Tell me, what is your Holla Forums fetish?

Tell me, what is your Holla Forums fetish?

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tongue expansion


>>129071325hyper proportions, i prefer edits over drawings though.

>>129071325book cases, short ones with only one western songs with the voices removed.pickled asparagus dropped on carpeted floors.shower caps, pink ones with yellow flowers, soaked in pin-sol.

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>>129071325Wtf is pic related

Arbok constricting Tokitsukaze from Kancolle

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>>129071325Four Armed big titty kung-fu robo mistress.

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>>129071396Ball sack knees

>>129071325What the fuck is that?

>>129071421did you commision each of those?

>>129071325Mind control and petplay

>>129071813Knee testicles

characters falling to pieces in whimsical ways

>>129071325Big feet, bonus points if they flop and slap the ground as they walk.

>>129071845No, but I'm friends with the person who did, there's a lot more

>>129072010how many?

>>129072061Take a look yourself

>>129071325Giantess, femdom, vore, inanimate (clothing/underwear/food preferably) TF



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>>129071325Yuri and ryona I guess

>>129071359How could you ever posible tell it's actually pin-sol?

>>129072083We deserve everything bad that happens in the world.


>>129071325bullying nerds

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>>129071325Based big knee lover

>>129071325Big beefy dudes that either wear masks most or all the time, or have monstrous/non-human heads. And noncon, bondage, humiliation, hurt&comfort and breeding of forementioned dudes.

>>129071325>knee testicles>hyper>scatlas>backpack cuck>tfw your giantess fetish isn't even that weird compared to these ineffable horrors

>>129071325The development of certain body types to abnormal or extreme proportions, in both males and females.>>129071458How in the ultraviolet fuck did you get that from Holla Forums?

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>>129071325Animals in girl's clothes, like

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>>129073907Actually I believe I found that on /r9k/

and yes, its because of this episode

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>>129071325ripped masks and >>129073231

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>>129071325Giant babies

>>129073562yEs! hA hA hA... YeS!

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>>129074718YWN be Harold.

>>129074718For me, it was the Dexter episode.

>>129074796for me it was secret world of girlsthis fetish was fucking everywhere in kids shows

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>>129071325>Big Knee Lover>2022no. no get away from here 2016. get away from meeeeeee

>>129071325This episode fucked me up.

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>>129074856Remember that movie about a guy who gets into the girl's baseball league? and the movie ends somehow with the entire male baseball league cross dressing.

>>129071325Sexual Clown GirlsNot just from the Johnny Bravo Twilight Zone episode one, but she’s a pretty great example

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>>129071359One-shelved book cases, and country songs mutedPickled asparagus, carpet lint includedshower caps soaked in pine-sol, of all thingsthese are a few of my favorite kinks

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I seriously have no idea how people even discover some of these fetishes.

That other guy can go eat shit, though

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>>129075073you are LYINGthere could ONLY be a single human being into this shit.If theres more than one of you you need to fight to the death, like two queen bees emerging in the same hive

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>>129075064When you search for art of your fetish sometimes people have drawn art featuring that fetish AND a fetish you didn't already have.

>>129071325Clown/jester/mimes girls

I have a few so...>Sadness>Fat (all sizes from potbelly to immobile, no blob)>Muscular>Scrawny>Long legs (think Smoothie from One Piece)>Bitchy women>Short girls>Tall girls>Teeth (Sharp, braces, messed up)>Big feet (nothing normal though)>Bodyswap>Big heads>Cavewomen>Powerlessness (like a girl being so strong you have no say in literally anything)>Femdom>Working out>Technology>Robot computer girls (Karen from spongebob or Burnbot)>Zombie girls>Crazy chicks>Traps but only in princess outfits>Happiness>Girls being freakout by their odd bodies (mostly in transformation but usually happens in episodes where the character starts growing

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>>129071325Eh, you know. Fat. Gluttony. The usual.>>129075278Holy Shit, look at the wealth options you have.

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>>129074976This guy gets it

>>129074879Knee Lover's last deviation was in july of last year, he's still very much active

I hover over the fat fetish stuff soBBWSSBBWWeight GainImmobileBlobGluttony StuffingForce FeedingHumiliation etc. Nothing too crazy by 4chan standard

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>>129075064>see thing>peepee growNot that hard bruh


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>>129075064I found most of mine through cartoons/anime at a young age. The rest through life and experiences

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>>129075513Now take a few steps with them, I want to hear those flip flops beat her soles.


>>129071325Hung futa amazons raping men

>>129075513>big feet>big taste

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>>129073907Seconded to that.Also, i hate the fact Timmy in his second growth stage only shared screentime with Trixie considering there were lifeguards and people around him.


>>129074000In addition:>Ballgowns>Tutus>Leotards>Swimsuits>Bunnysuits>Showgirl outfits (saloon, cabaret, carnival)>Wedding Dresses>Maid uniform>Body control>Gender Bender>Male-Female body swap>Big skirts with petticoats >Panties>Skirt in wind>Paraskirts

>>129071325A loving wife that doesn’t cheat

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Girls who wear these shoes.

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>>129076382You mean sandals?


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Demon girls/succubiMind control/love spellsEnchanted lipstickErotic deaths

>>129073665You like Dorohedoro?

I like my boys >R O U N D

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>>129076244The downside to it only being an 11-minute episode. A longer runtime would've provided more opportunities for muscular shenanigans with the second stage.

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>>129071325O the honest purity of the big knee lover

>>129071325Diapers, its surprisingly common

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>>129071325>shoulder length+long hair with bangs(in general)>bbws>tits>tf>anthro>flat bbws (least in conjunction with the above)those are the unironic ones.

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>>129071325Lactation, but now cow stuff.

>>129077184Crotchtits are cool.

>>129071325Characters wearing white gloves, specifically long gloves.

>Basic Transformation and further alterations and warping of that transformation>Transformations that alter the return to formHolly Would from Cool World is a good example of this. She went from Cartoon Bombshell to a Human switching between her human form and a Wacky Cartoon Clowngirl form(due to swapping dna with a human, making her person/being unstable), back to being her regular self, but with a cape.Theres other ones, but man did a lot of Ralph art, movies, and works awoken shit in me.

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>>129076339There is one place you can goBut you must give up technology and the future, and find godThey will take you

>>129071431Where can I see some more?


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>>129071325omorashi/desperation, body hair, femdom, milfs/gilfs, size difference

>>129071325lactationoppaiI even have this plan for a thing revolving

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>>129074976>>129075274>clown girlsThere's just something about them that gets my wee wee honking

>>129074988you, i like you>>129073394a boy just knows

>>129071325A lot of them have been mentioned already but these are my favorites>Gender Bending>Muscle Growth>Weight Gain/Inflation>Breast/Ass Expansion>Age Progression>Possession>Attribute Swap/Theft>Partial Transformation>Toon Physics/Transformation>Vehicle Transformation >Stretching/Malleability

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>>129076446>mfw Boco would probably be attracted to an oc I made with an attached story I plan to pitch >she isn’t even supposed to be sexy

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>>129076339I don't know if you can convert to being Amish, but you can look around. It may be your best bet to monogamy and a fulfilling marriage.

>>129074988The fact this didn’t blow up shows how shit this board is.Well done user. Gave me a hearty kek.

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Visibly ill girls

>>129075524What if you don’t have a peepee?

>>129079299You should know your body well enough that by now you understand when you feel aroused or not.

Musclegirlssportsgirlsmilfsgilfslong white hair (on women)sockssocks -with mary janescatsuits, latex and superhero costumeshenchwomenaliengirlsgotspiercingsglasestwin braidsshort hairhair with straight bangsbobcutslingerie and hookerwearfishnetschokersbootssportsshoesgreenskinblueskinthighshipsbackscollarbones and wide shoulders (on women)

>>129075706her heels would be sore by the end of the day

Slob girls which includes hairy bodies and braps. Absolute kino.

>>129072089>>129076434Giant girls, tiny girls, as long as there's a notable size difference.

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>>129071325TomboysTan linesMuscle girls Monster girls Robot/cyborg girlsLactationThick eyebrowsWhat does this have to do with Holla Forums

>>129072083What the fuck? Why? How?

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>>129078405fucking degenerates. I want more

>>129081343That's not even all of them since quite a few artist ask to make the commissions private. If you have money, people will draw

>>129080559They're flip flops not wooden paddles.

Good ol' honkin' girl dongs

>>129081462why this specific thing? How does this develop?

>>129081343Dude is either loaded or survives on noodles and spends the money he saves on coomissions.

>>129081626Arbok bondage and snake bondage in general is a it's own niche fetish, threy just added their favorite gacha character to it. You can find a lot of anime girls coiled by Arbok. It's the japanese version of kids getting attracted to Kaa from jungle book

>>129071325spending time on 4chan and deviantart made me realize my foot fetish wasn't that crazy


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>>129081748Wish we had a gay thread going but I don't know how batcest will be received these days. I miss the wild fandom of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

>>129081774Forgot my image.

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>>129071325Forced crossdressing and forced bi, for both males and females.

Busty boys, all I want in life is a boyfriend with bigger boobs than me.

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>>129071359You’re just making shit up

>>129071325not that, thats for fuckin sure.

>>129078765>>Gender Bending>>Weight Gain/Inflation>>Partial Transformation>>Toon Physics/Transformation>>129082218>Forced crossdressing

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Mind ControlRobot GirlsPregnancyHolding hands.

pissreally wet tongue kissingneck kissing

>>129071325Bimbofication, I draw it too.

>>129084250>hello, bimbofication artist? I’d like to commission some artwork of a blonde cheerleader getting smarter and dressing in a less revealing manner

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>>129084317I mean... all he has to do is draw it in reverse order.

>>129071325>Fuckbuddy asked about my fetishes>Bikinis>She raised an eyebrowHere I thought it was relatively normalfag.

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>>129074988kekalso nice dubs

>>129084369Too normalfag of an answer. It's downright suspicious.

My most recently discovered/awoken fetish is cuckqueans. I'm meh on netorase when it's the female partner being unfaithul unless they couple's really lovey-dovey about it, but the reverse is hot as shit.>tfw still no clown fetish

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>>129084317Alright user, I kekked.

>>129084369If someone told me they have a bikini fetish, my immediate first thought would be that they're either an ace lying badly or into nazi vampires eating babies or something and still lying badly.

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>>129084425>>129084493Nah, it wasn't a "suspiciously normal" thing, it was "too weird for me" thing.

>>129084250Bimbofication does nothing for me. Now faux bimbofication, or bimbauxfication as I like to call it, where they get the looks and affect of a bimbo but retain their intelligence, that shit's my jam and jelly.

>>129084543This was bikinis? Not burkinis?

>>129084558That's cool, there's definitely a sizeable amount of people that like it your way too.

This might be a dumb question, but what really constitutes a fetish? Does it have to get me off to be considered one, or does anything I have a preference towards count as one?

this thread is cursed

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>>129084765That image is cursed what the fuck

>>129084671My preferred definition:>Sexual thoughts and feelings toward an object, act, or element that is not inherently sexual.This excludes obvious things that would not generally be referred to as a fetish such as a sex fetish or a dick fetish.

>>129086278This also excludes futa, but if they existed it would obviously just be an orientation anyway.The the one off thing it excludes is pregnancy but I'm willing to accept that definitions can only get so granular before you're baking exceptions to exceptions to exceptions into them, which generally isn't practical.

>>129071325This is worse than the eyeball fetish thread

>>129071325Buck teeth, especially after rabbit or donkey tf, but mostly just big buck teeth.

>>129071325This kind of running animation.

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Monster transformation.

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I likeFeet growthSoles close upsTaken off socksWiggling toesSniffing smelly socks/feet

>>129086908Hella based.

>>129071325Adam Warren artI don't know why, it just do be

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>>129086908I forgotStomps

>>129086278So you're saying this user is lying?

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>>129071990like sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

>>129087332I once had a coach who would punish people by throwing them to the ground and stomping on their head Stomps aren’t hot. Stomps really hurt. I was only 9 years old

>>129071325too many to count but my main ones are weight gain, vore, chubby/fat in general, and monsters/aliens/demons

>>129088057I'm pretty sure that was just child abuse.

>>129088057One man's torture is another man's fetish.

ENF/wedgie/wardrobe malfunctionFor me, it was when I was around 8-10 years old. I was starting to get interested in girls, and I saw the Hooky/Ripped Pants episodes of spongebob. I eventually wondered “what if that happened to a girl” and really latched into that idea, without fully understanding why. At the time I pretty much thought “man, I hope future me understands these feelings”

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>>129086887The process, the result, or both?

>>129088057You should probably call the cops on that guy.

>>129074988I laughed

>>129088890Not him but I love the actual process, hate poof tfs.

Girls with lots of mass. Fat, muscle, inflation. Maybe all three if they can manage it.

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>>129083921nice kink shame, go back to Holla Forums

>>129089367What about height?

Boys being hypnotised.

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>>129090941Thank you very kindly, this character's a real bombshell.


>>129091455peepee poopoo

>>129089661More height is extra nice.Combine it with any of the other 3 and it's like a super combo.

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Very tall, very skinny, very long hair


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>>129089625That’s not kink shaming though


>>129091872Here you go

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Cartoony kissing. Big lipstick marks and big colorful exaggerated lips on otherwise normal characters.

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Whatever this is

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All fetish threads belong on /trash/ or /aco/ since all of the discussion in these types of threads is extremely low quality and off topic. You fucking subhumans are no different from "people" like murrlogic who never cared about comics and cartoons as an art form, but rather only view them as an excuse to circlejerk about what gets you off, and as such, you must be purged for the greater

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>>129092778Shut up

>>129071325Their very existence is my fetish

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>>129080570This but not obesity.

Cartoony trippy acid sequences is a big kink of mine, such as pink elephants and pic related

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>>129074976Thats the right answer.

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>>129093807Can you explain why?

>>129085455The Last Starfighter, 1984 film.

>>129094841That doesn’t make it any better.

>>129072130>>129084153My brothers...

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>>129089382based and the best one there is

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>>129071325wild take

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>>129072083I wondered where tf did all of those came from. Now I know. And it still doesn't make it hurt any less

>>129095339Wrong.And that art is horrendous.

this board is more autistic than i thought

>>129071325Whales, shall not further explain


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Cartoon vacuums

Attached: buffy_swept_in_vacuum_cleaner__part1__commission__by_discardo_dc4qa0c.jpg (3425x2017, 2.49M)


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>>129095695Don't be a pussy and elaborate, plenty of weirder shit has been posted here.

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>>129071325I don't know what it's called, but I love seeing tomboyish/masculine women getting embarrassed wearing feminine clothing. Like a tomboy blushing whilst wearing a sundress.

>>129084344and miss out on the iconic "bimbo looking down at her own newly expanded chest" shot? get real

>>129084369Every time someone says a regular object like that it means they either want to fuck it, eat it or transform into it. You should have specified that you like girls in bikinis.

>>129071325Breast ExpansionWeight Gain, it can be from small gains to immobile.Blueberry is fine too and if it can be combined with WG it makes for a winning combo.>Captcha: AYHOG

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>>129071325Take a wild guessThe end of the sumo episode fucked me up real good, what's funny is that it was the last episode that I saw before the series stopped airing.

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This board has a lot of fatfags it seems

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>>129099385I think it's mainly Holla Forums, Holla Forums, /d/, and /trash/ but I could be wrong, though.

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>>129100276I find it so funny that /trash/ has like 15 variant fat threads

>>129071325all of themexcept for the gay shit

>>129102511And even then fatfags still invade non-fat threads

>>129102511TBF, most of those are furry.

>>129071325Its pretty vanilla, but watching cartoons and reading comcis from a young age has given me a fetish for bodysuits and skinsuits. Only on women tho, I dont like them on men unless they have a feminine figure.

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Butt InflationWGInflationBlueberrySorry bros but I do not have any pics to share

Straight confident men forced to wear feminine clothes and then reluctantly taking it up the ass, and once it's over they go back for more until they're my feminized whore, bending over shaking their little ballsack begging for itForced feminization is sexy and I'm tired of pretending it's not.

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>>129104382You’re serious aren’t you, you’re telling us you fucked those 3 young men on the subway?


BBW harems, overly attached all female families, twinning on a global scale, yandere mothers.

Characters losing control of themselves in a funny harmless way, edd with that boomerangturning him into a slutty, sweaty hippy probably awoke it but Sokka with the cactus juice really got me reinterested

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>>129084369She was really hoping to peg you but was disappointed you were vanilla as shit

>>129071325Identity theft/impersonation so perfect not even close friends can tell

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>>129104382almost based. they should never turn, and end up liking it

>>129071325Giant wide bodies

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>>129104382Nice. I like it when the men - preferably big beefy dudes who could never be mistaken for women - who are forced to wear the feminine (and even skimpy) clothes are groped and touched inappropriately by men, but are for whatever reason unable or unallowed to say or do anything about it, so they just have to quietly endure and take the escalating sexual harassment.

I'm a simple man, I just need my /ss/. Loli is good too.

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>>129104016my brother

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Pregnancy/impregnation, lolicon, Peridot.

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pregnancy of course

>>129100276The number of fat fags seemed to have increased as of late

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>>129107048As of late? Holla Forums has had fatfags for years, we're just slumbering right now, because the janny only likes boobs and butss, but hates bellies

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>>129107048the more the jannies repress, the greater in number they come>>129107135this guy gets it

Violent macro/micro and vore

>>129106395Its a great fetish to have because its so innocuous, and you can find it in a number of different media. We are truly blessed.

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>>129106094Does this get your rocks off user?

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>>129089186>>129086887Based and TF pilled.

"Potty emergency" scenariosAlso, >>129071336

>>129107296Go away


>>129071325You know what it is.

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>>129109572Shitty top-knots?

>>129074988Criminally underrated.

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>>129071325Skinny-flat upper bodies but massive thighs and asslClown girls.

>>129109572Do I?

>>129074976Dind ding ding ding ding

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Giving women unrealistic proportions

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>>129111077Among other things....

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>>129111103Where’s the dick?

>>129071325Take a guess

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>>129111281Is it armpits?

>>129111281Armpits or shoulders.Or both.

>>129111293You're half right, that image highlights those too>>129111302Yup

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>>129111218Why were you expecting a dick?

>>129100276Don't forget /a/, its been steadily taken over by the thicc meme

>>129111341That’d be pretty unrealistic.

>>129074976Of course I like ICP>Insane>Clown>Pussy

>>129111421Oh you.

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>>129110608>Skinny-flat upper bodies but massive thighs and asslFuck yes dude, perfect weight distribution.

>>129071325I have too many fetishes and at times they clash with one another. Can be very, very annoying. Anyone else know that feel?

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>>129102511Unlike other kinks, a lot of subkinks for us fatfags aren't compatible. Personally, I like BBWs that are still very mobile like Bob from TEKKEN or Rufus from SF. I also prefer when the gains are a product of a woman's disregard for what society expects of them and a love of fine or homemade goods rather than mass produced food or tube feeding.

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>>129109572Small penis humiliation?


>>129112025Late and no

>>129088890>>129089186Something about the transformation process which a female human turning into an hulking beast monster (Mostly werewolf) really turn me on which is so weird, considered that women who develop a masculine form while on the prosess of the transformation into a monster beast, is supposed to be a bad thing if they're no longer attractive. but for me, even in her monstrous werewolf form that looks very masculine, she's still a female that i find her transformation to be very attractive.

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>>129092925based user

sad chubby girls..

>>129111674>I also prefer when the gains are a product of a woman's disregard for what society expects of themIt feels like current clown world has a fat/feeder fetish though. Like factually over half the population is fat and encouraged to stay that way.

>>129111628I don't even know what to say to this picture.


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>>129112685sad about what?

>>129112081I'm into the idea, albeit with a few stipulations:>she gains plenty a' weight in the process>retains her og voice/consciousness>goes through an extensive coping/adapting period

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>>129082380how could you not post stans

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dark skinned chicks with berets

>>129113823Too big for me and not my type. Steve is unironically what I want in a guy, sweet, beautiful voice, and a bangin' rack that's bigger than mine.

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Let's be honest here, Daddy's gone is pretty catchy

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>>129112686The encouragement of such a state is mostly a vocal minority. Most women don't want to be fat anywhere but the chest and maybe the butt. Even the most "body positive" clothing designs still refuse to treat a nice perky potbelly as a feature of a woman's body and put the waistband right in the middle cutting it into misshapen halves.

That one scene in Aladdin fucked me up for life

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>>129111103FAT OPRAH

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>>129116894>stan in the bglol


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>>129078405Good to see your still kicking

Blueberry bullshit. There's literally no sexy Holla Forums-related parodies of it.

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>>129119513Then why is it your fetish?

>>129120496The 70's movie fucked my brain up.

>>129119513It’s a manufactured fetish, not a natural one.By that I mean - it’s very easy to include stuff like foot fetishes in media, because surprise 99% of people have feet - they’re gonna be present anyways, the fetish just emphasizes them. Blueberry shit on the other hand - absolutely no reason to include it in a work aside from direct fetish reasons. It is so limited, specific, and narrow in terms of application that there’s no excuse for having it. In that way, the blueberry inflation stuff is arguably worse off than stuff like giantism and TF (often parts of stories involving fantasy elements with non-fetish reasons to use them) or even stuff like farts or piss (still things that people actually do).

>>129071325LegsENFPubic hairTeratophiliaXenophiliaMini-giantessDolphin shortsMultiple armsHFOMATanlinesHandholdingAffectionSelfcestThreesomesMale/Multiple copies of the same female/ss/Assisted exposureNaked with shoesFlappersGFDLipstick marksPlants/plant girlsHumiliationOlder women trying on their old clothesUndressingElbow-length glovesHandjobsCasual nudityFemale-on-male nipple playCunnilingusAnilingusExposed shouldersBedroom eyesLeg garters/holstersUnderwear tags

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>>129071325Girls what have penises

>>129071325Girls (or cute boys) pressed into lifetimes of depraved service with no limits, while clearly on some level wanting it.

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>>129122916>He’s into girls that chop their dicks off

>>129122997What part of girls what HAVE penises don't you understand

How the fuck is this thread still up? Useless fucking jannies move this faggot trash to /d/

>>129122997Learn to read.

>>129123024>Mr. Electric, send him to the principal's office and have him expelled!

>>129075278>>SadnessI got a boner during that Azula vs Zuko (and katara) sceneWhere she's crying and flailing aroundI get it anonLike I don't want her to be sad, but...

>>129074856girls slumber party episodes always made me feel funny down in my tummy as a kid...

>>129122962I like the cut of your jib.

>>129071325Why do I like rich bitch girls like that DC superhero girl show Zatanna and want them to step on my face while calling me garbage? Why do I want to bend Astolfo from Fate Apocrypha over and make him scream? Why do I want to turn a rough and gruff tomboy like Arya Stark into a 'stereotypical lady' wifey? Why do I want to be hypnotized and genderbent into a loyal clown girl sidekick for Harley Quinn?As always I shall default and blame the Internet.

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>>129125762>Why do I want to be hypnotized and genderbent into a loyal clown girl sidekick for Harley Quinn?...

>>129122997>user can't readdamn

>>129125762I remember you. I’m the guy who’s into consensual hypnosis and private affectionate gestures. Some people joke about having a thing for kissing, handholding, and head pats but for me it’s unironic


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>>129074988Good shit

>>129092778Do jannies really?

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>>129071325The only Holla Forums one I can think of is victorian outfits

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>>129127562>announcing reports>demanding personal army>backseat moderatingYeah no sorry jannies are fags but wannabe jannies are even gayer

>>129111103IT'S. JUST. WATER WEIGHT!


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>>129126765>headpats>handholdingfuckin degenerate.kek. Yo.

>>129071325Wtf is that

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>>129127695 CROTCH MILKERS

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>>129071421Does it have to be specifically Arbok? Can it be other snake pokémon, regular snakes, or even just a rope, etc? And if it is specifically Arbok, can it be other human characters?

>>129128142Exactly what it looks like.

>>129071325hilarious pic


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>>129074988>sound of music>those digits Blessed

How tight the pants get around the pubic region

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>>129113823I'm not that user but stan's tits are absolutely better

>>129071325>legal lolis (I generally love when a character looks completely different from their personality, like pure looking sluts or slutty looking pure girls)>leotards/one piece swimsuits/superheroine costumes that looks like those>wasp waist>rich / bitchy / elegant / possibly violent girls with long black hair>loyal to the end henchwomen

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