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I stopped religiously watching Family Guy a few years ago. Coming from a family where I was (to a much lesser extent) the blacksheep for most of my teenage years, the abuse of Meg by the show's entire cast hits a wrong nerve with me. the only way I would start watching the show even a little bit again is if they finally take Meg out of the show by moving out and living her life as a free woman. it would certainly change the show's dynamics but the running gag of abusing Meg was never funny, nor will it ever be funny

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>>129109681I couldn't keep up with Adventure Time and I dropped it by Season 5

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What a pussy. Why are you such a faggot OP?

>>129109681I dropped Adventure time when they changed Jake's voice here in latam Dropped SU about 4 episodes after Peridot's first appearance Thankfully never dropped Lower Decks, but I was this close. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

>>129109681I can't remember a cartoon I stopped watching for a reason other than I stopped watching TV regularly.Although I remember turning on iCarly and the episode started with Gibby forcing the girls to smell his armpits and I decided I was done.

>>129109681Meg was a terrible brat in the beginning, but now they shit on her too much.

I only liked Regular Show at first because it wasn't Adventure Time, then I realized it was a jokeless sitcom around Peeps and stopped watching Benson Be Gone, I wanted to see what Eileen was like so I watched Do Me a Solid, but Mordecai crapping in front of everybody turned me off the show for good

>>129109681Yeah, it sort of came out of nowhere too IIRC. I was never super big into family guy, because it's gross, but I remember back in the day Peter and Meg were on good terms. I have no idea when and why they started treating her the way that they do.

Meg's dead, OP. Replaced by a clone

>>129109681Family Guy dropped the Meg abuse years ago so you're lying

I dropped Adventure Time when it stopped being a silly surreal comedy and got up its own ass with lore.And Regular Show when it became "Mordecai's Love Life: the Cartoon".

>Am I evil?>Worse, you’re smart This was the exact moment I stopped watching Rick and Morty. The show used to be one of my favorites but S3 had a lot of notable stinkers and this was the one that broke me. The show fell into the trap that a lot of shows do where they have a nice serious moment everyone praises and then they spend the rest of the series trying to 1up that scene. Rick and Morty isn’t even in my top 5 AS shows anymore and I’m too sick of pseudo intellectualism to see if it ever got it’s shit together.Solar Opposites was okay and House of Cosby’s is Roiland’s Magnum Opus. Also Harmon is a cuck

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>>129109681Did you see the episode where they canonically explained why Meg is the family's lightning rod?

>>129109681I dropped adventure time sometime after breezy because i was sick of it becoming pretentious and depressing and how the plot was going nowhereI dropped star vs after season 3 changed the shows dynamic and was continuing to push a will they wont they shit with star and marcoI watch like the first season of voltron and planned to watch the rest later bit abandoned that after the awful ending happenedI dont watch most new episodes of loud house now since it shifted its focus more on lincoln and his school friends who i hateI dropped the harley quinn show whent it became too obnoxiously feminist for my tastesI dropped rick and morty in season 3 when instead of drifting away from jerry and beths marriage drama they doubled downed on it

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>>129110391I'm with you on just about all of these, except I did power though AT after it finished, also>harley quinn show>obnoxiously feministyeah, it was like that from the beginning.

>>129110677I tried getting back into AT a little before it ended but i couldnt. And that bubbiline ending burned any good will i had leftover for the show away

>>129109718Same. I didn't even hate the show; I just kind of drifted away from it without even noticing.

>>129110333tell me more

>>129109681Castlevania and Voltron both after their S3Korra halfway through S2

>>129109681>Kill off Carl to prevent Chandler Riggs from getting adult paychecks>Write out Rick because Andrew Lincoln wanted to go back to England>Time skip to reveal the rapidly aging baby we always forget exists is now wearing the hatMore than anything I just couldn’t believe his 50lb pipsqueak had perfect blemish free skin and long shampooed hair just dangling down for zombies to grab and we were supposed to believe she’d grown up in this post virus world. It not that she was the final straw, it’s just seeing her finally made me realize I didn’t care.

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>>129110868Wait they really killed off carl? Why

>>129109741>Dropped SU about 4 episodes after Peridot's first appearanceCan't blame you. Peridotfags were originally Zuke simps after all. How embarassing

>>129110314>House of Cosby’s FanGod tier taste

>>129110868I suppose this is sort of on topic. I end up dropping it right after the governor found a new family. Plus I already knew the sexy Asian boy was gonna eventually die so I didn't want to see that. Unless it already happened and I forgot about it


>>129109681I heard great things about bojack when i first got Netflix. I usually give a show until the middle of the second season to see if it gets better but the first season was such a miserable slog I never attempted the 2nd season at all.Also for the typical stuff: dropped FOP, family guy, Simpsons and South Park once they stopped being funny

>>129110762>Korra halfway through S2I stopped after the first three episodes.

>>129110314>Thought Solar Opposites would suck balls and be where all the B plots would get sent>Turns out it's actually pretty goodIt's the American Dad to R&M's Family Guy

>>129111666Nice trips. I've got a theory that Bojack is so popular is because of a combination of Hollywood celebrity obsession, even as a parody, and some episode will cover a mental or emotional issue and then people with those issues, real or imagined, latch on hard to the series.

The latest episode of family guy was one of the few episodes where Meg wasn't treated like shit and I loved it

>>129110223No they haven't. They just made her self aware that no one doesn't liked her when the plot demands it. Then again last season had less Meg abuse episodes

>>129110752Basically Meg decided she had enough and tore into all of her family members about how completely and utterly shit they are. Like here is her tearing into Lois: felt bad and started turning on each other and fell apart in minutes. Meg realized if it wasn't for her soaking up all the abuse, the family would disintegrate and either split up at best or kill each other at worst.

>>129111777S14 E6: Peter's SisterThe moment they dropped it for real. She's still seen as a loser, but they no longer abuse her.

>>129112084I'm surprised no one ever brings this episode up. Peter even apologizes to Meg abusing her so much over the years.

>>129109718I dropped when Jake's kids aged instantly

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>>129110314At least season 1 and parts of season 2 are still good

>>129109681Dropped Steven Universe after it was revealed what Rose Quartz's true identity was.

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Funny enough, people call Bon Bon the best episode. But the moment I saw Star use her magic to wipe out Marco on his date, I knew where this was going.

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>>129110886Chandler Riggs turned 18 and tried to renegotiate his contract. That’s just a hunch, but it’s weird that the network practically begged him to stay on for another 3 seasons only to kill him off a year later.

>>129112117It’s telling that they sped through Jake’s fatherhood for the status quo but changed everything around the show for PB and Marcie.

>>129112084>but they no longer abuse her.No I definitely remember some more meg abuse after that episode. I'll have to check again

>>129109681That CW kung fu show seemed cool until the fucking BLM episode that made me drop it halfway through

>>129109681Shut up, Meg

>>129110314It was the heist episode for me. Centering a whole episode around parodying heist movies is a very weird decision, and it was clear they were starved for material the whole time. It just kept on escalating in a rather predictable way, and I realized I've never been more bored with a show in a very long time.

>>129109681I dropped Venture Bros when they killed off one of the henchmen. Idk the names but it was those two Dr. Monarch minions where one was a fat neckbeard and the other one was a skinny dude with a receding hairline. Those guys rocked.

>>129109681Stopped watching>Big Mouth and Bob's Burgers because of voice actors and race>Family Guy because of "Pepe the Alt Right Frog">South Park because Matt & Trey became grandpas>Simpsons because it hasn't been good since the 90s

>>129109681They literally did this only for Chris to force her back for no good reason what so everSo sadly, OP, modern FG is just mental ill tier for normies to meme at.That's the direction of this world, all doomed to global warming, trans, and diseases.

>>129113003The fat neckbeard ends up becoming a bulked up super henchman, much more of a main character in later seasons, and Monarch eventually takes No. 24’s place as the guy he banters with.

>>129110253>Regular Show when it became "Mordecai's Love Life: the Cartoon".They are not even that a huge part of the show and they dont overlap with other episodse. The show is episodic in nature so just ignore the ones you dont like and watch the rest.

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>>129110314I dropped Rick and Morty on the train episode, I think (after already disliking season 3). Only very recently watched the rest of season 4 because a friend told me it got better. And, eh. Somewhat. Been watching the first two episodes of season 5 and I liked them.I never loved this show and never will, but it is fine entertainment when it isn't trying to be "deep".

>>129110333>>129111778The moral of the story, of course, being that if you get bullied you NEED to get bullied because otherwise people might feel bad about themselves. Which is just splendid. Grade A writing.

>get shot in the head>blood flows sideways/k/ bros, explain

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>>129110314I still watched the entirety of season 3, but the Avengers and fake memories episode made me realize Rick and Morty was turning into a second Community, just without the likable characters and good jokes. Thanks Dan.

>>129113410She is upright when the blood trickles down her face, it takes a couple of seconds for her to collapse on the kitchen table.

>>129109681Meg abuse hasn't been a thing for yearsGet new material faggot

>>129111778American Dad did this better with Klaus

>>129109681I watched Legend of Korra because I was a big fan of ATLA. I didn't like the New era and apart from Tenzin I didn't much care for any of the characters but I kept watching.After the whole first Avatar and the weird jellyfish monsters I think I was over it. I liked Zaheer as an antagonist so watched to the end of the 3rd season and the first couple of eps of season 4 but it didn't interest me at all so I stopped downloading them.Weeks later the whole Asami think happened and I just laughed. So glad I wasn't invested in that garbage.

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>>129113619American Dad did everything better than FG. That's what can be accomplished when you give that faggot Seth as little creative power as possible while still fellating his weak ego so he doesn't cry on social media about wanting to kill himself by drowning in his money.

>>129109800>Gibby forcing the girls to smell his armpits.What

>>129113003The character was dropped because the guy couldnt do the voice as much anymore

>>129109681Legend of Korra, dropped it after the final episodes of season 1. The ending was such utter garbage that it completely destroyed any interest I had in the series and I still haven't gone back to watch the other seasons.

>>129110868Stopped watching TWD after Rick got in the helicopter.Stopped reading TWD in the middle of the Whisper arc, but I did read the wiki to see how it ended.

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After the SoDoSoPa season I stopped watching South Park. somehow after 2016 suddenly the political nihilism they were pushing wasn't so fun anymore.after a few years away from it I realized, holy shit, this was the "Conservative Daily Show" the entire time.I can't even watch old episodes anymore now that I can see the propaganda parts.

>>129113578Doesn't explain it coagulating that fast. When she collapsed on the table the drips should've fell in that direction across her face

I dropped SU in that episode where he's hanging out with Onion's gang.Rick & Morty by the end of S3 I just didn't care anymore, then some friends showed me a few episodes from S4 and just as I expected, it sucked. It seems that R&M is the most droppable series ever.

>>129109741I dropped SU after Steven got stranded on homewold and they bullshit their way into bringing him back to earth in a single episode. Here is where I know nothing in this show was going to deliver.

>>129112687Yeah they told him to take a year off college and he did, then he bought a place in Georgia and then they fired him. It was also during that era of Scott Gimple who was constantly trying to reel in viewers with "shock moments" which were usually shocking, out of the blue deaths but that just caused viewers to be uninvested in the characters as they could die any time without completion of their arcs, making investment seem like a waste of time.It was a trap Game of Thrones fell into too after the success of the red wedding and the rise of the reaction video, they constantly tried to replicate the success of that moment by doing a shocking out of the blue death and TWD tried the same. All it did for both shows was get rid of a bunch of characters people cared about and be left with a bunch of characters nobody gave a fuck about.

>stop being mean to Meg :(I've been seeing zoomers shit and cry about this so much. You people are so fucking sensitive and soft

>>129115917E-celebs like Mr. Enter hates it too

>>129114912The best time to drop a TV show is when it suddenly gets catapulted into mainstream success and becomes a big part of pop culture. This is because after that point, the producers of the show will then dumb down and casualize the show in order to appeal to their new normie audience, keep those ratings high and make sure that they understand whats going on. They'll also try to drag the show out as much as possible rather than just ending it at the right time, so by the time it does end its a pale shadow fo what it once was and has lost everyone. For example Game of Thrones after season 3 but especially after season 4, Rick and Morty after season 3, Stranger Things after season 1, probably Squid Game after season 1 in which there shouldn't be another season.

>>129109681While I haven't dropped it yet, American Dad is starting to lose my interest. I used to watch it each week on FOX years ago, but ever since the TBS era, it's just gotten so meh and a chore to sit through at times. I personally feel it's running out of steam.As for Family Guy, while I don't like every new episode, I noticed this season that they're relying much less on cutaways and telling more jokes relating to the plots. It's a welcome change, and it has me watching it more.

>>129111778This one rubs me the wrong way since it's saying family abuse is justifiable as long as it keep the household together, but it's family guy so whatever.

>>129112134Took one reveal to smash pearl's reputation, that song about being proud of being her own pearl aged like milk in the sun

>>129109718I dropped it after season 3

>>129112153Honestly I stopped caring about Star Vs when they acted like star going back to mewni meant marco would never see her again despite having magic scissors to visit her with.I actively started to dislike it when they started treating monsters like dindus

I have absolutely zero interest in watching South Park's latest season after the first episode.The second I saw that fucking farm again I dropped it like a bad habbit

>>129114047S2 killed it for me, and that was after I already hated S1

>>129109681Archer. Vice. Jesus fuck that show was getting actively worse but then just jumped off a fucking cliff.

>>129116043I know. The show worked better when Rose and Pink's identities were kept separate, really it just marked the beginning of the end for all the other dumb shit that was to come later.

>>129110868I still don't understand how people watched this shit past the farm season.

>>129112134mine was after Lars death, no problem with that but can't handle the connie/steven '''drama'''

>>129111777checked double trips

>>129109681I stopped watching Rick and Morty after the sperm episode. It was just another awful episode of a show I used to enjoy after 2 seasons of bad episodes getting worse and more frequent and good episodes being barely up to par. Season 5 seemed like it would be better, but episode 4 killed it for me. Maybe I'll watch through Season 5 when Season 6 comes out, but I've seen all the old episodes too many times to get anything out of them now.

>>129110130When your characters shit on a shitty character that shit rubs off on them.They did this with Brian and Quagmire too where Quagmire shat all over Brian for being also a terrible brat, a drunk and a opportunistic slimeball and it made QUAGMIRE a fucking joke character into a massive stuck up cunt.Literally nothing they do works because the writers are sub zero iq retards that operate entirely on instinct.

>>129109681The final straw for Family Guy in my eyes was when they did an episode, after years of being the "edgy comedy" that makes fun of domestic abuse, where they tried to play it seriously with Quagmire's sister getting battered by her boyfriend. Then Peter kills him or something, but it was so stupid and unfunny.

>>129109741>dropped Adventure Time when they changed Jake's voice here in latamso it's basically true everybody liked his voice and CN was just being retarded

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>>129109681Dropped immediatelly after season two and never bothered again. I thought maybe season one just sucked because the writers were still trying to find their pace, but no it just fucking sucks.The first season's end hook gets solved in one episode and they expect me to give a shit about the second season's end hook? Maybe if it wasn't as boring as it is.

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>>129109681You stuck around longer than me. I quit around the time of the deep emotional episodes. I dropped it after the whole Quagmire wanting to kill his brother in law episode. >>129109718I tried to keep up with it until the comet episodes, then I just did not give a shit anymore. I was in it for the wacky adventures of the first season and it was WAY too far removed from that by 2014.

>>129118573I just dropped Disenchantment after the Mermaid saved Bean for the fifth fuckin' time. More of a plot convenient personal lifeguard than a love interest.

>>129109681I stopped giving a shit about Harley Quinn mid second season when it just turned into something totally different.I was on board for the Venture Brothers style deconstruction of the main DC universe, but when it became some different thing in a post apocalyptic Gotham with new original characters I didn't care anymore. And it was not nearly as funny as it was in the first season.

>>129109681Season 3 Episode 13. You know which show i'm talking about

>>129109681>>129118046Same here. First nail in the coffin was a fun episode where Stewie and Brian trip out through different art styles but then Meg has a dramatic speech with zoom and sad music about how she takes the abuse as a sign of love or some shit and then they never mention it again.Then there was the domestic violence episode.Conclusion: Seth is a fucking asshole and he must have skeletons in the closet, we just need to wait.

>>129112153>>129116277Star Vs is another show that just changed into a completely different thing. It was an episodic comedy that made fun of magical girl anime with over the top stunts to overly dramatic, season long arc tales with lessons about racism.

>>129109741>>129118054The worst part is that they didn't change the VA, CN told him to stop joking and stick to the original dialogue.

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>>129117977>>129118046>>129118600Seth was going insane wanting an emmy really real bad and kept trying to throw different shit at the wall to see if it would stick and get him his emmy.

>>129109681>kinda lose interest in the simpsons and only watch it sporadically>decide to start watching it again>lisa makes some wrongheaded leftard comment about the term SJW>drop it hard.

>>129109718braver than me, i stopped mid season 2. i stopped around season 3 with regular show.

Bob's BurgersLove Jon Benjamin's voice in Archer, and the cross over episode with Archer in Bob's Burgers was fun.But I couldn't bear teh constant gay, trans queer, feminism in the series.

>>129115917Cope Seth, your joke is old and stale shit

>>129118975For me it was the episode that consisted of three stories, each based around feces. The former is bad enough with how lazy it is, the feces really just hammered that I'm way out of their current target audience.

>>129109681I dropped The Prince after the first episode.Now this may not shock you because you don't know me. But I watch a LOT of bad shows.I've watched all five seasons of Big Mouth, all of Santa Inc, High Guardian Spice. Because I believe there's educational value in seeing other people fuck up making a show. By watching people do a terrible job, I'm better equipped to notice when people only do a kinda bad job.But The Prince is the first time I have ever had such an overwhelming feeling that I was wasting my fucking time. It is so fucking boring and safe. It's like Family Guy without the jokes. There are "jokes" but they're about the British Royal Family so nobody except the British is going to get them and they can't be about anything actually controversial or topical because that might offend the Crown. So what you end up with is just a godawful empty Family Guy plot played almost completely straight.

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>>129116371>The show worked better when Rose and Pink's identities were kept separateI don't care what anyone says, the Diamonds should've stayed villains. They were mass oppressors and murderers. Just because they got a taste of the suffering they've been dishing out doesn't mean we have to automatically feel bad for them.

>>129115878It’s crazy how both TWD and Game of Thrones were the biggest ratings juggernauts on tv in the 2010’s and they both ended in a fizzle. Walking Dead is apparently only just ending now and I couldn’t even be fucked enough to care. I remember they were talking about Rick having a whole film trilogy to himself to detail where he’d gone after the helicopter, and I knew in my heart he would at most get a single tv special. But now I don’t even know if that’s in the cards at this point. Some of those actors have their best years to that show and for what?

>>129113619Klaus was originally supposed to be the family antagonist but when they realized Roger’s disguises made him more versatile they wisely switched roles. Klaus became the shut in that Roger was originally supposed to be.

>>129119999Quads of truth.But seriously though, I absolutely agree with you, them switching sides last minute and being treated like good guys for the rest (of what was left) of the series was a terrible move on Sugar's part.If a character like Kevin can't be forgiven by the show for being, at most, a huge creep, then neither should the Diamonds by a long shot.

>>129113003You’re missing out. The fat guy becomes a macho henchman who’s essentially Monarch’s best friend. He’s still a funny nerd but he’s more confident and active in the main stories.

>>129119975I remember the people who worked on that show hated it too for being so bland

>>129118573They do this each season. It's almost comical how predictable it is. If it wasnt for my wife I'd have dropped it by now.

I don’t think there was a specific episode so much a gradual decline but I stopped actively waiting for new Spongebob episodes after Truth or Square came and went. Even back then I thought it was a boring and stupid letdown.

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>>129109718Agree. After it stopped being about Finn and Jake it wasnt the posvibes escapist show it used to be.

>>129109681There are probably dozens of episodes one could pick as being the last straw but I think pic related is what made me kind of give up on Simpsons. The show had used celebrity guests as plot hooks before, but this was the first one I recall just simply being about worshiping the guest. Like it wasn’t comparable to the N’Sync episode where they’re used as a point of comparison for why boy bands are lame, and where the guests make fun of themselves in a meaningful way. This episode seems like it was written from the top down just as a way to get her on the show for ratings. It made me see that the show was purely a network beast now. I know this isn’t a very original take, but it’s what I got.

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>>129109681OP is a faggot. Do you think children abused by their fathers quit watching The Simpsons over Homer choking Bart?

>>129109681Dropped South Park after the Tegridy Farms 'season finale' episode. It was clear they don't want anything to do with the kids anymore.

>>129120588people criticize this ep a lot, yet no one cared when south park did the same exact thing but for pewdiepie instead

>>129112880I've seen the entire show and I can confirm there's only two instances after that episode with abuse.One episode for a brief moment where Everyone begins beating each other up, Peter punching Meg.Season 19 had Peter throwing basketballs at Meg, it's pretty tame though.My point still stands.

>>129121407Felix was in there for a brief cameo though.

>>129120499same. all the hype for fucking nothing

Teen Titans Go the episode where the clown turned into a monster.

>>129109681I 'dropped' a lot of shows i liked, not because I started disliking but because I just stopped keeping up with them and watched TV less and less. I just recently watched the finale of AT and it hit me a lot harder emotionally than I expected it to.

>>129118688For me it was season 6. Just kinda drifted away.

>>129121407Pewdiepie was really only there for face value. Any parent who has a zoomer aged kid really wouldn't know much about internet celebrities besides the basics, so they slapped the biggest name they could onto it so more people would recognize him. Fun fact about this episode, all the scenes where Felix is on screen were filmed while he was on one of his Japan vlog trips, and he had to record them at 3AM in a shitty hotel with thin walls, so in the morning the hosts absolutely despised him despite his apologies

Dropped the Flash when they went out their way to kill Evan Mccullough so they could make mirror master a woman of color. And not just Evan. They HAD a Mirror Master(Sam Scudder) from a previous episode that was shoehorned to be a Mirror Duplicate created by the famale Mirror Master.I know the joke is that Flash writers often forget what they wrote but to go out of the way to fuck, up not just comic lore, but THE SHOW'S lore for the sake of Wokeness? Fuck off. Have fun with the dying show. I'm sure its saved now

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>>129115917I remember it wasn't just the zoomers, they phased it out over the years because it just wasn't funny. Turns out child abuse is a tough sell. Who figured.

>>129109681Shut up meg

RWBY around season 6, I was really into it when volume 3 was airing but after 3 more volumes I realized that the show wasn't going to get any better.

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I dropped star vs after the first episode, I couldn't stand how forced the voices and "comedy" felt. I understand it's probably because the age of the voice actors, but Star sounded and spoke like a 30 year old white woman from the suburbs, and marco sounded like he was one word away from being a mid 2000's stereotype

>>129109681I tried to watch this series 5 times and I always abandon it between chapters 3 and 6.>it sucks going from almost capturing a famous criminal to school adventures.>the start is very slow.>and from the beginning you can tell that the protagonist is a mary sue with low self-esteem.

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>>129122684Same but Gravity Falls

>>129122714>and from the beginning you can tell that the protagonist is a mary sue with low self-esteem.I don't blame you, saying that the leading girl has one of the most dangerous weapons in the world since the beginning of the series is not very subtle.

>>129110130Family guy was an epitome of beanmouth show but I think she can be related to Squidward

>>129112134It was a show that has alot of hiatuses

>>129109681I dropped the Simpsons after the episode where Lisa killed her cat 20 times. After all the "let's help Santa's Little Helper with his problems" episodes which were all framed as heartwarming, I was not anticipating a Snowball focus episode to be so utterly callous. It even ends on a joke referencing another shitty Status Quo Is God episode. In retrospect of course that was way past the point the show started sucking but it was so genuinely unpleasant I just called it quits and wished I had done it sooner.

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>>129118046it was Quagmire who killed him

>>129118054There's a video where the VA explains what happened. Basically, he showed up to a recording session, started doing his work and the sound technician told him they had orders from above to tone down the slang. He threatened to quit after they explained that CN was starting to hate the fact that mexican VAs added references and slang to their work and ordered them to stop it. And it backfired spectacularly. That and the Urban Bros. becoming a mafia in the early 2010s were really crazy eras for mexican dubs.

>>129109681I stopped watching the moment they introduced this faggot character

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I dropped Korra after the HORRIBLE season 1 finale. She punched out airbending, Amon turned out to be a bender which was so boring, then she loses her powers. Then she gets them back at the end. Fucking garbage. The season was okay with Amon carrying it hard. I never looked back after that disaster of a season finale.

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>>129116371It could've worked fine if they just hadn't made pearl in on the whole goddamn thing. It elevated Rose's character but completely destroyed Pearl's

>>129118688The show that has it's own containment board?

>>129110314This was a bad episode but at least the rest of the season was still good. But it's also the last season for you to stop watching the show because the show becomes this episode

>>129123618I'd even go a step further and say it killed Rose Quartz's character as well.From that point on, Rose was depicted as a put together mother figure of sorts. Someone who was generally mature and was against the colonization of Earth for what seemed to be moral reason. Pink was the opposite of all this, childish, immature, selfish and didn't care about moral implications so long as she got what she wanted, she was the inverse of everything Rose stood for, which made her a good character to have as an antagonist.Enter the twist, it's now revealed that these two characters who are polar opposites of each other and who have been "fighting against each other" for the past 1000 years are ackshually the same person.This single-handedly kills Rose's character and turns her into an even more maniacal version of PD, since she was basically toying with everyone's emotions on both sides of the war. Creating unnecessary tension between the rebellion and Pink's dynasty that didn't have to exist, had she not pretended to be somebody else and just took all her denizens with her.Worst part is that it isn't even really implied beforehand that MAYBE her and Pink share more in common than we think, that maybe Rose isn't as much of a good guy as we first thought, they're written like polar opposites until the twist. Then it becomes all retconning with her, where ackshully she was a big meanie the whole time, even when she WAS Rose Quartz. Which shouldn't really matter at this point since the people who are responsible for the entire show's conflict are forgiven and treated just as well as everyone else Steven befriends.Moral of the story is, don't ever write in a twist just for the sake of having a twist, you may think you're being clever but there's a good chance that it doesn't work and now your fanbase thinks you're retarded.

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Dropped Homestuck when they introduced the 4 new kids. I really do not care they where fucking pointless and awful.Dropped Rick and Morty after >>129110314 as well. I watched a few epsidoes though over the weekend with my brother and the more bullshit episdes did have a few good jokes.Stopped watching SU when Steven gets back from homeworld and then it's just a good 12 episodes of bullshit townies and acting like nothing happened. The more I look back the more I realise how much of a fucking waste that show was.Stopped watching Owl House the moment Luz decides to go to school and they just give her the rainbow outfit for no god damn reason. The constantly lesbian shipping was the final straw.Dropped The Loud House because the original creator left and I don't trust Holla Forumss opinion on it. The porn isn't that good either.Dropped The Dragon Prince after episode 2 when they introduce the deaf female army commander. Picked it up when Season 3 came out again and could barely finish season 1. The show is so fucking awful and the wokeness like whole shit.Dropped Disenchanted after episode 5 cause it was just boring. Friends keep freaking out about it but I've had zero interest.Dropped Walking Dead after season 4 cause it's just the same shit every season and normalfags freaking out over nothing was annoying. I still have no idea how it lasted this long when it's still the same shit.


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>>129118672>post apocalyptic GothamWait what the hell happened in Harley Quinn?

>>129109681Meg WAS supposed to be partially written out as she went to college, but then they copped-out had her explled for something beyond her control, and now she's back in high school and treated like shit like the rest of the family.I stopped watching the show sometime around the Brian/Vinnie incident, I think the last straw for me was either the 2,000 year old virgin, when Lois gives a "cheating is wrong" moral that fell flat, and made me realize that when ever the characters do a "I learned something" speech, they ultimately don't mean a word of it, and everythings back to shit in the next ep. Quagmires Mom too since Quagmire got off the Sex offender registry because his mom sleeps with a judge, making me realize that Peter could practially run a CP Snuff ring and get away sqeaky clean at the end.In short, I stopped because nothing in this show matters, the characters are all interchangable with the joke, and any attempt at decentcy is ultimatly bullshit

>>129124929Reminds me of Hitchcock's lesson on suspense. Two people are talking at a table and it suddenly explodes. You've given your audience 10 seconds of excitement. Now show the audience the anarchist planting the bomb under the table set to go off at 5 and the two people sit down to talk while a clock shows the time is 4:50. Now you can keep your audience in suspense for 10 minutes. Suspense works better when the audience has more information, never put an unexpected twist in the story unless the story is predicated on that twist.

>>129109800>the episode started with Gibby forcing the girls to smell his armpitsBased on true events. Dan Schneider would do the exact same thing with his underage cast members, sometimes with a gun in his hand.

I dropped Onyx Equinox on episode 2. It honestly just bored the fuck out of me.

>>129124929>Worst part is that it isn't even really implied beforehand that MAYBE her and Pink share more in common than we think, that maybe Rose isn't as much of a good guy as we first thought, they're written like polar opposites until the twist. Then it becomes all retconning with her, where ackshully she was a big meanie the whole time, even when she WAS Rose Quartz.Pink wasn't even a known presence for like half the show, and they started adding hints of shadiness to Rose's character once homeworld became involved in earnest.Her arc was a twist for no reason, it was one of regrets, maturation and misused power. You even highlight it yourself with how Pink is the childish counterpart to the more mature Rose. Combining Pink and Rose into a single character made sense, and fan theories were onto it all the way back in S1 anyway, so it's not nearly as out of the blue as you imply.The other diamonds had complete shit arcs though.

>>129126175>fan theories were onto it all the way back in S1 anyway, so it's not nearly as out of the blue as you imply.True, however the huge discrepancies and rule bending that would need to take place in order for this to be true meant that most fans ruled it out as a possibility very early on.We didn't even know that gems had the ability to turn their gemstones when they're shapeshifting, until the Pink Diamond twist.

>>129110314I agree this episode was infuriatingly bad

>>129109681That but with Toby from the office. They literally had to make his character a shittier person just so it didn't seem so cruel. Also shows that are painfully liberal. Whoever cast Cowboy Bebop hated white people, made it 5 minutes into the first episode of that one.

>>129109681dropped Simpsons and FG when they replaced the VAs to appease the woke agendadropped Bob's Burgers when I dropped Simpsons and FGdropped South Park when they went all in on serializationdropped Adventure Time after Frost and Firedropped Star VS after it became apparent Eclipsa wasn't going to be a villain

>>129110868I dropped it the season after the cannibal arc, I don't even remember what happens in that one lol

>>129126230Yes, but their theories on the missing diamond in the homeworld motifs, the mural paintings, the associations with rose and pink, the strangeness of Rose/Steven's power set, etc. They left more than a few breadcrumbs hunting Rose was more than was let on and that the Pink diamond story was shaky. The twist really wasn't pulled out of nowhere and explained many of the questions that cropped up over the whole show. The way they chose to explain it though was what was disastrous, particularly for Pearl. Absolutely absurd to give her a character arc about finding her independence then in the end revealing she not only was but still is a slave forever beholden to her master. What the fuck were they thinking?

>>129121536>We have the slade stuff offscreen>Instead let's use Clowns as an alegory for cartoons and say they should ONLY be enjoyable to kids. Any attempt to appeal to adults is wrong and any adult that still likes cartoons is a fucking loserThe nonstop "mock the critics" episodes don't help either

>>129126632Don't forget, any episode where Control Freak plays a role ultimately means it's another "fuck you critics" episode.I was indifferent to the character but I roll my eyes at his TTG version

>>129118573I stopped watching after the first episode of the second season for reasons mentioned. If Bean got with a Mermaid did Elfo really get cucked into oblivion?

>>129109681I stopped watching Legend of Korra after they dropped the water tribe civil war storyline in favor of giant lazers and a dark avatar. Haven't watched it since and never plan to.

>>129109681The episode where Stewie impregnates himself with Brian's sperm was where I called it quits forever.

>>129126632>The nonstop "mock the critics" episodes don't help eitherThey're still making those? Fucking christ how butthurt can you be

>>129127155The last one I remember is one where they're competing against Scooby Doo, I assume it's one since Control Freak is a major character in it.Don't forget what they did with the Thundercats Roar crossover>TCR is the best reboot to Thundercats ever! Anyone who disagrees eats poo poo diahreaa>Implying no one gives a shit about the 2011>Tasteless joke about Panthro's deceased first VA,

>>129118573same, it's pretty bad

>>129123498you didn't miss anything

>>129110314I think R&M was an alright show at one point, I just don't get the fucking hype AT ALL.

>>129120950Homer usually choked Bart because of a smartass comment or a prank or something, so it was more of a reprisal while Meg often got shat on for no good reason.

>>129121407No I definitely cared and was one of many reasons I stopped caring about south park.

>>129123429Too soon. Why are people like you so salty's about losing the vote?

>>129118600>I tried to keep up with it until the comet episodesGave up then too, the Alien crap with Gunther was just so terrible and anti-plot, I literally don't care what happened next and go out of my way to avoid Adventure Time content now. Fuck that show, waste of my time.Same with Korra, dropped that shit in Season 1 and never looked back.

>>129126360>They literally had to make his character a shittier person just so it didn't seem so cruel.Thats typically what they do to buttmonkey characters just to get you on board with the meanspirited jokes.Its actually what bugs me about rick and morty too, all the jerry shit is just not that fun to watch.But then, I dropped rick and morty mostly for all the 'tfw to intelligent' bullshit that helped feed into that.

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>>129125338Idk. Btw at least bump with an image as this is not a literature Thread!

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>>129116277>>129118724and the show ends with her killing almost all magical creatures to save a few people, so a lot of good that did.

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A very dear friend of mine is the black sheep of hers, and for no real reason, they all just decided to be shitty to her from her early childhood.Her mother is outfight fucking evil.Her sibling did everything they could to get her into trouble, to the point that as adults her brother one day felt the need to apologies about what a peice of shit he was.Least shitty one was her dad, and he just let everyone else railroad her, so he was an asshole enabler.Feel bad for her. Wish she had a decent family.

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>>129127714Didn't she run off or snap?

>>129127805worse, she is pretty much stuck with her mother.

>>129109681F is for Family. I didn't drop it because I hated it, I dropped it because after 2 season of some real heavy shit. Frank was in a really good place at the end of S2, so I knew it would get a lot worse, so I decided to to take a break.

>>129127821Not letting her live with you.

>>129126519All those breadcrumbs were retroactive I feel. It’s the JJ Abrams “Mystery Box” formula where you can basically write whatever and then invent an answer to it all later. They had to write that Steven’s powers were far too OP when they decided that the Gems were a cast system. Diamonds having the craziest powers was after the fact.

I watched Clarence from beginning to end and it was perfect the entire time and ended perfectly without having a chance to go to shit like most shows

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>>129123429But they died

>>129109681You probably deserved it for being a whiny little bitch

>>129128764very based

>>129118688The wings really bothered you that much?


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>>129110314I dropped after bushworld after realizing the real show will never be as good

>>129128620Doubtful. We saw the diamonds and a rough outline of gem society in the mural paintings in S1 and the caste system was more or less confirmed with the ruby/sapphire reveal, which was the S1 finale. At most they bullshitted Steven's ever growing powers, but seems like they always knew he was a diamond. Again the execution was shit, but all the clues fit too well to have been a happy accident.

>>129128620>All those breadcrumbs were retroactive I feel. It’s the JJ Abrams “Mystery Box” formula where you can basically write whatever and then invent an answer to it all later.I feel like Dragon Prince is in the process of doing this. Seems like there is no real plan.I haven't dropped it yet because I'm starved for /tg/ related Holla Forums content

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>>129125459For Family Guy, for whatever reason they have done multiple jokes and cut-aways hinting Peter is a pedophile, hell even saying Joes baby was giving him sexy looks.I dropped it a while ago but for whatever reason YouTube recommended me a clip and it was some bullshit of Brian getting cucked in real time, some dog he liked getting fucked in front of him while some bigger dog came inside her.I felt i made the right decision dropping this show.

>>129109681Holy shit this place is INFESTED with literal FAGGOTS from Plebbit, Tranwitter and Troonblr. Kill yourself, OP. You are a massive loser if you relate to motherfucking Meg.

>>129130128I think they had a plan then just realized it was shit halfway through, and are now scrambling to come up with a better one

>>129110314season 1 and 2 was good, it was original and unplanned. Afterwards it's fake as shit.

>>129109718Adventure Time doing the romance thing made me drop it

>>129130326When the show started turning to Relationship time all the time I dropped it.Like goddamn how many episodes can you have about Finn yearning for female attention on the same goddamn tree house or green hills?First couple of season, first couple of episode was exploring lands, mysterious places, going into unique temples, dungeons, meeting fantastical creatures and peoples, I was hyped for more of that. Then an episode about Finn and PB, ok no biggie, then another, then Flame Princess, then more of that, then another…I had to drop it shit was getting boring.

>>129110314>See that right there is one of the many reasons why people dropped Rick & Morty Instead of a fun show with adventures, it became "deep" and "edgy" and then evolved into a consumer whore. I won't ever forgive them for that sauce crap they started (I had to deal with these retards asking and even harassing our store and other customers over it).

>>129127558Every time Jerry has betrayed them it was justified.

>>129109681I dropped The Flash after season 1. Was gonna watch S2 but I just felt satisfied with the way S1 ended and didn't bother with the second season.

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>>129130338Finn honestly didn't need this and if ever rebooted I'd remove the whole crush/attraction to PB and any of the other Princesses.

>>129130368>IRIS has the speed force and WE ARE THE FLASH

>>129130375Yeah, I heard the show went to absolute dogshit.

>>129111732I suffer from non meme real depression and loathed everyone in that show. The whole "woe is me my success is gone" shit is insulting.

>>129118688Very true. Faggots try to pretend that people didnt like it because of the wings, but the whole season and its finale was proof that the writers didnt give a fuck about ToyCommercial Show #7595

>>129109718I remember starting to feel let down at that point. I stuck around a little longer and it just confirmed my disappointment.People often complain about the shipping drama and stuff, but for me the problem was just that the show stopped being funny. I especially hated the gimmicky "deep" moments that actually had nothing to say."Thanks for the Crabapples Giuseppi" was where I quit because it sounded like a classic goofy fun premise, but it was just an unfunny time-wasting slog.