just the product unless you want to get pedantic and say it's a reward for subscribing to netflix or whatever.

>>129109880It sucks dick and balls, "UMM LET'S MAKE A SHOW THAT HAS THIS AESTHETICS AND A LARGE VARITY OF CHARACTERS AND UMMM HALF ASS THE AESTHETICS AND ONLY INCLUDE LIKE 6 PEOPLE FROM THE SHOW" Fuck this stupid ass show, it's so milktoast that it's offensive of how bland it is, they literally do the "taking care of an evil baby" trope that dying sitcoms shows would do in thier 5 season not a fucking second episode of an animated cartoon!

>>129111047Is this a new problem? I've seen other anons saying similar things about shows that get a lot of shows ordered right away.

>>129109880I don't know? I liked it.

>>129111251Most TV shows air episodes weekly, Netflix still holds onto binge-watching. Meanwhile most people don't binge-watch comedy cartoons. The Cuphead Show has so many episodes and yet Netflix is forcing the audience to wait several months between seasons, which actually shrinks their audience.I'm sure by the time this whole thing airs, most of the bosses will be included and people will shut the fuck up about the art style not being hand drawn when no show is hand drawn anymore. It's either limited animation or ToonBoom.

>>129109880They fell for the "GOOD SHOWS DON'T NEED WAIFUS" meme that landhwales and male Allies here keep trying to push. No Hilda, Kali, Bon-Bon or even Sally? Yeah they done goofed.

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>>129109880It's still in the top 10 shows on Netflix as a whole, how is it failing? It was number 5 for several days and was the number 1 kids show for a while. You're posting a retarded article written by some dumb cunt who writes for a horror review website.

>>129109880The art and animation was fine, but the writing was horrendous.

>>129109909>also the writing isn't really in tune with what Cuphead was paying homage to.I agree. I don't think it means it's a bad show, I found it entertaining for its own reasons, but there is definitely a disconnect between the intended homage and the execution.For comparison, people should watch the baby episode and this old Mickey Mouse short:youtu.be/JT0dXnzZ1AIAnd see the difference.

>>129111429That Mickey short you linked is quite a bit later than what Cuphead is generally referencing. I'm guessing it was a cinematic short though.Animation is weird on that one though.

>>129109880First episode was pretty weak and the 2nd episode was literally an episode with a baby on the doorstep who turns out to be bad. They were scrapping the bottom of the barrel with story ideas. What a waste of time and money

>>129111636The writing for those types of theatrical shorts didn't dramatically change, though. Like, if Cuphead was more traditional and trope-y, it would've been Cuphead and Mugman who found a baby pet animal and tried to keep it a secret Elder Kettle, with shenanigans happening where the animal is causing chaos and they still need to keep the secret and get blamed for it. You would have gags such as, if it was a pet cat,Elder Kettle would be making a sandwich and the cat is sneaking around the kitchen. Cuphead and Mugman are trying to catch the cat without Kettle noticing. Kettle will be making a ham sandwich, the cat might steal the ham when Cuphead is trying to get his attention to look away from the cat, Mugman gets blamed for stealing the ham, the cat is walking over the cabinet and knocking things over, Cuphead tries to cover for the cat and break something himself to get Kettle's attention, Cuphead and Mugman both get kicked out of the kitchen while the cat is still in.

because its netflix

>>129109880It looks like shit.

>>129109880People wanted the style of cartoon the game's based on and it wasn't that. Also, people who like those cartoons are on Disney+

The writing was just some tropes from classic cartoons and Spongebob, it lacked anything unique.I haven't played Cuphead but I've seen people play it and it didn't really feel like Cuphead.Like, I remember watching the Carrot fight and in there it just looked absolutely deranged and schizoid and everything was flashing and it felt like this Carrot was a fucking psychopathic psychic demon.In the show she's just there. She's a sleazy vegetable looking to get some water like a vagrant.

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>>129109880Cuphead was popular four years ago. People played it, enjoyed it, and then moved on to other games four years ago. Sure, there was some DLC after the game released, but for the most part, I'd say players were done with Cuphead by 2018.That said, most people were left with generally positive memories of Cuphead. Therefore, it was possible for Cuphead to make a return, but it would have to have a strong comeback.The Cuphead Show failed because it was weak. And it was weak because it failed to capture the feel of the old cartoon shorts that inspired the series. People took one look at the trailer, saw it was another Spongebob clone, and said, "You know what? Pass."If you want a Cuphead show, just watch to old cartoon shorts that inspired the series. They can be seen for free on Youtube. Even a lot of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons are on Youtube. Thanks public domain.

> Where there's good and there's bad, and then there's in between,>with Cuphead, and Mugman, you'll see what I mean. >Ice cream and rockets, trouble never ends!>Watch these ding-dongs as they make new friends! >Yes, we're looking for fun>We've got the Heebie JeebiesThis intro kind of sounds like a bunch of euphemisms for soliciting prostitution. The two scoops and rocket are phallic symbols. Cuphead's can be a fetishist of a woman's cups."We're looking for fun" definitely sounds like someone in the market for unwholesome activiities. "We've got the Heebie Jeebies" sounds like admitting to an STI.And that's nothing to say with the first image of that pirate guy starting at the mermaid's ample buttocks with a scope.

>>129110296It's just like Sanjay and Craig, We Bear Bears and Craig of the Creek, inoffensive, episodic slop.

>>129109880They weren’t ambitious enough with the story. They could’ve done a show about almost anything that just had the flair and aesthetics of a 30’s throwback. Instead they just did a literal throwback. It didn’t have to be deconstructionist, it just had to be more inventive with how it used the classic archetypes.

>>129109880>show sounds like a terrible and unnecessary idea>turns out better than expected>but still far from good so nahvery 2022

>>129109880>muh it's not a over-arching story show!how many times you see this annoying nitpick?

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>>129109880It's a real mystery..

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>>129111382>no waifus Wow, the Holla Forums doesn't actually watch cartoons meme is real

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>>129113449>is only in the show for one episode

>>129110296To be self contained comedy you need to make people laugh though

>>129110296those never left

>>129111384Success doesn't equal quality. Are you really gonna tell me this show, for all its visual virtues, doesn't boast the most generic scripts possible? Especially considering the source material? I'm not even talking about the original 30's cartoons. Even going from just the game itself and nothing else, the stories' lack of imagination is unbelievable.

>>129109880Bad voice, heavily use of reference and general lack of pacing. Voice is the worst.

>>129109880They should have gotten the people who did the Earthworm Jim cartoon. Now that show was fuckin' funny, even when it deviated from the games.

>>129111429Ironically enough I'd say what you're offering is actually what they DID try to model the show afterwards; very safe Disney cartoons without the lunacy and creativity of the 30's classics that actually inspired Cuphead.And even then that seal short is infinitely more charming than the baby one Cuphead did, which is just tedious and boring.

>>129113564I didn't feel Cuphead was "safe", I felt it was wacky and hyperactive.

>>129109909>he hasnt seen catburglar kino

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>>129111819Clearly the series would not exist if King Features didn't buy the rights and tried to push it as a brand

>>129109880I watched it with my kids and enjoyed it. Haven't seen such a truly neutral cartoon in a long time.

>>129109880Why would I care about what disgusting media bugmen who lack the inner experiences to properly enjoy something like this show and probably praise big mouth say

Cuphead the Game was the passion project of the Moldenhauer brothers, who grew up on old cartoons and had a genuine love for them.Cuphead the Show is just a soulless corporate product.

watched it online, I liked seeing characters from the game like Ribby and Croaks, but agree that a lot of the plot points weren’t very unique and felt very predictable>evil baby episode everyone already ragged on>”cowardly character guts a placebo to be brave and loses it but doesn’t realize it”>”shifty individuals freeload when given an inch and take a mileI did enjoy a few of the episodes, mainly the one where the devil has to address the unclaimed soul and kettle goes full veitnam vet. Those felt a little more lively.

>>129109880>Remove gambling, smoking and drinking>Barely any of the bosses make an appearance>Doesn't even look like classic cartoonWhat's the fucking point?They could have made the exact same thing without the Cuphead brand attached to it, and there would have been no difference at all.

>>129111636Cuphead's style is mainly based off 1930s but it's still pretty lose in that cotext as well. There are a lot of referrences that they studied from later years.

It didn't fail, it was just made for little kids.If you want an homage to 30s cartoons that's for adults, try pic related.

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>>129110296You are full of shit, watch the show. There is a major plotline and the last episode ends on a cliffhanger.

>>129109880All the racism.

>>129109880I wouldn't say it failed considering the next season's comming out this summer.

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>>129116706It got like 40 something episodes before it even aired so it was gonna get more seasons either way

>>129116731Well, I know that but I still think it's pretty early to call the show a failure.

If it wants to accurately capture the feel of 30's cartoons it needs to have something visually creative or impressively fluid every half-minute instead of 10 minutes. Cuphead cutting his stack of pancakes and plate in half is clever, now make that the focus instead of stale old plots.

>>129110296That's what he said, every other modern cartoon.

>>129113601You thought The Cuphead Show was wacky and hyperactive? Man is your head gonna EXPLODE when you watch classic Looney Tunes, Tex Avery and Fleischer cartoons.

>>129113601With all due respect I could only believe this if you've watched next to no cartoons before Cuphead, let alone the ones that inspired the game in the first place. The show is like watching the grass grow compared to those.

>>129109880The criticisms against the animation is fair, but I would have been okay with it if it had better humor and setups.I know it's a kids show, but I laugh at all kinds of stupid things in kids shows like Big City Greens or It's Pony or Peppa Pig. I chuckled once during the first three episodes of Cuphead, when a ghost went back into a hotdog, and that was a half-finished gag (they should have shown the ghost leaving the hotdog immediately after being bitten in half).

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>>129118198You would think that since 90% of the staff and writers worked on the new mickey mouse shorts they would have nailed it, but instead the show feels very diectionless.

>>129118383That's surprising, because Mickey Mouse has a sense of visual irony and wackiness that Cuphead does not. It's pretty straightfoward.

>>129109880I knew right from the trailer it would.Copying animation tropes doesn't give it soul.Making a cartoon show about a 2D shooter is fucking stupid.

>>129116731At only 11 minutes each, I'm not sure it's fair to even call those additional seasons. This is the equivalent of a single 20-episode season of a 22-minute show. Netflix is just releasing it in batches.

>>129117054>He can't tell the difference between modern day TTG wacky and Tex Avery wacky

>>129109880Because it wasn't even good or even funny

>>129111382>posts waifubait show that failed anywaysStill nowhere near enough porn of this cum goblin

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>>129109880Requirements for Cuphead Show to be decent.>Feel like a 1920s-30s cartoon but in colorIt literally only had 1 job and didn't even try. It's just a generic modern cartoon with semi-stylized visuals.It's not bad, but it isn't good either, it's just ok.

>>129115577The gambling part and other things may have been due to "racial sensitivity" bull crap, goes to show that it just hollows out the meaning of the art. >>129109880Art in those days and art today are two different mentalities that can't cross over. You can only choose one or the other. I'm going to watch the series soon but even if you do some good work it doesn't really matter if you hollow out the soul of what you're trying to do.At least kids can see things that don't look nasty anyway, unlike Craig of the creek

>>129119407Cuphead Show wishes it was TTG Wacky let alone Tex Avery WackyIt's funny because it's in spirit closer to a revival of what the 40's Disney shorts with a bland, defanged Mickey would have been like. Instead the actual Mickey revival we got is easily the most successful at emulating the wacky spirit of Fleischer and Looney Tunes we got in the new era.

>>129111384>It's still in the top 10 shows on Netflix as a whole, how is it failing? It was number 5 for several days and was the number 1 kids show for a while.that doesn't mean much given how netflix fudges its numbers. shows like cowboy bebop have been in the top 10 and been subsequently canceled because it's impossible to tell if people are really watching. the only way to be sure is if more episodes are ordered beyond the original number.

The show just isn't funny. Anyone complaining that the animation isn't the same quality as theatrical shorts is a retard though.

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>>129119895I watched the first two episodes and didn't laugh once.

>>129119895I thought episode 11 was good.

>>129119895Yeah. They're also being hypocritical because I bet they'd be bored to tears with a lavishly animated Silly Symphony and would prefer, say, a Pink Panther cartoon whose animation was much more limited but that was actually funny.

>>129119895Pedo Industry wannabe doing a retarded schizoid tantrum. At its best it's not as good as what was done on Popeye and other series, and imitation is not nearly as good as making your own good stuff.All you care about is that you'll never be able to draw on the level of golden age animators and you're tantruming until you give up on your dream.

>>129109880It has no soul.

I think the only episodes I liked were the ones with King Dice and Ms. Chalice. Most of them were kind of forgettable though.I love Grey DeLisle's voice though so I'm probably biased

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>>129109880It honestly feels like most people already had their minds set on the show before even giving it a fair chance. Case in point being faggots like >>129112839 just spamming pics of the cast as if physical appearance means anything about the quality of a goddamn cartoon. Also seeing as how this is the third article I've seen with that exact headline, In not convinced "news" sites aren't going off a script.That being said the show's fine. It's clearly trying to be its own thing, and it's enjoyable enough that way. I liked how unironic and cheery it was, felt closer to an actual 90s show than the Animaniacs reboot, which is just a miserable slog drowning in its own irony and self-deprecation. I only wish we saw more of the bosses, other than that I liked it so far.

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>>129109880They had a perfect setup for a show, Cuphead bros. go around collecting debts for the devil which leads to a grand finally as they battle to win their souls. Instead we get a show where the Devil & King Dice are defanged and the show seems aimless.

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>>129109928Pretty much this, also I feel like they could do with less dialogue. They were able to make cartoons with relatively little speak in the past and they can do it today.. but they won't probably cause of contracts or test marketing.

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>>129112839Why would the chad give the show away to the land whales?

>>129109909>it's impossible to do classic cel animation on a modern streaming budgetIt is, but modern animators are way too lazy.

>>129123361So you just wanted a lesser version of the game, which just begs the question why not just play the game to begin with. I fail to see the sin in NOT falling into that trap and doing something different.

>>129124004>I fail to see the sin in NOT falling into that trap and doing something different.That's the problem, they aren't doing anything different. It's just the same generic cartoon with the cuphead brand on it.

>>129109880No amount of Sabreshit's videos could save this trainwreck.

>>129109880really how hard would it have been to slap some sort of filter over it to give it that fuzzy, soft look?

>>129112839there were so many other artists on cuphead, but okay go off

>>129109880I'm only looking at screenshots like this one but it looks way too obviously digitally animated. It looks like puppet rigs or at the very least animated by people who were way too scared of going "off-model" when that was the style of the game and Fleischer cartoons it was based off of.>>129109909It looks like it has very generic "Disney XD" writing if that makes sense.

>>129124618They DID do that though, it's very apparent watching it on an actual TV screen. They also added slight shadows over the characters to give the illusion of them being on cells.

>>129123361That's retarded premise, it's just a redundant copy of the game's storyline. This is why fans don't write for TV.

>>129124004Thank you! These whining little bitches in this thread just need to play the fucking game if they want the exact game reanimated

>>129115577It’s for children, not idiotic adults who can only watched animation if it has sex, drugs and curse words in it. The fandom is obviously made of mostly children and sadistic fuckers who streamed themselves dying in the games over and over for monetary gain while not even liking the game.

>You wanted an adaptation of the GAME in the cartoon based on a GAME?>Wow, WOW, you guys are SO dumb! Have Cuphead go on an adventure? Pfft PFFT! Stupid! Cuphead going through recycled cartoon plots is WAAAY better than that!Holla Forums keeps proving they're part of the problem.

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>>129124618It would still be lipstick on a pig.The bottom line is the show was weak and boring, with some awful voice casting at places, the only good thing about it would be that it thankfully avoided making the main characters gay.Western cartoons suck, because the current crop of creatives suck. Netflix is shutting down its in-house animation production, the west is flocking to anime (and it's not as if anime is fantastic production either, it just has stories people find entertaining), and now it sounds as if western media companies are going back to cartoons in the style of the 80's rather than rebooting 80's properties into some woke agenda shit.We'll have to see if they can get the audience back, I doubt it as girls have gone to Tik Tok and boys have gone to videogames.

>>129125462>It’s for childrenBoth children and 'adults' rather watch anime than western cartoons.Western cartoons can't even compete with baby shark dance videos on Youtube for the really young kids.

>>129109880It wasn't funny or entertaining and all the songs suck.

>>129124004>So you just wanted a lesser version of the gameNo I wanted a show that follows the general concept of the game but allows for more characterization and a wider amount of actions taken to obtain the souls than spraying out a stream of bullets and jumping. What I wanted is the difference between a Video Game and a Table Top RPG but instead of TTRPG Players deciding the actions of the characters its the writers and animators decide that actions taken and outcomes.

>>129115857that was made for kids

>>129125403Mmmm, salty!

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>>129113490>still has 34 and fanfics

>>129111801>In the show she's just there. She's a sleazy vegetable looking to get some water like a vagrant.The Root Pack is all guys and they want soil nutrients, not water.

>>129124618They did but it's basically impossible to see it unless you're watching on a large screen.

>>129109880Tried way too hard to be old fashioned without innovating anything like the game.

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>>129111429Yeah, I found myself thinking “I came here to watch something like Betty Boop or Popeye, and instead I keep getting reminded of Spongebob” And I agree that that’s not bad, just not what I was hoping.

>>129123848Wrong. It's the executives who greenlight and control the production pipeline who are the problem. Today's animators are more than capable of doing good work.

>>129128175>Popeye>Betty BoopCan’t acknowledge old school rooms in this day in age due to them being problematic.

>>129109880bad source material

>>129111828Take your meds.

>>129128618>bad source materialyeah, you're a moron.

>>129112786This is what I was hoping for.A show that would say "come for the retro visual hook, stay for the new inventive ideas." Something that used that foundation to experiment and show us things we hadn't seen before.But instead it treads the familiar tame Spongebob-style ground.