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Webcomics thread

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>>129109844I know that feel.

>>129109844Bikecuck lost any credibility that he had left with the bike comic

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>>129109890Does she know she can get one of those copper things that isnt hormonal?

>>129109890I don't get itWho's forcing her to use birth control or even have sex?

>>129110221No you don't understand!!! If she doesn't ride the cock carousel, she won't be able to call herself a strong, independent woman! Sex isn't about procreation, it's about having fun, even if it destroys you mental health and physical well-being!

>>129110127Those are nasty too, the only good option is a ligament, but its irreversible

>>129109890At 32 you've made your choice, either have kids or get sterilized.

>>129109844What does it say about me that I think people who find this type of comic amusing in any sort of way deserve to have their balls chopped off?

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>>129109844bikecuck bikecuck

>>129110491That you spend too much time on the internet

>>129110491But what if the people that like the comic are women?

>>129110491that you deserve to have your balls chopped off.

>>129110654No exceptions.

>>129110668Fair enough.


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>>129110654Stabbed in the vagina.

>>129110668I'm glad you stand true to your word. We need more people like you around.

>>129109844Whatever happen to the bike cuck?


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>>129110491That you probably overact and may need a break from the internet.

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>>129109890just make your boyfriend get a reversible vasectomy and stop whining.

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>>129109890Why would it be traumatic to have a clump of cells removed? Unless..

>>129112073What's so traumatic about what he said?

>Alpha FlagI miss it bros

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>>129110491That you are absolutely right and that i would personally hand you a scissor, king

>>129111951I am the bone of my swordSteel is my body and fire is my bloodI have created over a thousand bladesUnknown to Death,Nor known to Life.Have withstood pain to create many weaponsYet, those hands will never hold anythingSo as I pray, Black Lives Matter.

>>129112560The fact he is a human being who didn't need to speak with her through internet about things she likes, otherwise she cannot interact with new humans.


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>>129112702damn she just like me fri unironically cannot see myself ever genuinely opening up to other people unless they share at least a few of my very stereotypically-nerdy interests

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Remember when we commissioned trap porn of him? Good times.


>>129112725People need to realize that many Latin America countries don't like spicy food so that stereotype doesn't hold scrutiny


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>>129112725It begins...

>>129111839He's fine. Still making comics to this day.

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>>129112896Oh wait, is this the one where the pink haired bitch makes a video game and becomes rich?

>>129112896Weirdly accurate. Most accurate comic in this thread thus far actually.

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>>129112921Among other things, yeah.

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>>129113082Live with it.

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>>129111951Political preaching from a cartoon fish corpse.

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>>129112725Lmfao This one always gets the Holla Forumsfags seething. Like this one >>129112885.


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>>129112201I like asshole comics

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>>129110976i don't get it

>>129110221what's keeping you from having sex


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>>129112885why are you bringing up latin american countries

>>129113412I’m ugly, fat, and poor.

>>129112331>and the moral is:>sticks and stones will break the bones of speakers that can't hurt you

>>129113412I am bad at sex.

>>129113412I have to travel across the country to get my ass tapped by a guy I fell in love withIt's not cheap


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jesus christ this entire thread is cancer.

>>129113412not having a gf and still living with my parents at 28

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>>129109890Why the hell does all of the women this cunt draw have the same exact face and always look straight forward. Does she not know how to draw anything else?

>>129112896why did they all get naked


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>>129113208What is she referring to?Women cum way more often than men

why woke webcomics are always so aggressive? Why can't these people assert their opinions without threating someone?

>>129114997Women cumming =/= Orgasm you fucking virgin.

>>129112777Except if someone dares to speak to hear she will have a mental mealtdown and an impulsive desire to stab that someone.

>>129111951That comic is peak "I won that in my head"

>>129112560A man a foot taller than you stares you down as you walk down the street. "Mhm" he says, looking you up and down. As you try to ignore him, he approaches you, and practically breaths into your shoulder, "Hey beautiful. Whats your number."

>>129110976I got my nephew a Gameboy color. Shit was $200


>>129114576Anon just go to a AMP and pay for a GFE, it may cost a bit but at least you'll have sex, I'm in your position.


>>129113185The fuck is this nigga doing with those clocks?

>>129112331The moral is that if people are saying things you don't like, it's okay to silence them through violent means.

>>129116619>a pro Tucker comicJesus the right is getting really desperate, hahaha

>>129116619>I'm not pro-Russia. I'm just anti-fake news/ Ukraine lol

>>129109844This dude's comics and animations are so comfytwitter.com/TooMuchDynamitehttp://candybaracomics.com/

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>>129116810>>129116852The truly desperate people are the ones who believe in msm propaganda hoaxes like "the ghost of kiev" . Quick turn on npr so they can tell you what to think.

>>129116619he can't keep getting away with it!

>>129113404Basically you try to be nnchalant and slightly blaze about your shit getting stolen, laugh it off with a little positivity, and you're apparently a cuck as per this faggot here.>>129114955>>129109874

>>129115034What’s the difference?

>>129116884You believe in stuff you read on anonymous imageboards and get your news from grifters and russia-backed think tanks, don't know if you should go around telling others they consume feel good propaganda when you have your head so deep in your own ass.The chadacter is fake and popularized by sensationalism but there are actual ukrainan fighter jet pilots putting their life on the line for their country who are taking down russian planes, this is not as much as a fake news but an embellishment of real life meant to bolster the fighting spirit of a nation. By pushing for the 'muh msm fake news' angle you're just as cringe as the sois that take the story as face value and make marvel movie edits, and just as opportunistic as the medias you hate.Eat shit, dude.

>>129117063>You believe in stuff you read on anonymous imageboards and get your news from grifters and russia-backed think tanks, don't know if you should go around telling others they consume feel good propaganda when you have your head so deep in your own ass.I don't do any of these things. You are projecting, and you are also retarded.

>>129117063>The chadacter is fake and popularized by sensationalism but there are actual ukrainan fighter jet pilots putting their life on the line for their country who are taking down russian planes,There is no ghost of Kiev. You will never be a woman. Beat the drums of war harder, faggot.

>>129117063>You believe in stuff you read on anonymous imageboards You believed in the ghost of Kiev. Now you are butthurt because the entire thing was made up, and you're a sucker who believes in ridiculous war propaganda. Keep supporting Ukrainian neo-nazis. Dilate.

>>129116884I don't give a fuck about Russia/Ukraine. I just think it's funny how many people were pro-Russia at first because they wanted to be anti-America and have slowly realized that isn't the right position. That Stonetoss comic is just them coping by calling everyone a npc.

>>129113412Lack of social skills.

>>129117271Go back to plebbit, chud.

>>129116810>supporting the most popular show on cable is desperate

>>129113412my face

>>129116869Is that the secret furry Shen porn account?

>>129113099had a little kek at this

If anyone is interested, I just updated my fantasy/comedy webcomic, Bagley the OK Magician! A series about a magician for hire who is neither good nor bad at magic, just OK! Which is exactly the way he likes it!tapas.io/series/Bagley-the-OK-Magician

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>>129114997Perhaps that's an indication that the sexual intercourse she partakes in is that of an abysmal quality

>>129115034Oh please explain the difference to us, Mr Bitches.

>>129111018wait what the fuck, is that dobson's? I thought he had vanished off the internet

>>129115783>AMP and pay for a GFEWhat did he mean by this?

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>>129113412My wife's period, other than that, nothing

>>129119188She doesn't bleed from her ass until after you're done.

>>129117127Not him but any reasonable person will know there's a lot of propaganda going around in the sides. So when I read about it I immediately question it.For example I wouldn't be surprised if Zelensky is actually has been in a discrete safe location far from Kyev only coming there to take photos. I don't think that makes him bad, the lives of many of his people depend on some part in his ability to boost their morale. And he's doing a great job at it, the military has hold for over a week and that's no propaganda.It will take maybe a couple of years after this is over to know how it really went

>>129109890>or give birth and give a man alimony for the rest of his life

>>129119227>getting shit in my dickhole like a faggot

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>>129119287>being married to a disgusting slob with zero personal hygiene

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>>129119362>thinking assholes aren't full of shit naturallyYou've never had sex have you user?

>>129112927So big dick guys like you basically need to achieve super Saiyan or fuck a girl at half chub? Suddenly being Asian doesn’t feel so bad.

I've been revisiting old Penny Arcade to take some artistic inspiration from their older look. It gels with me really well.

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>>129119489>he doesn't know what hygiene isSounds like you're both disgusting slobs. You were made for each other.

>>129119618Sorry we don't perform enemas daily

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>>129109890If your birth control causes all these problems time to go talk to a doctor lol. Mine works amazing. Or, just don't be a massive fucking whore.

>>129111018Oh no that's actually funny

>>129111018holy fuck Dobson can actually be funny.

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>>129112073I have the comic with a woman cataloging a guy that ends with her riding thar guy saying "I'll cum faster than the fish will" and the porn commision on my desktop computer but it currently being used by someone playing Elden Ring


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>>129114648don't leave a bro freeballing.

Can I get some recommendations based on my to-read list? I have no particular taste other than I don't want anything that's entirely NSFW like Rock Cock or whatever that comic's called.

>>129120272I forgot to post the image.

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>>129118842Asian Massage ParlorGirlfriend Experience Aka a escort

>>129116619>right is pro-russia

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>>129113199Just a bunch of pissed off wetbacks who are mad that White people colonized the world looking for good spices because Arabs blocked off the Silk Road.If there exists a culture that actually appreciates spicy food, it's Europeans. Every other dirt farmer nation had to drown their food in spice to cover up the rot and mold.

>>129112885>>129121274The character is an Egyptian muslim, not a latino

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>>129121478brown is brown, not my job to figure out what kookie thirdworld country you abandoned to come here from

>>129116637Correct, If you're not willing to nut up shut up

>>129118584That comic is old, user

>>129112927>read this user>think "ahah he say giant dick is accurate">think it over for a second>the quarter chub>half chubNo he's right, that comic is the most accurate.

>>129120299You might enjoy these:VaingloriousThe PaleDrugs and WiresAlethiaNature of Nature's ArtNasty Red Dogs

>>129109890She's 33 now and still strong and independent!

>>129116451Taking his time.

>>129110976>>129114955>>129113404BIKE SAGA


>>129112125>tfw no gogarty gf

>>129110491The one in OP specifically was him making fun of a parody someone did of him, honestly he's actually stopped making shit like this the last year or so

>>129112125This one made me laugh

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>>129120630What about that comic is "pro-Russia"? Pointing out that the MSM is spewing war propaganda about Ukraine means you're pro-Russia? You sound exactly like Republicans did about Islamic terrorist groups after 9/11. Anyone who didn't support Dubya's infringement on the first and fourth amendment was a "terrorist".

>>129112725>>129112896>>129113004>>129113099>>129121478What the fuck is wrong with this comic's art style? Why does it look like dragon ball z but with down syndrome?

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>>129109890I wonder if we could get the 4chan comics together in a video and just have them blast and vent about 4chan and how they do comicsWe gotta have good ol Dobby hosting it, Stonethrow has to be there, Lainey is a must, Trans girl is a must, and it'll never ever happen but Sinfest guy, center seatBen should be the host, but I think Ben is too red pilled to be in the same room as the others

>>129109874bikecuck accidentally stumbled into stoicism and none of you faggots understood his message. I don't think bikecuck did either though so who cares I guess.

>>129119618There's nothing hygienic about sticking your cock into a shit infested organ you disgusting schizo, just layers of delusional cope about washing out the literal flakes of shit enough to pretend it isn't a shit infested organ

>>129119541I could post Penny Arcade and Nedroid all dayIn fact, I will take inspiration from you and make today a PA reading day

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>>129117063>gets told "Quick turn on npr so they can tell you what to think.">unironically begins spouting faggot msm narrativeswhy are you even like this?don't you ever get sick of the msm lying to you about absolutely everything?they have, on purpose, gotten every single major story wrong in the last decaderepeating their bullshit will also make you wrong, every single time>inb4 some "muh drumpf" deflection

>>129112073On a more wholesome note, I recall someone making a continuation of this where these two are a couple. Can't find it right now though.

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>>129122223Creator is a spic, and spics love dbz

>>129122640>Trying to come through a drive through in a toy car>Bitching about what other people doWhat an inconsiderate cunt.

>>129112725Anyone got that edit with racial quotas?

>>129112909Based. Comment sections were a mistake.

>>129116619Best part it was a shooped photo with Sam Hyde.

>>129121537Is this projection?

>>129122846You only say that because you're ugly and dumb.

>>129122963might be

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>>129122654Many such cases in this comic.Also Christ I genuinely can't find that continuation.

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>>129116451Fucking with it.Didn't you ever take shit apart and put it back together to see how it works?

>>129116619>Taking anything Fucker Carlson says at face valueThe man lies as naturally as he breathes.

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>>129110491Well some of the people that like the comic are bound to be black so that makes you a RACIST.

>>129113412Ahhh... The basic bitch ad hominem... The mark of the progressive.

>>129123783unlikelythe cancel mobs go after him, and they only go after people who tell the truth

>>129123783I don't watch him, I only hear the rest of the MSM doing their usual disinformation propaganda against him, like "TUCKER CARLSON CITES INSANE CONSPIRACY THEORY", when the "insane conspiracy theory" always turns out to be verifiably true.

>>129123783I shall repost this comic anyway as I have a physiological need to provoke reactions using political opinions I do not hold, some would even call it a understandably reasonable amount of tomfoolery.

>>129113208i need a source on this

homestuck is cool

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>>129121803Thanks for the recommendations, I've read the About page for all of those and they seem like solid picks, except for NoNA which looks like a site from pre-2000s and I'm not sure if that's on purpose or not and Nasty Red Dogs which I will definitely look into it when I'm in the mood (no sarcasm really) for whatever the fuck that is.


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>>129125266Don't make me act up.

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>>129122645Make sure to wipe after you're done pulling things out of your ass.

>>129119498Essentially. I'm a big guy but that means shit when you lose an erection from blood flow while moving from sex due to the fact that the larger your penis, the harder your heart works to pump blood and just gives up at a certain point.

>>129122223It looks like this now.

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>>129112560He's a man and cowardly women are scared of every men that talks to them



>>12910987424 hours late reply, but the infamous Bike Cuck comic was a major turning point in the guy, he got chewed up and spat out by the internet.Pretty close to 100% of his stuff made after that is great, and he's even leaned away from all the dumb personifications unless it's part of a joke.


>>129123783He reported that a US congressman retweeted and fully believed a photoshopped picture of Sam Hyde was the Ghost of Kiev. That is what actually happened.

>>129109844I thought the Blue one was Venom for a moment.

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>>129115587Not comparable at all unless you're a dyke. What you mean is a woman a foot taller than me in which case I go>"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH MOMMMY"And slam myself into her tips and start motorboats them like "BRBRBRBRBRBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBBRBR HUMMINA HUMMINA HUMINNA HAH AWOOGGA BEOW BEOW BEOW BEOW""BEEP BEEP BEEP""*car alarm sound*""LA CUCARACHA LA CUCARACHA YA NO PUEDE CAMINAR"Then I do a triple backflip, split, and moonwalk.And then proceed to yell at the top of my lungs "BABY WANNA MILK TRUCK WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP BABY WANNA MILK TRUCK WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP."While running on the floor.Then I pick her up with me throw her over my back and take her to the nearest court house to get married. This has been a PSA for women brought you by: Men.You have no clue how privileged you are by being catcalled. Now please, shut the fuck up.


>>129111018Hehe>DobsonWait what

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>>129126243Unironically hilarious

>>129122640This is not just imagining a scenario to get offended at, but imagining a scenario where someone else is supposed to be offended and casting yourself as their savior.

How come these threads are always just funny comic strips?Don't you people ever read more serialized works? You know, on-going stories.

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>>129123423Reminder that Scott is ending this comic, according to his patreon post.patreon.com/VGCats


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>>129126314Lol. VGcats? There's been like *lemme check* 3 posts in the last 2 years.

>>129126286Would Holla Forums be able to handle a storytime of 8-bit theater ?

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>>129126367Hes at least trying to make a short epilogue strip I think.

>>129126407there's a story to it?

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>>129126447I think that's a sign he's on drugs.

>>129120630You don't remember all of the "Better Russian than a Democrat" shirts from like 2 years ago or how our last president literally praised Putin on the eve of the invasion or how 8 republican senators went to Moscow on Fourth of July in 2018 instead of celebrating it with family in the glorious US of A?

>>129126462Well, if you count the group fucking things up until chaos is defeated, then sure.

>>129114483>Satan Nigger Rape Madness My sides!

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>>129120630The American authoritarian right is WAY more on the authoritarian side than rightif you could convince them that gender reassignment surgeries would piss off liberals and make them a lot of money, there'd be cosmetic surgeons on every street corner and OTC estrogen pills and dilators sold in every pharmacy

>>129109890>sex is for procreation and pleasure>some guys hate condoms because it messes with their pleasure to the point of making sex undesirable.>"wow what an asshole"It's almost like sex involves two people, who would have thought.

Attached: 1433236854009.png (495x461, 519.83K)

>>129126753And condoms actually legitimately unironically sincerely do suck

>>129125282NoNA is a bit of a weird website layout yes, but the guy's comics are like nothing else I've ever read. Anyway, enjoy.

>>129125032Artist name is Yudori

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>>129115587fair enough

>>129127256she really changed after losing her nose

>>129127256thank you!

>>129119141Is this loss?

>>129110127there's a non zero chance your body may reject, end up damaged or you may forget it's there and permanently deform your uterus entrance and may require an operation.

>>129113412I actively fuck myself over

>>129111918one day i'll get a nobel for figuring out the exact area of the brain that needs to lose the plot to get women to get sexual arousal from watching psycopaths all day

>>129112885central america enjoys it on regular basessoutherners prefer soupy foods and pastries

>>129110976>bikecuck is sad about getting his bike

>>129111018Wtf is wrong with Dobson? There's never a time this fat fuck isn't wrong, it's amazing to be that dedicated.

>>129111918But if you're male and you love true crime too does that mean I'm MTF?

>>129112073Fuck I love the "fan edits"

>>129112331>moral>it's alright to give others brain damage if they don't immediately agree with everything you believe

>>129118097Here's your (You)

>>129127736Kek, no clue. I also have no clue what point he was trying to make, and whatever that point was is kind of botched by his weird sexualization.

>>129119188Anon, the only thing a period should stop is a sentence.

>>129126042holy fuck kek


>>129114483You forgot to make user's hand green when he grabs the Satan Nigger Rape Madness

>>129116869Yiff in hell dogfucker.

>>129126286I used to come to Holla Forums just for that, many many years ago. Now I have this massive backlog on webtoons. I should really get to that.

>>129127840I feel bad for this guy. Like at first glance it looks like a really terrible Adventure Time ripoff but then the jist of the plot is the protagonist likes being just average and like OK?

>>129127976I just don't get it? Like you're trying to read and your boyfriend starts munching your ear are furries really like this? Wtf

>>129109844Webcomics are so fucking weird. It's like they wanna be funny but depressing, porn but political? And they fail at all four? Like every example in this thread.

>>129125680He's gone from DBZ to full blown JoJo. Also now everyone in this comic looks like a tranny. Also I love how the redhead faggot is like "I'VE GOT A HOT GIRLFRIEND I'M SO COOL I'M NOT THE ARTIST'S SELF INSERT OR ANYTHING" the character. This comic is like you mix Questionable Content with that flip artist Luna or something


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>>129114483Aww look, he's smiling


>>129128103The manlet that gets his face punched all the time? Not much of a self-insert.And is the self insert the pink girl or the mexican guy or the redhead teenager? Make up your mind.

>>129126753You're right, and that's why all men should get their tubes tied so they can fuck any woman they want without knocking her up.

>>129109890>Tattoos on the armsOpinion discarded, this woman is useless anyway. Birth control is unnecessary for her because nobody should be fucking her. Tattoo girls all deserve to live in constant sexual frustration as punishment for ruining their beautiful skin with ugly ink.

>>129111018Is this a later edit? I could have sworn the original was Dobson reminiscing about the thoughts of young children masturbating to get back at their parents or whatever.

>>129112725Spice jokes about whites really show the reality of insults. How true they are is insignificant compared to the butthurt they cause. It doesn't matter in how many ways you explain why it's wrong, the insult made you butthurt enough to respond. Thus the joke will never end.Compare it to cracker and all its versions and calling white kids "little school shooters". Again one works and one does not.

Attached: Amphibia.S03E05.Adventures.in.Catsitting.720p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+2.0.H.264-NTb.mkv_snapshot_05.19_[2022.01.06_17.02.49].jpg (1280x720, 116.68K)

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>>129128221>pink girl, mexican guy or redhead manletYes, most webcomic artists are tranny schitzos and those are his alters


>>129128510Ohh, I understand now, you're an idiot. Sorry, my mistake. Have a nice evening.

>>129128434Look I'm a white guy. I'll be the first to admit that I can't stand spicy hot food. Why is this such an issue on Twitter? I thought everyone knew whites can't handle hot spices? Telling a white person they can't handle spices is so redundant. It's a forgone conclusion. It's like telling a black guy the bike he rode on in was probably stolen, by him most likely. Is water wet? Where's the controversy or humor here?

>>129128524Are the fucking artist or something? Why are you defending really bad DBZ lesbian porn for? Shut the fuck up or kill yourself whichever is faster

>>129128307Kek, nope, this is the original. That edit sounds extremely fucked up, and yet kind of what Dobbo is implying in this one.

>>129128524>be tranny webcomic artist>shill crappy art on Holla Forums>seethe when not given positive attentionI'll never understand the mental illness Holla Forumsmblr attracts

>>129128252Unironcially disgusting and you feel ashamed of yourself

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>>129112806Do leftoids really?

>>129109890You don't HAVE to have sex you know

>>129129033Yep. They named their subreddit after him without the slightest shred of irony. They proceeded to, instead of ignoring whenever he was reposted, let literally everyone know his name, screaming and whining that he was a nazi, which had the exact opposite effect as intended. They then created the amogus meme, which, rather than detract from his work in any way, shape, or form, became a selling point, eventually led to him making 2 million dollars

>>129128518Thank you!>>129128032I realize I could have explained the premise a bit better. It is more about this average magician for hire who completes jobs in often bizarre ways, often resulting humorously average outcomes.

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>>129113412I don't want to

>>129111918my mom HATES horror movies but will watch just about any true crime/detective shows about murder

>>129129209Horror is designed to scare. True crime isn't

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>>129113199He raised a good point. Politely. On 4chan. Give him credit.Im brown and i dont get why eating spicy food makes us better than whites. Sri lanka's chillis and kocchi miris didnt stop the british from pounding my ceylonussy.

>>129109890TL;DR the woman's dialogue.But the guy is a chad, so he wins

>>129127323loss of nose is just one of many changes she's gone through

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>>129109890>this triggers the misogynist 10/10 don't even care about the shit art

>>129109874Eh, I like the fact he accepted the criticism entirely unlike B^Ucky.

>>129111018This is fucking horrible. My eyes.>>129112073Also garbage. If you're going to talk shit to another artist, at least back it up with impressive art. Didn't even try to nail the style down. Zero effort. Just butthurt. An absolutely pathetic attempt at humor. This thread is a bigger joke. I'm out.

>>129127904yes. i don't think it's possible for a woman to get a vasectomy.

>>129129479depends on the definition of woman

>>129127847I don't think there's a deeper means ng.its just a elf on the shelf joke

>>129109890woah it's almost like humans didn't evolve to have hormone drugs fucking with their reproductive cycles

>>129129409>that age 6 descritionThis is an edit, right?

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>>129127256it seems like she hasn't drawn in a while. last comic she drew was in like December.

Attached: disny1.png (553x2185, 631.64K)

>>129124133>This “general tenor” of the show should then inform a viewer that he is not “stating actual facts” about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in Case... “exaggeration” and “non-literal commentary.” Fox persuasively argues, see Def Br. at 13-15, that given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer “arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism” about the statements he makes.law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/new-york/nysdce/1:2019cv11161/527808/39/His network claims that you can't trust what he says you fucking dweeb.

>>129114637>drawProbably drawn once and then copy-pasted into every following comic. The spacy, swollen-eyed pug woman is so hideous to look at. The comics themselves are boring blogposts it's the terrible art that gets me.

>>129129516I think so but I don't really want to journey into such a person's world to find out for sure


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>>129119989That one was likely written by Brentafloss.

>>129129545>>129129581The fuck is she even trying to say here?

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>>129126314>Stopped drawing them in porn so I could work on a simple story driven strip.OH, THANK GOD

>>129109844I hate owlturd so much it's unreal

>>129109844Don't be selfish Holla Forums

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>>129116970> Basically you try to be nnchalant and slightly blaze about your shit getting stolen, laugh it off with a little positivity, and you're apparently a cuckyes you are.

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>>129127256I have a basic rule for this: The one who invite is the one paying.

>>129129098during that sub's early days I saw people warning that this would happen. They were always downvoted.

>>129109890>I'm different!!!! Look at me I'm different!!!!!! I may be in my late 30s, rapidly becoming undesirable in the sex market but trust me I'm different!!!!!!! Please pay attention to me please we can talk about uuuuh that past relationship that traumatized me, or the time I fell in love with a greek barista while on vacation or even uuuuuuhhhhhhh have I told you about that time a MAN was an asshole and made me cry??????? and, well, I HATE kids. Hahaahhahah not kidding I reallly don't like kids. I'm DIFFERENT ya know??? (please ignore my already wrinkling body, my loose boobs and the rancid stench from my crusty vagene) I'm different!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIEEEEEE

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>>129113412Ever since the last week, the fact that everyone hates my country, which increases my anxiety as someone living in a foreign country even more.

>>129130020yeah yeah we get it user, you want kids. any success in getting them yet?

>>129110355>Sex isn't about procreation, it's about having funIt literally is. Sorry you were raised in a Conservacuck Christcuck (double cuck) household.

>>129130020And this is why white people are dying out.

>>129128283Tattoos are hot, get over it.

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>>129127725>but somewhere someone was probably happy about giving it to him so it evens out

>>129112725Based tacostand Goku

>>129129832Then what would prevent you from being a cuck in this scenario? Feeling sad and angry?

>>129129553What you left out is that Rachel Maddow was the one who originally came up with that defense, and every network now uses it to instantly dismiss any given lelsuit against them.

>>129130400there's nothing preventing you from being a cuck if you get cucked, obviously. But if you're just fine with it a double cuck


>>129126042Cuban Pete, is that you?


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>>129130422>if bad things happen to you it's your faultDo you hate yourself whenever something bad happens to you?

>>129130498>Do you hate yourself whenever something bad happens to you?getting cucked isn't something that simply "happens", it's an unforgivable betrayal of trust that's done to you. It's not your fault, but it makes you look pathetic if I fuck your wife and you just smile about it no hard feelings. At the VERY LEAST you should divorce

>>129127574it's not hard>this person (usually a woman) got tricked by a psychopath and killed>if i know how the psychopath acts maybe i can recognize it and avoid it if it happens to me

>>129129740American women have no tracks for their train of thought

>>129130020>Today i will remind them of the seethe

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>>129122256>stoicismDo you even know what that word means? If he was stoic about it then he would not have tried to rationalize his loss into somehow being beneficial to the world.> his messageThe message that came off it was to not even bother to going to the police when someone steals your property.It would have been saintly if he gave his bike away to someone in greater need.However what has been created is essentially someone who is probably not going to even lose sleep the next time he steals something that is smaller than a bike.Good going Bike Cuck. Now I need a chain for my wallet just to prevent the total happiness in the world from increasing.

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>>129130577she's asian

>>129130595The funniest part is that she can't even claim harassment. She went to 4chan on her own.

>>129130631>>129122256Yeah, a stoic would just acknowledge that there are shitty people out there that will do shitty things like steal your bikeBut the stoic would understand that even though this was a bad thing, it's not something to get too worked up onIn contrast, this dude excuses criminal behavior and for whatever reason copes with his bike being stolen by pretending it's actually a good thing it was stolenA cuck is a cuck because he enjoys his suffering, a stoic is a stoic because he understands suffering is a natural aspect of life and does not get bothered by it

>>129127533>or you may forget it's there

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>>129119858>YOU HAVE TO TAKE THIS MEDICATION THATLL HAVE UNKNOWN EFFECTS ON YOU. YOUR BODY, MY CHOICE>a vaccine? oh hell naw bruh, i saw some chart on Holla Forums with an angry frog saying it would kill me just thinking about it

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