Sticc thread?

sticc thread?

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>>129077552>sticc thread?Sure

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>>129077552Does she count?

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>>129077665Not really, she's just got an average body shape.

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Giving love to my wife Katie.

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>>129077552If your dressed like that, i shouldn't have to pay to fondle you.

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>>129077552HE’S ALIVE!!!

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>>129079133wow a Simon clone? based

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>>129078438At least she left a beautiful corpse.


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>>129079151how?nothing a like. All he draws is little girls with same face


>>129079529I'm pretty sure those are stacks. Not sticks.

>>129077552Sticc + Big fat tits is the best combination. You cannot refute this.

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>>129079874He doesn't love his sticc waifu's beautiful petite figure with her delicate cute breasts and wants big fucking watermelons jutting out from her body.

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I drew this and forgot what trailer it was from, but she sticc.

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>>129077552>That vocaroo where Pearl calls you a good boy while giving you a handjob.

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>>129079934I don't know what she is from, but that's a cute grumpy stick. You got a page or something?


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>>129079962gfd43 on baraag, but that's not important right now. What matters is that those were her actual proportions and I am very bothered by having forgot the title.

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>>129079989Cute sticc user.

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>>129079949My fav is last one


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Preteena is full of them

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>>129079874More like I don't need to refute this because anyone with a pair of eyes can tell that this is an abomination.

>>129078662She's not sticc though, there was this webm of her boobs bouncing in that outfit.

>years of thiccfags pushing their degeneracy>pendulum swinging back to the 50s with cold war and hyper conservatism>sticchads rising upabsolutely based

>>129077552>>129079133>>129079151FEET! TOES!

>>129080809food shortage soon, fellow user.


>>129079949Never heard that one, happen to have a link?


>>1290775527 hours and the funniest sticc sex symbol isnt posted yet.

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>>129081061Hell yeah.

>>129081061>Pearl AND Yellow Quiet videosGonna be blowin some fat nuts tonight. Thank you user.

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>>129079133... who?


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>>129079133I dont get it

>>129079133>>129081623>>129083198MisplacedLines on Twitter. He hasn't uploaded anything since December 2020, but now has return this


>>129077552>Yes, I would like two shoeplays as a starter, one for each heel, and then one footjob please

>>129083806>Nothing but tame uncolored cheesecake and squiggly linesTwitter could probably get off to women in soccer shirt bodypaint.


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>>129077552Now this is what I'm talkin about

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>>129079989Funny sticc.

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>>129085913Pearl really is perfect for this.

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>>129077552how does a gem's fart smell like?

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>>129087222I am not a tranny, bro.

>>129087368Bro, you are worse

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>>129087403fuuuuuuck I just want to bearhug her and lift her dainty body around

>>129086819Pearl really is perfect for most things.

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>>129084178>he doesn't like cheesecake

>>129087454>>129087403I just want to eat her shit, bros.


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>>129088426Pearl doesn't eat and doesn't defecate.


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>>129077665no although johanna is pretty great

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>>129087454Same, imagine just hugging Pearl, tossing her up in the air and catching her bridal carry style as she lands in your arms. You can then swing her over your shoulder like a caveman and go get some tea and pastries together.>>129088426Just don't forget to die afterwards.



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>>129089524Holy shit!

>>129079874Honestly I want more sticc +big milkers it can work it done right. I guess depends on the attitude

>>129078220Stop molesting little boys vee

>>129079934>>129080017Basedwith some luck more material ends up released so similar image search can yield something

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>>129090966 I’m not vee. Katie doesn’t touch kids, only Vee’s version does.

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>>129087670Reminds me of a porn in which a contortionist has one leg chained to the ceiling and the other leg to the floor.

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>>129090456Yeah, that artist makes some great stuff.

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>>129091086I seen her with her bro a lot..

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>>129080088Don't tell me Gunnerkrigg is still going

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>>129092678>>129092619>>129092794I waifu them all…geez what is this type? I’m sure I have one but idk what it is

>>129092522 What’s wrong with healthy bonding?

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>>129092794Stick midriff is underrated midriff.

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>>129093477BEEG TEEF


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>>129093477That's act a pretty cute Livewire. This from that DC Superhero Girls thing?

>>129093771you know it

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>>129088412I like it when it's not mediocre.

>>129094172Why sticc feet best?

>>129094494name some better sticc cheesecake artists then so we can post it here

>>129077552Everyone's a sticc in this comic

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>>129094562Struck a vein, kek

>>129094609no genuine question, i want to expand my collection

>>129094628This. Please post, I want more to add to my collection

>>129094604Not everyone, just the younger characters, the mom is average build.

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>>129092720I'd enjoy this if it wasn't for the fucking feet.

>>129094993yeah this dude's art is cute and can be hot but of course it's ruined by his fetish for gigantic feet. I even like feet but this is too damn far.

>>129077552Early Ciocie Cioelle Estrella Von Maximus the Third

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at what point does sticc stop being a sticc? What are the definitive qualities of sticc?

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A friendly reminder. Thigh gap.

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string beans...

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>>129095326why is jinx so stacked

>>129095410That makes it sound like they should have 3 or 4 rows of a-cup breasts.

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>>129094537Cause they’re nice, long and slim.

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Frog Princess

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>>129096299in frog form

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>>129096418>in frog formAbraca's not the princess, she's the yellow-haired girl and just got transformed

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>>129095437Being a stick does have it's benefits.


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>>129094750>>129094628>>129094609we still waiting on more stick artist recommendations

>>129088914artist of this pic?

>>129097412I think the user was just yanking your chain user. He didn’t mean any of it

>>129097525>>129097412I do dislike mediocre artists such as the one you posted but never claimed to go out of my way to look for cheesecake each time I can or happen be an expert on the matter. I'll tell you what though you seem very preoccupied with standing up for some shitty Twitter scribbler you don't know personally.Or at least I hope you're not the guy himself, which in that case grow a fucking spine.


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Don't forget about Wendy bros

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>>129101692Cute swimsuit


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Bumping with Violet.

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>>129093392Mphff, yeah, a girl whos midriff you could just wrap your hands around almost completely.

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I'm picky about sticc. Sticc is repulsive when they try to make it toony.

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>>129104372Violet is a very cute stick.


Attached: Candace_in_a_swimsuit_relaxing.jpg (1361x765, 278.52K)

>>129105565Indeed. Sometimes, I like to imagine the feeling of wrapping my arms around her tiny, skinny body. I could die happy after that.

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>>129104719best girl


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>>129105878I like her bikini top

>>129105800That just a line

>this thread still existsBlessed.


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>>129106596I like her everything.

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Thinspiring thread.

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>>129095087What is she from?

I like sticc but only if they're tall as wellgo tallflat, or go home

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>>129077552Why girls wearing platform heels is so hot?

>>129110573> A 12 foot tall, 80lbs stick girl, will never hug you with her slender arms.

>>129110707Marry a tree.

>>129110783When I was like 10 I knew a kid that we caught in front of my house humping a tree with his pants down to his ankles. My mother was like "Ok stay away from that one."

>>129110783Marry a sunflower

>>129095087>Ciocie Cioelle Estrella Von Maximus the Third>>129109665Kill Six Billion Demons, first result from googleThe artist first depicted her in this stick insect form but later changed to a less interesting cute demon form.

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Dammit people I need some decent pearl green text or smut.


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>>129077552>Rhonda not posted yetYou're losing you're touch Holla Forums.

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>tall>sticc>big poofy hairperfection

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>>129113258shoot, forgot to include >>129105725

Not enough Nood in this thread.

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>>129092762It's still going

>>129112451>The artist first depicted her in this stick insect form but later changed to a less interesting cute demon form.Wait, really? Was there at least an in universe reason?

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>>129114850for the change? Not that I recall, but my assumptions from the lore shown/described: devils can change form by leveling up their mask colour, but Cio doesn't do this. Instead she's an adept user of The Art that is "Lying to the face of God" and with sufficient will-power can change reality. I'm assuming Cio does this. Other devils if strong enough can also change their form.picrel is when we first see Cio and she's wearing her Coat of Arms (literally many arms); when she takes it off and stores it in her book she loses the extra arms.

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based thread. lardtards don't know what they're missing.

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>>129095180Original is better.

Attached: Screenshot 2021-08-28 at 01-41-43 The_Flintstones_-_The_Gruesomes_-_Character_Profile_Image_-_Creepella_Gruesome webp (WEBP[...].png (633x871, 322.18K)

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>have normal sized penis>get sticc gf>can physically see the pelvic bulge when I go balls deepnice

>>129077552>>129079133>>129080860>>129083806>>129084834>>129086819>>129089524>>129091818>>129103769>>129104491Literally salivating rn

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>>129116319good point, fellow sticc enjoyer. fuck fatfags.

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>>129117715You and me both, bud.


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Attached: Sunflower.png (515x474, 454.44K)

Attached: Vampira.png (640x480, 222.16K)

for me, it's

Attached: 1.png (656x480, 318.75K)

>>129118892ON THE EDGE...

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Attached: 1618567053254.jpg (1302x812, 164.69K)

Attached: teela_navel.jpg (644x950, 138.52K)

Petite girls are great, but I hate when artists give petite girls huge asses and breasts. If your going to draw petite go all the way, have a nice shapely, but proportional butt and normal breasts for a girl with a small frame, D cup at the absolute most.

Attached: jgxjknhvns.jpg (650x366, 36.76K)

>>129083806Got damn, how did I never know of this guy

Attached: EVNl8I7UYAIRHvR.png (511x907, 67.2K)

any sticc characters who are visibly bony?

>>129119884maybe 2019 Tish

Attached: Morticia.png (239x669, 344.07K)

Attached: 1618464731560.jpg (848x1100, 213.13K)

>>129119219New Teela is a new addition to the stick line up I wasn't expecting but is very welcome. New Evil-Lyn definitely could fit in well, unfortunately she doesn't get fan art.

>>129119142Best. Gem.

Skinny girls in baggy clothes: Yea or Nay?

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Attached: cute.png (146x262, 59.43K)

>>129121986Yes. Especially if they're several sizes too large.


Attached: Violet3.jpg (300x665, 30.86K)

Attached: 1618464813338.jpg (644x1081, 158.69K)

Does she count or is she more like a skeleton?

Attached: Yzma.png (1087x1600, 670.91K)

>>129123870she's perfect


Attached: 1570082382476.webm (854x480, 1.47M)

>>129123870Personally, skeleton.

Attached: 1618766364984.jpg (600x1154, 44.88K)

>>129121986hell yes

Attached: proxy-image.jpg (713x3000, 112.18K)

>>129119802I want to breed pearl.I want to press up on her womb, cover her mouth and make her scream till she wraps her legs around me for hours


>>129077552Elena from Angelo Rules

Attached: MV5BYTMwOTQ2MTctMjg0Ni00N2Q2LWJkZjktNjBhOTllN2JhMzAyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTA1NTQ5Nzcz._V1_UY1200_CR774,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg (630x1200, 46.35K)

Also Tracy.

Attached: TracyANGELO.png (245x483, 247.15K)

>>129126695I love her design and find interesting that she's a girl that bullies a boy, a nerd and a teacher pet and also Angelo's romantic interest. there is too much going on with her

>>129125682Such great legs

>>129078248That's an adorable Pearl.

Attached: vlcsnap-2019-02-24-18h59m59s241.png (1920x834, 1.14M)

>>129077552damn, that subtle shoe dangle....hnnnng

>>129127026Legs are a key part to the appeal of sticks. Or at least that's how I see it.

Those are some nice slut heels


Attached: 50s_Candace.png (1920x1088, 885.28K)

There isn't much in terms for comparison of body types for this show.

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Attached: Cadê_o_Perry_Imagem_1409.jpg (1280x720, 111K)

Attached: Shreeky_mirror.jpg (466x348, 19.48K)

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>>129119042her vids are getting stricken from yt :/

Attached: 4.jpg (1000x600, 195.08K)

I don't think of Kitty as sticc at first, but sometimes they draw her with a really thin frame

Attached: 1634574558275.webm (480x360, 1004.35K)

Attached: Hermione.png (1920x1080, 1.77M)

from jack and the beanstalk, 1974

Attached: 1495510760789.jpg (1024x765, 104.62K)


Attached: 1635721285204.jpg (600x934, 100.87K)

Attached: pumpkin reports.png (1920x1080, 1.65M)

Attached: Long gone Glutch.png (869x885, 1.5M)

Attached: zed.png (277x497, 120.99K)

Got soft spot for Bunz, love her various outfits

Attached: Hallows_Eve_Bunz.gif (342x777, 56.71K)

Attached: Lilly Rose.png (255x338, 97.31K)

Attached: Harriet 100wolf.png (465x911, 469.79K)

Attached: Party Wagon.jpg (640x480, 71.09K)

Attached: cassiopeia the future is wild.png (340x453, 135.96K)

Attached: mrs claus from class of 3000.png (1205x963, 1.34M)

Attached: Violet9.jpg (1500x627, 181.16K)