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Does Ragna vs Dante have any legs or is Ragna still best left up to Sol Badguy?

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>gets raped by literal who humans>beats goku twicegokubros.... we aren't even street level.....

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>>129092170This is a...interesting way of coping

>>129092170it was metaphorical rape chud.

>>129092902So Yujiro got him


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>>129092136I'm so glad that Sephiroth made it to Smash instead of these 2000s ripoffs. Although Sol was still my top choice for a 3rd party anime swordfighter.

>>129092136How is this a Holla Forums related OP or discussion? Is the thread gonna get nuked? Or do mods allow this now?


>>129092136Ragna vs Sol is still probably the best option for both. Like Goku vs Superman, it just feels weird to separate them.

>>129092136Ragna doesn't need to come back. Dante vs Kratos is likely happening.

>>129095401what a shame, kratos vs asura sounds 1000 times cooler but obviously since is the best matchup for both characters, it means is never happening

>>129095014This is Holla Forums where people can apparently post anything short of CP.

>>12909627>Asura VS KratosWhile the fight animation has some potential with their qte's the way each game approaches spectacle would mean one of them would look out of place, either Kratos awkwardly survives being punched through planets and around space or Asura looks like some wall level dude

Isn't the "true" Azure Grimoire basically grant its owner omnipotence? And isn't Ragna its rightful owner now after beating Terumi?

>>129096279Asura is universe breaker tier dude. Kratos is at most above the mooks but well below the other generals from Asura's Wrath

>>129092170>Eventually with Batman's help I escaped the campHonestly I find this more insulting than the butt rape. Even outside of Batman stories, Bruce has to be the best super hero and outclass supes in every way.

>>129092136Who would be an actual interesting fight for her?

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>>129093223Strongest Hero vs Strongest Creature. You already know who wins

>>129098081Outside of DC, I think Enel would be cool

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>>129098300whos on the right?

>>129098081Weather Report

>>129098378Scion from web serial Worm

>>129098462does he have anything thatd stop the emperor from erasing him?


>>129098495depends on the mechanics of Emperor's powers, I suppose

>>129093223that makes sense to me

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>>129097072>Asura VS Kratos>Guy who fights enemies the size of a planet in his tutorial>Goes against a galaxy or even universal god as a final boss... in his base form>Flies across space and pierces the Moon>Vs. One dude who needs horses and sleds to get around, plus can die crushed by a statue or heavy doorKratos fanboys everybody. Fuck, I think Asura has even better feats than Dante, when you remove all the DMC bias and blind fanboyism. Dante and Kratos lack literal planet-tier feats. Asura vs. Broly made more sense than people think, a shame that he was used on Hulk.

>>129099928>>129097072cont. By the way, not shitting on your post, rather I agree with you. A shame that the post I wanted to replied to got deleted.

>>129098495Scion has a few features that make him difficult to hurt.First off, you only ever interact with an avatar, which he replaces whenever it's damaged it'd annihilate the avatar, but it wouldn't do anything to his true body, and a few microseconds later a new avatar would be shunted in from a reservoir hidden in a locked-off universe. In theory, you could deplete the body but if you can only ever remove a human-mass chunk at a time, that could millennia.A dimensional defence protects his true body stops people who would otherwise be capable of easily crossing universes from being able to reach him. At one point, every last superscientist in the setting worked together to try in an attempt to breach Scion's locked-off universe but failed to pierce. The only thing that managed to get through was a power capable of penetrating anything.His other defence is an ability called Stilling, which is a broad-spectrum nullification power that can be used in a staggering variety of ways from molecular bonds, stopping neural activity, stopping chemical reactions, selectively removing different kinds of energy from things, breaking timeloops, etc. He's able to tune it to counter virtually every power in-verse which covers a lot of different phenomena. Stilling covers his body like a forcefield nullifying attacks once he gets annoyed enough by them to take notice and do something about it. Aside from selectively targeting stuff, Stilling can be shaped in a variety of ways, from beams to bullets to AoE blasts of continent busting size. His avatar moves between universes effortlessly and doesn't need to be in the same universe as a target to attack either.For the few things that can still conceivably cause him true harm, he has precog powers that warns him in advance and tells him how to best counter or avoid the attack.


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>>129097103I mean it's Asura's only match that he wins, his other matches are against fucking DC and Marvel and also Dragon Ball

>>129100306I'd say Endgame Ragna has a shot of taking him now although True Azure is weird like most of BB's big powers.On a partially related note I wonder if they will cheat and use Cross Tag to have Ruby stomp Maka

Holla Forums, what's your MU that you know won't get an ep but would like to see?

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>>129100353He still loses

>>129097072Just imagine them using Multiverse Kratos

>>129100353>Maka vs RubyA stomp out for Ruby. Even if they try to pull cross tag scaling out of their ass Ruby still doesn't have the stats to beat Maka. One is almost a mountain buster with wavelength hax and the other has trouble with street sweepers>Ragna vs Sol RematchIt looks bad for Ragna because basically he would be fighting an extremely nerfed Sol if we're going by their endgame statuses, but if it's Prime Sol he would still beat Ragna simply due to him beung immune to the Backyard interlapping with the actual world and no selling Absolute World, which is basically a COIE style universal erasure. Yeah, Ragna is just gonna have to take that loss. Not to mention Sol just has way better physical feats than Ragna, dude is probably Star level

>>129100412Riki Oh vs Baki

>>129100476Didnt they already put Kratos at universe+ minimum on one of those casts? Safe to say they will go full retard with nonsense wank Kratos and at that point you would be better off putting him against Wonder Woman

>>129100476doesn't exist

>>1291002461. thats how daemons work anyways2. the warp is beyond dimensionality so no biggie 3. the emperor resists psychic blanks

>>129092136I want yujiro hanma vs heihachi mishima

>>129100635Ohma vs Baki is more fitting

>>129100755Yujiro bodies Heihachi

>>129101008I wonder why he's never been in Tekken. Seems like a perfect fit

>>129101084Too hard to model his ass

>>129100353>I wonder if they will cheat and use Cross Tag to have Ruby stomp Maka.I don't think even Rwby fans would accept a victory like that. Imagine them saying that Ruby is a universe buster or something.

>>129101148I'm a RWBY fan and I think that would be complete bullshit.I actually think every RWBY win is bullshit.

With the new Scott Pilgrim series, will Scott be good enough to take on vidya's own version of Johnny Knoxville?

>>129101254Even Blake vs Mikasa?

>>129101299Yes. Yes I do. Someone once calced some Mach 9 shit

>>129094998>instead of these 2000s ripoffs.They, along with Sol, are Dark Schneider ripoffs. Sephiroth is the effeminate cold prettyboy, DS is the prototypical hotheaded foul-mouthed anti-hero.

>>129100741Its more like a multi universe occupying star sized mass of physics crystals playing with a remote-controlled human shaped drone than what daemons getting formed out of fragments of their source god before getting banished and returning to them.

>bring me Rogue

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>>129101854sounds less impressive than necron tech


>>129094944Works better left simply as The Devil(since it was an actual line in one of the many dbz dubs) than the Devil of ____

I want Jinx to die to Harley because at least TAS Harley was interesting

>both were honorable warriors that were manipulated and ended up falling into darkness>both were extremely powerful martial artists with elemental powers>both used to be arrogant with few honorable traits>both loved to fight >both enslaved humanity for their own porpouse>both tried to seek more and more power which led to their downfallWhy did they chose Aizen for Madara instead of Chase?

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>>129102417doesn't Chase have multiversal bullshit in his strongest form? not infinite multiversal bullshit as the supreme being of the verse told him he can't effect infinite since infinite is infinite but still multiversal bullshit


>>129102417Madara is one of those characters who has a truckload of good matchupsThey obviously went with Aizen because he's by far the most popular option

>>129101998you want another DC herald killer to go 2-0?

Duel of the warriors who found peace. I like this MU a lot, and it's probably the best for both. Should make a thumb for it.

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>>129101998I really hate how Ben 10 sank into planetary autism after Alien Force. retroactively this puts Kev 11,000 at planet level

>>129102726His alien form was pretty strong and has a ton of different abilities besides physical strength. He also took a barrage of blows from an angered Way Big(Ben 10K had mastered his aliens and as such all of his transformations had way stronger stats than young Ben) and after that he just got up and ready to thrown down again only having to twist his body a little bit with no other signs of exhaustion. There’s also the advantage that Kevin 11K has multiple limbs/tentacles and as shown in Alien Force Kevin can siphon a person even through their clothes while Rogue reguires direct skin contact. Even with ms Marvels powers I think Kevin could give Rogue a run for her money.

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>Death Battle has Thanos blindly jump into a portal to Darksied’s domain where Thanos taunts his opponent then gets fucked over. >DC has Darksied blindly jump into a portal to Empty Hand’s domain where Darksied taunts his opponent then gets fucked over.Pottery

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>>129102880Everything has to be inflated and turned into a big deal these days. Sad.

>>129102880There was a universal threat in the OS movie

>>129103430that was over time if the charge kept building up, no one scales to it

>>129103152The Empty Hand could be scary

>>129103447Yes but the writing was on the wall even that far back

bump potential news today

>>129098300I would give this to Scion. GEoM is really tough, but sufficient kinetic energy will destroy his body in a permanent way depending on how you take the hints about him and his whole 'death turns him into a god' lore hints Whereas no matter how hard you hit Scion, you can only harm him a little bit at a time. In general "fighting" terms, Scion is just clearly superior to whatever we saw of emps in 1v1 battle while he was alive. Geom can open warp rifts star systems across but the guy still has use for a continental defensive palace where the himalayas used to be. He's slower, weaker, and squishier. SHowever, scion is a seriously depressed, uncreative, unaware, hazy eyed easily manipulated, directionless emotionally unstable autist at least before ptv turns him into a TASbot.

>>129104582Are we nuking Seth?

>>129103430You mean the Omnitrix detonating and recreating the Big Bang? yeah, that was garbage too. Every cartoon seems to do this past a certain point

So if they did actually follow through and did some match(es) with character(s) from new genres and mediums like they are saying, what/who would you want to see

>>129103152what even is this? the great darkness? why did the darkness of all things have to get involved in things? why all this goddamned escalation???

>>129104855Because bigger. Then they will have the Biggerer Darkness that is darker show up

well, Holla Forums?

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>>129104875I can't wait for Grant Morrison's the Writer to come back with a Sentry/Void gimmick claiming he created the Great Darkness and for a resurrected Batkek to have a hokey redemption moment like what happened with Prime

>>129100412when Kars vs Meruem

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>>129104952Kars wins

>>129104928How tough is Kevin on his own? IIRC Creel absorbed a cosmic cube once, and his classic power set was straight up retardedly strong, to where you have to wonder why Loki didn't just empower himself that way and no-diff Odin and Thor.

Reveal likely next week from DBC

>>129104952Meruem no-diffs that twink in a vacuum but Kars would get calc'd into victory

>>129104928>>129104990Absorbing man has way more OP base stats. Maybe if Kevin is allowed to access his alien form it would be more fair.

>>129104948>DC has gotten to the point where new writers are/were secondaries on the internet god help us all

>>129103152>and the fist cannot say to the body "I have no need of you"neither does the mind WHO has arrongantly decided to speak in behalf of the body.

>>129105048I don't see why he wouldn't, he spent the majority of the original series an amalgamate, even in the future segments

>>129104990or when Magneto and Wanda just gave him their powers and he tried to kill Thor

These guys try to take over the Dragon Ball MultiverseWhat happens

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>>129105388they would fail due to watermelon boy

>>129105307he succeeded in killing Thor in that continuity

>>129105388Chiaotzu rapes all of them single-handedly.

>>129105388Either Zeno turns their pad into a white void or Goku and gang lose, but then Goku screams really loud and wins through sudden power up or bailout by third party


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>>129105407lol nice


>>129105422*sirens*Do you have a license for based posting, sir?

>>129105388Empty Hand, Nekron, Eclipso, Ares (why?), Upside-Down Man, Neron, Darkseid and... Doomsday???????????????

How long would Shin need to evolve to defeat Legendary?

>>129105764he would need a miracle from God to win

>>129105794It seems that's a job for GODzilla :D


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>>129105764Couple of weeks? Couple of weeks.

>>129104952After Kars vs Muzan

>>129105854tremble before my mighty jokes, you sentry level poster


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>>129106072would be fairer than Tets vs Mag! Leave Superman... to me.

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>>129105630Almost every time darkseid gets really strong ares just cucks him.

>>129102727this sounds sick

>>129106614No gud animation

>>129106442That reminds me.Could Tetsuo prevent Mags from hitting him with metal objects?

>>129107235Not a chance in hell.

>>129107271I mean, think about it. Has a telekinetic ever overpowered magnetism?

legendary mechagodzilla vs obsidian fury when?

>>129105630>The Empty HandWell, DB has long been part of the Oblivion Machine, hasn't it?

>>129105388where's Batkek? He was pretty villainous and disruptive


>>129107606He doesn't deserve to be remembered


>>129105388They succeed effortlesslyDB has nothing even approaching their level, Ayy Arnold gets blitzed

>>129105388They get massacred mercilessly

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>>129107606The Final Knight is trillions of times cooler.

>>129092170>>129097123I feel the more annoying thing was:>Literal third world country figures out a way to defeat Superman no other villain or hero ever could>they somehow are advanced enough to research kryptonite dispersal methods that are insanely exact>they also figure out Clark Kent is Superman and have him UTTERLY AT THEIR MERCY>Spend eight months raping him insteadFuck, they could have offered to sell him to Lex Corp or something and massively improve their funds or hold him for ransom to the League and UN. That whole goddamn story is fucking bullshit.

>>129107968It's called plot convenience.

>>129107606in Fortnite

>>129103152Now that's some fucking schizo shit right there

>>129104928Absorbing Man is for the Parasite

>>129105232This post reminds me of an issue of Doom Patrol, where the body, finally free of the mind but faced with the prospect of another mind taking control, decides to destroy itself to deny any mind the pleasures of its body, ever again


>>129105388Superman will come to DB's rescue, resulting in the world ending in a singularity of spic seething

>>129105630>no Maaldor the Dark Lord>no Dark Opal>no Dark Destroyer>no Jin En MokThese hacks aren't even trying

>>129107300Magnetism is a part of a functioning brain and bodySo, no, never will

>>129109367I'm pretty sure a telekinetic can prevent metal objects from being thrown at them

>>129109413After blood circulation and brain functioning is shut down, no. They just die. The end

>>129109291Doom Patrol #34 The Soul of a New Machine

>>129109452What makes you think that's going to happen first?A particularly precise telekinetic could literally crush your brain instantly.

>>129109492>could>implyingConstant magnetic flux field says sorry, no. Magnetism is just too strong

>>129109560Not when you've literally been torn to shreds in the amount of time it takes for a person to think a single thought

>>129107677No feats.

>>129104855>>129104875>>129104948All points back to the Profound Darkness. The reason why heroes manage to overcome the darkness is because they are chosen messiahs powered by Photon.

>>129109618And a master of magnetism can do the very same thing in a myriad of ways, much faster and without even thinkingTK is a jobber power for retards

>>129109815How the fuck. That doesn’t make any sense.

>>129109979He has been filtered by the MASTER OF MAGNETS.PROCLAIMMAGNETO

>>129101265Travis Touchdown?

>>129109991Shut up you probably think Magneto is faster than light

>>129109991Electricity is the true strongest power.Do I need to explain why?

>>129110011Why do retards keep trying to pair these two up?There's no similarity or rivalry, nothing that makes it interesting in the least

>>129110040Electrons have magnetic charge, supergenius

>>129110067so what, someone with electromagnetism that goes all the way and makes a few stretches is practically a reality warper?


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>>129110027>Reverses the polarity of the photonsY-YOU CAN'T DO THAT B-BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T, OKAY?

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>>129110111>rubriks of physics made up to massage what is not understoodI got a bridge made of dark matter and phlogiston to sell you, kid

>>129110164The strong nuclear force wins against electromagnetic forces, being 6(39 zeroes) times stronger than gravity

>>129110118That’s gonna have vectors

>>129097123>>129107968Did you guys not read the original World's Finest this was based of on? They got people disguised as Superman and Batman to publicly "escape" and infiltrate the American government to blow up the president and all his head guys.Also, they're a second world country.

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>>129110201the speed of light is a scalar, although light itself is a vector

>>129110190>wins againstDoing what, exactly? Holding a theoretical subatomic structure together?Wow, such power

what, in layman's terms, is the most efficient fundamental force in battleboarding discussions? what even are the strong and weak nuclear forces?

>>129110267Magic.and not magic.

>>129110040*blocks your path*

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>>129110422Reminder he beats Plastic Man

>>129110422>is possibly gonna get erasure powers in the near futureUHHHHHHHHPLASTICBROS???????I AIN'T FEELIN' TOO HOT...

>>129110438It’s funny.It’s the first DB I can think of where the loser is the one with the most star advantages.Luffy is faster, has more powers, and hits harder.But Plas?Plas is just too fucking durable

Who wins, Reed's immense intellect or Plastic Man's impossible bullshit? Reminder that The Maker is still Reed

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Since we're talking One Piece now, who's a good foe for him?As of now he just shitstomps Bruno from Jojo entirely due to KROOMER powers, so he's not a good matchup anymore.

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>>129110422>>129110438>Shitfy trying to steal the match Spastic Man is for Chad Reed Richards

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>>129110676realistically Reed should have innumerable inventions that can solo Plas

>>129110838How many does he carry on his person?

>>129110049>There's no similarity or rivalryDumb dorky nerds with swords and an obsession with video games that fight an arbitrary number of enemies with weird powers to win the affections of a really shitty slut. It's more of a theme than Reverse Flash vs. Black.

>>129105388>death of the justice league how big of a copout will this turn out to be?


>>129105388... where's Prime, Mister Mind, Extant, Magog and the Anti-Life entity? Why Doomsday and Neron of all people? Don't tell me Lucifer is going to show up eventually

>>129105388Just spoil the next event as well why don't ya.

>a vsbattles community discord discussed Jotaro vs Korra>they think Korra in the Avatar State can defeat Jotaro because they think that the AS buffs up her defensesThe absolute state of these faggots.

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>>129101265No. Scott still loses.>>129111181>Dumb dorky nerds with swordsTravis is a fucking chad compared to Scott Pilgrim. Also, Travis has more to his story than the plot of his first game.


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>>129112605neither one can really "die" so to speak

>>129112605Sentry is a jobber, but Atom was just never that good in the first place.

>>129112605Atom is for Molecule Man, Sentry is for Gemini Saga

>>129112665>Sentry is a jobberglass houses

>>129100617>Yeah, Ragna is just gonna have to take that loss.Damn.

>>129112605I’m pretty sure literal molecule manipulation brutally mogs the ability to control radiation.

>>129107968>infinite+ speed omni gorillian bajillion undecillion centillion googolplex niggerillion versal (while holding back) Superman >subdued and raped for the better part of a year by slavs explain.


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>>129113530Captain Atom has control over fundamental forces of reality, non-reader user

>>129112605Sentry is for Prime-timeCaptain Atom can fight Genis Vel for stealing both his looks

>>129112958I literally said that Atom is garbage in the same sentence, are you retarded?

>>129100617>Terumi can defeat Sinestro maybe>Ragna beat Terumi>Sol beats RagnaOh damn

>>129112570Eh, Avatar has the Jojoverse beat in raw power

>Huh, this guy is a lot stronger than I thought Name them

>>129112605Cpt. Atom vs Cpt. Marvel is better

>>129115683Dont tell Swan or he will throw his mftl nuke punching Dio at it

>>129114561Are you sure you are not confusing him with Doctor Manhattan? Manhattan is the one who can actually do stuff. All I have seen Atom do is blast radiation,mimic different types of radiation and punch hard. Someone who can "control the fundamental forces of reality" shouldn’t constantly be jobbing to a flying brick like Superman.

>>129115905Manhattan is a weakling

>>129114635No need to take offense

>>129115892inb4 hecking aluchud cope

>>129116896You idiot

>Gabriel san

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This is quiet

>>129115905Dude literally made his own DC Universe once

>>129119827Dr Manhattan was always a jobber. Anything outside the OG Watchmen story is stupid

>>129115683Jotaro can kill Korra instantly. She can't do anything against SP.

>>129120190I never said she'd win, but Avatar > Jojo in terms of raw power

>>129115892It's debunked

>>129115905Isn't he tied to "connective energy" now? I stopped reading when it was clear they were going with 2009-2011 comicvineforce Manhattan. I think Molecule Man, arguably his best thematic matchup, should sweep him

>>129092136Does Ragna have any time powers? You need then to stand a chance against Dante.

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>>129115683As a global army Avatar world probably could get more done just due to sheer numbers, but there are at least a dozen JoJo characters no one in Avatar could ever hope of seriously opposing.

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>>129121145I think he's talking about booms and tonnes of TNT with actual applicable calcs


>>129121107This was with a weapon Dante is canonically shit at using.Holy fuck

>>129121864I mean, shit compared to Virgil, who spent his whole life mastering just that one weapon.He literally studied the blade while Dante was out partying.

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>>129110524Physically, Plas outmatches Reed in every category.With Prep time, Reed could just build a device to revert Plastic-Man's powers.


>>129122102you just know Reed could've cured Ben anytime and chose to procrastinate instead

>>129122418That or cosmic bullshit is too hard to remove

>>129122542I don't know about that. look how many times the power cosmic was stolen

>>129122418I thought Ben just willingly stays in rock form nowadays

>be me>visit r/whowouldwin out of boredom>youregonnahaveabadtime.jpeg>see popular post about 616 Thanos (no gems or gauntlet) vs Buu Saga dbz team>people seriously try saying ANY of the Z-Fighters could beat him solo, endless circle jerking of dragon ball>the most upvoted retard even says SSJ3 > Silver SurferNever forget that no matter how shit this place can get, we've never gotten to that level of stupidity.

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>>129122761but none of them have busted anything larger than a planet...

me too

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>>129121107Ragna has time and fat hax.

>>129121107Ragna has time and fate hax.

>>129112591>Travis is a fucking chad compared to Scott Pilgrim. Also, Travis has more to his story than the plot of his first game.These points are true, but you have to concede that the connection is more than tangential.Plus, shit, I just want to watch my boy take that annoying little shit apart. I remember when Scott Pilgrim was being shilled here 24/7, the catharsis would be fantastic.

>>129115905NoTry actually reading comics

>>129122996No he doesn'tHis story repeats itself with him constantly tossed haplessly through time. He has zero (0) functional hax

>>129122761It really is easy to forget just how wanked DBZ was and still is when you don't interact with the wider battleboard community. Even with the first great deboonking that Superman vs Goku 1 provided, the notion that Goku is the strongest in all of fiction has remained remarkably resilient. Death Battle reinforces that by playing along with the wacky spic math that puts Broly at gorrillions of times multiversal, despite explicit refutation of power levels by Toriyama himself.

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>>129120151Anon you responded to was talking about Captain Atom

>>129123156I know what I said

>>129123123power levels are BS, power "scaling" not so much at least in Dragon Ball. it's safe to say Buu > Namek Frieza but we don't know by how much and daring to put math into it is plain stupid. DBS Broly's power level was an unforgivable abhorrence they seem to have gotten rid of, but they did give Black a 600+x universal rating like that makes any sense

>>129122418You can't cure a trademark and copyrighted likeness, baby

>>129123112And he has the anti tine hax in his black beast form to resist the effects.

>>129123354So not functional in the slightestGood to know

Does this count as a multiversal feat?

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>>129092136>Danterate my Rebellion>removed hand spikes>made handle thicker and longer>blade itself left untouched

Will he get his chance soon?

Attached: Ultimate Piccolo.jpg (1280x720, 92.49K)

>>129123520He'll either fight Knuckles or Martian Manhunter.

>>129123533>KnucklesFucking eww. Such disgusting displays of unadulterated autism should be absolutely forbidden on pain of death



>>129123449Calc it, faggot

>>129102308Shit taste


>>129122418Of course he could, but Ben is more useful as the rock cock. Keep in mind this is a man who deliberately exterminated a rival Earth, who sent Hulk to an alien planet and then blew up that planet, and who on multiversal average has organized into an evil collective. I'm convinced the only reason they continue to play at Reed being "good" is that otherwise he'd completely mog the much more recognizable and profitable Doom.

Attached: unnamed.jpg (900x900, 87.5K)

>>129109367wouldn't that make telekinetic powers a type of EM power instead?

>>129109298Dare I say, kino of the highest order.

Attached: clark daniels.jpg (738x857, 238.7K)

>>129123657it'd be a string of lemniscates

>>129123738hey, it's not Reed's fault Hulk's shuttle blew up! > the only reason they continue to play at Reed being "good" is that otherwise he'd completely mog the much more recognizable and profitable Doom.We do have the Maker. what's he been up to anyways?

>>129123809no, it would be an external, nonsensical influence over the forces. but it also depends on whether telekinesis is limited to vectors

>>129123449Reading the phrasing a second time it doesn't actually say the reverberation reaches an infinite number of universes, merely that it travels along the pathway that connects them.

>>129123871I understand your premise but It isn't The Mind Itself just EM flux.No one is denying that the body (which includes the brain) requires EM.

>>129123940universes?It doesn't state that



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>>129123952I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. how would telekinesis fall under the umbrella of electromagnetism? or do you mean the telekinesis manifested from the mind which contains electromagnetism?

>>129123940So that implies it traveled along an infinite pathway.Got it

>>129123940I found the full page. it does seem to be affecting other universes. obviously you can't portray an infinity of anything so we have to take the narration's word for it when it says the shockwaves reverberated to infinite dimensions. now, since other universes were shown to be affected by their clash I assume by "dimensions" it means other universes and parallel earths and not spatial dimensions by the way, it's from The Incredible Hulk #305

Attached: RCO011_1462317512.jpg (1000x1553, 318.3K) than will submit

>>129124156Traveling along a pathway doesn't imply traveling the entire pathwayCalc it, faggot


>>129124240>>>/m/Or fucking kill yourself>4 peopleWRONG. THERE ARE 5, AND THAT 5TH ONE IS ME. EVER SINCE I WAS A BABY BOY

>>129102308Same. Harley is the only character whose death potentially could make me cry, since Bayo's. Then again, a lot would depende on the execution of the fight and how the loser's demise scene plays out.

>>129124513God bless you, user.

>>129123709>likes fucking League of Lesbians lolsorandum Tiny Tina clone>accuses others of shit tasteLMAO

>>129121107Blazblue in general is all about time, causality, and multiversal fuckery

>>129124825so nothing about gameplay?damn, nigga. dat sucks

>>129124825No, it's about a group of friends taking on adversity and betrayal and coming closer in spite of time fuckery gimmickScifi buzzwords are employed in this endeavor, but their meaning is arbitrary and ultimately moot

>>129125015Well if we're going off gameplay Dante dies in 1-2 hits anyway


>>129125081Gamplay Dante is bullshit strong

>>129124553Ultimately, TAS Harley is an abuse victim

>>129125620Ultimately, Bayo was a discriminated and persecuted female European minority, but here we are. Anyone can die, even kids.

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>>129125655She has a stupid name so why not



So. Are we ever gonna get a proper dogfight DB?Like, something from Ace Combat?

Who should Poison fight? Capcom's Poison by the way, you know the shemale.

>>129126409Rogue squadron vs star fox most likely

>>129092136why there no sabin in death battle , the most favorite character in final fantasy

>>129092136oh fuck me Kratos, the Doom Slayer, the protagonist from Dishonored (who fights with guns and swords) and every SMT/Persona character are all x-versal in vsbattles. what is wrong with that site?

Bring Pikachu back so that little yellow rat can get his head bitten off a second time.

Attached: Pikachu vs Stitch.jpg (1920x1080, 124.41K)

>>129126939Ash's Pikachu or Red's Pikachu?

>>129127010Either one. DB would probably composite Pikachu anyway.

>>129124240I did some silly research and found out that G3 Gamera is roughly equal to FW Godzilla in terms of durability.I know, right?It’s stupid

>>129127101well he IS a turtle

>>129127121See, let me explain just for this to be mildly less stupid. The Legion Flower’s explosion canonically created a minimum 6km wide crater.Gamera almost died from this, yeah, but he was already really fucked up from his fight with Legion. The important part is that G3 Gamera is miles above the prior two versions considering he no-sells a beam from a creature that should roughly be Legions equal (Hyper Gyaos)It’s stupid I know.FW Godzilla no-sold an asteroid that left a 1km crater. They should be roughly equal in durability.I like doing stupid VS math

>>129127275i believe the elevated calcs for FW Godzilla come from Gorath itself, not the crater it left behind. it's been calc'd as weighing as much as 3 million tonnes and traveling as fast as half the speed of light

>>129127357That’s weird. It’s like if a direct gunshot only left a pockmark

>>129127374I guess so. but imagine if it slammed into the earth and cratered over half of its surface and the movie just ends with Godzilla standing on the earth's core fighting Monster X

>>129127406NOW the movie reaches its peak

>>129126839God, please no. Let the Rogues rest. D*sney's raped too much already.

>>129126624The crossdressing fag from BlazBlue?

>>129127782Which one? There's like three.

>>129127806Amane's the only one who regularly cross-dresses in BlazBlue. If you man, Mai she was fully turned into a girl through a grimoire.

>>129122761I remember stepping there once. The first thread I clicked on had a mod saying>you need to provide sources Like imagine if the Holla Forums mod came here and said that. The fucking cringe>>129123123Before super, buuhan was the pinnacle of universal destruction for dbzfags. And every defense that are now given to the universal waves were applied to his "feats". Like there are things that never change kek

>>129127864Right, there's Mai the tranny, and Trinity is partially male. Trinity is BlazBlue right? I can barely keep that cast separate from Guilty Gear's in my head.

>>129127989Yes, Trinity is BlazBlue. Platinum had three souls, Luna (bratty little girl), Sena (the boy) and Trinity.

>>129106012Kars literally uses the power of the sun to attack, he comes near Muzan and Muzan fucking dies

death battlebros... vsbattles is debunking us again...

Attached: Darkseid w:l.png (1412x1124, 558.21K)

>>129124240>>129127101>>129127121>>129127275>>129127357>>129127374>>129127406>>129127448Kaijufags out!!!

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Who's ready for pic related's retardation this season?

Attached: Speedy's(FormerlyStrunt's).jpg (1080x1080, 316.48K)

>>129128290God bless you user

>>129128351what antecedents do we have of him specifically?

>>129122102>Physically, Plas outmatches Reed in every category.yeah right

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Attached: the weak should fear the strong.png (1386x442, 1.05M)

>>129102727I'm jocking your template style since I'm too lazy/retarded to do that Death Battle template.

Attached: RiddlervsL.jpg (675x521, 96.77K)

>>129128527featless alternate Darkseidand even if it was a mainline Seid, half a dozen people from Reed's scan would kicks his jobbing ass in 1v1

>>129128489Well, he thinks:>that Venom would stomp Crona>for Taskmaster vs Deathstroke, thinks that Deathstroke wins because he can tank a nuke>Quicksilver is FTL>Tracer can beat Scout>Dio wins against Alucard for the same bullshit reason Swan thinks>Owl House girl is universal or some dumbshit like that >is a Benfag>believes in "Lore Kratos"

>>129128575>Deathstroke wins because he can tank a nukeuhhhh? Who tf is this guy anyway, I haven't properly watched Death Battle since season 3

>>129128575Quicksilver being FTL isn't that bad. I'd expect it from Death "quintillions FTL Ghost Rider, Doctor Doom and Hulk" Battle

>>129128594Some asshole who was part of the G1 blog and now starting this season, he's officially part of the research team.


>>129128575>Tracer can beat Scout>Dio wins against Alucard for the same bullshit reason Swan thinksbut this is true

>>129129043I am trans btw so I think about death a lot

>>129128575Isn't the owl house girl like town level in actuality? I remember when her opponent (the amphibia girl) got a moon busting feat and ppl were clowning on speedy for wanking his low tier waifu.

>>129092136If you unironically think, that Kyle vs Simon is happening in season 9, or even better, it's gonna be a finale, then you are braindead.

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Do people in this thread think that Tetsuo VS Mewtwo is a more "fair" matchup for Tets? Swan already thinks endgame Pokemon trainers scale to Arceus + creation trio and Mewtwo has fought (and won against) other legendaries that would end up on that tier. If they bring him back his universe number is gonna be high degree bullshit bc each copy of a game is at least 1 universe whereas if they put a universe number on Magneto it'd be way smaller because Marvel gets cucked to hell and back vs any high tier non-DC

>>129130273Hell, considering Swan thinks Arceus avatars and endgame Pokemon trainers beat fucking Beerus, Swank Mewtwo would actually wipe the floor with Frieza

>>129130273>this character is universal because they fought some other thing that was vaguely universal one timeGod I hate this shit, it's the most meaningless way of debating

>>129130278He is right. Arceus is multiversal. Just because you don't know anything about pokemon lore, it doesn't mean, it isn't true

>>129130273Endgame Pokemon trainers scales to Arceus avatar. True form Arceus is inapprehensible for them

>>129130324Why would they scale when they never fought? Also use your common sense

>>129130354What are you talking about?

>>129129730She would die if someone from here punched her in the face too hard

>>129129043>Tracer beats Scout Kek no. They didnt even use comics Scout and the gear to put him at ftl