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This thread is for every single fan of TGAMM to discuss the show and have fun at the same time.

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Andrea is best girl.

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>>129084066Mega for most of the for the newest

>>129084066Just noticed it but Pete's sister was voiced by Tilly from BCG's.



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Molly a shit

>>129084755Is she working during an anime convention?

>>129085376no, dragon ball just wants food.

How y'all doin tonight?

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>>129085909your mom, thanks for asking. mind getting me a glass of water while youre up

>>129085909>tonightwhat timezone are you living in user

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>>129086012Maybe euro? Thats where im at and its night time

>>129085909Doin' fine. Linearting some Molly sketches at the momentwhile following the Ukrainian happenings.

>>129084083Yes, she is. And that Libby is miserable.

>>129085530you mean goku?

I'm glad these turned out to be villains and not jumping the shark, but now I don't like them for a different reason!

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>>129087127Same. I was concerned this would be a lame joke making fun of overly cute charterers. Though it is a bit weird now that we know those things exist. Kind of makes later and previous moments where characters get sad a bit odd.

what happened to the last thread

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>>129088024uncontrolled autism>Aw dude look at my sweet waifu with WWII german paraphernalia, so cool!!!

>>129088024It hit bump limit.

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>>129088138But why?

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>>129088161Look at her, she's gagging for it, she's frothing at the gash

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>>129088396Libby too, i actually like her more

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titles for next month

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How many $$$ do you think it would take for Ashley to read some old Meatwad lines in Molly's voice?

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>>129088707This would be a cute

>>129084066what kind of guy does molly like?how would molly act in a love relationship?

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>>129088707>>129088921>Bad girl Molly episode>tries to start cussing>"Fudge you"

>>129088944molly probably likes sensitive white guys, but she'll drive away 80% of them because none of them can match her energy. also people will think that she is a schizophrenic because she talks to herself, so people will likely try to avoid the case she gets lucky and hooks up with a guy, he'll probably be the first one to slowly chip at her spirit until she just ends up broken and depressed. like really, all of the qualities that make her such a great protagonist would make her hell to deal with in real life.

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>>129088944>>129089051Molly's a child, she's too young to notice boys. But my money is that in a few years she'll probably go for white boys (daddy girl+most common boy type) or turn out to be a lesbian since she's a 2022 cartoon. If neither of the above they'll hook her up with an asian boy. Low probability of a hispanic or black kid.

>>129088944Me, obviously

>>129089164No, its anti-semitic to ship a jew male with a goy female. That Jew male would be ending his Jewish bloodline, all his kids would be filthy goys from then on out. It's practically another Holocaust!

>>129089277Acually not so. Jeish peronhood is highly sectarian - meaning each of the 6 big movements/sects of Judaism (or the 10 overall movements) define who is Jewish in their own way.Via the Torah, paternal liniage counts. Via rabbinic halakah, maternal counts. But via 3 movements, it's both that count. This doesn't take into consideration converts, addoptees, and other factors. According to the Humanistic Judaism, essentially the most evolved form today, you could be Jewish by education and assimilation alone.>Holla Forums resident Jew

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>>129089410>I noticed you had a slight misconception about Judaism, allow me to rectify that

>>129089410Alright then, hopefully no jewish boys or girls for Molly then. She should go Irish if you ask me.

>>129089434Book of Mamzar 4:20 -"And user looked upon the post, and the post was with flaw. And user, who arteth wiseth of ass, did sayeth, ah hell nah."Or, this entire sentence is written with like 8 hebrew letters.

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>>129089528What are opinions on girls that marry non-jews and convert then? Like if say some Libby married say , random and from the top of my head, a white european catholic guy and converted.

>>129089605If a person rejects Judaism, converts away from it, or can say that they are no longer Jewish, that's fine. As long as they're a good person, that's what matters.Statistically, it's rare for that to happen. There was a study done a fe years ago that showed that of mixed faith marriages, with one partner being Jewish, the adults tended to maintain ther original faith, to a lesser extent the non-Jewish person might convert to Judaism, and to a far lesser extent the other might convert away from Judaism. What's almost universal is that the kids are raised with Jewish identity. As for their beleifs into adulthood, I don't think the study covered that.

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>>129084066I hope we get more winter madness molly at some point in the future.

>>129089703Nah, we'd- I mean they would raise the kids catholic, but thanks for the info, it pleases the inner autist.

>>129089773what will Springtime hold for Molly? Will we get an Easter episode? Will Libby get Purim or Pesach? (hoping for Purim and drunk as fuck Ms.Stein-Torres)

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>>129089831Libby’s mom gets wasted and starts getting handsy with her daughter in front of everyone—they laugh it off as a le quirky wine mom thing, but as soon as the McGees are gone, the strap-on comes out.

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>>129084066Finally we have a good Molly threadWhenever ops pic is libby we just talk about jews until the jawfag comes to try and convert us and when its andrea we get trannies coming in

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>>129089831>Will we get an Easter episode?Chances for bunny molly?

>>129088944>Implying she won't hook up with Libby

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>>129088707>molly gets high on darylls medication>She is either an annoying hippy or schizo depending on who she runs into>ghosts decide to have a reunion and molly stumbles into their scare-a-thon>episode ends and it turns out she didn't take drugs at all daryll is on sugar pills because he is just cringe and thinks he needs drugs to be normalThat would be a great episode

>>129090247Not always... I got banned for saying something inconvenient about Israel and took a day off.... twice.> resident JewJaw

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>>129084066Remember last thread when I said I was going to do this mostrosity?I just out it in the over

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>>129090505>I just out it in the overOh yeah, let's out in the over this bitch

>>129090505So here's the thing I couldn't find Carobs or fresh passion fruit but what I did was warm up the concentrated pulp and dark bitter chocolate chips.The rest would be the sameI am from Ecuador (dragon fruit is called Pitaya) and I know that a dragon fruit (coincidentally also from Ecuador) is roughly the pulp of 2 passion fruits. Turns out I was right because Google says the median passion fruit pulp is 15 g and the pulp of one Pitaya was almost 100 g.

>>129090587It obviously ended up looking like a slightly thick milkshake. I imagine it's just going to warm up

>>129090165Oh baby, get me a piece of that.

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>>129090618This is what it ended up looking like, it's like a cookies dough

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>>129090938I recognize that table texture, see you soon

>>129091001What's the first letter of my first name

>>129090938Honestly, it doesn't look bad. Maybe Pete wasn't that off. How is the taste and texture?

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>>129088944She likes older white men. It's in her genes. As for love it's hard to say, we've seen Molly affectionate but we've never seen her lovey duvey.

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>>129091128It tastes really bad literally just floury passion fruit, the chocolate at the bottom is the only good tasting thing.It's also not airy at all, I've never had creme briuole but maybe it's kinda like that?

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>>129091128I think it could have been good if he put baking soda some brown sugar and eggs like a functioning cake is supposed to be

>>129090938>>129091202Holy shit this abomination

>>129090938>>129091202good lord this looks disgustingdid you give it to the love of your life?

Not enough Andrea

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>>129091383The love of my love hates me now so no

>>129091454What'd you do to 'em, user

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>>129089410Based Rabbi

linkt the mega you fucks

>>129090938It's like pudding skin cake, gross. What's the taste like?


>>129091202Ah, well that's not great then. Still, I'd give it a shot.



>>129090938>>129091202Well, I guess Sharon is justified for not liking that "cake".

>>129090938sir... sir did you try and make the cartoon food real life food? sir...

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>>129090938I knew a dude that just had a birthday cake made out of maztos, cake frosting, and sprinkles... but this. You tried. The recipe and ingredients gave up before the fight even started, but you tried. Good effort.

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>>129089410I appreciate you visiting the Molly McGee threads and explaining Judaism to us. It's very informational and helpful! Thank you user.Also, Libby is cute.

>>129090938Put me in the screencap

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>>129092051It's overall bland, floury passion fruit with some chocolate on the base, the texture is the worst part very runny barely above creme

>>129092352If I can keep so much as one person from devolving into an anti-semitic poltard, I will. Here's Libby doing a Groucho impression.

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>>129090302>tries to kiss molly>molly visibly gags at the thought of being with a jew>Libby KHS out of embarrassmentIm surprised you haven't cum on it yet but I guess this is Holla Forums not Holla Forums

>>129088944So far we've seen her wet her panties over Kenny Star and Ezekiel Tugbottom. So big, buff and blonde seems to be a running theme.

>>129090302It's been confirmed she doesn't like Libby that way. You still have hope. Once Rob gets MeToo'd and creative control of the show is given to a lesbian then she can retroactively claim Molly has been gay the whole time.

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>>129092686your marriage certificate will never be written from right to left.

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>>129092668Thank you for the cute Libby.>>129090938I appreciate the effort at least!

>>129092740That doesn’t say what you’re claiming it does. This rhetoric is so tiresome.

>>129092740Rob is pure and without flaw. Metoo's are for people that deserve it, like Mark Walberg.

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>>129092801>your reading too much into it>NO I'M NOT!!!!2!!!!1!>>129092845The funny thing is people already tried to cancel him because he deconfirmed the ship. Shipping is serious buisness

>>129092686i wanna kiss a jew

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>>129092865Sigh. I’m pointing out that it simply, literally states that the small bit of blushing is part of the show’s art style, and that it doesn’t mean anything inherently. It specifically does not make any statements about the character’s sexualities or attractions to each other in a broader sense. Ship what you please, or don’t, just don’t put words into their mouths. I have no emotional investment in Molibby.

>>129092740>>129092865All that says is the "blush" on their faces isn't indicative of anything more than the lighting but he didn't really deconfirm the ship. Bob Roth actually did say the show would explore "major LGBT themes" and Bill Motz has liked Molibby art on Twitter before.

>>129092740Bob Roth is more likely to get "cancelled" on Holla Forums due to his political views where constantly says that he fucking despises republicans, it's more volatile than Hirch if you check his Twitter history.

>>129093011>>129093084>maybe you're reading too much into it>>129093084He also claimed that those themes "won't be what you expect". And lesbians are a dime a dozen.

>>129093105>what would Libby actually look like IRL? What is a good celeb comparison?Good question. But I don't think there are a lot of celebrities who are brown, hebrew, 13 years old AND have hair all the way down to there knees. Her cuteness probably comes from her being 2D.

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>>129089831I'd like to see a parody of the 'Father Ted' episode "Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading".

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>>129092008Scroll up.

>>129093366dubs checkedRealistically Libby would look like and uglier Hila Klein with messed up hair

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>>129093558Hola Klein is hot because she has pretty eyes and both looks like a girl and a guy so because I swing both ways is all good.

>>129093196No he ust said the representation itself wouldn't be what you'd expect, implying it's not going to be Molly but rather another character (maybe Scratch?)

>>129094298I imagine you're from New York, when I lived there it was crazy how many holidays you got to have and also put into the school curriculum

All the plushies

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>>129094346I'm actually from Canada, living in the states for a while now. I've been through NYC, but didn't stay long.

>>129094404Fuck off Seth Rogan I hate your christmas shit

>>129093366>>129093558ThisThe whole point of Libby in the show is she's just supposed to be extremely plain and messy looking, irl she'd be a completely forgettable face.

>>129094298I've seen pissed off J's using that word

>>129094368I liked they become antagonistic

>>129094492so are 99% of people until you talk to them for a minute. If a background character farts in the wind, the character gets a thread. Libby has a personality, is a weird little Jewish conspiracy theorist, and likes turtles. Had Libby not said anything on the camping trip, she would have remained as unknown as the black haired girl next to the red head.

>>129088138molly's good but her mom is where its at.

Why are they so perfect!?

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>>129094589they're both mutually supportive artistic empaths... that's probably got alot to do with it.

>>129094589For me it's the nasally voice and the social awkwardness which despite having she still tries to be a bit extroverted, it's pretty nice to finally have a shy character who actually acts like real shy person and not a caricature who's less "shy" and more "crippling, clinical level social anxiety."

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>>129094581Robyn has not said a word yet and she is a popular girl.People pay attention to Libby because they see themselves in her>shy>unhygenic>conspiracy theorist>ostracized by the whole schoolI personally like the long hair and her voice but thats about it

>>129094751They’ve already reached the domestic abuse phase of their relationship, how sweet!

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>>129094724Honestly it’s so refreshing. I’m so tired of seeing>shy character needs her friends to get her to do something again and againI like that Libby has some social troubles, not the best, maybe a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but she isn’t just >ah I’m so scared of basic interactionShe’s able to accomplish things, has things she excels in, and is very energetic and excited. It’s such a fresh breath of air

>>129088161She is better than Sobble.

>Libby tries to learn about her dad

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>>129090497Where is her emotion for her head hides into turtleneck likes a turtle?


>>129090247That slap impact is detrimental to the realism of the shoop. Even if there was one, the impacts in the show look different and it would vanish by the time Molly's hand travels all the way there.

>>129093098Oof, yeah. World is on the brink of nuclear annihilation and this dipshit is still whining about partisan politics and finger pointing. I think this guy would give himself a lot less stress if he stopped watching Fox News clips to get angry at.

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>For the last fucking time, Molly! STOP STEALING MY HUSTLER!

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>>129095373>midwest monthlynot even a hustler fan but i feel like i might skip that issue if i found it out in the woods

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>>129095368Man. I love how this show isn't afraid to sprinkle in some yellow hues into character designs. Libby's hair is fricken greenish but, it's still obviously brown. This show has a great balance of colored and desaturated tones.

>>129095436It's run by guys with actual experience, not some twitter/tumblr no body that got diversity hired.

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>>129095457They probably would be if they were born in the 80s.

>>129095368To be fair, Tucker Carlson did try to suck Putin's dick when reporting the invasion.

>>129095457>We're finally getting shows made by people who wouldn't have been considered "incapable of function in society"-tier mentally ill as early as the 90'sFeels good mang

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>>129095674Well the guy is a failed CIA agent. He just loves stirring shit up.

>Bite the Pillow, user, because i'm going in dry!

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>>129084755>Give me extra hot sauce!

>>129088066I fucking hate /k/. They invade every cartoon and anime with their gun autism

>>129088944She would look for a complete opposite of her. Firstly trying to rescue him from being a doormat and then falling in love when he stands up for her

>>129095919Seriously, I know wars and boomsticks are a thing but I didn't come to a cartoon board for that.

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>>129095934You're just trying to cope your way into believing Molly would date you, aren't you?

>>129095963Molly isn't real

>>129095919Sorry user, even if I'm actively trying to stop myself my near sexual attraction and obsessive autism to firearms flairs up at the slightest provocation, I'm pretty sure I have some sort of condition but I hate therapists so it's probably never going away.

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>>129096050Same energy

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>>129088138Imagine how batshit she'd get if she fell in love with you. She'd NEVER leave you alone


>>129084066What if I like the show but really dislike Molly?>>129084083fpbp

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>>129096169Dunno mang, I just really, REALLY like guns and have as long as I can remember.

>>129096125I can't help but think being bonded to a ghost forever would take up most of her time. Then again, all they have to do is move to a different house and the curse would be broken. Maybe that's how the series will end. The McGee's move to another house (still in Brighton. Maybe evrn across the street) and Molly grows up and starts a new life, with Scratch free from the curse but, they still agree to be friends. Like the end of Aladdin.

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>>129092668What if I'm anti-Israel politicians but not anti-semitic, can I still like Libby?


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>>129092668I feel like being anti-semetic is like looking down both sides of the street before crossing, it's just a good precaution to avoid nasty surprises.

>>129096223Unironically no. Official stand of Anti-Defamation League is that anyone who is anti-Israeli, including certain Judes, are officially anti-Semites by definition.

>>129096292God I fucking politicians.

>>129096274If finding out that people with lots of money that fund public entertainment that people mindlessly slurp up for generations are Jewish is "nasty surprise" then you need to start asking more questions my friend.

>>129096309I mean if you think about it is kinda like minority groups being conservative.It's 100% all the time because they're self hating and haters of presumably everyone who feels victimized by conservatism.(I think they're right they're self hating if they're conservative)

>>129094589I hate these fucking cretins with all my heart. Thousands have died to keep to keep Libby and her mom alive and for what? So they can turn the people of Brighton to slaves? You all make me fucking sick to my stomach

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>>129095706Cute! I need Libby in a episode again.

>>129096329I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think Libby has the confidence to enslave anyone. She’d be that one overlord where nobody really cares if she’s ruling or not because she’s enough of a pushover that it’s basically a democracy

>>129096212that sounds fucking awful user and i’m appalled you’d even suggest that

>>129096348I really love family episodes more than I thought I would, but unlike other characters like Andrea I do miss Libby when she isn't around. Also it was weird the Trial episode didn't have a song.

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>>129096370I bet she’ll be in nearly every season 2 episode now that the showrunners know how popular she is.

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>>129096388Hope she's not the only one they've noticed getting attention.

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>>129096186I meant why do you hate therapists?

>>129096350That's what she wants you to think remember Libby feasts on human babies. She will show her true colors when she completed her take over and you will be forced to eat bugs and when you did you become compost for her garden. Libby and her mom are pure evil

>>129096350She's certainly no Lee Kwan Yew or something like that.

>>129096402>RobynRobyn, Tammy and Andrea specifically.I love how the creator of Molly legit had no idea that Tammy would become such a popular character. The trailer was very misleading because she's featured prominently in the trailer.

>>129096413Aren't people pushing for including bugs in the human diet?

>>129096402I have strong hopes she’ll get her day in the limelight. Shit… even a voice line or two would be enough at this point.

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>>129096423They were too humble to realize they struck oil.

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>>129096223Hell yes. I'd chill with Hitler and Libby at the same time

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>>129096436I see you are already brainwashed. There is no helping you

>>129096462Jesus Christ, you are absolutely insane. For the love of God, please turn off your computer.

>>129096481They’re a troll, they only come here to talk about Libby and demons.

>>129096481I'm trying to help you see. Libby isn't the victim she is the parasite we should be focusing more on Andrea finding ways to get rid of Libby and her family

>"Some of you goys are all right, don't go to Brighton Middle tomorrow."

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>>129096445>We cant have a show with 2 female bullies>Actually on second thought lets start Andrea's redemption arc NOWWe cant have ANY fun Antagonistic characters can we I fucking HATE the Subversive Era of writing.

>>129096500It’s like a tripfag without the trip.

>>129096223The Israelis threw out Netanyahu, so that's alright.

>>129096447Israel didn't exist yet when Hitler was alive.

>>129096500>>129096504Also… Breadman, do you realize you’re responding to fanart? Tammy isn’t coming back, per the creators, at least not in season 1.

>>129096445They might consider having more of her.

>>129096519Wouldn't surprise me. The creator said its not impossible for Tammy to come back he said it was unlikely because Season 1 and most of Season 2 is already done so its way too late to bring Tammy back despite her popularity

>>129096537>most of season 2 is already doneFuck!

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>>129096547Look here's the reality. Bill fucking knows kids aren't watching his show. And he's learning real fucking fast the type of people who actually do watch his showThat's why his Twitter is frustrating to read because the "fandom" is being really aggressive with how THEY WANT the show to progress even tho they shouldn't have the right to steer that directionThis is what Owl Fans do.

>>129096490>TrollI genuinely believe Libby is out to enslave people who aren't like her. I look into that face and I see no soul. Just a mimic waiting for it's prey

It looks like the Owl Glowies are awake. Remember to ignore their schizo babble.

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>>129096570Man, I ain’t out there harassing Bill about what to include in his cartoon. I’ll still tune in either way, but I would’ve loved to see Robyn be prominent for once.

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>>129096601Oh she is. I think she actually does have an episode or a speaking role but we're near the end of Season 1 so if it does happen it'll be in Season 2.

>>129096616>I think she doesYou’re making it sound like you have insider info, user. Imma need to see some credentials.

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>>129096408Frankly I just don't trust them, for one why would I trust them in an era where "you're totally a girl just cut your dick off dude lmao" is considered legitimate medical advice? Second, many therapists are leftist and thus anti-gun, and I imagine it'd be pretty easy for them to swing a way of getting my guns (which, again, I really love) taken away pretty much just because they disagree with private gun ownership.

Attached: 3253245325.png (886x498, 492.83K)

>>129096637Maybe just… leave them out of the conversation, for once? You aren’t required to disclose what weapons you own at the therapist.

Andreabros, the Mollyfags are getting cocky.

Attached: 1633172087925.jpg (1216x1084, 330.03K)

>>129096667They well learn their place when Andrea breeds Molly!

>>129096516Yes yes i know about that and the Haavara agreement and all that

>>129096495Are you mishalover?

>>129096667Don't worry, she'll definitely get another episode soon enough.

Attached: 1644723407105.png (1072x753, 936.29K)

>>129096402>little guyAnd here we thought Andrea was the trans rep

>>129096575Look DemDem. I don’t think Libby’s a mimic. She feels pretty human and honestly I like her And for all your talk of brainwashing you never seem to post anti-telepath stuff in X-Men or hypno threads. So start going anti-telepath or reveal yourself as a poser and gtfo

>>129096892No, his name is clearly Mishal dummy

>>129096423>>129096537What if they pull a SvTFOE in season 2 and they human cast is almost completely gutted and they focus entirely on the ghost world ?

Attached: mollygrad.jpg (1879x1028, 181.42K)

>>129096506Wake me up when the politicians apologize for Morel.

>>129097463Or vice versa, we barely see any ghosts and most of it is just human drama or hijinks

>>129096491Hey, schizo. How's your week been?

Attached: 1637774550198.jpg (2540x1633, 215.29K)

>>129088396>Molly after you surprise creampie her ear

Attached: vlcsnap-2022-02-26-18h58m43s045.png (1090x1080, 1.37M)

Next episode when?


How would Molly and Libby fare in Squid Game?

Attached: 01032022221832.jpg (720x3762, 381.14K)

>>129099089I do hope we eventually get to know how scratch died. Maybe in a movie.

>>129097090I'm not trying to say I'm against the X-Men or anything it's Libby and her family that you need to watch out for. This is what they do user, for years they make themselves look like the victim but then get into positions of power then own the country they are in. Libby is on her way to do that. It's in her programming she is nothing but a member of a hive.>>129097598I continue to see the truth and will make sure I do not waver in my faith. Even if I convince one person my job has made progress

>>129100110>I'm not trying to say I'm against the X-Men or anythingSo you condone the actions of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey but not a random Jewish family How selective. You clearly have no scope of crime

>>129096526Hopefully they can sneak her in somewhere in Season 2 if that's not fully complete yet. I can see her coming back as an antagonist for some other school competition.

Attached: 1644528576896.png (879x801, 232.84K)

Spats McGee

>>129100813You'd think they'd have learned from Maggie that the bully girls can be popular too.

Attached: The.Ghost.and.Molly.McGee.S01E02.Howlin.Harriet-The.(Un)natural.720p.DSNY.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-JEW.mkv_snapshot_14.06.004.jpg (1280x720, 143.53K)

>>129099089kinda fucked up

>>129100813I hope so, entirely because I want to see more Tammy lewds.

>>129101169Its sort of weird how that plays out. Why do these people get so surprised when people show love for bully characters they made?

>>129100909Spats are great.

Attached: Imagine Molly.jpg (1920x1080, 798.07K)

>>129096125That's exactly what i want

>>129098124This week.

>>129101596Same. But I'd be happy with cute Tammy as well.

>>129101169God, I really hope we see Tammy again. I doubt we'll ever see Maggie again.

Attached: 1597883071136.gif (1920x1080, 1.28M)

>>129096537So how likely is it that season two really is mostly done?

Attached: 1646107916651.jpg (1200x1200, 170.66K)

>>129092668Where’s the mustache?

Attached: catooninvaders.png (2003x2005, 2.87M)

>>129105604Considering it got started in October I'd say they're barely in the storyboarding phase. I don't think it will take 2 years like S1 did because Covid panic has lifted.

>>129100813Cute dress

>>129106177Giant Molly is one more step closer to her literally becoming Huggin Molly.

Attached: download (3).jpg (204x247, 7.11K)

>>129106177we need fanart of strong libby with a Jewish Pimp outfit and a gun. We need, the Hebrew Hammer.

>>129096329>Implying I would mind being enslaved by a cute jewessLmao, fuck off pol

>>129106340That sounds reasonable. I guess it makes sense why they're staggering the releases of episode blocks then so hopefully there isn't a large wait in-between the end of the first season and the start of the second.

Attached: Because I've learned nothign.png (1920x1080, 1.88M)

I'm really looking forward to this ghost feast episode.

Attached: 1646026059585.png (1920x1080, 2.31M)

>>129107402will molly and libby get to meet anne frank?

Attached: libby.webm (1280x720, 1.07M)

>>129107870Honestly, it's entirely possible. Just as possible as them meeting Adolf.

This hit hard as an IT nigga

Attached: vlcsnap-2022-02-26-16h20m03s593.png (1920x1080, 1.99M)

Good thing Andrea isn’t in Texas right now.

Attached: C413B74F-511C-4420-9DA5-BF0391647217.jpg (1775x2048, 248.69K)

>>129108130This shows quick gags are definitely a lot of fun.

>>129108209Texas is doing gods work. Wait 5 more years and the teen tranny suicide rate will sky rocket.

>>129108238That’s a sick thing to say, pal. Who knew God’s work was driving children to kill themselves.

>>129108309The Earth can only support so many people as it is, it doesn't need schizos passing down their genes.

>>129106340>because Covid panic has lifted.Until the next variant comes along of course

>>129108309/pol/ is sick

Attached: 65db7ddd22b9d33c57672985b625c1b3.jpg (1032x1153, 95.87K)

>>129108209I live in Texas. What's going on?

Attached: 1645824121228.webm (482x572, 238.36K)

>>129108595Greg Abbott has directed the state to prosecute the parents of trans kids. Ironically it’s already affected an employee of the agency responsible for enforcing it. No prosecutions have happened yet because there’s a legal battle going on.

>>129108619About damn time.

>>129108777>the tripsWasted on this. It’s probably going to get suspended because it has no legal basis.

Attached: C53BB713-E109-49B6-AE9D-32C34D319818.jpg (1200x1200, 262.32K)

>>129108619Is this what moonman was talking about?>>129108777Nice trips

Attached: 9781094206776_400.jpg (400x400, 45.76K)

>>129108619Good. Retards shouldn't be allowed to use their children to virtue signal.

Attached: 1644741142654.webm (666x914, 184.27K)

>>129108999The assumption here is that parents are the ones encouraging their kids to transition, instead of it coming from, you know, the kids. You can’t actually believe that.All studies done on the topic indicate that denying support to trans kids increase the rates of suicide dramatically.>>129108238 knows that, obviously. The only goal here is to be cruel and drive trans folks out of the state (notably, a demographic that would vote against Abbott).

>>129108619That's fuck up, hope that the parents wins.

Attached: 1645876930515.png (727x768, 624.23K)

I hope we get more scenes of Andrea looking completely devastated. She has some of the best faces

Attached: mpv-shot0016.jpg (1920x1080, 460.17K)

>>129109064Even if the kids wanted to encouragement is still encouragement. I knew kids who tried to finger each others asses but, that doesn't means that parents should support it. Being a parent is all about telling naive children what NOT to do.

Attached: 1620555283625m.jpg (1024x739, 46.51K)

Attached: mpv-shot0017.jpg (1920x1080, 455.49K)

>>129109164Oh I've got something that'll devastate her right here

Attached: 1640547435238.jpg (667x747, 326.83K)

>>129109188Hot cocoa with NO marshmallows?

Attached: mpv-shot0018.jpg (1920x1080, 466.49K)

>>129109188The blanket shade of brown doesn't go with her eyes?

>>129108309>>129109064Despite society is more conscious about trans issues, the suicide attempts are high compared to decades past when society wasn't.The high suicides are due bad treated ailments; just because you have body disphoria doesn't automatically makes you trans. APA changing the standar of how to treat dysphoria are fucking up more these people by guiding them through irreversible changes.

>>129109456If the medical standards and therapists are too quick to say someone is definitely trans, that's a problem, but the solution isn't to separate kids from their parents. Shit, that'll fuck up both parties involved for years regardless of anything else.

Attached: 1643994393061.jpg (1080x1350, 80.23K)

>>129109456It's an undeniable fact when you loose a body part like your chest or genitals your risk of suicide goes up by 50%

>>129109583The fact you didn't wanted that and you were peer-pressured to do it when your mind was the most vulnerable, raise it to 100%

Attached: 1636005573378.png (756x488, 701.53K)

>>129109793Huh, I never noticed that odd red hair chick

>>129109873yeah, word is she's retarded.

Attached: 1641511558525.jpg (1080x1350, 77.5K)

>>129100909How do they smell?

>>129109942Like soap and a hint of petrichor.

>>129108130Did the cat fall or did he just give up and climb down?

>>129109195Hot chocolate... made with water

I love Libby's scrotum nose. They were really bold to include this.

Attached: Libby_Profile.png (329x416, 162.51K)

>>129090938>it's like a cookies doughtry making it again. but this time cut them into small cookies instead. then post the difference here.

>>129109064Uhh cartoons?

>>129110030He committed suicide and is now a ghost kitten.

Attached: 1637567712961.png (692x348, 402.78K)

>>129110334Funfact: It's actually pliable

Attached: vlcsnap-2021-11-21-23h49m17s077.png (1920x1080, 2.01M)

>>129110594And comics

>>129110702It's built to be sucked by Molly's lips.

Attached: 1641871920088.gif (600x337, 676.7K)

>>129110821Any YouTube video of that scene?I remember that she made some cute noises. For some reason I love when characters do that baby talk thing. I think flapjack did it all the time

>>129110702>Andrea mutated into a futa due to radiationWow, I love this show's lore.

>>129100554I'm saying this isn't the thread for it. Of course I'm against Charles Xavier but this isn't the thread for it.>>129106703You won't be saying that when she forces you to eat bugs, live in a small cramped cube and clean the dirt waffle under her shoe with your tongue

>>129111156Further more why would you want Libby when Andrea exists?

>>129108309You should get some psychological help. Feeling glee from anticipating people's with mental conditions suicides isn't normal.

>>129111180I think you replied to the wrong post.

>>129111156>clean the dirt waffle under her shoe with your tongueman why you got to reel me back in at the last second?

Attached: thirsty.gif (500x288, 1.26M)

What kind of question is “have you ever resented someone”?

Attached: B6576845-A935-4001-AB87-9131C9F33BE6.jpg (1170x883, 210.45K)

>>129111255What if she stepped in dog shit, god you coomers are desperate

>>129111260Maybe someone in his family ate his PB & J sandwich or something? Idk.

Attached: 1645944714964.png (547x572, 379.76K)

>>129111260one that'll make me admit i've been a lil bitch. oh wait.

Attached: 1643524068765.png (755x1080, 918.54K)

>>129111327>the pillow is yellow but the shadow is blue and blackshadows are weird

>>129110638Glad to see Libby has no sense of personal space just like Molly.

>>129111156>eat bugs, live in a small cramped cube and clean the dirt waffle under her shoe with your tonguesounds like something libby would do

>>129110638I just realized she had the same name as her aunt.

>>129111231Yep, meant to reply to this guy >>129108238

>>129111156>You won't be saying that when she forces you to eat bugs, live in a small cramped cube and clean the dirt waffle under her shoe with your tongueM8 I have a femdom fetish not whatever the fuck you are on, thought I do have eaten a fried cockroach once and it tasted fine, so I'm fine with your first point.

>>129111180>Feeling glee from anticipating people's with mental conditions suicides isn't normalBut on 4chan it is!

>>129098593Google Salomon Morel if you want.

>>129111700That is what the mentally ill do>>129111811Libby doesn't want to please you she wants to use you like cattle she doesn't care about you

>>129111260>have you ever resented someone

Attached: 3245532.png (1641x923, 1.86M)

>>129111811>An insect with organs smaller than a grain of rice that was detoxifyied and covered in chicken fat tasted finegee, I wonder why.

Attached: 1645924707933.png (1920x1080, 1.84M)

>>129100110>she is nothing but a member of a hiveno, user. she is just a link of a chain. but that does not mean you cannot take her out of that predicament and save her from becoming evil.

>>129111871>snow pizza>icicle narwhal>mittensi'm in

Attached: 1645071349510.gif (600x338, 3.27M)

>>129111871The fact that they actually went through the effort to animate and write an absurdly long list for a 1 sec. gag makes me angry. Angry that more cartoons with this much care don't exist! Madness.

>>129107870Anne Frank never existed

>>129111180T. Schizo tranny who can't read I'm was saying that all of these parents turning their kids into trannies will cause the kids to kill themselves later on. Texas looking into this obvious child abuse can prevent that.

>>129112106Separating kids from supportive parents isn’t going to improve their situation. You already can’t get a sex change in Texas until you’re 18, so what abuse is even being prevented?

>>129109213her eyes look red

Attached: file.png (848x1200, 1.22M)

>>129112015This show is pretty good with background details. Like the secret door Libby using literally being a bookshelf full of books on secret passages.

Attached: 1636794293053.png (1280x720, 1.15M)

>>129112489I like in the first three episode that people actually died

>>129112704I know of the dude who got taken out by the street sign and carried away by racoons, but who else died?

Attached: Screenshot_20220301-234521~2.png (2453x1440, 3.24M)

>>129111856I don't really care?

>>129112159It's psychological terror. It's like the abortion thing. That's why some conservative groups like gun owners have filed amicus briefs against it at the Supreme Court because it could lead to a slippery slope against all sorts of things from gun rights to protests.

>136. GHOST AND MOLLY MCGEE | DISNEY CHANNEL | 9:30 AM | 236136. GHOST AND MOLLY MCGEE | DISNEY CHANNEL | 9:30 AM | 236>136. GHOST AND MOLLY MCGEE | DISNEY CHANNEL | 9:30 AM | 236136. GHOST AND MOLLY MCGEE | DISNEY CHANNEL | 9:30 AM | 236>136. GHOST AND MOLLY MCGEE | DISNEY CHANNEL | 9:30 AM | 236Muttly McShit bros... Doomers just keep winning. The cartoon ranking just keeps dropping further into shitty network shows rating, It's over... What went wrong ghostbros???

Attached: trash cartoon ratings.png (1950x671, 1.2M)

>>129096173Then you have shit taste and were probably abused as a kid

>>129113555you need to get a hobby

>>129112159There is no abuse being prevented. It's just old retards pandering for christbucks, while making life harder on transpeople.

>>129112752I dont remember

>>129113555KekMolly McFlop


Attached: 182728766aa8.png (1248x720, 268.4K)

>>129113555on the plus side, this can force production to focus more on development and lore

>>129111920Cute Andrea. But it does make me wonder, what was she even doing in that retirement home if she planned on buying all the nougat herself?

>>129114834Creating the appearance of selling legitimately.

>>129114849Does it really make a good cover story when it makes it shows everyone she was was just hanging around taking selfies and playing on her phone? Though I guess it doesn't really need to be a good cover when the whole town is obsessed with her.

>>129113555Reminder ratings aren't everything and shows can make profit off other venues, like Disney+, merch and online talk. Also if it reaches the actual audience, which it does.

>>129114885>like Disney+, merch and online talk. Also if it reaches the actual audience, which it does.In that case then Molly is absolutely BTFO'd by Amphibia and especially The Owl House, which are 10x more popular on the internet. Discussion and fanart around Molly is just slightly above the Netflix animated shows but it's pretty obscure.

>>129113555We're still 3rd in line on the Disney channel.92. Big City Greens117. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir136. Ghost & Molly McGeeWill you stop spamming this stupid meme?

>>129114935>117. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir>136. Ghost & Molly McGeeLook at that gap, Mollyfags literally coping so hard right now.

>>129114961>92. Big City Greens>117. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat NoirLook at that gap, Miraculousfags literally coping so hard right now.Are you done being stupid? We have a shorter gap with Miraculous (19) than Miraculous has with BCG (25)

>>129114946not him but give proof that he's wrong, because from what I see all excitement for the show seems to have dried up

>>129114999Just looking up on Google and there's a lot more fanart and attention being given to Amphibia and Owl House right now, Molly is pretty barren in comparison.

>>129114999We're the third most popular show on Disney Channel and we're right behind Miraculous Ladybug. We're definitely quite the hit.

lesbians and wannabe shonenshit sales in the west

>>129114987>bbbbut look at these numbers where our show totally not flopping like dead fishCOPE, Molly flopped. Dead cartoon show. hahaha

Attached: mockingluz.jpg (400x400, 25.61K)

>>129115058Anon please get a therapist to handle your grief properly. Flop House being canceled doesn't justify tearing down better shows,

>>129115015the porn is gone too, we had a lot of new coom art coming in every week before hiatus but now it's a fucking wasteland

>>129115022Every original DTVA show currently airing ranked by ratings areBig City Greens > Owl House > Amphibia > The Ghost and Molly McgeeMolly is still the lowest in terms of ratings, maybe slightly above Big City Greens in terms of popularity but far from how popular Amphibia and Owl House are. Not saying Molly is bad, just that it's pretty obscure for animated kid's show standards rught now.

>>129115096Molly still flopped lol

>>129115155and good Cute art!

Attached: FMN_fvoWYAEZrbU.jpg (2048x2048, 584.71K)

Why is blue hair mix with another color considered tranny now?

Attached: 1646230889944.png (1318x1469, 1023.04K)

>>129115455It's not any color. Pink and blue is specifically picked up by people with gender based body dysmorphia.

Attached: CINDERELLA_GIRLS_Rare_Riamu_Yumemi_Unawakened_Quest.png (480x502, 37.81K)

What do you think is Andrea's true hair color? Like her mom's or her dad's?

Attached: FMiynEpVgAEREDe.jpg (631x342, 84.78K)

>>129115532Probably a ginger, had a friend with a beautiful redhead that tainted with bl*nd dyed, dunno why Girls do that shit

>>129115455Rouge deck players got sick of Verre and her archetype.

>>129115532Andrea's mom definetly has a FUPA. Just look at her compared to the lawyer.

Attached: 1645939575408.jpg (1920x1080, 287.71K)

>>129107870>POV: You are a Confederate soldier

Attached: Johnny Reb.jpg (564x638, 81.29K)


Attached: 1620367365228.png (1366x768, 1.15M)

>>129115058Says the user posting a show that was actually cancelled because Disney decide it was too gay for them.

>>129115532i don't see any roots. she might just be a blue haired freak

>>129116159disney wants shows that kids can relate to and nothing about owl house is relatable to anyone, not even to gay kids.

Comparing the ratings of Molly to Frogs and Birdhouse is kind of pointless. Even for bants sake.After all:>Frogs and Owl has been longer on the air, having more time to gather a fanbase.>Frogs and Owl are also ending soon while Molly is just starting and has at least one more season ahead.

>>129116350Probably. Her hair is supposed to be slightly ghost like so her being a natural blue head for some reason may work. I kind of doubt this show would have a thing like her natural hair color roots show up even if it was dyed.

>>129108619>prosecute>not executeWell, it's a start at least.

Attached: BasedGoblina.png (458x439, 109.23K)

Libby is Holla Forums‘s Watamote, change my mind.

Attached: 3749EE28-ED49-48EA-8D19-0EDD53FE3309.png (512x512, 137.79K)

>>129117385Libby isn't a social retard, she's a social reject.

>>129117385Tomoko was nearly autistic bad at communicating. Libby actually is pretty out there and willing to talk to new people. Tomoko also ends up with a harem of girls around her and the most popular girl in her school and it doesn't look like Libby is on her way to that.


>>129115532IT would be based to see her be a redhead considering how only she has freckles.Her mom doesn't but she probably had them lasered off or some shitMy headcannon is now that she is a redhead and there nothing you can do about it>>129114812has nobody edited this so she is handing a dog lease to her new master?>>129113555>the audience prefers to watch on dis-knee plus as you couldn't even think to ask them to to watch on Saturday morning where the modern kid/teen sleeps till 2pmMy little sister has always slept late and never got to watch those early morning cartoons and this wasn't her as a teen I'm talking like as young as 89:30 AM is torture to wake up at for teenagers these days because parents don't enforce bedtimes on Friday nightsEither my entire extended family is weird by all letting their kids do this or this is the new standard

Attached: 1645567023969.png (1113x1254, 247.69K)

Makin' my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound

Attached: 1644183718992.jpg (838x921, 106.25K)

how do we break it to our owlxinary friends that this show performs far stronger on disney+ than on TV ???the meltdown when the s3 announcement comes is going to be fun. be there or be square

Attached: 1645929705248.png (1541x1080, 1.59M)

What's next for Molly McFlop now that we know this cartoon failed to gain any viewers? Do you think Disney will cancel this show because it performs like shit?

Attached: le Muttly 56percent face.png (790x502, 323.21K)

>>129119187One can only hope.

>>129119187Not before we get that Robyn episode, it ain't

Attached: 1644512919014.png (427x793, 110.05K)

>>129119187Seethe you owlfag Molly will never be canonically lesbian

Attached: cringe collection.png (1080x1080, 724.38K)

>>129119274That's a tranny you're posting.

>>129119286Nope she is a girl with XX chromosomesKYS JEW

Attached: 1644981071508.png (1919x1075, 2.12M)

>>129118303what does that schizo have to do with Molly Mcgee?

>>129115127>just that it's pretty obscure for animated kid's show standards rught now.But you assume that just because it doesn't get a hundred fanarts a week or something like that means it's a failure. Owl House has higher ratings than this show, yet Disney deemed it a failure and shortened its third season into specials, which apparently the crew had to fight for because they were willing to straight-up cancel the show. Ratings aren't everything, otherwise Owl House would get a full third season.

>>129112752Old man nearly died when fixing the park's band stage but Scratch pushes his ghost back in his body.

I don't want to anger anyone, but does anyone have the fanart of converted-to-christanity Libby?

>>129115532Eyebrows are brown, she has her dad's hair.

Owlxirs, if we keep pretending molly gets cancelled, they'll extend season 3 right?

Attached: tumblr_4b17d51db7ca54516ffb65065027cc88_484cd8f4_400.png (300x440, 37.51K)

>>129119690I can only see the tiny thumbnail of this image in my files, but maybe this is it.

Attached: 1638973709086.jpg (972x964, 121.56K)

>>129119765I vaguely remember too, but thanks!

>>129118466>Bitches and hoes, like new clothes. Once you bought 'em you wish you never got 'em

>>129117385Tomoko was an antisocial cringe girl that became the queen of lesbians of her own show by doing almost nothing.Don't compare that plastic exmojyo to the full-of-soul jew girl that is this cinnamon roll

Attached: tumblr_d0ed98c1b294d1de2aaa6a77ee5030e6_a5f62dbb_1280.png (959x719, 429.14K)

>>129118303Is there any decent cartoon Youtuber that's not a tranny? Unrelated question I'm just curious what responses could come my way

>>129118303This person is a genuine sociopath and needs to die, stop posting him

>>129119834No.>inb4 Pan PizzaHe talks about video games now

>>129117385Libby doesn't have a brother. she has a cool Uncle now tho.

Attached: 1638041247488.png (797x450, 433.91K)

>>129120778>uncleI guess that explains all the bad-touching.

Attached: 1644276294946.jpg (2135x1413, 1.3M)

>>129110637Someone has to edit Libby because this was from before Libby found out

>>129121392That's the idea

Attached: 1643544212877.jpg (736x655, 45.74K)

>>129120778God I hope we get more Libby and Scratch episodes.


>>129121541funny molly meme

>>129121465Sure, why not?

>>129122525where did my post go?

Attached: 1645068248716.gif (800x450, 969.08K)

>>129122759jannies got mad at Andrea penis posters. Based honestly. It's not often a stale joke goes on so long jannies just decide enough is enough.

Attached: 1645882054701.gif (400x304, 1.07M)

>>129119636Owl House was probably cancelled because Dana crossed the wrong executive.

>>129122864what about it is a joke?

Attached: 1644860882570.jpg (897x650, 129.51K)

>>129121541Funny moving meme. Molly is cute.

Attached: mollytransparenthighfive.png (388x861, 235.9K)

>>129122759Same place all Andrea posts go.

Attached: 1644620746182.png (762x742, 662.93K)

Concept art from the show's art director, of a lanky Molly.

Attached: Screenshot_20220302-1608352.png (546x422, 128.92K)

>>129123331I can't even imagine. Thank god they went with a brown loli instead like every other Disney cartoon now.

> grown man> feel absolutely shitty and the world feels so bleak> this fucking show is the only reliable ray of light in my life right nowWhat the fuck

Attached: 1627053968399.jpg (388x443, 150.58K)

>>129122864Mods are not being faggots for once?Impossible!

Attached: Andrealike.png (1000x3238, 3.43M)

>>129123380Welcome brother

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>>129123331Good, she's already a carbon copy design.

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>>129116361She said it's because they can't rerun them out of order.

>>129123331She actually looks her age here

>>129123331SOUL>>1291235180 people know this show exists so it being a ripoff is not a factor

>>129123331Seems like her best and skirt were already a must early on even when they weren't sure about the rest of her. I really like the Molly we have now, but it is interesting seeing proto-Mollys. Also, I like how Scratch seems to have been almost unchanged from the start.

>Hey All! Scott here, and I have some BAD news. We're under attack from Canada, I met a Canadian with blue hair today, and this is OHIO! There's not doubt about it, this all started when the Canadians started charging different prices for games than us Ohions.

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>>129123542I've never seen that show and I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but why the hell would you try to push a completely episodic structure for a kid's show that airs on cable TV? Save that shit for a streaming service or something. I'm sure there were shittier reasons than that to cancel the show, but still.

>>129123580Ad revenue.

>>129123403Looks like Molly's goal of enhappifying the world even spreads to Holla Forums.

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Let's ponder the question; who wins?(keep show war tribalism out of this)

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>>129123403>an edit of an editNot bad.

>>129123331A closer look.

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>>129123997what the fuck is that filename dude

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>>129124038Did you also make color that durians Molly? If so, that's some solid stuff.

>>129124038I just wanna come up from behind and hug her

>>129123917Hilda learns to live and grows between mystical creatures and humans.Molly cursed a ghost

>>129123331Still cute, though I'm sure she'd be older and probably act much differently. Happy with what we got in the end.

>>129124113Its taken directly from the episode

>>129125486I thought letting Molly strip and run wild with some durians was an interesting creative choice on Disney's part, but I think it's paying off

>>129124038It's already better than Dana's shit.

>>129096212that sounds fucking amazing user and i’m amazed you’d even suggest that

>>129094810>>129094827Are these a reference to something?

>>129084066So what do you guys like about this show? To me it just seems kinda generic

>>129125788I dunno

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>>129125788One of the best cartoons in the past 10 years. Granted that is a "low" bar but, exceptional is exceptional. I like the comedy.

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>>129110594Where were you when the jews into this thread numbnuts

>>129125788I like the art style

>>129117385Clearly someone hasn't seen some certain dutch threads

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>>129123935Still, i reposted it in my Twitter

>>129123331I don't hate it, but what we got is better


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>>129125926Simon does great work.

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>>129125926He doesn't miss.

>>129122864>>129123403I see based mods also prefer the crossdressing, straight, hung boy theory.

>>129088707How about I pay Ash $$$ to wish me a nice day in Molly's voice?

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>>129125926>>129126791Does he have any other ones? Going back through his Twitter is a nuisance.

>>129126844Its not expensive unless you are a poorfag

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>>129124038Molly Mcgee?

>>129127059We need to strike now! Once those numbers start coming in and other shows finish she's going to be able to charge 100's!

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>>129126946Here's everything else he's done for TGAMM.

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>>129127232God I love Tammy! Only those 4 afaik.

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>>129127232>>129127245Thanks so much. I remembered the dead Andrea one, but couldn't find it.

Libby’s feet are for _______

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>tfw our presence alone mind rapes the Owlfags

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>>129127059Very interesting...

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>>129127307greasing up and nibbling.

>>129127313bathing, tenderly

>>129127245how come a bunch of them got a blank foot?

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>>129127449Drawing 4 pairs of the same sneakers gets tedious

>>129127490no, it's art

>>129127490i sure hope that's not who's working on any /m/olly

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>>129127509i sure hope that's who's working on some /m/olly

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>>129127307kisses and tickles

>>129127449He always does that.

>>129127307ignoring and appreciating her armpits instead

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>>129127845>Libby pitsNow this is a rare delicacy!

>>129127746then i definitely hope they're working on some /m/olly

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>>129127313Darryl's lawyer looks like she could use some good dicking

>>129123542But Molly McGee has some level of continuity to it as well, granted not exactly to the level of a story driven show like Owl House or Amphibia but there's definitely a few episodes that would just be odd to play back to back, specifically everything before Libby met Scratch to after Libby met Scratch.

>>129128165some level of continuity isn't the same thing as episodic. you can still watch random episodes of molly mcgee without feeling like you missed something. with owl house, there's no entry point other than episode one.

>>129127845Sweet Libby pit. Who's the artist?

>>129127307Wondering why her's are the most detailed feet in the show. And also kissing.

>>129127307Rubbing, sniffing, licking

>>129128128Agreed. I hope someone draws her getting it soon.

>>129122864If so why are they deleting Molly pictures/posts?

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Molly is trash and bad show


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>>129122864Huh, I always thought the brown part of his eye were the irises.

>>129090302Libby is for me

i fantasize about my schizoid not!captain america self-insert tier donut steel superhero training libby to be his sidekick