Why did nobody tell me this show was comfy? I been watching clips all day and having a blast.

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archive.org/details/WordGirlFull/Season 1/WordGirl.S01E01E02.Tobey.or.Consequences-High.Fat.Robbery.480p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+2.0.x264-RTN.mkv

I watched a few epsiodes because of the last thread and was surprised at how sharp the writing was. I ignored it when it aired because I was in college at the time, but it's actually a fun, clever show.


>>129088589Because it'd attract obnoxious anons like yourself

>>129088589I remember even at 13 years old I remember watching and enjoying it. It had this formulaic charm I liked.I should rewatch it now. Where can I watch it again? PBS Kids app?

>>129088589>>129089899archive.org/details/WordGirlFull/Season 1/WordGirl.S01E01E02.Tobey.or.Consequences-High.Fat.Robbery.480p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD+2.0.x264-RTN.mkv

>>129088589>be Becky>be 18>you have to choose who will win the Beckybowl>will it be scoops, asian guy with all physical stereotypes involved>will it be Tobey, british kid with many robotsWell Holla Forums?

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>kill; to put to death, or take the life of

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>>129090801Scoops wants Violet tho.

>>129088589>I been watching clips all day and having a blast.Do zoomers really? ISHYGDDT

>>129090801Becky extracts the "tumor" from Professor Boxleitner and they live happily together for a VERY long time.

So, how’s Victoria eventually gonna try and oof herself when she inevitably breaks? Since that stress is definitely gonna lead there and her parents gave her the psychological need to be the best at everything

>>129090801She opts for the chad two-brains

>>129091268Or she'll just say fuck it and become a neo Nazi

>third thread created in a two week span>last too stayed up until bump limit>nothing but fetish postingWhile I hate these threads, I’m not going to cry about it. You’re taking advantage of a hole that mods are refusing to fill in. Instead let me say I’m impressed you faggots have kept this going for so long. Genuinely congrats sickos.

>>129090801scoops isn’t even an option he doesn’t like her

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>>129092402>nothing but fetish postingWe have serious Wordgirl discussions in these threads, sir.

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>>129091006>older audiences enjoying a show clearly not meant for themhave you forgotten what site your on by any chance?

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>>129090801Tobey, not even a question.

I want to fuck him.

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>>129094292me but with tobey

>>129090801Violet, obviously.

Didn't the show have flash games?

>>129089899>>129088589Did any of you here watched that show as a kid back then?

>>129094318But she's not a lesbian.


Why’d they make him so likeable? Also it’s been years so I can’t remember, but is he a normal human with a sandwich shaped head, a sandwich person, or is that a costume?

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>>129094341Me, I was a poorfag who never had cable. I also fucking loved this show would wake up early to catch the shorts after maya and miguel.

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>>129094341I managed to catch some episodes on Discovery Kids.

Why are there suddenly so many clips lately? Never watched it as a kid, might have been too old? and I have no clue what channel this was onIs it worth a watch as someone who doesn't have nostalgia for it?

>>129094341I remember once for a class in elementary we had to make a pamphlet to promote our state, so I made a pamphlet talking about how cool and educational wordgirl/Ruff Ruffman was, and how you could watch it here in (insert state)I didn’t realize that these shows aired all over the world though, cause I was a dumb kid. I remember mentioning something I learned in Fetch about UV violet light, can’t remember what it was nowI remember my mom getting really pissed and screaming at me tho

>>129094432>Is it worth a watch as someone who doesn't have nostalgia for it?Speaking as a boomer who was too old for this show when it aird, yes. It has a very dry humor almost like a kid friendly "Life and Times of Tim" or "Home Movies".

Are there high quality rips of this anywhere?

>>129094341I was watching this in college so no

>>129094468>It has a very dry humor almost like a kid friendly "Life and Times of Tim"I'm in

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>>129094522A lot of PBS shows are available through Prime Video, there's gotta be WebDLs out there.

>>129094605Guess I need to look harder.


>>129094736not that user, but thanks my man

>>129092469>Tobey isn't even an option she dosen't like himFtfy

>>129094341Hell fucking yeah! This stuff came out in 2007. and being born in 2002 this shit was my bread and butter!!

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>>129090801>british kid who can't even pronounce robotsDeal breaker

>>129094388They're all likeable.

>>129091006I wish was zoomer age. My life at the current age is beyond repair.

>>129094439>I remember my mom getting really pissed and screaming at me tho

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>>129094821she fucking WILL

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>>129088589>br*wn girlThat's why. Can't have normal shows nowadays

>>129090801>>129092469>>129095987Didn't it end in 2015 or something? All I wanted to see was becky get bleached by toby though I guess she probably looks italian or spaniard.


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>>129095989>nowadays>show's literally older than (You)What did he mean by this.

Cute boyfriends.

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>>129094341I did. For some reason they called her “Super Wise Girl” in the Spanish dub, don’t know how they got that from “Word Girl”.

>>129096459Chica de Palabras doesn’t roll off the tongue I guess

>>129096473Could have been simply “Chica Palabra”, though I’m almost willing to bet that they changed it so it could more easily fit with the beat of the theme song.

>>129096435Weird how tj hates every other girl EXCEPT wordgirl as if he would stop being gay for her

>>129088589>having a blast.You lead a very sad, dull life.

>>129094341No. I was in high school when I saw this show. One of my little brothers would watch it when he was a baby.

>>129090801>be becky>be 27>you chose Tobey>he accidently let you use a robot for self pleasure>it was bigger than him>Tobey has been seething and cannot copeHow do you do the divorce, word bros? And who's gonna get the layup?

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>>129097328why would he build a robot with a bigger dick than him he’s asking to get cucked by his own kid

>>129097365I'm pretty sure that's some shit from metal gear solid

>>129097401Knowing Kojima, it wouldn't even surprise me if that was the case.

>>129097181Yes, a very dull life of trying not to off myself.

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>>129088589>See a Wordgirl thread>Woah haven't seen that name in like a decade, a great show back then, glad to see anons finally talking about it.>Do a measly archive search to make sure this isn't/is an "out of the blue" situation>People been talking about this show hype comeback since January 2022, deep.Well I certainly have some backtracking & binging binge to do. There goes my day.

>>129090801Scoops is taken.

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>>129099259Does she need clear eyes?

>>129098795 Psst! Listen for the word "cuckquean"

>>129090801It will be __me__

>>129096316Its just average Holla Forums brainrot, nothing to see here folks

>>129094341Yes. In fact, I remember when Wordgirl were shorts that came on after Maya and Miguel, and I wanted more of her and got what I wanted! I'm glad I was able to catch the show because I was in elementary at the time, and school ended at 3:00pm, so I'd likely barely catch it.

>>129094388I wanna butter his buns

>>129093673My husbando is upset.


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>>129095001>>129095009WordGirl Illuminati

>>129099259Which episode is this from? I think this is the only time any character has shown their iris and pupils together, whereas most time, it's all a solid black color.

BREAKING: wordgirl has touched down in UKRAINE

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>>129099941>soiling my waify with that autistic nonsenseI genuinely wish I could hate you to death.


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>>129100729We need more lewd of these 2

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>>129090065>480pdoes the show exist on higher resolutions or just shit upscales like futurama?

>>129088589>130 episodesJesus

>>129100979Why is she so cute?

Wordgirl Out of Context 1000

>>129098373>show hype comeback since January 2022is there comeback scheduled?

>>129094388It's a head shaped like a sandwich.

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>>129100063Don't mess with the Best.youtu.be/VF9V8jytb44

>>129102492Oh no, I just thought there was a pbs kids streaming service or whatever relaying & replaying the 8 seasons of WordGirl episodes to the newer generation of the internet. And people were hyping it up all around town. That kind of comeback.

>>129101985I've watched a great many of these 130 episode's, and one thing about this show is that the quality is consistent from the shorts in 2006 to the very last episode in 2015. There is no seasonal rot present whatsoever.

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oh no the Framer is about to carpetbomb a residential area in ukraine can wordgirl stop her?

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>>129088589wtf why is this show good and funny

Why was he so well respected when he could never do anything? And I mean well respected like showing up in background villain meet ups.

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>>129104337I don't know the name of this character but I like the name the ropeist.

Y'know, If you go back and watch the episodes...>Future appearances: Quirky and Cartoonishly Deranged Woman>First appearance: Literal Realistic SchizoIt's not just the voice change, right? She acts like someone with a legitimate mental illness who shouldn't be working in a job that interacts with the public.

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>>129104448Why It's Amazing Rope Guy. I feel like they could've gotten away with the Ropest (Rope-Pest) though/

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>>129104554It was ironic because he wasn't actually amazing at all.

>>129096132She is an alien fellow Holla Forumstard.

>>129104527Yes and that is why she's the perfect woman, the ultimate female, and the BEST GIRL!

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>>129105424She needs more art and loveAlso, is she technically a milf?

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>>129102564holy shit that went HARD

>>129105665I guessIf you count copying machines as children...

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>>129104527>Literal Realistic SchizoShe bit a customer

>>129106084Yeah, The way she literally can't communicate with anyone well, the stuttering, violent outbursts

>>129103580>from the shorts in 2006Huh? Link?

>>129106132I don't know but I think these are ityoutube.com/watch?v=dUGoEBCsO9s&list=PLbE7QpZ__xLdCRqkpqvwDGLa9F6nTDnIA


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>>129094341I was vaguely aware of it, but I'd grown out of watching PBS at the time it was airing.

>>129106835Ikr they just glossed over 2 brains past life


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>>129100333We need to convince Wordgirl that Ukrainian is a different language from Russian, only then will she let the Ukrainians have their own country.


>>129088589Who's ready for another analysis of Wordgirl's character- including Victoria, who's the best?Victoria might be the first time I feel bad for a Kristen Schaal character.>be victoria best>spend entire life trying to please parents by being the best at everything>tries to be the best hero in order to one-up wordgirl and to get a key to the city>when you get key to the city, wordgirl gets salty and decides to let you take on a villain to prove you're "not the best">you completely fold and wordgirl takes down THE WHAMMER YEAH! WHAM!>wordgirl has the opportunity to steer you in the right path of become a good hero by telling you that heroes don't stop crime for fame, but because it's the right thing to do>instead she's condescending to you and doesn't like you because you took what was supposed to be her billionth key to the city>she then proceeds to gloat about how instead she's the best superhero and then the entire city completely forgets about you, driving you down the path to villainy at only 10 years old(1/2)

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>>129108018I think S4E12 really shows the worst of Becky's character. I think the logical option was to honestly work something out with Victoria- maybe Vic can get the first half of the week and Becky can knock out the second half, and then they'll share weekends. Or at the very least, tell her she doesn't have to always be the best to be noticed by people. However, even though she's justified in not liking Victoria, she put people at risk of being WHAMMED in order to prove a point that it wasn't Victoria, but Wordgirl who was the best superhero. And it's boggling to me as well- Becky is often shown to despise being Wordgirl at times because she has to put leisure time aside for saving the city. However, it's often more agreeable that her pride is stronger than her distaste for having to be the hero all of the time- Wordgirl LOVES the fame with being Wordgirl. She often acts humble about it but if you watched as far as I have you know for certain that Becky is an egotistical bastard a lot of the time. She'd rather embarrass a rival of hers because of a personal vendetta AND her taking something that she has a thousand of and risk the lives of the people in the city to do so instead of trying to work with Victoria to make her life a lot easier.The question isn't when will Wordgirl's ego affect her ability to do what's right, because that already happened in this episode. When is Wordgirl going to realize that she doesn't have to do the right thing in order to get people's attention? When will she learn that fear is even more effective, and the best part is that she gets to do what she wants? And who will stop her?

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>>129108057>The question isn't when will Wordgirl's ego affect her ability to do what's right, because that already happened in this episode. When is Wordgirl going to realize that she doesn't have to do the right thing in order to get people's attention? When will she learn that fear is even more effective, and the best part is that she gets to do what she wants? And who will stop her?You mean to more of an extent that Miss Power didn't already try to teach her with "tough love" in that movie special episode?

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>>129088589What are the chances for a Web-Series Season 9 for of Wordgirl down the line in the future? Seems like it ended on some big plot buildup. (Ended as in or cancelled in 2015 from the Soup2Nuts company closing down)

>>129108128Haven't gotten there yet user, hype for when I do though. I have more episodes behind me than I do in front of me and I'll be sad when I eventually finish it. This show is one of the best cartoons I've had the pleasure I'd wasting hours watching

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>>129108237Oh golly, I'm glad I spoilered the image then, speed on with that Wordgirl marathon, analysis user! It's a great show indeed. A wild word super ride.


>>129101985when i heard that the series was cancelled, i thought it only has a few episodes. i did not know it had so many.

>>129108128Why is her face mess up?

>>129109223Probably just an alien species trait. She has a hair bang over the eye cover it mostly.

>>129108018>>129108057You make Becky sound like way more of an asshole, and Victoria like way better of a person.Victoria wasn't even trying to be a good hero, she simply took WordGirl's credit for defeating Amazing Rope Guy and then got nervous when it was time to fight an actual villain like the Whammer, Victoria wasn't a hero and was taking credit for what Becky did, that's why WordGirl was fine with letting her fight the Whammer on her own, because even the mayor seemed to prefer Victoria over her, and she wanted to let Victoria fail or succeed on her own.And even at the end, she still defends Victoria from her parents and tells them to be more lenient with her, that they should focus on what she can do, instead of what she can't do.I'm not saying Becky is perfect, but it's not like she kicked Victoria while she was down.

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>>129108018>Victoria steals the credit for defeating fucking Rope Guy>She acts like she's hot shit and everyone loves her>"Yeah, I'm way better than WordGirl">"Okay then you can probably defeat the Whammer on your own">"AAAAAHHHHH WORDGIRL HELP"Yeah no, Victoria deserved it.

>>129109258Why does her mom look plastic?

>>129109379>>129109258I would agree with you if Becky tried to at least try to reason with her (even though I know Victoria really can't be reasoned with), but Becky seemed super petty this episode. Definitely one of her more conniving plans.Though I think the biggest thing is how quick the city is to dismiss their heroes. When half of the smartest people in the city are just two kids I imagine Becky gets frustrated when they see a new "hero" and completely forget about her.

>>129109586>if Becky tried to at least try to reason with her (even though I know Victoria really can't be reasoned with)Then really there wasn't any point on trying to tell Victoria "hey you're kinda lying and taking the credit for what I did, and that's bad so you should stop", Victoria should have basic common sense to know right from wrong, all she did was let her be the hero she said she was, if Victoria didn't want to get burned, she shouldn't have played with fire.>I think the biggest thing is how quick the city is to dismiss their heroesOh absolutely, Granny May has taken advantage of that at least twice lmao.

>>129109258Man, for how much of a bitch she is, Victoria is really cute.

>>129109223It's traditional. Villainess might be superficial hot -- but we all know evil = ugly.Dr Blight from Captain Planet.The skin under that forelock looks like Two-Face's bad side.

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>>129109814I never understood why they sometimes draw the eye of the scar side. Didn't meet Hitler and how old is she?

>>129108018Wordgirl is not a glory hound or an attention seeker.She resents that saving people keeps taking her away from the things she WANTS to do -- like watching 'Pretty Pretty Princess".But she rarely complains aloud. She saves people because she's a good person.They had an "It's a Wonderful Life" takeoff where Becky wished she wasn't Wordgirl because having to deal with a crisis ruined her birthday party.The wish is granted. She loses her powers, her existence is forgotten by everybody, and villains rule Fair City. I think Chuck was king.Other than that, the only time I remember she came close to snapping was when a PPP marathon was on. She made a brief public announcement that she didn't want to be disturbed for the next few hours. Anyone who committed a crime that afternoon was really going to regret it.Maybe Victoria was turned into a terrible person by her parents, but she was still a terrible person, willing to cheat and lie and steal to be acclaimed as The Best. She even managed to steal Wordgirl's powers once.

>>129109916I think that's an anime convention. Eyes and eyebrows sometimes show right through the hair.I never watched Captain Planet so I don't understand the Hitler reference.

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>>129109997>She even managed to steal Wordgirl's powers once.Actually that was her brother Victor, he was tired of being second best so he stole WordGirl's powers to be the on3 true best, Victoria teamed up with WordGirl so she could remain as the best Best child.

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>>129110136Mea Culpa.Victoria's still an evil, egotistical bitch.

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>>129102564My new headcanon is this Jerry from rick and Morty's new job and he feels happy being a narrator for a educational chidrens show.

>>129110143Doesn't look like Hitler.Vileness right but mustache wrong.If Ted Turner remade it today, would it be Putin?

>>129110492Is Ted Turner even alive? But yes.

>>129109997>But she rarely complains aloud. She saves people because she's a good personI agree>Wordgirl is not a glory hound or an attention seekerHmm, i partially disagree but I think I'm confusing having an ego with being attention hungry. I still think Wordgirl has her moments where she can come off as an attention seeker, but that's to a lesser extent.>They had an "It's a Wonderful Life" takeoff where Becky wished she wasn't Wordgirl because having to deal with a crisis ruined her birthday partyFunny, I just watched that episode. I wonder if her wish cane true but without chuck being a tyrant. I also watched the episode where the playground gets named after Wordgirl but not Becky, which she's a bit saddened by. You think when she takes over the world with her grammar dictatorship she'll drop the whole Wordgirl act and just go by Becky?

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I spat out my drink when I heard the sandwich guy and realized it was the stenographer from Science Court.

>>129110773this show has a weird cast of voice actors

>>129110443>Victoria's still an evil, egotistical bitchShe’s also ten years old. We were all little shits back then


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>>129103580>>129110769dancing queen :)

>>129088589How potential powerful could The Framer be if her powers were baed on whatever is in the frame can be effected and manipulated by her? Perspective fuckery.

>>129111436OP if she doesn't drop her frame or if a villain covers it up. Better yet, if violet was actually a hero, would she still be the framer or have another power?


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>>129094341I was vaguely aware of it and by the time I saw it I wasn't really able to catch it and was already regularly watching YTV/Teletoon anyway. Wish I made more of an effort though, I remember a funny scene where Violet was calling out to Becky about the name of a made up unicorn pegasus creature they were arguing about earlier.

>>129111577Personally I think it would be cool if she had a power more similar to Iris Thompson (scp-105)

>>129101985is kids animation really that profitable or just money laundering?


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>>129112085What a dumbass question.

Why'd they make him so adorable?

Attached: This little gay boy can't be so cute.jpg (1048x1080, 139.23K)

>>129109258Victoria's a cunt but she's honestly the victim of her parents abuse, even as a kid I felt kinda sorry for her

>>129112745W-why’d they make him so adorable? That’s a good question

So far my favorite villains are either Chuck or Birthday Girl.

Attached: birthdaygirl.jpg (400x225, 14.14K)

>>129112745For the BBC (Big Botsford Cock) obviously.

>>129112796Indeed. I especially felt bad because she’s a literal 10 year old who developed superpowers out of pure skill, and yet her parents still make her feel like trash just because she’s not as strong as the local superhero or as smart as the local super genius. She doesn’t seem to have had a childhood so far, and I don’t think she’s ever gonna be allowed to just be a kid for even a day

>>129112947maddening how a lot of the villains had tragic backstories and could’ve easily been redeemed. but this is a toddler show that needs to funnel out as many episodic/non-serialized episodes as possible so, like, it would never happen. and the thing is i don’t even like loreshit 90% of the time but with this show… it would be very interesting to see i think. needs some kind of book spinoff or comic or something, i dunno.

>>129113381>it would be very interesting to see i think. needs some kind of book spinoff or comic or something, i dunno.there are comics

Attached: 1644600219772.jpg (625x893, 222.25K)

>>129113414there was only a few comics though. i loved the comic you posted though. as a tobeyfag.

Attached: tobey.png (640x667, 468.99K)

>>129113381Most of the villains just go back to their normal routines after the episode. Chuck still lives at home. Lady Redundant Woman still has her job at the copy shop. Birthday Girl usually makes up with Becky and Violet after she calms down etc...None of the villains are really overtly evil or suffering. Victoria is the exception.

>>129113441two-brains is a tragic nutcase and i need him to be saved user i can’t FUCKING take it

Attached: 1646213147018.gif (640x360, 2.78M)

>>129113461Two brains has two henchmen friends and a warehouse full of cheese. He's fine.

>>129111057Outside of Birthday Girl and Victoria's brother, none of the other 10 year olds are total shits.Scoops and Violet are quite well-adjusted. It's mostly in your upbringing. Even Toby has SOME redeeming qualities.Closest "I deserve to rule the world because I'm the smartest person" analogs would be Lex Luthor and Romeo from "PJ Masks".Someone on Holla Forums keeps complaining he can't stand seeing happy families portrayed in cartoons. Unrealistic! He finally admitted his own family was dysfunctional. Of course, irredeemable people do exist. And sometimes you can't avoid them.

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>>129112945Cute boyfriends.

Attached: sub-buzz-772-1592347279-1.jpg (500x305, 21.1K)

>>129112504enlighten me

>>129090065>mp4 are encoded on UltraFast AVC/H264>they have quality is worse and 50% bigger filesizes than same videos under mkv extensionwho was the retard who encoded this?

Who could play them in live action?

Attached: auditon.png (627x464, 364.83K)

>>129114698>Someone on Holla Forums keeps complaining he can't stand seeing happy families portrayed in cartoons. Unrealistic! He finally admitted his own family was dysfunctional.Kek, how sad. I can tell you my family can be a mix bag of fun and cancer, but I wouldn't try to paint the narrative all humanity is trash and that hatred and chaos is the only form of family upbringing. I bet he'd unironically defend nuFamily Guy which to me actively pisses me off more than a actually good family example, like, say, the PPG and the Professor.

>>129088589Has the youtube algorithm decided to recommend this to people who've watched cartoons before? I remember this as a kid but I didn't think it was good enough for a bunch of 13-17 year olds to make fan animatics about. Really weird how youtube can make thing popular.

>>129094868Are you goth

>>129117502I was almost 18 when Wold Girl happened and I unironically thought it was a nice show, not on the level of Arthur but good in its own right. It's actually cleaver and actually passionate and not just Peppa tier trashAlso, I don't really care what pre/teens wanted at that time since most if not all of them grew up to be virgin weebcucks mad the west isn't the east. Seriously, nothing about late 2000s age kids that liked edgy/emo trash are people I associate as sane to me.

>>129117747I meant there are pre/teens that like it now and are making fancontent and shipping characters after youtube started recommending it.

>>129094341I did watch it but that was back then I was kinda embarrassed that the show had a female protag.When I grew up it turns out that the embarrassment was actually sexual attractionI was in middle school too so watching a show for 4-9 yo's was also kind of embarrassing although it was all I had when I had no cableI guess now I feel vindicated that it was actually way more entertaining rather than just being a literal baby showFor those who want to know I usually just watch this sesame street, cyber chase, and ArthurAfter that I didn't really care about watching the other shit as by then I would just play videogames or do homework

>>129116565Tom Kenny as Two BrainsKevin James and John Goodman

>>129118175I also want to mention that I was on 4chan for years at this point so it definitely had an impact

>>129090801there is only one real option

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What's with the Bests' eyes glowing red sometimes and Victoria's telekenesis? Are they aliens? Androids? Cyborgs?

>>129118741No, they are the best.

>>129118543>your retarded 16 year old brother who despite being a faggot and ending the Botsford bloodline still obsesses over Wordgirl when it is clearly youYeah, pass.

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>>129108128Could the Bests be related to Miss Power or at least members of the same alien race? They all have blond hair and glowing red eyes.

>>129118741They're the BEST.

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>>129118741>>129118868Basically the bests apply on Matilda logic in that they’re somewhat powerful psychics. They probably married specifically for their powers and everything Victoria does seems to be an extension of telekinesis or telepathy

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How would the villains do as Suicide Squad members?

>>129091006im 43

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>>129118887Did Victoria ever mind controlled her parents?

Come up with an Word Girl comic issue.

>>129121581Not from what I remember, in fact, I think it was at least implied that they were the ones using mind control on her.In her debut episode, right after failing to play her recorder because of her dry mouth, her parents talk about how disappointed they are and look at her with their red eyes, which makes her look worried right before making the expression in pic related, and then using her own red eyes to steal the "trophy".I wonder if they originally planned for her parents to be more blatantly controlling over Victoria instead of just being passively disappointed at her.

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Does anyone know who in twitter draws wordgirl nsfw

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>>129094418ask me how i know you're a fellow spic

>>129114698Birthday Girl can be considerate of others and genuinely tries to befriend Violet and Becky, she just gets carried away from being enabled by her parents. She has the opposite problem Victoria has.

>>129121838>I wonder if they originally planned for her parents to be more blatantly controlling over Victoria instead of just being passively disappointed at her.The worrying part is that if her parents are capable of brainwashing her then it’s easy for them to pretend to just be passively disappointed while being far more controlling under the surface

>>129094341My family never had cable so i watch a shit ton of PBS Kids. It's honestly weird seeing a big show from my childhood suddenly getting a ton of attention.

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>>129108128It would have been better storytelling if the villains (when they worked together as a group with teamwork on the fight against vs MP) cast made Miss Power reveal her green alien side behind her hair bang. Like someone like Dr. Two Brains with an attack in her blind spot or something. Then causing her to get way more angry. Thus putting her in kill eye laser mode, like the spoiler Like a more split second thing to surprise the audience/viewer watching the movie special episode.Ya' know, instead of her just taking it off herself in outer space vs holding WordGirl and LITERALLY NO ONE (including WordGirl) reacting to it much at all. Not even anyone does a classic WG joke about it, not even a meta narrator one. It's like only the episode viewers can see it.

>tfw i did have cable so i never go to appreciate wordgirl when i was a kid what a shame.

>>129094341I remember the shorts (specifically the Larry King interview) but I had already kind of aged out of the PBS Kids shows by the time it was picked up for a full series. I do seem to remember my younger sister liking it, however.

>>129094341Yes, that and ruff ruff man. PBS was great

>>129098372They all look so cute here

>>129123199What are the chances this being the case?

>>129123966It’s possible. And even if they don’t do it often, the conditioning will still have a major impact on her personality

what the hell is the level of autism that drives you to make 200 posts about a preschool show

>>129124043Is there a fan fic where it does a possible future of the characters?>>129124069Blame Youtube.

>>129124069More like over 20 threads about a Preschool for the past 2 months.

>>129124069>what the hell is the level of autism that drives you to You already know what level, nigga. Where do you think you are?

>>129124207>Is there a fan fic where it does a possible future of the characters?I don’t know since I haven’t seen a lot of fanfics and I’m pretty sure 90% of them are just shipping Tobey and Becky. There’s at least one that studies Victoria’s character, but I don’t know if any show her future

>>129124069>200 posts>he doesn't knowAdd another ~1100+ posts and you'd be closer to the actual number. This is the 3rd more or less back-to-back thread in a row.

>>129124069>ages 4-9>preschoolPoint and laugh at the retard!

>>129124069this is like the third thread and it’s literally better than most things airing right now

>>129124211>More like over 20 threads about a Preschool show for the past 2 months.It's just that fun talking about WordGirl. Also the humor is at least teen level.

>>129124069Idk, ask Loudhousefags.

>>129124502Wouldn't you know faggot

whats your favorite episode?

>>129123680I've never seen the shorts or the Larry King interview.However, here she is with Jim Lehrer on the PBS Newshour.youtu.be/cqPZ7sx6nAU

>>129125303Now THAT's autism.

>>129124069>a preschool showIt had SNL writers, I'm not saying it was anything graphic or subtly adult. It's just a fun action show that loves using decent puns


>>129125303Scoops is malding just seeing this

>>129125303Jim Lehrer was what I meant! Mixed up memories

I've seen the intro where she stops the meteor.However, I know she started as an add-on to "Maya and Miguel"I tried skimming M&M videos but never found the WG segments.Anybody have links?

>>129098795whats this from?

>>129092402Oh please, compared to last year these threads have been tame.You should have seen the two 500 reply fat threads we, I mean, they, made back to back, and all the foot and general creep threads that came after

>>129127254Oh god, that’s just horrible. I, I need links to study these so, so we can ensure it never happens again

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>>129127844I always like moments like this, like, it makes you think if someone drew a character in a "realistic" style aka actual realism would that technically be called a cartoon?

But could she beat Beerus?

>>129128059To determine WordGirl's true power level, we have to see how much her ancient planet lexicon book would amp her up if she trained all of her lessons & new powers from it with Captain Huggy Face.At this point (pre-full word book learning) she's giant asteroid level with varying levels of toonforce, as a kid. That's just me only seeing a handful of episodes though recently. I've only watched binged a bunch of the show a decade ago, so I may be forgetting things.

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>>129128244Why aren't her parents looking for her and bob?

>>129121838>>129109258>>129108237You know, with Victoria Best's outfit being the reverse of WordGirl's own outfit, she's like the Reverse Flash to regular Flash.Now I wanna see a recreation of this shot, but with Victoria Best drinking some cocoa.

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>>129128059She could beat a couple versions of superman at least. Beerus could beat like at most five versions of superman until the really strong ones show up.

>>129128327Depends on whether or not whether the writers want to count god ki and subsequently the Hakai as magic or just basic energy that Supes could resist. There's really no definitive answer.

>>129128344Aint no hakai magic tricks getting through Strange Visitor Superman, let alone Cosmic Armor Superman.

>>129109258>WordGirl's symbol is a star>Victoria's symbol as a hero is a sun (a bigger star)I wonder if that was intentional, at first I wondered why she didn't have a trophy, but just like General Smoochington (gorilla bigger than monkey, general higher rank than captain, and smooches better than hugs) the sun still fits her whole theme of trying to be better than WordGirl.

>>129128255It’s survival of the smartest on Lexicon. If you’re dumb enough to wander into a spacecraft you don’t deserve to live Also, do you ever think of how Lexicon is actually home to two separate fully sentient species who live together?

I thought this was a coomer thread. wheres all the lewds?


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>>129128623um.. she's a KID

>>129128780A kid that knows so every word of the universe dictionary. Let's just say Wordgirl has some "knowledge".


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>>129128408I thought magic was one of his weaknesses though? Has Superman ever tanked being completely erased from existence?

>>129094341YES. Every day after school, it was always cyberspace, Arthur, Maya & Miguel and word girl in the late afternoons. I used to watch them a lot when they were airing at the time. Up to probably around 2009 I was in my early teenage years and lost interest watching those shows and wanted something else to get into. Pretty weird and interesting that there's many people appreciating those aspects the show was giving out. I never really payed attention to most of it and most around me back then didn't talk much about it nor anyone else. Now it's coming back to me.

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>>129125303becky’s voice is literally perfect bros

>>129129117>I thought magic was one of his weaknesses though?Those two Superman's excel far beyond any "weakness"Even the lower tier supermen have feats of heavily resisting Kryptonite and magic just by sheer willpower and such.

>>129129117CAS is like 6 or 7 dimensions higher in tiers than Bills ever got. Cosmic Armor Superman also exceeds above the narrative itself in the DC-verse. Beerus has no chance of winning here against the Thought Robot.

>>129094341Technically yeah, but far from being the target audience. I had an old analog TV in my room so whenever I didn't have access to the other TVs in the house I would watch Word Girl, Arthur or whatever else was on. Watching on a small analog TV with a slightly grainy picture was peak comfy, but when the transition from analog to digital happened in 2009 is when I stopped watching PBS.

I watched it when it premiered and it was good but I was a kid, it's not something that would interest me anymoreWhat's with grown ass men on Holla Forums getting into kids cartoons?

>>129094439to be fair your local PBS station probably had a lot of messages and bumpers specifically for your area. i know mine did

>>129127930Does this answer your question about "realistic" art?

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