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>"My name is Peni Parker. I was bitten by a radioactive spider."

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>>129109336>"WHO WANTS THIS DOG??"

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>"I want my feet licked"

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>>129109336>"Now Numbuh 1 will be like that forever, and we'll never know the code!"

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>"Every decision we make is meaningless because somewhere, on a parallel Earth, we have already made the opposite choice. We're nothing. Less than nothing."

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>>129109336>I exist as nothing more than a mere tool... I had no motive for killing Mahiru... No reason to kill...not even the will to kill... I was simply used as a tool. As long as I am a tool, I cannot defy my orders.

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>No one's gonna tell you nothin'. They're wise to your act. You got rules. The Joker, he's got no rules. No one's gonna cross him to you. You want this guy, you got one way. But you already know what that is. Just take off that mask and let him come find you. Or you gonna let a couple more people get killed while you make your mind?

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>>129109336>"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!!!"

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>>129110628sometimes I forget she had talent.

>>129109889>>129110376That's a surprise

Autobots! Transform and roll out!

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>>129109336>"Don't you just LOOOOVE Halloween?"

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>Fuck off, I'm a time god!

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>>129109336>Stomps on Bible>"Where is your god now, you crusader pig?"

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>>129109336I probably shouldn't be that surprised but I still am.

>We’re all born with an expiration date. No one lasts forever. Life is nothing but a grace period for turning our genetic material into the next generation. The data of life is transferred from parent to child. That’s how it works. But we have no heirs, no legacy. Cloned from our father with the ability to reproduce conveniently engineered out. What is our legacy if we cannot pass the torch? Proof of our existence – a mark of some sort.

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>>129109889how much did he get paid to say just that?

>It's hero time!

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how about foreign dubs?>Are ye ready kids?

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>"You know baby, I wasn't crazy about the front scrub, but I am grooving on the mane."

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>>129109336>"Oh yeah, it's all coming together."

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>>129109336>"This movie isn't stupid! YOU'RE STUPID!"

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>"You go too far this time. You cannot interfere. This is humanity's chance to repent. To give service to us. You cannot resist the will of the Khan Maykr, for it was you who was meant to enforce it."

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>>129109336>"Well well... look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car."

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>Like the good ol' days after 9/11!

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>"Life's end...">"Isn't it beautiful? It's almost tragic. When life ends, it gives off a final lingering aroma. Light is but a farewell gift from the darkness to those on their way to die. I've been waiting, Snake, for a long time. Waiting for your birth, your growth, and the finality of today."

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>Let's dispense with the warm-up, shall we Jotaro? This is the last time I'll stop time. 「THE WORLD!」

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>>129109336>"No one will take Soul Edge from me!"

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>>129110767This is the part where you boogie, this is the part where you dance

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>>129109336>"Hola señor. Que pasa?"

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>>129110495Never knew this.

>Kids Next Door, battlestations!

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>>129109336>"Hi, I'm Bob from Bob's Burgers.">"Hi, I'm Archer from Archer."

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>>129109336>"If I hear so much as a mouse fart in here the rest of the night, I swear by God and sonny Jesus you will all visit the infirmary! Every last motherfucker in here!"

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>"So help me, Ariel, I am going to get through to you, and if THIS is the only way... so be it!"

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>"You look nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs."

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>THE HEART, Osborn! First, we attack his heart!

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>"I think I'd go maximum crazy! I'd murder Bill, burn down the neighborhood, RAPE ROGER!"

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>don’t blame us, blame the FCC, which stands for faggoty cockblocking clanfuckers! WHEEEEEEEEEE

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"That man won't quit as long as he can still draw a breath. None of my teammates will. Me? I've got a different problem. I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking constant care not to break something, to break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control even for a moment, or someone could die. But you can take it, can't you, big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose and show you just how powerful I really am."

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>Good to see you, Cloud.

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>>129117581>>129117587Duality of a man

>>129109336>"THAT'S MY PURSE! I DON'T KNOW YOU!"

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>>129109336“Have I ever told you about my first kill, Batman?”

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>"Frank. Frank. I need some water. My mouth is dry."

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>>129109889>"Better dead than Al-Bhed"

>>129109336>"I told you! We're hauling ass!"

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>>129109336>Being summoned to pick you up has never been a good omen Master Bruce.

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>>129109336>"Sweet lion of Zion!"

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>"There's nothing like a good atrocity to keep a war going!">"Give war a chance!"

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>"And when I'm fuhrer there will be changes. That day... All female officers will be required to wear... tiny miniskirts!"

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>"Hey Carl, guess who am I? IM BATMAN!"

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>>129109336>"Why do you disappoint me? Second, and by second, you keep wasting my time!"

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>Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence.

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>>129115833>Perkins!>You fucking cocksucker!!

>>129109336>"Well, you got what you wanted, Dad! My best friend's gone because of you and your stupid racism! I hate you!"

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>>129109336>"The Beast Wars are OVER!">"YOU! LOSE!"

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>>129109336>"Ramirez was an effete snob! He died on his knees. I took his head and raped his woman before his blood was even cold."

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>>129109336>"Go Team Venture!"

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>>129109336>"From now on you are to address me as Johnny X!"

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"Good evening, lowlifes, and welcome to Club Scum. Oh, I'm sorry. The donkey mud-wresters enter through the back."

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>Kill me or release me, parasite, but do not waste my time with talk!

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>>129115291>"Life fiber! Synchronize! Kamui! Senketsu"

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>“War is not violence and killing, pure and simple; war is controlled violence, for a purpose.”

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>>129109336>"You don't know much about business, do you? When you see an opportunity like this, you've gotta go for it. Now, will you give me a thousand credits?"

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>You aren't the only one to grow up on the killing fields. War is a cruel parent, but an effective teacher. Its final lesson is carved deep in my psyche: that this world, and all of its people, are diseased. Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns of something even greater: memes, the DNA of the soul. They shape our will. They are the culture. They are everything we pass on. Expose someone to anger long enough, they will learn to hate. They become a carrier. Envy, greed, despair: all memes, all passed on. You can't fight nature, Squid. Wind blows, rain falls, and the strong prey upon the weak. Otto tells me you see your weapon as a "tool": something that saves lives, a means of justice. Now, there's a pretty meme! Exquisite! It spared you the burden of all the lives you've taken, absolved you of guilt when you enjoyed it.

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>"Growing up is not so tough,>'cept when I've had enough>But there's lots of fun stuff"

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>>129109336>"I rode the caffeine pony and it took me to the depths of hell."

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>I have returned. After an eternity away from you all, Jack of Blades is back!

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>There's only one solution for earth pollution!

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>Whatever the Navajo told you... it's just one possible solution derived by Cipher. My will is different. I've known you since your time at Langley. I've long been the other side of your coin. 1964, Soviet territory. FOX's first mission. Any mess you made, I was there to clean up. You completed your task - and admirably. The "information" you returned was far more than enough to fill our pockets. With it, our futures became - more or less - set in stone. And then the Major came to me with an idea. "Washington doesn't know how to spend money," he said. "I'd like to... redirect it". His goal was an organization dedicated solely - covertly - to supporting America. Cipher. You know the rest. To him, it was mourning - the loss of his friend. Or rather, an act of revenge. On the world, but America most of all.

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>>129111964>>129115364>>129115419>>129118664>>129119590Why are the Metal Gear ones all so weird


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>>129119780Because Metal Gear is weird.


>>129109336>Give it to me babyuh huh uh huh>Give it to me babyuh huh uh huh>Give it to me babyuh huh uh huh

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>I think it's time for Jack… TO LET 'ER RIP!"

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>>129109336>Let me explain to you the kind of man Gary is. He's a man who knows that when you put another man's cock in your mouth, you make a pact. A bond that cannot be broken. He's a man so dedicated that he will get down on his knees and put that cock right in his mouth.

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>>129109336>"Uhhh, Mr. Dink. I, uhhh, I broke your grill. I'm sorry."

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>>129109336>"Dearest, do the Rangers worry you?"

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>>129109336>Do you remember what you wrote on the inside of that pamphlet? "You were born with a special gift. But the people around you treat it like a curse. Your mother was afraid of you, and your father looks at you with shame in his eyes. Come to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, and you can show them all! Back home, your powers make you a loner, an outcast, a circus freak. But in this dojo, in this psychic dojo, they make you a hero."

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>>129109336I am *record scratch*... I am that I am

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>>129109336>"If you need instructions on how to get to the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book."

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>"Springtime for Hitler... and Germany!"

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>I gotta blame somebody. Otherwise, it's all my fault. Fuck that.

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>>129109336>"I? I am a monument to all your sins."

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>>129109889>>129110710>>129112716>>129117773>also jake

>Humans are nothing more than pigs in clothing!

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>>129109336"OKAY! THAT DOES IT! I'm pretty sure I'm losing memories of my childhood now! And while I'm more than happy to part with my dear memories of Uncle Mickey and his van, I can't risk losing the first time I touched a boob at chess camp!"

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>>129109336>"Prison is not cool. Being here is not cool. It's not brave, or admirable, or courageous; it's stupid."

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>Word up!

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>"How about another joke, Murray?"

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>>129109336>"Uhhh... I- I used to be a putrid fuckin' cunt. ...BUT THEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO TH-"

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>>129109336“Hello Timmy Turner, my name is Doug Dimmadome, the owner of the Dimmsadale Dimmadome.”

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>>129109371Curious here, was that from a deleted scene from Jennifer's Body or was it really in the final cut?

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>>129122306holy shit


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>Go for the eyes, Boo... GO FOR THE EYES!

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>>129115364I fucking love Crispy Freeman.

>>129121830>Okay, everybody, I... It's all very impressive but don't be distracted by the razzle-dazzle. Okay? We just gotta focus on our goal and...Sweet baby corn, that chair has my name on it! This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Second is the Grand Canyon. Third is a baby deer learning to stand. Are these tombstones real? AH! They don't even fall down. Can you believe this, Libby? Our vision is coming to life!

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>I tried to gain favor from you but nothing was ever good enough. No matter how many battles I fought you always found fault. Then I saw how Optimist treated his men and I realized he was a Leader of integrity...unlike you

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>"LOSER! You're a LOSER! Are you feeling sorry for yourself!?! Well, you SHOULD be, cause YOU'RE A LOSER!"

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>"I gotta take a wicked dump!"

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>>129109336>Fuck me hard.

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Very good variety this time guys. I'm loving it.>>129109336>I wish the Iron Lords could have met you. They would have hated you. You would've pushed them to be better

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>>129109336>I will bury you in history! You hear me, you fat fucker? You smell like rendered horse, you burning asshole!

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"Fuck you Dad, you simple minded prick! Mind your own business and pass the Cheerios!"

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"Don’t worry. Even if you’re a bit rough, I’ll do my best to enjoy it"

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>>129123629I can actually hear it in Butthead’s voice.

>That’s not me, man! I was the guy who sold meth!

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>>129109336>there are crooks in this here west, who claim to be the best, thinking they wrote the book on how to rustle.>well as good as they may be, not a one's as good as me, and i barely had to move a single muscle ha ha ha.

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>You're hot, Cupcake. Now, what'll it be, man or woman?

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>>129117822Never would have thought.

>I just wanted Riley to be happy…

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>>129121587>"You broke my grill?">"YOU BROKE MY GRILL?!"

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>Slap Slap Slap>Clap Clap Clap

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>>129118024>Well, that's just Prime.

Attached: Grounder_3.png (373x329, 116.27K)

>"You killed 2B.>"That's we need to kill each other."

Attached: 400px-Narancia_Ghirga_Infobox_Anime.png (400x672, 217.3K)

>>129111136This is about their voice acting, not things they said in real life.

>>129125901And going way back...>This program was pre-recorded, because we have no way of post-recording it.

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>>129121830Well, that explains the blue hair

>okay this is really gross. One time, I was out of toilet paper so I used cotton balls. So, you know, I’m wiping, and I think my finger kinda poked through the cotton. So I, and do not ask me why, I smell my finger to check…

Attached: 6C31C6A3-A7DC-42FE-8190-1677A0B39299.jpg (488x424, 53.17K)

>"I’m sickened, but curious."

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>>129109336>"War... war never changes..."

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>>129109336>I do need capital. And votes. Wanna know why? "I have a dream." That one day, every person in this nation will control their OWN destiny. A land of the TRULY free, dammit. A nation of ACTION, not words. Ruled by STRENGTH, not committee. Where the law changes to suit the individual, not the other way around. Where power and justice are back where they belong: in the hands of the people! Where every man is free to think -- to act -- for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick lawyers and chicken-shit bureaucrats. Fuck this 24/7 Internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit. Fuck "American pride". Fuck the media! Fuck all of it! America is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's no saving it -- we need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean. BURN IT DOWN! And from the ashes, a new America will be born. Evolved, but untamed! The weak will be purged, and the strongest will thrive -- free to live as they see fit, they will make America GREAT AGAIN!

Attached: mordecais-dad-regular-show-6.41.jpg (210x240, 10.2K)

>Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Farm of Tomorrow. A wonderland of modern mechanical inventions, together with the most advanced of scientifically improved livestock.

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>I am an Ed-A-Puss, because I'm Ed!

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>>129126627> War... has changed.

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>That's right conspiracy buff! I spent 20 million dollars on a fake campaign, just to tick Superman off!

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I've known about since you were in your mother's womb.

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Not exactly Holla Forums related, but it always surprised me.>All in good time. When I'm finished with it. Jones, do you realize what the Ark is? It's a transmitter, it's a radio for speaking to God, and it's within my reach.

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>On your lunch break, eh Squidie?

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>Why are making pudding at 4 am?>Because I've lost control of my life.

Attached: G1_boxart_Prowl.jpg (791x1050, 224.1K)

>I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.

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>As you command, mighty Megatron.

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>You are on this Council, but we do not grant you the rank of Master

Attached: Kratos_Mugshot.jpg (714x802, 181.72K)

>Deedee, get out of my laboratory!

Attached: Profile_-_Gosalyn_Mallard.png (469x513, 374.79K)

>"Laying their merman eggs...but in a hot way."

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>Josie's on a vacation far away...

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>>129117520Hard to believe she was in a kid's show.


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>Legs spread, same width as the shoulders. Body tight, then hit the ball like you're defeating the enemy. Here. The pinky finger is the key. And then you just hit, hit, hit. Ka-king! Bingo!

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>Don't get yourself killed. Neither of us want to see you go Hollow.

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>>129110307Damn, how'd I never pick up on that. James Woods has such a distinctive voice too.

>>129122306I'm not super familiar with Word Girl, so at first I thought you were saying that the lead singer of Cameo voiced this bitch.

>>129122780In what language's dub is this true? Because it ain't English.

>>129117614Fuck, I just realized that.

>You should not toy with the emotions of a Fire elemental

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>>129122481The Skyrim guy is Lyle, retard

Tomrrow I'm belt sanding the fingerprints off a pile of corpses

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>Humans are driven by selfish desire, they think only of themselves

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>There's a saying - the pessimist looks down and hits his head. The optimist looks up and loses his footing. The realist looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly.

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>I dreamt that Leonor came back and stole Leonor.

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