ITT: Best designs for Spider-Man characters

ITT: Best designs for Spider-Man characters.

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>>129107893That looks like a League of Legends character skin.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game had some really good ones.

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>>129108140Kickass looks good there

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>>129107893Good for Bendis for losing weight, getting into shape, and becoming a supervillain!

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>>129108507The only thing missing are logos connecting together.

>>129108185That's just comic Carnage

>>129108298clearly scarlett johansson

>>129108772That's why it works.


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>>129107893It looks like Bendis...with swords.

Really, really like this one. 9 outta 10. Give him a goblin mask and it's 10.

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>>129107893Somebody's been watching too much Gundam.

>>129108933>Willem looks 10 times as ghoulish as that maskBrilliant

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Sort of Spider-Man related.USM had the cutest version of Squirrel Girl.

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>>129107893Does he have fin funnels?

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>>129107893Boo. Insomniac did most of the villains better

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>>129107893You start, OP.

>>129108360I like the addition of the turtleneck in NWH

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>>129107893This design was cribbed wholesale from Anubis.

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Best look and version of the character

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>>129109191shoulda had him paint his face green

>>129107893Pic makes him no justice, you need to see him in>>129109604>t. Insomniac employee

>>129111906Looks like shit.

>>129111937Yeah, the Insomniac designs do, that's been the consensus for a while.

Personally the fondest of the black marvel knights look.>>129107893The powerset upgrade was a really clever usage of his powers being magnetic.>>129109604Eh, it was super bulky, while Vulture kind of needs speed to be effective. And his wings were just a jetpack rather magnetically propelled.>>129110021Dematties's take was better written, but MCU Vulch was good. I do think he was too bulky for a character like him.>>129109636Easily the best looking of the sinister six in the game.>>129109620Awful

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>>129110021I would absolutely have been okay with him being another Vulture in the comics. Toomes is kind of played out at this point and Keaton was a 10/10 incarnation of the character.>>129109604I'm so glad they didn't go with the stupid-looking helmet, the 'beak' is a perfect addition.

>>129111986I dunno, the only thing more played out than Adrian is having someone else become Vulture. Its happened a ton and it never sticks.

>>129111947>I do think he was too bulky for a character like him.I liked the bulk. It helped bridge the gap between "normal middle age dude" and "kid who can bench press a truck," and it differentiated him from Falcon. >>129111998That's because the new Vultures have nothing going for them, but I think Keaton as the blue collar family man kind of affable thief type could fill a new niche. You could even keep Toomes around as his tech support. Fuck it, bring back all the old vultures, add Keaton in, and have them work as a team.

>>129112242Eh, i think that when a defining aspect of a character's powerset is the fact they're fast making it so bulky kinda defeats the point. It works in the MCU, but only there.Eh, I mean one of the other vultures is dead and Adrian tried to kill Blackie and the Vultorions so I doubt they would ever work together. Not to mention that honestly Adrian ahs had a family a few times in the comics (nephew who died, grandson and now granddaughter) they just don't get mentioned often.

>>129111947This and Spectacular had my favorite Vultures. Black is more fitting for him and Spidey has a surplus of green villains.

>>129111832When the first injection started to take effect Norman should have willed himself evil, turning green and Gobliny in the process. Smoking mouth fire and big yellow eyes to boot.

I think the game had a pretty mixed bag in terms of designs, but this might be the best Otto has looked in a long time.

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>>129108298This made me rock hard when I was 9.

>>129107893>>129108655WOS had some good designs

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>>129111947Finally, some black armor chads ITT.>>129107893>>129109604>>129110021I think the best design would be a combination of those. Black armor from Marvel Knights, detachable wing blades from WoS, fur and helmet from the MCU (the claw things too but I think MK armor alreasy has those) and MAYBE the beak thing from Insomniac, although I think it's pretty unnecessary.

>>129109198>>129109531>Spider-Man>>129109733didnt expect to see Zone of the Enders here

>>129109531His wings acted like that, it didn't shoot laser though, it acted like swords iirc.

>>129112754looks like a janitor

>>129110021this is the only time i've ever like the vulture. Just a sad old man other wise.

>>129107893What Korean mobile game is this character from?


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>>129112754That some sweet shoes.

>>129109620>>129111947Fuck you this was Electro’s best look. Every detail is a nod towards the original design

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>blue highlights>exposed gumsI love the round head wrap of the symbiote, the eyes wrap around the head kind of rather than being front and center, that detail always makes it feel more "alien" to me which I prefer to when they make it more like just an animated face, what I tend to think of as the "toon Venom" look, you know what I mean?

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>>129108871Then why not just post comic carnage? The game doesn't do anything better.

>>129113219The beak is an oxygen mask for high altitude and life support


>>129109733They look nothing alike Holla Forumstranny

>>129107893>a bunch of freely floating swords as "wings"No, it's fucking shit. You better be joking.

>>129115142They can combine or separate to create "wings" or blades

>>129114486if every detail of your design is a nod to a different design, youre a worse design

>>129112754kinda wish his goggles glowed to match the arms.


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>>129115467Yeah, it's fucking shit.

>>129113401Ready to clean up some cobwebs

>>129107893Probably a super fucking unpopular opinion, but I still fucking love the Edge of Time suit

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>>129112618I love Spectacular's vulture design, but Marvel Knights did orginate the color scheme for him.>>129112754Actually agreed.>>129113219Also yeah that'd be the best design.>>129114486Well, both Spectacular and NWH were better homages to his original design. While WOS and MUA are nice updates of the look.PS4 is the worst of the lot, only TASM2 was worse.

Would it have looked good?

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Are you retards still pretending anything about WoS is anything but putrid garbage?

>>129115687Honestly, no. Some designs just look silly or weird in live action where the best angles and lighting can't always be chosen like they can in 2D. Not all 2D designs work in live action and I think this is one of them.

>>129115687The "ears" need to be a bit more subdued I think, that's all

>>129115687Depends really. On what the body would have been.

>>129115704Fuck off retard. It's a good game.

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>>129115491Flawed logic. That would be a homage

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>>129115686How the fuck is NWH a better Electro design? It’s fucking kakis and yellow tubes

>>129115704Are you still making 3/10 Spider-Man games?

>>129116671fair! you really do have me there. you wont convince me that electro design isnt dogshit though

>>129112754he reminds me of george constanza

>>129116729Well I certainly don’t expect to change your mind, I just personally disagree strongly. Every detail in the Insomniac Electro design is the artist asking “How can I pay homage to the original design while also creating something new/modern?” And I think he succeeded. It’s also reminiscent of other Electro ideas. The mask, colors, career background, it’s all there in his look

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>>129117026Not him but he looks like a grosshomeless man instead of a bona fide supervillainHe's the only one there who sounded like he was actually having fun, bantering back and forth with Peter, which is wild considering what he did/caused years ago. I feel like he should have a closer that's more, direct? Instead of matching colors and the face scar

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>>129113206I always found it funny that Hobgoblin 2099 in that game is literally just a palette swap of Goblin 2099.

>>129117211Max is a working class criminal that was a blue collar line worker before his accident. Him wearing something a bit more casual is fine. And the zigzag device on his jacket overlaying the yellow shirt invokes lightning bolt imagery reminiscent of his original design too. He can likely do that mask trick NWH Electro does too since people wank over that

>>129109604i was happy they got Dwight Schultz to reprise Vulture in the game having previously voiced him in the movie tie ins, it probably helped the games voice director Kris Zimmerman loves working with Dwight.

>>129117283>He can likely do that mask trick NWH Electro does too since people wank over thatthat shit was really cool and clever. i think Insomniac and NWH Electro are my favourite versions.

>>129117283Don't linemen make banks making sure the power doesn't go out? It doesn't seem right that someone obsessed with becoming pure energywould dress so bummy, he sounds like he thinks highly of himself and he does seem to take pride in his villainy

>>129117488Electrical engineers make bank. This was back when pole men with a high school degree could get work doing basic maintenance. Also Max isn’t high class nor does he care about appearance, just power to waste

>>129116689And this is just a jacket with a metal thing. At least that had him with the starfish mask being electricty rather than a too edgy scar.

>>129108535>>129108896The comic writer Bendis?

>>129117896The scar isn’t “edgy” and it’s been a thing in comics already. The “metal thing” as you call it actually invoked the imagery of his original costume, while NWH does not. Also for the lightning mask thing, I’m pretty sure Insomniac Max could do that if he wanted. Hell NWH Max barely did it, it was mostly just Jamie Fox

>>129117955It was a pretty bad design in the comics too, and barely even lasted there. It was tied with a general attempt at making Max an edgier character (see Power to the People). But why do an homage and not just do the actual design other than "to show we're different"?I am not the biggest fan of the NHW look either mind you, but at least it had that. I still think the spectacular or WOS or MUA looks stand as better.

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>>129118007Again I don’t see it as edgy. He had an accident, and it’s reflected in his face. If it wasn’t a homage you’d mark against it for being completely different. Certainly better than Ultimate Electro I’d say. Also I can’t agree with Spectacular Max because of just how boring and “realism” the actual suit is. It’s just a generic green diving suit.

>>129114570Best post of the thread. Marvel vs. Capcom absolutely nailed this look.Controversial opinion though, I also really like Venom's exaggerated design from the mid-late 90s.

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>>129118195I mean, it just feels like an edgy or realistic attempt at having the mask without much else.Well ultimate Electro was just awful. Being better than awful isnt too much.I think that it worked perfectly with the show's take, and still stands as the best alternative to the starfish mask for me. I think as far as realisim goes its a lot less egregious than a jacket and some metal bits.

>>129118007>nipple tubes

>>129119218They were further down in the actual design. Dunno why they're nipple height there.

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>>129119947What's Dr. Fenton doing with Doc Ock's arms?

>>129111944>coping this hard

>>129109604My only problem with Insomniac's designs is that they overused a lot of the same design ideas for the villains>all the LEDs>all the exposed wiring/tech bits>all the segmented angular armour plates>all shinyI get that it makes sense in universe cause Doc Ock makes new versions of their gear but it's still boring

>>129109604The advanced spidey suit sucks.


>>129109620I liked it too. Projects the idea that Electro's more of a small time guy with way more power than he knows what to do with.>>129117896The scar makes sense given his whole condition was due to an accident. Also the electric mask always looked ridiculous.


>>129114680>all those random beltsis he larping as a final fantasy character?


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>>129123530I dont see how it connects to the accident since the idea behind those scars is that he got them after his first fight with spider-man.Its the only think Max really has going for him design wise.

>>129123612>tfw GHOSTS ruin your experimental fusion reactor

>>129107893That BOSS fight was so fucking anime

>>129123620>I dont see how it connects to the accident since the idea behind those scars is that he got them after his first fight with spider-man.Where was that said?

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>>129124101>Ghosts>GoblinsBoth start with G, is it a coincidence?>>129124358Its in his game bio i believe.

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>>129115568The web patterns not making a web at the middle of the eyes makes me so mad

>>129115568This shit looks like Peter got really fucking lazy with the web stitching and also needs to iron his costume.

>>129116666You're the only retard here, your game is garbage.>>129116691No, I didn't make Web of Shadows.

Why do contrarian Holla Forumsermin love to dig up shitty games no one liked and pretend they're some amazing hidden gems?Web of Shadows is easily one of the worst Spider-Man games out there.>m-m-m-muh cumbatFuck off.

>>129125940WoS is fun but the voice acting is terrible. Plus you got like 30 anons trying really hard to pretend that Insomniac Spider-Man wasn't fun

>>129125985WOS only really had voice acting for Spidey, which is a shame since he's talking the same. Imsoniac spidey was pretty good too, i have my issues with both but i enjoyed both games a ton.

>>129125906> your game is garbageIt's good. You just got filtered faggot

>>129126001*bad voice acting.

>>129125985>funWoS is the exact opposite of fun. It's pure tedium in a videogame form. It's putrid, obnoxiously repetitive and tedious garbage that has only novelty of combat going for it (and that novelty quickly wears off anyway).

>>129125940WoS being good isn't a contrarian opinion you dumbass Holla Forumsmblrtard. It's well regarded by most

>>129126028I dont know, Ps4 is repetitive too. Both games are still enjoyableReally the biggest issue with WOS is just how short it is.

>>129126015>"le filtered XD" buzzwordI get it, you're a retard. You can shut the fuck up now.>>129126039It's a shitty game rightfully forgotten by everyone outside of few idiots on imageboards and retarded ecelebs, you fucking Holla Forumstard moron.>>129126047>enjoyableIf you're a masochist>shortNigger, that garbage feels like it's been going for 20 hours before you even reach the first Black Cat fight, are you retarded?

>>129126047Dude is absolutely losing his mind that people consider WoS a good game. A complete sperg

>>129126078>[buzzword][buzzword][buzzword]Lmao. Like I said it's well regarded by most considering the reviews it has.

>>129108298this made me debate retards at school that said "girls shouldn't have short hair"

>>129126120I do think WoS has its issues, but its a bit silly. It still stands as one of the 5 more popular spider-man games. Whether that's saying much or not i guess depends on how highly you hold the other ones.

>>129126120>losing his mindNo, just disappointed in idiocy of subhumans such as yourself.>>129126151And now reviews matter. But I guess Eurogamer review does display what kind of game this garbage is.>No task is too tedious or pointless that it can't be repeated ten, twenty, thirty, even two-hundred times in the case of some later (thankfully optional) requests. You'll perform one drawn-out escort mission, or a tiresome chase sequence, only to be told you need to do two more before the game will let you advance. The tasks are never particularly interesting or innovative - it's all "go here, fight everyone, come back". >>129126157>having standards is sillyNah, you're just an idiot.

>>129108655I prefer this>>129107893Floating sword wings only works for Nu-13 becuase she's a blazblue character, it shouldn't be ported to Vulture.

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>>129126189His powers are magnetic in origin, most people forget that. I think the wings like that help. Then again vulture honestly has the lamest power set of any spider-man villain this side of chameleon.

>>129126187>No, just disappointedNah, you're seething. You make another post hours later in >>129125940 seething over WoS out of nowhere. Kek. Mental illness.

>>129126151And kek, most reviews are middle-of-the-road as fuck. These are the "raving reviews" you masturbate over to validate your shit taste?>>129126228>s-seethingAgain, all you're proving is that you're a retarded Holla Forumsmonkey who can only shit out buzzwords.

>>129126187You forgot to mention that it's got a 3/5 regardless as well as generally being well regarded on the Metacritic user review scores.

>>129126260>You forgot to mention that it's got a shit gradeNo.>as well as generally being well regarded by the low-IQ imbeciles who use MetacriticNo.

>>129126259>These are the "raving reviews"Why are you putting that in quotes? When did I say "raving reviews". I just said it's "well regarded" by most - which is true since even on the article says the game has generally mixed to positive reviews. Take your meds you fucking retard.

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I couldn't find a good image of Rhino in Spider-Man 2, which was a pretty cool design.Here's Spider-Man 3 instead

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>>129126297>>You forgot to mention that it's got a shit grade3/5 is not a shit grade >duhhhh metacritic doesn't countlol nice argument.

>>129126350The sm2 design was pretty much just ultimate with normal Rhino underneath. Which was coolSm3's rhino looks weird.

>>129126301>well-regarded by mostLiterally most grades are showing it's mediocre trash at best but keep circlejerking over trash games anyway.>le meds XDDDDOnce again proving my point that only retards love this shit game.>>129126359>n-no, 3/5 is not a shit grade>n-no opinions of underage opinions who make up the Metacrtic userbase matterJust kill yourself

>>129126350>Spider-Man 3Scorpion had a cool design in that game

>>129126399*underage idiots

>>129126350i dont like the poop color they did with that design

>>129126399>Literally most grades are showing it's mediocre trash at bestNo? At it's best it's a good game, at worst it's mediocre. The wikipedia article says in the first fucking sentence that opinions ranges from "mixed" at worst to "positive" at best. Take your meds and sort your dyslexia out, faggot.

>Rhino in a mech suitCringe>Rhino as a giant monster with super strength and rhino skin.Based.

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>>129126448>At it's best it's a good game, at worst it's mediocre.At its best it's a mediocre game, at its worst it's pure garbage. FTFY.>says I don't give a shit what Wikipedia "says", you dumb fuckwad. You have scores next to the text showing that most grades are mediocre.>le meds XDDDGonna keep proving you're an imbecile further, huh?

>>129126399>-no, 3/5 is not a shit>3 stars are "Just fine; solid" and anything lower is "Disappointing" at best. Retard.>NOOOOOOOOOO YOUR REVEIWS DONT COUNT B-BUT THIS ONE GUY FROM EUROGAMER DOES!!!Amazing argument dumbass.

>>129107893peter's asm #299 fit and im not even fucking joking

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>>129126450The game for The Amazing Spider-Man 1 did that, where he was an Oscorp experiment gone wrong.

>>129126579Forgot the image.

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>>129126507>At its worst it's a mediocre game, at its best it's a good gameRight.>I don't give a shit what Wikipedia "says", you dumb fuckwad. Then why even list it as a source retard? The reviewers also give praise to the game.

>>129126510>this sad coping3 is literally a pity grade. Quintessential "at least you tried" grade. Fitting, given the "capeshit games are shit" stigma that existed before Arkham games received actual good scores would be given that. I know Americans have no real education to understand that, but still.>NOOOO YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER FANBOYS' OPINIONSYou can stop being an embarrassing faggot any time now.

>>129126606Yes, right.>Then why even list it as a sourceBecause next to the text there are actual scores, faggot.

>>129115568I personally like the messy web lines, but I do think they should have converged in the center of his face like normally in the comics.Spider webs are circular, after all.

>>129126609>[buzzword]Not an argument. 3/5 is literally average or "just fine". I don't care about your opinions. Please offer something new to the table other than catchprhases.> I know Americans Why are you so obsessed? Kek. You sound insane. How many doses have you skipped?>>NOOOO YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER FANBOYS' OPINIONSCorrect. I said "well regarded" by most.

>>129126651>Yes, right.Glad you agree with me. WoS is a decent game>Because next to the text there are actual scoresThe same scores showing that the game is decent with the reviewers giving it some praise in the paragraph below?

>>129126206How did this happen?

>>129126702>Just fineWhich equals average, mediocre. Which means it is mediocre at best and garbage at worst To be considered good it needs to be atleast four stars

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>>129126716>WoS is a decent gameIf you have zero standards whatsoever.>The same scores showing that the game is decent Holy delusion. I guess 50 out of 100 scores are "decent" when it's a game from Holla Forumsermin's childhoods.

>>129126747>Which means it is mediocre at best and garbage at worstA review isn't supposed to just cherrypick the "best" or "worst" qualities of a game you fucking retarded faggot. Overall factoring in its negatives and positives, it turns out to be a decent game.>To be considered good it needs No, 3 stars is "good". It's not the best but it's the worst. It's literally "Just fine". It's solid game.

>>129126756>I guess 50 out of 100 scoresWhy are you being a dishonest faggot, That's only for the PC version, since it's a buggy mess. The other reviews are just okay.

>>129126858So far the only dishonest faggot here is you.> Whitehead, Dan (October 27, 2008). "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (X360)". Eurogamer. Retrieved April 26, 2014. >5/10>IGN>Reiner, Andrew (December 2008). "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PS3, X360)". Game Informer. No. 188. Archived from the original on November 13, 2008. Retrieved April 26, 2014.>6.5/10>X360 (US): 5.7/10[43]>PS3 (US): 5.5/10[44]>Davis, Ryan (November 5, 2008). "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review (X360, PS3)". Giant Bomb. Retrieved April 27, 2014. >3 stars out of 5>Davis, Ryan (November 5, 2008). "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review (X360, PS3)". Giant Bomb. Retrieved April 27, 2014. >3 stars out of 5>Davis, Ryan (November 5, 2008). "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review (X360, PS3)". Giant Bomb. Retrieved April 27, 2014. >Average>>129126832>the coping continues

>>129126965I messed up but the point it's not "muh PC version".

>>129126965>COPECOPECOPEI said enough with the buzzwords. Looks your forfeiting from the argument.

Just don't respond to the WOS hater, he's derailing the thread.Let's get it back on topic.I don't think there is a definitive Kingpin design.

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>>129127029Sorry a thing from your childhood wasn't as amazing as you thought it was.

>>129126965Peak autism, user. Keep doing god's work.

>>129127057>derailing the threadSorry for trying to bring some taste in this thread, but I guess it's pearls before swine.>Spider-Man 3The only good thing about that game is the failed QTE memes.

>>129126965Where the fuck are you pasting these scores from? The only really shitty ones are from IGN and the "AU" (?) review gave a bump higher in score.Most of these scores are just ok to good. >>129127057It's funny watching this fag sperg.

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>>129127061>Still no fucking argumentYou said 3/5 is a "shit" score. And I proved to you it wasn't - it's just average, decent. You got BTFO.

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>>129109615crazy how much people ship these two

>>129127184All you've "proved" is that you're an idiot. >>129126609 3/5 is a literal participation grade, you dumbass. Especially with game journalists who will praise about anything.It's not "good" or "decent".But, once again, I guess this is a good score when the shitty thing is from your childhood.>>129127134So you're blind, got it.>f-funnySadly I don't have a crying wojak at the moment.

>>129127274>3/5 is a literal [headcanon]No, 3/5 literally means "Just fine; solid". Use the actual definition of the rating system rather than crying like a bitch.>N-NOOOO THE GAME JOURNOS DONT COUNT ANYMORE SINCE IM LOSING THE ARGUMENTLel

>>129127274>So you're blind, got it.And you're retarded. Just focusing on the PS3/X360 alone; (the actual non-buggy versions of the game). the scores are decent to good.>Game Informer: 6.5/10>GamePro: 3.5/5>Game Revolution: B>GameSpot: 8/10>GameSpy: 3.5/5>GameTrailers: 6.3/10>GameZone: 8.5/10 and 8.3/10>GiantBomb: 3/5>Nintendo Power: 6.5/10>ONM: 68%>OXM 8/10>Variety: Literally averageIt's not a shit game by any means. It's a decent to good game.

>>129127324>use the actual definitionThat's what I'm doing. You're just sticking bananas in your ears and pretend the sugarcoated one. Enjoy being a C-grade student and sleeping in three-star motels. Sounds like your standard of living.>y-y-you're losing the argumentAstounding what babyduck syndrome does to an impressionable Holla Forumsermin.>>129127387>all those painfully mediocre scores with few sprinkles of "it's a le good game" by low standard journos Thanks for proving me right, you worthless retard

>>129127436>That's what I'm doingDamn you're really fucking deluded. You literally said 3/5 was a shit grade. I proved to you it just means its okay. Now you're backpedaling hard.>Astounding what babyduck syndrome does to an impressionable Holla Forumsermin.Why do you keep bringing up Holla Forums? You even mentioned Americans out of nowhere earlier. You might actually be schizophrenic.

>>129127436>MediocreAverage. Aka solid, aka good.>NOOOOOO THE GOOD SCORES DON'T COUNT BECAUSE IT FUCKS UP MY NARRATIVEIs this the best you can do?

>>129127524>You literally said 3/5 was a shit gradeBecause it literally is, dumbass.>I provedAll you did is establishing that WoS fanboys have zero standards.>>129127551>this sad copeHoly shit, you retards are buck-broken.I'm not taking your painfully mediocre game away, you can stop crying this hard.

>>129127551Not him but vidya scores are notorious for being extremely inflated. 7/10 is seen as the jank range, anything lower is between dogwater and dogshit.

>>129127579>Because it literally [delusions]No, it "literally" means its average not "shit". Keep seething over it though.>COPECOPECOPEWhere's the argument?

>>129127644>still crying his game got rightfully called outLmao. I can see why you like WoS. Doing the exact same shit over and over in the most dragged out way possible sounds right up your alley.Every teacher will tell you that 3 out of 5 is a "the kid is retarded but just barely passes" kind of grade

>>1291276863 out of 5 is literally a B-grade student.0 = F1 = D2 = C3 = B4 = A5 = H (honors, only applies to advanced courses)

>>129127729Meanwhile in the civilized world 3/5 is just slightly above "mentally challenged".

>>129127686>Doing the exact same shit over and over in the most dragged out way possible sounds right up your alleySays the faggot that keeps repeating catchphrases in form of a debate. I don't give a shit that your teachers consider you a retard for getting a shitty grades. 3/5 means "average" when it comes to reviews for entertainment. I never said WoS is flawless, it has them, but it also has redeeming qualities, that if you factor in both, it turns out to be a average game. Your unbridled hate towards WoS is peak autism. Did the devs fuck your mother and burn your house down or something?

Attached: 1616169589464.jpg (500x287, 11.13K)

>>129127776Having a 3.x GPA is the best you can do other than being a literal straight-A student. How is that "slightly above mentally challenged"? Is your schooling so worthlessly easy that anything other than literal perfect scores is somehow embarrassing?

>>129127785>3/5 means "average" when it comes to reviews for entertainment.No, you absolutely fucktarded dipshit. It just shows that you're a fucking idiot willing to eat up any garbage fed to you. 50/100 is a sign you stay away from the piece of media at all costs. It's a rating reserved for shitty horror movies, shows that get canned after one season, and shit games like Colonial Marines or Risen 3.>but it also has redeeming qualitiesWhich drown in the sea of garbage you absolutely fucktarded moron.> it turns out to be a average gameIf you consider an average game to be putrid garbage, sure.>hurr durr having standards is le autismSorry your game is utter dogshit and that shitty studio that produced it died because they never produced a game that was worth a shit.>>129127814Is this how midwits cope?

>>129127915>No, you absolutely fucktarded dipshit.Yes, it does. We've been over this>3 stars are "Just fine; solid" and anything lower is "Disappointing" at best.Accept it instead of denying reality>Sorry your game is utter dogshit and that shitty studio that produced it died because they never produced a game that was worth a shitPoint the spot on the doll where the devs touched you.

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>>129128023>Accept it instead of denying realityYou first.Lmao, on Metacritic that you love so much 50-55 range is a grade of such classics as X-Men Destiny, PlayStation 2 version of Spider-Man 3 and Duke Nukem Forever (technically 51 but still)

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>>129108360Raimi ock is still the best ock.

>>129108933Problem is, Goblin should be a sane and intelligent mastermind under the mask, not homeless Joker ripoff.He'll act crazy in his persona, but he's still got a keen mind under it that's fully capable of functioning in society. The split personality bullshit and his "I want you to kill me to make you evil!" corruption bullshit can fuck right off.

>>129128109>You first.Already did, 3/5 is a decent score. See how easy that was?>Lmao, on Metacritic The eurocuck reviewer you keep fawning over literally gave the game a good score. Kek

>>129128171I want a story where a villain tries to pull this "kill me and you will be like me" cliche, gets killed and the hero keeps on living as if nothing happened. He doesn't become a psychopath, he doesn't start killing people en masse. The only "victory" is in a dead villain's delusional mind.

>>129128188>all this denialEternally buck-broken WoSfaggot.

>>129128171Yeah, I think NWH did the whole split personality thing too literally and too hard. In the original movie Norman had some repressed memories from the first attack on the weapons testing facility and he only talked to the Goblin persona in private. I always interpreted that as not being totally literal, just representing the internal struggle as his inner rage came to the surface thanks to the serum and he started to embrace it. Then in NWH they basically made Norman demon-possessed and the Goblin was just literally a separate second personality inhabiting Norman's body. I didn't like that interpretation very much, it would have been much better if he was just playing along to fool everyone and then got backed into a position where he couldn't hide it any more.

>>129128200Same.That's something I liked about the punisher/batman crossover is Joker tries to pull that shit on the punisher and is like "Oh fuck. This dude is just going to kill me because he's not autistic"

>>129107893I like MCU Vulture, but he's problematic.His flight deck in this movie is waaaaay too damned similar to Green goblin's one, since it fly's around in a shape like goblin's glider when unnattached, and you just couldn't do that in the comics with goblin also running around without it being obvious.

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>>129128218>ParrotingLol go back faggot. Devs fucked you in the ass and now you're eternally seething about WoS

>>129128246I've always read Raimi's Norman as something akin to the comic version of The Mask. Less of a split personality and more of "Norman loses all inhibitions" kind of a deal. Considering Raimi was drawing some inspiration from TAS, it seems plausible because TAS Goblin was like that with a degree of self-loathing over Norman's powerlessness manifesting through "there is no Norman Osborn, Norman Osborn was weak. There is only Goblin" kind of dialogue.

>>129128246I rather disliked how they tried to whitewash all the villains in the movie.Like electro being all "Oh, he lost his powers, he's just going to settle down and stop being evil now". What? Fucking bullshit, the dude LIKED being a crazy electric man and was mentally ill beforehand.I mean, the only one there that really died and didn't deserve it was Doc ock (Lizard and sandman lived, so I don't know wtf the angst there was about).I would rather the lesson have been "Helping people is good, but you also have to accept when a person is just an asshat at heart, and you have to accept and deal with that", with him saving Ock and then having to leave Goblin to his fate.Or better yet, have gotten goblin thrown into some dimensional shit so the Green goblin in the mirror harry saw was actually his dad talking from another dimension and not him being crazy.

Oh and for the record. I'm not sure how much of Goblin is the serum and how much of it is Norman.Harry took the same serum and (give or take some hallucinations if the butler deleted scene description is to be believed) he was fine. Sure "YOU KILLED MUH FATHA" but he was like that long before the serum so I'm not sure if the Goblin serum gave Norman his crazy or just gave him the power to manifest what was already within him with no repercussion.

>>129128311Yeah, exactly. He loses his inhibitions and adopts a new persona as he gets drunk on power and revenge, but he's still the same guy and Goblin isn't some external force. I think it's made pretty clear in the ending when he tries to play on Peter's emotions and claim he's not being himself while simultaneously remote controlling the glider to stab Peter in the back, but it's like the NWH writers actually believed Norman's lie and characterized him that way.>>129128329>Lizard and sandman lived, so I don't know wtf the angst there was aboutI think the Lizard was just that no one present actually could confirm Lizard would survive so he assumed the worst (Garfield showed up too late to clarify it before shit hit the fan) and Sandman seemed to be post-SM3 and knew he would be fine so he was just impatient and wanted Spider-Men to just hit the button and send him home already.

>>129126450Still don't know how he remotely functions in that thing if he can't take it off, but yeah it's the best

>>129128431that's one of his big weaknesses, in that he BARELY CAN function.His sweat glands are all covered shut, so the best way to stop him is to lure him somewhere hot and rope a dope him until he passes out from heat stroke. There's a reason why Ock's promise for him in the game was getting the suit off him.(Granted, they waffle on whether he likes the suit or not)

>>129128401This is another thing: They bring Goblin back to save him, but they apparently leave Harry and Eddy to die horribly in their timeline, despite those two arguably being more deserving of life than osborne?

>>129128275Stay mad.Oh and have another "mixed" review capeshit's_Avengers_(video_game)#Reception


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>>129112754He's literally just Dan Slott in a green jumpsuit. Also, his tentacles have four claws instead of three. The only reason I was okay with that in ITSV was because the entire design was trying to be different.

>>129128500Who gives a shit about Avengers you fucking autist? WoS is the good game here

>>129128597Black and gold is a good look for his arms, ala Spectacular.

>>129115687The triangles in the yellow area are dumb as is the yellow division of the gloves. Aside from that and the points on the side being a little small it looks okay.

>>129128614>WoS is the good gameOnly in your delusions, you imbecile.It's the exact same repetitive garbage with zero entertainment value.

>>129128649>Only in your delusionsIn reality you mean.

>>129128672No, most certainly in your delusions that you keep grasping for to avoid admitting that a shitty game that blew your tiny mind when you were 6 is actually shit.

>>129128691>No, most certainly in your delusionsYou mean in reality, Game Reviewers seem to agree!

>>129128703That it's mediocre trash like Avengers game? They sure do.

>>129128731>That it's mediocre trash like Avengers game? Nope, that it's very good.

>>129128742More delusions. Buck-breaking successful.

>>129109620Liked the astorian accent.

>>129107893Literally everyone from this era of Marvel artwork. Everything thing after is shit.

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>>129128777Carnage with white teeth will never not be shit.

>>129107893I really like Noir Vulture's whole Nosferatuesque style.>>129107953How about posting the actual Noir Spider-man and not his Lite (whatever you may call) version from the movie?

>>129108360I always thought he was a bitch until I saw that movie.


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>>129128752Only one delusional is you.

>>129130280You can stop coping this hard already, you fucking loser.

>>129130289>he's still seethingkek

>>129130309Says the retard white-knighting for a shitty game.

>>129130315what shitty game?

>>129130327This is some advanced denial.

>>129130332Yeah, I would advise you to seek therapy for it.

>>129130335>n-no uWow, a response so boring I could almost believe it's from a former Shaba employee.

>>129130342Did that former Shaba employee violate you?

Jamie Foxx's Electro is the best design for the character. The blue design had a nice creepy factor to it. The NWH design is good too, but I wish he was wearing the electric star the whole time instead of only appearing from time to

>>129125906Of course you didn't, Insomniac janny.

Still my favorite Electro design

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best live action costume so far

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