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Sketching a new page. Kinda slow but progressing either way. Life always gets in the middle.>Music AlbumNot sure, but definitely something cheerful or relaxing.

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Finished the first chapter of my comic and planning on printing a small batch of the first issue. I’m really excited because this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten with a comic. Any advice or tips for printing?

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HEY I made a free open source HTML webcomic template for people who wanna have their own sites for their comics but find wordpress too complicated and tumblr too restrictiverarebit.neocities.orgits got a ton of features and I tried to make it simple enough that even someone without much coding knowledge could figure it out. give it a try!

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>>129101902also i made a site for my own webcomic using rarebit just as an example of what it can doruthanddianne.neocities.orgthere are lots of other great sites comic artists have made usin rarebit, check em out tooDianne's favorite album probably changes every other week

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still at 6 pages of next slowpoke, was mostly doing chores so far today, bigger comission is coming, so idk how fast next chapter will

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>>129101902>>129101928>>129101951Put this absolute legend in the OP already!Not that you should stop posting, user, just that your hard work deserves it.

Been working on a commission lately, so would probably be around mid March before I'd continue with my comic. Did manage to finish up the writing side of the comic, so that's done.>Music AlbumVivian would probably listen something fluttery or psychedelic. Justin really has no favorite album, he listens to all type of music. Wietse's favorite album would be Iggy Pop's Lust for Life, one of the earliest albums he bought as a teenager.

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>>129102090>Wietse's favorite album would be Iggy Pop's Lust for Life, one of the earliest albums he bought as a teenager.Based beyond belief. Did he keep up with Iggy Pop? I used to write off anything post- 1980ish (did the same with Bowie), only as an older gentleman did I appreciate albums like Brick by Brick, thanks in no small part to the dope Charles Burns cover

>>129101902I've been meaning to use this, but I don't know what website name I want to put my comic as:>soren-centurion>sainturion>saint-centurion>imperial-capital>imperialcapitalryzal

>>129102146>Based beyond belief. Did he keep up with Iggy Pop?He was introduced to Iggy Pop when he was 14 after lending the Stooges' Raw Power from a cousin. Even inspired him to start a punk band as a teen. He loved The Idiot and Lust for Life, but started getting off the Iggy train around Blah-Blah-Blah.

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Whats the best way to write a webcomic without an ending in mind? Like if you just wanted small character moments or slice of life type scenes? Like there could be stuff the characters want to accomplish but its not the main goal i guess.

>>129101580>Thread Question: What would be your main character's favorite music album?Bryan and Rhiannon love Red Roses for Me by the Pogues and Rumors by Fleetwood Macyoutube.com/watch?v=mPpGp_J3z2A

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>>129102518>what's the best way to write the wrong wayDon't.

>>129102550There are ways of doing it since there is a whole slice of life genre in comics and manga. I just need to know whats the write way to do it.

>>129102648You asked for the best way and I gave it to you.

Oi squad are also huge Katy B fans.youtube.com/watch?v=YjAyuK3gzIA>>129098172Also, to the user in the previous thread, not all Irish girls have flat asses, especially not the ones in Oi.

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>>129102648>>129102518Read slice of life comics you like, ask yourself why you like them, and study the structure of how they tell stories.

>>129101951rarebit user here>>129102026thanks, it means a lot. been in kind of a weird funk lately when it comes to coding and im trying really hard to get back to it, but all thats coming out is drawings :/>>129102269id say go with whatever the name of your comic is, and if theres a way to shorten it without it being too hard to connect to the name, go for thatalso pic is the first panel of my next strip. kind of trying a lot of new things with this one

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>>129102775im really shit at caricatures, i was trying to make him look like an 80s gag manga character but i think it just ended up looking more like mad magazine or a bad political comic. ah well

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>>129102518personally i write without ending in mind by roleplaying characters in my head, but these characters have goals, and failure or success in goal of most important or multiple characters can naturally evolve into an ending

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>>129101580Well no new episode of Tom N Artie this week, we got through our workload earlier this month. We'll be building pages back up and it'll be the last bit for this issue (ending at page 24). It's gonna be two-parter for this story! Here's sketch work of an upcoming page and a link to the latest entry:tapas.io/episode/2456107

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>>129102833Perfect example of what not to do.

>>129102833Yeah thats sort of what I wanted to go for. All the characters have goals they want to achieve so maybe that can eventually evolve into some kind of ending.

>>129102775>been in kind of a weird funk lately when it comes to coding and im trying really hard to get back to it, but all thats coming out is drawings :/Better than nothing, I'm in a downswing with my drawing and trying to get back into a better routine, but it's hard. >>129102812I think the Mad mag look comes from how much emphasis you put on his cheeks and teeth. I do love Mad Magazine, but if you're going for a manga style, maybe more emphasis on his eyes/ bigger forehead.

>>129102876>All the characters have goals they want to achieve so maybe that can eventually evolve into some kind of ending.Really important for character- driven writing: what the character wants vs what they need.

>>129102669Proof?>what music your character listen toCountry music with at least 1 banjo

>>129102669>>129103278Irish butts are flat the way God intended. Butt fetishism is for literal animal souls.

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>>129102090After thinking, I'd think Vivian's favoriete album is Love's Forever Changes. She loves it so much, she sometimes acts af if she's Arthur Lee incarnate.

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Figuring out my MC’s design.Working on the deuteroginist’s design next. She’s an angel.

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>>129101580>Thread Question: What would be your main character's favorite music album?I actually drew it on her shirt in this pic.>>129101709I feel this recently but any progress is better than no progress.>>129101721WOW this vibe is awesome! I don't know anything about printing but it looks professional publishing quality to me.

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>>129101580I'm making short comics to introduce these characters, before the big stories start. Gotta start somewhere, plus I need the practice.

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>>129104247The next one is going to involve the rabbit. (His name's Zipper.)

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>>129104267That rabbit is racist.

>>129102775>id say go with whatever the name of your comic is, and if theres a way to shorten it without it being too hard to connect to the name, go for thatThanks for the tip, I'll try to choose one of easiest to remember of the five names and come out with something.>>129101580>What would be your main character's favorite music album?Soren and most of his friends listen to traditional orchestral music. Katherine and Joana find that genre boring and prefer something more alternative, like rock.

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>>129101580>Thread QuestionI don't know about main characters, but this guy would probably be into something like this.youtu.be/k_2CLYqegqI>>129103896Humbling to look at. I agree with the guy from the last thread who thought the right one was better. It's more understated, which I think is good when you've got so much saturated red and so many pointy bits.

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Whats the theme of your story?

>>129103896I'm gonna be the difficult one and say it depends on the character & story. Right looks more heroic for an upbeat story while left gives a dark edgy tone. So if he's a straight-face edgelord I'd say left, but if he's got a kind of playful personality or any humor to him then right works.Can't wait to see the girl!

Sketching.>>129104526Obsession. Mainly to try to let go of them and learn to appreciate what comes to you.>>129104349SaINT is a really good name. And the longer title helps with looking for it on google. As an exercise I often look for webcomics on google and boy some titles simply do not show up. >>129103896Pro art here! I prefer the less darker one.

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Lets make comics everyone! starting a new chapter here. >What would be your main character's favorite music album?maybe a dope techno mix with japanese folk music mixed in. I've never heard a mix quite like this but I can imagine it.

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>>129101580>What would be your main character's favorite music album? Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness. It's their last great album with only a few "too emo" duds. There's a poster on her bedroom wall in chapter 1 so I consider it canon.I know the likelihood of a modern teenager having something from the mid 2000s as her favourite album are slim, but when I was a teenager in the mid 2000s loads of kids liked shit from the 90s and 80s.

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>>129103278>>129103784When this cave arc is finally over, I will draw the Oi Summer Solstice beach episode special, and you doubting anons will learn the truth.

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>>129105112One hell of a camel toe for a guy.>>129105134>Tied upGet off the stage.>>129105341Cute.

>>129105112Why does he have a vagina?

>>129105449>>129105468Sketch lines n shit. It will look better once its finished.Or maybe he is secretly a girl?!?!?!No, just sketch lines.

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>>129105468He's a trans boy, obviously.

>>129105488You could always give him a bulge to clear up all misunderstandings.

im always anxious of posting too much wips to not spoil my comic experience, that being said sapphie will fucking die

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>>129105514not today, satan, not today.

>>129105515n-nooo Puapka you can't

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>>129105488I'm just making fun.

>>129105603>satanHopefully this cursed page does not get cursed digits.

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>>129102812You know, for years I honestly thought the “I remember it so you don’t have to” was in reference to his name.Like he was saying he remembers who he is so you don’t have to. It wasn’t until like 2018 that I realized it was a catch phrase and he meant he remembers bad movies so you don’t have to. I blame it on his delivery. Similarly, Guru Larry’s “As I say” confuses me. It seems like it would be a reference to the alliterations he lists off, but his delivery makes it sound like “As I say, but hello you” like there’s a break in the sentence for a new one. That has bugged for for years

>>129101580>Thread Question: What would be your main character's favorite music album?Francesco listen to almost all types of music, so he wouldn't have a fav album. Probably one of Italian rock.

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>>129105442bet. I will draw you a banjo newspaper comic

>>129105442She’s finally fuck a seal?

Question from a guy learning art.Did you guys ever start (and restart) your project early in your art career to see your own progress or did you get to a point where you felt was it was up to snuff and then start your project? I ask since I'm learning art, but its definitely a very slow process that doesn't see any large results (I know every step is a step forward). I'm wondering if should at least try to work on my webcomic (maybe sketch out the characters I've written up and such) to see some sort of improvements in my own work and possible style.

>>129106272sounds cool.>>129106422Sorry to burst your bubble user, but Rhi is pure.

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>>129106638That because she’s waiting for the perfect seal.

>>129106696Her body is pure and so is her heart. This descendant of an ancient Atlantean genetic engineered bloodline only loves bards named Bryan.

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>>129106826Her heart is pure; which is why she wants a seal. Her dad is a seal and she knows seal men are the most trustworthy

>>129106628Everyone's going to have a different answer, but what I did was I drew the chapter anyway with the intention of keeping it to myself so I can improve as I go. I must've redrawn the thing 3-4 times over as I learned new things. Left is a panel from the original draft sometime in June while right is a recent panel I'm on with the intention to release it when I'm comfortable. But people will tell you to step out of your comfort zone and post any way, which I think is a good answer too. Good luck on your art journey friend.

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>>129106826>>129106638So what you’re saying is her “lips” are “sealed”?

>>129106628My project started from three projects I had and mixed them, with more references about Italian culture and what would work and not. Care to mention that those projects I made them on 2007 and it took me 10 years to finally get all ready and start the comic.

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>>129107636In spite of the shameless lewdity you imply with those quotation marks, yes.

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>>129108105looks cool

>>129106628I started my first webcomic back in 2020 after sitting on various monster hunter ideas from back in high school 5 years before. It was a complete mess and I made a lot of mistakes I eventually learned from.I decided to work on my current comic because I wanted to practice my art and writing skills much more. And more importantly, I wanted to try it again after my first failed attempt. It's sometimes fun to look back at earlier issues and concept art and see how much changed compared to the current artwork.

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It's ya boi. Just dropped an update on tapas, but my website is further along.nukeronomicon.com/https://tapas.io/episode/2461772>>129101580>Music albumTad's favorite is probably Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by Flaming Lips.>>129102276I just chose something fun and random in order to make it a brand. Like mspaintadventures.The Nukeronomicon is a thing in my comic, I just havent gotten to it yet. (unless you count it's brief appearance in the Gurk origins comic)

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>>129108957latest page

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doing some designinggg

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>>129109489That’s your sexiest one yet! I want porn of her NOW

>>129108957>half of the it's>the it's>it's


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some good work going on in this thread. nice to see people at work on their comics and not just memeing.

>>129109595Oh fuck my ass and my inability to spell.Thank you i'll fix it.I wish i could fathom why i can never see this shit before i post it. I even show it to people, and no one points it out.

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>>129109609Draw porn of them Both

>>129109817oh no i'm cooming just thinking about it

Passy drew me a new website banner.I love it.

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>>129108724Why thank you.>>129109609I swear I want to draw a fanart of this design.

>>129109817>>129109978>>129109489Draw porn of Birbie fucking them.

>>129110000>quads and dubstruly blessed banner

>>129110013i did and i will never post it


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>>129110606this kills the Grizzly

>>129110000>Tad’s unlined handsI knew there was something I forgot to do.

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Water, fire, air and dirtFucking magnets, how do they work?And I don't wanna talk to a scientistY'all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed

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>>129109623>nice to see people at work on their comics and not just memeing.Well it was enjoyable while it lasted.


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Give me your fave girl from your comic

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>swords on the front page of webtoonGet fucked, Swords. I hate you so much.

>>129112146Good for him, he's worked hard to get where he is today :D

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>>129112146The BBC writes puff pieces about him. You might hate him, but he does not care or even know that you exist.

>>129112164>The BBC>BBCHehehe. Hohohoho. Teheheheno but seriously, good for him

Swords is a genius like Jim Davis. Jim Davis knew Garfield wasn't funny. Swords knows Swords isn't funny. They deliberately make boring uncontroversial comics in order to appeal to the widest mass of people as possible.

New page!

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>>129112642“I can do whatever you want!”“Marry me”That’s what should happen.

>>129112146don't worry he's ngmi

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>>129101580>What would be your main character's favorite music album?Pretty much anything by Erik Satie, especially The Gymnopédies, who never really had an album in the traditional sense>>129103896Blue, I like the readability of it.

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Just finished up the roughs for the next page. I think 3 pages is enough of a backlog for now, gonna go back to ink and color the previous pages. Also I find it hilarious that while working on this page I discovered Krump0 was also drawing nightmare goo monsters in their story. I really need to get into Banished Flame saga, I've had a tab of it open for a while now.

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>>129113504He already did make it though

>>129113605Sexy page

>>129113948Don’t bother. He does art for Renata, his judgement is terrible

>>129112642I like the development I see here...

Hero pose.

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Anyone interested in helping make the next /hyw/ crossover series? It's not going to be nearly the scope of Crisis. It's a smaller 2 issue thing. Before we fully start it I want to gauge interest.

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>>129115282Who is involved? What is your webcomic?

>>129115370No one is involved yet. That's the point of the post user. My webcomic is irrelevant because this is a community project so it's not just one person's comic getting focus.

>>129115381Who organizes the event matters.

>>129115426If you're basing your involvement based off the organizers then maybe it's not the thing for you to participate

>>129115487Ok Coldfusion, sure it does not matter at all.

>>129115516I'm definitely not Cold thank God.

>>129115555Ok Betz it sure doesn't matter

>>129115282how do you already know the scope without knowing the participants

>>129115600Because the project doesn't need to be as long as it was last time. It's a simple story. It's being written as two issues.

>>129115615how do you have story figured if you dont know the characters yet? characters define the story

>>129115282>refuses to elaborate who he is or what comic he works on (unlike when Mister Man-Eater and Betz were leading crossover projects)>has the story already set without knowing who are involved or what characters will get involved, which will result in frictionTry to convince me why I should join in?

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>>129115381Is your webcomic Terriful?

>>129115742It's funny you mention me because I actually had an idea for another /hyw/ event that's a zombie story. Drawthyme initially pitched the idea. It's kinda like /hyw/ meets The Book of Eli and the Walking Dead. I do want to start up another event but the way >>129115282 is doing it is all wrong. We could do another event poll like we did last time.

>>129115175>forcing her sidekick into a awful costumewow, this superheroine is actually a supervillainess


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>>129115813Honestly, fuck zombies.

>>129116688What's wrong with zombies?

>>129104293>>129105890Where does this meme come from?

>>129116734The genre is oversaturated and boring.

>>129116817What other story would be more interesting then? I'm open to suggestions, it is a community project after all

>>129116957hyw comics should fight neoliberal hopeless reality

>>129105860what do the numerous /hyw/ christbros think of this idollic imagery of the Great Deceiver Satan?

>>129117012I already pitched /hyw/ all stars to the Rescue and got shot down so sorry user guess it's not happening.

>>129117015>>129117015It is actually the Phoenician god Moloch, and it is written about in the book of leviticus. In the next pages, Cliodna the banshee queen massacres the evil moloch cult. Hopefully christbros support this but if not, what can you do?>>129116957>>129117132Hyw wacky races?

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>>129117175Damn that's not a bad idea. What's the prize?

>>129117175This evil fantasy cult believe that Crom Cruach, Chronos, Moloch and Baal Hammon are all aspects of the same demonic entity. Pretty spooky stuff.>>129117235Pride and Honor?

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>>129116754Someone commented that the rabbit is angry there’s a black man on his couch and the creator was like “don’t be racist!” So a version where the background was blue and he saying “don’t be racist” was made. But someone asked for a “be racist” version and that’s the one that stuck

>>129117175>Hyw wacky races?A /hyw/-styled Wacky Races event would be enjoyable as fuck. Hell, imagine the Wacky Races intro, but it's all the /hyw/ characters' vehicles.youtube.com/watch?v=-uU6KzAbSTg

>>129104247did you scrap the food comic?

>>129118133Oh no, I'm doing both, as well as a classic superhero universe. I'm just choosing what to show first to help get my name out there.

>>129109571 >>6249362

>>129114298No user. I beg you to read and more to understand. Making it is not measured in worldly things because making it is not a struggle against the world.

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>>129101580>What would be your main character's favorite music album?youtu.be/rvvvqPegVZYRIP Jay Reatard, still hurts

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>>129118327God damn madlad I love you

>>129118388You don't have to like Swords, but doing mental gymnastics to convince yourself he didn't "make it" is silly

>>129118428Inb4 swords has the Disney pitch

>>129118078>but it's all the /hyw/ characters' vehicles.The amount of artists in general that can draw vehicles is depressingly low

>>129118676>wacky racesNot exactly initial D here famalam

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>>129118676Nigga it's Wacky Races. Have you seen the original? >>129118727

>>129118428Neither will you make it so possessed of the same delusions of the generative mind and its ego.When you understand the metaphor you will be ready to make it and not before.

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Believe in the work, one page at a time!

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>>129118963This continues to look based beyond belief

>>129116957hyw takeshi's castle

>>129117175>>129117235>>129118676>>129118727wolna would win so fucking hard

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>>129118727Hyw kino right here.

>>129119041>takeshi's castleHad to look it up, but that does sound kino

>>129119067Every /hyw/ character has the potential to build a kino wacky racer. Great themes, great shapes, cool powerups... I'm drooling at the prospect

>>129118994Thanks, it's gonna be so great to finally get this out to you guys!

Attached: 20220129_113630.jpg (1693x2640, 1.1M)


Attached: most-people-rejected-his-message-there-are-only-shut-up-14854633.png (500x514, 171.7K)

>>129119064Soren would likely just ride atop Centurion, who is so tall he’d likely manage to outpace Wolna

>>129119275Even better, Soren builds a car big enough for Centurion to drive

Attached: 08GPL04_GodzillaGo.jpg (500x272, 71.45K)

>>129119143Facts hurt fee fees.

>>129119455Naturally the ego resists the realization that it matters not. I won't hold it against you that it speaks in your place.

Attached: ego.jpg (2000x1200, 128.22K)

>>129119476Turn the other cheek.

>>129119455>>129119476>>129119505>samefagging this hard

Attached: 1637465859755.gif (500x616, 703.9K)

>>129114305The hell is renata?

>>129116957hyw's battle of the bands

>>129119505Turn your self inside out. Be the captor not the prisoner.

>>129119581Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

>>129119771Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.


Attached: tumblr_prttk4k7JW1tz5g7go3_500.jpg (500x343, 19.15K)

>>129116957All artists have to draw fat versions of their characters or quit art

Attached: E77emDlWUAERSBz.jpg (972x1011, 149.99K)

>>129119732How have you not seen that schitzo bitch about it in literally every thread?It’s the one about the goddess and the magical girls

>>129119742This would be cool if the characters had to form bands with the other /hyw/ characters.

>>129120274How can you quit something you've never done?

>>129120086that would be very sick!it could be that each artist is allowed to insert 4-5 characters and then the bands get randomly assigned.each artist is then given a band and is allowed to pick what role each band member has, that way we see more of each artist's personal preferences with the characters.the artist also has to write an original song for the band to play in the comic - no covers allowed! any genre is allowed.

>>129119275I see Soren driving a car thats small and tiny like pic related. If Centurion got in the mix it would probably be pretty close to cheating.

Attached: 1950s compact car.jpg (850x525, 85.9K)

>>129120385or maybe something like this since he lives on an island

Attached: Disney Springs car boat.png (1024x765, 1.15M)

>>129117175>Hyw wacky races?This concept is extremely funny to me. Wacky Races is a work of art.

Attached: golden chariot of hades.png (747x578, 276.14K)

>>129121176Oh, and while I'm at it:>Thread Questionyoutu.be/tcd59zMIadk

>>129121176This is a really nice design. Beautiful and aesthetic.I can go alot of directions with the oi mobile. I'm thinking Star Seal or servius will be the driver

Page 21 draft

Attached: 1568B99D-33B9-4013-A858-DC8147EC31A6.jpg (1842x2653, 1.72M)

>>129121387>that Armored Renata

Attached: mfw i see the good shit.jpg (656x721, 41.49K)

>>129119889>swords gets mentioned once>everyone turns in to a philosophical retardEvery time.

>>129121458The conversation only pertains to him in that he's NGMI just like you.

>>129121176Eun already killing it

>>129121387Disney quality

>>129121350Thanks. Personally, I think Star Seal is your most iconic character. If it were me, I'd probably just have him surfing on an unexplained wave or something.

>>129121176this is worthy of the gods

>>129121568>everyone gets in their automobiles and vehicles>Star Seal just arrives on a wave that follows his every command>if he wants someone out of his way, the wave just spits out a random sea creature that delays them like in Mario Kart

>>129121522>NGMI just like youIf that includes being featured on the front page of Webtoon and getting written up by the BBC, I'm happy to NGMI!

>>129121176Looks amazing! Love the Chinese Guardian Lion Cerberus.For a Rooted Together vehicle, I'd either imagine Vivian and Justin riding a giant rose on wheels or Wietse's truck being modified to look like a bouquet.

>>129121780It won't user. Despite not having any creative talent he does have a knack for playing dirty in the marketing game. You have neither.

>>129121858See, what ties it together is that the Japanese variant is called 'komainu' (inu = dog, therefore cerberus).Feel free to bask in my genius.


Attached: cygnus racer.jpg (2377x1889, 2.15M)

>>129122018>See, what ties it together is that the Japanese variant is called 'komainu' (inu = dog, therefore cerberus).Creative thinking, user! I like that!

>>129121912I don't understand, how is making something people like dirty marketing?

>>129122123Correct, you don't understand. I didn't say that it was. You want to conflate the two in your inordinate defense of your shared egotism.

>>129121176I love one (1) womanlet.

>>129121912The fact of the matter is that he's gaining recognition in legitimate ways, while you're seething about him on Holla Forums. Your opinions on him or what constitutes "making it" are thoroughly irrelevant ;)

>>129122269You might want to deal with the log in your eye before the splinter your poor vision caused you to imagine in mine.

>>129122059Dope>>129122307>You might want to deal with the log in your eye before the splinter your poor vision caused you to imagine in mineDamn nigga what?

Attached: c21.jpg (680x425, 93.96K)

>>129122453All I said was that he's NGMI because making it isn't about material gain and someone has been shitting their pants about it allegedly on his behalf ever since.

>>129122123It isn’t. He just doesn’t like the fact that people like it when you pander to them. He’s one of those “muh artistic integrity” retards

>>129122500What the fuck is making it then? He has fame, he’s getting money, he’s getting recognition, he sells out of plushies, and it allows him to do what he considers fulfilling for a living. Even if you are all about the art and not the money, this counts as making it since you do need money to actually survive and make art

>>129117175>>129118727Hmm cant decide if Tad would drive the Manipod in a new car mode, or just ride in Squisher.Which is funnier?

Attached: 20210624_160313.jpg (953x825, 131.2K)

>>129122586did you complete your valentine's entry?

>>129122586manipod is more iconic than squisher but squisher can bring a lot to the race, your call ultimately

>>129122586Squisher, because his max speed is like 15 mph in vehicle form

>>129122621Oh fuck, I did one of them. I still owe puapka one.I need to get my shit together.

>>129122652do it!

>>129122500So what's your definition of making it, user? I don't even keep up with Swords, your seething is just so nonsensical I couldn't help but make fun of it

>>129122515That you won't argue the point and instead are arguing for me to create a surface of attack against me, tossing around ad hominem and appeals to authority like they're going out of style, and probably now samefagging responses to yourself is highly indicative of just how much damage that simple statement did. But why did it hurt you so?>>129122548>What the fuck is making it then?You will never know.

>>129122586Bro, isn't the manipod is a combiner? Just duct tape him on top of Squisher and you're good to go

Attached: 20220302_182614.png (326x208, 35.92K)

>>129122675>You will never know.

>>129122722Have sex, schizo.

So would a /hyw/ Wacky Race Ben work like a OC tournament? Whoever makes the best racing comics in a group move on and the artist with the least votes falls behind?

Attached: wacky race.jpg (474x294, 40.9K)

>>129122764I just did. Was it good for you too?

>>129118727>Not exactly initial D here famalamFrom experience even Hannah Barara is setting the bar pretty high for alot of the artists here.

>>129122789You are only lying to yourself now.

>>129122722I don’t know what you just said, but it isn’t English

>>129122748>>129122748>ie I'm afraid my definition will not hold up to scrutiny, so I will shitpost blindly while pretending to have some deeper knowledge of "making it"Thank god Swords doesn't live in my head rent-free. Not making isn't great, but turning into whatever you are is far worse

>>129121858I worked the Giant Rose Ride idea I had and this is what I had. I have made up some names for it.>The Roaring Rosebud>The Rolling Rose>The Weeds-on-Wheels>The Floral Fourgon>The Four-Wheel Flora

Attached: Driving in a Rose.png (1000x1000, 383.02K)

>>129122819Don't feel bad about it user, I don't anymore. >>129122861Of course the fault isn't your own. I'm sure it never is.

>>129122909The Rolling Rose has a nice ring to it

>>129122861Swords schitzo is worse than Renata schitzo.

>>129122911>Of course the fault isn't your own. I'm sure it never is.This doesn't even relate to what I said.

>>129122922>it's the same schizo. They get upset at professional looking webcomics.

>>129122922In the same way cancer is worse than heart failure, sure. Would be pretty cool to have neither.

Attached: 1645046763839.jpg (900x1032, 335.81K)

>>129122947It does user. That you don't see how it relates doesn't have any impact on their relationship. But I see that you're really struggling with trying to shut this down so for your sake I'll think we'll just leave it there.

>>129123001Hey if it means you're gonna stop talking, you won't get any arguments from me

>>129123018I'm not. Namecalling isn't going to accomplish that.

>>129122983We get it Renatanon, you’re proud of yourself for making this low energy meme


Attached: elveeeee.jpg (2265x2702, 2.07M)

>>129123063I wanna fuck had even more. Please draw her taking a massive dick


Attached: taking massive.png (465x708, 22.51K)

>>129122983>>129123061>nobody:>not a soul:>renatafag: REEE IT'S THAT RENATA SCHIZO AGAIN IT MUST BE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING ABOUT ME REEEEholy shit renata schizo was actually right

>>129123039>NamecallingI am once again asking how that relates to my post

>>129123184Dude only posted once in the thread


>>129123184Take your meds, schizo.

>>129123172LolBut please do it properly now

>the renata IDF was already hereholy shit is swords a tranny

>>129123378Neither of them are

>>129123652well they definitely have something in common maybe its seeking validation kind of like trannies

>>129123718Or maybe it’s they take their work seriously and out out a quality product?

>>129123756>no, it couldn't possibly be that. It must be le ebil tranny I've heard about on 4chan

>>129123756hmm no i don't think so. being fair to swords fair to swords renata doesn't make much of their comic. you might be on to something with the product part

>>129123839We don’t know the relationship he has with Krump or how much he actually does on his own

>>129123913don't be ridiculous of course you do

>>129124007No, I really don’t

Which discord tranny is fixated schizophrenicly on renata? Lucy?

>>129123756>swords>a quality productI know he has a day job but if he wants to make a quality product he needs to hire a writer.

>>129124194you have no idea how big his head is

>>129124410What makes you say that?

>>129124491a bs in psychology

Attached: IMG_02032022_173115_(563_x_750_pixel).jpg (563x750, 173.02K)

>>129124522If you ever end up writing a case study on every artist here I'd love to see them.

>>129125028People with psychology degrees tend to be retarded.

>>129124602Dana's start of darkness

>>129124522So you can't provide an example? He just makes you feel bad?

>>129125028psychology not psychiatry>>129125179yeah that's all they taught us

>>129104247>>129104267This is incredibly shitty art - it looks like all you’ve done is extend the limbs of the Facebook/Snapchat Avatars and put them into a single image without regards to their current pose or how it would clash with the style of you’re terribly done background. To this day, I can’t decide if you’ve done this as a legitimate joke to make fun of all the terribly DeviantArt-tier trash Webcomic “artists” they hang out in these threads, pulling their own cocks to a couple of comments saying “Nice user!”, or if you’re one of them equally as delusional.If this is the way you draw, if you are are genuinely content and happy enough with this that you confidently post it publicly and even ink it; you are mentally ill. There is no way any sane person would look at what you’ve drawn and say “hey, this looks good”, unless they were 12 years old and mentally retarded. Everything here is fucking awful, it rivals Admiral Pizza and Betz.I feel sorry for you, but more so, so feel sorry for everybody here to at you’ve subjected this utter trash to, and still have the intention of continuing to do so.People often ask me for genuine criticism, concise, as they can’t accept what a I normally say; so I will do that for you: stop drawing, it’s not your calling. Maybe try something easier, like video editing or masturbating for the 3rd time today. You’re not cut out for art, or webcomics.Absolute fucking retard mongoloid.

Attached: 1635833941773.jpg (800x450, 105.2K)

>>129125439kek how many people have these images saved?

>>129101580I'm making a contained one shot story that I started back a few years ago. The project title is>Three Heores Even Fight Against Plant VilliansIt's not because of quality, I'm just a very slow worker and it's just taking a lot to keep going. I broke the workflow up into panels that I'll later release daily on webtoon and tapas, but I've mostly been posting progress in the /coc/ threads because it's a story using their characters.My plan is to finish the lineart for the entire story, color/shade it, add text and then once the entire thing is complete release it panel by panel online.I also plan to self publish a paperback via Amazon for however long that will last considering the antagonist is a villain character named Faggot Tree, but I actually plan to release the book before his appearance is online.I also plan to have extra stuff in the book like a prequel and epilogue chapter at the end of the book, maybe some different styled art cover variants as well since it's a parody of comic books.But I don't want to whip up too much fuss over my comic before it's even finished because it's taken me two years to get to 159 panels out of 270.Anyway about the thread question, I see these characters as on loan from the /coc/ toybox so I don't really know the deeper intricacies of their tastes beyond what is needed for their characterization in the context of the plot of my story. But it's probably stereotypical.

Attached: BasicCrop.png (788x828, 19.44K)

>>129125399Alex escaped from quarantine camp again.

Attached: Kangaroo Alex.jpg (1200x743, 704.14K)

>>129125531it's just you

>>129125975your playbook is so tired

>>129125994Yet you respond like a fucking reread everytime. Just leave it alone, you’re just as fucking stupid for even responding.

>>129126013>y-you're retarded cuz i'm seethingoh ok retard

>>129125439Honestly it's a relief after the swords schizoposting. At least Alex isn't autistically focused on one or two authors, we all face his limp wristed sneering together

>>129125674>Faggot TreeKek

>>129126052shut the fuck up alex

>>129126013>like a fucking rereadMmhm yes do go on

>>129126052Not familiar with whoever, or whatsoever, “Swords” is. Give me a rundown. So I know who or what he was even criticising.>>129126040Keep responding to yourself, I’m sure you’ll eventually convince somebody you’re me.

>>129126097>Not familiar with whoever, or whatsoever, “Swords” is. Give me a rundownNo.

Wow, page 50!

Attached: 050.png (900x1273, 348.93K)

>>129126097>Keep responding to yourselfkek what time is it in melbourne right now?

>>129126093It worked with Betz, but it got tired. You’re desperate for even trying that with me - so have this one and only reply. Also, not me. Go back to sucking off “Shut up Betz” shtick; colossal cunt head dipshit fucking mongoloid sped.

Attached: DE4A3F4D-F7B6-4297-B27A-113D240E7329.jpg (828x180, 33.93K)

>>129126124I’m not from Melbourne, but good guess. Now stay on topic.

>>129126115Kieran makes a fren or secretly his worst enemy

>>129126115I wanna ding remotes with Kaylen

>>129126150Nobody gIves a single shit about your cliché amateur-tier webcomic full of contrivances. Maybe try >>>/a/ , they’re suckers for the anime trope shit.

>>129126148it's buttfucking time that's what time it is

Attached: 1646276546426.png (828x1792, 747.12K)

>>129126129>colossal cunt head dipshit fucking mongoloid sped.Ah yes, the words of a man who should be respected and listened to

Attached: h5n1ps3uavn61.jpg (1200x900, 125.26K)

>>129126173Lol, that guy is from Sydney (judging by the time). I could be close to him. Now stay on topic and stop speeding out, user.

>>129126192Gee what a coincidence

>>129126097What are the voices in your head telling you now?


Attached: now there are two of them.jpg (471x278, 24.15K)

>>129126168He dare insult the queen of /hyw/? This isn't bravery, only a fool incurs the wrath of a simp army

>>129126216>>129126215>>129126204The Tripcode is right there; how are you mongoloid sperglords even falling for that shit, and people call ME a scitzo (fun fact: I am).

>>129126178>tracing homosexual pornography for a meme you will spam and no one will saveself own

>>129126168Fuck off. Rari is literally the best person in these threads and her comic has a lot of soul, not to mention extremely competent art

>>129126234I fear not the autism of Holla Forums.

>>129126241you got caught with your pants down just bite your lip

>>129126192mmm how about new zealand?

>>129126241What do the voices in your head say?

>>129126268You wish, jellyfish. Now go back to circlejerking your shitty webcomic that will never see the light of profit.>>129126255Okay Simp - keep frothing over some female on Holla Forums, she’ll never fuck you, no matter how hard you compliment her sub-par Tumblr anime art.>>129126246I agree - at least the Kangaroo Jack and “somehow x has returned” ones can garner a chuckle. You can’t really expect originality here though.

>>129126077He is quite the homosexual bundle of sticks

>>129126321nigga straight sweatin lmao

>>129126246Yes user, all memes you see are OC

>>129126321I know she’ll never fuck me, but I genuinely love everything about her and her personality. She’s too kind of a person to deserve your bullshit. You can attack literally everyone else except her

>>129126356>hahaha totally not me guys... Australia totally has the infrastructure to support two people being online at the same time, trust me!

Attached: 667rmr.jpg (887x500, 152.56K)

>>129126361>know she’ll never fuck me, but I genuinely love everything about her and her personalityListen here you simp me too

>>129126321pucker your ass bro it's over

>>129126294Maybe? I don’t know what time it is in sheep-fucker land right now.>>129126356Stay on topic - you scitzo.Can somebody actually post their webcomics for criticism? Sure these threads aren’t just circlejerks with no need for criticism? Surely you want to improve right? I just want these threads to go back to only semi-replying to me and not derailing to JUST talk to me. I want to criticise and be refuted (attempted at least). These threads are dead now; but I’m still never leaving until you fucking retards can learn to get back on topic and post your work so I can tear you down or tell you if youmre legitimately talented.>>129126361>>129126404You should two should stick to OnlyFans, at least you get to see the talentless whores you simp for naked without having to pretend to give a shit about their shitty “art”.>>129126405You’ve already replied twice, calm down and go back to using the fake Tripcode.

>>129126321Take your meds.

>>129126388This is accurate - Smacky is by no means super talented, but he listens to my critiques and can read between the lines of “retard” and “cunt face”, and uses it to actually attempt to improve instead of having a mental breakdown over how I’m “mean”.Structurally though, he is only just a bit better than Betz and Admiral Pizza. Emmett is the true talent in these threads - but even the jury is out on him tracing or something, so I’m not sure.

>>129126405>>129126375>>129126356>>129126268>313 replies>54 peopleSurely you guys aren’t this retarded? At this point it could be anybody even shut up Betz guy.

Alex is back.Hail the return of our Australian nigga.

Attached: 1644092544814.jpg (400x400, 21.7K)

>>129126476She’s not talentless, and she’s not a whore. The fact that you’d have to pay for an only fans thot and then share her with anyone else who paid instantly kills any attraction. That site is cancer

>>129126575Sorry, had to take off some time for work. I’m here forever, just like all of (you).

>>129126439>I just want these threads to go back to only semi-replying to me and not derailing to JUST talk to me. I want to criticise and be refuted (attempted at least).What the fuck do you expect when you're first couple posts are always hardcore shitting on people and acting like a right cunt? It's not a mystery why nobody takes you seriously or seeks out your poorly- worded "critiques." You dug your own lolcow grave, now fucking lie in it Bruce Spence Jr.

>>129126168Would you mind giving me some examples of what I could improve on? I'll really take it to heart!

>>129126476Emmet traces deathburger.

>>129126594I only started replying to this thread 250 responses in or so, user. What are you on about? These threads us to be somewhat structured, even paying me relevant attention and not just devolving into pretending to be me and derailing entire threads because of my mean words.I feel like people are just going out of their way to try and start what I did without the Tripcode. I don’t really care though, as long as there are egotistical “artists” with a little fan club that think they can do no wrong; I’ll always be here to shine the light on their delusion. >>129126115 is one such example.

>>129126648I don't know what makes me egotistical, I literally just posted a page I finished, like maybe you should do. You have a comic, right?

>>129126648i imagined every one of those words being squeezed out of an sphincter

>>129126648Your first post starts with>This is incredibly shitty art - And ends with>Absolute fucking retard mongoloid>>129125399That's what I'm talking about. Right out the gate, you act like a caricature of yourself. Why would anyone take you remotely seriously at this point? Figure it out already man, I know you're a schizo but there must be something better in your life that you can put your energy into. Right?

Attached: 1644595701205.jpg (447x927, 80.83K)

So /hyw/ wacky races seems like the winner. I'll put together some project guidelines. Do you all want like a one shot comic or just thread posts and user votes?

>>129126741Oh this sounds BASED

Attached: 7en3zg94rm471.jpg (640x623, 37.14K)

>>129126647I'm thinking about going this route

>>129126741anon votes

>>129126699>Those double dubs>that sassAaauugh I love you so much I'm gonna... I'm gonna LOOOOOVE

>>129126647Just checked it out, and I’m surprised I had no idea; I can see it now. He’s either super talented and can emulate the style quite well (which is a low chance on Holla Forums), or he is tracing them. To think I praised that little faggot for “his” art.Go fuck yourself Emmet you little rat, and try something freehand without tracing another persons creativity and hard work - talentless cunt. That is IF you trace. If you don’t, good job, keep it up.>>129126630No, people like you, Admiral, and Betz are set in your own way; you don’t care for actual criticism. You don’t even want to be critiqued, you just want to be pat on the back for what you currently do. You can have that; you’ll never improve that way, and it’s the ultimate play here. I don’t care to critique or help you, because yourself and your circlejerk simps are delusional. If you want actual critique though, post elsewhere without showing your art to the current circle of losers simping your art, and don’t mention your gender at all.Then you’ll get honest feedback. You know what you’re doing, and you’re perfectly happy being shallow and untalented, as long as you get praise for it, insincere or otherwise.>>129126699The way you type, the way you respond, and even the way your “fans” respond like evangelical zealots because you have an axe wound. It’s pathetically transparent, and pretending that you’re not is pathetic.>>129126723You might need to see somebody if you imagine assholes when reading text - that can’t be healthy.>>129126724>you act like a caricature of yourselfYou don’t know who I am or what I am like; that rationality is false. Also, you go on about “why would anybody take your seriously?”, when you’re here, responding to my every word. Take a minute and think about that. (you) are taking me seriously.>>129126741I think it can be a really interesting way to go, and could inspire new artists to join or existing to improve.

> HYWC Racers Admiral Pizza refuses to drive cars and almost always gets someone else to do it for him. But, if he did, he would Drive a Toyota Tundra Pizza hut PIE edition. There's a refrigerator for storing uncooked pizzas and a conveyor oven that will cook said pizzas, and there's also a pair of computer-guided robot arms tucked back there. Best of all, the components can all pull power from the fuel-cell powertrain, keeping it nice and green. The Admirals Version is either Regal Red or Royal Blue.

Attached: R.42ebd5286869f7aa5a90ac674cd46f50.jpg (840x499, 79.91K)

>>129126778I have work in the morning but once I'm out I'll get everything set up and we'll have some fun. If you have any suggestions reply here or shoot me a DM on Discord. You know who I am.

New art.>>129118078Would be funny in Francesco's case because he only has a vespa.

Attached: stella.jpg (1024x724, 273.47K)

>>129126793>you responding means you take me seriouslyYes Alex that is precisely what going on

Attached: FBrz3OIVcBg3xs0.jpg (828x395, 81.16K)

>>129126793>why doesn't anyone want me to critique them?>someone asks for critique>no not like that!Pick a lane dude.

>>129126793I'm so glad you're all going to be exterminated under the Chinese.

>>129126793Emmet is a tracer and also stole deathburger's color pallet.

>>129126741I think a one shot is steep, though a racer lineup would be cool. Get everyone in the same image.Maybe someone should make a backdrop and everyone puts their racer on the course, so that they are all facing the same direction and it looks relatively coherent.>>129126476I've been here too long to get salty at some harsh crit. I know my limits, but I still bust my ass to improve. I may never be professional, or even amateur but any progress is good progress.

Attached: Drak the eyesaur reference.png (1200x800, 516.75K)

>>129126630Don’t listen to him. You’re perfect the way you are

>>129126856Yeah think I'm going to try that. I mean think about why waste so much time on your dogshit art that nobody wants to see anyway

>>129126864That’s how it should be, and that’s why you have more potential than anybody here, regardless of the level you are at now. You listen, and you take it to heart, no matter how eccentric or harsh it is. You are not at the level of a professional, your art sometimes makes me want to rip my cock off and shove it up my own ass; but at least you want to improve. Never become like Rari.If somebody like Admiral Pizza can profit from his wet diarrhoea of DeviantArt shit, than you have more potential than him to do so.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, capitalise in the whole “Viewtiful Joe” sort-of style you have going. I enjoy seeing your art actually improve every time you post; instead of a plateaued piece of shit many other artists settle on and don’t care to improve from since they already have a few fans fingering their assholes.

>>129126942Alex. You're gay.

>>129126942>>129126957>want to rip my cock offholy shit he's a tranny like swords and renata

>>129126942>Never become like Rari.>the only person who asked for critique in the whole threadSo never ask for your input? Ok

>>129126991Back to >>>Holla Forums or >>>/qa/ with your unhealthy obsession with Trannys. It was a metaphor you obsessive faggot. Also, fuck Swords and Renata. Never address me again, you lowly peasant. I am a god here.>>129126957No u.

>>129127021No, that thing asks for input either sarcastically, or in such a way that will make it look sincere as to not appear aggressive or condescending; whilst her army of loser simps do that for it. You’re a willing slave, but props to you, at least you know you’re a lowly servant to an e-“girl”.

>>129127045Swords and Renata can die in a fire, but apologize to Rari right the fuck now

>>129127045>same time zone>both want to cut off their penises nice try but 2 and 2's starting to add up my man

Attached: roll-safe.jpg (1200x784, 46.89K)

>>129127045>I am a god here.Picrel>>129127068>No, that thing asks for input either sarcastically, or in such a way that will make it look sincere as to not appear aggressive or condescendingYou can't know that from one post, why are you avoiding actually giving critique while claiming that's why you belong here? You must know how that looks

Attached: 200px-CPU_Blue_Heart.jpg (200x363, 26.51K)

>>129127100Because you’re not worth the critique. I’ve already told you that. Learn to cope with that answer, you’re not getting another response from me; go get it from your simps, you talentless cunt.

>>129127098holy shit alex and swords are the same tranny trapped in the same body or something

critic should accept his lesser role, at the end of the day the most poinient critique is worth less than most poinient worth of art, and alex's critique has very little worth and is barely coherent, prioritizing punchlines funny only to australians over helpful tips, many times telling people to give up or to not post for years, neither of which really helps with improving, i know alex wont change, but i hope people reading this will understand

>>129127126>>129127068You are not god. You are our court jester who only exists to dance for us on command.

>>129127126>Because you’re not worth the critique.Wondering why nobody is putting their comic forward for critique then coming up with bullshit excuses like that really is something

Attached: Good_morning_HYW_pls_bb_send_comic_and_marina.jpg (200x200, 10.74K)

>>129127141You know what’s incoherent? You’re entire run-on sentence with no fullstops, separating points with a comma. Perhaps learn to type at the level of an adult before addressing me, you illiterate ape cunt.

Here's a cover concept for my 4th book. Thinking of making the lower half larger. Would would you like to see improved?

Attached: FMkNd1dUUAACSre.jpeg.jpg (1355x2048, 575.98K)

>>129127137This is making a lot of sense

>>129127068Bro literally just give me critique

Attached: wtf.png (451x378, 56.58K)

>>129127172Dance, faggot. Dance.

>>129127197Here's my critique: cute, good job! Keep it up!

>>129127174You’re the Chris-Chan of /co, and the only reason you got money for your comics is the pure spectacle. You will never be anything beyond this board. Stop posting, if you were capable of self-awareness, you would be embarrassed just posting this.Also, the whole “haha pizza funny!” thing is played out; it isn’t 2007, Admiral. You need to adapt your comedy to the times - you’re no longer appealing to “RAWR XD” scene children that think Pizza and being “random” is the peak of comedy. If you can adapt your “comedy”, and improve on your art to that of a competent adult, you might actually have a chance of being something, since your commitment and panel layout is already there.

just another day of being the best artist in history how you doing hyw webtoons.com/en/challenge/series-of-baffling-creative-decisions/slowpoke-42/viewer?title_no=226608&episode_no=64 tapas.io/episode/2457502

>>129127137>won't post art because its swords tranny art and he and/or she knows they will be laughed at foreverhmmm

>>129127266>Puapka enters the thread>claims to be the best>right in front of AlexBuckle up, shit's about to go full retard youtu.be/LX-7AnOx22k

>>129127242I really hope you don't cut your penis off Alex. I'm sure it's very big and that's why you're here bullying autistic people.

>>129127197Critique: solid art, top tier character designs, believable drama, a suspenseful story, fast update pace, great work ethic, and the most gorgeous and friendly creator on all of 4chan. Not to mention the best lewdsMarry me

>>129127266All good here. The Cygnus-mobile is a fun concept. >>129122059

>>129127137Swords is way too busy getting rich enough for goodbye-dick surgery to be Alex.

>>129127382You goddamn simp not if she marries me first hehe

>>129127389holy shit you got found out lol lmao

I have an idea. A comic about a drunken elf girl

Attached: Elf girl at the tavern.png (1920x1080, 483.08K)

>>129127389So Swords guy, why do you come here then?

>>129127399I have a Masters in Theoretical Child Psychology, they're two different retards.

>>129127419I like watching threads burn.

>>129127382I agree with most of that but settle down dude its only been a prologue + chapter one so far, calm your thirsty tits

>>129127444Oh so you're still bootyblasted.

>>129127197Honest crit - I think while many of the foreground lines in >>129126115 are clean, a lot of them seem weirdly artificial, like they've been machine-smoothed by a brush's smoothness setting. The hands in particular look like they were drawn from references that don't suit the angle the picture is actually taken at, almost as if they were created elsewhere and copy pasted from another drawing.Moreover, the backgrounds are kinda lazy. There's a lot of auto-straight lines and uneven shapes, like the pillars, but also a lot of sketchy lines drawn without regard for the pattern that should be there. This is most obvious with the windows, where they have uneven patterns and completely different sizes and shapes to one another. There's even a few spots where I can see the background clipping over the arms, which makes it obvious it was drawn in after the foreground elements rather than blocked in properly before them.I think overall it's a more solid basis than some of the skill levels present in these threads, but that only made these things stand out more because they are fundamental rather than stylistic.

>>129127452Over what?

>>129127445The only thirst I have is for her tits. Have you seen those monsters? They’re perfection!

>>129127474Kek exactly

>>129127454It’s invalid because you didn’t mention how wonderful she is, how nice she is, how she lights up every conversation, or how incredible her smile is

>>129127454Yeah I've definitely gotta put more work into my backgrounds. I'll take more time in the future to do so, thanks for the input! I have to draw stuff taking place in a nightclub soon so that will be a special challenge for me, but also a good learning opportunity!>>129127382You're gonna make me blush user pls

>>129126818Incredible composition.

>>129127573Anon, normally I would hate you and see you as my rival in love, but the fact you love Rari tells me you're a good person who I cannot hate.

>>129127242>You’re the Chris-Chan of /co,Maybe one day ill have a dozen books that sell>and the only reason you got money for your comics is the pure spectacle.Because the people love my comics >You will never be anything beyond this board.The guy from good burger and one the lesser red ranger saw me and we're like "Oh shit its Admiral Pizza" > Stop posting, if you were capable of self-awareness, you would be embarrassed just posting this.I post here to receive input from my comic peers to improve. I am not embarrassed to draw awesome pizza comics. I am excited. >Also, the whole “haha pizza funny!” thing is played out; it isn’t 2007,Admiral pizza is a primordial force that has and always will be. He is timeless. I have tried other projects but i decided to give the people what the want-And the Admiral Always delivers.>Admiral. You need to adapt your comedy to the times - you’re no longer appealing to “RAWR XD” scene children that think Pizza and being “random” is the peak of comedy.You don't draw and you're a terrible writer and reviewer. I don't believe you've read past the first issue. It being LOL random is a valid criticism. It was created in 2008. The homeless guy behind the videostore who i share my comics with says the stories have matured in depth. Do you have the intelligence and patience to crit an entire series or even a chapter? >and improve on your art to that of a competent adult,being an adult sucks >you might actually have a chance of being something,I am someone. I am way cooler then you. >since your commitment and panel layout is already there.Thanks Alex that means alot

The aussie has yet to critique any of my art. I don't know if that's a good or bad sign.

>>129127653I, for one, believe in the power of the pizza

>>129125399Do you have a comic?

>>129127581>You're gonna make me blush user plsMy heart just skipped. Best (you) ever

>>129127488Stfu coldfusion

This is the most schizo hyw thread of all time so far.

>>129127712If I could, I’d make every thread a Rari worship thread

>>129127653Kel is the true talent of the Kenan and Kel duo.

>>129127444Good job with the webtoon thing man


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>>129127474>swords>Admiral Pizza>the return of Alex>Puapka's best in the world promo>Rari simp squadThis is better than the royal rumble.

>>129127766If only there was a psychologist to figure out who is the real swords

War. What is it good for?

Attached: 1645832971085.jpg (1000x1334, 904.47K)

>>129127766I was wondering when my favourite Dutchman would enter the fray.

>>129127796Make Pizza NOT war

Attached: 1ADMIRALCOVERextended.png (1450x2150, 1.15M)

>>129127796Skeleton milkers

>>129127653You’re an obnoxious faggot that puts his worth into the words of has-been actors too much; but I’ll be damned if you let what I say stop you. At least you don’t argue back, and can turn what I said into somewhat of a joke without exploding and crying about what I said.I’ve changed my mind, you have potential - not to improve your art, but to capitalise on your odd sense of humour l; which is what carries your entire comic. I can appreciate that you know how to capitalise on your strength; but you should still work on your weaknesses (art). Good luck, Admiral. You have my vote.Just joking; you’re a talentless cunt that needs to be taken down a peg, it’s just a shame your unjust delusional ego won’t allow for it, and I don’t have the power to prescribe you psych meds. Hopefully you wake up to your delusions and confront them one day.

>>129127846shut the fuck up swords

>>129127846CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!

>>129127846Admiral vs Alex blood feud

>>129127846Fuck it here's your (you)

>>129127846Matty please don't cut off your gigantic hobbit penis.


>>129127444at least you are transparent about it


>>129127909It already wore out your mom, it will be a kindness to turn her in to a lesbian next.


>>129127846my critique of Alex is that he is just too abrasive. getting a critique from alex is like wiping your ass with sandpaper after a nice dump. Even if he means to help us improve, it comes off bitterly.ironic he is calling people cunts when he comes off like a huge cunt. >>129127830My only critique of Admiral Pizza is that the pizza needs more toppings. maybe more mushrooms. and pineapple. But seriously, maybe his art is a bit rough , I would focus on making the art more simple and concise rather than try to make it detailed. the humour is good though, in my opinion. all these critiques are subjective though. Art is subjective. its not as much about what is the ultimate truth. as if there is such a thing.

Here is a Concept for a comic I'm making.It's about a short woman named Shell, who is a bounty hunter,.still working out the pre production, but It will take place in 2455, in New Chicago.

Attached: Shell Concept.png (1128x836, 385.78K)

sketching out more pages

Attached: Comic51.png (900x1273, 303.72K)

>>129127846>You’re an obnoxious faggot Still cooler then you>that puts his worth into the words of has-been actors too much;Better then the entirety of your lexicon >but I’ll be damned if you let what I say stop you. I will not let my pizza dreams be dreams. >somewhat of a jokeI am funnier and better writer then you without trying >I’ve changed my mind, you have potential -Everyone has unlimited potential. >but you should still work on your weaknesses (art). I will work on improving. But, not for you. >Just joking; you’re a talentless cunt that needs to be taken down a pegSomeone was flipping through my book and they said "The artwork is amazing" I had to remind him to restore my modesty by saying- "Well-Its OKAY." > it’s just a shame your unjust delusional ego won’t allow for it,I am cool pizza comic drawing guy- You are internet bully poopypants troll who can't even crit the people wanting to be crit. > Hopefully you wake up to your delusions and confront them one day.Me too, in the meantime i have T-Shirts and Books to mail off. I'm mailing them to libraries in Australia, the shipping is through the roof but I'm just happy to give people something to read

>>129128077>the shipping is through the roof but I'm just happy to give people something to readHoly fucking shit haha

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>>129128077Hey Admiral, you do any commission work? I am actually highly interested in your ads man, how can I contact you?

Attached: 20211110_131510.jpg (1874x2896, 874.49K)

>>129128129Fuck yeah i love your stuff, i would be delighted to bring to life any products you have in mind! I am frequently on twitter twitter.com/admiral_pizzaFollow me if your timeline needs pizza pictures, comics, video games! I will concoct a link-tree if there's a social media you prefer

Attached: Boxofausmement copy.gif (1290x1950, 1.89M)

I need to post some comic art even if it just the sketch. too much drama ITTI'm starting to use a tripcode now btw lol>>129128018keep at it!

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>>129128129>>129128172Yo /hyw/ Admiral Pizza and some other Eldritch abomination linked up. Sneed it or feed it?


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>>129128192>>129128199>>129128216I LOVE YOUR COMIC. I would very much like to do a team up comic one day! Pizza time guy and i have a Team-up Comic that will be released in October. The contract is being negotiated, His people are talking to mine. Word also has it Admiral Pizza is doing a thing with puppets

Attached: End_of_admiral_pizza_time_cropped_TEXT_FILTERS_resized_copy.jpg (1642x2435, 531.13K)

>>129128292>Admiral Pizza is doing a thing with puppetsoh god bobby no

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>>129128172You're the man; imma have to make a Twitter I guess hah seems like I should've done so awhile back.

Attached: 20211221_113908.jpg (1804x2579, 746.92K)

Might fuck around and start a series called Bows. What do you think?

>>129128357idk seems kind of derivative pretty sure there's a crossbow comic already

>>129128292>I LOVE YOUR COMIC. I would very much like>to do a team up comic one day!thanks. I have said before that I may do a crossover or something like that. I may have to do some research and order some pizza.

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>>129128461poor alex


Based on appearances alone, what vibe do these characters give off? What type of story do they look like they come from? sorry this sounds dumb and vague it's just feedback that's important to me I'd appreciate any response

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>>129128625It almost gives me Stranger Things vibes but set in the 90's instead of the 80'sLove the punk vibe I get from the girl, and the guy seems pretty cool and charming

>>129128627It's been done.

>>129128625im guessing its like an action/ supernatural story? the guy is an agent and the girl is using magic .anyway I like this cover.


>>129128627don't you ever say that name here again faggot

Man, I just woke up and read the thread. What the hell is going on?

Attached: IMG_20220228_234829__01.jpg (3272x3000, 2.57M)

>>129128625The girl seems like a tranny but the white hair Mulder is rad.

>>129128854someone said art isn't about money and everyone lost their minds in the usual ways

>>129128921That's a retard's summary, but sure

>>129128980i figured that's the version you needed

>>129128921He’s correct, art isn’t about money; the business of art distribution is. Unfortunately, passion isn’t always a good indicator of quality or a good incentive to improve - that’s when money does come in. Money ignites the passion to want to improve, or capitalise on an already successful venture found. Money is the driving force behind the entire world; it’s ridiculous to draw that line at art.Artists take commissions mostly because of money, or exposure to garner money.Freelance artists work for money.The Sistine Chapel wasn’t painted out of the glory of God, it was painted because the artist was paid extremely well, and artists even back then were heavily incentivised to get good for money.The only artists that don’t work exclusively for money, are the ones that die with very few knowing them, and garner a massive audiences 100+ years after death; or depressed sods that use it as a personal outlet.I love art, and I love critiquing it; but it’s naive and delusional to deny that the majority of art is about money. Do I personally think it SHOULD be about money? No, I do not; but money makes a great motivator.

>>129129267bugger off it's euro hours mate and we need exactly none of your shite

>>129128652>>129128710That hits the marks, thank you! >>129128879don't like interfering with what people headcanon about characters, that being said witches in this story are all born female for a specific plot reason. Funny you mention Mulder, x-files is a huge inspiration for me.

>>129129298It’s also Australian hours; the hours don’t dictate whether faggots still living under an archaic monarchy, still, get reign over an anonymous imageboard. Cunt. Go back to drinking the tea you dip your sweaty balls in, you fucking United Kuntdom bitchboy.

>>129129326Not that user, but this series is looking dope so far. Have you dropped any pages yet?

Attached: 1645506543633.jpg (53x80, 2.93K)

>>129129328you speak for yourself you retarded squab my country hasn't had a monarch since before your purse snatching great gran was shipped off

>>129129362Thanks! It means so much to me that anyone's interested at all. I don't have a circle of friends or any following to show my stuff to. I'm not making traditional comic pages this is in a scrolling webtoon format, but I haven't posted a full sequence just yet though I've posted a lot of raw panels.that bit from the scene you posted is giving me the hardest time to edit; it's like a dive bar that's supposed to give the illusion of being under water with the lightning effects.

Attached: FMgDb26WYAAxj1O.jpg (685x695, 270.74K)


Attached: 423CAD86-9D4B-40ED-9A26-E98FCC697083.jpg (1466x2048, 468.15K)


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>>129129639>>129129988what a scummy bully. pretty well done comics though. Is it just me or is it a bit confusing how the bottom 4 panels are read?

>>129128625It gives me vibes that I'll redraw the "no way fag" meme with him as Leon and her as Ashley.

>>129130025It is a bit confusing but ultimately I read it right.

>>129129988I like the guy with the cap. Highly relatable.