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The altest the better.

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God no, not Angela

>>129073926What the fuck is the sauce on this

>>129074042>God no, not AngelaFunny way to say>My Anaconda DON'T

>>129073926The show would actually have been better received if the art style didn't suck.

>>129075000Can't argue with dem digits.

>>129075000Yes, the style was just too... weird.And the infamous Digimon "crossover" was too much "HOW YOU DOING FELLOW KIDS?"


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>>129075126That's very cute.

>>129075126The creator fell off, why?


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>>129074042Nanette this is not your thread.

>>129075199How was UG received in Japan?

>>129075285Japs love weird animated shit so it probably did pretty good


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>>129075000Better received yes.But not better. The show sucked.It was basically the stories of an unlikable, jealous bitch with her ugly, bottom tier loser friends.

>>129073926you know... she'd make a nice Raisins Girl

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>>129075126>"You should kill yourself Dilbert."

>>129075000I actually liked the themesong.

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>>129073926never seen the second part

>>129075000It was cool for doing something different, but different isn't always enough

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>>129075000But would it be remembered if it weren't disturbingly uncanny?

>>129074981>I can hear it in her voice.

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>>129073926Isn't this the thing that made that user's parents get divorced?

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>>129075384It's nice to see artwork of the older power puff girls that doesn't do the annoying thing of giving each of them a completely different body shape.

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>>129074083found the underage

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>>129073926>>129074083>>129075000Do you realize that she is based on a real person? you fucks?

>>129079019who cares she's probably dead now

>>129074042>God no, not AngelaWorst Canadian animated girl.

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>>129079048>Worst Canadian animated girl.Does DOT Matrix count? My vote for best one.

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PPG appear in so many different art styles, it's great.

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>>129079019A real person who is either dead or fat by now, so who cares?


>>129079019I had absolutely no fucking idea. She's a distant memory.


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>>129073926Who’s the Artist?

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>>129079019Here she is

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>>129079522>Kazooie with boob moundsSomething else to grab besides that fat beak.

>>129075384I honestly can't stand all the normie older/alt PPG art. Same with Disney Princesses. All edgy shit like this crap.>Look the girls are grown now and they have GUNS and TATTOOS and dress like SLUTS! My take on them is totally original!

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>>129079791such a garbage normie meme

>>129073926Would definitely have at least given her show a shot if she looked like this.

What the hell is wrong with Canadians


>>129073926Kind of surprised to see this show still get fan art.

>>129075384Is this a Secret World reference?

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>>129073926FusionFall had a great aesthetic for some characters.

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>>129079986I don't think anyone knows yet.

>>129073926God WHY couldn't Angela Anaconda have been a Holla Forums waifu, I'm friggin pissed off.

>>129075384"I told you it was easy money, not clean money."

>>129080691because even if you ignore the really divisive artistic choice, the writing is still extremelly annoying

>>129081514That fuckin theme song made me want to rupture my eardrums with gravel.


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>>129079019Where do you think you are


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>>129080081Yeah, I thought so as well! That's why I saved it!The Legends remake wasn't at all that bad.

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>>129080350ngl, this is pretty cute in a sort of sad way?

>>129073926Is Angela anaconda peak Soviet animation

>>129075126What came first ranch or cool ranch?

>>129083322ranch but then they left it to go cold and there you go

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>>129083305There's no peak in soviet animation.No there really isn't, because Soviet animation is just animators taking LSD and then trying to make a cartoon.

>>129080099It definitely had a lot of potential. Shame it went nowhere.

>>129082994This one is actually kind of cool.

>>129079005This dude definitely makes them look good.

>>129073926i really like this rendition of the character, particularly the left figure, because I felt it gave her a heroic silhouette.

>>129073926Angela has no right to have artwork this cute/well drawm

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>>129073926lmao, R34 nukes this

>>129080099Looks like a picture straight out of an H game.

>>129075506*teeth-licking noises*

>>129087798What if you want kawaii insttead?


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>>129073926>>129074042You *are* funding AmazzonKane requesting more Angela content, right Holla Forums?

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>>129089240>hugs 25 centsShe'd have to pay me way more than that.

I love alt art

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>>129073926Man, an artists like that could even make the fat girl attractive.

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>>129073926inb4 humancatdog.jpeg

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>>129089240Hello alex

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>>129089777This Inspector Gadget has always been cool.Also checked.

>>129082994I dig the baggy pants on buttercup.

>first alt art thread in years>immediately shifts to being a loli/coomer threadI'm not surprised, but allowing this stuff on Holla Forums is making the board so much worse than it needs to be. Why not just force pedos to use >>>Holla Forums or >>>/trash/? Why allow it here?

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i drew this and i don’t regret it

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>>129090420You are a pedophile.

>> confused, should i uuuooohhh! or not?!?

>>129090396Because fuck (You). It's always been like this, and if you don't like it then you can haul your tourist ass back to whatever shithole you came from. This is not your safespace.

>>129090550I've been here since the beginning. I've never liked you or any of your bullshit softcore loli posts. It was stupid to allow it back then and it's even stupider to allow it here now.

>>129090396>Freaking out over a minority of images and ignoring the majority to bitch and whineYou are the problem. Post are and be the change you want to see instead of just complaining about lines on a screen.

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>>129090619Should it be allowed here though? Should loli be allowed on Holla Forums? Why or why not?

>>129090581>since the beginningOf course you have. After all, noone here would ever lie for (You)s. >vee thread about to 404>immediately muh pedo reeeeeing starts hereYou could at least try to make it less obvious. Don't bother (You)ing me, you're not getting any more from me.


>>129090464Nah I think I know this guy. He's just really fond of Pepper Ann and Chuck E. Cheese.

>>129090636What art here is "loli" art besides the op image and this >>129079348 exactly?If your first thought to seeing art of a cute girl is something that sexual, you might want to think about yourself a bit before going around yelling at others.

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>>129083195It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. The pay to win features were really annoying, almost impossible to play if you weren't a subscriber. At least the original game had a lifetime membership offer, Legends doesn't. Also Africa was a big letdown and we got no new content updates since then, I want to explore the Savannah god damnit.

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>>129088136Well most of the artists were Korean, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did art for H games.

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>>129090740these>>129075506>>129076748>>129077195>>129079129>>129079137>>129079143>>129079154>>129079176>>129079287>>129079454>>129080099>>129082994>>129083397>>129089662Don't play dumb with me, the other guy didn't even deny it >>129090550There's boards for pedophilic art to be posted in, no reason for it to be brought to Holla Forums is all I'm saying. Do you really think OP just has little girl in a swimsuit saved to his PC because he appreciates the artform?

>>129090396Pretty sure Holla Forums doesn’t have a dedicated mod or even a janitor

>>129090740Stop being retarded, you're replying to a (You)farmer who has spent the the last 10 hours attentionwhoring over in >>129080811That thread is just about to 404, so now he's fishing for attention here.

>>129090739>>129090754Alright earlier accusation withdrawn. Carry on citizen.

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>>129090759>The pay to win features were really annoying, almost impossible to play if you weren't a subscriber.I don't even remember what those were desu? Me and a buddy just coop-ed through the story line until we reached the Orochi skyscraper, and then I raided on my own for a bit. Never really encountered any troubles p4f?I generally liked the more accessible 3rd person shooter style of play, than the old WoW "wait for cds" slog? The loss of the freely customizable skill wheel was slightly painful, but the pros outweighed the cons imo.

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>>129074083Zoomers will never know. Even if you were to watch right now, you'll never understand the experience. It was a super invasive cartoon, even showing up before the first Digimon movie. It wasn't too bad, though, but the art style did hold it back from being "nostalgic" to many and it's forgotten now.

>>129090827You think is some kind of (You) saltmining operation, but I asked a legitimate question that no one has even tried to answer.

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>>129079040>>129079292>kid in 2000>probably dead nowDo zoomers really?

>>129090826>>129090909IIRC at one point a few months ago there was a Pony thread that had hundreds of replies, some with actual porn images. I remember seeing it posted and thinking "well that person just volunteered for a ban". Then came back the next day and it was still there. It definitely got removed eventually, but that might've just been from reports triggering auto-removal.

>>129090936Children in the entertainment industry often an hero or become drug addicts due to heavy rates of diddling there

>>129090396There's no way you've been here for years if you weren't aware this is a de-facto western ecchi board

>>129090852Let's agree to disagree then, I do enjoy the plot though with only Egypt being kind of meh once Valley of the Sun God is entered.

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>>129091347I'm definitely aware hence why I alluded to that in the post you're quoting. Try reading it slower you might understand it better. If you weren't retarded you might've known that loli is also banned over on >>>/e/ so put that in your pipe and smoke it faggot.

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>>129091572You claiming any image featuring a young girl as "loli art" isn't how reality actually works user.

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>>129073926Is this alt enough?

>>129091597Pretending that the adult men who collect and share pictures of cartoon little girls are totally benign is not how reality works. Like I said, people already admitted it's loli and that's why they want more of it. You playing dumb isn't going to convince anyone of anything.

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>>129091666>One person said the word so that means I can freak out about everything being posted because I just can!Ignoring that simple fact, You literally called images like this >>129080099 Official renders made by the company itself, as the same as the actual lewd images made by actual literal porn artistsThat clearly marks you as someone who either has no filter and thinks of sex immediately upon seeing a young girl, or you're just baiting for the sake of attention.Either way isn't healthy.

>>129091813>Official renders made by the company itself, as the same as the actual lewd images made by actual literal porn artistsSo you seem to be under the impression that those two things are mutually exclusive. That clearly marks you as someone that thinks people cannot be aroused by official art, or you're just playing dumb for the sake of trolling. Either way it isn't healthy.

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>>129073926Who's the artist?

>>129079048>Worst Canadian animated girl.Real mature Bradley!

>>129079471>Stop Asian Hate

>>129091666>benign>On 4chanok satan.

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>>129092670I'm sorry user, but I don't think that is getting answered.

>>129073926When they reboot it the cartoon will probably look like this

>>129079348"Gee Bill...TWO WEINERS?"

>>129093413are you dumb or haven't you been paying attention to reboots the last 10 years?

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>>129090396Because there would be 90% less posts

>>129093464Wouldn't her OG style demand something like OPs pic because taking her completely away from the source material would just alienate older crowds and confuse young crowds have no idea what this show is about

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>>129090826No, we do. I know for certain, they always delete Homestuck threads. Don't really do much else though.

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>>129090815Pack up your impotent rage and go be a moralfaggot somewhere else.

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>>129093761>HomecuckDeserves it honestly. Was trash back then and anyone who still stayed with it now is the worst and most autistic of that group.

>>129090815Back to twitter with you.

>>129073926Ur a pedo

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>>129093680It... it kinda works!>>129093661This on the other hand looks like its going to devolve into bara porn at any moment.

>>129092140People can be aroused by floor tiles and the state of Iowa, doesn't make either lewd or pornographic.

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>>129079939It went to shit the moment people took as more than just a blanco shitpost.

>>129075126Wait why is Dilbert buff also hiding his usually-invisible mouth under his hand is clever, nice job on the artist’s part.

>>129090815You are the one thinking about it 24/7.

>>129093413I fucking wish. I'd actually give it a chance if it looked like that.

>>129091463Yeah the plot and setting was absolute top tier and the mainstay of the game. So much cool shit to explore and read about. The ancient mummy bad guy in Egypt was a pretty underwhelming but I liked the black hole (death god?) looming in the sky over the place?

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>>129096033My favorite is Solomon Island, the 1st three areas in the game. That place had everything, great atmosphere, creepy enemies, disturbing quests, plus the fact they had the Boogieman as a side antagonist for the theme park area. That place was so good they made a solo horror game focused on it called The Park, very creepy game and I love it.

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>>129094926That's a cool Raven.


Been forever since I've added to my Alt Art folder. Going to post some of my older ones.

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>>129090936>kids never die


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>>129097209This image goes hard...

>>129097150/co/ is so full secondaries and underageb&, I'll bet the average faggot itt couldn't tell which crossover that is.

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Attached: mona_the_vampire_by_kxmolo_de7rmu8-fullview.png (1280x1280, 1.59M)

Attached: mona_the_vampire___the_loud_house_style_by_cartoonistmaster90_de5si4i-fullview.jpg (800x664, 123.1K)

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>>129090396The weird one is you, everyone else thinks this way and likes this stuff

>>129098004Speaking of Mona the Vampire, what's that Japanese artist that made his own manga about Mona? Like, Teen Mona went to Japan and fought a panty-vending-machine monster?

>>129090815based and true pilled. Pedophiles hate this guy.

>>129075506>average latino teen

>>129100144No, she's not pregnant.



>>129090396maybe post other shit instead of crying like a faggot bitch?

>>129090815>REEEEEEEEE DRAWINGS ARE REAL PEOPLEimagine being this retarded

>>129100192Exactly. Yet.That's why she's not an average Latina teen. Average Latina teens are pregnant by age 13.


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>>129093636this is probably the cutest version of Olive Oyl I've seen

>>129075421Oh. Duh. I wondered why they drew Sherman as an adult.

>>129099190>Japanese artist that made his own manga about Mona?Nishi Iori?Gorgeous Takarada?

Well, is it?

>>129079454>Lucy's suspicious bulgeYeah, I guess I wouldn't be surprised

>>129090815Go back to tumblr.

>>129079498Is she a Jew?4myky


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>>129079454So fucking ugly


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>>129090815usually i would agree but 90% of those aren't even ecchi and they're decently drawn


>>129103330what do you think the odds are the people that posted them are just appreciating how decent the drawing is and nothing more? 50/50?not saying no one would ever do that but come on, do you really think that's the most likely answer?

>>129103972holy shit how the fuck did you even end up on this board seriously, fuck off touch grass never return

>>129099190That sounds incredibly sugoi.

>>129090815Leave prudefaggot

>>129103972you are either a very dedicated baiter or a true retard

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>>129073926god damn it, this is directly meming about that weird orange icecream bar commericial, where the girls are doing handstands and basically pointing their crotches at the screen wearing skin tight orange swim suits, and it says "finger lickin good", anyone have that image, i cant find it

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>>129089240Oh hey, an alt version of Barbie

>>129102591that's lower stomach, I think, that particular artist is known for pudgy rather than futa.

>>129105601sb99 is indeed known for fat.

>>129104010>>129104708>>129104770I love that all the responses go back and forth between >no its not like that at all you're reading too much into itAnd>Holla Forums has always loved lolis newfagNgl, I'm surprised there are people denying it, considering most of the time people are out and open about liking loli and praise it when it gets posted. It's not confined to this thread and has never been just a minor thing on this site, so I don't see why you want to pretend it's not happening. Either way, the loli body type is banned from >>>/e/ so why would it be allowed here?

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inb4 some dumbass falls for the samefagging and starts arguing with the >muh pedo derailer


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>>129079335No idea.

>>129075126>no curl in the tieInto the trash it goes


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>>129107750That's a cute Lynn.

>>129098565>>129100225This is amazing.

>>129108885The artist draws a cute Lynn

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>>129073926Someone fucking post source already

>>129097209that's basically canon, since it's how Bob was depicted in the official Treehouse of Horror comic, "Murder, He Wrote".

Attached: sideshow bob.jpg (824x1280, 229.95K)

>>129106167it's a redboard, newfag

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Attached: 1594514547493.jpg (709x1024, 414.1K)

>>129109339I don't think anyone knows it yet.

>>129073926>Mon Jan 18 2021 05:14:36 GMT+0000Either you're using a randomized filename, or this image has gone unindexed by search engines, boorus, and Sadpanda for over a year.

>>129111303That's baffling. Can something like this have really gone unnoticed for that long? It's very well done and it definitely looks like a good deal of anons recognized the series so it's not like it was some obscure entirely unknown series either. I'm surprised to think something like this could seem to have dropped out of nowhere.

>>129109339>>129111122>>129111303>>129111407Earliest I've been able to find is this thread >>120314646 from January 15 2021, where it's posted as two separate images. Searching those images is also turning up nothing.>Angela_Color_A0.jpg>Angela Color B.jpgThe filenames seem to be artist originals and not generated by a site. Which tells me that they're possibly either from a paywalled site (Fanbox? Subscribestar?), were posted to a filehost, or the artist started the thread themselves.

>>129073926Is nothing sacred?

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>>129095186who they?

>>129111469Yeah, I tried the same after going looking through one of the archive sites and the only name I could find was one user saying it was fuchur's work. I don't know if I believe that though since it's not showing up under his tag or under the other name he goes by. Weird stuff. You may be right that it was the original artist themselves that posted it or maybe a paywalled site post. Still, you'd think someone that good would have some online presence where they're style would be recognized.

>>129111679If it's the same post I'm thinking of, I believe the poster just said that Fuchur would've drawn her if he was still around -- which means that he didn't draw any of the pics in question.

>>129111706Ah, yeah that makes more sense. Darn, and here I thought there was a lead.

>>129111673Clarence, Sumo & Jeff from "Clarence".

>>129109111who's the artist?

My mom thought she had the wrong movie tickets when we saw the Digimon movie when I was little.

>>129079019All I hear is that she is legal now.

>>129079471Oh, that's a mural, I thought someone shopped a kid and the top of a car inWhy is Muhammad Ali's face blurred?

>>129100225>Gary as the Buster Call snaillol

>>129090815There are boards for pedophilic art to be posted in, and Holla Forums is one of them.


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>>129080350Is this from Mignola?

>>129112736Damn. That is exceptionally good.

>>129075046It caused a divorce


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Attached: EhzSbjQUYAMsQn3.jpg (1920x1440, 445.72K)

>>129112836Better text:>Didn't know at the time that parents relationship was rocky>I beg to go see Digimon movie>Parents agree but I don't realize it's for them to spend some time together as well>Get to theater and excited about Digimon flick>Can even afford popcorn and drinks>Parents look happy>Angela Anaconda short comes on>Parents also dont speak very good English>My lil boy mind can't comprehend all the fuck going on>Parents are utterly confused by this Canadian fuck running around in a Digimon suit>I start crying and they pull me out of the theater>Mom and Dad start blaming each other for going to the wrong film>Dad throws away the popcorn Mom wanted>Lots of arguing and I'm stll crying>Get out to parking lot and drive off in a rush>Get into an accident in parking lot>Dad moves out a month laterFucking bitch of a whore Angela Anaconda ruined my life

>>129112554Because Islam forbids the portrayal of Muhammad in artBecause it's likely a Google Maps photo, which automatically blurs out people's faces, and Muhammad Ali's face was probably detected as real


>>129112676So what are the other boards that don't?

>>129073926Wow... I was just looking up the old VHS ads for the FOX Family Channel and saw her in some of the thumbnails I found. What a fucking coincidence.

>>129112736>>129112808Joel Jurion aka JJFrenchie.One of the greats.

>>129112150They go by nanasinopen or anon334

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>>129112843That looks 1000 times better than the actual show.

>>129111500Not that bitch.

>>129089240ITS THE ANGELA AUTIST HOLY SHITi never see anyone post about her lately

>>129113200too bad frog law made him edit his old shot to turn shotas into women

>>129075384WTF Bubbles anti-masker?

>>129109111Very sweet. Glad to see some cute Lynn.

I still don't get why they thought putting it at the start of the Digimon movie was a good idea.

>>129115978No one would watch if it was at the end.

>>129097180This is bad because robot pupils in Futurama were all square, like goats.

>>129116407Alright, fine. I can't argue with that.

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>>129116875She might not be Solid Snake but she makes my snake solid.

>>129073926This is incredibly cute.

>>129105097it says "lickable" actually.I certainly wouldn't save such an image

>>129119082Certainly not. And I'm sure you definitely don't have a name or link to the thing in question, right?

>>129114508Law didn't make him do anything. He still draws loli and shota. He just did those edits when publishing/printing his physical books because obviously can't print the originals.He has a baraag but hasn't posted in a bit. Still working, however. Pixiv too.

>>129112836I mean, if them potentially watching the wrong movie caused all that there was a good chance that even if they hadn't watched the movie something else would have ruined their relationship.

>>129113155Strange how those things play out.

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>>129096592I played The Park before even playing TSW, it was pretty cool discovering there was a connection between the two. And the game then adding an epilogue to The Park, as a halloween-only quest, was pure kino and pretty damn harrowing desu. It was a shame that content never got ported over to SWL, iirc?

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>>129120460No doubt, but in the context of a children's cartoon movie of dubious quality it transmutes the whole situation from tragedy to comedy.


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>>129075384Ok but those glocks actually look nice

>>129113867Louds really work well for this. I'm kind of impressed by the amount of artists that draw stuff for this show.

>>129112843I'm sort of surprised by the amount of fan art this series seems to have gotten.

>>129075000I cannot understand thisAngela Anaconda looked totally different from other cartoons, sure, agreed, but it wasn't a terrible show, and not THAT uglyYou know what was an UGLY fucking show? Tom Goes to the Fucking Mayor, I always hated seeing these fucks on screen, LOOK at this, this is irony gone too far

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>>129115978I say the same thing about Dr Looneys Remedy for A Goofy MovieWe'll just never know what they talked about behind the execs door

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>>129124245Still better than their other shows

>>129124245I can't remember Angela Anacanda ever having been funny, and even though its debatable on if its as ugly as the show you posted because taking actually photos just looks bad.

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>>129109111>>129113867God damn those are the cuddliest Lynn's I've ever seen.

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>>129122086Supreme taste.

Attached: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f727949...52f50704661707a34514171457847413d3d2d3733393432373133392e313561336632346133366335343337333537393939303535323133322e6a7067.jpg (510x720, 56.5K)

>>129124281That is bizarre. I guess there really is no telling what's going on behind closed doors.


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Here, I found it. The Mona the Vampire manga drawn by GORGEOUS Takarada.In it, Mona has moved to Japan and as a teen she fights a monster that is a transformed used panty vending machine.

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>>129128436Yes, gif.So? you don't like it? It's how GORGEOUS Takarada uploaded the images, and you do NOT question GORGEOUS Takarada.If GORGEOUS Takarada did it that way, then there is a goiod reason even if we don't understand it.

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>>129128478Thanks for posting these user.

>>129112836Wht the fuck does everything arounds this show is FUCKING CURSED???

>>129128436How does that even happen anyway? This isn't the first time I've seen still images for some reason being saved or posted as gifs. Why is that a thing?

>>129128436It's not a screamer, honest :^)>>129129760Hello underage b&. "gif" does not mean "funny picture that moves". You just think it does because you grew up with "social" media and technology finally made gif production so simple even the most retarded zoomer could do it.It's perfectly fine for stills that don't use complex colorschemes, like black/white pictures.