Will they end up being the last hot Disney princesses?

Will they end up being the last hot Disney princesses?

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>>129102176Neither is a princess, though. Elsa was queen in the first movie and Anna took her place in the second.

>>129102211Not hot.

>>129102222Going by a brand they've downplayed in recent years

>>129102227Get your eyes checked


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>>129102176nope, she was

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>>129102691>Implying they need external force

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>>129102211OMG SO HOT!!!!

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>>129102363never has wielding a frying pan been so endearing

>>129102176I hope not. :(

>>129102176They're not official Disney Princesses. Disney tried to make their own line of Disney Queens, but it's pretty difficult when nobody likes the characters as they are now.>>129102252Disney (Jennifer Lee) kamikazed the Frozen franchise.

>>129102176*ahem*>>129102222Mulan is a "Disney Princess," but nice digits.

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>>129102176Dolores is prettier.

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>>129102176Might as well, Elsa is the only one I care about

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>>129102176Anna isn't sexy at all - she's cute, quirky, fun for sure, but not sexy. Other than her post-transition wiggle in Let It Go (pic) Elsa's not sexy either in the original and is rather flat appearance-wise in the sequel (a strange design decision to say the least unless the plan is to explain it in a yet-to-be-announced sequel).

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>>129105769I think they're plenty sexy.

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>>129105769I agree that Anna is more cute than sexy, but Elsa is goddamn GORGEOUS

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>>129105882I think the braided hair is Elsa's best look. So the second half of the first movie and the first 20 minutes or so of the sequel. Btw I think braids make more sense for the latter half of the sequel - much easier to keep it out of her face if she's getting it wet all the time with her water horse traveling habits if it's braided. But then she's wearing it down and free for some reason.

>>129106224Braid Elsa is superior, but I am down for all her looks. Beautiful, sexy, cute, whatever, Elsa is Elsa and that's all I need

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>>129106887Agreed. Braid Elsa is best, followed by Fifth Element Elsa and lastly uptight updo Elsa from her coronation. But there aren't any bad Elsa looks. Btw my favorite Anna look is by far bedhead Anna also from her sister's coronation day. Classic!

>>129102211>>129102363>>129105355>>129105496>>129105387Objectively false, please have your eyes and heterosexuality checked.

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>>129102211As a Latin-American, I'll always prefer Caucasian females over my own people with poo poo skin and weak facial features.Larga vida a la raza blanca.

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I want to colonize Moana tbqhwyfam.

>>129107352My fellow colonizer

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>>129107352I want to make her wet

>>129102211>>129105387why can't I be a frozenfag AND an encantofag?

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>>129107352>>129107388>>129107393Colonizerchads rise up

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>>129102211Goes into latin blob somewhere around 25. naw

>>129107268As a white Brazilian (first generation USA) I prefer darkest darky bitches.

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>>129107565>Off-modelLook you can jack off to anything with cartoonishly large tits or ass, that's fine, but don't tell me Elsa isn't sporting a supermodel figure

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_ ____ __ ____ ___ _____

>>129107930She was but that's really the only scene that shows it off with her movements and camera angles. And then almost all her T&A curves are mysteriously gone from her character design in the sequel, just hips and a flat chest/bum.

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>>129102211What happened to the shape of her head?

>>129108032She's still amazing, beautiful, and hot! It's still the same model, she's just wearing a different outfit

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>>129106976I feel like I'm the only one who ships the incest from both movies and am willing to say I have ahot irl sister.

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>>129108107I agree she's still hot in the sequel but she's nowhere near as curvy.


>>129108117Jennifer Lee needs to be removed from the project. The more real women age the less they tolerate anything attractive, and we are dealing with an eternal snow goddess here

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>>129108111I mean it's hot, I'll admit

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>>129108246She's also the one that thought Queen Anna was a good idea. No little girl is dressing up as Queen Anna.

>>129102211holy muttola

>>129108361True, everyone wants to be Elsa. Even poor Anna. LOL Kristen Bell is a great mom to do this for her daughters.

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>>129108632Can you imagine her face on Elsa's body, but also with Elsa's face and personality and voice?

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>>129108832Nope. It's weird - I like both Kristen's and Idina's voices for both speaking and singing, but I totally associate them with their characters. If they ever do a Freaky Friday body switching thing it would completely derail me. LOL

These sisters are top tier

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>>129102176Anna and Elsa are pretty but they're aging horribly now that Disney is willing to put different body types, facial features and hair in their movies. Isabela and Dolores really make them look like stick aliens in comparison.

>>129109225I see you for who your really are

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>>129109225>Isabela and Dolores really make them look like stick aliens in comparison

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This entire thread is trying to elevate a fetish for brown girls with a false comparison. Elsa is superior to any and all Disney princesses/queens combined

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>>129109857Elsa's a hottie that's for sure.

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>>129110336Heck yes!>>129110467Know your place, #3 best Disney girl after Elsa and Mulan

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>>129105769>Anna isn't sexy at allGonna definitely have to disagree with you there, champ

>>129111346Listen I agree but you should really post some pics to back that up

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>>129105769>Anna isn't sexy at all - she's cute, quirky, fun for sure, but not sexy>>129111346>Gonna definitely have to disagree with you there, champNeither Anna nor Elsa are sexy in terms of plot or character (which is why Elsa's Victoria's Secret runway moment in Let It Go was such a jarring moment the first time I saw the movie). But both Anna and Elsa are attractive in terms of character - Anna's bedhead or her conversation with Kristoff in the sled both make her very approachable in the minds of the audience. Wouldn't surprise me if there are anons who fap to those scenes. Btw one of my favorite Anna moments is her hitting Marshmallow with the snowball. Such a fiesty redhead!

>>129111580Anna's not a redhead. She isn't worthy.

>>129107593Latinas are either fat by their teenage years or stay thin for the rest of their lives. They tend to keep consistent weights

>>129111563I second that statement/request.>>129111615Wtf. She's feisty, spunky, and fun. If Frozen wasn't a kid friendly franchise I'm sure there are lots of other aspects of her, er, demeanor that would fit the carrot top temperament too.

>>129111744Initial requester here, I can only supply what I have (but I'm a hardcore Elsafag so all my Anna pics have Elsa in them)

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>>129102176I'm still bitter that Frozen II single-handedly ruined everyone's characters at the end. Also, who's idea was it to reduce Elsa into a ghostly goddess and Anna into the spare queen?

>>129108632The fact that Bell's daughters broke Anna's head off an ornament and made Anna's voice actress dress up as Elsa instead of Anna still makes my blood boil.

>>129108361Lee fails to recognize that little girls want to be the queen with magical powers rather than without. I don't understand what she intended to accomplish by making Anna queen at the end of Frozen II.

>>129111744Anna's not feisty. Anna's not spunky. And when the hell is Anna ever fun?>>129112012Frozen II was a mistake. They can correct it with Frozen III, but I think Lee wants the studio making more idpol projects.>>129112065Lee wanted Anna's ascension to mirror her promotion and for people to see value in Anna. Didn't work- Anna is a way worse character than she was in Frozen.

>>129112135It's probably a case where she self-inserted as the wrong character and did everything she could to make herself feel better. Too bad, Elsa is superior (though again I also like Anna)

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so, are encantofags and frozenfags in war now?

>>129109684oh fuck how i could forget her i'm so sorry

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>>129102176Why does her face look like that?

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>>129112135Anons remember Lee wanted Elsa dead and the castle moved to the forest? And Anna breaking up with Kristoff but some anons would consider that a plus.>>129112223Wonder when the tangledfags will join the battle royale.

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>>129112223I like Encanto and we can coexist peacefully, but don't tell me Isabella is better or hotter than Elsa, that's just madness.

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I like the stained glass work. Reminds me of the prologue to Beauty and the Beast (animated - not that live action abomination).

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>>129112397That one's new to me, user. Anna and Elsa a la Alphonse Mucha. Very nice indeed.

>>129111223>after Elsa and Mulan

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>>129112415Oh yeah I have a ton of cool Elsa art, a lot of it I got from the Elsa art threads on Snowchan. The Anna threads burned themselves out though

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>>129112516Please feel free to post your favorites. I only have a few pics but happy to share.

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>>129112545I'll dump a few for sure, if only to promote Elsa's supremacy

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>>129112722>>129112730>>129112744>>129112755>>129112764Thanks for these.

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>>129112817Ok a few more

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>>129112857>>129112421This one's for you, Raps is still top tier

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>>129112892And there!

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>>129102211The bitchy personality is great but Dolores is hotter. Too bad they both have little screen time.

>>129106224Braid is the definitive look for her. The Spirit look is terrible (pale girl in white outfit wtf). Also purple is not her color. Elsa's best outfit is from the Olaf Adventure youtube.com/watch?v=0JTjU_Y8dnoAnna actually looks best in F2.

>>129112764Do people actually like Spirit/Element whatever Elsa? I mean sure if you waifu her then you probably don't mind but it looks terrible IMO.

>>129112967Is Spirit Elsa's look my favorite? No, but it's still Elsa and it has some cool artistic potential for fanart to delve into that ethereal realm. On a related note, good GOD this pic does things for me

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>>129113006Before Frozen 2 Elsa's outfits always tried to follow this regal look. Sure the iconic Let it Go transformation made her costume lewd for the era but it was still on the border of acceptable. Aurora showed shoulders as well. The purple dress from F2 looks more like some servant outfit, the adventurer outfit is business fashion and the spirit look removes everything that was unique about her, not to mention she looks like a white blob without shoes.

>>129112135>Anna's not feisty. Anna's not spunky. And when the hell is Anna ever fun?I disagree with you on the first two since Anna is a rather rambunctious character, so to speak. Her level of energy is off the charts to the point it can be both exhausting and annoying. As for the last adjective, I agree that Anna is not fun to be around since all she does is annoy people into pleasing her at every whim.

>>129113089Fair assessment, the all white sleek gown does cause some issues with her general look, but we may have to consider a bit of sabotage from Jennifer Lee because everyone loved how Elsa looked before. I firmly have my waifu goggles on though so I'm still good with it.

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>nobody posting the objectively best Disney princess of the 2010s

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>>129112176>It's probably a case where she self-inserted as the wrong characterWait, so you're saying Lee should have self-inserted as Elsa instead of Anna?I don't like where this is going. If Lee self-inserted herself as Elsa instead of Anna it will be a bad repeat situation with her screwing over Elsa's character like she did to Anna when she self-inserted herself as the latter. Lee has already ruined enough characters with her self-inserted, no thanks.

>>129112135>Frozen II was a mistake. They can correct it with Frozen III, but I think Lee wants the studio making more idpol projects.Just kick out Lee in the process of making Frozen III and replace her with an actually skilled director. Someone who knows what the Frozen franchise is truly about and fix everyone's characters.

>>129113183Moana's not even top 5, but she's still excellent. Lacks grace but more than makes up for it with skill and determination and being a crazy hot islander

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>>129113183Moana is leagues better than both Anna and Elsa combined anyways.

>>129109857>Elsa is superior to any and all Disney princesses/queens combinedWrong. She's nothing special. The only reason she got by is her stupid song and her looks.

>>129113213Oh GOD no, I want Lee as far away from Elsa as possible. All I am saying is that she saw herself as Anna and expected Anna to be the breakout star. When that didn't happen, she probably took it personally!

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>>129113269>and her cool powers playing into kids' fantasies of being superheroes, and that she's a smart and capable queen that is an excellent role model, and that her character was compelling and understandable especially in the first movie and Frozen Fever and OFA

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>>129112135>Lee wanted Anna's ascension to mirror her promotion and for people to see value in Anna. Didn't work- Anna is a way worse character than she was in Frozen.What Lee didn't understand is that no one wanted Anna to be queen anyways. She's just too flighty, too aimless, and not to mention too dependent on others. And besides, who would want a queen without magical powers?

>>129113312>a queen without magical powersThat's a good point, from a national security standpoint Elsa's very existence in the kingdom posed a major deterrence to opportunistic nations. Anna nearly caused a double-regicide and annexation because she couldn't keep her pants on at her first party

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>>129112293>Anons remember Lee wanted Elsa dead and the castle moved to the forest? And Anna breaking up with Kristoff but some anons would consider that a plus.I frankly hate Elsa with the core of my entire being for overshadowing Anna but I would never want her dead. She's the face of Frozen and the franchise wouldn't have skyrocketed without her. Killing her off means killing the franchise. As for Anna and Kristoff, not many people care about them or their relationship. It's just how it is when you've got the magical, stunningly-beautiful ice queen and cute snowman sidekick.

>>129112516>The Anna threads burned themselves out thoughDoes anyone actually care about Anna or are they just pretending to?

>>129113347Oh there was a handful of Annafags that dumped a bunch of threads worth of Anna art, but then when the fifth thread filled up they all collectively ended it. Back to their discord, I can only assume

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>>129113271Lee DEFINITELY took it personally. Imagine she self-inserted as Elsa instead of Anna and ruined Elsa's character a lot to the point she's unpopular like Anna still is now.

>>129113294>she's a smart and capable queen that is an excellent role model and that her character was compelling and understandableUh.........nope, I saw the movies and shorts and I never saw Elsa as what you described. She's bland, uninteresting, unlikable, and flash without substance.

>>129113368Anna is a terrible character, I admit. If she had a killer design and magical powers like Elsa, she would have also been a hit. Everyone worshipped Elsa despite her being a terrible character too for obvious reasons. She's got the looks, the powers, and the hit single.

>>129113390Ok we'll try watching the movies and shorts with your screen on and the sound off mute, because Elsa is the best. The moment in Frozen Fever when she said, "but I ruined it, again" and blamed herself for ruining Anna's birthday by being sick, a party that Elsa herself spent weeks planning as a show of gratitude, speaks volumes to who she is and her struggle to make things right. I thought she was cool before, but I fell in love with her then.

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>>129102176If that's your threshold for "hot", then to. There will be plenty more generic ass Disney princess doll-things that will look almost exactly like them.

>>129113464I still don't care about Elsa and her stupid pity party to make me like her. I'm sick of Disney and many other people trying to make me like Elsa. She didn't even need to do all of that for Anna, she should have stayed in bed to prevent spreading illness. All she did was put herself and other people in danger.

>>129102211Not even the kinda hot kind of Jewish-Indian

>>129113342And not only that, magical powers are appealing to everyone regardless of demographic. Business sales will boom more with a magical queen than a magicless one. And Anna was indeed stupid to behave like that during the party, I recall that royal tutors exist to help royals maintain proper etiquette. Either Anna was stupid or she didn't bother coming to class.

>>129102176/frz/ is based and the most superior ship board of all time.

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>>129108111Well user, that's great for you.

>>129112293>Anons remember Lee wanted Elsa dead and the castle moved to the forest? And Anna breaking up with Kristoff but some anons would consider that a plus.Honestly doesn't sound that bad to me. I'm assuming Elsa would have been brought back to life in a future film

>>129107425>picanyone know where I can find more of this artist's recent stuff? I think they go by the name Haru/xlayers, but I can only find old image sets.


>>129114578As we know, Elsa IS perfect!

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>>129113487>>129113515Well I mean I guess you are entitled to your opinion. Anna is kind of a needy, frantic and somewhat selfish person, but she does have a good core personality that isn't really vindictive. And Elsa trying really hard is admirable!

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What do we mean by "hot", anyway? No one would want to fuck a woman that actually looks like a Disney cartoon.Are we talking about their overall appearance? Blonde hair, fair skin? Is it the way they dress? What makes you think of Elsa/Anna as hot?

>>129114982>No one would want to fuck a woman that actually looks like a Disney cartoon.speak for yourself

>>129114688The perfect-est!

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>>129114982>No one would want to fuck a woman that actually looks like a Disney cartoon.YOU FOOL

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>>129114982>No one would want to fuck a woman that actually looks like a Disney cartoon.What did he mean by that?

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>>129114982>No one would want to fuck a woman that actually looks like a Disney cartoonare you gay or something?

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>>129114484I think you can still subscribe and get all his new stuff monthly. also, time to post vampires.

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>>129114982Ok but for real, outside of her general character and personality, what I find sexy about Elsa is her overall figure, her face, lips, eyes, hair, voice, neck, shoulders, chest, midriff, back, hips, legs, I mean basically everything

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>>129115726yeah she's pretty cute for a shark

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>>129115695I was hoping for a leak

>>129115843me too

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>>129115784Elsa is not a shark.

>>129116519She eats people.

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>>129102176Not unless Disney decides they want to stop making money off the merchandise. Little girls aren't going to buy toys of ugly fat princesses.

>>129105387I am suddenly reminded that Dolores has several fics about her listening in on people masturbating. Surprisingly a decent number of these are her snooping on Isabela schlicking it.

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Elsa isn't a shark, these accusations have zero evidence to back them up

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>>129102211I can appreciate brown women, white women, any race and shape of woman in general (except Asian, they just do nothing to me), and I can tell you she's mediocre. Dolores is 9999999999 times better

>>129117170She eats redheads.

>>129116519>>129117170then what is this?

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>>129117421A mermaid.

>>129117421Ariel needs to lay off the drugs, just because it's from the human world doesn't make it GOOD

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>>129115832Anna feasts on Elsa's period blood


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>>129117421Disgusting lies and propaganda>>129117780That's not Ariel either.>>129117907Gross...

>>129117907Nasty and hot.Am now wondering if Disney considers it a mistake making these two so flirty.

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>>129102227Very hot

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>>129115279That just might be my favorite look for Elsa. >>129117181Definitely my favorite look for Anna. Bedhead is hot. >>129120617Cute end to a super fun scene. Also: Aurora's voice still gives me shivers.

>>129102176You have to let go.

>>129102222Once a princess always a princess. Sick quads though

>>129116718Is that the Anna in this vid? Pic unrel. youtu.be/qfyeiqfoLjY?t=92

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>>129121438Don't think so, her nose is a bit different.

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"So, you want to feel sexy?"

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>>129121954"We can book next Tuesday morn- no, afternoon. Ok see you next week!"

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>>129112348>>129112397Any more of this kind of artwork? Using an established artist/style (Mucha) or medium (stained glass)? Would love to see some Art Deco Frozen.

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>>129123240>>129123287Very cool, thanks for posting these user.

LOL at the pulp take on Frozen.

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All hail the Queen of Ice and Snow!

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>>129124311She hails...

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>>129124411And she hails!

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There's a lot of Snow White's evil queen in this poster.

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>>129102176> Will they end up being the last hot Disney princesses?As long as Disney likes money and the internet continues to be full of perverts, they wont even be the last hot incestuous princesses. though they will always be the best.

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>>129106224My favourite look for her is the coronation outfit and hair. It makes her look more mature and refined.

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>>129127077Eternally the best, the Arendelle sisters are without equal (though Elsa is better)

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>Elsa will never get a coat of live ermines

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>>129116161Fuck your ship!

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>>129104754youtube.com/watch?v=mGVAaBSr7rQFalse, this princess did it first and did it better.


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>>129127447I just like jealous Anna

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>>129127627Wow that takes me back. As much as I like Princess Peach, Rapunzel's frying pan game is my personal fave.

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Elsa belongs in jail

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>>129116987source on those fics

>>129127077Edit suggestions: "As long as Disney likes money and [consumer society] continues to be full of [love], they won't even be the last hot..."

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>>129128619You can try

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>>129123399You're welcome my friend user.These last two are kind of cloth stained windows. Are they towels? Who knows... I like looking at them anyway.

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>>129129534>>129129549Damn this looks like the perfect angle for a POV.

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>>129129640I thought that too when I saw it.


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>>129112744Super groovy. The more I look the more I find in it.Wish Anna was in it too, though. Or Bruni.

Frozen III should be a beach movie.

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>>129128880Very cool texture. I don't know what they're meant to be but agree they're very interesting as art.

>>129107393Just push her out of the boat

>>129129725Disney could rake in money if they made a SOL pov story with every Disney girl.>>129129820Looks nice but she doesn't look at the camera.

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>>129111332Isn't Bruni a salamander - therefore, an amphibian?


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>>129114982>No one would want to fuck a woman that actually looks like a Disney cartoon.The volume of their porn speaks otherwise, user.

>>129130122I'm laughing so hard, it's so true.Very well done.

>>129130151Too true. Consider there's porn for Marge Simpson's sisters ffs and that's much harder to defend/explain imo but I'd say that means pretty much any animated characters are fair game for fapping.

>>129128619Elsa is innocent

>>129130122>Looks nice but she doesn't look at the camera

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