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>>129081975Is season 6 out yet?

I want to kiss her so much bros

>>129081975Does suzie swallow cum loads well or does she spit them out?

>>129083951She has lived for hundreds of years so obviously she swallows

>>129084361>>129083951Susie seems like the type to spit it back into your mouth once she's done. Not because she's into that, but because most people aren't and she'd think it's hilarious if you freaked out over getting snowballed

>>129084582Jokes on her, I am

>>129084582>>129085292Same, I remembered being called freaky for it

s6 soon bros it was a good ride.

>>129083951She only shallows the cum of human men

>>129081975How big is her bush

>>129081975Anyone else surprised Suzie not popular with the fart fetish community online? She canonically loves farting. Batgirl and Supergirl are from dc super hero girls.

>>129086254There was that one episode where Jim Jams constantly had his story interrupted by Susie's farting so no, I can't say I'm surprised

Attached: 1533175536682.jpg (1920x1080, 192.04K)

>>129086254Julia is probably surprised.

>>129085905There are no humans on the island. So everything but human cum.

Attached: amongus.png (640x853, 303.76K)

>>129081975At least there's enough magic to make ears grow out of her forehead somehow.

>>129087872badass man

>>129088569How does she use earpods/headphones?

>>129088569>What are cats

>>129081975I really enjoy this show. While it went a bit more lore-heavy than I expected, I still have fun with it. Season 1 (Part 1) is still my favorite season.

Attached: hhsmileco.jpg (303x316, 16.87K)

>>129081975honestly sci was great, going to miss it

never seen this show but i like the autistic fanbase and Susie is cute

Attached: 1624615062140.png (494x919, 412.88K)

>>129090499>Joke About Cofffeeposting is now a memeBlessed.

Oscar X Max

Attached: 1531004619930.png (1920x1080, 608.32K)

>>129091051coffeeposting was literally retconned out of existence in the show

>>129083951But what about Hedgehog

>>129091211What's coffee?


Attached: JAC Day Ruined.png (680x686, 435.43K)

>>129081975This trope always bothers me, I even like summer camp island but damn to I hate the concept of magic being something that can just go away or requires belief to work.The only time it ever worked was the flight of dragons.

i thought the epstein/maxwell reference was kinda innapropriate for a kids show

Attached: 0103346473.png (960x540, 687.46K)

>>129091625I liked it in the Twilight Zone episode "The Big Tall Wish" because it was about the tragedy of being unable to accept something magical because it's "too good to be true."It's not too bad in SCI. I kind of like the idea of magic becoming obscure because people are more interested in technology but it's not fleshed out much.

>>129091694Yeah seriously what were they thinking? I guess they had to look elsewhere to claim Little Saint James.

>>129091694I thought I had being surfing too much /pol after that episode, I thought the same thing

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this thread will die in the night but bump anyway


>>129091178We've been over this

Attached: Oscar%26Lucy.jpg (1920x1080, 143.01K)

>>129089353For me it's season 5 mostly because of pepper

Attached: pepperscrush.png (2346x1440, 2.4M)

i wish sci was more popular, the threads here are short lived

Attached: 20220228_220048.jpg (2375x4000, 1.39M)

>>129094227Fuck it when season 6 comes out I'll do nothing but spam threads

Attached: ErQyUusVEAQkva- (1).jpg (1515x1617, 251.32K)

>>129088593That's not where cat ears go.

>>129089353There's a conflict in the show as it tries to target too many age groups. it flip flops and as the different writers had different visions of what it was. S5 was pretty good and managed to get it right

Attached: 1613187008391.jpg (1500x1981, 216.12K)

>>129094291Are they still making it after Julia left?


Attached: tedkazynskibomb.jpg (1192x894, 317.73K)

>>129094528Just when I thought we could get a SCI thread without Chris Farley’s toonhead little brother showing up

why everyone's saying they're gonna miss the show after S6?? what did i miss??

>>129091694Haven't watched the later episodes, details?

Attached: sci saxophone 2.png (764x426, 235.35K)

>>129094546He's bigger than you will ever know

Attached: andyrwj.jpg (4032x3024, 1.87M)

>>129094629TO THE MAX

Attached: 1615095506922.png (1178x845, 1.23M)

>>129094546You're a dumbo, Andy Farley is cool af

Attached: image_2022-02-28_233925.png (878x727, 483.55K)


Attached: 1615095986946.png (1183x854, 792.62K)

>>129081975Did this show really need a deep lore overarching plot? Seems like whimsical episodic adventures on a magic island was good enough.

>>129081975found out recently that the person who made this show did the music video for a casiotone for the painfully alone song i used to love, might give it a try now

>>129081975I remember when this show was announced and the pilot made it look like it was going to be prime shitposting cuck kino and it came and was just bland an inoffensive

>>129095742nah nigga this shit makes my cock do loop de loops like Charles Lindberg. I just want to huff Oscar Peltzers socks. Anyways give it another chance, its a cool and calm show, nice for unwinding after a hard day of stunning cows with the ol captive rod at the plant.


Attached: pottleaving.png (983x577, 363.81K)

Attached: dosesci.png (577x542, 113.43K)

So Susie is clearly starting to give a shit about the campers think it's going ruin her when they need to go back home?

>>129096961Noooooooo hedgehog don't!

>>129094137Couple days ago I had a dream where Pepper sucked my cock. I wonder if anyone else on the planet has had a dream like that about him.

>>129098410Only you user, only you.

>>129098410Did you like it?

>>129094597in an early episode (season 2 maybe) hedgehog hears a song thanks to werewolf hearing and it's coming from a musical building created by barb to keep the spotted bears asleepThe bears almost wake up, but they fix it and get the bears back to sleeptowards the very end of the episode we see that after the bears are asleep, a striped horse and a sheep are asleep on the groundwhen the island was first created and magic was abundant, the spotted bears were created by the island to protect a magical pool of jellythe spotted bears were put to sleep to protect the other inhabitants, but as they couldn't protect the island, the striped horse and sheep showed up to eat the magic jellymotivations still unknown, but because it's lol random nobody cares

>>129098435Figures>>129098579Yeah kinda, I don't think I get very immersed in my dreams. I just remember it happening

>>129096961CRAP BUCKET

>>129098842Hedgehog no!!

>>129098842Noooooooo! Also I'm surprised how thicker skin Oscar is considering most of the campers think little of him.

>>129081975I want Susie to look at my like that in complete disgust as I'm on top of her fucking as hard as I can trying and failing to extract a single ounce of pleasure out of her. Only for her to walk away without saying a word after I bust the biggest fucking load ever and I immediately collapse on the bed.

Attached: 2352355.png (668x670, 599.95K)

>>129099102elephants have thick skin user

>>129099783But he's still a soft boi

>>129099578HotThen she goes home and either men in black her memory or nullifies a spell the keeps her from feeling pleasure only to feel it all at once.

>>129092471Poor Susie I just want to hold her. Also Sauce??


>>129081975If, hypothetically, one were planning to draw porn of a character from SCI, would people here prefer Susie or Hedgehog?

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>>129100953In the hypothtical case I was someone who looks for SCI porn daily I'd prefer seeing some Susie right now. But both are great. Hypothetically of course.

Attached: da cock.gif (220x220, 523.5K)

>>129100953lucy pegging oscar

>>129101133If hypothetically you're talking about yourself then you have my sympathy, there isn't much good porn to go around

>>129094137This episode was really cute

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>>129101179Did I fucking say Lucy? It's Susie or Hedgehog

Attached: 11D7A3E4-83C7-4D0A-B84D-B08452B4F183.png (685x607, 219.22K)

>>129102489Never thought I'd see the day I'd be able to describe Susie's smile as warm.

>>129102494Any chance to add Alice into the roster?

How is SCI going to end? I hope we get an epilogue where the old campers bring there kids to the island.

>>129103182I'll consider it. I mostly just wanna draw Susie and Hedgehog. I'll probably end up drawing both, but I'll start with Susie.


>>129103802the kids all get their magical powers which saves the day somehowsusie returns to england and reunites with mildredramona gets out of time jailhedgehog has to separate from oscar to do witch stuff but they promise they'll always be friends or something cheesy like that

>>129104707I think we'll definitely see Mildred again, but to what end I dunno

Attached: 1641669555853.png (500x500, 22.94K)

>>129105305>The glow wormHedgehogs magical prowess stems from her being friends with Oscar for so many years.Also what stories other than the main one about magic do they need to wrap up?

I wanna hug and hold hands with Susie.

Attached: eddf9c6c3bc407fd8a8b86c8a1428ee9.jpg (736x1309, 119.63K)

>>129105948>YWN hug and hold hands with Susie.

What did she mean by this??

Attached: Growup.png (1551x1658, 347.49K)


Attached: musk1.png (1115x618, 451.46K)


Attached: musk2.png (1110x621, 393.89K)

Attached: witch musk.png (1122x615, 688.64K)

Attached: 1637305043514.jpg (1495x2048, 348.95K)

>>129098621Oh thanks but I was talking more about the Epstein/Maxwell thing. I may just be being gullible but the replies made me think there might be something to it lol

Say a certain elephant started falling to the dark side and becomes a competent threat ala chicken little mf'er from yin yang yo. How would it go?

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>>129107394Forgot pic

Attached: by ameirogara i think.png (1260x777, 284.08K)

>>129107534The silly clumsy lovable goofball becoming a competent threat is one of my favorite tropes but I don't think SCI could do that. If that thing about it having an eight season run is true then they should probably stick to what they got rather than introduce new conflict.


Attached: herg trspt better.png (160x534, 100.42K)

>>129107668I love this

>>129107276I'm grateful there's no fetish porn

>>129107992There's no fetish porn YET!!


Attached: Oscar.png (660x469, 388.05K)


Attached: Cute.png (630x431, 334.19K)


Attached: Heart.png (634x425, 351.53K)

>>129108465God damn I ship em so hard!

Attached: SCIOTP.png (1434x1440, 1.09M)

>>129108436>>129108450>>129108465>>129108549>TFW you had bobcut childhood friend and never stayed in touch after middle school.You don't realize what you had until it's gone bros.

Attached: 077a3cef827374cb2d7593c639114a57.jpg (609x503, 33.19K)

>>129108714Somehow they made Lucy cute Good job

I’ve only seen the pilot with all the cuck jokes in it. Catch me up

>>129108754Lucy is always cute f u

>>129108836Cuck shit don't isn't present anymore at least I didn't pick up on it. Susie has abandonment issues she's also starting to warm up to the campers. Hedgehog has tiger mom issues and is becoming a witch she also got no way fag'd by Max. Oscar has sheltering mother issues and walking source of magic. Aliens are adorable. Elves are campy. Other campers are finding out the magical properties they have. Pepper is a cloud.

>>129108937Not him but never seen the pilot and watched all seasons is it really that overt?

>>129108714Was that ever confirmed Lucy?

>>129109292Anons memeing

>>129109292It's more likely to be Lucy than Suzy

>>129109292The pilot is just really uncomfortable. It's basically just episode one but instead of Oscar being upset because Hedgehog is his only friend and he wants to spend time with her doing normal non magic stuff to help with his homesickness, it's instead about Oscar being jealous of Max because Oscar had a crush on Hedgehog and instead of being able to hang out with her alone Max shows up and takes all of her attention. The change of Oscar being jealous of Max because he had a crush on Hedgehog to Oscar being jealous because he feels he'll have his best friend stolen away is what saved the show for me.

>>129109447Yeah I'm kinda done with love triangles after svtfoe

>>129109341Meant for>>129109309

>>129109447Man that sound terrible. Let's hope they don't bring back Oscar having a crush on Hedgehog ever again. Make that nigga gay or just don't put him in any romantic scenarios he's too innocent for that.

>>129091625with no one to proliferate knowledge of its use, it basically can.

one last bump

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>>129110154>hope they don't bring back Oscar having a crush on Hedgehogthat's never going to happen anymore

>>129112585I know it would be too out of character and thank god SCI is not trying to go for that preeteen ship money. But until the show ends I'll live in fear

>>129102489PonyTail Susie best Susie

Attached: Cutecutecutecutecute.gif (400x400, 886.98K)

>>129110154Nah at this point Oscar is too established we wouldn't see anything like that.

>>129113453Personally I prefer>>129102489

>>129113453Susie tum

>>129091625The problem with belief = power is that most settings never take it to it's logical conclusion. Like we should be living in a full on consensus reality where physics changes based on whatever theory happens to be popular at the moment. Instead in most of those settings belief only effects supernatural creatures, despite the fact that the supernatural creatures can warp reality and thus it follows that belief should have some power on the world itself.

>>129091694pony show for 5yo had a fucking jonestown reference

Hedgehog a cute

>>129114675Holy shit that's right

>>129114468Look it's the same problem the force has but I don't care about logistics I just want to see cool powers. Harry Potter never even explains it's magic system it's just Latin names that sound cool.

Attached: as you wish.gif (600x338, 3.32M)

>>129115517I still can’t believe they killed my boy off like this.

Attached: visiting hh while she has ms.gif (1200x463, 683.46K)

>>129115986I can't believe Hedgehog ended up in the hospital because Susie was too lazy to fix her with her magic

>SCI thread has been up for 2 days straight without dyingI'm proud of you Holla Forums

>>129116903>>129115986She shouldn't have told Susie she would miss her.

>>129117479I gave it a shot was bored until the end of. Season one. Watched the rest. It's the first time in a while I watch something pure.

>>129117562It's pretty kino, wish more people would give it a shot

>>129118263The pilot probably put a lot of people off the series.

>>129118552Which fucking sucks because there's barely anywhere to talk about it.

>>129118263Wonder if I should just start posting clips on YouTube see if the algorithm smiles upon it.


Attached: 335974509d10c59b0397008c643b4691737b0a73.png (870x789, 41.5K)

>>129115517post the one where he explodes

Attached: fathog.png (1112x621, 594K)

Attached: tumblr_pbsqvsZmM91xa1ekbo1_250.png (250x349, 64.1K)

>>129100668>>129100680for some reason there's a large amount of susie art with her in bandages / being beaten

Attached: 1610105597673.jpg (1080x1350, 74.51K)

>>129122260This art looks Korean so I'm just guessing Korean abuse faggotry

>>129122153Fuck off fujo

Funnily enough I have a bunch of pictures of this artist but don't know his name. Probably one of the few good SCI artists.

Attached: a7d191fcb5b0107667c95737a2d289dd.jpg (735x413, 51.1K)

>>129122900I'm a guy.

Attached: 1532586481614.png (800x748, 242.81K)

>>129123194Fuck off yaoi fag


>>129123194>>129123272Can we not fight in a thread abou my happy show post art of best girl.

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Attached: 1532624435235.png (2666x2090, 1.26M)

>>129123291That's not Alice

>>129123309I will cut bitch!

>>129123308Ok maybe we let this play out, BUT only once!

>>129123317Learn to type full sentences.

>>129123342Damn. I'm taking the L then. But so is Oscar.

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Attached: slutty mccallister.png (740x414, 115.28K)

Does anyone know where I can find more fanart? I looked on tumblr but the well is dry

>>129115453Didn't she research real witchcraft to come up with the- wait a minute

>>129123308Fuck I just noticed the tree. I always liked how everything is alive and shit.

Attached: E20022E2-31F3-461D-9B72-68858EC73E00.jpg (624x448, 25.12K)


>>129123365Whoops replied to myself. Idk

>>129123659Pinterest seems ample the show while decently popular with kids doesn't have that many older viewers. Honestly think HBO max hurts shows more than helping them.

>>129123360I wish Suzie would do this to me

>>129124733>YWN be trapped in a relationship with a pregnant Susie.Why even live.

>>129124905she would be a trad wife

Attached: 1607386755344.jpg (727x909, 61.17K)

>>129125188Those eyebrows aren't thicc enough

>>129125188>Your wife is forever 15

Attached: db6affe5fd044feb2e30322bfddb1164.jpg (735x817, 73.45K)

>>129125566Oscar and hedgehog saw that!?

>>129123360>Susie using magic to keep herself pregnant forever so she can continuously guilt trip you with "Look what you did to me! You can't leave me after this!" any time you think about running away

>>129125671Great now I got a new fetish

>>129125734Glad I could help

What the fuck happened in this thread?

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>>129125772Where do you think we are?

Attached: poompkin pie.png (1113x619, 596.13K)

>>129101133It has like 4 pages total on rule 34

>>129126862Look at that hog go

>>129126882Look what became of her >>129121808

>>129091694I thought they were the satans of this world, so it didn't cross my mind

I thought Susie was cool until she started farting.

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Attached: susie boing.jpg (400x400, 18.6K)


I wish this was a full lenght comic series

Attached: 0c45f32570ba1b92cb49800c7e7e217b53a00e19.png (888x4503, 822.47K)

>>129125566just what does her musk smell like

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Attached: FLD3KaEVkAEGAXC.jpg (4096x3496, 1.15M)

>>129129795Most canonically accurate Susie in this thread

>>129130352I love them all equally

Attached: Susie Stare.png (1119x623, 295.53K)

>>129130638The disappointed look of being stuck with you.


Attached: Enslaved Poomkin.png (474x434, 251.04K)