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>Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't bump or "second", "third", etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:rentry DOT co SLASH txf8tNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in:>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/666517Previous thread: >>129047793

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>>129093123Requesting the image on the top with the two Thai MILFs on the bottom. Wearing those same dresses.

Attached: THAI MOMS.jpg (2008x2284, 753.9K)

Draw Adulther smoking a doobie!

Attached: 905E7355-3DFB-481D-960B-095E043A2FCE.jpg (2000x1103, 115.41K)

Requesting Nancy and Drew Quymn from Venture Bros both dressed up as Dory McClean from Metalocalypse.

Attached: nancy_drew mcclean.jpg (2856x2344, 844.08K)

Requesting this pic of adult Molly Jo redrawn in the show's artstyle.Reference: files.catbox.moe/cwuqlu.png

Attached: AEC3C5E1-0430-400C-A9F2-79D1B3DF81D3.png (2459x4546, 2.69M)

Requesting the Joker holding a fast food place hostage and manning the drive thru window. Maybe have him saying "Welcome to Joke in the Box, would you like a kids meal? It's got a fun toy."

Attached: joke in the box.jpg (1024x768, 123.75K)

Requesting Goliath from Gargoyles dressed in a comfy tweed suit, like hes a librarian or english professor

Attached: goliathsuit-min.png (2328x1428, 1.15M)

>>129093123requesting spiderman and black cat in a similar pose as pic related.

Attached: blue velvet.png (260x382, 171.96K)

Requesting a corrupted XJ6 based on the Life Virus

Attached: XJ6 Virus.jpg (900x1852, 269.76K)

Requesting Redraw of this image of Jucika in Queen La's outfit

Attached: jucika in queen la's outfit.jpg (1366x1500, 1006.86K)

>>129093271>Now it's dark...

Requesting Bruno dressed as Bruno.

Attached: bruno request.jpg (2000x1857, 1.27M)

Requesting female Modulok. Only the white-eyed head should still be bald (reference right) while the other head can have hair. Purple/green trunks and purple/black chest harness (reference right) could be used as a bikini bottom and top to keep her SFW.

Attached: modulok-ref.jpg (1920x912, 372.33K)

Requesting Triana from Venture Bros wearing the outfit down below.

Attached: Triana_GothPearl_outfit.jpg (1092x1372, 202.54K)

Requesting Simone wearing a pink version of Rainbow Mika’s outfit while slapping her right buttcheek

Attached: BD72922E-B8E5-42B0-9899-BD34DCE462C1.jpg (2618x1676, 579K)

Requesting the 3 lapises posing with guns into battle like the image on the right.

Attached: Artboard 15.png (2560x1440, 3.25M)

Requesting Glimmer in this outfit.

Attached: glimmerwear.png (1600x1700, 2.2M)

>>129093139>>129093187here ya go little buddy

Attached: 6EB7B67F-21FB-46AC-919A-9A4D00BBB43A.jpg (473x682, 145.66K)

Requesting psychic fusion

Attached: Psychic Fusion.jpg (3000x2361, 348.07K)

Requesting Sissy Blakely's Mom wearing the clothes in the reference image.

Attached: SMHeL20627.jpg (1280x2254, 536.89K)

Requesting Mirror Man, Hugo Strange, and Egghead posed like this

Attached: F8E6F4D4-F61E-4830-A497-129F5C6483E3.png (390x513, 354.03K)

As a follow up(sorta) of OP, the flea as flea?

Attached: theflea.png (927x620, 645.64K)

Requesting the bottom pic with Leni Loud and Bling Bling Boy.

Attached: 5563.jpg (3411x4551, 2.39M)

Requesting Anne Boonchuy with your favourite hairstyle.

Attached: Anne.png (1280x507, 251.8K)

Requesting Triana dressed as Raven.

Attached: Triana Raven thing.jpg (2345x2091, 700.9K)

Requesting a Penelope Pitstop as buxom/busty as Mizuki Tachibana (Pictured below)

Attached: Penelope Gravion.jpg (2184x1437, 531.6K)

Requesting Priya wearing this.

Attached: Priya Request.png (1722x1598, 2.64M)

Requesting this with Marco and brittney wong

Attached: good ship.png (1208x440, 445.13K)

>>129093123Requesting Wonder Woman and Zatanna debating who is the better Cartoon doggo, Scooby-Doo or Courage.

Attached: 90a8d200709895331b49e23a987d3e8f.jpg (1237x1920, 259.36K)

Requesting Ruby or Sapphire admiring an user's muscles

Attached: 1639606921258.jpg (1920x1920, 725.46K)

Requesting Amethyst dressed as a retro diner gal.

Attached: amethyst diner.png (1886x2000, 2.16M)

Requesting Teen Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls laying in bed and hugging a body pillow.

Attached: 8D76A321-AEA9-44E8-B2BD-8240BE304C9D.jpg (1200x1600, 177.13K)

Requesting the left image with Proto-Katie Mitchell and user.

Attached: f0256.jpg (3392x2922, 1.65M)

>>129093123Requesting Zahra Rashid, with her rifle, doing like Asuka in the bottom image.

Attached: it's nerf or nothing.jpg (3048x3216, 1.18M)

Requesting Iroh as a saloon barkeeper

Attached: I don't know what I'm doing anymore.jpg (2139x900, 335.36K)

Requesting Honey Lemon pulling Gogo's thong

Attached: honey pull gogo.jpg (1032x649, 429.31K)

Requesting Amy Winston and Sumireko Usami having a casual conversation

Attached: z1ue873.png (2028x1988, 1.42M)

Requesting Country, Kitty Jo, Scoots, Groove. And Chessie (Cattanooga Cats)Wearing armor similar to those in the lower side of the image

Attached: 1515183009631.jpg (1330x1400, 1.59M)

Requesting Shark Girl as a hula dancer.

Attached: shark girl hula.png (1410x1104, 2.72M)

>>129093123Requesting (in order from left to right) Horrificator, Timebreaker, Reflekta, and Princess Fragrance doing the "Me and the Guys" meme

Attached: Me and the Girls.jpg (2018x1468, 528.06K)

Requesting Wonder Woman in skirt version of her costume lifting her own skirt to the viewer with the disgusted look

Attached: ww skirt disgust.jpg (1684x1220, 1.67M)

Requesting Mirabel lifting her dress and giving the viewer a disgusted look, like this.

Attached: mirabel hello.png (2467x1420, 3.13M)

Requesting something like the bottom comic ref but a bound Jessica Rabbit turning into a black and white rubberhose Hulk

Attached: Bound monster Jessica.jpg (1920x2639, 1.2M)

Requesting a DCU Alt universe take on Red Baron brand pizza by making Enemy Ace brand pizza

Attached: 168EC578-988B-4A96-A0DB-7E5FB9733A5D.jpg (5889x3921, 3.99M)

Requesting a Desmond version of the Borderlands cover art.

Attached: Smilinglands.jpg (578x388, 91.8K)

>>129093381Am i the only one bastard in this world that wishes to see more of that tumblr-haired woman in the show?.

Requesting Mina in a bat bikini.

Attached: mina bat bikini.jpg (800x1036, 424.78K)

Requesting Buttercup in a tiger-print bikini with paws and ears. Something that shows off some abs, keeping a barely-chested teen athlete build.

Attached: buttercup tiger year.png (2064x1624, 2.58M)

Requesting Molly Hayes in her green alt- costume, breaking out of some restraints by flexing.

Attached: MollyHayesFlex.png (1291x1369, 1.28M)

Requesting older Candy Chiu, in this pose wearing shorts like these.

Attached: candy heart.png (2000x2000, 3.59M)

>>129094398Well you, me, and the fatfag from the last thread

Requesting Jenny holding a dead QuailmanOther Nickelodeon superheroes (Cartoon Network/Netfix/DreamWorks/Disney ones are OK too) in the background are entirely optional

Attached: thedeathofquailman.jpg (753x625, 208.08K)

Requesting JellyStone! Snooper and Blabber posed like the bottom right pic

Attached: 7792B4E4-2EA7-4841-A157-467C671880DD.jpg (1792x1763, 607.87K)

Requesting the right image but with Diane Foxington

Attached: FEE82C01-138D-4AA2-96C8-0E28B5DAA484.jpg (2048x684, 300.4K)

Requesting Gaz Digzy from Ballmastrz drawn like Eric Andrew below saying"Hey Hunger Games, I'm still FULL"

Attached: Picsart_22-02-22_17-51-01-485.jpg (3403x3224, 1.28M)

Requesting ghost Ms Chalice showing her ass

Attached: Untitled39_20220219215933.png (1378x1378, 927.75K)

Requesting Dolores dressed up for the Barranquilla Carnival.

Attached: dolores barranquilla.png (2293x1395, 3.75M)

>>129094964Requesting THIS but while smoking a fat blunt

Requesting Raven and Beast Boy with their powers swapped. He gets the magic, she gets the animal-shapeshifting.

Attached: raven beast boy.png (453x759, 424.6K)

around how many replies do the good requests show up?

>>129095046Please demonstrate what you think is a good request.

Requesting Anne Boonchuy and Wordgirl outfit swap.

Attached: Anne&Wordgirl.png (1244x931, 433.38K)

>>129095072the ones where x character is requested to get fat, or maybe some characters from harvey beaks running around naked, those are good

>>129095155erm... what the scallop?

Requesting Alice Tompkins cosplaying as Tina Armstrong from Dead Or Alive

Attached: 5A1FADCC-5CCD-4A80-ADA9-78C2E199F77F.jpg (1619x2138, 685.16K)

Requesting a Beelstarmon-styled version of Rose's alter-ego Vicki.

Attached: Beelrosemon.jpg (1379x2249, 794.02K)

Requesting Mandy in Saiyan armor.

Attached: mandy in armor.png (1118x1244, 991.14K)

Requesting a rule 63 Nighthawk

Attached: 20220210_092429.png (1518x2074, 3.86M)

Requesting pic to the right with Jim and Princess

Attached: file.png (1442x488, 987.87K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: KHAN FUSION.jpg (618x499, 40.88K)

Requesting the middle image with Aloysius O' Hare and the Lorax, the Lorax will be the victim.

Attached: 38cc51cfe2e0ac2fdc3b9c41d36d3.jpg (2960x1252, 512.6K)

Gawr Gura and Jellystone's Jabberjaw fighting over who gets to be King Shark's girlfriend

Attached: 1645904149932.jpg (500x888, 129.1K)

Requesting Reagan dressed as a "Sexy Schoolgirl."

Attached: reagan schoolgirl.png (1737x1720, 3.03M)

Requesting Andra in this outfit.

Attached: AndraOutfit.png (1552x1500, 2.87M)

>>129093123Requesting someone to draw Ice Age characters in the Don Bluth art style.Reference:youtu.be/WFIo1xkL-wI

Attached: 97517F8A-4195-4D46-A5A6-FAEA5988CE49.jpg (1024x640, 205.98K)

Requesting fusion.

Attached: inqdom.png (859x885, 1.12M)

Requesting Parsley in Rouge the bat's getup.

Attached: parsley the bat.png (1908x1832, 3.24M)

>>129093271>He put his radioactive blood in me! Preview here, I still have to tighten things up and add the background.

Attached: RedandBlueVelvet.png (543x524, 371.31K)

Requesting June del Toro in a swimsuit, posed like this on a big beach ball.

Attached: large.png (1968x1989, 3.87M)

Requesting the fused Robin-Ann entity trying to explain to Batman what happened.

Attached: Rob-Anne.png (1152x1046, 230.14K)

Requesting Rubi from The Beano/Dennis and Gnasher, in the stereotypical mad scientist outfit on the right.

Attached: RUBI.png (1959x1919, 2.96M)

Requesting Spinel telling Cuphead and Mugman to get out of her sight.

Attached: Rubber Hose Embarassments.png (1262x636, 535.76K)

Requesting wrestler PB but with some muscles

Attached: Wrestler pb.png (573x720, 295.67K)

Requesting Luisa looking tender and vulnerable in the kitty keyhole outfit.

Attached: luisa kitty.png (2016x1978, 3.31M)

Requesting Poison Ivy with Rowlet.

Attached: IvyRowlet.png (1518x880, 1.9M)

Requesting Wolfwalkers playboy bunnies.

Attached: wolfwalkers.png (998x630, 974.86K)

Requesting a Madison Vrax pinup based on the pinup on the right, wearing her own cap and with the colors of her usual uniform.

Attached: vrax-sword-pinup.png (2000x1427, 2.65M)

Requesting DC's big three hiring the Smiling Friends.

Attached: SmilingFriends.png (1899x855, 1.93M)

>>129096300you got a similar delivery in the last thread, fuck off

>>129096366What? This is Smiling Friends based.

Requesting Katie Killjoy with different smoking implement and different bodies - basically, any and all of the following:>Cigarette: Regular Katie>Cigarette-holder: Older Katie in a flapper dress>Cigar: fatter, matronly/bbw CEO Katie>E-cig: slightly younger (she's in her 40s in the show, so, in her late 20s in this one?), more contemporary Katie>Juul: Late teen/early tween E-girl Katie>Pipe: Cool grandma Katie with a MacArthur-esque pilot get-up>Joint: MILF-y Hippie Katie>Bong: NEET college dropout Katie>Crackpipe: Crackhead Katie

Attached: 1565644919967.jpg (730x970, 101.82K)

Requesting Lord Dominator in a sexy military uniform, like this.

Attached: dominator in the military now.png (1490x1808, 1.45M)

Requesting Pidge getting a surprise butt grab.

Attached: pidgegrab.png (2657x2657, 3.85M)

Requesting a pinup of Jaga the elf, from The Magic Crystal and Redcaps.

Attached: Jaga from Santas Magic Crystal and Redcaps.png (1990x1990, 3.8M)

Requesting Beatrice (from It's Pony) dresses as Sailor Moon

Attached: 193.png (1201x1213, 499.16K)

Requesting this little comic done with Tanis the Mummy.

Attached: Tanis Money Problems.png (1854x1692, 3.75M)

Requesting Porsha wearing a Minion sweater.

Attached: minion sweater.png (1172x801, 872.81K)

Same requestRequesting this FLCL frame/scene with Murdoc and Cyborg Noodles

Attached: image_2022-03-01_030209.png (2281x1049, 2M)

Requesting a DCAU version of Shocking Suzi.

Attached: shocking suzi dcau.png (2000x2000, 3.27M)

>>129093123Thank you, whoever did this.

Requesting a Princess Christi back shot.

Attached: pc.jpg (1198x678, 266.84K)

Requesting more of elegant gorgon Pacifica.

Attached: gorgon pacifica.jpg (540x565, 46.89K)

Requesting a design for Koya the falcon, in the style of the 80s TMNT show.

Attached: koya 80s.png (1750x1651, 3.35M)

Requesting tmnts Amy sleeping and eating her pillow.

Attached: sleeping amy.jpg (1280x1024, 182.07K)

Requesting Spinnerella suffering a wardrobe malfunction like so.

Attached: Spinnerella Wardrobe Malfunction.png (1980x2000, 3.83M)

Requesting Cythina scaring the crap out of Angelica.

Attached: cynthia sees all.png (1450x1400, 1.73M)

Requesting Annie-May Parker getting a face full of her mom's cleavage, like this.

Attached: renew your vows request.png (1387x1621, 3.74M)

Requesting Mayday Parker dressed like this

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7yqCXmlc5YibEH.jpg (1227x602, 155.44K)

Requesting Brayana the skater-fighter from Summer Kingdom, skating downhill like this.

Attached: brayana skating downhill.png (1671x1600, 3.72M)

requesting two vriskas clinging to hussie in a minions shirt

Attached: vriksk.png (2588x1920, 944.08K)

>>129093123requesting an 18+ depiction of Zero from INK with the muscle definition, sports bra. and spats on the left, posed with her jacket like on the rightyoutube.com/watch?v=4FD3RElLySA

Attached: zeroAlbino18.png (2139x942, 2.29M)

>>129093428Mentally ill because that is nothing like the show's style

Requesting a busty female version of Michael.

Attached: michael.png (399x674, 316.45K)

Requesting Katie and Aaron Mitchell screaming by fleeing from Glenn Manning: The Colossal Man rampaging through the streets.

Attached: F0117273-F707-4AF3-9322-D3071E48E8D6.jpg (700x394, 60.34K)

Requesting an older (mid 20s), evil Miko dressed similarly to Phantom Lady (pictured in middle and bottom-left ref) drinking a strange serum, then turning into a kaiju-esque version of her glitch form similar looking to the image on the bottom right.

Attached: Phantom Glitch Kaiju.jpg (3119x4608, 1.41M)

Requesting 20 years old Gabi Hernandez (Vivo).

Attached: 6712BE2E-3435-47D8-9367-D7EF8AFA9A2F.png (2156x2620, 3.6M)

Requesting Juniper Lee as a Jiangshi.

Attached: juniper jiang.png (1758x1705, 2.79M)

Requesting Holly and Selina as stocking/pantyhose masked bank robbers.

Attached: SH Team.png (778x886, 1.1M)

Requesting Mayday (As Spider-Girl) and Benjamin Parker re-enacting the right image.

Attached: Mayday and Benji.png (1296x683, 1.08M)

>>129093123Requesting Maya (left) getting her head shaved by Mymy (right)

Attached: 1591827199746.jpg (1080x582, 140.79K)

Requesting Fee from Harvey Beaks, trying to ride a bike (and failing)

Attached: FeeConceptArt.jpg (1280x640, 319.87K)

Requesting Komodo in a pose like this, keeping her in combat fatigues.

Attached: komodo req.png (1370x1364, 2.11M)

Requesting Raven secretly cheating on Beast Boy with Martian Manhunter

Attached: raven and jon jozz.jpg (1251x504, 441.52K)

Requesting Cassandra Cain as a traditional ninja.

Attached: vhk2hdgR_400x400.jpg (400x400, 48.87K)

Requesting a ski-masked Jessica Jones getting caught poking around in an office.

Attached: 151221_r27463.jpg (1846x2560, 300.31K)

Requesting a recreation of this piece with Timmantha as the girl.And with Cosmo and Wanda as a couple of the balloons.

Attached: timmanthaloons.png (1848x1522, 3.79M)

Requesting Bruta with a bunch of bead necklaces covering her breasts, since it's Mardi Gras.

Attached: BrutaMardiGras.png (1800x1800, 3.22M)

Requesting Minerva from The Wicked and the Divine shaking it on the dance floor.

Attached: minerva_dancing.jpg (2278x1249, 1.73M)

Requesting Lorina Dodson/White Rabbit in a full body skin tight version of her costume with a mask.

Attached: Tony_Stark_Iron_Man_Vol_1_10_Spider-Man_Villains_Variant_Textless.jpg (1988x3056, 1.29M)

Requesting this comic with Ruby

Attached: tsundere.jpg (4096x3276, 2.55M)

Requesting Rider in anime bikini armor.

Attached: rider bikini armor.png (1236x1640, 1.88M)

>>129097889This amount of cringe violates the Geneva Convention.

Requesting any art to be made with pic related (Wirt from the Circus Friends comic)

Attached: wirtfb2.png (1496x1864, 1.19M)


Attached: Anne-Hair.png (1013x1164, 305.57K)


Requesting That’s My Boy poster with Greg and Steven

Attached: 5E70F9B2-995D-418D-B2BC-E2B64C431B18.jpg (1280x2616, 821.81K)

Requesting Miko Nakadai looking down smugly at the viewer, holding a riding crop.

Attached: Miko Transformers crop.png (1606x1610, 1.79M)

Requesting Elizabeth in April's classic outfit, the one we all love and remember. Good old Purple T-Shirt and Cargo pants!

Attached: ElizabethONeil request but better.jpg (2100x1568, 424.73K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: strange fusion.png (842x969, 320.89K)

Requesting Anne, Sasha and Marcy (Amphibia) joining these 3 girls from Fairly OddParents in a huge bed.

Attached: 62445319-99C5-4E88-8650-6594F12B4EE4.png (2201x3451, 3.73M)

>>129097984That is sexy hair.

Requesting Zebra Spider-Man costume

Attached: zebra spiderman.jpg (800x602, 456.66K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: crazy damn slut whore fusion.jpg (1936x1648, 337.71K)

Requesting busty April

Attached: frankie busty april request.jpg (1728x1479, 1.04M)

Requesting this cover with the /cock/ characters of your choice

Attached: 1646056401338.jpg (722x936, 214.09K)

Requesting Miko as a skater girl

Attached: miko skater girl request.jpg (1896x1383, 513.15K)

Requesting Molly Jo with the power of the sun in the palm of her hand.

Attached: molly jo octopus.png (1250x1480, 3.07M)

Requesting Selina roping a reluctant Maggie into helping her with a robbery.

Attached: Selina and Maggie.png (727x830, 1.14M)

Requesting Poison Ivy on trial for eco-terrorism, property damage, attempted mass murder, and several counts of rape.

Attached: Poison Ivy.png (1083x732, 1.68M)

Requesting Hayley Smith (from American Dad) and Amy Wong (from Futurama) dressed as Ryuko and Satsuki respectively fighting each other

Attached: hayley-ryuko-amy-satsuki.png (2064x1530, 2.02M)

>>129097984OR here. That looks lovely! Thank you very much, user.

Requesting Leni Loud cosplaying as Snow from "Combatants Will Be Dispatched", while she is doing something dumb. Whatever dumb thing she's doing is up to you.

Attached: 1645690067914.png (1920x1080, 633.55K)

Requesting Leggy Lamb wear the wolfs jacket and hat.

Attached: Pensacola Wolf and Leggy.png (1586x1107, 401.05K)

Requesting a redrawn of this whomp comic with Ramsey murdoch as Ronnie and Percival king as agrias

Attached: whomp comic redraw.png (838x538, 233.26K)

>>129093123Requesting Jeremy Bradford as the "lo-fi beat to chill and study too" girl

Attached: 79fdc77adcdc1e84f04eafaa18f6db29.png (3050x1125, 2.87M)

>>129097984You made prettier than the original, bravo!


Requesting femboy Double Trouble wearing the bodysuit on the right

Attached: Double Trouble Bodysuit.jpg (2343x894, 266.06K)

Requesting teen Ginger Hirano dressed as a Firestar Girl like in the right pic.

Attached: 8260C9D7-F27E-4899-B5F3-45C4B6AD9A85.png (3932x3344, 3.87M)

Requesting PSG styled Glukoza interacting with Panty and/or Stocking.Pardon the crappy ref, but there's no good reference shots in the PSG styled video.youtube.com/watch?v=2jghKg0Q0EUFor any drawfriend that happens to be familiar with this alreadytraitor girl and stocking ominously dohohoing together would be cool too

Attached: glukoza.png (1724x2040, 2.67M)

Requesting the Penn Zero crew zapped into the 40k universe, with Penn taking over the role of a Commissar, Boone a Space Marine, and Sashi a Sister of Battle

Attached: PartTimeExterminatus.jpg (3096x1744, 1.09M)

Requesting the Dee twins robbing a bank in clown masks (or another kind of disguise.)

Attached: Dee_Dee.png (600x450, 239.28K)

>>129101097But how the hell do you not understand? you already got your delivery, stop posting this shit.

>>129095046It's generally a safe bet to ignore the first 150-200 posts, since 95% of them will be reposted spam.>>129095072Literally anything that isn't a thinly veiled demand for a free commission, reposted ad nauseam. Drawthreads exist to inspire drawfags, not to be free commission factories.

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: 1645427731641.jpg (662x900, 136.91K)

Requesting April smoking.

Attached: d9z3t4d-15af5b4c-f4ec-4bce-beb3-284129227607.jpg (459x412, 33.06K)

Requesting this random schoolgirl, from Ben 10, with a huge badonkadonk which her skirt can barely containuniform ref de.catbox.moe/0ppbnn.jpg

Attached: Beatrice.png (475x1075, 529.27K)

Requesting outfit swap.

Attached: odalia Helen.png (1049x1103, 947.25K)

Requesting older Numbuh 5, working at Tomboy Outback.

Attached: tomboy_five.png (1887x1900, 2.71M)

Requesting Moon Knight hanging out with Lunar Pokemon.

Attached: MoonTypes.jpg (4000x3000, 1.03M)

Requesting Harley at Mardi Gras, in a Mardi Gras-colored version of her classic outfit.

Attached: harley mardi gras.png (1315x1049, 812.32K)

Requesting Stevonnie doing the Scorpion pose (preferably facing the viewer)

Attached: Stevonnie_pose.jpg (2509x1672, 1004.93K)

Requesting Bonnie Rockwaller like the reference

Attached: 1606484064845.jpg (1066x874, 146.76K)

Requesting the kids playing Americas past time, baseball. And to add a little inspiration youtube.com/watch?v=VIPUCPMd_nA

Attached: baseball.jpg (1280x1024, 282.23K)

>>129103642second on this

Requesting Miss Martian wearing a tracksuit and sandals while she holds a gun.

Attached: ll_Miss_Martian.jpg (2638x2624, 1.08M)

>>129100726>>129104334Doing this just makes it look like the OR is bumping their own request.

Hey boorufags, there's a bit of old Ruby Gloom OC getting dumped over here >>129094148I'd wager at least some of it is among the stuff that was thought lost to vandalism.

>>129104569who cares?


>>129104633Those of us who has been here long enough to know what "board culture" means.

>>129104569>>129104666Meh, no way that has any place in Holla Forums booru, Holla Forums boor is for deliveries in this thread, stupid newfag.


>>129104666close your mouth tumblrina

Requesting Kamala Khan as an intern at the Daily Planet who has a crush on Clark Kent.

Attached: supermarvel.jpg (760x1080, 689.73K)

>>129102352what game and full outfit?

mrs warthog inflating to an enormous size

Attached: Mrs._Warthog.png (822x764, 885.53K)

How do drawfags feel when they see the same request in multiple threads?

Requesting Leni Loud saying the guy on the right (Neanderthal) is her new boyfriend.

Attached: 16459044172.jpg (3860x2048, 1.04M)

>>129104980Annoyed and just waits for something new or does it for practice

>>129105044>Well I'm either annoyed or I do itMany important things learned in this thread.

>>129105044>does it for practiceWhy would you reward someone who feels so entitled to free commissions that he'll beg for them in multiple places?If I was a drawfag I'd go out of my way to not reward that kind of shitty behaviour. or i'd post thumbbail sized deliveries as a Fuck You to the begger

>>129093123Requesting Rita Loud doing like the woman in the image on the right, but on Lincoln's bed, trying to clean his shelf.

Attached: FMoa2QAagAAMoDj.jpg (2164x2688, 1.08M)

Requesting older Mabel dressed as a sexy clown.

Attached: Mabelbend.png (1276x1975, 1.8M)

Requesting Evil mama and Hot mama making out.

Attached: evil mama hot mama.png (911x889, 652.9K)

requesting Polly Pocket relaxing in sensory deprivation like Lisa Simpson

Attached: request17.png (1920x1080, 1.13M)

Requesting Shezow splashing out of the water and flipping his hair back like Ariel in the Little Mermaid.

Attached: Shezow hair flip.jpg (2907x2000, 528.4K)

Requesting Mayday Parker getting caught sneaking back into her room after a night of crimefighting/patrolling and being mistaken for a common criminal because she's dressed like one.

Attached: Mayday.png (250x306, 130.45K)

Requesting the JAV cover on the left with Pearl. You don't have to have the text, but the outfit and pose should be the same. Optional if you make her extra leggy and give her a nervous expression.

Attached: leggy pearl.jpg (1572x1500, 395.45K)

Requesting Mary Dahl doing the pajama top challenge.

Attached: Mary Dahl PJ challenge.png (2164x1996, 3.53M)

Requesting a design for what the OG 60s/70s Gwen Stacy would've looked like as a Spider-hero.

Attached: Gwen Stacy.png (1024x1024, 1.57M)

Requesting Mia from Baskup as a boxer

Attached: box.jpg (980x704, 168.86K)

Requesting a draw of humanized Thomas and Percy from Thomas and Friends.

Attached: Humanized Thomas and Percy Request.png (644x800, 357.59K)

Requesting Nora Rita Norita wearing her work out outfit on the left

Attached: workout nora.jpg (4169x1599, 927.2K)

Requesting Gamora wearing the dress on the right.

Attached: gamora req.png (1588x1778, 3.31M)

Requesting the Simpsons doing John Carpenters The Thing with Homer as the Thing and Lenny as Macready. Here's a trailer to help youtube.com/watch?v=p35JDJLa9ec

Attached: simpsons the thing.jpg (1024x768, 130.74K)

Can I get a picture of these two fist bumping or in the Predator shake? Also, can you not crush Kit's fist? I know it's tempting. I almost thought I might ask for that at first. But no. Please draw this in the spirit of bro-ness.

Attached: PCIMG_2022-02-05_20-02-05-1.jpg (755x755, 323.78K)

Requesting Kimmie McAdams, from Detentionaire, wearing any of the outfits on the bottom images to school.After I saw that one Bonnie delivery, I just wanted to see more mean high school bitches wearing Slutwear to school.

Attached: U4zWn3AFEo.jpg (2800x3176, 1.13M)

Requesting Five, Miko, and Zahra recreating this bit of Pokemon cosplay. Up to you who is who.

Attached: Five Miko and Zahra.png (1538x1890, 2.9M)


Attached: Eenemy-Ace-pizza.png (1013x1045, 872.22K)

>>129106366Not OR but that's nice.

>>129106366Oh hell yeah. It took me a moment to even realize I was looking at a delivery, from the thumbnail I would've thought this was a picture from some real pizza joint's ad or something. Very nicely done.

>>129106366Not or, but love it

>>129106366OR here and I love it, this actually looks like a legit pizza brand

>>129106366 Now that's fantastic, both for quality and because there's so little Von Hammer fanart anyway.

>>129106366Dat's op quality right there. Excellent work dude.

>>129106366Not OR but this is awesome!

Requesting Angela Chen tied to a chair and gagged like the picture on the right

Attached: AngelaChen.jpg (1600x1600, 350.46K)

>>129106366So real looking it looks like a troll delivery but then you click it, magnificent!

Requesting black goth XJ9, lying down on some stairs like this.

Attached: black goth stairs.png (1068x1749, 1.52M)

Requesting Jenny powering up like Mecha Sonic or just having his visor on

Attached: F00C276C-E8C7-4C18-9157-9713102F8F94.jpg (3464x3464, 1.66M)

>>129104938Breath of Fire 6 and the character is Ryu. Sadly, I can't find a full bodyshot image.

Requesting Kyouko Sakura from Madoka Magica drawn in the style of a 30's "rubber hose animation" cartoon character

Attached: 1619609882122.jpg (3023x4200, 2.44M)

Requesting Amethyst dorkification.

Attached: amethystdork.png (1268x1412, 2.42M)

Requesting from Bravestar, 30-30 aggressively offering a bouquet of flowers to a blushing and recoiling Judge McBride.He's brandishing his bouquet, thrusting it forward and saying "Your resistance only makes my penis harder."

Attached: 30-30 resistance 2 .jpg (1608x1700, 830.6K)

Requesting the Lifeguard showing off her tanlines to Nani

Attached: tan lines(1).jpg (1956x849, 294.06K)

Requesting a remake of the top comic book cover with a Young Jon Kent Superboy meeting a Young XTC flying out of a Time Bubble

Attached: 2F1C19D3-2241-43C8-A12A-0EA0A1666B0E.jpg (2082x4942, 2.62M)

Requesting Britanny Diggers demonstrating that her shorter older sister Gina has a nice rack.

Attached: diggersrack.png (1990x1858, 2.93M)

Requesting something like this, with Aunt Cass.

Attached: aunt cass outfit.png (1721x1558, 2.96M)

Requesting Melissa Fahn fusion

Attached: Dumb VA joke that spreads across three kinds of media.jpg (2000x1574, 153.07K)

>>129106366Not OR but that is fucking beautiful mate, also it’s nice to see Enemy Ace get some love


Attached: SpinRip.png (1041x1300, 560.91K)

>>129093123Slash voice acting as a cartoon ninja turtle would actually be a step up from where he is now.Sorry, sorry, i know your having a rough time, Saul.

Requesting Reggie Abbot in Asuka's training clothes from episode 9.

Attached: Moment and Heart Together.jpg (2256x2208, 624.95K)

>>129109835Well that's fun, good job user

Requesting the image on the left but Elsa as Katara and Ralph as Aang

Attached: smashitsam.png (1013x554, 939.69K)

I like drawing and I like when people compliment my drawings

Requesting DC's Question(s)- Rene is straddling Vic wearing only an open trechcoat and hat.Vic can be nude or discretely in sheets.Rene has her wrists tied loosely with Vic's tie.Both Questions are wearing their full featureless face masks.

Attached: Vic n Rene safe.jpg (1508x1640, 600.55K)

>>129110126I like complimenting artists.

Requesting Spinelli at the gym, like this.Hat stays on, of course.

Attached: Spinelli workout.png (2049x1482, 2.89M)

Requesting Lapis sucking the foot of Blue Diamond like in the reference.

Attached: ZiN05yGC.jpg (4912x4005, 2.11M)

Requesting Street Angel giving a smug smile as she points a sword at the viewer.

Attached: street angel sword.png (1545x1760, 3.89M)

Requesting something like the bottom done with Velma and Marcie.

Attached: surpise.jpg (1857x2171, 665.67K)

Requesting Mavis carrying Johnny over her shoulder.

Attached: mavis johnny request.png (2124x1701, 2.03M)

>>129109921Nah, fuck all that.Re-requesting Judy Abbott dressed like the lewd Asuka cosplayer on the left. In any of those same poses, too.

Attached: 1196337395457942.jpg (3113x4088, 2.67M)

Requesting "modern" Voltron fighting a female version of the Battle Batbeast from 80s Voltron.

Attached: Voltron vs Battle Batbeast.png (1121x1106, 1.61M)

>>129110126>>129110350>the drawings in both these cases are total stinky dog-shit

I'd like to request Lydia, Dylan, and Molly as Pokemon trainers, and their paranormal pals as their pokemon. I leave it up to the artist's discretion to decide what pokemon, as well as their trainer outfits. Additionally also have Billy and Mandy as Team Rocket, with Grim as Meowth.(you don't need to draw everything at once)

Attached: monster trainer.jpg (602x602, 150.42K)

Requesting Mermista dressed/posed like this.

Attached: Mermista Suit.png (2000x1563, 1.15M)

Requesting Orko grabbing Evil-Lyn' butt.

Attached: OrkoGoose.png (1566x1566, 2.63M)

Requesting older Lilo doing the Jacko pose.

Attached: lilo jacko.png (1364x1364, 2M)

Delivery for>>129093271 Sorry it took so long after the preview, today was crazy.

Attached: hitmedammit.png (494x384, 118.28K)

Requesting Lady Jaye in a military playboy bunny outfit.

Attached: Lady Jaye playboy.png (1853x1232, 2.78M)

>>129111857Weird, but in a good way. Feels like an oldschool indie comic.

>>129093719Took longer than expected, But here ya go

Attached: prita.jpg (1000x1000, 384.74K)

Requesting the short and tall Tiffanys in this outfit (with the short one wearing a green top).

Attached: Tiffanys Tops.png (2068x1693, 2.24M)

>>129112004Pretty good for the most part. I like the shine you put on the costume. The nose looks pretty off though, even keeping in mind that it's pretty big on the canon design. Might want to work on that. Rest of the piece's quite solid though.

why didn't the "request anchor"-"delivery anchor" posts format catch up with these threads?

Requesting the Raven/Miko fusion as a Twitch thot doing a Let's Play

Attached: 1588732533612.png (2016x3280, 818.35K)

>>129112217?????You mean anchoring for a drawfriend who says they're gonna draw someones request??? Not as many wips get posted here.

Requestimg Goth Velma as an edgy slasher nurse similar to the pics on the right

Attached: Goth Velma Nurse.jpg (2616x2656, 633.44K)

>>129112217Because, unlike Holla Forums, these threads last for 3-4 days, there's no reason for anchors.

>>129109921I don't have my tablet hooked up. Have a napkin doodle

Attached: 20220302_004329.jpg (2560x1440, 1.91M)

>>129112217>why didn't they catch upWe outran them. Boards that need such things are weak. We are strong. We maintain our booru.

>>129112371Holy shit fluffy that's adorable! Not the requester btw.


Attached: Request10Final.png (1504x1743, 1.83M)

Requesting Elisa Maza showing off her abs, wearing nothing under her jacket.

Attached: Elisa Abs.png (1742x1822, 2.53M)

>>129112431It's a delivery!

>>129112431Disturbing and bretty good.

>>129093521just a doodle. >>129097984this is based taste in hair and art, great work>>129112404thanks bud. its touching being recognized after being gone for years.

Attached: 20220302_011214.jpg (1440x2560, 1.69M)

Requesting Garnet actively not feeding ducks, taking away bread crumbs that were already there, something in that general area.

Attached: garnetducks.png (640x676, 294.51K)

>>129112569OR again. Very cute work! Thanks very much to you too, and welcome back.

>>129112569wait, you're THE fluffy? Oh man, you don't understand how much your work meant to me as a teenager way back man. So glad to see you still post, you're a huge influence in getting me to draw.

>>129112371Not OR but this is very cute, and your artstyle is cool, thank you drawfriend!

>>129093123Requesting a cute and blushing Cassandra all flustered reading a magazine that says "Yuri" like the image on the right.

Attached: 166372.jpg (924x662, 360.4K)

>>129112431This is definitely not what I expected but damn this a welcome surprise. Thanks draw dude!

>>129093123Requesting Candace accidentally and comically crushing Phineas with her butt like on the right. Phineas reaction could be of love or hate.

Attached: cc.png (1980x896, 1.44M)

>>129113168I still want to do another one. I like the symbiote drug idea.

>>129112371A pleasant surprise to see you still active Fluf. Being a fan since years.

>When a long-time artist posts after being absent for a brief periodi.imgur.com/i6tGqPa.png

>>129113268By all means dude!

Requesting Zephyr/Shutumon styled Tinkerbell

Attached: Tinker Zephyr.jpg (1876x1314, 570.08K)

>>129109904How so? He just reunited with gnr

>>129112861>>129112933cheers>>129112916>>129113299Wow, thanks! you anons are too kind to an old lump of coal like me. I hope you are using those drawfriend powers for good

Looking for someone else to clean up, give the solid line art, and color the pic on the left showing Glimmer in her evening dress, and (more obviously) remove the commentary on top left.While you're on it, could you also add 2 or 3 more characters (including Adora) nearby surrounding her, getting amazed by Glimmer's appearance and go on to exclaim in awe, "Wow, Glimmer!"

Attached: Glimmer req.png (3500x3500, 2.9M)

Requesting Tigra as a french maid.

Attached: tigra ref.png (925x983, 1.6M)

Requesting Señora Zapata (from Puss in boots) wearing the same lingerie like in the image on the right.

Attached: Szk.jpg (6666x4245, 3.1M)

>>129097541Still waiting on this one…

>>129113909Then go commission it.

>>129113909Read the OP again, you twitterina

>>129111857nice! one satisfying fucking drawing.


Attached: 529.png (793x1122, 365.82K)

>>129113909Maybe you should consider it putting in the miniscule amount of effort required to make a proper reference image.

>>129113966Not OR but thank you for this amazing delivery, there are so many cool details, and her expression is the best. Much appreciated.

Requesting Lexi Kubota as Akuma from street fighter doing the same pose

Attached: Lexi akuma.jpg (1280x564, 552.48K)

Requesting Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel) drawn in the DC Superhero girls style

Attached: F8216E36-5AC1-4B8B-BB2D-5273724F3E26.jpg (2029x2622, 1.28M)

Requesting a younger version of human Loona looking excited about getting her picture taken with Roxanne Wolf.

Attached: Loona Roxanne.jpg (4256x1950, 573.21K)

Requesting teen heroines flirting with Superman

Attached: inthefortress.png (892x839, 1.09M)

Requesting coloring

Attached: april is jelly of karai.jpg (4400x5307, 1.8M)

Requesting Raven dressed like this

Attached: raven yugioh girl request.jpg (1436x968, 345.42K)

It's my birthday tomorrow, so requesting a Katella the Huntress, doing anything or nothing or something in between. Cheers.

Attached: Katella Reference.jpg (3000x2473, 2.18M)

Requesting these girls from Duolingo trying to flirt with each other but one speaks Russian and the other speaks French

Attached: ExvjZWrXIAETF4o.jpg (1347x1213, 67.29K)

>>129113966Considering splooge is an eleven, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that's just the translated version of the moonrunes on the request.

>>129113966Aw yiss

requesting kara and garth on the swing like pic related

Attached: kara and garth.jpg (1420x726, 175.79K)

>>129093123Requesting K.O, Finn and Steven dressing up in skimpy workout clothes, showing their voluptorous bodies, similar to the reference pictures

Attached: 3thiccboys.png (1364x1868, 2.79M)

Requesting Rankin/Bass' iteration of King Kong and Bobby Bond watching the 2021 version of ''Godzilla vs. Kong'' in the theater.

Attached: rankinbasskingkongandbobbybond.jpg (1200x861, 111.99K)


Attached: lexi kubota.jpg (630x906, 521.48K)

>>129114929Enjoy your egg cake

Attached: kattella Birthday Just a Doodler.png (4000x4000, 1.31M)

Colorized version of the Mitchells vs. Jason pic.

Attached: hjtr98.png (1920x1891, 1.31M)

>>129117516Thanks pal!

>>129117157Got an idea for this.

>>129117903>bucket tool flats3/10 and I'm being generous.

Requesting a shrieking, terrified and fearful Katie and Aaron Mitchell crying for help by being grabbed in the hand by the Cyclops from "Hercules" rampaging through their hometown of Michigan.

Attached: katiemitchellandaaroncyclops.png (2448x2560, 3.8M)

>>129117903>>129118445lmaoand yeah, your colors are shitat least learn how to do it right before you start attention-whoring

>>129117357funny enough, thank you!

>>129112371Those plump squishy thighs are begging to have something between then that's could say it also 12. But not in age.

>>129105560>>129113966>>129115734I'm also curious is the drawfren also just translated that cover. If not, top-tier fetishes, really.

>>129113966I demand this be next thread's OP pic.

Requesting Courtney Babcock in the outfit she is wearing in the ref crushing a dude's head between her thighs. Optionally make it Norman.

Attached: Worthy Death.jpg (2243x1500, 366.83K)

>>129118843Nah, dawg, it's already my phone's wallpaper. I can't have it being a thread's OP. I just can't. I can't dawg.

>>129094520>>129093864Double Buttercup Request!

Requesting Elinor and Avi in makeshift Star Wars outfits - Elinor with vest and toy blaster, Avi as Chewie with bandoleer and NERF crossbow. Possibly in a cardboard box falcon like the examples on bottom right.

Attached: best pilot in the sector.jpg (1740x1391, 555.65K)

>>129112371hey man, i'm not saying you're going to ink/color this or that you have to, but if you do, can you stylized a number 12 into looking like musical notes so she has that on her shirt? also, i'm not even the requester lol

Requesting a sequel to this pic as a three panel comic strip when they thought Jason was going to kill them, but instead wants an acting performance in a part of their movie as well in the campgrounds.

Attached: b708.jpg (1040x1024, 601.09K)


Requesting Donald in an alluring pose

Attached: a_star_is_hatched_by_rabbette_d4h8igz-fullview_waifu2x_art_noise3_scale_tta_1.png (1312x1218, 1.05M)

Requesting a similar pic on the right but with Bertrand Todesco's trifecta of Cleo, Talia, and Mia

Attached: todesco4.jpg (1202x1006, 376.21K)


>>129118992how many times a day do you have to ban-evade? like on average

>>129121070Never. I suspect you think I am someone that I am not. I pity you.

Requesting Nora Rita Norita wearing the swimsuit on the right, but with the added detail of a tie. Keep the same white parts as they are, but change the inner color to look more like Nora's skin tone.

Attached: NRN.jpg (4744x4584, 2.39M)

>>129116296Hot. I hope someone does it

>>129099994Couldn't really get a good pose going, but hopefully this works for ya.

Attached: Leggy.png (687x1191, 124.59K)

>>129118635>Sore Throat ○ Vaginal Cum Shot Acting Pretty Spirit Servant Throat Chat Yamai SuzuYamai SuzuBlow Solowork Beautiful Girl Training Cum Deep ThroatingDude must be Japanese because if you do a search for JAV AVOP-403 you get sites that have automatic machine translation and that's what you get with that title. Make sense.

>>129121410>Dude must be JapaneseThat's what I said. Splooge being an eleven is common knowledge here.

Requesting Slappy and user watching her old cartoons together

Attached: Slappy_squirrel_holding_her_umbrella_and_purse.png (386x386, 89.98K)

Requesting the Teen Angels having sleepover with a sexy pillow fight in progress. The girls are dressed in various types of sleepwear from an over-sized T, a babydoll nightie and good ole flannel pj's. Captain Caveman might be peeking out from under the bed, in a closet or from a window.

Attached: Teen Angels PJ party1.jpg (755x755, 234.03K)

Requesting a nice butt shot of sexy Madam Mim riding a broomstick like the witch on the left.

Attached: mim broom.jpg (2230x1412, 291.76K)


Attached: bass kong.jpg (1024x768, 76.79K)

>>129113966I dont know why but the added nostril detail made this look bad.

>>129122240No, that’s hot

Requesting Panda Delgado wearing a "hand bra"

Attached: hand bra panda.jpg (1614x930, 267.14K)

>>129121118so at least 2, right? ok

>>129093123requesting candace like in the painting "Napoleon on his Imperial Throne" (right)

Attached: queen.jpg (4320x4216, 3.14M)

Requesting elemental kinesis fusion

Attached: Kinesis.jpg (3000x2361, 354.75K)

Requesting Mrs. Boonchuy answering the door while wearing the outfit on the far-left, in that same pose with her hands on her waist, looking down at someone.

Attached: DulSqJVU8AADh4G.jpg (4160x3472, 1.73M)

>>129122907i had a lewd-y shitpost panda request and now i can't remember itall i can remember is this panda request

Chel in this outfit and pose

Attached: The-Road-to-El-Dorado-the-road-to-el-dorado-18327168-500-282.jpg (819x450, 198.88K)

>>129096069Take this

Attached: 4chanrequest.png (1600x1200, 760.6K)

Requesting a whimpering and cowardly Katie and Aaron Mitchell hiding inside a abounded slaughterhouse by a hulking figure.

Attached: 7C75848A-E0AE-4AA2-A0C3-FBB4E869AAF1.jpg (640x640, 73.6K)

>>129124423>First it that was female youtuber Jaiden>Now it's this chickJesus dude.

Requesting Eda from Owlhouse getting her arm stolen by a dog

Attached: Edalyn_Clawthorne.png (1171x2227, 57.35K)

>>129124400nice stuff user

Requesting Gaz telling Ace that he has no skills and is a loser like the Spongebob scene referenced

Attached: Ballgame.jpg (1888x2626, 592.64K)

>>129124423>>129124456it's always phoneposters, huh? lollooks like our boy just say it recently or something

>>129124400OR here. AWESOME! I love it, thank you so much user.

Requesting the image on the top with Hit-Monkey and Lady Sif.

Attached: lady abs.jpg (3368x3944, 1013.29K)

>>129109921Have second cake. little more effort from me and a little less booba for her>>129119090I'm too rusty to ink and paint atm, so I just redrew another one in tablet. If you take to a color thread I'm sure someone will oblige

Attached: uou.png (1000x1000, 536.53K)

Requesting a monster movie themed pinup with Marie Kanker, dressed scantily in a skimpy top and short shorts (something akin the upper middle and right examples) looking back with the shadow of monster Ed looming over her.

Attached: Marie Monster Ed Pinup.jpg (1548x1486, 647.87K)

>>129126106Absolutely beautiful work Fluffy, really stellar drawing.

>>129126106THIGHSthat's all i wanted to reply with

Requesting bottom right image with BW.

Attached: BW Jacket Pinup.jpg (1190x1575, 436.37K)

>>129112371>>129126106So in the first one she's upset, but in this latest one, she's into it? What a fucking whore.

Requesting a pinup of human Slappy Squirrel wearing the outfit on the right with her hardhat from the cartoon on the bottom, posing with a sledgehammer. Bonus points for including the rump roast sign and a flattened Walter Wolf on the floor next to her.

Attached: Now that's comedy!.jpg (2264x1752, 657.87K)

Requesting Lake and Jesse wearing Japanese school uniforms.

Attached: infinity densha.png (1899x1497, 1.41M)

Not mine. Deliveries from the Botbots thread.

Attached: Bonz-eye.png (960x1216, 343.2K)


Attached: kikmee.png (822x1250, 414.7K)

>>129127668>>129127683Dude, this thread not for that

>>129127708Eh, that sort of thing's happened for as long as we've had drawthreads.Well, no, more like as long as we've had a booru, but that's going way back too.

>>129127869Okay then


Attached: 534CE158-5011-4D61-BAC0-AEC883DFB5C7.jpg (2756x4003, 3.97M)


Attached: spider milf.jpg (1625x2687, 2.86M)

>>128909467DeliveryOh shit its been 200 years

Attached: Request7Final.png (802x934, 331.66K)

>>129104980Annoyed and less inclined to come back. Some people need to take a hint.


>>129127668>>129127683>Botbotsisn't that a game and toys? what's it doing on this board? also, if it actually is a game, it does not belong in the Holla Forums booru, so you're shit out of luck, little attention-whore

>>129127974Thank you, Robot! I'm looking forward to the finished version!

>>129128239oh didn't you hear?netflix cartoon youtube.com/watch?v=Ya4lngszO1Y on the 25th of march

>>129127708They are deliveries from requests, not from this thread mind you but still they are deliveries, also it’s the best way to make sure the deliveries get put in the Booru

>>129128108That'll do nicely

>>129126106>>129112371You doin god's work fellas

>>129128108Awesome work turken!

>>129093123Asking for more Hilda&Reggie, same as the ref with their plugsuits.

Attached: Hilda Ayanami & Regina Langley Soryu.png (996x1460, 1.1M)

Requesting Gwen as a nun.

Attached: gwen nun.png (1502x1499, 1.65M)

>>129129587This is one medallion away from being Sonichu.

Requesting Thor lisa and Clobber girl doing an epic handshake

Attached: Lisa and Lisa handshake.jpg (1080x1920, 748.78K)

>>129129650>SonichuHahaha, XD good one. Nah, user I'm a real man

>Gets a fucking amazing delivery for his NGE/12 forever obsession in the thread.>"I want more"

>>129129708Damn, you're a sauerkraut tonight. We all have our obsession user, relax. do something fun for yourself or anything other than worrying about my fixation

>>129129780>He thinks it's just one person telling him to give it a rest


Attached: u23 (03.03.22).png (464x616, 430.95K)

Requesting Sasha dressed like the DQVI guy.

Attached: sasha dq6 request.jpg (1890x1417, 1.2M)


Attached: bw.png (660x1160, 356.43K)

>>129130129Nice. Not OR.

Requesting the Docent dressed as nolans Bane

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>>129130585OR here, absolutely gorgeous BW! You've really done an amazing job drawing her. The details in the leather jacket look fantastic and I can't take my eyes away from color work you've done with her. Absolutely beautiful sexy pinup! Thank you very much!